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Posted Sep-20-09 08:05:05 PDT
“Wonderfully complex men are a thing to behold and to hold gently. LOL It’s a lucky woman who knows one and shares their heart. Even luckier if they have a kind sense of mischief and like to gently prick her notions. They can entertain each other. Laugh and hollar. “If I closed my eyes, it was if I was in the middle of a tornado of sorts. His every emotion moved across his face like clouds across the sky. A sunny day meanander but a huricane force gale raged. She loved them all. Every single one.””

Second Chances




Conversations With Hannah. A Collection of Interelated Short Stories

by Author Ann. All rights reserved by the Author.

Even though I’m hoping for a miracle, here is the link to another blog.

I’ll write new stuff there and hope that ebay will change their minds about deleting the blogs. If you notice it’s called Blogland. Actually it’s Tales From Blogland. Consider this new space not as a replacement for 12 dogs and a blog but as an extention of it.

The entries will be a bit spare at first. Between coughing, sneezing, and wheezing, it’s not the best time to write but will try to post something daily for you to read. It’s just going to take abit to get settled.

I hope that miracle happens but incase it doesn’t 12 dogs and a blog continues.

(Gonna miss ebay blogs as they are very easy to use.)


AuthorAnn aka IronChassis


LOL Ya’ll they have spell check . Funny.

doorway to 12 dogs and a blog here @ ebay? Post from the Past

Note. About the rss feeds.

You might not want to replace the ebay 12 dogs and a blog with the blog above on your rss feed just yet. Unleast not until ebay shuts down this platform.

Maybe it would be better to add this new blog to rss feed.


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6 commentsPost from the Past
Posted Sep-17-09 22:20:25 PDT Updated Sep-18-09 07:08:56 PDTPygmallion and other modern day fables

There have been many stories of creation.

Mary Shelly had her Frankenstein. This was not a particularly happy tale about divine creation. It’s the tale of how that creation came back to its creator to yell at her for messing up and being such a crappy creator. I call this the story of puberty.

A clasic tale of creation and the one many of us are familiar with is the story of Adam and Eve. THE story of creation. Adam and Eve get great wedding gifts. Their parents give them land and a great house. Eve gets greedy, has an affair with a real snake who talks her into taking all Adam’s stuff through trickery and gets him and her thrown out of the Garden of Eden. I call this the first wife and her divorce settlement.

Then there is the story of Pygmallion. In this, the creator, a very lonely, desperate and picky man, can’t find a girl to save his life. So he makes one up. Out of marble. Yep, that would be about right. Picky man prefers his ideal woman to be made of cold, hard marble. Warm, soft, real women need not apply. She won’t wrinkle and her breasts won’t sag. But she’ll always be a bit indifferent. Of course the gods hear this request. After all he is a man. So they give him his girl. I haven’t read all. I don’t know if “the girl” is scorned and comes back to hunt her creator and tell him what a disaster he is. Like Frankenstein. Or his ex wife. If so, OH HAPPY DAY. With my luck they live happily ever after. I call this male mid life crisis meets 20 something, trophy girl friend and then marries her. Sigh.

What I want to know is this. Are there any stories where the mid life crisis is experienced by a woman and she gets her perfect guy. If you know of any let me know. Because I’m having a tough time finding Mr. Right. And I am a sculptor. Maybe we can work something out. Only I’m making my trophy husband outta clay so he’ll be warm. With a sense of humour
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2 commentsRobert Ebert’s Journal March 28, 2009
Posted Sep-16-09 13:22:33 PDT Updated Sep-18-09 07:14:36 PDT”

“I am not at home right now. I am at an indeterminate place in my mind, talking with you. Perhaps you will respond. ”

Roger Ebert

I write 12 dogs.

I’m no expert on the Internet. My blog, 12 dogs, is an accident really. Was shopping on ebay and thought, “You know this looks easy and there’s all these folks saying that blogging is a good thing.” In a few minutes?
I too had a billboard on the Internet highway.

That kind of sums up Twitter’s and Facebooks and blogs in general.

A person and their thoughts.

For some? It’s a bill board.
For some? It’s a soap box.
For some? It’s a spray can writing words on a virtual watertank.
For some? It’s a the words that say “I exist”

People just say what they are thinking all kinds of ways.

This is my way/

Save Blogland < doorway to 12 dogs

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3 commentsThe Ballad of Big John and his Little Yoko
Posted Sep-16-09 09:32:56 PDT Updated Sep-18-09 07:21:58 PDT

"Twitter can be like a Happy Meal from a drive through window.

It's meant for kids, you eat it quick, you're on your way,

and a constant diet of them can't be healthy."

Hannah Murphy, 16 September, 2009

The Ballad of Big John and HIs Little Yoko

I heard about a man in Second life
Living happily ever after
with his virtual wife.
Spent hours and days making virtual money
Much to the unhappy of his real world honey.
"It's you I love. My real life honey"
"And look, I'm rich with all this virtual money"
"That won't pay the bills! You know that's true."
"I was your real life wife but now I'm leaving you!"
So the real life man emailed virtual honey.
"She just don't get it. My real life honey"
"You're always happy. Always kewl."
"How 'bout I divorce her and marry you."
"No can do." said his virtual wife.
"Now I got go. It's couples night."

"And besides, I like my real life hubby"

Written by Author Ann, 16 September, 2009 all rights reserved by the author

LOL Did someone say the blogs were making them sad?

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11 commentsSave Blogland
Posted Sep-14-09 13:08:16 PDT Updated Sep-18-09 07:25:16 PDTSave Blogland.

Think about it.

Blogland is like the local Bijou movie house or your favorite "watering hole".

The one that folks go to not because it's the bestest or the newest. Nope. They go there because it's comfortable.

No other place like it.

Yeah, I know. It's not always hip, glib, or the kewlest place on the net.

And, sure, folks can fight like cats and dogs.

(LOL.Im looking right at you,Aiden.)

Think on it. In reality this place is a bunch of random bits of info. But somehow the bloggers – no the citizens – here don't seem to treat it as such. They've taken all those bits and pushed and pulled until it's become a kind of virtual home.

We maynot all like each other's views?

But somehow we've forged a community.

Look what's been going on in the Blogs sense the dreaded announcement.

Folks, together.

Like family, I hope we find a way to get along.

Plant a flag in it and stay put.

Cause sometime the new just isn't anywhere as good as the comfortable.

Please, come on ebay,

Save Blogland.

Note. (had this elsewhere thought I'd put it here

If you haven't already seen it and left your support for Blogland?

Save Blogland.

LOL Did someone say that the closing of Blogland was making them sad? Me too…

The Ballad of Big John and his Little Yo… <side trip

I am a writer.

No accident of birth or fate
I am a writer.
and all the words and thoughts that have lead me to this simple yet very complex notion?
Have set me free.

I am a writer.

And then there's this.

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7 commentsLOL Did someone say the blogs were making them depressed?
Posted Sep-13-09 22:10:48 PDT Updated Sep-18-09 07:29:30 PDT

So Cutie said that the blogs were making her depressed and then Kook was like smile and it all made me think of that song Why Can't We Be Friends by thegroup War because there was all this stuff about "be my "friend" " on the FB (facebook) and it was by War which is what's been going on in blogland for the last year and War in Afghanistan and Iraq which may be political but the fight about it and other stuff has been going on for what seem like for ever here in Blogland and and and there must have been some birds loose somewhere because they were chatting about twitters and tweets and so I had this mind worm in going through my mind in a heroic attempt not to bawl because there were going to be no more blogs

No more 12 dogs
and I was like "WWWWHHHHHHyyyyyying " with Hula and which got me humming and singing at the top of my lungs in the kitchen that friggin War song again., "Why cant' we be friends. Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? Why cant we be freeeeenddss" and there was more "Be my friend on FB" chatting and I finally said, "I'm gonna go find that stupid song on Youtube"
So I did.

Kind of

Because in all the Whying and the unhappy I got my words twisted up along with my knickers and instead found this

It works.

Hey, I'm upset and it's got the words "We", and "Friends" in it.

Not only that but I bet they all got FB's and twits.

Works for me.

And then there's this.
Before you read one more word.

I don't like to ask folks for help. But looks like I may have to. Gentle Reader, we started planning how to move my blog and keep the logic paths and well. I'm not sure I can do it. If you know some helpful computer person who might know how?

My comments are definately open to suggestions



""I think it is all uber silly. LOL The concept is simple: Keep in touch with those that you care to keep in touch with. Those that don't matter, don't have to be bothered with. LOL" <Quote from another ebayer on another blog about closing Blogland.

Hey maybe I could sell a copy of 12 dogs here on eBay.*~*

Note from Author Ann. There are three posts showing here. The three of them together are the most current posts. Will add an update post oh how things are going . About finding a new home for me and my dogs.

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4 commentsAnd then there's this.
Posted Sep-13-09 18:46:08 PDT Updated Sep-18-09 07:34:29 PDTVeruka,

Thank you for the suggested blogging sites. Moving 12 dogs isn't easy. It's actually an interactive book of sorts. The entire blog. It has links back and forth between the posts. You don't read 12 dogs one day at a time like a diary really. It's meant to be explored out of sequence. An organic book with "picture windows" that come "alive" with the wave of your hand. Windows into another world.. There are different pathways within the blog you can take that changes the out come of it. Pretty much written unique to ebay Blogland. I've talked to someone about how to move it somewhere else to retain the logic paths but I don't know that I can do that. I don't know that there's a place other than here that could host it.

I'm worried that almost 2 years of work will disappear come Oct 31st.

I'm trying hard not to think about it and be positive.

Thanks for your advice though. Take care. You're very talented. I'm sure that success will find you.

Author Ann

Where's the drama? Walking through the halls of a luxury hotel?

Or this..>It’s Interactive Story Time

We should have a song here. Hang on.

Remember that all those words in blue are hyper links that take you to different parts of 12 dogs. Where you find other posts and links. Each single post that you see is like seeing a part of a story. Each single post hast to be independent and yet make sense within the logic paths of a story. Oh and I wrote those posts you’re reading. And I wrote the quotes too.

While I was teaching myself to become a writer.

LOL Trust me. Where I’m from? Work is what you do outside and causes you to sweat. Work is 10 to 12 hour day. Sitting around and writing 12 dogs to some folks isn’t work. It’s brain farting. But no matter, 12 dogs is my writing journal and a kind of book. I wanted something to practice writing and something to entertain the folks reading here.

An amusement of the mind.

I’m finding out that there might be someone who can help me move it. That’s good.

Right now and for a while I’d rather worry about other folks.

Not everyone’s blog is one long series of spam posts or chats.

Right now Barefoot Cajun is in the process of deleting posts on her blog. There are memories attached to each of those posts. she’s deleting.

Go visit and give her a hug.


God bless Steve McQueen …”

Thanks MC.

Save Blogland

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7 commentsWhere’s the drama?
Posted Sep-13-09 14:04:35 PDT Updated Sep-18-09 07:37:36 PDTWell ya’ll. I’ve been over looking at Facebook and Twitter.

I can honestly see why folks who’ve been posting over there have come back to ebay/ After reading about how to be a face book or twitter success, I’m wondering how a person has the time to work their store. Most of the time there seems to be this frantic search for “friends” over on Facebook. I’m not talking ebay blogger friends Where you visit in the blogs, while you’re listing items here or shopping. Oh no. On Facebook? Their job is to make social connections. The entire time. That’s a job on Facebook. And success is measured by the number of little “faces” who say they are your “friend”.

How do you folks do it?

If you as a seller on ebay you already have to find, sort, price, photograph, write the bid, list the bid, field the questions about the listing, bill the person, collect the pay, mail the item, leave the feedback, and hopefully maybe get to see positive feedback, deall with complaints from custormers, …

And now your supposed to go to Facebook where you will need to write the perfect post or comment to generate buzz, send your invites to other folks Facebook pages, or respond to their request to be friends. To get eyeballs in ebay you post on your blog and feed the google or rss with spam. Many have years of blog friends customers already. And these friend aren’t looking at you as just another tiny picture in their friends group . They’re asking you how your kids are or if you are feeling better if you’ve got the flu.

The conversations here have been about life. It’s nice.

You’ve had the time because you’re already here at ebay anyway.

But now to have to depend Facebook and Twitter too?

How do you folks do it?

Whatt’s more your store is in a different part of the Internet.

Now I know that folks have Facebook, My Page, Twitter, already but I’m thinking that you’ve never had them without your ebay blog page.

The seller’s here are always talking about the time it takes to maintain a store here. If the Twitter or the Facebook page is ignored because of your life? It’s okay. But now in addition to all that you do? You have to depend on Facebook and Twitter too?


It’s not just “How do you do it?”

It’s now

“Why do you want to?

Well it seems to be more or less officia…

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2 commentsWell it seems to be more or less official
Posted Sep-13-09 01:19:08 PDT Updated Sep-18-09 07:40:46 PDTThe following was posted from eBay to the bloggers here.

Goodbye eBay Blogs
After October 31, 2009, we will be discontinuing eBay Blogs.

While eBay Blogs provided useful and interesting information, we have decided to focus our efforts on what matters most to our members: making eBay the best place to buy and sell on the Web.

We appreciate all the great articles that were published on eBay Blogs, and we’d like to thank these eBay member/bloggers for their contributions to the eBay Community. If you have created an eBay Blog, we encourage you to print out or save your blog entries before we close this section of our site.

Remember, after October 31, 2009, these pages will no longer be available on the web.

Keep the conversation going! Visit the eBay Community and see what your fellow members are talking about today.

Thank you Pretty Blue Eyes

According to the view count, people read my blog. Thanks..

Will post when 12 dogs has found a home until then keep reading.

Might as well talk about politics.

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0 commentsThank you Pretty Blue Eyes.
Posted Sep-12-09 15:29:38 PDT Updated Sep-18-09 07:58:14 PDTThank your for the post Pretty.

Concerning the future of Blogland.

You know I was happy to write snippets of stories and poetry here but now I’m thinking what the heck.


Politics anyone? 😀

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0 commentsI read it in Blogland and thought,
Posted Sep-10-09 10:42:38 PDT Updated Sep-18-09 08:05:07 PDTPeople like quotes.

I read in the blogs that this is a quote from the President’s speech.

Do you remember hearing it?

“individuals will be required to carry basic health insurance — just as most states require you to carry auto insurance.”

That’s a good thing to remember right about now.


Social Security is MANDATORY.
For both employee and employer.

Last I heard Social Security was in poor heath with bad prognosis.

“What you pay for in Social Security now doesn’t go in an account somewhere for your retirement. No. What you pay for SocialSecurity pays for my Social Security check.”

First time I hear that was many many many years ago. From my grandmother.

Then my mother.

Now I’m supposed to pass that on to my children?


In plain English please.

I’m not stupid.

It’s just that we are talking political here.

Sign here and date here, here, here, here, here,… No you don’t have to worry about actually reading the whole thing. You just have to know how it effects you. Don’t worry. I’ll read it for you and then tell you what it says.

Trust me?”

I don’t feel comfortable trusting in the political. In God and the US Constitution? Sure.

Spin doctors are just mortals in very expensive suits.


More to come

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0 commentsWe don’t judge.
Posted Sep-10-09 07:58:08 PDT Updated Sep-18-09 20:34:21 PDTSorry was just thinking about last night’s late late show.

Well the President gave his speech.

While you are evaluating it?

Alittle reminder,

There is a “new” word for lay offs in the government sector.


That’s where you don’t actually loose your job. They just send you home without pay. For a month.

They do this when they don’t have the money to pay for their employees. They do this because they can’t afford to pay for teachers and medicaid at the same time.

State tax revenue is down. The income that states get is not there to pay for the healthcare they’re aready responsible for. And they get federal help for it too.

They’re laying off state employees. Telling teachers there will be more layoffs.

I know. I know we got to do something about this health care crisis.

Is laying off people the answer?


Please, please don’t eat the daisies…

They’ll make you sick.

And then you’ll have to see a doc.

Which is expensive.

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0 commentsPlease, please don’t eat the daisies…
Posted Sep-08-09 23:50:53 PDT Updated Sep-09-09 01:11:45 PDT

I miss the old you. Before you were all super important. Now you live your life in quotations. In the right places with the correct words. “Heartfelt”.

All of your wounds are self inflicted. They’re old wounds you keep alive by the daily picking and irritation.

I listen to this “heart felt” and get a chill. Not the cool breeze in my parent’s garden. Not the rush of cold air in December. This is the clammy chill that causes shivers.

I dread you.

You and the life of quips and life in quotes.

Just another Azz come to show the world yer stuff.

“Please/ Please. don’t eat the daisies. Don’t eat the daisies. Please, please.” Oh and turn out the light and leave a tip in the jar when you leave. Be gracious because — well — it would seem that even if your tip’s ambitious for you? You ‘ll probably not leave close to what you want.

This is a good moment. The one where I don’t angst or even give a —. The one where I’m mighty happy to sit here and write. Like the fella said, “Say your peace. I’ll listen but for Heaven’s sake? The “cock of the walk” attitude. Please, it’s like the sock in your pants. All fake and overly optimistic. “Looky here! Over here!”
More fake “kewl” than I’m wanting to deal with at 4 in the morning.

Definately not Citizen Kane but like a baby rattler? It’s got it’s own kick.

Tomorrow will be warm and Fall. I’ll sit in this place where the sun comes through the window in the afternoon. Read my book and listen to the quiet. Relieved. I’ll be happy for that sun.

Ah politics.

A fork in the road.

(Now hear this. Every once in a while, WB (Writing Buddy not Walking Buddy) would send an email asking if everything was okay. She’d read my blog and wondered. Nope, I’d tell her. Not everything on 12 dogs is about you or me. It might not even be related to anyone. I just saw or read something and it got me to thinking, “What if there was a character in a book who found themselves in situation A? What would they do next? That’s it. The whole point. Anything else would be waaaaaayyyyy off the mark. Over thinking and perhaps a bit paranoid.. Just so you’ll know and won’t take it personally.)

Well and except for the interviews, tonight’s LLS with CF was a festival of whine.

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0 commentsA fork in the road.
Posted Sep-08-09 10:59:48 PDT Updated Sep-09-09 01:46:55 PDTLOL I was just thinking that the sentence, “A fork in the road.” could be alot of things.

Including an actual fork.

In this case it’s a place where two aspects of life happen at the same time.

So that’s what you have this morning.

Politics . or my personal life ? Welcome to 12 dogs.

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3 commentsWalking through the halls of a luxury hotel?
Posted Sep-08-09 10:53:58 PDT Updated Sep-08-09 11:10:40 PDTI learned about healthcare.

In New Orleans. In South Beach. Such a strange life.

Yesterday, I woke up, went into the kitchen, and told WB thank you. You don’t know me really. Why I’m here with comments off writing as if the world is far away. I told someone it was a Zen thing. Sitting on the side of the road waiting to find out the meaning of life. It’s not easy. Theres’s a slow unraveling of “knots” and the past. Like untangling a ball of string. “Gently,” my MawMaw would say, “Or else you’ll just tangle it up more.” To do it right you do a fair amount of sitting and looking. Listening to your heart beat. Hearing the growling in your stomach. Too long and it becomes an excercise in self indulgence but if you do it just right? You learn something.

So yesterday. When I woke up? I finally saw something that I couldn’t quite “see” before.

This is the place that I put things the things that Im not ready to deal with.

WB told me to throw it all away and start over. With him. Pup told me to not make “here” the deal breaker for the rest of my life. “Go do what you’re going to do. Don’t make a list or plan it. Leave the “stuff” here or you won’t do anything at all. . What have you got to lose?”

Writing here at 12 dogs has been an interesting experiment. It let me sit quietly and listen to my heart.

Now what?

When the world is too much with us here, I make a list of the things that are good. There’s usually something that’s right. There’s the boat. The folks at the river. WB and Pup. Finally a place at the gym to work out.

I remember being in the garden at my Mom and Dad’s house. It was so hot.Still. The world was one hot, tired mess. Then there was a breeze. So slight that I had to sit still to feel it. But there it was cool. Like a good memory. There in the middle of the pain seems to be good somewhere in all of us. Like that slight breeze on a very hot day.

So I woke up this morning and looked at my life, got out of bed, went into the kitchen, and hugged WB. “You know how yesterday I told you that this was the place I put the stuff that I didn’t want to deal with? It’s not.”

It’s not Gentle Reader. It’s suitcases and packing crates and relationships that I don’t want to leave behind. Just not sure how to fit it all together to make it a life. This life.

My life.

And then there’s the matter of “Beth Cooper”.

You see, I love “Beth Cooper” and it’s messing up my “to do” list something fierce.



Have you seen Romantic Comedy? Dudley More and Mary Steenburgen, You know underneath that Neil Simon veneer is an interesting story.

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0 commentsNurse Evita. With Subtitles.
Posted Sep-08-09 02:26:04 PDT Updated Sep-09-09 02:00:00 PDT

I Love You, “Beth Cooper”.
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0 commentsI Love You, “Beth Cooper.”..
Posted Sep-08-09 01:51:28 PDT Updated Sep-08-09 02:02:45 PDTBefore I say anything else you need to know three things.

One, I am female.

Two, I’m hetero.


And “Beth Cooper”? For me?

Is a guy.

You’ve got to know this otherwise this post will be allll kind of confusing.

I’m not in love with an actual Beth Cooper. I’m in love with an image.

Not that there’s anything wro–

Funny how that phrase or something like it comes up immediately after the words, “I’m not gay myself. Not that anything’s wrong with being gay. I’m just not.”

In an “enlightened” society.

It shouldn’t matter but well I thought that I’d say something otherwise there would be all kinds of confusion. I’ve got enough of that don’t need any more of it now.

I have friends who are homosexual. A roomate who was. I loved him dearly. He was the most tallented person I ever knew. And he was fearless. One day in the living room of our apartment (seems like all life’s big decisions seem to happen there) Well all of a sudden, I looked at him and told him – right out of the blue – “This is the day that we begin to part ways.” That was it. I’m not sure how but a cold chill came. Kind of like the day you realize that the truly hot days or dog days of summer were over. Sure there’d be other hot days but the endless ones that can drive you mad? They were gone for another year.

But his sexual orientation had nothing to do with it.

Today I was reading Rheta Grimsley Johnson’s weekly column. She was talking about moving from her home in Louisianna. I love to read this woman’s colunm. There was one where she was talking about a woman who’d always wanted to live on the beach but never could find the way to do it. So she bought a cotton field in the middle of Mississippi. There she built the home she never could afford on the Gulf coast. One of those condo type houses like you see on the beach. Up on stilts with a balcony over looking the — well in her case it was cotton but for most folks it was the sand. Instead of Gulf breezes there were Delta breezes. Hot and dry. But to this woman it was a dream come true. Crows turned to seaguls. The cotton, the foam of a wave. Home.

This particular column was about good bye and the reality of life’s circumstances. I loved the title of that column which is unusual because I don’t normally like such a sad thing. “Leaving home is hard, but the best is already gone.” That was the title.

The rest of the time was spent leaving.

Maybe we come to a realization. Try to find some sort of grace and reconciliation to what we can only barely understand. Acceptance. Or maybe we find something that we never expected.

In the middle of all that confusion? We find our center.


So I’m rummaging through 12 dogs. Turn on the comments to see who the two folks were who commented. Just like the day I “met” Billy. In SoHo. Manhattan. At this bar. After walking for a mile talking to him. I sit down. He and I and the two folks we’re with are chatting. We were sitting in one of those outdoor cafe type places. We completed each other’s sentences. That’s when we actually net. It was just like that. One minute we’re chatting and the next moment we jumped though time and we were friends. Then later we weren’t. Happens.

So I’m rummaging through the blog with a strange sense of urgency. Like when you expect a package for some reason that isn’t based in fact just anticipation. Because you see factually there’s no reason to expect anything. Nothing but still you look.

So I looked.

There it was.

I was in love with “Beth Cooper”.

A straight guy.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Maybe that’s why Rosie laughed in her sleep.

I’ve met a good writer tonight. Measure for measure. Step for step. Matched.

I think that I’d like to stay here pretending to sleep just a bit more.


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3 commentsSpringtime
Posted Sep-07-09 21:42:42 PDTWell this is a mess All the verses in a heap. Not sure how to fix them.

Time for CF on the LLS.

Will work on it later.

Mother Earth out in my garden

Is covered with the snow

It’s looks as if her life has gone.

She misses Springtime so.

Winter’s come a calling
Is Springtime far behind?
Seems like ages since I saw her last
Light of step. Quick of mind.

Then one day as if by magic

A whistle in the day

The birds are calling “Sunshine”

Cause Springtimes come to play

And once again their’s music

And laughter. LIfe is gay.

For Mother Nature’s left her bed

Springtime’s come to play

Is covered with decline.

She looks as she’s seen the end

Winter’s come a calling
Is Springtime far behind?
Seems like ages since I saw her last
Light of step. Quick of mind.

The Earth out in my garden

Is covered with decline.

Winter’s come a calling
Is Springtime far behind?
Seems like ages since I saw her last
Light of step. Quick of mind.

The Earth out in my garden

Is covered with decline.

A lulaby for us all…

Howdy and good night.


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3 commentsHowdy and good night.
Posted Sep-06-09 18:17:47 PDT Updated Sep-06-09 21:37:11 PDT

Hey Gentle Readers. Having trouble with the computer today. Going to go write long hand for the rest of the evening. Will try again to post later tonight or in the morning.

In the meantime

We the people…
are new.
We the people should be considered a very rough draft. I was trying to post and enter durint the worst of it. Just typed in as fast as I could and didn’t worry with the typos. Will try lster to proof or perhaps repost. and edited version.

Will try to post another essay as well.



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Posted Sep-06-09 16:54:40 PDT Updated Sep-06-09 17:08:27 PDTI read or heard somewhere that all these Internet signals go up into cosmos. Keeps traveling out into who knows where.

Tonight I thought that I’d go out side and play this song. Yeah, I know it sounds pathetic doesn’t it. But you kow what? In order to love you have to be a bit pathetic. You have to some how have so much faith in another person that you let them see you. Then you aske them, “Home””

Hopefull who ever answers back has a sense of humor and is at least on the same planet.

” I think,

I think I am,

therefore I am,

I think.”

“Of course you are my bright little star,
I’ve miles
And miles
Of files
Pretty files of your forefather’s fruit
and now to suit our
great computer,
You’re magnetic ink.”
” I’m more than that, I know I am, at least, I think I must be.”On a Threshold of a DreamIn the Beginning1969 was a very busy year…We the people…


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