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Posted Aug-29-08 17:50:22 PDT Updated Sep-09-08 07:33:32 PDTGentle Reader, thank you so much for reading 12 dogs and a blog.

The song for today?

I Don’t Have to be Me Til Monday * by Steve Azar

I couldn’t find the official video but I found this guy singing. He’s fantastic!

Hope you had a good weekend.

Hugs from Ann (and Pup!)


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4 commentsI know why the caged bird sings
Posted Aug-29-08 16:24:27 PDT Updated Sep-03-08 04:46:29 PDTEarly this morning, a beautiful and kind bird was released from their “cancerous cage”. Before he left this world and while he was physically and mentally able to still appreciate the joy, he met the love of his life.

Our prayers here at 12 dogs are for that wonderful person who took a gamble and married someone at the darkest time of their life. Someone with nothing they could give them but their kind, kind heart.

Sometime we meet our loves early and have long lives of happiness and sorrow. We are lucky that our journey is with our best friend. Unfortunately some of us don’t meet that person until the very moments before we leave this world for the next.

I’ve never seen such a brave fellow as this man or his wife.

They didn’t make it to Paris.

They didn’t have their honeymoon at all.

Their short life together was doctor appointments and terminal cancer.

I was so glad that he didn’t have to go through that alone. God sent him someone so that he didn’t have to.

She is funny and brought sanity to the end of this funny, crazy, dear man.

And she didn’t ask a thing in return but for him to love her back.

Whenever folks talk about getting married, I ask them to imagine that all they had was the person next to them.

Would you still have them?


Would You Lay With Me (In a field of stone)

Tanya Tucker

Would you lay with me, in a field of stone?
If my needs were strong, would you lay with me?

Should my lips grow dry, would you wet them, dear.
In the midnight hour, if my lips were dry.

Would you go away to another land?
Walk a thousand miles through the burnin’ sand?
Wipe the blood away from my dyin’ hand,
If I give myself to you?

Will you bathe me, in the stream of life?
When the moon is full, will you bathe me?

Will you still love me, when I’m down and out?
In my time of trial, will you stand by me?

Would you go away to another land?
Walk a thousand miles through the burnin’ sand?
Wipe the blood away from my dyin’ hand,
If I give myself to you?

Would you lay with me, In a field of stone?
Should my lips grow dry, should you wet them, dear?

Will you bathe me, in the stream of life?
Would you still love me, when I’m down and out?

Would you lay with me, in a field of stone?
Should my lips grow dry, would you wet them, dear?

You are released from your cage of pain to fly with the angels in the sky.

WB’s brother is no longer with us.

He lived his last days here on earth as if he would live forever. Celebrated his life here by doing the most optimistic thing he could think of.

He got married.

I didn’t want to say anything but then I’ve written about him here at 12 dogs and I thought I should say something.

We’ve had 2 deaths from cancer in our extended family within 48 hours. I’ve always said that this is a writing journal and that fact and fiction reside here. It is a writer’s journal. As much as I rather it not be, this post is true. The aftermath of death is tough. I don’t want to make folks sad but we really did like these people and they will be missed. I didn’t want them to pass on without saying something about their passing.

Hug the ones you love.



doorway to 12 dogs?

John Mc Cain to announce his VP choice.

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3 commentsJohn Mc Cain to announce his VP choice.
Posted Aug-29-08 08:56:41 PDT Updated Aug-29-08 11:33:25 PDTIt’s a She????

Well doggies. They’ve not even swept up the confetti in Denver’s Democratic National Convention when up jumps the Republicans. Sen. John McCain is set to announce his choice for Vice President in Dayton, Ohio. The rumor is that it will be Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska. Youngest Governer of Alaska and first female.

Will he?

And will this get vote from Sen. Hillary’s supporters?

It’s gonna be on tv and probably the internet.

We’ll see.

And yes we did.

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0 commentsHey ya Blogland! Hannah Murphy reports
Posted Aug-25-08 19:05:16 PDT Updated Aug-26-08 23:11:47 PDTDateline August 25-30, 2008. DNC in Denver,Colorado.

Whoooo Hooooo!!!

ehm So who won the office pool?

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2 commentsTwo things.
Posted Aug-25-08 15:45:36 PDT Updated Aug-25-08 18:53:39 PDTThis is something for a person who is missing their friend.

This is for Mal (Saenzmom) I didn’t want to say who until I thought it was okay to do so. It is so I’m adding this link to her poem. It’s just beautiful.

Link here > Yet, I Still Breathe

I’ve also added something that Bengal55 wrote. Thank you Bengal55 I’ve also posted it to Mal on her blog.

From Bengal55

“…when we ‘loose’ someone ; they are as close
as before, form may be different , but love and care are of
God, He never changes.
i believe all stay within His hands and a circle – albeit one we do not now see is added to.
Remember the good… it cannot ever leave , but grows as you pass along what you have learned from the encounter.
Peace to you and your Spirit.”

So to Bengal 55

And to the fella who answered a strangers call for help:

Your humor and imagination could power the sun or keep a kind soul from stumbling when they found difficult times. How in the world do you do this. I hope you will keep kind thoughts for her in your heart. I truly believe you have a gift of words that can help keep the smile from leaving. When ever you’re gone you’re missed by all of Blogland.


Here goes.


I wish that I could make you laugh. Spare you this pain. I can’t but I can send you hugs and words. It’s all I have. Have been told that hugs and faith can move mountains.

I’m so sorry. I wish I could bring your friend back to you. I wish I could keep you from being sad in order to visit her memories.

You were very lucky to have such a wonderful woman come into your life. And you know what? I think, after reading your description of her, I can see where she is still very much alive in your kind ways and your fierce heart. What a good friend she had in you. I can see why your family and friends love you so.

I’d love to hear more about her.

When the “I miss you pain” comes it can be difficult, you have all kinds of friends in Blogland that would come to your aid in a minute. People who would help fill the empty of losing someone. These are just some of the friends who fill your life so much that even when they leave there are still one hundred million ways that they’re still with you.

Just like your friend.

You could have kept the friendship she gave you locked inside tears of grief. But you choose to give the friendship gift that she gave to you to the rest of the world everyday.
The poem you wrote was beautiful. Wonderful to read. I’ll bet your stories about her would be just as interesting.

I wonder if you would be kind to share those stories with the rest of us.

Hugs again.
I don’t chat so much but I do read the blogs.
Take care,
Ann (IronChassis)


Enter the 12 dogs here “…Whoooo Hooooo!!!

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1 commentAllright Talloolah. This is your conscious calling….
Posted Aug-25-08 13:34:17 PDT Updated Aug-25-08 17:20:05 PDTHere’s the song I told you about. Now put on those dancing shoes. The ones with the wings on them.

There’s only one cure for the rainy blues.

A road trip.

1/3 of the fun is finding the right traveling companion, 1/3 of the fun is planning it, and a 1/3 of the fun is the trip itself.

Here’s the song I told you about .

Way out on the ocean
Far beyond the seven seas
There’s a tiny little boat
Faith is keeping her afloat
And a tiny little skipper with his worn and tattered coat

You see the law of the ocean
Says that you shall never fail
Use your heart as a rudder
Faith as a compass
And a blanket for a sail

Sleep for the weary
and dreams for us all
Rest your head on a pillow
And I’ll tell you a tale
Use your heart as a blanket
And a blanket for a sail

Row, row, row your boat gently through a dream

Way out on the ocean
Far beyond the seven seas
There’s a tiny little boat
Faith is keeping her afloat
And a tiny little skipper with his worn and tattered coat

You see the law of the ocean
Says that you shall never fail
Use your heart as a rudder
Faith as a compass
And a blanket for a sail

Get going. I’ve got to find you a compass(I really am going to have to learn to spell this word). Surely someone on ebay will have a compass and a dictionary…

Doorway to 12 dogs?

Click here> Whoooo Hooooo!!!

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4 commentsWhoooo Hooooo!!!
Posted Aug-25-08 11:59:29 PDT Updated Aug-25-08 12:08:55 PDTHey! Did I tell ya? The Democratic National Convention is this week. Bored reporters, disgruntled PUMAs, conventioneers ready to par-tay. Just add alcohol and a city where the available Oxygen to the brain is already in short supply.


These are the folks who’ll help us choose the next leader of the free world.

Who needed soap operas?

And now a word from our color commentator,

from the Mile High City in the Rockies,

Hannah Murphy!!!!!!

“Thanks Chet and
Hello Blogland!..”

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7 commentsGood morning Blogland! A Hannah quote to start your day.
Posted Aug-25-08 03:46:46 PDT Updated Aug-27-08 23:47:10 PDT
So what did the PUMA say to the Obama delegate who asked for her vote?

“You know. Reasonable people will differ, but pizzing in my cornflakes will just make me mad. Feel the love.”

The LLS is in re runs so I’m writing my own monologue…


She’s a big Hannah Murphy fan I think, the original Hannah Murphy quote is?

“Reasonable folks will differ, but pizzing in their cornflakes will just make ’em mad.”

Hannah Murphy (August 24, 2008) …

Fine print: When I Googled this quote they wanted to know if I meant

“Reasonable folks will differ, but kissing in their cornflakes will just make them mad.”

Now I have this wierd mental image.

Night ya’ll, I’m going to the house…

And for the rest of the blog?

Well you have two choices

You’ve got the “Ain’t politics funny path.”

What we at 12 dogs like to call ReWrite. Which includes the part where AuthorAnn acts like a hussy, 12 year old, fangirl and sends out a “OOOh I’d love to start a scandalous affair with that hunky Scot” Not to be missed but you’ll have to look for it.


How ’bout a cold glass of Watermelon Turpintine otherwise known as, “Man and I thought the Olympics was lame.”

Take care. Comments are On but hidden. Keep looking there is alot of new stuff if you missed this weekend.

I’m doing what any sane American will be doing this week. Popping the Popcorn and watching to see if anyone passed out from lack of Oxygen.

Oh you know you were part of that office pool.

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0 commentsWatermelon Turpintine
Posted Aug-25-08 02:48:12 PDT Updated Aug-25-08 03:43:55 PDT

Watermelon Turpintine

by Hannah Murphy 25 August, 2008

Papa had an uncle

Was a friend of mine

Spent his evenings

Drinkin’ Turpintine.

It was deep, dark red

Said it tasted fine

Then he’d look me in the eye

Then he’d say this line

“Son don’tcha do it

Your a friend of mine

Don’tcha spend your life

Drinking Turpintine”

Red like a watermelon

Tastes just fine

That sweet elixir

Called Turpintine

LOL This is children’s poetry for grown ups. A toe tappin’ song. I know it’s silly but it’s highly entertaining and musical to boot. You don’t have to know the melody. Just say it in time and a kind of spoken music will come to you.

Especially when you’re sittin’ and thinkin’ and the dogs are barkin’ and it’s rainin’ and ya’ just would love to sit next to someone and spark.


Okay, So actually, you’re sittin’ there thinkin’, “Good Mercy, has 12 dogs lost it or is she drunkern’ the worm in a bottle of Mescal?”


Nope, I’m just sunsilly today. For me, sing song poetry is just fun to make up and fun to read out loud. Fun.

There’s more silly poetry

Click >skeletal waltz


There’s lots more written in the blogs for this week.

Two pathways and political stuff too.

Click here > ReWrite. to find it.

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0 commentsskeletal waltz
Posted Aug-25-08 00:42:52 PDT Updated Aug-25-08 03:01:07 PDTThe Rattlebone Dance

by Hannah Murphy August23, 2008

Skeletons dance

They fuss and fight

Bones are a shaken

In the pale moon light

Rockin and knockin

Bones rattle and roll

Loosey Goosey Ghosties

Dancin in a row.

With nothin to show

But their dry old bones

Underneath the moon

As they rock on home

Chicky Chicky Coo

A beebopping too

Hip and a Hop

And a cockadoodledooo

Chicky Chicky Rock

And a chicy chicy cooooo

Beeboppin rock

And a cocka dooodle dooooo

Sunshine is peaking

O’re the grave stones too

As the bone dance ends

with Cocka doodle doooo

Climb in your caskets

You rattling crew

Get yourself in your beds

Of dust, dank, and dew

Time to sleep

That rooster’s telling you

Time to end the Dance

Of the Rattlebone Crew

With a Cocka Dooodooodle doooodoodle doo

I was thinking about my son when he was a little boy.

I could make up stories or retell those we knew. Or like the above, we could make up songs.

Love the sound of this song,

“Skeletons dance

They fuss and fight

Bones are a shaken’

In the pale moon light…”

Then there’s the line,

“…Loosey, Goosey, Ghosties

Dancin’ in a row…”

A fun song to sing at Halloween.

Great to make up dances too as well.

Great moving and shaking song for kids and since the weather finds us at home and maybe a bit house bound? A bit of fun from one mom to the other.


Note from Author Ann.

I’ve written alot more than just this post. Please keep reading past this post as there are 2 new story paths and a political comment or two in honor of the conventions. Didn’t want anyone to wonder if this post was all there is this week.

Keep looking.

To get there? Click> ReWrite.

As for the coming week?

The Democrats have their convention in Denver, Colorado. While I missed the Olympics, I’m going to try and watch this.

The Republicans are next.

The LLS w CF is in reruns. Some I’ve seen and some I’ve not. I kind of miss this show. I know that this sounds weird from a complete stranger, but I really do hope that Mr. Ferguson is having a grand time with family on his vacation or maybe he’s getting a fanny tuck. He did say something about that in one of his monologues.

Taloolah is somewhere in the aftermath of Faye. I hope that she and her family are alright.

And at this moment, I’m all of the seven dwarfs, well almost. While I am sleepy, I’m not Doc.

That’s it. It’s been raining and good weather to sleep. Don’t have the windows open, but, I can hear the rain outside.

Like the pups snug in my bed.

More like late Fall than late summer.

Author Ann

Now then

Do you want to read another children’s poem for grown ups too?

Click here > And now for a Tom Waites fan

Or is it straight to the new story paths?

Click here > ReWrite.

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4 commentsfor a Tom Waites fan
Posted Aug-23-08 19:51:55 PDT Updated Aug-25-08 12:53:45 PDTRue Bourbon

Hannah Murphy August 23, 2008

Met a voodoo king

Said he liked my hat

Down on Rue Orleans

Said “take it easy chicky

Life ain’t too bad

Here ‘mongst the voodoo queens

Was there on Rue Bourbon

I found my wife

A human bird, she sings

Bout the Angels and the devils

Walkin’ Rue Bourbon at night

With the ghosts of old, New Orleans.”

The image of Angels and Devils walking down the same street and tipping their hats hello?

Quite an image.

I actually did meet a Voodoo King but I met him on Rue Bourbon not Rue Orleans. He gave each of us, (WB, Pup, and me) a good luck talisman. Said that it would keep us safe from our troubles. Met him in December before Katrina. I wonder if that Voodoo King had his own talisman. I hope so.

Oh and we met cause he said he liked my hat.


I’m glad that you are enjoying what I wrote.

Thanks for the quote too.

What song? I’ve not found the lyrics yet.

(Note: Found the song. Thank you for the title. It is indeed Please Call Me, Baby. Relationships are complicated. I think that my Mother is easier to understand.)


Now the door to 12 dogs????

Is here. Click>ReWrite.

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2 commentsReWrite.
Posted Aug-23-08 18:09:46 PDT Updated Aug-25-08 12:43:33 PDTI told you we are ALWAYS in edit… For those of you who tried to read the political side or 12 dogs (including AuthorAnn’s shameless hussy response to CF’s call for fun and scandal?) but couldn’t?
Problem fixed!
Thanks computer gremlins! The rewrite is better than the original and well most of the folks who read 12 dogs probably missed it the first go round anyway…

So two choices
The political?
And as the sun rises over the Rockies…
(Don’t forget Author Ann and her shameless hussy)


The story

hmmm… It’s the middle of the night and I was thinkin…

quote from Hannah

“Well when I came out of the womb, only minutes old, the doctor slapped me butt and I began to cry…” August 25, 2008


“Life is so dam difficult. Hand me the Cheez-Its.”

Also Hannah and also August 25, 2008

Hope you’re having a good one. Happy reading.
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0 commentshmmm… It’s the middle of the night and I was thinkin…
Posted Aug-23-08 16:29:24 PDT Updated Aug-23-08 17:11:16 PDTThat’s an odd thing to say.



Sara Bareilles

Little Voice

Bonus CD, Stripped


I’d skip this post if I were you Taloolah.

Nothing here for you to see.

Or at least ask.

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4 commentsThat’s an odd thing to say.
Posted Aug-23-08 16:25:59 PDT Updated Aug-23-08 18:40:48 PDT”Losing a friend you never had isn’t easy.”

I was just thinking of those flowers that bloom in difficult environments. The ones where rain is infrequent. The seeds sit there forever it seems then one day a freak of nature or a kindness brings rain. Not much. But enough for those flowers to bloom and they do.

The flowers that bloom unattended.

The ones whose seeds have been left by fate else where.

I took a photo of this beautiful lily that was growning in a fence line. Don’t know how it got there and no one was tending it. Some how divine providence saw to it that there was enough water and light and sustenance for it to appear. I looked for it again the next year.

It was gone.

This year someone came and took down the fence lines. Sprayed weed killer on it. Guess it’s supposed to be an improvement. After all the fence was one of those old barbed wire farm fences. Didn’t really function as a fence anymore. Least not like the new ones. I know for a fact that it couldn’t keep a cow or horse in or someone else out. Old and rusted. I imagine that the barbed wire was holding some of those fence post up rather than the other way around.

Thing is if that old fence hadn’t been there neither would that lily.

Now they’re both gone.


It’s like salted earth.

I hear that’s progress

“Of course. Bloom where you’re planted. That’s always worked for me.”Comment|Report this post
0 comments”Of course. Bloom where your planted. That’s always worked for me.”
Posted Aug-23-08 15:58:53 PDT Updated Aug-23-08 17:12:11 PDT

Of course.


The story is the seeds on the different types of ground.

The seeds on the rocky ground that never grew.

The seeds on poor ground that took root but never flourished.

The seeds on good ground that took root, flourished, and would be there for my future to see.

It’s not really a gardening story althought it is kinda.

It’s a story of people.

Of finding a “home”.

Of kindness.

Thank you for coming by to see me.

I’m going to miss you even though it was pretty much evident that you never wanted to be around me to begin with.

Didn’t suit yer five year plan I guess.

But I learned alot.

Patience. Kindness.

And it is sad to loose a friend.

Even one you never had.

I mean after all, barking dogs are just Small Jazz dogs. Vocalizing.

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0 commentsSmall Jazz dogs. Vocalizing.
Posted Aug-23-08 15:48:02 PDT Updated Aug-23-08 19:06:27 PDTAm I trying to make a point?

I dunno.


One of the things you learn about living amongst live oaks is that while they are majestic, they can also be a pain. Hugh trees, they cast shade every where. Sun loving plants grow tall and spindley trying to reach the sunshine they so desperately need under these trees, but ferns and azaleas and jonquils love em. They all flourish in the shade of those old oaks.

Because they fit.


“So, what’s yer point.”

He was getting irritated with all her whining.

Yeah, so what’s your point?” he asked.

“Well–“, I replied back,”I just thought it was an interesting story.”

“Not really.” and he went back to reading the progress report.

“Well have you ever seen the roots that lily comes from or the seeds those flowers come from. Mercy they’re wicked ugly, useless looking things. Until they bloom. Until they find the fertile ground they pretty much look like a lost cause.”

“What does that have to do with this case? We’re talking about people not seeds.?” I hated it when he looked over the edge of his glasses like that. Made him look wise and worldly. At least that’s what he thought. I thought it made hims look arrogant and entitled. “Bloom where your planted I say. By the way, I want those azaleas planted in the beds next to the drive.”

“Would you be wanting me to plant those azaleas in the sunshine?”

I just sat there wondering. Could he be that stupid? Thought about the answer to the question.

“Of course. Bloom where you’re planted. That’s always worked for me.”

Yeppers. Poor Azaleas.

Makes about as much sense as planting turnips the beginning August.

In the deep south? They’ll bolt.

Am I trying to make a point?

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0 commentsAm I trying to make a point?
Posted Aug-23-08 15:43:49 PDT Updated Aug-23-08 17:13:02 PDTNot sure.

Trying to work something out?

Not really.

Well that’s not true. I am trying to work something out but just not about “Blooming where you’re planted.”

Or the correct environment for raising plants, animals, or people.

It’s selfish.

I’m fixing to get my feelings hurt. Just trying hard to put it off. I’m a big baby and I really hate it when my feelings get hurt. Never have gotten good at it. This body is a wonderous thing but there are a few design flaws. I know that being hurt does make for a complex and interesting person. There are just times when…

I would have liked to get to know this person. They’re interesting. They make me smile. Honestly. Make me smile. I try not to just to see but nope. I wonder what it would be like to have them in my life. Interesting. Complicated.

Instead Fate disagrees.

Taloolah sent a quote, she’s always doing that, about how your life is what is happening to you. Not what you’re planning but what is happening to you now. In the next few minutes. Tomorrow. That is your life. My father would agree. So would Buddists. “Be in the moment.”

So many of my moments have been painful. If I were in the moment I wouldn’t write. Writing helps me to survive the moment. It helps me to escape the moment. And maybe when I’m really lucky, like that lily, it helps me live the moment.

I’m sorry if this is long and not particularly happy.

I’m not in a particularly happy mood.

I don’t want to make the best or use something as a spring board for another new adventure. I don’t even want to look at the bright side. I don’t want to make the best of it.

I really want to sit down and cry abit. Be pitiful.

I’m due.

The only thing good I can say about it? I got to keep and raise my son.

You see. I was the fertile ground he needed to grow.

He’s wonderful.

Thing is it had not one dam thing to do with the location.

I wonder if I’d been allowed to have “home” too.

Comments off. I’m not really in a talkin’ mood.

But ya’ know

I once spent quality time with someone who hated my guts…

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0 commentsI once spent quality time with someone who hated my guts…
Posted Aug-23-08 15:06:52 PDT Updated Sep-09-08 01:21:45 PDTPlaylist.

Leave the Pieces

The Wreckers.

I know this woman who got so used to men being jerks that she became like some junk yard dog. Anyone come within a mile of that “junk yard” and that “dog” would growl. Eyes darker than a moonless night. Teeth bared just alittle. Cold.

She was really good at cleaning up after the aftermaths of her life.

Hurricanes or exes, she’d survived them all. Picked up the pieces and went on with it.

After a while she didn’t even like the idea of a relationship. Funny thing though, she and that junk yard dog, ever now and then they’d get this strangest look on their faces…Dog, his name was Dog, well he’d put his head in her lap. Wag his tail. Then let out this long sigh. Never knew what Dog was thinking. All she knew was it was the only time the dog let her pet him.

There was such a feeling of peace. She thought about what Hannah had told her on her wedding day, “…Anna. You know it’s funny. If you put a tie on a man? That tie can sure cover up a whole lot of messes.” Then they went for a walk. Felt the same peace on that day too. She should’ve listened to Hannah that August afternoon. It would have saved her so much heatache.

There was this old man. He’d had a long life and learned to clean up the mess too. Exes and children and folks who’d come into his life needing a bed and something to eat.

Hurricanes or exes, he’d survived them all. Picked up the pieces and went on with it.

He met that woman and her dog on the side of a dirt road in Georgia. When her car finally broke down and she found her self in a ditch. He’d never seen anyone so quiet. Most folks would have be cursin’ a blue streak but she was just sitting there. Tears running down her face but it was like she didn’t even feel them. He’d had folks with stubbed toes whine more. She and that dog just sat there. Didn’t say a word when he asked if she needed help. A tow or maybe a ride. He thought at first she might be hurt. She didn’t move when he looked in the car window and asked her again,

“Lady? Are you hurt?

No bruises. Good. And she didn’t have on long sleeves or a turtle neck on in August. Even better. No one had beat her up, but someone had sure done a number on her. Landed some hard blows. Those bruises were in her heart though where you couldn’t see them. Now? She just didn’t have the energy to even muster a sob.

Maybe if he could just get her attention. He tried again.

Does anyone know the definition of the words “platitudes”?

Oh and because I know this story will ruffle some tail feathers, all together,” 12 dogs is a writer’s journal. Fact and fiction reside here. If you are worried or don’t know? Ask.

Now what?

Well now.

Here is a point of future and past.

For future?

Next step? Depends

If you are reading this weeks blog entries, Sept. 7 thru 13, 2008?

Click > And that was the week that was…


If you want to read the rest of 12 dogs before Sept 9th, 2008?

Put one step in front of the other.
…and soon you’ll be walking ‘cross the floor, Put one step in front of the other…

and soon you’ll be walking out the dooooooooorrrrr.


For the Past

( Week of the Democratic National Convention)

And as the sun rises over the Rockies… The political season for presidents was about to begin. Did you hear who was Obama’s VP pick?

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0 commentsAnd as the sun rises over the Rockies…
Posted Aug-23-08 01:10:51 PDT Updated Aug-23-08 18:35:38 PDT
…you could hear the sound of typing as folks checked their cell phone messages, the internet, and NPR thinking…

“…OMG… It’s frickin’ 3 AM in the morning… Who the heck is texting me at this hour… It can’t be about the Dem VP pick… that’s not until tomorrow morning. I mean what jerk would call me at 3 frickin’ AM in the morning…”

Guess whooooooooo??????

That’s right folks. You got the 3am text message so that “someone” could get the “3am finger”. Which of course they didn’t get because they were probably watching CNN the night before. When TV scooped the planned, exclusive text message about who the VP was.

Instead you got the 3 AM call.

I mean come on.

Oh by the way I hear this entitles you to be on mailing lists. Mailing lists that will end up with you being asked for donations.

Raise hands of all the folks who know how to remove their names from mailing lists.

Then ask if they sell that mailing list to other folks running for office as a source of revenue.

Yeah I was wondering that myself.

At least the DrudgeReport’s “Dissoff” was at a reasonable hour and didn’t get anyone’s email and cell number on a mailing list.



“What Did We Learn Last Night”

Oh and Oh yeah. Who was the VP pick?


Story… Monkey I’ve linked this here because I heard that Detour could get writer’s work published. When I heard that? I said well heck yeah. Maybe he could get my writing published too.

What do you think?

Oh. And about Author Ann.

CF or the LLS asked if anyone wanted to get involved and start a scandal of fun, fun, fun. We think that she should be involved with fun, fun, fun AND a good lookin’ Scot. Girl needs some fun. Besides AuthorAnn would be beside her self with joy if she could meet this good looking Scott that would pixx people off, start a scandal, AND get her black balled by the DAR. She’s got the lineage to do it too. No idiot not get black balled; to get into the DAR. To get “black balled” by the DAR, she’d have to get into a scandal and well it it means having fun and getting to bask in the warmth and good will of that Scot’s mind?

She’d do it in a heart beat.

Man oh man what’s the name of the Bonnie Raitt song…

“…let’s give ’em something to talk about…”

We’re taking up a collection fun to send her to a B and B/ Craig Ferguson concert.

Sounds like great fun.

Man could she use alittle fun.

Oh and for the “high hats who have a snob problem” when it comes to Red Necks?

This poem’s for you.


Ode to the values of polite political discourse

By IC 5/12/2008

He can insult in 5 languages

Such a skill is sure to impress

To belittle and make feel small

Is certainly a skill to possess

At least in salons and cafe society

He’s thought of as quite urbane

No matter which language he insults in

To me?

He’s a jerk all the same

With all the fussing going on in the internet political world about politics? I’m going to be quoting this poem alot.

hmmm… It’s the middle of the night and I was thinkin…


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Posted Aug-22-08 20:49:53 PDT Updated Aug-23-08 18:26:20 PDTOh

That was the pick?



LOL I actually missed sleep for this.

Just curious though–


I think I’ll go look up the word “audacity”…

Maybe I missed the definition of the word.

And the definition of the word ” hope” too.


I think I’ll catch up on some sleep as well.

But before I do. Did anyone see the blog posting talking about how we’ll all be glad to get to know Joe Biden’s wife?

She got on famously with the blogger’s SO. Is she a photographer too? They were talking about photographs. Wow an artist and educator. Gosh wonder why she didn’t run for president?

hmmm… It’s the middle of the night and…
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