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Posted Aug-22-08 20:34:38 PDT Updated Aug-23-08 18:22:39 PDT

Well I’m not sure what you learned last night but I learned a few things. For one thing? Chelsea Handler is what we call in the south “one hot mess”. But I imagine she is entertaining. Maybe she could replace CF on the LLS. That is if he wanted to leave and do something else. Personally, I hope he stays or goes where he feels that he’ll do his best.

She’d certainly be interesting to watch.

LOL And you thought I was going to talk about the VP pick.

Oh well,

Let’s talk—

Well one thing we learned that they weren’t gonna say who the VP pick was on Friday morning and …

it’s not EB or TW…

least wise that’s what the rumor was…

and then there was a rumor it was… something about bumper stickers in Kansas???? I thought KS was in KS not EB… sheesh

and then the rumor was it was JB…

lots of rumors…

But then …

…somewhere in Denver…
…somewhere in Illinois…

folks were checking their text messages and…

Well between you and me, alot of them were buying stock in that companies that sell No Doz and Seagrams 7 cause the level of boredom in Denver and Springfield was calling for pharmaceutical or at least alcoholic relief.

If you get my drift…

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2 commentsGood morning Blogland
Posted Aug-21-08 21:12:06 PDT Updated Aug-23-08 01:30:02 PDTWell. As we all check our emails this morning looking to see who’s the VP pick for the Dem Party…

(Depends on who you ask. Drudge says the announcement is this morning and others respectfully disagree. What do you think?)

Well heck…

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0 commentsWell heck…
Posted Aug-21-08 12:31:04 PDT Updated Aug-22-08 19:55:43 PDTI woke up thinking. “Wha’ the heck?!?”
Then thought, “What the heck…”
If television shows can go into reruns? So can I. 😀

The truth about Cats and Dogs. Or why I no longer say, ” I don’t watch porn.”
For those who DO NOT think of PayPal as their friend and believe in ghosts. (By the way I like you Paypal I really do.)

Paypal is the spawn of Satan. When can we schedule the exorcism?.
Or if you’re having shark week withdrawals

No posts this month. See the archives for older posts.
Or I What do the “cow of time” and “blue footed boobie” have in common.

You know what i CHANGED IT
And because this was once supposed to be a blog about dogs and writing?

For Claire Freedom a bit of funny and for Tal because well I stuck my foot in it…
Or for a story for breakfast? One of the first multipost stories at 12 dogs.

the egg and I Story The Secret Lives of Chickens
Note the actual story title is The Secret Life of Chickens by Iron Chassis. The Egg and I is also a book and movie but written by someone else.
Or If you really did want to know what I was thinking last night? You can click

hmmm… It’s the middle of the night and I was thinkin…



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2 commentshmmm… It’s the middle of the night and I was thinkin…
Posted Aug-21-08 00:26:09 PDT Updated Aug-21-08 08:03:39 PDTThis next bit may sound self indulgent. Heck you might think the whole blog is. I was listening to the LLS tonight. Wait— come back— there’s a reason for this. There was this last bit in the WDWL section. The one with the kitty. See tonight? I actually learned something.

Hmmm. You see the host looks in the camera and says, “Go do what you want.” For some reason that stuck.

Now that’s the self indulgent part your thinkin’. But it’s not. If someone had said this along time ago my life would have been alot different.

This next bit is the reason it’s not really self indulgent.

I’m saying this because maybe someone else could or might need to hear it.

How many folks, show of hands, how many folks don’t really want your parents approval but instead want their acceptance? Is it asking the same thing? Can you accept someone’s actions and still not approve of their actions?

Just wondering.

My son is always saying that tolerance isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. That you could not like someone and still tolerate them. That acceptance is better.


Say a little prayer…
Note this next bit was added after Victorian Rose posted her comment but before I’d read her comment. I didn’t realize that someone would post so fast.

Right now? I wish that love. True love was a commody that you could buy or sell. Sure there are folks that will say that if we could we wouldn’t value it. I think they’re wrong. I’ve had things that I’ve bought and valued very much. If you could put a price on it, just the act of putting a price on love would make some folks appreciate it. And it’s not mercenary. You could still give it away no matter the monetary value placed on the emotion. Give it away for free. But to have love and give love is for some folks as basic and required as food or water. I can buy both when I need it so why not love. Think how many folks are unhappy because they are alone and wanting love? Nothing they could do but hope that it finds them.

See if they could buy love like food or water they’d not want.

And what if you could clone someone. You could say I’d like to buy love like that and actually be able to do so. If it didn’t work out you go return it or maybe sell it to someone else.

I know that this is an odd post.

But I did learn.

it tonight and it does make me re think relationships.

This is why I like to watch the LLS with CF. Even the reruns. For some reason it gets me to thinkin’ about one thing and then the next thing I know?

I’m thinkin’ about all kinds of things.

Hope you have a grand day.

Thanks for indulging this strange blogpost.

It was just something I was thinking about.

Hope you have a good day.
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2 commentsSay a little prayer…
Posted Aug-20-08 21:34:12 PDT Updated Aug-21-08 00:13:10 PDTfor my friend Talooolah. She has ALOT of responsibility and now the weather to deal with. I don’t know how she does it. She is always a sweet heart. Ready with a kind word. Thinking of others when she really could only think of herself.

So I’m sending up a prayer for my friend.

That everything goes well and that she is riding her bike and reading her books and well just having a much better day all round.

Hugs Talooooolah.

We are all worried but confident that you will be just terrific at what ever you do.

Sent email you.


Author Ann

Next post…

If you …. by Montgomery Gentry.Comment|Report this post
5 commentsIf you live long enough….
Posted Aug-19-08 20:52:02 PDT Updated Aug-19-08 21:37:43 PDT

and you’re lucky enough to have survived…

Back When I Knew It All…

Montgomery Gentry.


It’s gotten a lot easier to say the words,

“I got no clue.”

But hey—

New character! I like this character as much as I like Hannah.

Good morning Blogland…

(yeah. I know. It’s not really morning. Just posting this early cause I’m asleep when you’re awake and you’re awake when I’m asleep and heck I need my beauty sleep so there ya’ go…)

Man I love this song…

Tim McGraw When The Stars Go Blue

No reason.

It’s just a great song.

“…when the stars go blue…”


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5 commentsNew character! I like this character as much as I like Hannah.
Posted Aug-19-08 20:37:40 PDT Updated Aug-19-08 21:16:55 PDT”You know the sad thing about central air? Folks don’t sleep with the windows open when it rains. No breezes to move the curtains about. No rain on the bushes. No smells of the thunder before it comes.

One of the best night’s sleep I ever had was sleeping under the covers listening to the rain.

Good night sleep is a wonderous thing.

I rarely have those anymore. At least not while all my chicks are out in the world. And now he’s gone too. Those words in the dark before I closed my eyes. The ones that he used to say. The squeeze the, “I love you.” The “not to worry it will work out all right. They’ll be fine”?
Now I have to make do with late night tv. Infomercials and such. Not the same.”

Anna Moody August 19,2008

New character.
Not alternate personality.
You just reminded me of a photo my son took.
Title Anna and her dogs.

I took the image and photoshoped it.

I like this character. She’s like folks I’ve met here. Neighbors.

Practical. One foot in the past and one in the future.

Oh mercy the song that’s on now!!!



Young Troubador

George Strait

There is something kind of comfortable about the nice folks of the world.

Yeppers. I like this character bunches.
Looks like it’s time to get the photobucket account.


PS I heard this on the LLS. At the very end. The host looked into the camera and said “…go to sleep. When you wake up in the morning I’ll still be here. I’ll tell you a story…” I’m putting this in quotes even though it might not be verbatum.

It’s something you tell a child to get them to go to sleep. I wondered if the fella has told his son those words to get him to sleep on a stormy night when sleep just wasn’t gonna be had by anyone.

At first it irritated the heck out me.

I’m a grown up. His viewers are grownups. This is something you tell a 3 year old not grown up men and women.

Then something nice happened.

No matter how old you are the idea that someone that was with you at night would still be there with the light of day. Would tell you another story of their lifes adventures? We all need to hear that don’t we.

Know that someone will still be there…

Good night.

Sleep well.

I’ll be back tomorrow. See what happens…




Dear Talooolah,

The wheels are turning for you and me both…

You caught me just as I was walking out the door for my next adventure.

This last one’s been tough. Doing things that I never in my life thought I could do. Like teach my son to read and raise him. Not the easiest thing. That “Mr. Mom” song by Lonestar had alot of truth to it.


Just sittin here looking at the future and thinkn’ how much I miss having my toes curled.

Have you ever heard the song “I Still Miss You” by Keith Anderson?

You see I wouldn’t trade being with my son for one thing. I was lucky to be a mom. Thing is I’ve missed being me too. I can do that now without having to choose my son or myself.

I just ended up loosing a friend in the process.

Hugs. Still here.

Days Go By

Keith Urban


All I Want to Do

This celibate stuff is done.

Time to get my toes curled…

Hey I’m older

not dead

Yuk Yuk…

Cya tomorrow world.

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0 commentsDear Talooolah,
Posted Aug-19-08 19:10:47 PDT Updated Aug-20-08 03:07:16 PDTHurricaines are mighty things. Like God’s eyes and emotions they are bigger sometimes than any of us can imagine.

Like the Gulf or space, there is infinity there.


It’s the same when you look into the eyes of someone who you love.

To look in your father’s eyes and see all the seconds in his life that made him.

Infinity only quiet.

I’m glad that you have time to be with him.

It’s a blessing.

I hope it is a blessing that is there as long as you need him.

Perhaps he and your mother are the best books that you’ll ever have the privelege to read.

Good evening/morning.

LOL, Taloolah. You should hear the commentary for this concert. The music is lovely but the commentary is really funny. Very hushed. Elegant but for an old Red Neck like me? Over the top in a great funny way.

Kind of like listening to play by play for golf.

“A hush fell over the crowd as Tiger Woods made the put…”

“If you know me well, you’d know that each day is the exception to the rules made the day before…”

Hannah Murphy August 19, 2008


xxx’s and ooo’s

Trisha Yearwood

It’s never been easy to be female.

Things happen to make it easier but folks it’s still difficult.

For all our liberated ways it many times still fall to the females of the family to take care of the rest.

Dunno why.

Hugs to you.

To quote Ringo Star? “It don’t come easy. You know it don’t come easy.”

Good morning Talooolah
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5 commentsGood morning Talooolah. Good morning folks in Florida
Posted Aug-19-08 03:47:40 PDT Updated Aug-19-08 18:52:57 PDTHope you all have a good and safe day.

Hello to you and your folks.

Good dreams and a good morning.

Good wishes from me, WB, Pup, and the 12 dogs.

Good wishes from NJ too.

Good wishes from lots of folks.


I know that today’s a busy day and that you’ll have your hands full. Don’t expect to hear from you. Just wanted you to know that we’re thinking of you and hoping that everything works out okay for you.

You’ll do great.



See you did do great. I was glad to hear from you. To get your email. This storm is turning into a good day to be off. Good.

Do you know how to skip rock?

Most fun we had was playing outside after a tropical storm. What idiots we were but what fun we did have. That’s were I learned how to skip rocks, catch crawfish, and learned that ants traveled in piles on the surface of the water.

It is lucky that we didn’t get bit by some angry snapping turtle or snake.

It’s like walking on the beach in the rain. Watching the storms roll in.

I’m hoping that the power stays on but there’s good fun to reading in the dark with a candle.

I am glad that you are fine.



Hugs to you and Angelic Afghans.

I hope that all is well and that the power isn’t off long.


Ann and 12 dogs.

Nana and AnglicAfghans! Hope you are okay and that the most you see will be rain and wind.

Take care,


Next post…

I swear there are some men
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0 commentsI swear there are some men
Posted Aug-18-08 22:08:30 PDT Updated Aug-19-08 03:48:40 PDTwho’s wives are saints to have married them…

A little history goes a long way…Comment|Report this post
0 commentsA little history goes a long way…
Posted Aug-17-08 23:37:31 PDT Updated Aug-18-08 22:05:52 PDTIn loving memory…

Hurricane Camile

August 17th – 18th, 1969

The next series of posts are in loving memory of the survivors of Hurricane Camile. This hurricane was one of the worst in history. It came on shore late on August 17th and early on August 18th. Thanks to the memories of this huricane, many lifes were saved during Huricane Katrina. Some member of my family has lived on the Gulf of Mexico for the last 60 years. As you might expect, with family living on the coast, family who survived Camile, family who survived Katrina, and boaters who were family and are friends, we, my family, have kept up with the Gulf huricanes since before I was born.

Camile was a cautionary tale. Many lives were lost due to ignorance of past storms.

As this hurricane season comes it pays to remember the past.

I have written these posts in a bit of a dramatic way. I want you to get a sense of the hurricanes. The emotions of this time.

It’s not always easy to empathise with this situation.

I wanted to try to get folks to feel it. Not report the history of it. You can find the history on the internet, in the library, or on wiki….

Some where in the night long ago…

Folks were on the coast. Waiting in the dark to see what would happened during the night.

What Fate would bring with the light of day on the morning of August 18th, 1969…

In loving memory…


Prayers and hugs to you Taloolah,

Lots of folks looking out for you…

Let me know what you need.

I don’t know what gives a person a sense of humor more:

our families,

our furbabies,

or natural disasters.

God bless ’em

They seems to bring out the very best and the very worst of in us all.

Unless you are Tallooooooolah.

Then it just seems to bring out only the good.

Let us know what ya’ need when you get a chance.



Hurricane history.

Hurricane Dennis (Denis) was predicted to have hit the Alabama coast as a Cat 4 or 5. It didn’t. Two things happened. A cold, dry wind shear that knocked it down to to a lower Classification. It was also a very fast storm. Didn’t stay long enough to cause any troubles. The dry air knocked the crup out of it.

They say that hurricanes are called that because they are as fickle as a woman.


Fine print to folks new to the blog

This is 12 dogs and a blog.

It’s a writer’s journal.

Fact and fiction live here.

It’s where I, Author Ann, practice different styles of writing.

Words in blue are links to other parts of the blog.

It moves you throught the story and sometimes can change it.

All words to this blog maybe changed by the author, me at anytime as all stories like life are in a rough draft until until the final edit.

Keeps the story interesting.

Dontcha think.

If you don’t know which is true and what’s not?

Just ask.

I’m only too happy to chat and I’m not here to pot stir.

I am just here to write.

I’m a writer.


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1 commentIn loving memory…
Posted Aug-17-08 22:04:55 PDT Updated Aug-18-08 12:55:23 PDTHurricane Camile August 18, 2008

I’ve written this before, but, it is true. “The morning after a hurricane clears out can be a beautiful day. ”

Now that is “irony”.

The Next Day

Hannah Murphy August 18, 2008

He rolled over

Stood up


Everything hurt.

His head, his side, his heart.

Night long and sleep short.

Passing the night

Waiting for the world they knew to pass away

Without really “seeing” just how bad it could be

Only darkness, flashlights, and candles in the wind

While outside the wind roared

Like some banshee in labor

Her nightmare child born

She held that little puppy as if he was the last living thing on Earth.

What they saw that next day

As the beach rolled by the window of their car

The more she saw

The closer she held that pup.


The only words to break the silence


“They’re gone.”


“Years later he told them that what they saw the next day looked like a war zone. Buildings that not 24 hours had been sturdy homes for folks and the families that lived there?


He’d not seen anything like it since the war.”

Hannah Murphy

August 17, 2008

I’m not trying to pot stir here. Every year I try to remember this time. To honor those people. It’s a kindness. Also a reminder of the power of these storms. I read that Max Mayfield, director of NOAA’s Tropical Prediction Center-National Hurricane Center, which is part of NOAA’s National Weather Service.the weather man who personally called the Governors of the coastal states hit by Katrina, who told them that Katrina was massive and that they needed to evacuate, was a survivor of Andrew. He and his family including his preschool daughter. After Katrina he took his fellow weathermen to see the aftermath. They weren’t gawking or on some educational field trip. He wanted them to really see why their work was so important.

Because you can’t really appreciate it until after you’ve actually seen it.

It’s not just academic these storms.

It’s people’s lives they save.

Thank you Max.

If you had been in charge in 1969?

Alot of folks lives would have been saved.

Thank you.

Let’s not forget.

Another hurricane season is here. Again the Gov. is telling us to know the evac routes. To get the emergency equipment at the ready. Know where the shelters are. I smile when I see it.

Money well spent.

And from us.

I know that weather patterns change.

But it’s my prediction, for what it’s worth, that this hurricane season won’t be so bad. Nor will the next. At least for the Gulf.


As a hurricane survivor and someone who loves the Gulf Coast.

I’m happy if this is true.

Especially today the anniversary of Hurricane Camile. Class 5 hurricane. 200 mph plus winds. 26 foot storm surges. One of the worst in history. It makes me smile to say. All is well for the Gulf coast.

At least I hope so.

It is after all in God’s hands.


I can’t say the same for the Atlantic. The waters are warm on the eastern seaboard and there is a strong current highway.

You know hurricanes. They love their warm water.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I miss Max Mayfield something fierce.

Oh and I like that Mayfield Ice Cream too.

But that’s another Mayfield.

Another story.

Let’s get some rest.

Author Ann


Hurricane Camile

Talooolah. Everytime you have a storm, I will pray for you and your family.

This will make sense to someone in Blogland


Get Over It

The Eagles

I like to remember how many lives were saved in Mississippi by remembering Camile.

By remembering hurricanes past.

So when I hear folks say get over it ?

I say no way. There have been too many folk’s lives that were saved because they remembered. Too many lives lost because they didn’t know or remember.

Also the lyrics remind me that these same folks would be saying

“…those who don’t have a knowledge of history are doomed to repeat it…”


Before ya go tellin folks to get over it, you might wanna look up the word.

(Note the above is NOT to Crouching Prairie Dog. Hey CPD! Hope your having a good day.Ann)

Comments OFF for the rest of this day.

But heck, you can always email.

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0 commentsIn loving memory…
Posted Aug-17-08 21:23:02 PDT Updated Aug-18-08 11:03:36 PDTAll night long we could hear the wind howl. Like some crazed banshee. We kids spent the night in the hallway. They’d moved the couch and chairs and upright so to buttress the walls and protect us should the roof fall in. Sometime during the night my dad went out and tied down a tree that had broken. Saved the house. They weren’t stupid my mom and dad. They had to stay. My dad had to stay. It would have been worse if we’d been stuck on the highway. It turned out that staying saved the house. With the wind direction and that tree, the roof would have given way. My dad’s kindness to stay so folks could get what they needed before the storm had been returned to him.
Our house was saved.
I remember what was happening now. The broad casts from Biloxi until the storm surge flooded the television station. It was right on the beach. Dark. Howling wind. During the night my dad got us all up to look outside. It was raining sideways. We were seeing history and we were still alive.

When the storm surge came in friends of my mom spend the night on the third floor of a college building. They’d run up 3 flights of stairs. Grownups and children. The building was maybe 200 yards from the beach.

A couple of miles away a group of folks in an apartment complex had a hurricane party. They died from stupidity and being drunk. One account I read was of a woman who found herself in that surge. Clinging to rubble.

To put this night in perspective.

A sailor on one of the ships in Gulfport harbor told reporters that at one time all they could see of the water tower was just the top.


The Sunday Times Picayune.

I remember my dad and mom talking about how they said that Hurricane Camile was supposed to miss the Mississippi coast…

The morning Katrina hit. All I could think as I watched the radar was what the reporters weren’t saying.

…Bay St. Louis, Pass Christian, Long Beach, Gulfport, Mississippi City, Biloxi, OceanSprings…

Once again…

At least this time they’d had more warning…

When they asked the Governor how he got folks to leave so quick?

He told them that a storm worse than Camile was comin’. We didn’t have to say much more.

I never hear folks talk about Camile much. It’s still one of the most powerful storms to hit the Gulf Coastal states but they always talk about the Galveston storm or Andrew. Now they talk about Katrina.

Not much about Camile…

But you see for folks who lived in Mississippi and saw Camile first hand, they know just how terrible things can be. They still remember. I remember after Ivan we met a lady who began to talk about Camile and how the next big one was coming. We were due and the longer it went the worse it would get. I told her about how my mom and I had been saying the same. The big hurricanes come every 20 years but it was taking longer.

We keep up with those storms.

The big ones.

She remembered.


I remembered.


My parents remembered.


My grandparents remembered.

For years on this day my father burned a candle.

In memory of this time.

Tonight I am burning the same candle here on my blog.

For the folks who’s lifes were lost.

For the folks who’s homes were lost.

Not to curse the darkeness

But to give hope.

Candles of Hope

Hannah Murphy August 17, 2008

Turn out the lights.

Sit in the darkness

Cover your ears

Think of your home

Light one small candle

There’s no more darkness

Now there is hope

Where there was none.

Hurricane Camile
Sunday night, August 17th, 2008

In in the morning when I wake up…

In loving memory…Comment|Report this post
0 commentsIn loving memory…
Posted Aug-17-08 16:03:29 PDT Updated Aug-18-08 10:58:46 PDTHURRICANE CAMILLE – August 17, 1969.
WINDS: 190 mph wind gust 205-210mph
PRESSURE: 909 Mb./26.84 inches.
STORM – SURGE: 22 – 25 feet above Mean Tide

I loving memory of all those folks who lost family and home during one of the worst hurricanes on record. Hugs to you. Though we survivors were blown to all points on the globe, we will not forget those who lost so much because of this mighty storm.

We Are Nomads Of The Sea.

Hannah Murphy. 17 August, 08

We are nomads of the sea.

Restless souls looking for peace

Never putting our heart’s feet on dry land

Like a stone our spirits skim across the salty Gulf

The songs of Wind lull us to sleep

Rocked in the arms of the wreckage

The souls of waterbabies rocked in the waves…

The tears of angels rain down upon us all.

As they look into the eyes of God


“Give them back their home.”


Looking into a hurricane sky

is like looking into the eyes of God.

Hannah Murphy

17 August, 2008


After Katrina they interviewed a shrimper from south Louisianna who rode out the hurricane in his boat. He told how he saw his wife driving at top speed towards the dock as they were leaving. She didn’t want to spend the storm on land. She’d take her chances with her husband and his crew. The person who interviewed them said this was insane. He and his wife thought different. Safer on that boat. Keep the engine running. Put the boat towards the wind. Ride it out. He’d probably seen as rough shrimping in the Gulf.

They survived.

I believe him. I’d be on that boat too. I’ve talked to folks who build those boats. Who’ve shrimped in the Gulf.

Better in that boat.

Many years later I got to see 100mph winds in the daylight. Another hurricane. I watched trees bend in ways they weren’t made to. I sat outside and watched the clouds and wind shift as the storm moved through. I waited to see if the tree would come through the roof. I wanted to put a visual with the sounds I’d heard as a kid. I wanted to be in that place, in that wind, and in that rain.

I wanted to again look into the eyes of God

And ask Him to give me back my home.


In loving memory…

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4 commentsThis will make sense to someone in Blogland…
Posted Aug-15-08 23:28:51 PDT Updated Aug-17-08 14:20:01 PDTTook a vote here at 12 dogs. The result? You’re a writer by a landslide. But then what do I know, I’m drinking Chocolate Syrup (the stuff you put on ice cream). Not much though, it’s starting to make me a bit sick. Other than that? I Woke up waaay too serious.
Here’s one last What did I learn tonight? Comment.

I like “cat”mando kitty. Will miss new Kitty words of wisdom. No more new ones this summer.

Gotta go. Sleepy.


If you don’t know what this post means not to worry. This was for a particular blogger. Two actually.

Both lovely writers.

Anyway, one said she couldn’t be a writer and the other has said she wasn’t a writer but now she recons that she is. They both are lovely writers who I enjoy reading. So if you didn’t know what the above comment meant? Not to worry, it wasn’t for you. The comment above was just for them.

A note. When I write to what seems like a particular person? I can be. Then again, for me, it could be a writing device. 😀 May just write it for the heck of it. Don’t write to imaginary friends though. Unless, of course, the two people above are lying about who they are. Hmmm.

Thanks for reading.

Hope you have a good ‘un.


PS There once was a fella who treated marriage like a stepping stone. A kind of advancement in life.

Then one day he met Marie Laveaux…

Funny thing. Not all “Marie Laveau” s are ugly. Some are good looking and well connected.

Still “Marie Laveaux”s though.

Oh what a tangled, tangled, web we weave…

Not me though,

I still believe in love and marriage.

But I’m a pessimistic optimist.

Don’t get married. Well don’t get married unless you really do love them.

Married life? It can be loooonnnnnggggg and tricky. Not for the faint of heart.

So all you “Handsome Jacks” out there.

Take note.

And if you’re about to get married? You might just want to look up the lyrics to this song.

And remember.

You can always say “no”. Right up until the minister says, “I now pronounce you man and wife.”

After that? Well … it’s tricky.

“Marie Laveaux”

Did Shel Silverstein really write this?

Must be an honorary southerner.


You Don’t Own Me

Dusty Springfield

Yeppers I know that there’re other folks who’ve “covered” this song, but I like Dusty Springfield’s version the best.

Comments Off. There’s always ebay email and an RSS reader is handy too.

This blog. It’s not like other blogs. It can change. Shape shift. Like life– it’s alway being edited until that final draft. Good to put it in RSS reader.

Oh and don’t forget to click the words in blue-

To keep up with the changes.

Have a great day.

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4 commentsWoke up waaay too serious.
Posted Aug-15-08 09:38:56 PDT Updated Aug-17-08 13:58:57 PDTGotta remember…It’s FRRRRRRIIIIIIIIDDDDAAAYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!! Long weekend for WB. Gonna get out in the sunshine even if it’s raining. But like Madcat said I can’t complain about the rain. After the drought last year? We need the rain. Brings Fall leaves and keeps the fish from dying. Keeps the rivers from drying.

And it brings us our beaches.

If you are new here? Blue words are hyper links they take you into 12 dogs and a blog.

Sometimes? They even change the story.

Kind regards,

Author Ann

Good morning to you too fellow Blogland bloggers.


To the fella who posted in comments.

First, thank you very much for posting. You always get me to thinkin’ and chucklin’.

To answer your question?

I don’t know how much water there is in the world.

I do know that no matter how much water there is in the world total, if you don’t got it, there might as well not be a drop. I can’t walk on water but after last years drought, I could walk across the bottom of some of our rivers. At the time of this terrible drought, there could be floods everywhere else and the folks in our state would feel as if the whole world was a desert. At the same time, you could have floods along the Mississippi River and feel as if Mother Nature is was “doin’ a revival of “the great flood of Noah”.

It seems to be an issue of distribution of water in the world, not how much water is in the world total.

Well and if you can use it.

“…Water, water everywhere and not a not a drop to drink…”

(Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner)

Strange to think that you could die of thirst in the middle of the ocean, but if it’s not available in a form that you can use? It’s no good.

For living things in our egocentric world, it is that we have “fresh water” available. Potable. Otherwise we will die of thirst in the middle of an ocean.

So I guess, it’s a matter of distribution and that it’s available in a form you can use. That’s been true as long as there has been an Earth.

It’s why it’s lucky we are human and can react to the changes of the weather on this Earth. Can survive the extremes of this Earth. Live in the Sahara or Antartica and still find “fresh” water to drink. To use, for instance, desalienation plants to provide water from the oceans in the desert or to melt water from the glacers through distilation or the warmth of our hands.

Or to use less water to grow food.

There is an article by Peter Rogers that speaks to the issue of the quantity and distribution of fresh water. It’s in the August 2008 issue of Scientific American, Volume 299 Number 2. I’m to read it today. Would be interested in your opinion.

Once again, thank you for your comment.

My comments are hidden because I’m not chatting. Didn’t want anyone to feel as if I was ignoring. I was just delighted to see your comment and wanted to comment before I left the blogs.

To anyone else who comments after this, I’m sorry that I missed you. Will be in later tonight or early this morning to reply to anyone else.

.Well, Hello!

While I was out another Gentle Reader stopped by and asked me to dance.

I do like to dance. I like to very much. With a good dancing partner and good music? I can Two Step quite nicely. Let me know when you’re in town. Bring yer best girl and we’ll all go out honky tonkin’

Sorry I missed chattin. Always good to see ya.

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Posted Aug-14-08 20:44:49 PDT Updated Aug-15-08 09:29:23 PDTWell it will be in a little bit. There’s only two more weeks left until the end of August. Two more weeks until Labor Day weekend. I’ve been wondering what to do with these next two weeks. How some of this time is used is determined by someone or something else. But to tell the truth, how I use this time can actually be determined by me.

I wonder…

And I did wonder and wander ( in my dreams at least)…


I woke up with a “burr up my own butt”. Way too serious. Last night someone made a comment about a fella. About how women were attracted to him because he was cute, had a sexy accent, and had money.

I thought about the time I’d spent writing about women not wanting to be judged only on their looks. Not be judged by the exterior.

(LOL There’s a song on the radio right now–“hey pretty girl”

Wonder if she has a brain or if it even matters.)

Like I said, woke up waaay too serious. Gonna go have fun.

Comments “ON” but Hidden.

Now where was I.

Oh yeah.


*************No fuss here. Just a discussion. Hugs you Tallooolah****************

“…”…NOW about” (this fella) “and his reported affect on women…like duh!!! he’s cute, he’s got a sexy accent, he’s funny….and maybe has a bit of money (hey that rhymes)…what more could a gal ask for???? …um…no more need be said…. ;o)…”

Richard III.
His recitation of the opening lines from Richard III.

He is a fine actor.

One does hope that a relationship is more than skin deep. Too much can happen in a life or marriage to just count on the exterior and the wallet. Character is a good thing too. I alway think of Christopher Reeve’s wife. He was a fine, rich, sexy fella who ended his life in a tragic way. His wife stuck with him. No longer did she have that fine, sexy, man. All that money couldn’t bring Superman back to his super good looks or make him walk again. It’s my impression though that she loved him just as much at the end of his life. When he wasn’t so sexxy and fine. That’s love and a person worth being seduced by. We just don’t know, Taloolah, about Fate. It’s kind of like picking out a traveling companion. You plan your trip but you don’t really know the road you’ll travel. Best pick wisely. There’s alot more to it than are they breathing.

I don’t know” (this fella). “I don’t know if all he is is a sexy accent, a handsome face, and a funny guy. The “funny” is not just his delivery but also alot of talented writers. I’ve not seen him in person. On television it’s not just looks, it’s also makeup and lighting. As for the accent? It comes and goes. He’s an actor. A very, very, very good actor. Accents? Part of an actor’s tool box. It’s like the internet.

Like 12 dogs for that matter.

Fact and fiction, Talooolah, fact and fiction.

I’ve seen some really fine men who I wouldn’t want to sit next to. There have been other not so good looking men who could charm the hardest heart.”

(Note from WB, the history fan, example? Benjamin Franklin, who wasn’t the handsomest man in the room, but in his day, a ladies man. Brains are the sexy part of a man.)

“Seduction is all in the heart and head. It’s amazing how blind seduction can be.
I’m sorry to be so serious this morning. I don’t know why I woke up thinking about it. Part of it is that I’ve been judged exclusively, good and bad, by my looks, my accent, and money. Only that. People can construct a mighty prison using these judgements.
I don’t want to be a hypocrite.
I don’t know this man anymore than those folks knew me. Personally, to seduce me? (not that anyone cares and remember I’ve been celibate for a long time but not a sexual) takes brains and attention to detail.
And alot more Richard the III.

I thought” (this young woman) “was out of her element. A child trying to play the part of a grown woman. I thought she was throwing her self at the man like she was “…hussling a lapdance at a truckstop strip joint.” That’s why I posted the” other “interview. Seduction isn’t throwing yourself at a guy. It’s a meeting of the minds.
At least that’s what it is for me.
It’s been a long road from ” ( when I was) ” 21.”

Guess I just look at life differently.

See. Waaaaaaaayyyyyy tooo serious this morning.

Gonna go feed the dogs and then spend the day doing something else. Like the serious intellectual pursuit of shopping. LOL

Hugs. Tallooolah and Gentle Readers.


Next stop?

You have three paths.

Either you can choose–

The definition of the word—“terse”.

(this way takes you back to the Hannah blog. Worth a visit.)

Or for another path through the garden of 12 dogs and a blog?

click > Kind of busy with life.

Or you can go back to the Main Page in Blogland. > Blogs

Hope you have a great weekend.

And remember

No matter which path you take?

All ways hopefully lead you home…

12 dogs and a blog

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0 commentsSeduction 101. LOL
Posted Aug-14-08 13:34:29 PDT Updated Aug-14-08 13:44:29 PDTSigh.

There is a difference between seducing someone and someone trying to hawk a lap dance at a truck stop strip joint.

This? Is seduction:

The LLS interview with Kate Mara?

Comes with a topical cream

Have a nice day.

Click > Hannah in Blogland. A dialog.

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2 commentsThe definition of the word—“terse”.
Posted Aug-14-08 05:44:02 PDT Updated Aug-14-08 13:51:17 PDTKind of busy with life.

In case you are wondering…

Someone told me that my posts were too long and werdy. Said that they didn’t have time to read them. They had kids under foot all day so they didn’t have time to read 12 dogs. Said that the subject matter wasn’t of interest.

I thought I’d try it their way.

So I did.

Next post? I’m going back to my way.

Werdy? Self absorbed? Oh heck yeah. People write in all different ways. People enjoy reading all different styles of writing.

If you don’t like the way I write? Don’t read it.

No hard feelings.

And if you do like to read it? Welcome.

Next stop?

Kind of busy with life. The annotated version.

Thanks to Pup I now have insight into the Douglas Adams/IssacAsimov connection.


And it all has to do with four little words and time travel.

The words?

Up when. Down when.

Yes folks. I know it sounds like Up wind and down wind.

But it is not.

Not talking fartin kitties, the air quality in China, or hog farms.


Talking time travel here. Bill and Ted’s Excellent adventure.

More later.


Oh and Taloolah.

While we’re on the subject?

This is succinct.

Seduction 101. LOL

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5 commentsKind of busy with life. (annotated)
Posted Aug-12-08 23:15:14 PDT Updated Aug-14-08 06:34:23 PDTI don’t really have anything to say. Busy with life. It’s raining. I haven’t heard from Taloolah. (Note. Taloolah is okay. Good to know.) Newt stopped writing or deleted or is writing in rough draft. Not that it’s my business. (While this is not my business, it is sad.)I have clothes to wash.(That is true. Today is towels and sheets day. Whoo Hooo.) What I have is that leaving feeling again. When the wheels of my life change. I really don’t like this feeling. Should be used to it but I’m not. It’s where I miss Billy and David. (Just a note here. Billy and Elsie are dead. I miss them. David? I will only say I miss him a lot. ) Where I would call Elsie. (Not to complain, but to hear about her life. Elsie’s motto, ironic, was “…laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone…” Elsie wasn’t a woman who you called to complain about your life too. I would never in a million years even begin to complain about my life to her. Elsie? I just loved to listen to her talk. She was my pawpaw’s sister. I loved my Pawpaw. It was like talking to him again when I talked to Elsie. Now she is gone.)

I’ve already learned this life lesson.

I’m not going forward or backward. It’s like being hot and cold at the same time. I feel so bad for WB. He wants me to be happy here. To stay. If I don’t keep my distance I’ll be a crabby so in so to WB. I won’t be happy here. There is a difference. It’s not that I can’t be happy it’s that I won’t. I refuse. I refuse to learn anymore from the experience. The world can go on it’s way. Free country.

It just leaves me here for the next wave of pain.

(CPD. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter’s pain. I know that if you could experience it so that she wouldn’t have to that you would. My prayers are with you. Thank you for the invitation to come visit. I’m kind of cranky these days. Not fun to be around cranky me. But thank you very much for the invite. Let me get uncranky and then I will happily come say hello.)

I know this. I wrote about it before. It’s like diving through the waves. Like having stomach cramps. You can tense up and fight or you can let it just wash over you as fast as you can and endure. I learned to entertain myself with memories. I store them up for just this time. Good memories of things and people past.

(Unfortunately this advice comes from personal experience.)

Taloolah. I haven’t heard from you. I hope that it’s because you’re having fun. Or reading and distracted. I hope that your parents are okay. (Again, got word from Talooooolah. She and here parents are okay.) So I know the answer to the question: “How’s it going?” I’m no longer worried.

Oh and to my New Jersey friend.

Hugs to you. Your kind words on the blogs are always welcome.

Thank you kind Perf. Hugs.


What did I learn? Last night? Well really it’s “What did I learn the night before?”

You read Blogland

and 12 dogs…

Now that I’ve had time to get over the shock of this fact, do you think you could take a minute and say hello. Comments are ON but Hidden. Works like an answering machine. You have to have an ebay account, but that’s free. Then you can comment. You’ve come at a strange time in my life. Oh and you can email too. Through ebay.

“Like having tea in the garden.

Or a fartin’ cat.

I’d love to have a cuppa tea and a chat.

Imagine that.”

Hannah Murphy 08-2008

There is no significance to the fact that some words are typed in green other than to let you know that these words were added later. ( After the original post was written.) Now the words in blue? Those are hyper links. Click them to go to other places in the 12 dog blog.

To the rest of Blogland?

Nice to meet you. I think.
Or for fun b4 dementia?

The first issue of the RedNeck Politico .

Once you get there you’ll just have to figure your own way out.


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