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I’ve always been partial to this song. Lot of truth to the lyrics.

The preacher man says it’s the end of time
And the Mississippi River she’s a goin’ dry
The interest is up and the Stock Markets down
And you only get mugged
If you go down town

I live back in the woods, you see
A woman and the kids, and the dogs and me
I got a shotgun rifle and a 4-wheel drive
And a country boy can survive
Country folks can survive

I can plow a field all day long
I can catch catfish from dusk till dawn
We make our own whiskey and our own smoke too
Ain’t too many things these ole boys can’t do
We grow good ole tomatoes and homemade wine
And a country boy can survive
Country folks can survive

Because you can’t starve us out
And you cant makes us run
Cause one-of- ‘em old boys raisin ole shotgun
And we say grace and we say Ma’am
And if you ain’t into that we don’t give a damn

We came from the West Virginia coalmines
And the Rocky Mountains and the and the western skies
And we can skin a buck; we can run a trot-line
And a country boy can survive
Country folks can survive

I had a good friend in New York City
He never called me by my name, just hillbilly
My grandpa taught me how to live off the land
And his taught him to be a businessman
He used to send me pictures of the Broadway nights
And I’d send him some homemade wine

But he was killed by a man with a switchblade knife
For 43 dollars my friend lost his life
Id love to spit some beechnut in that dudes eyes
And shoot him with my old 45
Cause a country boy can survive
Country folks can survive

Cause you can’t starve us out and you can’t make us run
Cause one-of- ‘em old boys raisin ole shotgun
And we say grace and we say Ma’am
And if you ain’t into that we don’t give a damn

We’re from North California and south Alabam
And little towns all around this land
And we can skin a buck; we can run a trot-line
And a country boy can survive
Country folks can survive


Well I love a good prayer meeting but…

“Which wolf wins grandfather”? LOL.

Tell you what, I pray everyday.

Never did I find the words “Be kind to one another” to involve a winner or a loser.

And the only “finish line” (since folks are talking about “winners” and “losers”) that I’ve heard of is the one we cross when we write our “final draft”.


Auntie Slacker

Ah well, the sky is blue on a cold, cold day. There is wonder in a blade of grass.

And here at 12 dogs we can entertain with a story or a poem.

Hang in there Gentle Readers.

I learned to tell a good story to make even huricane force winds seem to disappear.

There are others here who can do this too.

And we are free.

That’s some thing to be proud of.


Well we kept on celebrating living in the country but also reminding ourselves of the lessons that our granddad taught us about not getting too “cocky”.

Moneytrees and that old goat.

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0 commentsDay One? Even if you left Iraq today? The US still has trillions of dollars of debt to pay.
Posted Jan-21-09 05:33:12 PST Updated Jan-29-09 14:51:24 PSTWhile some folks were busy with the “coronation”, the rest of us were quietly asking,

“Are we out of Iraq yet?”

(Which is also the title of our first gameshow that should be –but–wait– it is. (kind of)

Okay now listen. We’d been asking this since the “Mission Accomplished” sign on that air craft carrier. That was loooonnnggg before the current president. So don’t yell at us.

But we also wanted to know–

Maybe the new President can get Europe to forgive our debt like the US did?

A little less talk and a lot more action.

Toby Keith in Concert

No whining. No excuses. Need more than just Hope with that Change.

Gonna take some dollar bills to pay off that trillion dollar national debt and that bailout.

And that “money tree” folks must think they have up in Washington, DC?

That would be from income taxes OR maybe the new administration will tank the US credit rating by borrowing even more money.

Like I said, gonna’ need a WHOLE LOT MORE than just HOPE with that CHANGE.

Gonna’ take ALOT of dollars too.

Hope you have a good day.


Auntie Slacker


Well the economic news was kind of –well bleak– and as we were congratulating ourselves for having the good sense to live out in the country? And since we were on a country music kick with Toby Keith?

We celebrated with alittle Hank Williams Jr.

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10 commentsArthur
Posted Jan-18-09 08:25:28 PST Updated Jan-27-09 09:04:39 PST(Note: I know that this isn’t actually the first post for “Gameshows that should be…” week but this is really the true beginning. Plus Arthur really could use a home and well– I have a good reason for starting here. It is all about “hope”ful beginnings after all.)

I’m writing about Arthur.

This is a story of love, companionship, and I’m thinking a great book. A stray dog who lives at the Humane Society. This is a dog to tell your troubles to. A dog who will sleep at the foot of the bed. A dog your kids can hang all over. A dog that will get you dates with girls and you’ll still like him if he doesn’t.

He needs a home.

I want to adopt him.

WB and Pup are about to mutiny.

I tried to explain that I’m 12 dogs and a blog not 11. I told them we have a huge yard to run in. He’d have a kennel and a kennel mate. It’s not like he’d cost that much more to feed. He’s already been “fixed”. Well, Gentle Reader, he’s the perfect dog. Calm and Zen like. I saw him around other strange people and dogs and he was amazing. He didn’t pull on his leash. He didn’t bark at the other strange dogs. Did I tell you he was 5 months old? Maybe it seems like a miracle as my furbabies are terriers and are little furry balls of energy. But Authur is like the really smart kid in class. I think that he’ll go on to the doggie version of MIT and become rich.


He is a good kind of “mutt”. He has white around his face and is salt and pepper on his body. He has 4 white feet. One of the ladies who saw him said that he looked like he had Schanauzer in him. Could be. I don’t know.

What I do know is that this dog was alert and aware of his surroundings, kind, funny, good mannered, and about the sweetest dog you could ever know. I’m going to write him into my book. I think that he’ll be the pet of the couple who live next to the Man in the Cabin. I’ll try to get a photo of him so that you can see for yourself just how cute he is.

If I can’t adopt him maybe some Gentle Reader could.

And now here’s the pitch.

There are pets like Arthur at Humane Societies all over the US. All of them, thanks to a loyal group of pet lovers at the Humane society, have been spayed or neutered, current with their shots, and have been given a pet exam. There is an adoption fee but, as a pet owner who’s had to pay those expenses, the fee that the Humane Society charges is a real deal and much less than what you’d have to pay if you were to have your own vet do it. You get a healthy dog who’s had lots of love and attention. A good pet who just needs a home.

If you can’t adopt a pet you can still help the Humane Society and in a way have all kinds of animals as your “pets” at the shelter. The local Humane Society in your area can always use help and donations. Ours has a wish list of things that they could use. They can always used towels to dry the dogs after a bath. We’ve donated food to ours. Especially during the storm season where not only the Humane Society shelters but the animal shelters see huricane survivors.

Ours even take alumimun cans for recycling. Help the pups and help the enviroment by recycling drink cans. That’s something you or the folks where you work can do for free.

Of course they’re also happy to take cash donations and volunteers as well. I’m not sure about your Humane Society but the volunteers at ours need to be 18 years old. There are opportunities for the high school student when they have pet adoption days. This is a really great way to volunteer for the high school or college student who loves animals or is thinking about becoming a vet or a vet assistant. It’s also a great way they can help the furbabies even if they can’t have a dog of their own.

Now about Arthur.

I’m kind of hoping a dog like Arthur will end up as a “first dog”. He’s hopeful, kind, always got a smile for everyone, and he’s a survivor.

A good canine addition to the White House.

This dog isn’t any ordinary dog but then no fur, feather, fish, insect, or reptile is ordinary.

They are all, even the cranky ones, the best friend a person could have.

And this friend? Needs a home.


Author Ann

PS If you are interested in adopting Arthur? Email me through ebay or let me know in comments. I’ll send you the contact info.

LOL There’s something I forgot to post!

The blog is one year old. Today the blog is official One year and one day old.

Happy Blog Birthday to 12 dogs!!!!

It’s fitting that today’s blog would be the first day of the week and in the first month of the year and that I’m still writing about dogs. There are people who’ve been reading 12 dogs for a very long time. To them I say thank you. I’m glad that you’re here. For the new folks? A hearty welcome. Thank you for reading my blog. Good days and bad it is always a joy to be here with you.

Hugs from all the “characters” real and imaginary here at the 12 dogs.


For the record? The first post.

Thank you Darlene and Newt for talking to me that first day. Hugs to you both.

Blog under construction. Come back soon. Have a great day.

Wait a minute…that’s not right…. It’s cold…. My brain was froze…it was 2 in the morning….it was a good idea just lousy timing….. The dogs ate it.. no wait that was law school… I flunked out of law school…(sorry mom)….went to art school..for a while I dropped out of that….(really sorry mom but it was great!!!)….had a good excuse thought became I became a parent..(okay now mom for that I am not going to apologize I mean I made you a grandmother and there is all that lovely karmic parenting payback)..became an at-home slacker(yeah right)……time moves… I move several times…..I become parent of teenager… teenager learns to drive….(…sorry mom NOW I get it)….become mom of melodramatic, future slacker teenaged draaaaammmaaaaah king…(parent karma curse)…..this isn’t misery enough…. oh no…. I pick up camera and decide to become photographer….gallery owner says I’m crap….. decide writing might be good fun even with that pesky grammar problem….but something is missing.. … oh yeah the 12 dogs…and the blog….oh and I really am a writer –for real…that about gets us up to date….welcome to

12 dogs and a blog………….



There were alot of beginnings this week.

That’s why I started here.


How about

Day One? Even if you left Iraq today?

The US still has trillions of dollars of debt to pay.

As for the rest of 12 dogs and a blog?

Let’s just day that, Baby, I’m on your Wavelength

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4 commentsWavelength
Posted Jan-17-09 17:40:40 PSTSomeone asked me earlier if I believed that folks can be psychic. I had to think about it for a bit. There are couples who are so similar that they complete each other’s sentences. There are people who are so sensitive to the comings and goings of the world that they are able to accurately anticipate what might happen next. Then there are some folks who…

I had a friend who thought I was psychic. I had unpredictable “knowings”. The last one spooked me. A fella who told me he was going to take a certain path in school. I had a dream about him doing something completely different that night. When I told him of my dream the next day he just beamed. He excitedly told me that he wanted to do the thing that I dreamed of him doing. He was only doing the other for a family member. I don’t now this guy so there’s no way I could have subconsciously reacted to his life and come up with this.

Is that psychic?

LOL I don’t know.

I do wonder sometimes. I explained to a friend that I wondered if it was like two guitars in tune to each other. If two guitars are truly intune with each other, if you pluck the string on one guitar, the corresponding string on the other guitar will vibrate.


Van Morrison * Wavelength

This song feels like the coming spring.

I’m not sure what it would feel like to be that insync with someone.

After years of being celibate? Can you imagine what the orgasm would feel like if I were?

Mind altering to say the least.


New pair of shoes.

(This is for Sunday. I know that I’ve posted it Saturday night but I won’t be able to post it in the morning. Sorry.)
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0 commentsNew pair of shoes.
Posted Jan-17-09 00:52:18 PST Updated Jan-17-09 01:24:49 PSTWell they finally came and they fit. My brand new hiking boots will be gracing my feet and keeping them safe out in the snake infested woods. Well there aren’t snakes out at the moment. They’re hibernating at the moment. But when they crawl out from inside their holes I will be ready. In the mean time me and the red mud/rough terrain will be battling it out.

I predict that I will prevail.

Take that snakes.

To celebrate? Another great singer with a big voice.

I great song from Patti LaBelle. New Attitude…

Next post?

Good to balance out the not so good. And to encourage a friend


PS. My friend that was having a bad day is feeling much better. Thank you for the suggestions. If there were a “favorites list” for friends. they would be number one on the list.

Take care and if they are reading this? The guide to 12 dogs says, “That means you’re welcome and Ann and family say hello and send hugs. She’s reading up on “string theory” and physics and psychic abilities for our next convo but mostly she is scratching her head and trying to unscramble letters to solve the word puzzle you sent but well it’s Greek to her.


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3 commentsGood to balance out the not so good. And to encourage a friend
Posted Jan-16-09 09:55:35 PST Updated Jan-16-09 10:35:57 PSTA true story.

A story about Pup.

When Pup was a little boy and was learning how to read, he had 100 words on flashcards that he needed to know by sight. Some of them he could sound out some not. The point of the exercise was to get him to know the words instantly without having to think about them. The first time we went through the cards he knew only about 10 out of the deck of 100 words. Although I was calm on the outside I was a nervous wreck on the inside. I wanted very much for Pup to know how to read. Reading has been a big part of our life and my families life. I’d heard all the horror stories of older kids who couldn’t read and I was determined that Pup wouldn’t be one of them. At first I was going to drill, drill, drill. Then I looked at Pup. He was so sad that he only knew 10 words. Lucky Pup and me. Instead of the drill that I experienced as a kid, I looked and him and said the words that I think changed our life. I showed Pup the pile of 10 words that he knew and said, “Good for you Pup! Look at how many words you know! I didn’t know that you were so good at this!” He smiled. I was still a nervous wreck until he learned all his words but gradually it got easier. I just said “I’m going to concentrate on the good here. The part of the glass that is full. Not the part that is empty.” It worked. One day he knew all his words. Then one day he was sitting on the couch looking at a diving magazine. It had pictures of sharks in it and I thought he was just looking at the pictures. Pup LOVED sharks and dinosaurs. I asked hims what he was doing and he said that he was reading about the sharks. Honestly, I thought he was “reading” about he sharks like little kids will do when they’re “reading” the book. So I asked him to read something and he did. He was independently reading a story that he’d never seen before because he wanted to know what the story was about. I was so happy. I knew he could read. I thought about that stack of 100 words and how we didn’t worry about the negative stuff. Just rejoiced in the part we knew.
I don’t do that all the time. Neither does Pup. But I know that looking at the situation and picking out all the positive things about even a very, very bad problem and “dwelling” on those things really does help.
Counting blessings.
You’ll see it on the 12 dogs blog. I haven’t lost it nor am I in denial. I have a long history of having to pick out the best of two not so good things and making a decision based on it. You learn how to look for anything good no matter how small and insignificant it may seem.

Now it may seem strange after the last 2 posts to read this. A little jarring. The thing is that I have a pretty complex life. After the last two posts I didn’t want you to think I’d turned into a Class A “bit3ch”. Nor did I want you to think I was some “PollyAnna” either.

It’s just that you can’t see the real me all the time and I am a writer. With all the talk about the character “Craig Ferguson” vs the real “Craig Ferguson”, I didn’t want you get a false impression of who I was in real life.

Well that and I have a friend who’s not having a really great couple of days.

I’m hoping that this will work for them too.

Regards and some “good” me to balance the “bit4y” me.

Author Ann


You got to know when to hold them…


Alanis Morrisette– I’m a Bit3h”

All together ladies…..

I love this song. Singing it at the top of my lungs this morning. Good thing we live out in the country otherwise there would be a nice policeman with a complaint at my door for disturbing the peace.


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0 commentsYou got to know when to hold them… know when to fold them…
Posted Jan-16-09 08:37:32 PST Updated Jan-16-09 08:50:52 PSTknow when to walk away…


A little cryptic poem but very true.

(Oh and the word “son” doesn’t refer to Pup, WB, me, or my folks.)

Time to Move On

Time to move on son.

Time to move on.

You’ve bought your horse.

The day is done.

You’ve nothing more here.

For your life so move on.

The fair is gone.

Time to move on.


I’m told that love is its own reward.

I shouldn’t think you’d need a raise too.

If you’ve found the person you feel is your perfect traveling companion?

Fold the cards and walk away from the table.

Find a new path.

Time to move on.



Let’s be honest…

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0 commentsLet’s be honest…
Posted Jan-16-09 08:34:51 PST Updated Jan-16-09 08:52:16 PSTFrom the TCA (Television Critics Association meeting)

A quote from TV’s Craig Ferguson:

“I suppose that we’re here this morning to discuss, let’s be honest, Jay Leno going on at 10 o’clock on NBC, but other than that, we’re still doing our show.”

12 dogs and a blog is a writing journal. I’ve been telling you that for a long time now. Ever since I first had the comment that something that I wrote as fiction was being taken as truth. So I posted the disclaimer that you and I Gentle Reader should know by heart.

12 dogs and a blog is a writer’s journal. Fact and fiction live here. If you don’t know which is which? Ask. People have. I’ve also taken the time to post that my real life was okay when a story that I’ve written was grim.

I’m not going to pontificate about anyone’s honesty here.

But the fact is that TV’s Craig Ferguson has built an image on his show as being “honest to the point of not holding anything back from the viewer.” Problem? Out of the blue we find that the “honest” Mr. Ferguson is a bit of creative writing. I’m all for creating characters. If Mr. Ferguson was a TV character I’d say good for you writers. Great job. As a writer that’s what I do. But only if you let folks know up front that’s what you’re doing. Along time ago they did that with a show called “Fernwood 2 night”. SNL does it with “Weekend Update” and use to with the fake comercials. Stephen Colbert does it over on Commedy Central. We all laugh about it. Everyone knows, “not real but based on reality tv”. Here at 12 dogs, I try to warn folks of the “fact and fiction” aspect of my blog. I do it because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or take advantage. There are times when I’ve writen a character and it would have been better if I’d just let folks believe that the character is real. What an opportunity to practice writing believable dialog! It would have given me an opportunity to creat a character so real that you wouldn’t know it was fiction. Thing is, unlike Mr. Ferguson, I just don’t have the heart to lie to folks night after night inorder to get their sympathy and get their readership. Mr. Ferguson did.

So when I read the above comment this morning? The one where he says, “…let’s be honest…”?

I just had to laugh.

Perhaps the writers over on The LLS can write Mr. Ferguson a “heart felt monologue” about it. You know for someone who has an unscripted show he sure does have alot of writers. As a matter of fact I seem to remember his comment that he needed all those writers to make the show interesting and entertaining. All the pathos and honesty is supposed to be from Mr. Ferguson. As a writer, I should imagine he could do it all on his own. Save CBS money instead of asking for a raise. Or better maybe they should give the writers on that show a raise. They could sure use one and probably deserve it.

Or how about a “heart felt monologue” about just who Tv’s Craig Ferguson really is.

Now that would be honest and the good Lord knows his writers would know all about him.


Author Ann

As for being a hit and having a presences at the TCA? Sorry TWoP ladies. Let us be honest. One speech does not a dominant presence make.


ABC it’s easy.

Another day with the very real pups and the very real Pup. And me Author Ann.

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12 commentsSo I have this friend…
Posted Jan-15-09 14:18:09 PST Updated Jan-15-09 15:16:52 PST…who is having a really bad day. I want to cheer them up. Now when it comes to cheering folks up (telling jokes) sometimes I can make folks laugh and sometimes not. I try but some of my jokes need an explanation. As a comedian said, “If you have to explain the joke? Perhaps it’s not funny.” So I’m just wondering if anyone has a fool proof joke that could make someone laugh? I’m going to try but this might require help.

Hugs, Ann

PS Added later two Transformer videos.

A happy dance if you’re feeling blue. Dancing Bumblebee (Transformer)

Or maybe some Optimus Prime dancing


ABC it’s easy.
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9 commentsABC it’s easy.
Posted Jan-15-09 06:03:13 PST Updated Jan-15-09 07:11:17 PSTEvery once in a while I wake up and wonder what I would do if I didn’t have another thing to say. It happens some mornings. I don’t have a story to tell or a poem anywhere it seems. Sometimes I just start writing thoughts with the hope that a story could be made. Sometimes you can and sometimes not. It’s a very uneasy feeling. Sometimes words are there and sometimes not.

Then there are other mornings when I know I’m going to be busy and not able to write. Like this morning.

This morning I have work to do outside.

While I’m working outside, here are two poems. One you might have read earlier and the other I wrote right before Christmas. The Christmas poem I wrote to read at Pup’s wedding should he ever marry. It’s from the point of view of a mother who is watching her child go off into a new world of married life.

Love Up On The High Wire

I was dreaming with my eyes wide open.
Two dancers came into view
Two people on Love’s high wire
Graceful. Dance a pas a deux
High above the ocean
They dance without a net
Graceful and so happy
All the joy that Love would let
And I worried when I saw them
But they reassured me with their ease
And I worried when I saw them
But they just laughed and said, “Oh Please–
We’re young and we’re in love
All your worry is just wrong
We dance graceful on this wire
And we sing our lover’s song—

“…And our love will keep us safe
And our joy will keep us strong
And we’ll dance this way forever
And we’ll love this whole life long…”

So please now stop the worry
It’ll only make you old
For our Love will keep us safe
It’s our Love which makes us bold.”

I smiled and I sang with them
A song as old as time
And happy were the lyrics
And lovely was the rhyme
From the melody to their lyric
A happiness was shown
From heaven Love is sent
It’s love that brings us home.

written by AuthorAnn

I wrote this poem much earlier in the year. Originally I wrote it for the “husband of my heart”

but I think that Pup and his future companion might like it

My heart walked alone to get here.

Across deserts and time.

Waited like the seed of the Rose in the Desert.

Waited until the rains to bloom.

This world makes me fierce to survive

But my head on your shoulder

Your kiss on my cheek?

I am soft and new again.

My breath, your laughter

Alive in my heart.

It never hurts to have an original poem somewhere when one is in need of marriage vows.



On fences, fusses, and haiku–

Remedy for a toxic thought.



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4 commentsRemedy for a toxic thought.
Posted Jan-14-09 12:50:25 PST Updated Jan-14-09 13:10:11 PSTI was going to leave the last post up until tomorrow morning but folks I decided against it.

You can read it if you want to or here’s some hiaku that’s a bit nicer.

Sorry for the other post. The day’s too nice for it.

All haiku original by Author Ann written from January 2 – 13th.

I like the first one alot.

Dogs bark this morning.

Telling of a guest to be;

Good story at supper.

Fingers fly on strings

Notes fly on a spring breeze-.

A string breaks mid song.

Cucumber’s new leaves.

Smell of garden soil in March

State fair prized pickles.

Rainbows in the sky

Sunlight dances through raindrops

Dark night memories.

Same poem with different ending. I’m trying to decide which I like better.

A sweet pea’s spring leaves. A sweet pea’s spring leaves

The smell of green tomatoes The smell of green tomatoes

Crunch of ice under foot. Crunch of snow under foot.

The old dog can hunt.

Running with the younger males.

Hunts squirels in his dreams.

The haiku for Saenzmom and her tomato garden this summer

Tomato plant’s leaves.

The smell of garden soil in March–

December’s winter chili.

Pumpkins in the Fall

State fair pickles and jelly.

Smell of March’s garden soil.

Two poems that share common verses.

Flutter of a dove’s wing. Snowflakes on her lashes

Snow falls softly on her lashes The flutter of a white (or winter) dove’s wings.

Dogwood blossoms in May.. Dogwood blossoms in May.

Dance in a mud puddle

Child’s laughter on a spring day

Only memories in a war zone

Again the two poems using some of the same lines:

Flash of a dove’s wing. Jonquils sway and birds sing.

Sunlight dances through Spring rain; Sunlight dances through Spring rains.

Winter night dreaming.. Winter memory.

Acres of open pasture

Cresote posts, t post, and barb wire–

Civilized meets the free world.

Next post? The pizzed one…

On fences and fusses:

The grass really is greener on my side of the fence.

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3 commentsThe grass really is greener on my side of the fence…
Posted Jan-13-09 08:49:04 PST Updated Jan-15-09 06:55:45 PSTThis is a long post and I’ve added a few things. I’m leaving it up until tomorrow morning to give you time to read it. It’s not sour grapes. It’s just disappointment that a fella I thought was a good guy turns out to be just another “player”.


Quote of the Day

“She was loyal like a dog.

She was treated like a dog.”

Hannah Murphy

13 December, 2008


So all the talk here has been about fences.


An “Iron”y.

The first song I started humming when I saw the completed fence for the new dog enclosure was this song by Gene Autry’s song Don’t Fence Me In.


LOL, I saw this video from the All American Rejects

and the first thing that came to mind was the current fuss over Tv’s Craig Ferguson’s marriage to a 26 year old art gallery manager from Vermont. Mr. Ferguson is reported to be 46 but I always wondered if he might be a bit older. Maybe it’s all the hard living he is supposed to have done in his youth that makes him look older.

I’ve tried to stay out of it. But there have been a few things said that are just too funny not to notice.


Mr Ferguson using the term “cougar” to refer to the women who’d be upset by his marriage. The definition of “cougar” is a woman who has relationships with men much younger (20 years younger) than they are. Considering that he was at that moment describing his marriage to a woman 20 years younger then he was? Well put a pair of ovaries and a uterus in Mr. Ferguson and he’d be a “cougar”.

“I can’t live by your rules man.”

Mr. Ferguson’s catch phrase. It’s supposed to symbolize Mr. Ferguson’s free spirit and flaunting of the rules. I don’t know. Flaunting the rules would have been telling the world, “Hey, my girl friend is 26. I can’t live by your rules man. I like her and I’m not hiding her.” He didn’t. Even if it was a matter of privacy, all the “I hate marriage jokes” this Fall and the “ambiguous gay guy ” stuff? Well it might have been flaunting the rules if he were gay or he said he wasn’t going to marry the girl friend. Just live with her. But– hiding your fiance and keeping your wedding a secret? Well, Gentle Reader, if it’s because the new Mrs. Ferguson is 26 and you’re 46? Seems like he’s running scared from the rules not flaunting them.

Diana and Charles. Look at their age difference. Isn’t “Cragan” (a nickname, how cute) the same thing?

Well, Gentle Reader, I did compare the two relationships. From what I’ve heard they had to find someone as young as Diana who was a virgin. Certified. I doubt that Mr. Ferguson had that problem or requirement. I think he’s commented that he was looking young because the women his age were so bitter. LOL. We should ask wife number one and number two about this. Women aren’t born bitter, Mr. Ferguson, they are made bitter. Usually by a man. It’s not a fatal condition though. The remedy is a better man who shows the bitter woman that there are kind and good men in this world. These are men who truly love and appreciate women. Not men with shallow hearts.

LOL And I seem to recall that Charles was having an affair with his contemporary Camilia at the time of marriage. Anyone remember the “tampon” comment? It wasn’t Diana that Prince Charles was referring to it was Camilla. Apparently he found his young wife tiresome and craved a mature mind. We all know how the story played out.

Just saying.

I can’t defend Mr. Ferguson’s marriage based on age and I’m surprised at the older women who are defending him. He’s used the term “cougar” once too often. That’s a derogatory term aimed at older women. To put them in their place and make fun of them. I thought that Mr. Ferguson believed in freedom for all, be they male or female and regardless their age difference.

Since he’s the male version of a “cougar”, I can’t really defend it (the marriage) until he’s apologized to those fans his age who he’s termed “cougars”. Oh and get it right Mr. Ferguson. The only women who’d qualify to be a “cougar” to yourself is the women who are almost 70 years old.

You’re no spring chicken dear.

Well the ladies over at TWoP can spend their time having a right fuss over it. I’ve been way too busy here paying attention to the economy and “world affairs” to spend my valuble time (and it is very valuable) defending Mr. Ferguson’s marriage to a woman 20 years his junior. If he’s going to be so dissmissive of women who have or who might want to do the same, I don’t really have the time.

He already ticked me off with his video saying very rude things about people who are overweight.

In the video he says:


…fat people are like hippos. You think they’re all happy and jolly but they’re not. They’re actually just waiting to eat you…

(You can hear it for yourself. It begins at the 6:34 mark til the end of this next video. )

You know Gentle Reader, I applied the

“everyone fuwks up” rule

to what he said about overweight folks

and “cougars”.

But well–

he did say he’d only make fun of those folks who he thought deserved it.

But do overweight people and folks who fall in love with someone so much younger

really deserve to be made fun of?

Sorry but

after awhile it stops being an anomaly

and it starts being a mean personality trait.

Who knows,

Maybe Mr. Ferguson will do another heartfelt monologue on the subject. Maybe in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, he’ll talk about how love is ageless no matter the sex of the person. That it’s not fair to call women “cougars” for dating men younger than they are when men have been called “studs” when they marry a woman so much younger. Just thinking.

Hey maybe he’s done it already? I don’t know because well all my reality has me really busy.

I haven’t had the time or inclination to watch lately so maybe I missed something.


You know it happens. Good guy gets rich and becomes a “high hat”. Forgets the folks who watched when the rest of the world didn’t know him.

You know the middle aged, the over weight, the regular older guy, and yes the cougars–

in a word the rest of us.

His audience.

Hugs and kisses,

Auntie Slacker


Next? I knew a man whose life was a real tragedy not of his making. Wife and kids left him. World abandoned him.

Now that guy had real problems.

I’ll defend him.

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0 commentsI knew a man
Posted Jan-12-09 13:56:35 PSTRunning

I knew a man whose wife and children left him.

Their hearts poisoned like a well.

For the rest of his life he kept moving.

Oh the stories he could tell.

But all of his posessions.

Everyone of them he’d sell.

For just a little kindness

A little happiness as well.

Under the trees we sat there.

I asked him, “What’s your name?”

He looked at me with sad, sad eyes.

The pain it was quite plain.

“I’ve walked a million footsteps

I’ve sailed the deepest sea

I never have stopped running

From the pain tha’s after me.”

The devil of it all

What don’t seem to set him free

The life that he’s been running from

Is the life you want for me.

So get away you old devil

Get far away from me

I’ve no time for all your nonsence.

Keep far, far away from me.

AuthorAnn 1-12-09


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5 commentsWoodstock 2009
Posted Jan-12-09 05:18:39 PST Updated Jan-12-09 07:00:09 PSTGood morning.

Counting blessings this morning.

It’s cold and wet. I’m trying to convince myself that there’s plenty to do inside so I can skip the wet feet. We fed the dogs last night and they’re snug in their dog houses. I have a tarp roof over the kennel to keep out the rain but even so it’s just too cold for my pups to venture out. They’ll sleep until I go out there and wake them up.

Think I’ll let sleeping dogs sleep.

Matter of fact, I’m thinking of getting under the covers and doing a bit of research for the “yard” myself.

Take care,




Woodstock 2009

For Saenz, who has either planted or getting ready to plant tomato seeds for her summer garden. The poem format is haiku. It’s a type of Japanese poetry. Once you get the hang of the format it’s fun to write. I’m enjoying the process very much.

Tomato plant’s leaves unfurl.

The smell of garden soil in March–

December’s winter chili.

The next poem is about being far away from home and missing your home.


I’m dreaming of tomatoes and summer.

I’m dreaming of the Gulf of Mexico.

I’m dreaming of the sailboat.

The sky blue.

The sails full.

My father at the helm.

Everyone happy.

Everyone’s hearts free.

I want to go home.

To my home.

This is not my home

Everyday I will say this




It’s not cozy.

It is cold.

It is wet.

It is dreary.

I’m not ungrateful.

Yes, there are worse places I could be.

Famines. No water at all.

I count my blessings. But…

It’s not right to tell a lie correct?

I can function and have functioned in all kinds of places.

Have been through great storms and known dark loneliness.

I am lucky to have survived such things.

I am grateful to have a kind place to be.

But still when the sky is blue or a breeze picks up.

When I close my eyes and hear my father laugh.

Even in the midst of great beauty?

When I dream?

I dream of home.



Music and lyrics for today.

Walk on the Ocean * Toad the Wet Sprocket

Comments On but in Hidden Mode.

Hope you have a good day.


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5 commentsWoodstock 2009
Posted Jan-11-09 11:34:53 PSTWeeeeelllllllll the weather outside sided is frightful.

Actually it’s raining. I’m fixin to go outside with WB and he and I are going work on the dog kennel. I’m going to wear a white tshirt with no bra. I’m going to reinact Woodstock complete with wet tshirts. I a word. I’m gonna’ be a huzzy woman. Then I’m going to take a hot shower, put on my soft,baby blue fleece robe and watch Sex In the City with WB.

I’m gonna be a hussy woman for sure.

Oh relax, I’ll still be celibate tonight. *~*

But it’s time I got in touch with my inner sexual diva. If I ever hope to end this horrible celibacy, I’m going to eventually have sex. Now I know that I could jump right into the water all at once. But I’d rather ease into it. Since WB is here and a male and sexually –well all his plumbing works without Vigara. And this “cougar” stuff is just funny to him. He thinks women of all ages are sexy. It’s what I like about him. He’s graciously volunteered to easy me into the sexual waters so to speak. I mean no one else seems to be interested. So I thought why not.

I’ve decided to be very methodical about this. Kind of a 5 month plan. I’ve set a target date to end my celibacy at next July or August. Then I dunno. I was thinking a trip to a beautiful bed and breakfast but I’m thinking differently now. Maybe getting Pup to stay with my mom and dad for a week and using the money for a spa instead for new sheets and maybe a new dress. I have time and ebay. I have a romantic place here and a table and table cloth (yeah ebay) I can put up candles. The person in question cooks so I thought we could cook up something on the grill or a light pasta with salad dish and then eat under the trees. Then we’ll see.

It’s been a long time. I hope that the person I’m thinking of will take the lead. For once I’m happy to follow.

The only other thing would be to see if WB knows someone who has a house at the beach and we could go during the off season. Now that would be the way to end this drought.

However it works

I hope it will be fun.

Hope you have a great evening with someone you love.



Living large 12 dogs style
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1 commentLiving large 12 dogs style
Posted Jan-10-09 12:30:31 PST Updated Jan-11-09 11:11:55 PSTSo there I was living large 12 dogs style. Covered in dog hair and mud when it dawned on me. I hadn’t written today’s post.


Actually that’s not true. I wrote it this morning in bed. After I woke up but before I got up.

No, I’m still celibate.

WB has asked me not to say that anymore. He thinks that it makes him look bad. I asked him what my being celibate had to do with him anyway. He said it just did.

So here is the 12 dogs and a blog, WB disclaimer.

WE here at 12 dogs know for a fact that WB is a hot stud muffin and that ANYONE would be happy to –you know– with him at anytime. As a matter of fact, WB has to fight off the –hot women– who are flocking to his side trying to work their feminine wiles on him. But WB is not going to (his words-not really- but it makes me LOL to think of him saying this) But WB is not going to (laughing here) “…get it on…” with just anyone. He wants to “get it on” (ROFLMBO) with some “…foxy, sexy, hot babe. Oh and he’s delighted with “cougars”, “pumas”, “panthers” and well women with brains and experience are “hot”. Besides that he’s already raised a kid he’s looking for fun not work. Twenty year olds just put him in a “diabetic coma of sweet”. Give him the spice of someone in her 40’s. When Ann bit4hes about her celibate life? It’s not because WB is a ugly wart frog or a cheap buzzard.

(Now I am really ROFLMBO)

Just so the world will know and WB will go help me outside.

(He did.)

Of course, he could help me by hiring someone but WB says I need the exercise and besides women pay spas good money to be covered in mud and I get to do it for free. I should be happy and thanking him for the experience.

So there you go Gentle Reader.

I wrote my blog and got WB off my back at the same time.

I am a geeeeeeneeeusss!

Hope you have a good evening and if I don’t get back until tomorrow night a happy morning too.

Kind Regards,



What do God fearing women do when they get the blues? (click here > Psst )

On January 19, my blog will be a year old. I’ve decided to have that as a blog birthday since I don’t tell my actual birthday on the internet. To celebrate, between now and then, I’m going to try to write and interactive story that includes all the ebay bloglanders in it. I’m not sure if it’s possible but I can try. If you want to have something worked into the story about your blog or a blog link leave a comment.

Kind regards and hugs, Ann

Alittle Van Morrison for the evening Wavelength…

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17 commentsPsst
Posted Jan-09-09 12:27:50 PSTTryork is back…

It’s the weekend

I got a full tank of gas and a convertable at my disposal.

You know what that means.

Means bumpkus (southern for nothing.)

Tomorrow I gotta do laundry and stuff.

And he’s got a babe, lawyer-type wife.

He’s only got eyes for lawyer wife (good for you Tryork)


But in my head?

I’m gonna be living large driving around with the wind in my hair and having a great weekend.

Hope you do too.


Well actually I like the label “panther” myself…

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6 commentsWell actually I like the label “panther” myself…
Posted Jan-09-09 08:11:05 PST Updated Jan-09-09 09:55:57 PSTYou know folks seem to have all kinds of opinions about how life should roll and how women should run their lives.

Why there’s men who run around dating women 20 years their junior and then call a woman who does it a “cougar” .

Me I’m thinking–

Well I can’t exactly tell you what I’m thinking.

But it involves body parts, metaphors, and gerkins.

Those tiny, tiny pickles 😀


Added later to this post.

So I watched Christina and Lil Kim. I’ve played that song more than once in my life. Just about wore out the CD. One afternoon in the ToysRUs parking lot I was sitting in my car. I saw a young girl and guy and thought how much she looked like Christina A. Now that’s not the point of today’s story. It’s about the car. The car I was sitting in was a brand new to me used convertable. I found it. I negociated for it. I got my price (whice at the time was excellent). I’d never done that before. I was so proud of that car because I’d learned how to do something that I’d always let a male in the family do because I always thought they could do it better. Turns out I was better at it than they were. So there this young girl was in the parking lot of the Toys R Us. I turned on the CD player to this next song.

I don’t think she heard it but I did.

I guess that men who still look at women as breeding stock or as a way to make them look younger are pretty insecure lot. Unlike their female contemporaries? They’re a shallow and insecure lot. Can’t imagine they’d have anything to say that I’d lose sleep over. And I’m not. But to the “cougars” and the “pumas” who’ve be given grief over the past year?

I’ll bet there’s someone who’ll appreciate you and won’t need Viagra to show it.

Have fun.

Auntie Slacker

Hey! Gentle Reader!

Keep reading

there’s probably

new stuff

that you haven’t

read yet.

For instance?


Walk on the Ocean
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4 commentsWalk on the Ocean
Posted Jan-08-09 16:04:17 PST Updated Jan-08-09 17:42:06 PSTI was just over at Audi’s blog. Not only does Audi have the most lovely wind chimes, she also has an excellent video. You can find both at RockonAudi’s blog.

Doorway to Audi’s blog

Walk On The Ocean, Todd The Wet Sprocket

(Incase my comments are off. Thank you Audi. You have a great blog. Love Dr I )

Next on 12 dogs?

Hope this will cheer you up

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27 comments50 ways to mess up
Posted Jan-08-09 14:52:34 PSTSo okay you are not the mess up you think you are. Have you backed into the only tree in a cow field? I have. Did you mom call out the police because you didn’t come home because you were at a guy friends house getting help with a project? I did. Did you ever run out of gas because you were so busy talking to your friend you didn’t notice the big orange warning light? I did. Did you go out on a second date with the guy who stood you up for the first date and then talk to him when he asked you aout after standing you up again on the second? I did. Did you think that the little vodka miniature that came with the Tom Collins was also supposed to go in the drink and get so drunk that you make and azz of yourself in front of your college professor? I did. Luckily he’d already turned in my final grade and I was never ever going to have to have him for a professor ever again. Still. Did you ever dress up like a clown and ask a guy out? I did.

I’ll keep adding as I think of them. Mostly I try to forget that these things happen but I like you and I’m just trying to illustrate that it could be worse.

Next post

I’ll take SNL alumni for 100, Alex.
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