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Posted Aug-12-08 00:35:54 PDT Updated Aug-12-08 13:38:23 PDTYeppers, it is nice to meet you. Last night (or early this morning depending on when you are reading this) I had a lovely conversation here in Blogland. Yes, I do indeed stick my nose out into the world and chat. I actually chatted here on my blog. Thing is I don’t get to do it that much and when I do it’s at odd times. I miss alot. Especially I miss the dramas that go on here and to tell you the truth, that’s not a bad thing. When I chat with folks, I don’t have alot of preconceived notions about who they are. I take them as they come or I try to take folks here in Blogland as they come.

As a result I have conversations with folks who can be on both sides of an argument. No matter what the fuss, I rarely meet both sides and immediately dislike one side or the other.

I’m telling you this because I’d like to open up my blog for chats again. You might see folks in here that you don’t get along with. That is your business in the rest of Blogland but in here we get along or we leave.

I just thought I’d let ya know.

I don’t have so many friends as to chase them off because of fusses.

So please try to think of this as Blogland’s version of Switzerland.

And welcome to 12 dogs and a blog.

Comments “ON” but “Hidden” at the moment but I am trying to change that. Oh and now that you know and I know you know could you come out of lurking and say hello.


Thing is I’d like to know how you know and why? I’d love to chat but for the life of me I can’t figure out why?


I’m sorry. If I said something hurtful?

I’m sorry. Hugs.

Author Ann

Next stop?

Soooooooo okay.

Fine print. Word of the day.

benefactor (n.) One that gives aid, especially financial aid.

Used in a sentence.

My dear benefactor, may I please chat with you?

speaking of nice folks.

got this off of Perfume and Pharmacy’s blog. (great blog if you haven’t already visited)

“There comes a point in your life when you realize

who matters,

who never did,

who won’t anymore…

and who always will.

So, don’t worry about people from your past,

there’s a reason why they didn’t make it to your future.

‘Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.’ ”

You can read more from Perf’s blog here>perfumeandpharmacy’s Blog

This is a good thing to remember.

Something that really hit home one night at 3am. Who do you call when you need help? When it’s inconvienient. When you really are alone?

I know that I pray.

But after you pray, who do you call?

Hope you have a good day.


What About Now?


Best advice I ever got, next to the quote on Perf’s blog, can be summed up in this song.

Best things I’ve ever done have been when I took this advice.

Took me to meet a good friend. Led me to a great roommate. Showed me the world and then took me back home. And now? It’s in the process of showing me the future.

My future.

I’ve just been dragging my feet hopping that some of my past would like to come with me into my future. Saying good by to the past.

Just sorting through my mental closet…

Thank you Perf.

If you’re reading this?

Thank you.

How did you know the right words to say?

The other song?

Amarillo Sky

Jason Aldean

“… And he take the tractor another round, another round, another round…”

Some days…

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50 commentsSoooooooo okay.
Posted Aug-11-08 23:02:22 PDT Updated Aug-12-08 00:18:38 PDTHello. Have you ever read 12 dogs and wondered just who the heck was writing this blog? Is it a he? A she? Old? Young? And do they really have 12 dogs?

You see, I write this blog. For the last couple of months, I’ve been wondering just who the heck was reading this blog. I know some of the folks who read it.

But do I know you?

I have a major case of insomnia.

Comments are ON.

I’m not sleepy.

I am so craving a conversation.

What’s on your mind?

And can I get a writing job?


My resume?

Start here>> Hey ya Blogland

Only I gotta warn ya’. Ivy League? I am not. But I’d like to be. Would love to go to college now that I’ve got “a lick of sense”.

Otherwise, I’m kinda like a fartin’ cat.

Unintentionally funny.


To the folks who chatted with me tonight, thank you!

Thank you for the conversation and advice.

It was nice to meet you K. Come visit anytime.

Comments are still “on” but in hidden mode. Works just like an answering machine, Leave a comment. It will disappear but I will still be able to see it. Will return messages as soon as possible.

You can always email me here at ebay.

I try to answer all ebay email.

Hope you have a good night and good tomorrow.

Take care,

Author Ann.

PS After tonight, I am really curious as to know who reads my blog. Would you be kind enough to say hello? Maybe email?

Doesn’t seem fair that you should know me but I don’t know you. Kind of spooky to tell you the truth.

So “…hello…”

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3 commentsHey ya Blogland
Posted Aug-10-08 17:28:51 PDTHey ya Gentle Readers.

I’ve been out in the world. Actually. I have been shopping this weekend AND have met some really nice folks. Strange weekend. Good strange. Like floating in the river on a really sunny warm but not hot day. After a week of not sleeping and pain this last two days have been welcome.

WB is still with us.

That’s about it.

I’m sorry that I’m not writing much lately. There have just been real life things to tend to.

Hope you have a great week.


Here’s the link to the last post:

John Edwards/ Evan Bayh. Do you think there’s a family resemblance?

Comments On but hidden. It works like an answering machine. Post and it disappears. I’ll see it and answer back soon. Thanks to the folks who posted a hello. Good to see ya! Hope that your week will be a good one.
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3 commentsJohn Edwards/ Evan Bayh. Do you think there’s a family resemblance?
Posted Aug-09-08 06:41:30 PDT Updated Aug-09-08 07:55:04 PDTAbout John Edwards and Evan Bayh…

Not trying to rip off Try (Casper/McCain). Not posting this because I’ve nothing to say and I need filler. Not even taking up for one political party or the other. Really. It’s just I was looking at photos and yeah I know it’s shallow but dang…

Doesn’t Evan Bayh look just like John Edward’s younger brother?

After last weeks revelations, does that mean we should be worried or relieved?

Honestly. If you get a chance go look.

To the commenter singing The Supremes?

This subject has spawned some really interesting discussions here at 12 dogs.

Hello one of my favorite eBay writters who I never get to chat with because we seem to have different cicadian rhythms. “Hi” right back at ya’. I don’t know wheither to hide here in my blog or just jump into to the politcal waters after Labor Day. If the GE is anything like the Dem primary, I’m gonna hide here in my “huricane hole”, play Jimmy Buffet’s “fruitcake song” until the neighbors complain (might even listen to my brand new “ABBA Gold Greatest Hits” CD. It’s kind a growing on me.), and hunker down until the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays. Some where in there I’m gonna vote and then we’ll see…

Hugs to you.

Everyone else? Leave a comment after the “beep”.

“Momma Mia”…”Hope you “have a fruitful day” !”

Oh and Tahlooolah–

“I believe in Angels — something good in everything I see.” It’s a good song. And yeppers, if that doesn’t work, I got my towel. LOL Hugs.

Thank you for reminding me of it.

Best to you,

AuthorAnn ๐Ÿ˜€

Hey Blogland

Comments are ON by the way. Works like an answering machine. Leave a comment. Because it’s hidden you won’t see it nor will anyone else. Except me. I’ll see it and answer later.
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7 commentsHey Blogland
Posted Aug-05-08 18:47:30 PDT Updated Aug-09-08 07:29:42 PDTHope everyone in Blogland is having a great evening.

You’re welcome

(sorry that my comments are hidden. I can’t chat at the moment. Just wanted to wish everyone a good evening and a great morning. Thanks for coming by and saying hello.)

I’ve enjoyed writing here on ebay. Enjoyed meeting you and reading your blogs here on ebay.

Thanks for reading Gentle Reader,

Author Ann


Hey ya. Hugs and hellos to ya’ll. Good to “see” you.

Been an interesting week here in the 12 dogs neighborhood. Next week looks a bit brighter.

Thought I might try again.


Hello This is a looong post about alot of stuff.

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5 commentsSorry but it is funny.
Posted Aug-05-08 13:17:54 PDT Updated Aug-09-08 07:59:07 PDT

Not trying to rip off Try (Casper/McCain). Not posting this because I’ve nothing to say and I need filler. Not even taking up for one political party or the other. Really. It’s just I was looking at photos and yeah I know it’s shallow but dang…

Doesn’t Evan Bayh look just like John Edward’s younger brother?

Honestly. If you get a chance go look.

Oh and Hello !!!

(I added something to the “Hello” post. It’s a long post. Will turn it into an interactive post later. Normally I just let you find it but this time I thought I might point it out. Now I’m going to do “real world stuff”. Like laundry and cleaning dog pens. Whoo Hoo. My “real life” is soooooo electric. Hope you have a good day. Cya tomorrow.)

Comments are ON by the way. Works like an answering machine. Leave a comment. Because it’s hidden you won’t see it nor will anyone else. Except me. I’ll see it and answer later.

For instance.

Hello one of my favorite eBay writters who I never get to chat with because we seem to have different cicadian rhythms. “Hi” right back at ya’. I don’t know wheither to hide here in my blog or just jump into to the politcal waters after Labor Day. If the GE is anything like the Dem primary, I’m gonna hide here in my “huricane hole”, play Jimmy Buffet’s “fruitcake song” until the neighbors complain (might even listen to my brand new “ABBA Gold Greatest Hits” CD. It’s kind a growing on me.), and hunker down until the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays. Some where in there I’m gonna vote and then we’ll see…

Hugs to you.

Everyone else? Leave a comment after the “beep”.

“Momma Mia”…”Hope you “have a fruitful day” !”

Oh and Tahlooolah–

“I believe in Angels — something good in everything I see.” It’s a good song.

Thank you for reminding me of it.

Best to you,

AuthorAnn ๐Ÿ˜€
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2 commentsHello This is a looong post about alot of stuff.
Posted Aug-05-08 12:12:56 PDT Updated Aug-09-08 07:57:32 PDT

“The saddest thing. A heart undone.”

Hannah Murphy. 5 August, 2008

(Glad you liked it Tahlooolah.)

I don’t know why I wrote that. Just seemed like something to say. Well not just “something to say”.

It’s a very sad thing an undone heart.

You know, I said that this blog entry would be a “Hello!” to some of the folks who read 12 dogs. I guess that’s one of the reasons for the quote above. I didn’t know for a long time that Lady Whitknee read my blog. I also don’t know alot about Lady W. I know that she alway had a kind word for me and for other folks here in Blogland. I kind of figured that she’d not had an easy time of it. I didn’t know until now just how difficult life had been for her. Now especially.

Lady W if you are reading this, prayers to you. Hugs to you too. There aren’t owners manuals for kids, Lady W. You do what you can and then pray. There aren’t really rules for grief either. When my son was so sick, people thought I was just nuts for not sinking into despair. They thought I was in denial. I wasn’t. I was very much aware of the serious nature of the infection and the tenuous nature of recovery. It was my opinion, while he was alive, that I needed to be positive for my son. You do what you can and you pray. I am always amazed at how some folks can be so mean and how others can be so kind to folks who are having a rough time of it.

I will try to write just for you an interactive story.

You are welcome here at 12 dogs anytime. Thank you for reading my blog Lady W. I hope that soon God will bind up your “undone heart”. Hope that good fortune is in your future. Hope that this sad thing will be soon over and replaced by happiness.

Over. In the paragraph above, the word “over” is a good thing. In this paragraph it is not. I’m not sure when it happened but my body is aging. My mind isn’t old. My heart isn’t either. But the thing is, on my body there are wrinkles. Granted they are laugh lines. It’s just that my mind doesn’t match my face. Every birthday my mom has asked if I’ve had the “change”. “No”, I tell her. I want her to stop asking. It’s as if she wills it to happen. My problem? Sex. A man in his 70’s can easily find someone to have sex with. Easy. But what does a woman do when she turns 70. Who will sleep with her? I’m a long way from turning 70 but–well– I’ve been thinking about it. I’m not sure what I do then. When you get to be 70, do you sit on a park bench and remember the “good old days”?

I may be celibate but I’m not “celibate” in my mind or temperment.

I’ve been thinking about my sex life. When I was younger. I don’t want to be celibate. Not because of lack of self control of my sexual desires. No. It’s because if I don’t have sex now? I might not be able to later. I’d regret the heck out of that.

I have my comments on even if they are hidden.

I’d really like to get some feedback on this particular issue. What happens? Guys? Ladies? What happens?

I’d really like to know.

Now on a strange note.

I was seriously considering not watching the LLSwCF anymore. Really. Don’t know why either. Seems like the host is unhappy. I don’t think he’s been happy for a long time. I’ve enjoyed this show. It’s made me laugh. Yes, it’s true, he is charming. He certainly has charmed alot of his fans since he’s become host of the LLS. But even at his charming best, he still this feeling that he’s unhappy. This feeling that he would rather be somewhere else. It’s difficult to watch sometimes.

Will watch night to night until Labor Day and see what happens.

Now it’s off to bed with me.

Update: LOL I didn’t want you to miss it. (you see the thing the thing that I liked about the show was that the oenophiles, the Bud longneck drinkers, the latte drinkers and the instant coffee drinkers, the “Frootloop eatting stoners and the soccer moms, and well the grown ups had a place to hang out in the middle of the night. You know, kind of a place where the musicians and the magicians all go to hangout at after their show was over for the evening.

Now? I don’t know. He might be getting to “kewl” for this Red Neck, twice a year Harp drinking, Southerner.

Hey it’s a free country.

I can always go watch Tavis Smiley. Who, by the way, does an awesome interview.

So. I woke up shouting “Eureka!!!” Nooo– not because of how much Evan Bayh looks like John Edwards little brother. Nope.

I finally figured out what’s making me so sad about the LLSwCF.


And nope, it’s not about the commercials or the facial hair. (although the commercials do bug.)

It’s also the reason why I kick myself in the “but” every now and then and try real hard not to take this blog so seriously.

The show seems to have an attitude that “regular folks” aren’t welcome. A kind of “snobitude”.

Which is ironic.

The reason I liked this show in the first place was the feeling that “everyone” was welcome. Now that’s funny. The idea of the show was to burst the “smug” balloons of life. I thought that the show’s attitude was that we all could quote Shakespeare. But heck, if you didn’t know who Shakespeare was? No worries. Now you do. I thought the shows attitude was not to be snobbish about life and knowledge. Didn’t matter what your “life label” (snerk–mercy that phrase) was. Red Neck or Ivy League or uber elite or stay at home moms? Everyone was welcome to the little show in the middle of the night. Everyone got poked fun at. I saw a glimmer of it last night when CF asked a guest if they would make fun of BO if he was elected president.

Ah well, I still think that Evan Bayh looks like John Edwards younger, nerdy brother. Well he does. Have to wonder what other things the two have in common? (besides looks and political party)



He looks like John Edwards did before Pilates and “the haircut”.

Rim shot. NO Idiot get yer mind out of the gutter. Rim shots are a comedy retort. Old comics with a band would have a drummer do a bit after the joke. For emphasis.


I’m hanging in there til Labor Day. Then sleep is an issue and I gotta choose.

(Plus, I can still see that “freeze frame” of CF after he threw that play shark at the camera. During shark week. It just reeked of all kinds of passive agressive pizz. Got it. He’s got a burr up his butt about something. At least that’s what it looked like out here in the cheapo seats.

But I’m still going to hang out there until Labor Day even if any other time I’d just change the channel. Why? Cause dang it, I just like this show. I like it cause it’s been funny. I loved it because of the writting. It’s not been because of CF’s looks or his sartorial choices or even if he is or he’s not grumpy. I think it was when I was watching his Bing Hitler character that I figured this out. Even angry and drunk, there was a character that existed fully formed.

It’s good to listen to what others think. It’s good to listen to your fans. It’s not good to be held hostage by them. To be stereotyped by them. Never good to turn your “real life” self into a caricature. I don’t know why I got this impression of Mr. Ferguson and the LLS. I just thought that his “punk rocker” could like ABBA too. Why? ROFLMBO. Because, “Oh, why not.” If that was true of the characters? Sure. OR even better if it’s unexpected and throws a spanner in the stereotype. I thought that Mr. Ferguson and and writters created his characters. They weren’t “bound up” by them. Well — not unless they were into “bondage” and well then they’d be happily going down that bunny trail taking the viewer with them…

There is a difference you know.

(It’s also the reason why fans said they liked Mr. Ferguson’s version of the LLS in the first place.)

If Mr. Ferguson was to read this?

Hugs. Like the Ringo Starr song, “It’ don’t come easy. You know it don’t come easyyyyy.”

Author Ann, a fan of TV’s Craig Ferguson and his writing team from their very first show. They sure do ask a whole lot for their support over on TWoP.


For the rest of the 12 dogs blog? Here’s an Update

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0 commentsUpdate
Posted Aug-04-08 16:53:49 PDT Updated Aug-04-08 21:29:54 PDT

PoisonIvy Update: Day 3 or 4

I have managed to get the strength to turn on the computer and read Tryork’s blog. While I didn’t actually have the strength to watch the video, Tryork’s post reminded me of the time honored southern tradition of playing Christmas carols during the “dog days of summer”. A reminder that this heat will pass and bring forth 10 months of huricanes, tornados, and a February so warm you can wear shorts.

So I’m off to watch White Christmas.

Happy holidays!!!!

Author Ann

Oh and curmugeon person.

You’re welcome?
I think.

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0 commentsYou’re welcome?
Posted Aug-03-08 14:04:51 PDT Updated Aug-05-08 09:13:06 PDT



The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear


Because I couldn’t find a suitable response? Well I had to call on the words of Hannah.

I Didn’t Know You Could Walk On Air

Hannah Murphy 03 August, 2008

There’s a smile on my face

As I skip by the sea

Lighter than air

Your words to me

Like willow the wisps

or mirages, it’s true.

I can barely make out

the soul of you.

But I feel your smile

Like the warmth of the sun

I hear your heart

As if we are one

Whisper again to me

Oh heck. Don’t panic.

( I just love both poems.They remind me of “sunlight on water”. A very good memory. The Owl and the Pussycat is also a film. This makes for a really skewed view of this post. Would be interesting because the intent my post is a pleasant flicker of a memory. Then again, this is Blogland which is kind of like Wonderland. A riff on Alice wouldn’t exactly be out of place. And there is a writer in that film and a miss matched relationship. That’s a movie though. Not really applicable here.)


What a day for a daydream. What a day for a day dreamin’…

I don’t know the title or writer. Sorry.

Finally? To enter 12 dogs?

Look at the Recent Posts box to the left.

Click the second post. I think it’s “Dear Taloooolah, You’re right.”

That’s the entry to this blog.


Hugs too Gentle Reader.

This post will probably be deleted next week. It’s just to tell someone, “Your welcome.”

And give the curmugeon a hug.

So you are very welcome. ๐Ÿ˜€

I think.


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0 commentsDear Taloooolah, You’re right.
Posted Aug-03-08 12:08:31 PDT Updated Aug-04-08 16:34:58 PDT

It is a kind of book.

Tales of Blogland

It’s a kind of book that could only be written in the world of Blogland. Not a biography, auto or otherwise, it is the story of a person’s life. Like “dream time” it exists in the imagination of the author and the reader. Part fiction. Part fact. One sentence, the cumulative experiences of many. Somewhere within? The truth resides. Not just the “factual” truth but also the “real” truth that resides in a heart.

Only in Blogland, Talooooolah, where it is assumed that you are who you say you are but no one is surprised if you aren’t.

The place where your fictional words are sometimes more true that your factual life.

I’ve enjoyed chatting with you.

You and Newt.

Where do I start?

Because you need to periodically say it. How about —

Thank you.

Author Ann

PS. I’m still writing and editing. Not too much editing though. It’s supposed to read like a diary. Like life, it is always a rough draft. The final form never really comes about until you die.

I’m not sure I even want to change the spelling.

Hugs to you.
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0 commentsBecause you need to periodically.
Posted Aug-03-08 09:29:03 PDT Updated Aug-03-08 11:47:26 PDTI don’t do shots.
I’m writing this for a very good reason. As I’ve written MANY times this is a writer’s journal. Fact and fiction exist here. While there may sometimes be things written related to my life, alot of what I write comes from observations of this world. I’m learning to write characters. Learning to create worlds where non existed. Learning to write everyday even when I’d rather not. Trying to find a “writer’s voice” by trying on “different writing style hats”. If you’ve read this blog from the beginning, you’ll remember. I wrote about it. It’s been good for me. It’s difficult to write in ways that are so very different than who I am in everyday life.

In an earlier post, I mentioned that this year I had decisions to make about my future. I do. One of the very real people I have written about is WB. In addition to bringing me gel for my Poison Ivy rash, WB has listened to my questions, worries, and hopes for a future as a writer. I want to be practical and make money at this venture. It’s nice to have the luxury to be a “starving artist” but I really would rather not. So WB’s listened and is helping me come up with “A Plan”.

It’s been really wonderful to write here on this blog.

It’s given me confidence to write.

For me, the notion that anyone would ever read a word that I’ve written was just the silliest idea. Who would want to hear a word of this nonsense. I was so excited when the very first folks read this blog. Two whole people posted on my second post. Thank you Darlene1956 and Newt. Hugs to you both. I was so lost when I wrote those first posts. It’s why I try to post on new folks blogs because of the kind welcome that I got from Newt and Darlene.

One of the first folks to comment on 12 Dogs is NewtLovesRock. A fine, fine writer when she’s not deleting. I will always be grateful for her words. For a long time she gave me an “audience of one” to write for. I’m sorry that we never got a chance to actually know each other. Like most of Blogland I only see a public persona of Newt. But still, it was thanks to Newt that I kept trying to write stuff down in a way that might be interesting to someone else. While the subject matter was different, it was as if I was writing for my young son. Entertaining someone with my stories.

Newt you don’t know me. But thank you.

There are other folks who’ve been encouraging too. Some folks who’ve emailed and whose names I know.

For the next week, I’ll be writing to them and to you, the Gentle Readers whose names I don’t know.

This next bit is for my folks and for my son and for WB.

You are correct daddy, I am going to be just fine. I know you worry about me. You always have and I’m grateful. You and Mom have taught me alot. So have WB and Pup and the dogs. Mercy, so have the dogs.

I just want to thank you for teaching me to read. I know that it wasn’t easy for you. Thank you for not giving up.

I’m looking forward to writing very much. It feels good and for the first time it fits in with the rest of my life. For a very long time, I have tried to find a way to express– to speak– a voice. With each try, I have always felt that folks would have to validate my choice. Felt that before I could call myself a sculptor or photographer that people would have to buy my artwork and say, “Yes. You are indeed an artist.” Then magically I would be an “artist”.

I didn’t have any say in the matter.

This is the first time that I’ve not asked a single soul’s permission. I just wrote. When I’d written enough? I called myself a writer.

I am a writer.

Now comes the part where I become a good writer.

This is for my sculpture teacher.

Hey. You know it’s funny. I’m still working in the figurative. While I’m not quite there with my “voice”, I’m still “talking” about people. Figurative sculpture, figurative photography, and now words about people.

Finally, I have a way to express what it is I “see”. I also have a way to “see with understanding”.

ONE of the things I have a hope to write about are the people where I live.

To write about them, to photograph them, and to hopefully sculpt.

It’s just one thing I’ll write about.. A kind of pet project.

There will be other people to write about. Sculpture too. I haven’t given up on the visual arts. Writing helps to refine what I “see”.

Oh and about Pup.

All these years taking care of Pup instead of going to art school have in a way been a “schooling”. This “Pup school” was very important. He taught me to “see with my heart”. He taught me to “keep a going” when I didn’t think that I could. He taught me to “get up”. To be strong when I didn’t feel strong at all. He’s been one of the most important influences in my life. This parenting thing. It’s good but tough on a person.

You are a mom, a wife, an artist, and a very good teacher.

Now you understand.

I wanted to make sure I wrote this last part.

For my family.

This post might be boring to read but for those few lovely folks who like and in some cases even love me? It’s very important.

I’m just sorry that they aren’t all here for me to tell them in person.

So now we come back to the beginning of this post.

Welcome to 12 dogs and a blog. This is a writer’s journal. Fact and FICTION reside here. If you don’t know which is which? Just ask.

Comments are off. You are welcome to email.

I do answer.

Oh, and one more thing.

I don’t do shots.

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0 commentsI don’t do shots.
Posted Aug-02-08 20:11:31 PDTDear “Name withheld by request to avoid embarrasment” ,
It’s nothing personal to the medical profession but I honestly think my now dead Great Aunt was correct.

“When ever I go to the doctor I end up getting sick.”

Great Aunt Elsie.

Take care,

More in next post. Ann
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0 commentsDear “Name withheld by request to avoid embarrasment”…
Posted Aug-01-08 10:25:35 PDT Updated Aug-01-08 17:54:15 PDTDear Tahlooolah,

Oh lawsy.

I do not like to burden you with my piddlin trials and tribulations.

I am at the moment covered up in poison ivy. At least my upper torso is covered in a poison ivy rash. It’s been an itch fest here and the idea of doing much of anything other than scratch is a distraction from my very important activity- scratching. Especially horrid is the patch on my back because I can’t reach it to scratch. When I ask someone else to scratch they try to spray icy cold aloe vera on me for some insane reason.

I think they are a sadists and enjoy my suffering way to much.

I just want someone to scratch my itch not medicate it.

I’m not supposed to itch. No one will scratch. My shoulder is still abit whack. So, I am at the mercy of a contraband hair brush which if I twist and turn just so will barely reach the spot on my back. Good news thought, at least it won’t try and spritz me with icy cold aloe vera.

It’s pathetic.
I feel pathetic.
No, I am not going to take that oatmeal bath.
And yes, I still have to go sort the dog pins.

Not a good time.

I can write about it later in a happy blog when it’s in the past.

Right now?

I just itch.


PS The only thing that could possibly get me rousted up enough to type is the fact that Tryork is in the building and posting again. (Or emailing you, Tahlooolah.)

Tryork, you don’t know me but I sure missed your posts. Welcome back.

So I wanted to say hello.

I would have said hello to you earlier but I only have two hands and feet and they are very occupied by—

you guessed it.


Now, Tahlooolah and Tryork, stop leaving. I have enough on my hands what with the itching. I don’t have time to be sweet.

What’s worse. Everyone and their mother has decided to have a crisis.

The ONLY television that I watch? The fella that has kept me entertained, sane, and distracted these last three years? Whose got me laughing in crisis? He’s decided to celebrate shark week by throwing plastic sharks at the camera. He’s also throwing a week long snit. This and visions of me covered in a Poison Ivy rash have made my once pleasant fantasy life a nightmare or itching and scratching.

Hard to feel sexy when you’ve got a Poison Ivy rash and you’re scratching.

It gets worse.

I feel like I’m coming down with the flu.
I ache.
I am not apologizing for my behavior.
This is the part where someone is supposed to hug my neck, give me prezzies, or heck at least be nice to me.
But no-
All they want to do is spritz me with that durn aloe vera or have some crisis.

Now, be nice. I have entertained you with my misery while simultaneously suffering misery.
Please be happy.

Sad Talooolahs make me sad.

If you’ve been here before click and scroll through next post. If not read the next post.

Welcome to 12 dogs and a blog

I need a real hug, prezzies, and this celibate thing has got to go.

Got to go slop the hogs. I mean feed the dogs.


Ah yeah.

“.,, NOOOO New York is where I’d raaaather stay. I get allergic smelling hay. I just adore a penthouse vieeeewwww. Daaahhhling I love you but give me Park Avenue…”

Sigh. Could you sign me up for that penthouse. This is alittle too much nature for my liking.

Writer’s note/

At the urging of my lovely, wonderful, kind and good son, I am adding a disclaimer here.

This post in meant in a humours way. It’s not meant to hurt or be calous. I do have Poison Ivy and it is a b itch people. I email with the Talloooolah person. She’s a peach and I don’t even begin to want to hurt her feelings. I’ve already told her that. Just thought the rest of the world should know it too. So did my son.

Now I’m going to eat BBQ and scratch. WB brought Benadryl topical which doesn’t work for me but hey at least it’s not that durn icy cold aloe vera. And it seems to make WB feel productive. And it doesn’t pizz me off. Win Win I think..

Now if only TV talkshow host will be happy and NOT throw plastic sharks at the TV screen and say things like, ” you know you like it …”

I like it about as much as I like icy cold aloe vera. Which is to say, “…not much thanks…”


Talloooolah check yer mail.

For those folks who forget? A man’s face is his business. You’re not looking out for continuity darlin. your being bossy and over bearing. One minute its a mustache next minute its bitching to the sponsors about ad time. Over reacting you say? Nope, just read the posts darlin. Boundaries. It’s about boundaries. If you don’t establish them, you lose your privacy and creatiive control. There are blogs who would think they owned ya/

But then that’s my business and opinion. Something I have no problems expressing on this blog. Ehem. MY blog.


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