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Posted Sep-06-09 16:01:20 PDT Updated Sep-06-09 17:16:12 PDTYou know what.

One of the great thing of being old enough to have been a grownup before the Internet age? You don’t have a problem writing your thoughts down on that thing called pen and paper.


Nice thing that.

from a larger essay.

“…If the words “hope” and “change” that the President promised during the election are to be more than a cynical attempt to ensnare your vote, it would be wise for him to remind us all that as much as he would like to single handedly solve the healthcare crisis. He can’t. He may be and advocate for us all but he is only one man in a country of over 300 million people from every country of the world. He will be wise to remind us of that don on September 11th when we were faced with a challeng unimaginable on September 10th. On that day we rose up and met the challenge. On that day– there were no black citizens or white citizens nor Asian citizens nor… On that day we were all American citizens. We over came.

We will do the same on the issue of health care.

We the people.”

This is a part of an essay I wrote on the powers of the President. In it I talked about the fact that our form of government didnt’ allow the President to single handlely make pronouncement like a king. As a matter of fact the Founding Fathers, while they might have disagreed on a more centralized,. federal government, on one thing they did agree.

No king.

They’d just come out from under a king. The last thing that either the Federalists nor the anti Federalists wanted to do was to draft a Constitution that would invest that level of power to any one man or woman. As a matter of fact, it was the Federalizt James Madison who argued that the power of government was to be found in the people’s house. The Legislature. Irregardless of wheither there was a President or not. One of the members of the Constitutional Convention was recorded as saying that the only thing that was worse than a King was an elected one when the duties of the President were discussed.

Now we find ourselves with a President who is supposed to issue an edict much as King Henry the Eight that would redesign healthcare? The problems of healthcare won’t be solved by one man. The separation and balance of powers withing our government and described by the US Constitution won’t allow it. Nor are the the Senators and representtative “lords and ladies” over us the US citizen. They are the messangers of our choices. We the people.

“Governments are insituted among men…” the words from our own Declaration of Independence set out us on the road to independence and self determination along time ago.

We the people said so.

I wrote about it.


Welcome to 12 dogs and a blog.

Where you’re all welcome.


Not trying to cause trouble. I was trying to put into words the love and respect that I have for the US Constitution. I feel fortunate to have been born American.

I don’t think that one person in the form of President has the power to redesign health care. IMaybe I missed something but I don’t think that it’s in his or her job description.

Perhaps while we are all asked to learn math and science we could give equal importance to our form of government.

A fella once asked me if my faith in America wasn’t treating America and the Constitution like a religion. I told him, “No. I respect this Constitution because it says out loud that we all are able to freely believe or not based on free will. That no government should force me to do otherwise

That’s the First Ammendment.

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2 commentsNurse Evita. With Subtitles.
Posted Sep-06-09 05:24:39 PDTIt begins with politics and a poll…

(The curtain rises.)

The stage is dark save for a single key light.

A Huffpo blogger is typing

The sounds of Clay Walker begin to fill the air.

No, I don’t know if the HuffPo blogger would listen to Clay Walker. He might hate this song. It’s not about wheither he likes it or not. It’s about the lyrics.

No, you don’t have to actually listen to the song.

If you have dial up or hate country music? Google the song lyrics.

to be continued.

Have fun. I”ve got a beach read to read. It’s all about

Sex Drugs and RocknRoll

Good morning, Gentle Reader.

There are a growing number of states who are looking at laying folks off inorder to pay for expenses.

One of the biggest expenses they have?


Now here’s my question.

If the states are already looking at layoffs of their teachers and state employees inorder to pay for Medicaid?

Where are they going to get the money to pay for Obamacare?

Oh and would someone ask Sen. Snowe, Republican from Maine, why the rest of the states should pay for Maine’s universal healthcare if Maine can’t pay for it?

You know Sen. Snowe? If the other states had the money to pay for your state’s healthcare program? They wou’t have to lay off the teachers and state employees in their own state. Or raise taxes on the rest of the teachers and state employees who do have jobs.

Now back to Nurse Evita. A friggin’ healthcare opera (with subtitles)

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0 commentsIf you’re bored and you know it?
Posted Sep-05-09 10:53:10 PDT Updated Sep-05-09 19:37:50 PDTThen read this (clap hands): http://heddicmorinf.ablog.in/2009/09/02/gold-jewelry-king-jewelry-world-nassau-bahamas/

Otherwise come read 12 dogs and a Blog

Happy holiday!

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3 commentsI’m only sleeping (rough draft)
Posted Sep-05-09 02:44:58 PDT Updated Sep-05-09 03:42:24 PDT

I dream in color.

If I had a choice between marrying you right now?

And not seeing you again?

I would marry you.

Right now

This minute.

You, a virtual stranger.

People marry for less.

But we would have more.

So you should know that sometimes?

I also dream in black and white.

4am, 5 September, 2009

(This poem is in raw form. A rough draft. I like it.)

This should stop right here

In this moment before

But this dream is in color

And you, a thousand points of light

All questions

Hurt my eyes with doubts in black and white.

You want to know this life?

I dunno.

Stand way back and see.

Wheither the dream is the romance of color

Or the cold reality of black and white?

The dreams are in Seurat.

All points

Independent of each other but interdependent of the other.

Alone the points make no more sense than this moment

This decision

Maybe if you close your eyes and dream too.

Together those points in my dreams

Awake or asleep?

Will make up a life time of us.

Life time of black and white dreams all in color.

So I guess you should know.


Because of you?

I dream in color.

I wish that I could show you.

All our moments together

Points of color

They take flight like birds on the beach.

Points on a computer screen.

A swirl of color with no rhyme

Then like birds they settle down to form a picture.

A memory

If only I knew how to say

Then those restless colorful birds are points again

Taking flight.

Only to settle down into another pattern

Another picture

Another memory of our life.

We’d walk though the maestrom.

Those birds minutes flying around us free.


A friend told me along time ago about his walk on the beach. He was walking along the beach at night. He could hear the Irish sea but what he saw was inky black. No moon or light. That was how he came upon what happened next. One minute he was in his thoughts and the next minute he was in the middle of whirring. All around him the sound and feeling of birds flying. All around him? Confusion.

He was roused from his waking dream *


Well there’s Nurse Evita. With Subtitles. A healthcare opera\


Uh — Samiamsxa because there seems to be a nice person who’s feeling stomped on.

*poem and narative on this post by AuthorAnn 5September, 09 all rights reserved by the author.

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31 commentsUh — Samiamsxa
Posted Sep-03-09 15:17:45 PDT Updated Sep-03-09 17:26:54 PDT

Posted here because Sami’s comments are turned off.

You’re always welcome here at 12 dogs, Sami. There may be stuff we disagree with politically but then again there will be other things that we do agree on. I seem to recall that you’ve been a good force trying to get folks to stop all the fussing when the blogs were in the middle of a terrible fuss. The blogs were up in arms and I think it was you who wrote a fantastic blog trying help the blogs heal afterwards.

I hope that whatever fusses that you’re facing now will soon blow over.

Folks here on the blogs and out in the world are up in arms about politics and healthcare. Things that should stay in the political discussion “boil over” and damage friendships People forget past kindnesses as a result. While we at 12 dogs have trouble remembering where we put our keys somedays, I hope that we never forget the kindness of another member of Blogland.

While our comments are off our email is always open.



Now back to Nurse Evita. With Subtitles. <the doorway to 12 dogs.

Added ;later

Sami, from the looks of it you got to read this post and the comments. Hugs to you. I meant it when I said that you are welcome here. Now we may disagree here Sami, but I do remember your kind words in the past. This is where I say thank you.

PS This post isn't meant to drag up old fusses. Quite the opposite. It's a post to tell someone who's been kind to me that they are always welcome here.

You are all welcome here.

I'm fixing to make a bit of fuss and fun myself. Want you to remember that when I do, in my heart of hearts, I hope that there is a resolution to the healthcare issue. It's too important for any political quick fix. And while I'm a "whooping" and "hollering" about this and that? I do try to remember that there are very real people on the otherside of the computer. They have feelings.They feel just as strongly about their beliefs as I do.

If something that I do hurts them? I try to work it out.

If I forget,and I do forget, then I hope that they'll point it out. Give me a chance to make amends.

Hugs. ya'll . August was a heck of a month. Hopefully September won't be more of the same. I'm going to try really hard to fill this month up with all the laughter that didn't happen in August.

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0 commentsNurse Evita. With Subtitles.
Posted Sep-03-09 07:28:22 PDT Updated Sep-06-09 04:33:54 PDTA friggin' healthcare reform opera (with country music)

It begins with politics and a poll…

(The curtain rises.)

The stage is dark save for a single key light.

A Huffpo blogger is typing

The sounds of Clay Walker begin to fill the air.

No, I don't know if the HuffPo blogger would listen to Clay Walker. He might hate this song. It's not about wheither he likes it or not. It's about the lyrics.

No, you don't have to actually listen to the song.

If you have dial up or hate country music? Google the song lyrics.

to be continued.

Have fun. I"ve got a beach read to read. It's all about

Sex Drugs and RocknRoll

Good morning, Gentle Reader.

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0 commentsThis is Spinal Tap. The Legend of Curly's Gold?
Posted Sep-02-09 10:08:34 PDT Updated Sep-03-09 05:49:04 PDT

You scratch the Jason Ritter (Tues/Wed) and the Alex Dryden (Wed) interviews for Mila Kunis? Or is it because you had zero interviews for Thursday?

Ah ha. The new and improved LLS with Tv's Craig Ferguson.

It's back?

So this really is a broad parody? Like a blog where you write stuff and post it and then abandon it? Not a "garbage can" for stuff you're done with? Nope? It's just that ephemeral Happy Meal on my late night telly? Only now it's memorable?

Mr. Ferguson?

If you hate the show that much? You can always quit.

Don't normally remember a Happy Meal as you might other events in life. Heck it's a happy meal; Goes in, does it's thing, and then leaves a deposit. But this bit of a "happy meal" does satisfy.

And hey it's Vermont corn fed so it at least makes you feel full. Oh and they have meaningful dialog with you before they serve you up as the main course. Those Vermont farmers are just like that. Remember the lady farmer Vermont? The one who said at the dinner that she had a "relationship with the sheep they were fixing to eat. Had one with all her sheep. Why she talked to her sheep every day. She was on a PBS special about food grown in Vermont. I wrote about it here at 12 dogs.

"The sheep that you are about to eat lived a stress free life." chirped the lady farmer/ "I was their friend until the very end."

"Now let's all go out and buy Vermont produce!"

I'm not kidding.

Makes me think of Roy Lichtenstein or acting in Gone With The Wind or news print.

All bright, shiney, comercially viable, and ready for easy immediate consumption. LOL "Baaahhhh?????" said Mr. Sheep.. "But she told me that I was perfect. What the heck?"

The irony is that this whole show really got a following when stopped being heartfelt, When it became "heart felt" and "real". Why even Huffpo and the Pulitzer Prize from Ohio agreeded.

Heart felt monologues designed to look like they are saying something really important. Something that some how brought all life together into the family of man. Be kind to Brittany for peats sake and vote why don't you.

Oh and don't forget to buy something on the way out.

Really important stuff at the time that ends up wrapping fish the next day.

Nothing like that Leno guy who dared to "pimp" the movie of the day, this show is "real" and "provoking of thought."

Well it' will be interesting to see what "New, Improved, and HD" will do.

I'm going to miss the real and heartfelt.

The show in the middle of the night that didn't give a "rat's a$$." sure was alot more fun.

Love and hugs,


Meanwhile, back at 12 dogs and a blog.

Which isn't designed to sell you anything. It's my writer's blog. Fact and fiction co exist here most times peacefully sometimes not. I'm just as surprised as you are that anyone reads it.

Goin' Home <doorway to 12 dogs

Out in Blogland


Nola is in the process of mixing up the quirk with the optimistic. You might like what she has to say.

Notes from the road.

I'd rather talk about anything OTHER than 12 dogs.

Soap operas, morality plays, and comic parody have been around as long as there have been folks telling other folks how to live their lives. Some things might be cliche but still true. OHenry! I'd love to find out that O Henry was a cynic. To find out that The Gift of the Magi was meant to be a sarcastic comentary on the sticky sweet of "relationships" would thrill me to no end. Not because I'm not a believer in happiness with another person or the optimistic view of all life as a full cup. I actually still do believe that it's possible to have a happy optimists life. Even now. The difference is that there is a bit of dishonesty in telling another that life is indeed a "bluebird's delightful existence" since a real blue bird has a very short and singleminded life. Don't think that love and happiness ever enter their bird life mind. No, I'm thinking that being able to think of the realities of life kindly works better. Not aceptance of it. Nope. Just to be honest with it. Sometimes things happen in life that if you're lucky? You just survive and leave in the past. A lesson learned might be the best you can get from it.

So here's an idea.
Don't try to read 12 dogs. Not if you are looking for who the author is. Would rather hear about what you are writing. Rather hear about a real person's actual life than chat about what is just an exercise in writing sit ups. Other than the fact that we both write there's no friendship to be forged by reading 12 dogs.

For the record, I'm female. Have a background in anything but writing. One day, soon to be two years ago, I sat in the middle of my living room and thought, "This is one of those moments that change your life." It did. Didn't sell my soul. Nope. I found it. The blog, the boat, and all the things that have happened since then have been a gift of sorts. When I got up things were different even if I didn't realize it at the time. A long slow journey through the past of my life. All the while trying to hug it. Mother it. Be kind to it.

But a writer? You? Yep.

The thing that kept my Pup and I entertained. The words and ideas that somehow tried to explain the world. Guess that's why what I've written there is easy to read and hopefully entertaining. It's written so that everyone is welcome. You don't have to be "all that girlfriend" to understand here.

And there's always a hug.

If I don't want to give you one trust me I'll tell you.

Friendships and conversations turn on interests.

So who are you?


The 9/1/09 INterview on the LLS was really interesting. It should be one of the videos attached to the above vid. Hoping that it gave a bit of insight into the director.

http://www.marissaneave.com/ art on art

http://posterous.com/ for the world in two words or less

http://www.marissaneave.com/2009/05/things-i-cant-attend-because-i-work-on-saturdays/ yep that can be a problem

"Fun, fun, fun. In the sun, sun, sun…."


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