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Posted Aug-16-09 08:47:47 PDT Updated Aug-16-09 08:49:08 PDT

Saw this in the comments on YouTube. LOL

“Ford. No pull out or bailout required. Can I get an amen?”

Amen ! <The next 12 dogs interactive story.

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0 commentsHey Boys and Girls!
Posted Aug-14-09 11:51:59 PDT Updated Aug-19-09 20:58:11 PDT
It's Interactive Story time

But first?

Remember. The day after a hurricane is always sunny.

So remember to bring the music.

Sheryl Crow sings Steve McQueen

It's worth the detour. 😀

Then ya'll come on back and read 12 dogs <interactive story.

Hugs and love,

Author Ann

Soaking up the Sun while it's still free.


Cya 😀

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0 commentsIt's Interactive Story Time
Posted Aug-14-09 10:50:14 PDT Updated Aug-14-09 12:01:34 PDT
A friend of mine once told me …

…."Sometimes the realities of life are just to big to ignore."

I usually start singing that Disney song, "Put one foot in front of the other…." Only I change it to "Put one fool in front of the other. I'd been in politics way to long. Even reality was beginning to read like The Onion.


Laura woke up.

There's that moment in the morning where you wake up. The world is bright and sunny and you feel as if you've died in your sleep. You're in Heaven. The sky is blue. The air is clean. Somehow St Peter didn't think losing your virginity before marriage was a deal breaker.

Then the alarm goes off blaring NPR.

"This is not Heaven," the voice on the radio says. "This is Earth. The view outside your window might be good Missy but in the rest of the world there are fire and plagues. The stockmarket is down. Oh and that review was the worst review in literature. Good morning."

Definately not Heaven.

"Life is imperfect." my friend says.

"So you get up and drink the coffee and maybe find the breakfast."

Sarah is my best friend and writing partner. I think it's because I put up with her cr8p and she puts up with my inertia that it works.

She grew up in a family of 5 kids with civil servant parents. I tried to explain the review but then she never did understand Socrates either. Nor did she understand the concept of being pro Life. It was odd. For someone who was always trying to convince me that life was "shades of gray"? She was very "black and white" when it came to what she believed.

The minute I suggest that she might be wrong? She bristles.

We're in the lounge watching a movie.

"Let me see your coffee." Sarah is pulling the cup out of my hand before I've even offered it.

"Before you drink it. Come on. Hand it here."

We're watching the movie "The Great Escape". That scene where Steve McQueen is on the motorcycle. I'm watching Steve tangled in barbed wire. He's surrounded by Nazis and sure to die and she want's my coffee?


"After that review ? I'm checking for hemlock."

I give her the cup because there'll be no peace if I don't.

She's such a "totalitarian b*tch".

Besides I'm trying to watch the movie and it's the only way I can get her to shut up.

"God bless Steve McQueen …"


From Life Imitates Art? For Real?

Short Interactive Story by — well — I won't say but it was written 14 August, 2009.

Hope ya'll have a good'un.

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0 commentsA friend of mine once said
Posted Aug-13-09 18:35:35 PDT Updated Aug-14-09 15:35:45 PDT"…

"I want to be a writer when I grow up.

Read somewhere that the most important words of any book are the ones in the first sentence. The next most important words are in the first paragraph. If you don't have the reader interested by the first chapter? It' doesn't matter what you have to say in the last.

It really doesn't."

She read the words again. No mention of the author or title or the book. Just those words. This had been the kind review. The nice one that you spin for a friend. She remembered the quote on the House Publishing blog.

"This writer is alot of things but above all else? He's a piece of work. Enjoy."

She closed her eyes tight and began praying.. "Please God, Let the words in that first chapter be an internet hoax. A publicity stunt. A leaked rough draft. Some wise guy in shippings idea of a joke.


Because if they weren't?



Coconut Telegraph

From the collection of short stories

Conversations With Hannah

Hannah Murphy

14 August, 2009


I read the entire thing.

If it really is the real first chapter? Why?

The first chapter should have been just what is shown on page seven.

The last couple of paragraphs. Chapter one? The one page. The paragraphs after the sentence about having to leave on an early flight.

Is it spare? Yep. Is it slightly formal. Yup. Does it tell me volumes about the book and have me at hello? That last page did. The rest is just stuff that could have easily been told in Chapter two or three or four. I would have read past chapter one and forgiven the other in later chapters. But that first sentence and that first paragraph would have grabed me and held tight.

And I would have happily read it to the very last word.

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0 commentsGetting old and death counseling
Posted Aug-13-09 12:20:00 PDT Updated Aug-14-09 14:52:01 PDTFirst off. I'm not mad at anyone.

I'm just sad that a very strong woman died in such a very sad way.

I was asked by someone on the blogs why I was against death counseling for the elderly.\

They don't care for Gov. Palin so they won't like that part. The thing is they've lost an elderly friend. They know how hard the loss can be of someone that they cared very much. No matter how old you are . The truth is, that, it is different as you get older.

It's not a slam against hospice.

I think that the person who asked, asked with a good heart. . They'll get passed the political differences and understand that while the person who this is addressed to is on one side of the political discussion.

The sentiment isn't.

This isn't meant as an angry letter to anyone. It' just a letter meant to explain and to wonder what would have happened if my Great Aunt had been compassionately counseled on how to keep living even thought she always seemed to be the oldest woman in the room.

Someone asked. This is my answer.

The letter format is a literary device. This is after all first and foremost my writing journal.



Dear Gov. Palin,

Thank you for what for you did to get the folks up on Capital Hill to take out the death counseling provision in the proposed healthcare bill. If it got them to talking. If it got them to thinking about how this would play out in the real world.?

It was okay by me and this is why.

If you were a long term reader of my blog, 12 dogs, you'd be familiar with Auntie Slacker. She is based on my great aunt who died last year. I wrote about her on my blog. I briefly touched on how she died but now I think I'll say a bit more. My experience is the best way I know how to explain how I feel about this subject.

My great aunt was a fighter and embraced life. In her eighties, after her husband died, she got up and went to another state. Went to a place where she didn't know anyone but it was closer to family and old friends. All by herself, she found a house, a church, and a new life. A life which she lived with gusto. When she was in her 90's she went to all the church functions. And she traveled. All by herself she hired a guide to take her salmon fishing in Alaska because she' thought it might be fun. She caught fish and had a great time. That was my great auntie in her 90's. Fun. When she turned 100 it was with much fan fare and and a great sense of fun.

During this time her friends were dying and the numbers of her contemporaries dwindled. Yet she made friends. Kept active. There were a few times she got down but her best friend or family members or church memebers were there and got her up and going.

Then her best friend in the world died and she went into a funk.

She wanted to die and go to Heaven.

If you've lost someone you are extremely close to you know how difficult the grieving process is. Regardless of the age. It was going to be difficult for her.This was her best friend who died. The one who understood her. Her best buddy. You couldn't know my great aunt without hearing about her friend. I never had the chance to meet her but I talked to her friend on the phone. She was in her way as much of a "pistol" as my great aunt. When she died it was so hard for my aunt. If you've worked with elderly patients you get that this can be a tricky time for the elderly patient. It was for my great aunt.

Then she had to go to the hospital and they told her she'd have to have surgery.

She apparently went balistic. Asked to leave the hospital. This is the woman who was tough as nails when she had not one but two different hip surgeries.

She got coounseling alright but instead of counseling to live? Because of her age she got counselling on how to die. Already depressed about the loss of her friend and with the people surounding her saying how she'd lived a full life? My great aunt decided to go home rather than have treatment. My great aunt had signed a legal document saying she wouldn't take medical treatment nor would she it would seem take nourishment. Apparently IV feeding was a medical proceedure not food. It was legal I was told. If you don't receive nourishment your are going to die no matter what the prognosis is. That was when I was finally told. I live in a different state and counted on information from others. By the time I was told what was really happening, I was told that it was too late.

That vibrant woman who lived such a life and was grieving the loss of her friend?

She died.

If you are older and all your friends are dying off? Then your best friend in the world dies. Every thing seems difficult. I can't tell you the number of people who kept saying,"Oh she's lived a full life." Of course she did. She'd lived a full life by the time she was 80. That was 20 years before her 100th birthday. That was 10 years before she went salmon fishing in Alaska.

I wonder what would have happened if she'd been counseled that even though she'd beat the life expectancy odds a while back that there were people who've lived even longer. That grief was difficult at any age.

I wonder what would have happened if her best friend hadn't died. I'm pretty sure she'd do the same as she did the last time she broke her hip. Get her out and about as soon as she could. Remind her that no matter what age we are there is life for us.

I wonder what would happened if she'd been younger when she was told that she'd need the medical proceedure. If she wasn't hearing that –you know — she'd lived a long life.

She'd broke her hip in her 90's. She slipped and fell while participating in a Texas fun cow pie throwing contest. She had the surgery and was in and out of that hospital in a flash. I remember asking how she could be so upbeat after major surgery? Iron will would be the answer. That was the second time she broke a hip. The first time she broke her hip she fell in her house. Some how she mangaged to pull herself to a phone, call the 911 folks, brush her hair, put on some "decent clothes" and even some lipstick. Most folks would have just laid there on the floor and hollared.

She needed counseling on how to live after her friend died.

She needed counseling on making friends when you are the oldest person in the room

She needed counseling on how to live at an age when nationally the number of folks living to that age is growing but still rare in the big picture.

She needed to know that her life didn't have an expiration date.

The last thing she needed was for someone to hold her hand in her state of mind and tell her how to die with dignity.

Why not how to live with dignity?

My great auntie didn't die with dignity. You can't counsel what happens during that time. You just can't begin to imagine.

So Gov Palin what ever you said? Thank you.

Thank you to the folks on Capital Hill who took it out.

From me and my Great Aunt .

May she know peace and see her friends again in the Heaven that she believed in.

Sincerely and regards,

Author Ann


It's Interactive Story Time

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0 commentsSaw this on MadCat's blog this morning
Posted Aug-13-09 07:28:47 PDT Updated Aug-13-09 10:20:21 PDT

Thought I'd post it on 12 dogs as well;.v=1

Then there is this post

You see if the Federal government is going to pay for our healthcare.

And we pay the taxes that fund that health care.

And the economy isn't doing better

And we're supposed to pay the difference between what they think it might cost and what it actually does?.

In addition to already paying taxes for the "what they think it might cost" portion of the program

With direct draft no less so that means no waiting till the last second to send the check

(like taxes)

Well tell me again how we're supposed to pay for Universal HealthCare?

Maybe I missed something.

"…And where do we go from here.

Which is the way that's clear…"

It's hurricane season. Dog Days. The star Sirius rises with the sun and is pissed that it's so hot. Schools started and we've not even seen Labor day. Golden Rod is blooming and folks have allergies. Got a theory?

In a few more days it will be the 40th anniversary of Huricane Camile's "visit" to Mississppi. My dad used to burn a candle in his store. People thought it was kind of stupid. I don't know why he did it. He's certainly not a overly sentimental. I guess it's just something so tragic that you don't want to forget how lucky you are to survive.

When they asked him how he got so many folks to evacuate so fast from the coast. Before Katrina. The governor said that all he had to do was say that this storm is worse than Camile. In my family we'd been talking about how there is always a storm every 2o or so years yet there'd been no big storm. It was worrisome. My folks had a boat.

The time was coming due.

The thing is that people survived.

Every year for a long time my father burned a candle. As a parent I see that in a different way than I ever did before. It was because of my father and his job that we stayed. It was because of my father and mother staying that we didn't lose our house and that we survived. It was because of God.

I'm looking at my feet. Each step. A miracle to be here. A miracle to go one more step.

And then the other.

It's easy to get caught up in the pain of the day. The Gulf of Mexico. People get on to me for loviing that place so. There are hurricanes there. It's so hot. Why would you hold to that place? It's because of what the Gulf reminds me of. That poweful thing that turns mean or gives a happy day at the beach. It lets me see the infinate power of life. Boxed into houses and cars and jobs and life that seems to close in on us is forgotten. The Gulf. The stars in the night sky? Remind me that there is always another day.

Dear Powers That Be at Ebay Blogland … <click for 12 dogs and a blog

Comments are off but the email still works.




Read an intersting blog post about blog titles. I wonder if anyone's ever really looked at the blog post titles here at 12 dogs?

you just might find

You get what you need…

Rock on.


I'm not back. Not really.

Thng is I was thinking about politics and how the economic news.s.

And about how music can define the times.

Then I found this song.

tee hee. this song… LOL Welcome to 2010,

I'll be at the beach so leave a message

:Life really is better at the beach…

Cause the beach and the sun?

It's still free.

Where do we go from here?

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1 commentGod bless Steve McQueen & his motorbike…
Posted Aug-13-09 07:28:45 PDT Updated Aug-18-09 10:51:18 PDT"…

"Wait a minute. Steve is tangled in barbed wire, surrounded by Nazis, he's sure to die, and he pats his motorcycle?

Here's the pitch.

I see him astride a motorbike. Yep still in a kilt. A shout out to the National Lampoon Vacation artwork. Hyper real. Actual more photo shopped so that you take the photo from the front cover with him in the kilt and you insert a motorbike — he's got that Indian right?. Well you photoshop that motorbike right in his crotch.area. Then you photoshop a photo of his wife on back of the motorbike. All biker chick but wholesome. Lots of cleavage. And she's slightly elevated over his — mmm — his left shoulder.

Together they're taking on the world.

On a motorbike.

All tongue in check and not giving a dam about airplane payments or private school costs or the recession or alimony. They're Americans with a purpose. All buff and hip. The couple of the new millinium. Hot. Multi-generational. Kewl.

Like Steve McQueen in the Great Escape."

"And that would explain the first chapter?"

"Exactly. They're so hip and cool that even the "hipsters" who think they get them? Don't."

"Even more cool than Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel.?"

Sarah looks at me wide eyed when she asks me this.

"Yup. For the purposes of next months house payment? Even more hip than Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel. They are so cool — that we won't call them "hipsters". We'll call them "hipwaders". That — is deep. Very cutting edge."

I look at her and take a deep breath.

"So what do you think?"

I'm trying to figure out what she's going to say next. With Sarah? That was tricky.

"I think — that you're full of sh*t and need more fiber."

"But in the name of Love and rent money?

It's perfect.

God bless Steve McQueen and his motorbike"

You can have your coffee back. Sugar?"


14 August, 2009

It's Interactive Story Time

Author's note (and because we didn't want ANYONE to miss it) Those be dogs barking at the end of this video.

"…Holiday roaaadd. Roooaaaaddd…."


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0 commentsDear Powers That Be at Ebay Blogland Division,
Posted Aug-10-09 05:37:04 PDT Updated Aug-13-09 17:07:07 PDT

Dear "Mr. Blueberry" *,
Just a note to thank you for alllowing me to post here in Blogland.

Have had great fun developing the Interactive Story and 12 dogs.

It would seem that in addition to being a mom? I am writer and now a sailor.

Who knew.

I suspect though that in the coming year you may ask me to either delete or remove entirely my blog so that you will have more space for the Spam and blogs that bring the eyes to Spam here at Blogland.

As you may or may not know, 12 dogs isn't a simple daily diary. It is (as I've said many times) my writing journal. It is also a maze of interconnecting links so that the Gentle Readers of my blog can vary their reading experience. So that it's not boring. There are some who think that any blog longer than two sentences isn't aof interest to the ebayer. To them? The complex sentence is a bore. It's not. To me? It's the antidote to boring.

The thing is —

Because of it's maze like nature, it's not so easy to move. It's existence is dependent upon the virtual world of the internet. That's why I'm saying this way ahead of time. I'm asking for adequate time to move 12 dogs and a lblog from it's current home at ebay to another blog host. My plans for the blog have been to sum up the "story" of 12 dogs and then leave it as a sort of interactive book. A mental playground.

My own Zen Garden of sorts.

I would be happy to continue writing here. I don't bother anyone and folks do read the blog.

Even if I don't have my chats open.

Anyway, should the day come when you need for me to move? I ask that I'm given time to accomplish this task.

It's not as easy to do as you think.

Kind regards,


aka IronChassis

PS I miss the informal community of Blogland. In case you haven't noticed? While ebay is about commerce,what makes it unique is the "community".

The diverse voices of the people who are Blogland.

The many unique and individual writing styles?

Just sayin.


Note to Gentle Readers,

If you are familiar with children's books, you should recognize the title for the children's book, Dear Mr. Blueberry. As you know (if you are familiar with the book) this is a lovely story about a young woman who has a whale living in her backyard. A sensible girl, she contacts an expert in the field of Cetaceans for help on how to take care of this whale.

He in turn tells her politely that she's nuts.

What follows is kind of the story of my life. Improbably true.

Well some of it.

This is after all 12 dogs and a blog, my writing journal. Fact and fiction co-exist here.

For those who aren't familiar with the story, Dear Mister Blueberry?

Now you know.

For those of you who aren't familiar with 12 dogs and a blog?

Keep reading.

Hope you have a happy day.

Kind regards,



Iron Chassis

Cya 🙂

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0 commentsDear Mr. Blueberry,
Posted Aug-10-09 05:09:32 PDT Updated Aug-10-09 12:58:44 PDT"…

Sooo– in this movie Forrest, the main character is Forrest — uhm–Gump — Forrest Gump.

Well in the movie all of a sudden Forrest starts running. Running across country. Sometimes he runs with folks and sometimes alone. Rain. Sun. Sleet. He just keeps running. No one really knows why and he doens't tell them why. He just runs. Meeting these people and talking to them about life? It's not the point. I don't really think that the character even knows why he runs. Not on a conscious level. Personally? I think that he's running from the pain and reality of his life at the moment. Reacting like a Ameoba does when poked. Patella reflex. Ya know. He's just reacting. Trying to out run the pain of his life that's "hunted" him.

The folks who run with him all have their opinions of why he runs. Some even try to make it a quest for the "Holy Grail" of spirituality, but I think it was more just a basic reaction to physical and emotional pain.

So he runs.

Back and forth. Across the country. Talking and not talking to folks and then one day just abruptly as he began running?

He stops.

He's done.

Outlasted the pain and he goes home



In the Throws of a Tropical "Depression"

Hannah Murphy

10 August, 2009

For Tryork5ifp in response to

A triptych for IronChasis part I

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0 commentsI never understood why…
Posted Aug-10-09 03:26:28 PDT Updated Aug-10-09 10:59:17 PDTyou read this blog Gentle Readers.

I really don't.

Glad that you do. Just have no clue why you do.

Have "met " some interesting and very creative people on this blog. Very good writers.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and visit with me a bit.

For almost my whole (real) life people have come to me to talk about their life. I have had complete strangers come to me and tell me about their kids, their troubles. I try to do my best to listen and to help them if I may. Sometimes I do. For some I've been a resting point while they collect themselves. If you meet me Gentle Reader and you need someone to talk to please do. And if you've had a really happy thing happen to you? Please let me know.

I love to hear the happy stuff.

Light a candle. Curse the "darkness", eh?


To tryork5ifp

in response to A triptych for IronChasis part I


Will take a bit to watch the videos that you posted on your blog. Didn't want you to think that I was ignoring or avoiding. Just takes a very long time to download videos where I am.

LOL I'll tell the person who gave me the nick about your opinion of it. It was a "gift" of sorts. As for being compared to an aging 57 Chevy? That's a good thing? Right?



Writing a multipost,interactive story is a challenge. Especially if you're posting them over many days. You can write them, post them quickly, and then pull them into the rough draft section. If you've got blue links you have to post them and copy and past the posted addy not the rough draft addy. Love to write the "Interactive stories" but with multiple links it can just about wear a person out trying to plan them. The posts that are current have to make sense on there own. And you are telling the story ending to beginning. I think that there was a movie called Gosford Park that did that exceptionally well. Then there is the problem with taking up the main page with multiple posts. Posting and then bringing them back into drafts solves that problem. Just have to memember to use the posted addy not the rough draft addy. Important difference. I'd love to see what you can do with the "interactive story" format. Or even better? Maybe we could write a collaberative story with other bloggers. The blue links could send us all zooming through Blodland and virtual time.

I've been experimenting with it and referencing back to past blog posts at 12 dogs. LLOL it can get tricky. Have refered to the first blog post so many times it's like a virtual "timetraveling" traffic jam. The timelines or story logic lines just gets hysterically funny.

Your blog would be a great one for a virtual travel guide. Or an annotated tour like they do with movies. You know with the director's commentary.

Aug-09-09 19:31:14 PDT Delete | Report this comment
ironchassis ( 128)View seller's items | View Blog
You can also guess how many posts you'll need and in an off time post and take into drafts that number of posts. Number them like "post one", "post two", "post three"…

That way you can write out the whole "story" in rough drafts and then post. Still wise to let folks know that there is a multiple post.

Or for more fun? Just start writing the story from the ending and see where it takes you.

It shouldn't be too much longer before the "virtual interactive book" 12 dogs will be finished. When that happens I'll clean up the links a bit and the rough drafts.

Again I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do with the format.

Aug-09-09 19:42:00 PDT Delete

Sorry that I deleted. Just figured that it would be better posted here.


I've had the oportunity to listen to a video.

Tryork, writing these interactive stories isn't easy. I'm not sure that being a writer is either. I think that you write for entertainment as well as to show a world of ideas to someone.

It should be entertaining.

One should always think of the "audience" when writing. Who might read or hear the story. They hopefully will read as you intend it but not always. A friend of mine said that we read and react to life through our own "glasses" or experience. It's how we "see" it. The rule of unintend consequences can come into play.

And sometimes the "real" story is much too much. To tell it "unvarnished"? Would be self indulgent.

But I tell you what. Here in the South we swap stories. When someone tells a story it is good manners to return the favor with a good story. Since you seem to favor the "unvarnished" stories and it's taking me a while to read all of the story that you posted for me on your blog?

Here is a story for the wait..

I learned that the world is filled with light and dark stories. We learn from them all. But I also learned not to be self indulgent. Learned that fact and fiction are good as long as everyone knows.

"Welcome to 12 dogs and a blog., Fact and Fiction co-exist here if you don't know which is which? Don't assume. Ask."

That's why I've periodically placed this post in my blog for a very long time.

So that I don't hurt folks feelings.

The 12 dog's disclaimer…

And the actual story. The video of Augie's Christmas story is abridged:


Or why I don't read my "horoscope"…

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0 commentsOr why I don't read my "horoscope"…
Posted Aug-09-09 13:28:00 PDT Updated Aug-10-09 06:13:25 PDTBecause it has about as much to do with my life as …

On a completely unrealated but related topic?

Beautiful Book

Chapter 4

Why I don't read my horoscope.

Every once in awhile I read my horoscope and I'm reminded why I don't the rest of the time.

It never has anything to do with my life.

The one minute that it takes to read it is a minute I'd have been better off sleeping. Never does it even reflect the past. Never does it predict the future. And its never the same thing between the two or three different writers. Seems like if there were some "universal" parralel that they'd all read the same but they don't.

I know folks who read them and swear by them but they've yet to tell me why they don't have the same results for each reading for the same day.

Maybe they need to pay for the individual reading.

That should be the same in general though. Shouldn't matter if you're born at 8AM or 8PM.\

Central Time? Daylight Savings Time?


Hope you have a "spark-o-licious" day.

(ann-otation.went back and re read the last sentence. No I am not pizzed at you Gentle Reader. I'm not. I'm pizzed at the moment I wrote it so it sounds like a general "pizzitude" directed at you the reader. It's not. It's more of an interjection. "Ouch"

You may see more of this.

It's been a tough two weeks.

I would like to write about it but I don't want to talk about it.

Kind of like having cramps. It's your reality during the moment. Then it's over. You don't remember your cramps in the specific. Well maybe you remember the ":landmark" type cramps. The real "doozies". And you might talk about it when the general subject of "cramps that nearly do you in" come up. Well and when the topic of labor pains comes up you might mention that too. But in general? You put it somewhere and then try not to dwell on it.)



In the throws of a tropical "depression"???…




It make a great story title. Alright 😦

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0 commentsIn the throws of a tropical "depression"…
Posted Aug-08-09 05:13:45 PDT Updated Aug-08-09 07:02:11 PDT"your innocent when you dream"


"Never hold a man accountable for his "reaction" to women…

It's not his "reaction" that's problematic.

It's what he does with his "reaction" that's the problem."


In The Throws of a Tropical Depression

Hannah Murphy,
08 August, 2009

Notes from the real world…

Been a tough 2 weeks..

I read it and thought….

How selfish of me.

I haven't seen Sailing Buddy in the last two weeks. Well there was that awkward brief hello at the river. I'm still not sure if it he was on a date or not. He had a guest, it was a she, and she was invited. Sailing Buddy's personal life isn't my business. It shouldn't have mattered to me but for some reason it was just all kinds of awkward. WB was with me. Then there was the "lovely" visit with my folks and WB. Not lovely at all. Oh and the aftermath. Don't imagine the next two weeks will be much better.

I've always found that the day after a hurricane is always sunny so I'm holding on to the hope that this to will pass and a good day or two will come my way.

Unfortunately? I'm not sure if I'll ever have that lovely skip in my step like I had when tagging along with Sailing Buddy. That's a shame and all kinds of sad.

The last two weeks haven't helped my relationship with WB at all and it's pretty much stomped on a lovely friendship with someone (Sailing Buddy) who I really was starting to like. Alot.

Guess that's why everyone was having a fit.

Imagine me, AuthorAnn, in a happy, contented, and definately not celibate relationship.

Imagine me with a friend who put a skip in my step.

Imagine me with a happy relationship with WB and SB.

Happy Ann.

Man would that pizz folks off.

I mean there are folks who live for the crap that gets dumped in my life.


"…eight years, eight months, two weeks, a day or two, 6 hours, 23 minutes, 11 seconds…"

but then who's counting.

Now back to 12 dogs stuff

First a bit on the LLS …

Intern Jack has been out and about chatting about a favorite subject: late night television.

His comments on .

"…Changing his format so that it's different from David Letterman's Late Show would be the most graceful way to take over when Dave retires. Maybe he could do a less manic version of "The Ferguson Theory". Keep the format.

He's already begun mixing pretaped and "day of" comentary and (so far) avoided looking dated.

If they could take a documentary aproach and worked each week around a theme? With "the Ferguson Theory" format? They'd have a worthy successor to Dave and take that step beyond the late night format he's calling "…tired…"

Heck, I'd watch. "

We've already had our say about the

(r)evolutionary process over on the LLS.

He works hard for the money….

I've also commented on using the " two chair interviews" over the ":desk and chair" chats. We're infavor if they'll alter the angle of the "two chair" interview and the audience interaction. ( There are some guests who are worth the effort but who knew that you had to pay them???)

It would be interesting to see an "omnibus" type of late night show. Something that looks at the comings and goings of popular culture. Maybe something weekly to compete with SNL over on NBC? Or perhaps a weekly themed show on a different topic were each night's guest is on a theme. Combination of day of and pre taped interviews centered around a particular idea or theme. Keep the curse words and bleep them.

On an urelated yet oddly related note…

If there was ever anything annoying about the LLS it would have to be the "ladies" over on TWoP. Honestly? Considering the intense competition for ratings and the fact that TWoP is owned by the rival NBC? It's difficult to take TWoP's comments without a bushell basket of those proverbial "grains of salt".


hello, it's me…

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0 commentsI read it and thought….
Posted Aug-03-09 08:30:25 PDTI read the post that was here. myself, "Dear mercy. That's not right. That makes it sound as if it's my fault.

It's not.

I just didn't want anyone to think that I was being a troll with this blog.

It is a writer's journal. Fact and fiction are written here. While it's written in a diary format? It's not a diary of my real life. Sometimes I will talk about things that are real in my life. But it's not meant to be taken literally. If you have questions or unsure about the fact and fiction here please ask. You can do so via ebay email or comments.

I will say only that my real life is.

I'm not delusional nor am I in the throws of a great depression. Like most folks, my life can be complicated and pleasant. (Sometimes at the same time.)

Now maybe this is a bit clearer.

The part about spending my time on the boat and with Pup is true. So is my reason for doing so.




Now this next part is true.

I really don't like answering machines or voice mail. For all the claims that they make our life easier? It just keeps us waiting for someone to call us back (or not) with the information we requested sometimes days before. Or it can make them mad because they left you a message that wasn't returned because the machine malfunctioned or you or I were unexpectedly out of town. I too, like you have a life and sometimes I didn't check my messages until later.

I got rid of mine answerung nachune and told everyone I knew that I was the easiest person in the world to find. If they needed to ask a question? Just find me and I'll be happy to talk to them. What I found out was that people really weren't interested in a conversation. They just needed a place to dump requests or ask for money. So I turned it off which made some folks mad. I also found out pretty quick who were my friends and who were not.

This next post is for them.

hello, it's me…

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0 commentsHe works hard for the money…
Posted Aug-02-09 19:28:06 PDT Updated Aug-08-09 04:41:22 PDT

Due to the fact that I'm a boring git (or so I've heard)

I don't advocate the use of drugs.

I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs.

That said.

(and because I'm interested at the moment)

This video is interesting.

Kind of a watershed moment. One where the LLS seems to let go and hit it's 5th gear. Becoming more of an "conceptual art" than a talk show. A Happening of sorts where even the rants are more of an "art" piece planned than a viceral reaction to the world. An entertainment.

Alot like 12 dogs it looks entirely real. There are many facts within the fiction.

Here at 12 dogs I've said time and time again that "…12 dogs is a writer's journal. Fact and fiction are here. If you aren't sure what is real and what isn't? Don't assume. Ask."

Because of this video, I'd like to add something to my "12 dogs" disclaimer.

"I have no interest in being "too cool" for anyone reading this blog. Nor do I have any interest in being mean. But the intention of this blog is to explore the written word not lay bare my life or the lives of my friends or family. I know that it's easy to make assumptions about the author of the blogs. I know that there are kind hearts who care deeply about others. Thank you. For you very kind souls, I send good wishes and many hugs.

The next section of posts were difficult to write.

Unfortuanately there is fact with this fiction.

I'm okay. Kind of.

The comments are off.

I'm going to spend more time working on the boat because of something I saw in a movie. In the Karate Kid someone whose life is in disaray finds a fella who is building his Zen Garden. Both are reacting to the indignity that Fate has given them. They give each other the distraction that keeps reality from over whelming them. Keeps them from being drown in the "undertow".

Writing, the boat, Pup, the pups? They do the same for me.

So that I don't get pulled down into my own "reality undertow", I need to concentrate on those things that are positive in my life. That might take me away from the blogs for a bit. The thing that I remember about the movie was that the most beautiful garden or "garden" can grow even in the midst of great sorrow."

I'm sorry for the next grouping of posts.

Pain, physical or emotional, isn't entertaining."




hello, it's me…

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0 commentsBoat wiring 101
Posted Aug-02-09 19:26:35 PDT Updated Aug-02-09 20:13:46 PDTBoring stuff to most but good to know if your running lights aren't working.

(Mine are but it'st just good to know.)

4.4 Fresh Water System Illustration

4.5 Auxiliary Power
4.5.1 Recommended Outboard Engine
An outboard engine of 4 to 6 horsepower should be adequate to propel the Catalina 22 at hull speed under usual conditions.

A larger engine will not increase hull speed and may add additional unnecessary weight in the stern.

Long shaft engines are preferable, however, standard length shaft engines should be adequate for most conditions.

4.5.2 Outboard Bracket
The factory installed, optional outboard bracket is spring loaded to assist lifting and lowering the engine. It locks in both the up and down position. Always be sure the bracket is secured in position before operating the engine.

When under sail, the motor should be kept in the raised position and tilted forward so that the propeller is clear of the water to eliminate unnecessary drag.

The motor bracket manufacturers recommend that a 15 H.P. maximum engine should not be exceeded.

4.6 Accommodations
4.6.1 Galley Stove
A two-burner pressure alcohol stove is a factory option for your Catalina 22. It comes with an operation and maintenance booklet provided by the stove manufacturer. Follow the instructions for operation carefully when using the stove. Be sure cabin curtains are on aft end of track, away from the area over the stove, before lighting burners.

4.6.2 Pop Top Operation
If you r boat is equipped with a pop top hatch, the following notes will aid in its operation:

First of all, the pop top can be used in two different positions. When the pop top is in the down position, the smaller sliding hatch serves as access to the cabin. When the pop top is in the up position, access to the cabin is greatly increased and, of course, so is the available head room. To put the pop top in the up position, you must go inside the cabin. The top is raised by lifting upward and forward at the same time. With the pop top in the fully raised position, reach forward to the pop top slide lock and lock the top to the mast. Always keep the pop top down and locked in position with the fastening dogs when underway, or when in rough seas or heavy weather.

4.7 Retractable-Keel
4.7.1 The Retractable-Keel Model
The retractable-keel feature makes the Catalina 22 a very versatile sailboat. It has several important considerations associated with it.


Always crank the keel up and down slowly. Never force the crank handle when operating the retractable-keel. Before raising or lowering the keel, the "lock down bolt" (on the port side of the keel trunk beneath the forward dinette seat) must be in the off position; that is, backed off about 3/4 the way until it no longer rubs against the side of the keel. Attempting to raise or lower the keel while the "lock down bolt" is screwed in tight or only unscrewed part-way, may result in damage to the fiberglass keel housing, or the keel casting.

The "lock down bolt" operates on a friction principle designed to prevent the keel from becoming severely damaged in the event of a collision with underwater obstructions. The "lock down bolt" should be kept heavily greased with a marine grease designed not to wash away in salt or fresh water. This grease will stop any slight leak through the threads of the bolt and, of course, prevent unsightly rusting of the bolt inside the forward dinette seat. Once the boat is in the water and after the keel has been fully lowered and "locked down" by tightening the bolt, a further 1/2 turn off the keel crank, which should eliminate humming in the keel cable while underway.

After a day's sailing, release the "lock down bolt," then crank the keel up slowly and feel and listen to it as it raises. At the first feel or sound of resistance to the cranking action, stop cranking immediately. Never force the handle beyond normal pressure or you may damage the hull where the tip of the keep meets the fiberglass underneath the boat. Crank slowly and you'll never have a problem.

You will note that the keel pivots on a bronze fitting recessed into the hull. Should the keel require to be removed at any time, this casting may be unbolted by removing the stainless steel cable and the four mounting bolts from the underside. Make sure that the keel is well supported before removing these fastenings.

You'll face special problems if you decide to keep your retractable keel model in the water, especially salt water. Bottom paint is a must, plus periodic cleaning and removal of marine growth from the keel trunk slot. The possibility of corrosion to the keel and keel fittings is greatly increased. Keeping a retractable-keel model in salt water for lengthy periods is not recommended.

Should you decide to keep a retractable-keel model in the water at a slip or mooring, the following suggestions may help to extend the life of the keel assembly. First of all, the keel pivot pin is made of silicon bronze, the hinge castings are of brass, and the keel itself is made of steel. To retard electrolytic action which will "eat" away the metals, drill and tap the side of the keel (near the forward edge) as close to the keel pivot assembly as possible. Then attach a teardrop shaped "zinc." Keeping the keel in the raised position will help prolong the life of the flexible stainless steel cable by keeping as much of it out of the water as possible. Check the keel cable monthly, during the sailing season. Replacement cables are available through the local dealer.

Paint the keel itself with rust retardant paint like the commercially available "Rust-o-leum" or zinc chromate paints. If you use a zinc chromate paint, you must strip the keel down to bare metal before painting.

Paint the keep and fiberglass bottom (including portion of rudder that is underwater) with a good quality "hard finish vinyl-based" bottom paint to protect the fiberglass gel coat and reduce fouling growth. The through-hull fittings are installed so that there is very little, if any, metal exposed to water to be acted upon.

Your local dealer may have additional suggestions relative to the particular area where you plan to keep the boat.

4.7.2 Retractable-Keel Illustration

4.8 Trailering And Launching
4.8.1 Recommendations For Trailering

The aluminum mast and other metal parts conduct electricity, coming in contact with or near an electrical power line or lightning can cause severe injury or death. Stay away from overhead electrical power lines when sailing and/or launching this boat.

The Catalina 22 is an easy boat to trailer when certain precautions have been properly heeded. The following suggestions will prove helpful.

Be sure to read the trailer manufacturer's instructions and warranty carefully and do not exceed the manufacturer's gross vehicle weight for trailer boat and gear.
Check tongue weight. Most trailers tow well with 7 to l0 percent of the gross trailer and boat weight on the tongue. If the trailer tends to "fish tail," add tongue weight by moving weight forward or the trailer axles aft.
Test the brakes by operating the master cylinder manually.
Inspect the winch cable for broken strands or fraying.
Tie the mast and boom securely to the bow and stern pulpits. The spars should also be supported in the middle by the cabin top. Pad the mast at all contact points to prevent damage.
In the retractable-keel model, check that the keel has been cranked down until it rests firmly on the trailer's rubber support wedge or roller. The rubber support wedge should bear the complete weight of the keel. Immediately before launching, raise the keel maximum up position to clear trailer.
Fixed-keel boats, as well as retractable-keel boats, should be seated properly on the trailer; that is, not ajar or tilted, and with the bow properly snugged into the rubber wedge at the front of the trailer. Fixed-keel boats should have the weight of the boat bearing on the keel, not the padded upright supports.
Follow normal trailer procedures of connecting lights and safety chain, and be sure your hitch is well-secured. Always test lights before leaving ramp area.
Do not allow anyone aft of the transom during launching or loading, who could be injured if the boat were suddenly dislodged from the trailer.
4.8.2 Ramp Launching Of Retractable Keel Model
The following generalized launching procedure will aid in launching your boat if yours is a trailerable model.

Launching Procedure

When launching from trailer on a ramp, make sure to back the trailer at right angles to the shore. Remember when backing, if you require the rear of the boat to move right, turn your steering wheel to the left and vice versa.
If your trailer has an extendible tongue, make sure you extend it while on level ground and then re-insert pegs or stops in their proper holes. If you have a tongue support wheel on the trailer, cranking it down enough to take the weight off the extendible portion of the tongue will help you slide the tongue extension in and out. Be sure to have rubber fenders or "bumpers" hanging along the sides of your boat to protect it from scratching on the dock.
Back the trailer into the water until the boat just begins to float. Have a line on the stern and bow to pull the boat off the trailer and tie it to the dock.
Set your emergency brake hard and place gear shift lever in park.
Take a strain on the trailer winch handle, release the locking pawl, and crank out slack in the bow rope. Then detach bow rope.
Next, give the bow a shove back. The boat should float free and when clear of the trailer, be pulled into the dock by the crew who then turns it BOW INTO WIND PRIOR TO RAISING SAILS.
Before raising sails and actually sailing the boat, make certain that the water depth is sufficient and then lower the centerboard or retractable-keel into the fully down position.
Crank in the excess line on the trailer winch and park the car and trailer in a suitable spot.
Rudder and Tiller

Always wait until the boat is in the water and at a suitable depth before installing the rudder.
Attach the tiller arm and secure with a wing-nut. A lock washer is also helpful. Occasionally while sailing, reach back and check that the tiller fastening wing-nut is tight. If you raise and lower the tiller arm excessively, the wing-nut can come loose, so try to avoid this unnecessary action.
Final Launching Considerations

Try not to use a launching ramp which is on a lee shore where you might have difficulty sailing off. In cases where it is necessary, use your auxiliary to get clear of the docks before hoisting the sails.

Determine the wind direction before you do anything else. Then make a plan of action for ease and safety in leaving the launch area docks. Explain to your crew what you plan to do and consider their opinions on getting away from difficult docks. The crew often has much valuable experience behind him and is very often worth listening to!

4.8.3 Hauling Out The Retractable-Keel Model
Crank up the keel carefully as described earlier in the manual.
Submerge the trailer (with the tongue extended) until boat can be floated onto the trailer and the bow secured into the rubber bow chock or V-shaped wedge.
Connect the trailer winch line and hook to help guide the boat.
Never stand with your face near the winch just in case the winch line should break due to some undetected chaffing. It could hit you in the face and be serious.
Don't try to winch the boat up onto the trailer; float it on.
Once on land, you can put away sails by folding and then un-step the mast. This is done in the reverse of the stepping procedure. One person resists, pulling on a line attached to the forestay, while standing on the ground directly in front of the boat's bow. The other person slowly lowers the mast backwards.
You need only release forestay and forward lower shrouds to lower the mast. (Do not disconnect the main upper shrouds.)
Do not allow mast to lower so far that it pries up on the deck tabernacle fitting where the mast is stepped or it may break off the prongs due to the unnatural forces working upon it.
Secure the mast for travel as before.
Properly secure the fixed or retractable-keel as described earlier in this manual; that is, be sure it is properly seated and in the case of the retractable-keel, that the locking bolt is tightened down.
4.8.4 Launching For Fixed-Keel Model

The aluminum mast and other metal parts conduct electricity, coming in contact with or near an electrical power line or lightning can cause severe injury or death. Stay away from overhead electrical power lines when sailing and/or launching this boat.

The fixed-keel model Catalina 22 should be launched by experienced persons with the aid of a hoist and slings. The local dealer and boat yard possessing such hoists can advise you about this and will handle the operation for you. Retractable-keel models are also often launched using a hoist and slings. Either model boat can be hoist launched with the mast stepped and in place in the vertical position by merely releasing the backstay at the turnbuckle where it attaches to the transom. However, the remainder of the mast's shrouds and forward stay must be properly connected to their deck fittings. Most importantly, check that the aft lower shrouds are secure since they will keep the mast from falling forward when the aft stay is disconnected from the transom.

5.0 Decommissioning
5.1 Winterizing Your Catalina 22
Laying Up

In cold climates where yachts are decommissioned during the winter, your Catalina 22 may be safely stored in the water, provided adequate measures are taken to prevent ice damage to the hull. Check with your yard to determine the feasibility of storing in the water.

When the boat is to be stored on land, the mast may be left stepped on the deck. However, it is recommended that the mast be removed at the time of hauling for a thorough inspection and preparation for next season. This allows plenty of time to order and replace shrouds or rigging parts needed over the winter months, avoiding any delays in the spring commissioning.

Following proper lay-up procedures will minimize the effort needed to recommission in the spring.

Before Hauling

Consult manufacture's instructions for winterizing any optional or owner installed equipment.
Inspect the cradle on which the boat will be stored. Check welds and padded poppits for condition and repair as required.
Lift the boat with straps per your boat yard's recommendations.
After Hauling

Wash bottom, removing growth and loose paint.
Wash topsides, deck and all other exterior fiberglass surfaces. Wax all except the non-skid surfaces.
Remove all sails. Follow sailmaker's instructions (or instructions in section 3.8) with regard to cleaning. Schedule any repairs required and store in a dry place.
Remove all sheets and lines, clean and store in a dry place.
If the mast has been removed from the yacht, remove all stays and shrouds from mast. Wash the entire stay or shroud assembly, using fresh water and a stiff brush. Dry thoroughly and coil into large, non-kinking coils. Store coils in a dry place. Wash and wax all spars. Coil halyards into non-kinking coils and put in a dark-colored plastic bag to protect from sunlight, if storing outdoors. Lash them to the mast. Store the mast either inside or outside with adequate support along its length.
If mast is to be left in place, remove boom; clean and store as described before. Clean shroud/stay end fittings, toggles, etc., using fresh water and a stiff brush. Apply a light coat of silicone grease, paying particular attention to the end fittings where they connect to the stays and shrouds.
Clean and lubricate all deck hardware that contains moveable parts. Follow manufacturer's instructions on winches.
Remove all gear such as books, documents, bedding, PFDS, anything moveable that is subject to rust, corrosion or mildew.
Remove all food supplies from lockers and ice chest. Wash out ice chest interior with a weak solution of Clorox. Leave ice chest lid open.
Stored batteries should be fully charged, and both positive and negative terminals should be disconnected. The batteries may be either left aboard or stored in a cool, dry place. Sub-zero temperatures will not harm a fully charged battery.
Winterize the head in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.
Remove all electronic gear that may require servicing during the winter.
Remove fire extinguishers for weighing, checking and any necessary recharging. If an automatic fire extinguisher system is installed, return the cylinders to the yacht and reinstall as soon as possible.
If cushions are left aboard, bring cockpit cushions below and place all cushions on edge to encourage ventilation.
Leave all interior lockers open to encourage ventilation.
Ensure that cockpit and deck scuppers are open and free.
If the boat is to be covered, ensure that the cover is installed in such a way as to provide adequate ventilation, and that the cover is not permitted to chafe against the hull or deck.
If the boat is not to be covered, ensure that mechanisms such as winches and steering pedestals are provided with adequate covers.
If the mast is to remain stepped, snub all shrouds and halyards to minimize noise, wear and chafe.
5.1 General Notes
We recommend the following procedures be followed when storing the yacht for prolonged winter months. Begin by consulting your authorized dealer about storing the boat in or out of the water in freezing climates. If at all possible, the manufacturer recommends keeping the yacht in dry storage for severe winters.

Thru hull fittings (if any) should be drained. Water in the sanitation system and other tanks should be pumped out.

Outboard motors should be removed, serviced and stored in a warm, dry location until reinstalled when commissioning.

6.0 Owner-User Responsibility
6.1 General Safety Tips
Do not venture out when the weather conditions are unfavorable, or are predicted to become so. Listen to weather forecasts; check with your harbor patrol office; look out for small craft storm warnings.
Be especially careful in areas where there may be commercial shipping traffic. Keep well away from shipping channels. Keep a sharp look-out when crossing the shipping channels.
Learn the rules of the road. All other sailors will expect that you know them and abide by them. The U.S. Coast Guard (BBE-2) 400 S. Eleventh Street S.W., Washington, D.C. 20590 will supply free literature on this. Your local branch or Harbor Patrol office may have it available.
If your boat has a Genoa sail which obscures the helmsman's vision, have a dependable person in the crew keep a sharp look-out under the jib sail for oncoming traffic.
When sailing at night, provide safety harnesses for yourself and your crew, and tie these lines to the boat. Use approved harnesses.
Purchase all Coast Guard required safety equipment, and learn how to use it.
Enroll in a C.G. Class or other certified boating and sailing class. You will learn a lot and enjoy sailing even more.
Do not take more than a safe number of persons aboard your boat when sailing.
Marine insurance is worth every penny you pay for it. Take out insurance from the start. See your dealer for a recommended marine agent, if you do not have one.
Keep all seat hatches and main hatch closed during rough weather or gusty winds which could unexpectedly strike the boat and cause a knockdown.
CAUTION! The aluminum mast the metal parts conduct electricity. Coming in contact with or approaching an electrical power line can be fatal. Stay away from overhead power lines and wires of any kind when launching, underway or stationary.
6.2 Required Safety Equipment
Fire Extinguisher(s)

It is wise to locate an approved marine use, fire extinguisher, in a convenient, accessible location.

Dry chemical extinguishers should be inverted occasionally to prevent the contents from packing. Extinguishers should be recharged yearly or after each use, according to manufacturer's recommendations

Life Vests

Keep a Coast Guard approved life vest on board for each crew member. Wear them during rough weather and night sailing. Children should wear vests at all times, no matter how much they object.


Your yacht should be equipped with a horn capable of producing a blast that can be heard for a distance of one mile.


The law requires that your yacht be equipped with a minimum of three (3) day/night flares.

6.3 Suggested Safety Equipment And Safety Package
Medical Kit
A basic medical kit is a wise investment for any boat owner. Suggested items include: motion sickness pills, aspirin, bandages, etc. We recommend that you personalize your medical supplies for yourself and your crew members' specific needs. First aid kits are available at most marine stores. Consult your physician for his recommendations, if you are planning a voyage away from medical facilities. A first aid procedure book is a necessity.

A varied arrangement of tools is, again, a wise investment to have on your boat. Tailor your tool box for the conditions that you sail. For local sailing, with professional help just a call away, you only need a small array of tools. However, for long-range cruising, a more extensive supply of tools will be needed. Your mechanic may be helpful in suggesting tools required for your particular engine installation.

6.4 Safety Package, Factory Option
Package Includes

1 EA
1 EA
1 EA
2 EA
2 EA
10 FT
1 EA
1 EA
1 EA
1 EA
1 EA
1 EA
1 EA
1 EA
4 EA
1 EA
2 EA
8-S Anchor
1/4" x 6'Coated Chain
3/8" x 150'Anchor Line
5/16 Anchor Shackle
6 x 15 Fender w/Line
7/16" W.Nyl. Fender Lines (2X5')
Throwable Cushion
Folding Radar Reflector
Flare Kit
Freon Air Horn
Brass Bell
First Aid Kit
Marine Flashlight
Alkaline Batteries
Adult Lifejacket
Chapman's Piloting, Seamanship, Small Boat Handling
1/2 x 15 Dock Lines

6.5 Anchors, Anchoring And Mooring
The anchor manufacturer suggests an anchor in the 8 to 13 pound range, to be used as a bow anchor in ordinary conditions. This anchor will only be effective with at least 6 feet of 1/4 inch or heavier gauge chain, and at least 3/8 inch or heavier nylon line.

Under adverse weather conditions, as much as a 25 pound bow anchor could prove necessary and, possible, a plow-type anchor might be required.

Inquire in your local area about anchoring procedures relative to the place you plan to visit. Get opinions from several experienced people and always play it on the safe side in "making up" your anchor as well as in using it. Do not forget to wire all shackle pins so they cannot come loose under water.

REMEMBER: Lighter anchors are made more effective by increasing the scope: i.e., the ratio of length of line and chain to depth of water. A 7:1 ratio is recommended. This means using 7 feet of anchor line for each foot in water depth.

6.6 Lightning Precautions
Your yacht was not provided with a lightning protection system during construction. The reasons are as follows:

There is not a procedure for lightning protection which has proven reliable under all conditions. Yachts with elaborate lightning protection systems have sustained serious damage from a direct lightning strike.
If the builder were to assert that the yacht were lightning protected, it could instill a false sense of security in the owner or operator, leading to less-than-prudent actions when lightning threatens.
Lightning systems are "out of sight, out of mind," except when lightning threatens. Generally, they are not checked and maintained on a regular basis. A defect in the system (i.e., a break in a ground line) could – in some cases – increase the risk of personal harm, as well as damage to the yacht, as compared to a yacht with no protection. The reason for this is that many lightning protection systems distribute the high voltage throughout the yacht before allowing it to exit through the ground.
It is impossible for Catalina Yachts to control changes which you, the owner, may make to the yacht, which could affect lightning protection system.
You, the owner, must decide whether or not you wish to equip your yacht with lightning protection and, if so, the method of doing it. The following suggestions and comments are also offered:

Keep the system as simple as possible. This will facilitate both installation and inspection/maintenance.
The American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) recommends straight-line wire runs. This is virtually impossible within the yacht. For grounding the shrouds: A battery cable, which clips to each shroud and extends outside the yacht to the water, can minimize the number of bends required. This method has the added advantage of keeping the power surge outside the boat and allowing easy, routine inspection. The obvious disadvantage is that the clip on cables is not a permanent installation and may not be in place when an unexpected lightning strike occurs.
Use only top quality materials and go oversize wherever possible.
Keep all permanent attachment points and connections where they are readily available for inspection, yet protected from damage or inadvertent disconnection.
By far, the most important consideration regarding lightning is observing common sense safety precautions when lightning threatens. The key considerations are listed in the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) publication SECTION E-4 which is enclosed in your owners package for your reference.


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