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Posted Apr-29-09 13:37:45 PDT Updated Apr-29-09 16:10:38 PDTWell Gentle Reader.

Some huzzy has just out bid me, yet again, on what should be MY spoons.

That and all this talk about politics has my thong in a twist.

You’ve got more than enough to read , that auction’s still gonna be here tomorrow, and I am in serious need of some sun and then some fun..

If someone (cough) Intern Jane (cough) would be a good dobie and watch that vid about the last 100 days tonight?.

Then write up a 100 word essay on it?

Well I’d really appreciate it.

I’m truly outta here.

Hugs to my political friends. Trust me. In another 100 days it will be some new thing.

xxx ooo,

Auntie Slacker

Meanwhile on 12 dog Twitter…

Will someone please watch the 100 days press conference for me. It’s on tonight. 100 words about 100 days? Please? Author Ann.



Oh hell no.

(Intern Jack)

Sorry dear, I’m busy running thing while you’re gone.

(Auntie Slacker)

I thought I was running things while Ann is gone.


No Jack dear, I’m running things.

(Auntie Slacker)

In a word? You are a screw up.


That’s my opinion of it

(Intern James)

Exactly–Wait a minute.Who the heck is Intern James?

(Intern Jane)

Great. New character. Bout time we got testosterone around here.

(Intern Jack)


(Intern James)

Knock it off Jane


I didn’t write it. Check the nick. It’s J.A.M.E.S. I’m J.A.N.E.

(Intern Jane)

Hiya, Toots.

((Intern James)

snerk. Jane just called Ann toots. Wait a sec. JAMES?

(Intern Jack)


(Author Ann)


(Intern Jack)


(Auntie Slacker)

on no

(Author Ann)

Ann’s got a boy friend! Ann’s got a …

(Intern Jack)

Shut up Jack. You’ll scare him off.

(Auntie Slacker)

about that 100 word essay? Today? Tomorrow? Yesterday?…

Guess not.


Come on Toots. I’ll buy ya a drink

(Intern James)

She doesn’t drink

(Intern Jane)

sigh… You folks would drive Mother Theresa to drink

(Cya and Hugs, AuthorAnn)

Added later

Hey everybody! Wow. Aren’t Auntie and the guys doing

a great job while I’m busy here at the farm. And gosh darn it, aren’t they just the funniest folks. You know I just miss 12 dogs so much that I just might come back early.

Take care and have fun!



Editorial note:

As much as I’m not thrilled to do this… Remember that 12 dogs is a writer’s journal. Among other things. I create characters here.

So – no – I don’t have multiple personalities.

Thanks for asking,


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0 commentslast 100 days video
Posted Apr-29-09 13:33:58 PDT Updated Apr-29-09 13:53:10 PDT

Sorry L Lohan fans. It’s just that we are are sooo sick of hearing about politics and the last 100 days…. Personally? We’re more interested in Ms. Lohan’s break up with her girl friend.


And we really are interested in politics and think it’s important to be politically informed and all but good gravey.

Enough already.

Just like Ms Lohan? We just want to focus on work.

And writing.

And the chickens.

And our Martha Stewart Baking Video diet.

And the dogs.

And writing.

Hugs Gentle Reader.

The only good Obsession in this world is brought to you by Calvin Klein.

The obsession about politics, the last 100 days, and Arleen Spector’s political “love life”? Well enough is enought. You just gotta find some perspective, political pundits.

Before it’s too late.

And hugs to Ms. Lohan. Hope it all works out.

Next up?

Today? Tomorrow? Yesterday? click here and all will be as clear as …

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0 commentsToday? Tomorrow? Yesterday?…
Posted Apr-29-09 11:46:47 PDT Updated Apr-29-09 15:49:08 PDT
Confussed about Arleen Spector’s politics?

Sick of hearing about the last 100 days?

(Like we’ve been on vacation and missed it :P)

No problem.

Everybody sing…

” Sunday … Monday … Happy days ! Tuesday … Wednesday Happy days! Thursday … Friday … Happy Days! … some other words, that I don’t know… lah lah lah lah laaaaahhh.

These happy days are yours and miiiiineee.

These happy daaaaaayyyyssss….”

Yup. It’s a “mind worm” type song.

Have fun.

Hopefull life will be back to normal by Saturday.

Fine print…

Uhm in case you are wondering… Click the blue link for the current day’s blog. If the day isn’t in blue ? I haven’t posted it–yet.

Unless you’ve missed this week. If that’s the case I’d start with Friday and work your way backwards.

And guess what. You’re gonna want to read all the posts for them to make sense.

Just sayin’

Now back to Martha Stewart Bakes.

Today employee Kathleen gets a Banana Cream Pie for her birthday.


Oh and hey. Martha has a glove for those who don’t like to grate bare handed. (If you cook or watch Martha this makes sense.) It looks alot like Michael Jackson’s glove in the Thriller video. (Editor’s note. Originally this was written a different way but the editorial staff thought that perhaps it was just wrong. So they made me change it. The jerks. Your’s truly, Intern Jack)

Now be gone politics.

I’m singing the theme song to Happy days and watchin Martha bake something.

Life is just sweet.

Auntie Slacker

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0 commentsFriday
Posted Apr-29-09 10:55:42 PDT Updated Apr-29-09 13:11:56 PDTWatch this space for future post. Like on Friday.

When I tell you about my special Martha Stewart diet.

Where I watch Martha Stewart bake stuff.

And post on my blog.

And I lose weight.


Gotta go. Martha’s talking about something called a chocolate fork.

Mmmm chocolate. And there’s a fork for it.

And fork reminds me of why I’m on my special Martha diet

Because I really like the idea of forks.

Okay for the “Irony” impared? NOW I’m making a double meaning comment.

It’s called a double entandre (Nope I probably didn’t spell it correctly. If you don’t know what it means? Or how to spell it? Go look it up. Then email me. It’ll save me the trouble.)

What the heck. Now theres’s a blue screen and a bunch of legal stuff scrolling instead of Martha. Good mercy. Don’t they know that it’s almost bikini season and I’m on my special Martha Diet. I need to see Martha baking stuff. So I’ll fit into my ‘Itsy Bitsy Poka dot bikini.


Quick. Someone hand me the remote.


Auntie Slacker

Uh oh.

I’m gettin’ a glimpse of the future.

Something about hussies.

Can’t be Intern Jane. She’s to uptight to be a good hussy.

LOL @ me being one.

Could be Author Ann. Naw she’s too much of a long shot…

But you know Auntie has been known to tie one on…

So if I were a bettin person.

Well at least she’s in good company

(and having fun…)

Move it over, Auntie.

Intern Jack

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0 commentsThursday
Posted Apr-29-09 10:54:53 PDT Updated Apr-29-09 15:41:58 PDTHey why are you reading ahead?

Is it already Thursday?

Now back to Martha Stewart Bakes.

Hey I might not be able to eat dessert but I can watch.

Mmmmm….. Square pear tart… LOl. The chef can’t open the pear juice container. Martha just banged the lid on the floor and then openned it.

Hey it’s Martha’s floor. You could eat off of it.

And she is right. The floor is handy….

Oh yum now it’s young Martha making Pear Tart… She’s docking something. She says the word “dock” and “dockin” alot so I’m thinking it’s a learning experience thingy.

Mmmm. Dock away Martha. Dock away.

Now dotting everything with butter.

Well dock away and cover me with butter.

Last Tango In Paris (archaic movie ref. for 200, Alex.)

Uh Oh Now her Lady Apple don’t want to be seen. LOL I am not kidding. She just said that. It’s a Lady Apple tart. Wha? Oh heavens get yer mind outta the gutter. Sheesh

Now everybody sing….

These happy days are yours and miiiiineeee. Theeese haaapppppyyyy ddaaaaayyysysss.. Be gone pesky politics.

Gotta go.

Auntie Slacker
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0 commentsSidebar. Bud Wiser says…
Posted Apr-29-09 09:41:41 PDT

Side bar?

Coffee bar?

For today’s 12 dogs? Read here…

Otherwise? If you’ve got the time?

A quote…

From the bathroom stall at Esspresso Collectables…

“He or she who trys to inflate the price of spoons by hoovering up those spoons cheap and then trying to sell them at inflated prices?

May find they’re stuck with stuff they can’t sell for a wooden nickel.”

Bud Wiser

(Real estate investor, “RedNeck Nation” writer/poet, and avid spoon collector)

“Yikes. Guess it’s a good thing that I like my spoons. :O”

Hannah Murphy ;D

Please note.

All together now —

Welcome to 12 dogs and a blog. A writer’s journal.

Fact and fiction are here. If you don’t know which is which? Don’t ASSume. Ask.

Now then for the “Irony” impared. That would be spoons not “spoons” this is the literal use of the word NOT a slang term. It’s not a political reference. Well maybe alittle. There is the real estate reference and the Hunt brother’s reference. But you’d have to go way back to get the joke and I’m not sure that most folks have the attention span or the interest. This is why it’s a Sidebar. But then maybe not. Maybe it’s glimmer of things to come? Did I tell you that Stephen Wright is my favorite comic? Yadda, yadda, yaddah. Disclaimer stuff?


It is supposed to be funny though. I appreciate it if you did smile. Alittle?

I hope so.

Today’s post?

Well it starts with–

Just a (Post It) note on the Frigidaire Of Life …

Sorry there’s a long post. I know I was told that a bunch of housewives here on ebay wouldn’t have the time but I disagree. For alot of reasons that I really have no interest in explaining here.

Note for the “Irony” impared? The meta joke? Here’s a hint.

“…I don’t write about politics…”

Gentle Readers, I’ve got alot to do over the next couple of days. I didn’t want to leave you without something to read. I might come back in tonight or tomorrow and reformat as interactive story. Add a few extra thoughts as well. Then again I might not. If you take your time and enjoy. You’ll get it and maybe have a giggle or two as well.

Gotta go. Got stuff to tend to.



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0 commentsJust a (Post It) note on the Frigidaire of Life
Posted Apr-29-09 08:10:21 PDTHey Hun,

Don’t have time to chat. Lots to do.

Read this

NB so you’ll know why. Annotated

It’s today’s 12 dog post.

Yeah I know. There are misspelled words. The word “purpose” comes to mind. But you know what I meant and you know what a crup typist I am.

Then again sometimes I’ve been known to misspell a word on purpose.

Never can tell.

Guess you’ll have to figure out which is which.

Left dinner in the fridge.

Love and hugs,



Next? Well just look up. Up there. It’s 12 dogs. If you want the story you have to follow the blue links.

If you do anything else?

You’ll miss the story.

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0 commentsNB so you’ll know why. Annotated
Posted Apr-28-09 14:05:19 PDT Updated Apr-29-09 07:37:29 PDTWha?

Yeah I know it’s a long post and I added stuff and no it didn’t get on the Main Page on purporse but see I have alot to do today and tomorrow so it’s either this one LONG post or no post tomorrow or I could have made it an interactive blog story (tm ironchassis/AuthorAnn) but I just don’t have the time or energy right at this moment. And well you should have RSS by now… And well I got to thinking and seeing how it’s the first 100 days day and the net is full up with buzz about it. And you know those kinds of anniversaries are important.

Like the anniversary of the first time you slept over or fart in the same room…

I got to thinking.

And well I guess I have to say something. Right?

First off?

Apologies to SteveO and Stickyw. This blog originally was about a song from the movie Smokie and the Bandit and how it was a “mind worm” song. Then Stickywings brought up another “mind worm” song by David Cassidy and the Partridge Family. You know the song, “I Think I Love You”. It was cute and well it reminded me that I havent’ really written about the baby chicks.

So I did.

On this blog post.

Then I read about Arlen Spector “jumping ship” from the Republican Party to the Democratic party and all of a sudden my blog about baby chicks sounded more about politics and the Republican party’s recent happenings than it did about my chicks.

Writers and their imaginations. Heh.

——-This is the original post.

We’ve added some new “family” members.

Thelma and Louise Chicken and the 3 Andrew Sister Chickens.

Thelma and Louise got their name for being the first chicks to escape the chick enclosure. The Andrew Sister Chickens are called that because they all look exactly alike and all they do is chirp.


It’s all a bunch of gibberish sure but they seem to act like it’s important.

At the moment they’re huddled inside their box.

It’s all because of Smokie and the Bandit.

Well that and the I Think I Love You David Cassidy mashup with the Smoky and the Bandit theme song.

Now we’re all chirping the songs…

“East bound and down. Loaded up and trucken. We’re gonna do what they say can’t be done. We got a long way to go and a short time to get there. We’re eastbound. Watch old Smokie run..”

“I think I love you. But what am I still afraid of. I’m afraid that I’m not sure of. A love there is no cure for…”


That was pretty much the end of the original post. It really was about fun “mind worm” songs and baby chicks.


When I reread it? That’s when I thought to myself…

But enough about politics.


I mean what did Thelma and Louise Chicken (That’s their names people and yes it’s from the movie. Kind of) and the Andrew Sister Chicks (also their names. Honest,) have to do with politics…

I thought a bit more about it and —

Wait a sec. Just a durn minute here. First the two senators from the great state of Maine broke away from their fellow Republicans to vote for the billions of dollars Stimulas Package. (a la Thelma and Louise). Then so did Senator Spector come to think of it. (Now where they the “Andrew Sister chicks”??.English prof was correct. There’s a world of difference between word and “word”….)

And now the news that Senator Arlen Spector is a Democrat?

I know, I know. I said I don’t like talking about politics. And I don’t. But this is just so weird that I didn’t want the day to go by without saying something about the strange politics in this life. And well that little blog post from yesterday afternoon had me thinking. I mean this is as weird as when Senator Lieberman said that he was a Democrat but then turned into a Republican. Heck he was the VP candidate for the Democratic Party in the 2000 presidential race.

No wait a second. He’s an Independent not exactly a Republican. Hmmm.

So while I don’t like to talk about the political. I have to because I’ve got some questions.

(They’re retorical as I already know the answers but they do make for some interesting discussions.)

What I want to know is this.

Do they have to give their old party their money back? Will the Republicans in Pennsylvania want Senator Arlen Spector to give them their money back. (Remind me to tell the story about the lady and her gravel and how it washed across the road to her neighbor’s drive and how she wanted her gravel back… It was an “ask the mayor” questions and while it sounded insanely stupid when you read the Mayor’s answer it was thought provoking.) And when you change parties like this shouldn’t you have to have another vote? I mean how come it doesn’t null and void the votes of folks who voted “straight ticket” Republican? They voted Republican not Democrat. Maybe they want a “do over”.

I think they should get their money AND their vote back.

And what happens if he decides he doesn’t like the Democratic Party and he wants to be a Republican again. Seriously. It could happen.

Then what?

Reminds me of the chorus to a country song by Clay Walker.

“Then what

What ya gonna do

When the new wears off

And the old shines through

And it aint really love

And it ain’t really lust

And you aint any body anybody’s gonna trust

Then what

Where ya gonna go

(then there’s some words I don’t remember)

When you can’t go back for the bridges you’ve burned

(some more words I’m not remembering)

Then What?”

I mean it’s not like Senator Lieberman is a big dog with the Republicans now.

No wait. He’s an Independent.

I think that’s like being an agnostic in politics.

Oh heck just watch the video…

Hugs Madcat and BlueWonder.

Strange days

Tell you what. I’ll let other folks talk about the “first hundred days” today.

As for me?

This morning?

I’m gonna go watch Paul Simon sing something.

Maybe that “mindworm” song Cecilia.

Ooops. Sorry not Simon and Garfunkle. It’s a cover of their song by Local Natives. Dunno if I don’t like this version ever so much better. Only seeing how it’s just been Earth Month or week or month or whatever. I’m not so sure that banging on that tree with drum sticks is such a good thing for the tree.

LOL. Around here we like to use a rolled up news paper.

Preferably the editorial section.

Anyway I do like their verison of the song…

Or heck I know.

Me and Julio down by the school yard…Yeah that’s it.

In honor of conversation I had with someone about imigration law and that part about children born here being automatically US citizens. Blog post to follow. It was an interesting conversation. Even related the unborn child to the rights of the unborn child ingeneral.

Don’t let me forget to tell you about it.

I’ll post it here.

But we were talking songs…

“Good bye Rosie, Queen of Verona. Singin’ me an Julio down by the school yard…” Does Paul Simon remind you of John Mayer in this video? Just me? Okay

It’s another one of those “mind worm” songs…

I’ll post sumthin’ about 100 days here later. Cause I don’t write about politics. Really. I’ll say something After I’ve had my coffee and taken a stroll out in the daisies. And then cleaned the dog pens. And given the chicks and the birds their something to drink. And worked some more on the vegetables. And then taken a bath. Got something to eat. Watched that movie 305 with pup. And had a rest in the hammock. By then folks in the politicosphere will have calmed down a bit. Then I’ll post something here. Just for fun. Maybe another story about chicks.

Or something by the Dixie Chicks


All together now…

12 dogs is a writer’s journal.

Fact and fiction are here.

If you don’t know which is which?


Do not ASSume.

Oh and we don’t write about politics. Uh yeah.

(Do I have to cross my fingers when I say that or just do the sign of the cross.?)

Whatever that thing is you do when you’re a kid and you say a thing but you have your fingers crossed when you do it because you are an early practioner or irony and satire.

Hmm. Lemmie think about it and I’ll get back to you on the “…Oh and we don’t write about politics. Uh yeah part…” After all my mama didn’t raise no stinkin liar.

So lemmie think on it.

And that Gentle Reader is why you read 12 dogs

And ?

How this post started in the first place.

Hugs and hellos ya’ll. Has this been a crazy couple of 100 days or what?

“Jubilation… I fall on the floor and I’m laughing…”


PS and remember.

I don’t talk politics @ 12 dogs.

Nuh uh.

Well maybe kind of

Lemmie think on it and I’ll get back to ya

In the mean time?


Call me a blog hog? I’ll risk it for this.

Note. If you’ve had an ADHD or a autistic kid?

It’s a difficult life.

Cya later with that essay on that first 100 days.

Thank the Lord in Heaven, it’s only a hundred word essay.

🙂 Ann

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0 commentsCall me a blog hog? I’ll risk it for this.
Posted Apr-27-09 01:22:17 PDT Updated Apr-27-09 04:07:10 PDTThere’s alot of fussin here in Blogland. But thanks to another Bloglander I was kindly reminded of a more important way to spend the day.

Last Week of Autism Awareness Month!

It’s a nice vid about a group of folks who put their time and effort into helping moms, dads, and their kids.

Thank you for the reminder.

Now you can come back later if you want and either read me ranting or read the newest poem . I’m glad to have you here. but I can tell you that watching that vid with all those folks who were kind? Really took all the aggrivations of bloggers fighting each other and put it in perspective.

Honest. Go look. You can always come back here and read what I have to say later.

I just didn’t want you to miss what these other folks had to say right now.



PS And Natie?

Sweet dreams.

For anyone wanting to cut and paste a link for Koolz autism vid post to your own blog (to help get the word out?)

Here’s the link


If you post it on your blog, it will take folks directly to Koolz autism video post.


Dixie Chicks * Rainbow Connection.

Because this video takes a bit to download and time is important here.

Kermit the Frog

Why are there so many
Songs about rainbows
And what’s on the other side
Rainbow’s are visions
They’re only illusions
And rainbows have nothing to hide
So we’ve been told and some chose to
Believe it
But I know they’re wrong wait and see

Someday we’ll find it
The Rainbow Connection
The lovers, the dreamers and me

Who said that every wish
Would be heard and answered
When wished on the morning star
Somebody thought of that
And someone believed it
And look what it’s done so far
What’s so amazing
That keeps us star gazing
What so we think we might see

Someday we’ll find it
That Rainbow Connection
The lovers the dreamers and me

Have you been half asleep
And have you heard voices
I’ve heard them calling my name
Are these the sweet sounds that called
The young sailors
I think they’re one and the same
I’ve heard it too many times to ignore it
There’s something that I’m supposed to be

Someday we’ll find it
The Rainbow Connection
The lovers, the dreamers and me

I hope that soon there will be a crystal clear answer. I hope much sooner than later. Like a door opening into a puzzle box filled with the joy of life.

The Rainbow Connection.

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0 commentsIt’s that time again… the 12 dogs disclaimer…
Posted Apr-27-09 00:21:57 PDTYou know normally (in my real life) I’m a pretty easy going individual. I’m pretty much the same here in my blog. I’m not as political as you might think. As a matter of fact, I really don’t like to write about the political. And lately the things that I”ve been experimenting with have been closer to EMO than I’m really happy with. But I’m here to experiment with writing and Emo is a style of writing too…

As are elipses … at least on the blogs…

Now the way I look at it is that this is my blog. I write what I like and within reason I do. I try not to use racist terms or indulge in ageism, sexism, anti your religion or profanity and well in real life I wouldn’t so I don’t here.

I do not knowing indulge in fighting. My humor might not always be funny but my intentions are.

I really and truly don’t like fussing…

I really and truly don’t.

And if you don’t like what I write here? It’s okay for you to leave this blog and never come back.

I’m okay with that.

Hello folks who are new to 12 dogs or who’ve been here but haven’t read the small print yet.

12 dogs is my writing journal. A place to experiment with writing and constructing character studies. This can be confusing if you’re not familiar with this blog’s format. Sometimes folks can’t tell the fact from the fiction.

This is not a blog chat area.

This is not my store.

This is not the place spam.

This is my writing journal. I write here in public. I’ve actually shared parts of my book here. I write interactive stories. etc.

But like I said some folks think that it’s all me. They think that perhaps I’ve lost it. I haven’t. You see I’m a writer. Part of what I do is create characters. I must be pretty good at it as folks sometime take what I write as real. Now true, there is a WB, Pups, pups, etc

But sorry folks not all my real life is here. If it were I’d be exhausted.

That’s the reason for the 12 dogs disclaimer.

Before you ASSume?


As for comments?.

They are off.

A quick look at the main page and it’s pretty obvious that the “drama” and the fussing are back. From what I can see there are some folks who fight on the blogs as a “sport”. That’s ya’lls business. I’m not your mother. Not my business to tell you to get along. I personally don’t have the interest or the time. It seems to me that it’s bad for business to fuss. There have been alot of people who usually leave because of the fussing nonsense.


As I said, I don’t take part in the fuss. If you try to suck me into a fight, I’ll give you my “reasonable people can disagree” speech. If asked to shun a person who’s been nice to me or take sides? I’ll give you the “Nope, not until they do something to me to pizz me off personally” speech. Basically if you do something to pizz me off or if I think you’re pizzed at me? Then I go ask if there is a problem. We take care of it then.

Sorry but again unless they pizz me off personally? In this blog?

I’m not shunning anyone.

I’m not going to shun…







OR anyone else.

I talk to them all.


And guess what? With two exceptions I don’t have trouble with anyone on the blogs.. For instance Aiden. You might have fusses with Aiden but guess what? In the entire time I’ve been on the blogs neither he nor Sun for that matter have ever been anything other than nice to me..

And to anyone else who’s being given grief for their politics and who frankly have never given me a reason to dislike you?. I might have a different take on the political than you do but that doesn’t mean I don’t like you. Reasonable grownup men and women get along in this boat called life. But if you can’t, in this particular blog boat? I am the captain. I can and will ask disagreeable folks to walk the virtual plank right on out of my blog. If you don’t like a person here you’ll have to carry it outside to the virtual parking lot. Or better yet. Take a break from the fussing.

I like it that way.

I don’t know what real life problems folks have here but I like what cbkspa67 said once. If I have problems in my real life? I don’t tend to share. There is honestly only one person on the blogs who will even come close to knowing anything about my personal life. The folks in Blogland ran them off the boards. Not me. I just shut off my comments when it get’s deep. Then I tell folks the standard 12 dogs and a blog disclaimer about how,

all together now,

“…this is 12 dogs and a blog. It is my writing journal. Fact and fiction coexist here. If you don’t know what is the fact and the fiction? Don’t ASSume. Ask And for heaven’s sake if you’ve got to fight? Take it to somewhere else. Preferably your own blog. There you can pizz, b#tch, and moan about whatever you fancy. In your own blog. Not here.”

Unfortunately, I’ve rarely seen a time since I’ve been here when folks weren’t fussing. Like I said. Some folks seem to fuss for sport.

Oh and I take a dim view of folks who are mean to bloggers with family about to go to, in, or back from a war zone. They should be getting hugs from us not be given grief.

In other words. Please, goodness, why would anyone who knows that someone who has a family member who is in Iraq or Afghanistan give that person grief? I don’t know what your politics or experiences are but surely you can understand how worried they are about their loved ones. If it were your kid or spouse would you like to have the added grief of fussing with folks who are supposed to be your friends here in Blogland?


Comments off because unless I posted on your blog or I missed the problem or I don’t think I can help or it’s an opportunity to extend encouragement to someone who asks?

I’m not interested.

I mean it people.

I’m putting my fingers in my ears and singing, “la la lalalalalala…”

Life is a friggin bowl of cherries as far as I’m concerned.

I like everyone except the folks I don’t like.

And I intend to keep it that way.

Got it?


If you don’t? There’s always ebay email.

Now then– like that guy on the public access tv show that teaches folks how to paint? (I think you can buy his video tutorials her on ebay) I’m gonna go paint–well photograph– me some happy little trees and maybe a gopher or two (that’s actually supposed to be funny). Please stop fussing so I can turn my comments back on. Okay.


Are you still here? Great because this isn’t today’s blog.

This is a rant.

Here’s the doorway to the rest of 12 dogs and today’s post.

And I was just thinking …

I wrote a another poem.

Hey I told you up front.

If you keep reading it’s your own durn fault.

Not mine.

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0 commentsAnd I was just thinking …
Posted Apr-26-09 20:07:03 PDT Updated Apr-26-09 22:47:19 PDTAdded later…

I Turned a Corner And Heard Your Name

I turned a corner and heard your name.

Not the most usual thing to hear.

Like a thunder clap in the distance.

The sound of it jolted me from this sleep walk life.

My heart beat faster and then…


The sound in the closet,

The shape in the dark

The fearful thing that make me quake at night

Was only a curtain fluttering in the breeze

Only a carlight through the window passing

Some stranger’s car.

Driver oblivious to my paniced state.

Not you.

AuthorAnn * 26 April, 2009

This poem isn’t autobiographical. It started out to be a poem about someone who is gone for a bit. Someone I like. And miss. But then a darker image came into view. A sad panic.

Not my panic mind you but a panic still.

That fear that seems to lurk under the beds of childhood memories long gone in a fog.

Again not my memories.

But memeories of the collective unconsious of growing up that lingers for us all a bit.

The monster under the bedstories or the fear of the political “fantastical frights” in the Sunday morning “talking head” politico shows.

Eventually, if you and I are wise, we take a walk outside if we can. Clear our heads. Or turn on the “light of reason”. If we can’t do it ourselves we find a friend or a family member who’ll “turn on the light” so that we can peep our from under the covers and look into the eyes of that monsterous flapping figment of our or someone’s imagination.

So not to worry.

My writing friend would understand this. They know that I am at heart a writer and that my imagination is alive with stories. It’s how we got to know each other in the first place. And they know that when I write it I’m not thinking of them as the source of it. Instead I’m thinking of how they said once that they write about all life. The light and dark of it. So I wondered at the idea of this notion. This moment. I wrote about it. Ironic as today with an exception or two has been pretty good.

I’m still thinking of this absent friend though. Hoping that they are having the bestest of fun. Looking forward to hearing all about it. I’m full of news myself about chickens, vegetables, and experiments. About new pups and the news from me, Pup, WB, the pups, the finches, the chickens, and the soon to be fishes (maybe) and the coming letuces. How I didn’t get to go camping at all because of the weather but I did get to be knee deep in clover and daisies. Litterally. Got a suntan. Kind of. And I’ve virtual hugs too for them and for their family. One for each day that we’ve not gotten to talk to each other.

Lots and lots of hugs from us all because frankly we all miss them and while we want them to be happy? We still hope to hear the stories of their travels and life while they’ve been away.

But still there’s this dark poem. Gentle Reader, my experience has shone me that some folks will be worried that this is some dark time in my life. I’ll explain again how this is my writer’s journal. Fact and fiction are here. You see, I am a writer and I write about things real and imagined. And this friend writes about the light and dark of life. I learned that from them, It’s changed, but maybe made better and more real, what I write.

And it sure helped me to appreciate the days in the sunshine when I was literally knee deep in clover and daisies…

I will meet your dark with light.

And together we’ll sing in the night

While I’m all alone

Your memory

Keeps me safe and warm

In my revelry.

A candle burning bright

To light up the darkest of nights

Say hey did de doh

Sing hey did dee dee

I’m the happiest person you ever will see

For my friendship grows while you’re away.

And it’s brightness shows like the noon of day

And I’ll sing so loud so you will say,

No matter how faraway

“My friend is with me right now this day”

Sing hi dee ho and a memory

Oh friends we will always be.


When they come back to me.


AuthorAnn * 26 April, 2009

I’m fine.

Just like all of us who miss a friend or a loved one. I’m wistful.

Plus I was just thinking that there are folks who might read this who could use alittle encouraging thought.

While there friend or loved one is away.


No sad thing tonight. Hang in there. Our friends and loved ones will be with us again. Until then? I like to think that the angels of heaven are watching over them.

Now as I’ve told my friend many a time?

Hugs and hugs and hugs again,

From Me, Pup, WB, the pups, the finches, now the chickens, …

We miss you bunches.

Author Ann

Please note. 26, April, 09. Words and poems original to author (AuthorAnn, a pen name of a sorts if you haven’t figured that one out by now) all rights reserved by the author (that’s me). So please, in the very least, be kind to cite if you quote. The first is a poem. The second is actually a song. It has a melody. AuthorAnn

Now then. If you really want to read the rest of the blog?

click here > So okay I got this one from Pup …

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0 commentsSo okay I got this one from Pup …
Posted Apr-24-09 11:28:38 PDT Updated Apr-26-09 19:59:15 PDT

Did you hear the one about the ugly frog?

She kissed her reflection in the mirror and turned into a beautiful Princess .


LoL, who knew? (:D)

In other news…

Dear Ebay,
No place like home?

I’ll let you know when I find it .




Michael Franti and Spearhead

* Hey ya *

The more I see of this world?

The more I know…

Love is our shelter from the coming storms.

Well that and the ability to tell a good joke.

And to laugh.

Definately to laugh.

And dance.

“…Rocking the dance hall movin with you…”

Say hey and hugs.

What ya’ gonna do?


I’d dance.

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0 commentsDear Ebay,
Posted Apr-23-09 20:23:05 PDTDear Ebay,

This is just to let you know that I’ve about stimulated the ebay land economy about as much as I can. Honest. If I’m going to be out stimulating anything? Well let’s say it will be to end the “drought” in my love life. Now it’s time to go out into the big old world and get off the computer before my rear end becomes a big old butt.

Oh, and we’ve got chickens.

Cute, fluffy chicks. Because of them there are some rather disgruntled dogs outside. Domi has packed her leash and wishes to go live amongst the civilized people. My parents. All this country stuff has pizzed her off. It’s also pizzed of Pup. WB isn’t pizzed yet because he doesn’t know. I got them while he was away. That’ll show him to go off and stay at a luxury hotel and then whine about how he hates to travel. While mean time I stay here day after day after day. Listening to griping dogs and Pup. I needed a diversion.

As a result there is cheaping at 4am. I thought new pups were supposed to be loud but they are nothing compared to baby chicks. Pup burst into my room at 4am to tell me this fact. He also wanted me to do something. For a moment I smiled and thought about the sleepless nights that I spent when he was a wee chick himself.

That lasted appx. 5 seconds as he didn’t like anyone in the general area that he was standing to be doing anything other than be miserable. Smiling was not an option.

So at 4 am I tended chickens while being lecture about personal responsibility by a young man who can’t seem to hit the middle of the dirty clothes hamper with his dirty underwear. He was not amused. I was not amused. But I was too tired to tell him that and admisiter to the tiny, screeching chickens. Then I informed Mr. Responsiblility that radios left playing were not only expensive? They turned tiny friendly feathery balls of fluff in to raging screeching night owls. This last part isn’t true entirely but if I told you what actually happened you’d be bored.

So I’m going to embelish. Plus I don’t have my reading glasses with me at the moment which is annoying. Making this stuff up makes me happy.

Well part of it anyway.

We do really have those chickens in the middle of the living room floor in a great big thingy.

And the dogs are all outside.

Fun in the sun for us!!!

Hugs and kisses,


PS? No place like home?

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0 commentsNo place like home?
Posted Apr-18-09 10:29:35 PDT Updated Apr-19-09 18:43:30 PDT


It’s that It’s not that I don’t understand what you’re saying?

It’s that I don’t agree with it…”.

Hannah Murphy

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2 commentsNext?
Posted Apr-17-09 11:48:40 PDT Updated Apr-18-09 09:59:24 PDT

You know what Gentle Reader?

There really is no place like home…

There’s really no one like a significant other .


(and when I find both I’ll let you know)

Sure there’s politics to talk about.

Just don’t forget the … (the fun)

Happy 100,000 (and 4) views!

And happy Friday too !

Cya Monday

Author Ann and the ” characters ” here @ 12 dogs


Remember Gentle Readers.

Here at 12 dogs?

It’s the blue links that tell the tale.

Please note.

Comments On but hidden. I’m not here at the moment so it works like an answering machine. Only without the beep. Just click “comments” and type your message. Then click “Post” underneath the comment box. True, your comment will disappear but that’s okay because I’ll see it when I get back. Or you can ebay email me. Just give me a bit to answer. This is a busy weekend. Thanks, Author Ann

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0 commentsNo place like a home…
Posted Apr-17-09 10:19:19 PDT Updated Apr-24-09 12:59:40 PDTNote. This is a good video but it can take a bit to download if you have dial up. I’d mute the sound, click the vid and then read this post. That way it should be downloaded by the time you’ve finished reading. That way you can enjoy the music without all the stopping and starting. Just a thought.

My writing buddy says that it’s not just a good idea to know when to stay but to know when to go. I guess there are some folks who wonder if I shouldn’t have gone from here a while back. Some maybe think that this virtual world is where I belong.

All my life I’ve been looking for home. My home. The home of my heart should be on the Gulf of Mexico. At least that’s what I think. I’ve actually seen it once. The December before Katrina ripped up the coast, I stood in a place that was as close a place as I’d describe home as I’ve ever seen. Family and folks who actually drank “sweet tea”. I was even trying to find a way to live there. Now that place is gone. It was scoured by the winds, water, and nightmare of a hurricane before I was ever able to call it home. I dare not go back. I would be afraid that the next time I utter the words, “maybe home” that that the same bad luck would destroy this next place too.

But for some reason I can have this virtual place to be for a bit. It’s not “home” but it is a place to be even if just for a little while.

We all need some place to think of as a refuge.

That’s 12 dogs.

A place to go to get your mind off your troubles for awhile. Neither addictive nor fattening. Just a calm place in life’s storms.

These are the days of miracles, wonders, and the breathtaking sadness. I hope that we can bring light to that darkness by bringing a smile and a kind thought. Not some platitude mind you. Nope. But maybe a hug when needed. I’ll try to keep the “preaching” to a minimum. What I’ve found out is that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’ve been in life, there is this need for the basic of humankindness and a good story. Something about it brings a moment of calm. And if I’m lucky? On good days? It gets folks to some how see ourselves as belonging to the same family human. I don’t know who all reads 12 dogs. It’s an open format here so it’s free for all to read. So whoever you are? Welcome. The only thing that I ask is that when you’re here? No violence. You can have the political or social arguement but no hands raised against the other.

Use your words not your fists and folks will hear you.

Good and bad. Happy and sad. (hugs writing buddy)

And remember the hugs.

So the world won’t be so much sad.

Where next?

That once upon a time story for one and the last couple of blog posts for another.

Just remember that 12 dogs is a writer’s journal.

Fact and fiction coexist here.

If you don’t know which is which? Best to ask.

And you know what?

Maybe, just maybe, there’s a way to find my path home.

Hugs and kindnesses to us all.


PS In the post before the next one? See if you can spot the Laurel and Hardy joke.

Oh and there’s music here too.

At 12 dogs? We love the music.


Michael Franti and Spearhead

* Hey ya *

The more I see of this world? The more I know…

Love is our shelter from the coming storms.

Well that and the ability to tell a good joke.

And to laugh.

Definately to laugh.

And dance.

“…Rocking the dance hall movin with you…”

Say hey and hugs.

What ya’ gonna do?

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3 commentsDear Tryork, I so confused…
Posted Apr-16-09 07:42:16 PDTSo okay. Like most folks I read Tryork’s blog. Someday I’m going to even post in chat. Most times I just lurk because his chat time and my slacker sleeping time coincide. So I lurk later on in the day when I’m awake or not herding dogs. But this morning? I am up. Awake. Bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to chatter like a chipmunk. Yep, I was one happy blogger buddy. I eagerly read the post on Try’s blog. Gosh there were a bunch folks already posting. But that isn’t unusal. Always lots of folks in chat. Then I found it. The last comment. I cracked my fingers and got cracking with the following post.

“Well heck, I’m here. Where’s everybody else.

(reading, reading, reading…)

Oh no! Try, you can’t blow up Canada. I just won my brand new to me but gently used tea set from that ebayer up in Canada. I had to pay 15 bucks postage for that tea set. It’s genuine porcelain. It’ll break if you blow up Canada. Oh no, oh no, oh no.

(More reading and reading and some more reading and…)

Oh gloom…

Ebay doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Tryork to blow up Canada. No Canada, no tea set, and now no Tryork?

You know who I feel sorry for?

The beavers. What did they ever do to anybody?

Poor old beavers…

Oh wait. Old beavers. 🙂

Hey I was just wonderin’?

When beavers get old do they all turn into cougars?

Happy day.

Author Ann”

Oh this was a good post. With finger hovering over the send button poised to post, it was then that my eyes beheld a terrible thing.

The date on the entry was two days ago.

Not only was I was early for today’s chat? I was two days late for the last one.

(I got to get out more)


And here I was going to wish everybody a happy “Day Before the Day Two Days After Yesterday” Day.

Oh the irony.

Double sigh.

Guess I’ll go back to bed.


Happy “Day Before the Day Two Days After Yesterday” Day !

(That’s actually today’s post)

Your friend,

Author Ann

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0 commentsOh happy — happy — happy day !
Posted Apr-16-09 06:33:55 PDT Updated Apr-17-09 14:44:01 PDTHappy “Day Before Two Days After Yesterday” Day. Otherwise known as the Day of the Independent, Middle of the Road Guy or Gal. I’m celebrating by wearing the beige rubberband that was holding together today’s Wall Street Journal. It was doing a yeoman’s work at keeping my bills from falling out on the ground. I think that this rubberband is more of a metaphor for Mr. and Mrs. Middle Classes economic woes than any of the countless rubberband for (what ever cause they represent) cause folks, that’s about what’s holding the economic life of the middle class. A metaphorical, beige rubberband stretched to the max while trying it’s durnedest to hold together our economy.

Well color it beige.

What we need is something a bit more — hmm — ah yeah — something a bit more vibrant. Something that will embrace our inner hopes and dreams.

That is why I’m going back, back, back in time to the simpler days. Back to the mother of all metaphors for life. Yep, I want to bring back the slightly used and definately bent but possibly fixable, bent paperclip purchased here on eBay.

Item number:330242403728. And you thought I was kidding? Ah no about this I kid not.

Yes, while this bent paperclip looks about as useless as an AIG CEO? It is only one twist away from becoming tomorrow what it was two days ago. AND before they give it back to me? They have to fix it before they give it back.

Maybe I should dial it back to the middle nineties.

We’ll see.

In the mean time I would like to point out to the person who thought that I was “slacking” that I have indeed done something this morning. I was informed last night that I don’t do anything. Well now you and anyone who might be interested can see that it’s not true. I have indeed done something. I have written a humous story. And then farted. You’ll have to take my word for the last part but trust me from the look on my dog’s face, not only did I do a mighty job of writing this blog entry, I did a masterful job on that fart too.

Good job for me.

Now I’m tired.

Time for my mid morning nap.

Don’t forget to take an out of work friend out to lunch.

It’s the right thing to do.


Next up

PPS…One other thing. LOL mercy

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0 commentsPPS…One other thing. LOL mercy
Posted Apr-15-09 19:15:25 PDTAs you may or may not know, all over the country there were peaceful protests against government spending.

In the great tradition of the first “teaparty” in Boston, long time ago, these “teaparties” were to protest the various stimulas packages being promoted by the current administrations and some folks in the US Legislature. I just wanted to go on record as saying that the following posts ARE NOT about these protests. Not in the least. If you have read 12 dogs over the past year, you know that I am not for the spending that we’ve seen coming out of the US Congress. I support free speech, the right to peacefully address the government with grieviences, the First Ammendment, and responsible spending. No underlying meanings, the following posts are personal in nature. I love the water and have an oportunity to sail. The posts are a celebration of that fact and the mile stone that 12 dogs reached with 100,000 views. Lots of life going on here in addition that that in the world at large. I’m not ignoring either. These protest are important. I do think though that there are folks who are doing a better job talking about it at the moment.

For more info? There are bloggers who are giving first hand accounts of the days activities. See MadCat and Blue wonder’s blogs for a good start. I read over on Blue Wonder’s blog that he’ll be posting photos of the “teaparty” in his area either tonight or in the next few days. Also there should be coverage on the night’s news casts. It’s worth a look.

Now the joke about zombies not bothering Speaker Pelosi cause zombies only eat brains???

Well now that is about what happened today.

Good to know that if Washington DC was ever attacked by brain eating zombies that the Speaker of the House would be safe. As would a good many folks in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Apparently Zombies only eat brains…

Just sayin.

Happy day. Sorry that I didn’t talk about the “teaparty” protests today but my personal life called and said that it was tired of being ignored because of the blog and politics …

Take care,


PS, Hey ya.

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2 commentsPS, Hey ya.
Posted Apr-15-09 18:23:00 PDTZombies attack. Film @ 11.

Hey ya!

Hey ya’ll. After reading the lyrics (and singing the song) today, I decided that a rewrite of the lyrics was in order. That’s the great thing about 12 dogs. I can always rewrite. Whenever I want so…

Lyrics for Hey Yah, (the racing song)…

Hey ya.

Hey yah, yah, yo

You should see me race

You should watch me go

I got the fastest boat that you’ll ever know

Singing hey yah, hey yah, yo

When I was born

The Doc looked at me

He said this one was born to sail the seas

She’s got a mind that strong

And a heart that’s free

Sing hey yah, hey yah, yo.

Sing hey ya

Hey yah, yah, yo

You should see me race

You should watch me go

I got the fastest boat and crew you know

We sing hey yah, hey yah, yo.

Sing hey yah

Hey yah, yah, yo

You should see me race

You should watch me go

I got the fastest boat

We go, go, go.

Sing hey yah, hey yah, yo

On the river

Or over the sea

Any kind of water don’t matter to me

I got angel wings. I’m sailing free.

Sing hey yah, hey yah, yo

Sing hey yah

Hey yah, yah, yo

You should see us race

You should watch us go

We got the fastest boats.

That you’ll every know

Sing hey yah, hey yah yo

Sing hey yah, go, go, go…

Lyrics and melody by AuthorAnn c 2009 all rights reserved.

That’s the new lyrics and I’ve got to say that they sing sweet. I’ve been dancing all day long to them and they just don’t get tiresome.

“Sing hey yah, hey yah, go….”

Happy 100,000 th view.

In other news?

Well while Zombies wreck havoc in B movies everywhere, @ the Speaker of the House’s offices it was another “sparkalicious” day at the My Little Pony a thon.

Seems zombies only eat brains.

Hey yah.

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