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Posted Dec-09-08 05:18:04 PSTWhen your heart is heavy,

When you can’t go one more step

Send a prayer to God for the good thing he did

Tell him, “Thank you God for kids.”

Yesterday, I asked my son if he needed a hug. I expected him to brush me off and say,”Naw, I’m fine.” He didn’t. When I hugged his neck, I could feel us both relax and the rush or agrivation slowly melt away. I’m going to ask him everyday now if he would like a hug. I thought he might think himself too old but now? I know different.

Hugs are a funny thing. I remember meeting a couple down on their luck on one hot summer day outside of a fast food joint. We talked and drank a coke. Before I left we hugged each others neck. I felt that same reaction. They’d been yelled at not 15minutes earlier by the manager. She’d been crying and he was flat broke. It was friggin hot.

She needed a hug.

Last night I looked at the news. The failing businesses and the civil unrest. The murders and the suicides. It just made me want to hide away. I thought about my son and then about a dedication I saw in a book. The author had a son too. The dedication to his son?

“A love so big I couldn’t run.”

I know that love very well. It’s why I’m still here.

I’m thinking the whole world could use a hug and that kind of love.

If you’re having a tough time let it go if you can but it you can’t it’s okay. Maybe you just need a hug. Maybe from your kid.

Hugs and hugs again, Ann


It’s alittle corny, I know. And sure the sound quality isn’t the best. But you know what? Just listen okay. The kids are part of the Children’s Miracle Network. They could use help this year. So could your local Food Bank.

Marie Osmond * Thank God for Kids

Next? A sweet song from Clint Black and hugs to some folks who are having a tough time of it..

Milk and Cookies and the Crimson Tide
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4 commentsEBay YouTube scavenger hunt.
Posted Dec-08-08 18:37:18 PST Updated Dec-08-08 19:39:10 PSTSo.

You got your YouTube video of someone playing Deck the Halls.


You’ve got your stained glass xylophone.


You got your YouTube video of someone playing Deck the Hall on your stained glass xylophone.


You’ve even got your stained glass xylophone with Walnut-Frame for auction on Ebay. Item number: 150313880322


Anyone here ever play ebay/YouTube scavenger hunt?

I love Christmas shopping on eBay!!

Next up?

She sells seashells by the sea shore.

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2 commentsMilk and Cookies and the Crimson Tide
Posted Dec-06-08 23:06:58 PST Updated Dec-09-08 05:32:29 PSTA sweet song for the 5 year old in all of us.
Clint Black * Milk and Cookies

“Tomorrow is another day.

Another path to take

Somedays the road is all up hill

Others a downward rake.

Each new day brings some happiness

If this advice you’ll take.

Hold fast the good and leave the sad.

A happy life you’ll make…”

Ann 6Dec08


For some folks who’ve been dealt a really difficult blow this holiday.

Kind hearts

And to the folks who love football. It’s a game. We play it every year. Was I sad. Yes. But this year we’ve had family members die. I put the game in perspective. Everyone in that football game battle to fight another day.

Hug your kids people. Hug those folks in life who are with you and give a prayer to those who aren’t. Please. The moping folks are doing over this game. Knock it off and try to enjoy the holidays.

Yes, I’m very proud to be a fan of the Crimson Tide. Yes, it was a tough game to loose but they played a great game and had a terrific year. Look forward to the bowl game and to the years to come. As, for the Auburn side of the “family”, losing a coach is a difficult thing for a football team. Hang in there.

Roll Tide and War Eagle.

(until the IronBowl and then — well– Roll Tide)

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9 commentsKind hearts
Posted Dec-06-08 20:33:07 PST Updated Jan-10-09 22:54:14 PST Note: I posted and then pulled this post off the blog because I read that this maynot be true and was instead a rumor or a hoax. Last night Mr. Ferguson confirmed the worst.

Condolences to Craig Ferguson and his family.

From the Evening News online Scotland


“Peacefully, at Carrickstone Hospital, Cumbernauld, on 1st December, 2008, Janet (Netta), wife of the late Robert Ferguson, mother of Janice, Scott, Craig and Lynn came to rest. A devoted mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, sister and aunt. She will be sadly missed. Funeral service at St Mungo’s Church, Cumbernauld, on Friday, 5th December, at 1.45pm, thereafter to Maryhill Crematorium, arriving 3.30pm.”

She must have been a very special person to have raised such interesting and complicated (in a very good way) children.

A blessing to see them go on and do good.


A song of wings

I once had a neighbor who played bagpipes.

He told me that there are four times when the bagpipes are played.





I’m going to leave this post up through Monday.

You know Craig Ferguson has gotten so many people to laugh. It’s sad to think such a hurt has come to visit his family. Prayers from the folks at 12 dogs.


Tomorrow is another day.


When my son died?

I was expected to stand on my feet.

Gather up and go on with my life.

Hard words after a loss.

“Stand on your feet.”

Difficult to do.

Just remember when you do?

“Stand on your feet.”

When you go on with your life?

You won’t stand alone.

So many folks will stand with you.

Kind hearts all.

12 dogs.

(January 10th, 2009. Someone asked for a copy of the passage that Mr. Ferguson read in this video. I transcribed it best I could.

Here’s passage:

“…I am standing upon that foreshore(?) . A ship at my side spreads her white sails to the morning breeze and starts for the blue ocean. She is an object of beauty and strength and I stand and watch her until at length she hangs like a speck of white cloud just where the sea and sky come down to mingle with each other. Then someone at my side says,”There she’s gone.” Gone where? Gone from my sight that’s all. She is just as large in mast and spar and hull as ever she was when she left my sight (side). Just as able to bear her load of living freight to the place of her destination. Her diminshed size is in me, not in her. And just at that moment when someone at my side says, “There she’s gone.” there are other eyes watching her coming and other voices ready to take up the glad shout, “Here she comes.”

And that is dying.”

As to the author of this passage. In the video the author was given as Victor Hugo from the story, Toilers of the Sea. A kind Gentle Reader tells me that the author is incorrect and that the real author is Henry Van Dyke.


A song of wings

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2 commentsShe sells seashells by the sea shore.
Posted Dec-06-08 14:48:06 PST Updated Dec-06-08 21:01:51 PST

I had something else planned for today. I have it written. Ready to post.

But I won’t post it. Not yet.

Another story.

Everyday she went down to the harbor and sat on the same rock. Everyday. She and her dog. No one knew her name or knew anything about her. But she would appear. You could set your watch by her and that dog. As the moon set and before the sun rose, she would take her place on that rock and begin to sing.

“…In a place far away

In a time long ago

East of the Moon

And west of the Sun…”

After a while, the song became the songs of sailors whose boats came and went from the harbor. The melody she sang floated on the air with them and came to light like a bird on their shoulders. A whistle or a hum of the song would come to them in the oddest times. Kept them company during rough seas. Yet still not a one of them knew the bird who sang the tune…”

Fragments of a dream.

So many moments of my life have been like fragments of a dream. Pieces of a pleasant melody. I don’t know the author or the tune. Don’t know the original intent. Somehow the melody or the words bring me comfort. A word or smile from a complete stranger. It’s what Fate seems to ask. People move into and out of my life like the wave on the shore.

Do you know Gentle Reader that the wave that washes over your feet as you walk along the shore isn’t the same wave you see in the distance? It feels like the same wave and looks like it too but it isn’t. The wave you see in the distance stays in the distance and the wave that finaly reaches the shore never reached the shore at all. It’s just an illusion. A reaction to a series of waves from the past.

Did you also know that high tide is because of the gravity of the Sun and the Moon?

It is.

But that’s another story…

Everyday I pray.

“Hello it’s me God. Thank you for not leaving me.”

I don’t think God ever has.

Even when I couldn’t see God?

God was there. A pretty good teacher.

The lessons?

Each man, woman, and child is a teacher with something to teach.

Thngs that I’ve hopefully learned by now.

If a person asks the question no matter the age?

They deserve a full and honest answer if you can give it.

The entire world is a wonderous classroom.

But it was my friends who’ve taught me that:

To hold Love, you must hold it gently with an open palm.

Like you hold a butterfly that lights on your hand, you hold Love that way too.

Calm, still, with breath held. In wonder of the beauty of the feeling.

If you get to feel one drop of that Love? You are rich beyond measure.

And in this school yard called “life”?

Be ye kind to one another.

If you can do that?

Many wonderful things life will teach you.

If you only listen with your heart to the song.

Yep, a friend taught me that.

Thank you for helping me to fill the hours while you are away.

I miss you already but not too bad

You’ve given me so much to think about and–

You are always here in my heart.

Hugs and hugs again,


The teacher way.
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0 commentsIt’s the teacher way.
Posted Dec-05-08 18:08:22 PST Updated Dec-06-08 20:27:42 PSTI was thinking about my mom and how she didn’t know a stranger. WB’s mom is the same way. They could be standing in line at the grocery store or meet the Queen of England and it would be the same. Honestly, after the formalities, they’d be on a first name basis and talking about the things they have in common. Like their kids. I could just hear my mom saying, “So Elizabeth. Do you think William will marry that girl?” Then the Queen of England would turn around and say, “Well frankly Ann’smom, we don’t know. She seems nice but William? I just don’t know what he’s up to. Good Lord knows it took his father forever to settle down. What about your son, WB’s mom?…”

I better stop here. Ever since WB found out I wrote about him here at 12 dogs it would seem he reads the blog. The point is that these women, regardless of where they’re from, have a way about them and an ability to become instant friends with the world. I asked my mom about it. She claims its the “teacher gene”. To a natural born teacher, the world is their classroom.

Reminded me of this video.

Got to admire a person who can hang with RZA.



Freebird and the sound of Angel’s Wings

“…We don’t leave. We simply transform. We become apart of the Earth and the hearts and memories of all of the people we meet here on Earth. There are some whose world is quiet and solitary. There are some for whom it would seem are friends to the whole world…”

Good night Gentle Reader.

Hugs, I’ll see you in the morning.


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5 commentsFreebirds and the sound of Angel’s Wings
Posted Dec-05-08 11:28:04 PST Updated Dec-05-08 11:30:22 PST

When I wake up in the morning, I kind of have a routine.

After I get up and dressed, I feed the finches. I have two Zebra Finches. When I bought them I was just going to get one but then there were two in the display and well they were sitting right next to each other. It just seemed all kinds of wrong to split them up. As it turned out that was a good thing. Zebra finches aren’t solitary birds. They like company so they’d be very sad birds alone.

Right now they’re singing to “Bootscootin Boogie”.

LOL They like country music.

But that’s not why I wanted to tell you this. My reason for writing this post has to do with what I do in the morning.

LOL Now the finches are singing to Waylon.

So my finches. Their names are Atticus and Harper Lee Finch. If you’ve ever even heard of Harper Lee’s book To Kill a Mockingbird you’ll recognize the name Atticus Finch and well once I got that name, Harper Lee’s name was a no brainer.

After I feed the birds, I feed the dogs and let them out. At the moment I have three house dogs. They are Janie who’s one of the original two dogs. Mae died this year. She ran across the road and got hit. Then there are cousins Domi and Iz. Domi is Mae’s daughter and Iz is Janie’s daughter.

After I feed the dogs, I turn on the radio, turn on the computer, and fix something to eat and sit down to emails, 12 dogs, and eBay.

That’s exactly where I am now.

And the point of this post. This morning I heard a song, a commercial, and read three emails that made me think about how funny life works.

You know I’ve been making my NewYear’s resolutions. For the last couple of years I’ve tried something new and instead of saying what I’d do in the future, I thought about the things I’d rather leave in the past. Write them on pieces of paper and toss them in the fire. Leave the past sadness or anger where it belongs– in the past. This year, this month, I had reasons to think about the future.

But I was talking about my morning emails, sorry. I keep getting distracted. The emails are from someone whose friendship has been hard fought for. I thought I’d lost it recently. Some miracle keeps us both hanging in there. That miracle is a very nice lady who’s kept my friend and I from calling this friendship quits. I don’t think my friends (I like the sound of that) realize how proud I am to call them friends. I’m lucky. Anyway. There have times in the last 20 or so years of my life where I didn’t like to wake up in the mornings. This morning I do. Count my blessings. I have them. Pup, WB, the animals here, two very good friends who’s name I don’t know, my friends down the road and their kind hearts, my family (parents and brother and all the others still here), I like the country that I live in even if there are things I would change, a roof over my head, food on the table, a way somehow always to find my feet after a fall… That’s quite a list. Something to look forward too.

Look Gentle Reader, there are times in your life when things look really dark. Times when it looks like there’s just nothing good anywhere. Times when you’re not choosing between a good and a bad thing but you’re literally having to choose between a bad and a worst thing. Times when you look at the situation and have to just put your faith in God. When you have to look up into the face of that hurricane and shout right at it with your fists raised high and laugh and sing right in it’s face. No matter how scared you are. Right now there are good things here but there have been times in my life where I’ve felt all alone and kept praying, “God please don’t leave me. You’re all I’ve got.” It really felt that way. I look back and see people. Guardian Angels who’ve said a kind word when I needed it. Words to a song. A smile from a complete stranger. I don’t think they even realized they were doing anything more than just being nice. Just being themselves.

We see them in Blogland.

The folks who come say hello and send prayers to folks whose faces they don’t know but who have asked for prayers because someone is ill or in trouble. Nana hugs. There are others you don’t see. Emails to folks to say don’t give up. I’ve gotten one or two myself. I’m grateful to these folks and their kind hearts.

And this Christmas season? I wake up pretty happy and wondering what good thing is next.

Happy Holidays Gentle Readers. I wanted to say that now before we all get busy. I didn’t want you to go another day without saying how nice it’s been to have you here.

Best regards,



BlueSkies, Willie Nelson

Last Dollar, Tim McGraw

Milk and Cookies, Clint Black

You Find Out Who Your Friends Are, Tracy Lawrence

Roll With Me, Montgomery Gentry

Wild Angels, Martina McBride

Mississippi Girl, Faith Hill

Next at 12 dogs?

My Great Aunt Elsie
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0 commentsMy Great Aunt Elsie
Posted Dec-04-08 19:34:59 PST Updated Dec-07-08 16:49:16 PSTWhen my Great Aunt Elsie was 5 years old, her father, my Great Grand Father loaded up all they had and moved from Texas to Arkansas. It was the first snow she’d ever seen. I remember her telling me the story. She was in her 90’s then. I’d met her once when she came to visit my parents. I’d heard so much about her and well my family seemed to be getting smaller by the minute. I thought it would be good to talk to the relatives who were living.

So I did.

During the next couple of years that I knew her she told me about my Pawpaw and MawMaw, my GreatGrandparents, and her life. I learned about how my Pawpaw was supposed to have planted a field in corn. He got tired of it and poured some of that corn in a tree stump. Didn’t think anyone would notice until that corn began to sprout in the tree stump and not in the field. I heard about why my Greatgrand parents left Georgia. About the big billy goat and how tough my Greatgreatgrand mother must have been.

Each of our phonecalls began, “Hi ya Honey.”

Happy Birthday, this month, Aunt Elsie.

Her advice to the world.

Laugh and the world laughs with you.

The songs?

When You’re Smiling Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra

And Cyndi Lauper’s cover of On the Sunnyside of the Street

Note: Whenever I write Auntie Slacker? It’s my Great Aunt I think about. She was really the first Auntie Slacker. There wasn’t a slacker bone in her body. That’s kind of the point of Auntie Slacker. A play on the words “anti-slacker”, she was always busy even at 100. And she was pretty practical with who she was. Even though she’s not here on Earth with us anymore? She lives on in the advice and words of AuntieSlacker.

Just thought you should know. Ann

Next stop?

Dear Andymooseman,

(I guess you should just keep reading as long as you keep finding posts you haven’t read yet.)

Wow is this week just flying by.

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0 commentsDear Andymooseman,
Posted Dec-04-08 08:54:18 PST Updated Dec-04-08 10:57:27 PSTAnyone who could get people motivated to creatively complain to anyone about anything instead of just yelling? Is a saint.

Day two in perfect bed.

Last night I let Domino sleep with me. Not the best idea as Janie and Iz were not happy and complained. Alot. Domi, after a month of having to sleep somewhere else, slept pretty much on top of me the whole night. Have decided that if I’m ever going to see sex again perhaps the dogs really will have to sleep in their own wee beds. To celebrate? WB bought them a dog bed.

Hmmm. First a new mattress and now a dog bed.

I personally think that WB’s mind has been taken over by aliens.

In honor of beds, peace, and a good nights sleep for all during this troubled times, I bring you the 2006 YouTube video for one Mr. Andymooseman and his efforts to get YouTube’s attention.

“All he is saaaaayiiiiinnngggg is give comments baaaack!”


You thought it would be John and Yoko didn’t ya’?


In other news? I’m having Craig Ferguson withdrawals.

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1 commentCraig Ferguson withdrawals.
Posted Dec-04-08 00:06:30 PST Updated Dec-04-08 11:02:49 PSTThis is just wrong.
I have a converter box. I have hooked it up, clicked it on, bought a set of rabbit ears,and googled for help but for some reason no CraigFerguson. I’m trying hard to survive. YouTube and the internet keep my mind busy with favorite clips but soon there will be new Craig and no me. LOL I try not to even miss reruns.

I’ve tried everything. Finally got the other stations but still no Craig. or David Letterman.

SOS people. Celibate AND no Craig? ARRRRRRRRGGGGGG.

This is just not a great day in America.

Well it has been an exceptional day otherwise but still No Craig???.

In the meantime

Late Show What did we learn?

So random and so funny. Perfect late at night. *~*

After almost 4 years of CF before I go to sleep? I can’t watch Tyra. Her show is how much sex is enough? LOL After all this celibate time to think? And now no CF? That’s the last thing I need to see right now. And I really like the Tyra show.

I really think it’s great that his Starbucks name is Sparkles.

That and I really say the word “really” alot.

Counting blessings and counting sheep.
Oh my I am so lazy. It’s really late. When you read this it wll be morning and I’ll be sleeping in. Sigh. I love this bed and I had a great day yesterday. AND my mysterious friend is back and in great fun form. I’m sunsilly or like the song “I’m dappled and drowsey and ready for sleep” Positively decadent.

Will be back in tonight. Stretch and yawn. Over and out! LOL Hugs again, Ann
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2 commentsCounting blessings and counting sheep.
Posted Dec-03-08 08:16:42 PST Updated Dec-03-08 10:12:26 PSTLast night, WB came in with a mattress.

Now this might not seem like a big deal to you Gentle Reader but to me?

LOL. I go to sleep in pain and I wake up in pain. Takes an hour to sort out the shoulders and knees and back and well if there’s a joint it finds a way to remind me that it’s not happy. I thought that perhaps this was just something to get used to. After last night, this may not be true. I told WB that if I slept on the couch I didn’t hurt so much in the morning. He suggested a new mattress. I suggested I was just getting to be an old “junker car”. He said,” pfffff ” and then suggested a new mattress. Then a miracle happened. The Sandman ran a holiday sale. We like this man a whole lot. It’s not that we actually know him but well this guy makes you feel as if you do. He is an old school business man. When we walked into his very first store, there he was selling mattresses. As nice a person as you’d ever want to meet. Not stuffy or too busy to talk. No high hat. He let us try out mattresses until we found the one that worked. The mattress was a really good one. The owner was a really nice guy. Time went by and we needed a mattress for Pup. We went back to the Sandman’s store. He was doing really well so we didn’t expect to see him out on the sales floor but there he was selling mattresses and making folks feel welcome. Still as nice as could be and still selling mattresses. Again we purchased a mattress and got to talk to Mr. Sandman about how life was going for both of our families. Last night WB, after cussing and ranting at anyone in ear shot as he wrasselled the old mattress out of the house and the new one into the house, told me that he’d once again talked to Mr. Sandman. Even though he now owns multiple stores, he’s still selling mattresses out on the show room floor. Still nice. Still a good price. Still counting his blessings and making folks feel welcome. Nothing changed except for the fact that we’re all older and some of our kids are now having kids.

And —

This morning I didn’t feel like an old, old woman.

Thank you WB. Thank you Mr. Sandman.

This next song is for you. The embedding is disabled for this song on YouTube. I could find another cover of the song but to me this is the best. It’s one of my favorite holiday songs (Counting My Blessings) from one of my favorite holiday movies (White Christmas) from two of my favorite old school singers (Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney).

The story and song kind of fit the morning. Bing Crosby’s character and Rosemary Clooney’s character meet by accident. They like each other a whole lot but a missunderstanding happens. Bing Crosby’s character is trying to help someone out who’s having a rough patch. Rosemary Clooney’s character, nice as she is, makes an ASSumption, and –well you’ll just have to see the movie to find out. There is a happy ending. It really is a nice moment in the movie. And it is about counting sheep, a good nights sleep, and counting your blessings when things are going wrong.

Kind of all fits together I guess.

Here’s the link. I’ll keep looking to see if I can find it to post here or better yet since it is Christmas maybe it would be a good movie to see. I figure someone’s got it for sale here on eBay. If you know an eBay seller who does let me know and I’ll put their name in this post. It really is that nice of a movie. As old school as Mr. Sandman and WB. Nice, kind, dependable, and they are more than happy to be “real world friends” with me. Hint.

I’m taking the songs advice and counting my blessings this morning.

I do that when things aren’t going so good.

Reminds me that there is still happy in the world.

Along with the ASSumptions that folks can make.

Moonlight is the next post. It’s a story. I wrote it for a friend.

Take care, Ann

Hey! I found a version of Counting My Blessings that I can post here. It’s a really cool way to format the video. Like a page in a story book. Very appropriate for a writer’s journal.

Tell the truth, if it were me, I’d check out both videos. This next one is cool in the way that it’s presented and it has more of the song too. Well and it has a “great moments in a screen kisses” which for a movie fan is a whole separate subject (Greatest and Worst Video Kisses). The other video that I can’t embed here has alot of other clips from the movie White Christmas too. This movie is lovely for a whole family to watch. So is another movie that Bing Crosby made with Fred Astaire called Holiday Inn.

Well here’s the video. I’ll include the YouTube address for this person so that you can see their clips too.

Oh one other thing. I have another blessing to count. My internet friends. I don’t understand this but I’m thinking I don’t have too. Just going to go with my gut feeling. It’s telling me that even if I don’t know a person’s given name I can still call them a real friend. Hang in there Gentle Reader.

And count your blessings.

“…When I get worried and I can’t sleep

I count my blessings instead of sheep

And I fall asleep

Counting my blessings…”

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2 commentsMoonlight
Posted Dec-02-08 21:22:35 PST Updated Dec-03-08 12:43:20 PST”…She looked up at the moon and then back at her daughter. Gently she pushed the hair out of the now grown woman’s eyes like she had when her daughter was little. It was hard not to think of her as that same little girl. In her heart she could hear her ask for one of her stories. “Okay but just a short one.” she’d say. “Then we both need some sleep.” She’d think abit and the story might begin, “At night when the moon is very full the moonlight comes into my window. In the middle of the night the outside is so bright that it’s like daylight with sunglasses on. I put my hand out and try hard to hold that moonlight for as long as I can. Try as I might, morning comes and that moonlight goes away like a pleasant dream. I would follow that dream around the world if I could. Like a child holding their mother’s hand. Like a mother holding fast to her child even as she sees that child growing older. Wanting so much to stop time. Even if just for a minute or two…” She looked at her daughter again and the out of the blue she said, “I just wrote that about you and our friendship. I’ll tell you Moonlight. You make it durn hard. A kind friend who evaporates into the ether like moonlight disappears with the morning sun.
I hope that like the next full moon you’ll return. I’ll try again to hold your heart in my hand and will the morning to stay away even for just one minute more…” Ann ,2Dec08

I just wrote this for a very real person. A friend. Yeah, I know it’s alittle sappy but I mean it. I don’t know the magic words to make it better. We’ve both worked so hard to be friends. You can see it in what we write. I’ve lost friends before. It’s never easy but this time it will be doubly hard because we’ve worked so not to loose it.

Trust isn’t easy is it.

The song is about what you hope to find at the end of life’s rainbows. For Pup and I, it was like gold.

One rainy and dark afternoon as we rode down the road towards home. We saw a rainbow. Now normally seeing rainbows depends on where you are in relation to the sun and the rain. One minute your rainbow is in view and the next it can vanish into thin air. But for some reason only God knows, this rainbow was stubborn. It didn’t disappear like the others. Closer and closer we drove and still rainbow. When we pulled up to the gate there was our rainbow. I half expected to see a leprechaun dancing a jig under the pecan tree. We held our breath. Wonder. How in the world could this be. I’ve seen some rainbows in strange places and ways. One was a perfect circle in the sky outside the Lowes in Montgomery, Alabama. Another rainbow ended it’s journey in the middle of an interstate highway. But never, ever, had I seen the ground where one ended.

Til that day.

There’s an Irish jig playing in the other room . A wild song traveling along the cliffs that I saw with my own eyes in Dublin Co Ireland. There with Irish David, the man who held my heart in his hands. The man I was with when time stopped for us in the Wicklow Mountains.

With our hearts in our mouths and shushing each other so that we shouldn’t scare away the leprechaun we were sure now was there, we walked quiet as possible to where that rainbow stood. It didn’t move and now we could see it’s end. The colors reflected in our eyes. We breathed in sharp and stood stock still. “No leprechaun” my son whispered, ” but the rainbow is still there.” That rainbow didn’t move a hair. We crept closer and closer and yet it didn’t move an inch. Right there at the base of our pecan tree it stood. Brave rainbow. It waited until we were right upon it to disappear. Like magic our rainbow vanished into sunlight. We looked under the most likely place a rainbow fairy or leprechaun might leave their treasure. Sure enough. There it was golden in the sunlight. On that rainy, gray day that made all the world look like Ireland a leprechaun had indeed left their treasure. Right there next to our pecan tree. Our farm had been transported to the land where the rainbows are brave and guard the secrets of fairys. Our rainbow waited and helped us find our pot of gold.

Golden eggs.

For weeks and weeks we’d been searching for the pullit eggs from our young chickens. We’d looked everywhere but no eggs could be found. Now I know as well as you that Rhode Island Reds lay eggs that are brown not gold. But these eggs were covered with rain and fairy magic. So when the sunlight shined on them it after the rainbow disappeared it turned then golden. There they were, our eggs, in the sunlight turned to gold.

Now you may say how silly. Pullit eggs are worthless to a banker or a rich man. They wouldn’t have paid the rent that day and to tell truth they’re puny compared to the eggs of their older flocks mates. A pullit egg’s value is nothing compared to the metal gold some might say. And tell the truth, there would be folks who would agree with you. But to my very young son and I that day, those eggs were the riches of the fairys. These eggs told us there would be eggs a plenty from our new hens in the coming year. To my son and I, they were magic.

God bless the imagination and innocence of children and storytellers. For they know the true worth of wonder in a childs eyes and the blessing of a good story.

You, my two friends, are in my heart wheither you choose to be in my life or not.

Like moonlight I will hold your memory there until you return.

God Bless you for the gift of you.

Hugs and hugs and hugs again. I only hope you will credit me with all the hugs I must have used this day and give me a chance to earn more as your friend.


We all come to this world with bright eyes and kind hearts. All of us. This video. This video shows that. No one in my opinion is lost. No one.

Now go see the video. It’s about the “rainbows” in our spirit. The ones we bring with us when we enter this Earth. The ones we hold fast to. Our dreams. Our hopes. Our trust. Our love. It’s not a fairy tale. Not all life is. It is about the friends we make while we’re looking. It’s about strength and holding on to hope. Magic found in the most difficult of circumstances.

The video. Rainbow Connection by Willie Nelson

This post is filled with all the kindness and happiness and beauty that I can imagine.

It’s personal.


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1 commentGoing Home
Posted Dec-02-08 14:02:29 PSTOne of the really great things about YouTube is the music. I found this song while I was looking for another. It’s kind of like life really. Life is what happens to you when you’re trying to do something else. The last video that I posted, In My Life (The Beatles), got me to thinking about Billy. How much we knew about each other. How easily we became friends. How different we were from the other. How much I miss him. Billy was a good traveling companion in life. I loved him very much. Like family. This is a true post. The fact part of 12 dogs “fact” or “fiction”.

The song is entitled The Two of Us. Sung by The Beatles.The video was made in 2003. A good traveling song for a good traveling companion.

Next? Some days are just good ones.


I’m waiting on trust.

I already have the faith

and the hope.

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3 commentsSome days are just good ones.
Posted Dec-01-08 22:26:04 PST Updated Dec-02-08 09:21:13 PSTIf you read my blog you know about Billy and IrishDavid. Next to my family, these two men had more influence in my life than any other folks that I’ve known. I never thought I’d have a friendship so good again. Mourned their loss. Said I wanted to be left alone. While I still miss these two men terribly, I have found a new friendship or two. I am so grateful for the opportunity to know these new folks. One in particular. LOL How we know each other is a miracle. They are fierce and brave while I’m quiet. Because of these two, the worst part of my year was okay again. They’ve coaxed and encouraged and even been an Azz on occasion. I am so happy. I’m writing this incase someone finds themselves like I did. Feeling as if life had ended and all that they have to look forward to was time in God’s waiting room. Hang on. Maybe not. And, with this friend I get the bonus of their companion in life. A lovely person who, well folks, WB says she’s nicer than either my friend or I put together.

I didn’t get to send this song to Billy or to IrishDavid. I’m going to do it now. And send it to my two friends as well. Hugs and hugs again. Email coming soon. Got to get some rest or I’ll be in a pickle. Ann.

For one of my most favorite storytellers…
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0 commentsFor one of my most favorite storytellers.
Posted Dec-01-08 13:44:53 PSTA tall tale from the American West.

Pecos Bill by Rabbit Ears Radio

Told by Robin Williams Music by RyCooder

Hugs kiddo.

The world a bright new penny.

Be fierce when fierce need be.

Be sweet when gentle calls.

May love and happy greet thee

Bring peace and joy to all.

Ann 1Dec08
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7 commentsThe world and a bright penny.
Posted Dec-01-08 05:53:11 PST Updated Dec-06-08 21:32:57 PSTI met someone once who said the secret to life was to take only the good from each moment. Spit out the bad. Then she said, “Well on second thought, don’t think of it as spitting out the bad. Think of it as a watermelon seed. That bad time might not look like much when you spit it out but inside of that seed is a whole world of new life if you just give it what it needs.”

Today is a new day.

I’ve been working on an idea for another story. It’s not comfortable like the other story I talked about. First off it’s not my story. Second, it is too sad. Someone told me I was the author of beautiful books.

They need me to tell beautiful stories.

The moma in me thinks that might be a good idea for us both. I’m not delusional. I know that there is bad in the world but like Kook it seems to me that there’s a need for good to make the bad a little easier to take.

Like “…a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down…” in the Mary Poppin’s song. So this morning you can call me the Mary Poppins of eBay.

Let’s try for only good things.



Lemmie see what kind of story I can come up with.

BBL Hugs

Til then? Don’t Worry? 😀

No animals were hurt during the filming of this video. Except for the hampster. The one surrounded by all the cats. Sure it was in the cage and the cats were outside the cage but cats are wiley. They could know how to open the cage and well that hampster may not be a fast runner. I just can’t tell you about the hampster. Let us pray.

It’s the middle of the night
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0 comments01dec08
Posted Dec-01-08 02:59:16 PST Updated Dec-01-08 05:05:41 PSTDear diary,

Today I bought a Map to the Stars. Tomorrow I’m going to Wonderland for something new 2do.

Love, Alice…

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0 commentsMap to the Stars . Alice Goes to Wonderland (forsomethingnew2do)
Posted Dec-01-08 02:47:49 PST Updated Jan-14-09 05:50:50 PST
Dear diary,

Rabbit hole?

Black hole?

One way?

For a soul?


All a round?

Alice going downtown?

Right way?

One way?

Only thing for her to say?

Round the world?

Does it pay?

How much?

In a day…………………………………………Bad idea?

“Surviving is only a means to an end Alice.”

Love, Alice.

AliceGoestoWonderland * forsomethingnew2do

from Map to the Stars




PicVicious LADreamer

It’s the middle of the night

in Wonderland…

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