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Posted Dec-16-08 16:11:11 PST Updated Dec-16-08 16:38:26 PST


NolenPackrat has come by to remind me that I am this side of “crazy”. (Psst… Hugs Nolen, that’s a good thing.)

And a friend informed me that some of my “life choices” stink. (Pssst…That’s just bossy.)

Which means —

It’s time for the disclaimer.

12 dogs and a blog is my writer’s journal.

I’m a writer.

Fact and fiction are here.

If you’re wondering about my sanity or which is which?

Email me or leave a comment.

Happy (insert holiday here).

Who is Auntie Slacker, Author Ann, InternJack, Hannah Murphy, WB, Pup, the 12 dogs…?


About that fact and fiction part?

Ann, Pup, and WB?


The dogs?

Well we had 12 and now we don’t.

That’s fact.

Just how much fact and fiction depends on when you asked.

We do have dogs.

As for Auntie Slacker, Hannah Murphy, InternJack…

Just keep reading and follow the “blue link” road.


This isn’t like a regular diary.

You can read it sequentially sure.

But if you do?

You’ll miss the point.

That would be just sad.

Author Ann

“One door closed. Another opens.”

A Winter’s Night— a rough draft fragment for Solstice by AuthorAnn


“…you know the great thing about my life (besides Pup and the good stuff) is that

I get to sit around all day

and write.

It’s my job….”

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3 commentsRain meet Sunshine
Posted Dec-16-08 14:48:50 PST Updated Dec-16-08 16:12:25 PSTFor the really nice folks here on ebay.


Her day’s too short

Her smiles been gone

Happy’s like work

The sunshine’s gone.

Feel’s her heart’s

Gonna always be grey.

Grey like unhappy

On an unhappy day

Then Rain meets Sunshine

Up in that grey, cloudy sky

And there’s suddenly a rainbow

And Sunshine’s why

Sunshine don’t know

That they’re making folks day

But something about them

The way that they play

Has the the rest of us say

Thanks alot Sunshine

You’ve made our day.

Okay, it’s not great moments in poetry. This is where it’s the thought that counts.

And the thought is?

For the nice folks here at eBay who’ve by being themselves, have all us dogs at the 12 dogs smiling.

(…even Auntie Slacker who, we have to admit Nolen, if she were a real person and not a personification ? She would be R E A L L Y close to being nuts. LOL.)

Happy holidays. Will try to keep the doom and gloom to a minimum.

Just remember, while it’s sometimes difficult to tell, I’m a writer. The real life isn’t quite so grim.

Hugs to you nice ladies and gentlemen! Happy holidays what ever holiday you celebrate.

Now gotta go do some work.

It’s been good to visit with you and see your sunny smiles




Montgomery Gentry

Roll With Me.

Next? > Have a Holly (friggin) Jolly Christmas.

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12 commentsHave a Holly friggin Jolly Christmas.
Posted Dec-16-08 12:21:09 PST Updated Jan-14-09 05:43:53 PST

Quote of the Day

“She was loyal like a dog.

She was treated like a dog.”

Hannah Murphy

13 December, 2008

Word of the Day



“…fanciful; marvelous; extravagant; unreal; as, a romantic tale; a romantic notion…”

Used in a sentence?

“Her romantic nature led to her being described as being in denial when in fact it was just a sweet and kind nature struggling to survive an unkind world.”

Hannah Murphy

13 December, 2008

see also

Quote of the day

Tonight on the Tele?

Waiting for God

Two old folks survive the calous treatment of society and their families while living in “prison”.


Kiss of the Spiderwoman

Two young people survive the calous treatment of society and their families while living in “prison” .

Song of the day

Aretha Franklin


Today’s letter to Santa.

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, I would like to end this celibate drought. I don’t know how you’re going to get that good looking guy down my chimney but it really isn’t my problem is it.

Hugs and kisses,

Auntie Slacker

Santa replies,

Well ho ho ho to you too.

If it isn’t my old friend Auntie Slacker. Auntie every year you ask for the same thing and EVERY YEAR I give you another box of chocolates and the same answer.



This year?

I think I might just say “yes”.

Hugs and a ho ho ho to you,


Santa Baby

Oh and Merry (friggin’) Christmas.

Auntie Slacker’s reply.

Dear Santa Baby,

Thank you for my prezzie Santa!

Oh and Santa, PLEASE ignore Intern Jack.

He’s got agendas.

Milk and cookies and a little Maker’s Mark by the fire place at 12 dogs.

Who loves you?

Why I do Santa!

Hugs and kisses,

Auntie Slacker


My wish list:

Next at 12 dogs?

A Winter’s Night— a rough draft fragment for Solstice by AuthorAnn

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2 commentsA Winter’s Night— a rough draft fragment for Solstice by AuthorAnn
Posted Dec-16-08 10:51:24 PST Updated Dec-22-08 19:59:21 PSTThis is still a rough draft. I’ve changed it around a bit. Nothing like distance and a little sleep to improve things. The words in red are additions. I’m just trying to see if they fit or not. This is a fragment of a story so if it doesn’t make sense not to worry. You’re only seeing a part of the story not all of it. When I’ve finished it, I’ll let you know here.

Happy holidays. Ann


Thank you for reading. I hope you like what you read and will come back any time. The comments are on but in hidden mode. Comments are certainly welcome.

The story.

—“I just know you’ll find someone. It’s easy,” she says this with a smile, ” People are all the same really.” Brilliant teeth. Her teeth. She’s got teeth like Chiclets. I just keep staring at them. “Not alot of difference?” I’m repeating the words to her big, white, Chiclet sized teeth. She smiles, “Exactly. Now don’t give up.” I’ve stopped looking at her Chiclet teeth and now I’m looking for exits. Only she’s not getting the clues. So I look at the floor hoping for a trap door or maybe a rabbit hole to fall through. That’s when I see all the pairs of feet and look up. More people. More humilation.

I want to go home.

Everyone smiles. We nod polite. Well they do, I just nod and look for the exits. You know that they understand. Very unfortunate….This isn’t…. It can’t…. We’re not…. “We aren’t cogs interchangable.” I tell her. I’m suddenly very allergic to her big, white, Chiclet teeth. I can hear my voice far away. I’m trying to explain how, like snow flakes, we’re all different. How you can’t make “good bye” okay by just getting another set of lips to kiss or another hand to hold, There’s pain and then numb like the dentist’s office. The aftermath of root canals or tooth extraction. A heart extraction. She was extracting my heart. Who’d kiss my numb lips without a heart? I’ll drool and have missing teeth, I’ll have a heart full of those cotton gauze thingys trying to stop the bleeding and “inbreated” words sloshing out of my mouth. A numb heart full of novocaine. You just can’t. You’re a different person. Telling someone “Wait –I think I know someone else. Someone who’s slightly smaller, larger, with more teeth, or less, that will fit you better.” It just doesn’t work. She smiles and disagrees with me because she’s got those big, white, perfect, Chiclet teeth. Somehow she’s above the pain and — well –clueless. We say “good night” and “good bye” and then I’m on a cold road on a winter’s night. With her foot, she moves the snow on the ground in an arch. We can see the dirt below it. “Snow covers us all with innocence.” she says,” Makes even dirt look pure.” And to think, no two flakes alike but we’re the same. It’s just odd. So much work on a flake of ice but not on human beings. She’s talking as she walks away. I can see her shape slowly vanish into the blurr and I wish it were true. Maybe. If I closed my eyes and started wishing really hard that we were interchangable this wouldn’t hurt so bad. Imagine avoiding all that pain with with alitttle nitrous oxide on the side to cheer things up. I try to look up into the night sky hoping for those flakes to wash my heart clean. I try to catch them on my tongue to make the words pure again. But when I look up into the sky I’m blinded by those flakes as they blur past. I hear her words in my heart. She’s talking about snow flakes again. “They’re like the feathers from angels.” she’s saying, ” So soft and gentle.” That’s what she’d promised our life would be. Soft and gentle. But those “feathers” cover my eyes, not with pure and soft but with bitter, stinging cold. My eyes water. Maybe it’s from the cold or the impact of snowflakes on the eye. Or–?

Could be tears.

Stoic and ever polite,

I’ll blame it on the snow…. —

Song for a Winter’s Night Sarah MacLachlan

One more thing. Gentle Reader. In real life things are going okay. I’m working outside. Getting ready to move the kennels hopefully one last time.

I miss a friend who’s gone for a bit.

But I’m fine.

I’m a writer.



Word symphony

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0 commentsDuck, duck, goose
Posted Dec-16-08 10:48:09 PST Updated Dec-16-08 11:14:04 PSTNot so lame duck!

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1 commentWord symphony
Posted Dec-14-08 23:05:11 PST Updated Dec-14-08 23:36:10 PSTTo a friend–

“…The time between when the Moon sets and the Sun rises. It is a good time of day. Peaceful. To watch the day unfurl gently. Like music. A flute. A gentle violin. A question by the flute. An answer back by the violin. A playful oboe opens it’s eyes then closes and yawns. An industrious trumpet. Then another as they wake and head off to work. Then quiet with a very soft tympani roll. That builds to only a soft yawn. Again the violin and flute duets as they drink their coffee and get ready for the day. Picolos underfoot funning round in a frantic. Collecting books and boots and a quick bite of something on their way to school. End the first movement…”

Good morning!



Blossom and Meadow George Winston

Something you might have missed last night >Everyday is a winding road…

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4 commentsEveryday is a winding road…
Posted Dec-14-08 21:32:45 PST Updated Dec-14-08 23:09:50 PST
I get a little bit further.

I’ve got alot of things to do next week. I know that I should work on some writing project everyday. I said that I would. It’s to show myself that I could do this for a living. Believe it or not I’ll have been writing a year this coming January. I certainly don’t want to slack now. I just won’t be able to do much writing for public consumption for the next week. So in the mean time, I thought a week of movies would be fun. I’d written a blog about it for today but got caught up in the activities here and couldn’t. Next week will be the same. I will be doing something that is related though. Something that will be good for Pup, the pups, WB and for me too. I’m so excited but won’t say more until next week. No it’s not a writing job directly. But I will write about it. Already have the title. I’m sorry that I don’t have more. I hope that you will enjoy this beautiful movie and the movies for next week. And I do apologize for the little bit of creative writing that I’ll be doing. It can’t be helped.

Now a beautiful irony for a writer’s journal.
A story told without words.

Kind regards, Ann

Letter’s to Santa from the folks at 12 dogs.
And a ho ho ho to you too.

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3 commentsLetter’s to Santa from the folks at 12 dogs. And a ho ho ho to you too.
Posted Dec-13-08 08:54:21 PST Updated Dec-13-08 09:57:54 PST

Today’s letters to Santa.

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, I would like to end this celibate drought. I don’t know how you’re going to get that good looking guy down my chimney but it really isn’t my problem is it.

Hugs and kisses,

Auntie Slacker

Santa replies,

Well ho ho ho to you too.

If it isn’t my old friend Auntie Slacker. Auntie every year you ask for the same damn thing and EVERY YEAR I give you another box of chocolates and the same answer.


Hugs and a ho ho ho to you,

Santa Baby

Oh and Merry (friggin’) Christmas.

a letter to Santa from Intern Jack

Dear Santa,

First, I’d like to remind Santa that I have been a very good (and long suffering) intern this year. As you know, the life of an intern is, well, difficult. I am a asked to do many, many things that aren’t Santa like.

That is why I beg you.

Whatever you do?

DO NOT eat the Ho Ho’s.

She’s bad Santa.

Your favorite intern,


PS. Here’s the video I was telling you about. Sorry about the poor quality. The band kept getting in the way.

Next at 12 dogs?

A natural born teacher

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0 commentsA natural born teacher
Posted Dec-12-08 06:50:46 PST Updated Dec-12-08 06:51:49 PST

I wrote this a couple of days ago. This morning I was talking to Pup again about pretty much the same thing.


One of the things on my “to do” list this morning is to look up a passage that I heard Craig Ferguson read. It was a way to explain death that was written by Victor Hugo in a book entitled Toilers of the Sea. While I was doing this I was talking to my son about our life together. Just as I was saying these words about how he’d been raised, my eye looked over at the computer screen. There was a study unit on the book and at the top of the web page was the title of what I assume at the moment to be the title of the first chapter. The words?

” A Word Written on a White Page ”

It was funny because that’s a really good way of discribing how we come into the world. Not really blank pages but still. Then life experience comes and letter by letter begins to write the story of our lives on the blank pages of our life. A poster here at ebay called it pages in a beautiful book. More like a page on an internet website with memories for YouTube videos.

From there I went to find the lyrics to the song Rivers of Babylon. Before I found the song lyrics I found the words to a Psalm. Thought that the lyrics might have been the words to the Psalm set to music. So far nope. Which is kind of good because the particular Psalm that I was reading was really grim. Different song.


Good news.

WB fixed my television reception. The Late Late Show is back on in my household. I know there are folks who think that I watch the show to go “agaga” over his accent or his looks. While it’s true that he is good looking and I really like the accent? That’s not why I watch. The fact that I’m reading Victor Hugo and looking up that quote is why I watch.

I told someone a while back that I was a fan of the LLS. Told them that when it came to Mr. Ferguson, while it was true he was handsome, that “I read the articles”. Thanks to Mr. Ferguson, I’ve been introduced to Magic Realism and Victor Hugo and he’s made me laugh.

Now that I’ve seen the video of his mom, I understand why. The man learned it from his mom. He’s a natural teacher.

I’m so glad that I can still watch this show.

Thank you.

Hey Gentle Reader.

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3 commentsHey Gentle Reader.
Posted Dec-11-08 07:27:19 PST Updated Dec-11-08 08:25:35 PSTJust keep reading till you come to something you’ve already read. Not alot of posts but there are some nice songs. Sounds like the weather’s going to improve or get worse. Weather dude’s a bit vague at the moment. He’s getting a bit punchy.

Or maybe I am.

Sleep is definately a good idea for both of us. There’s alot to read here. If I don’t post anything new for the next day or two you’ll have lots to keep you busy.

Next > Watch this space for future story.

TTFN & CU L8r, Ann
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0 commentsWatch this space for future story.
Posted Dec-11-08 07:25:22 PST Updated Dec-11-08 14:01:05 PSTNext.

More fun with insomnia
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4 commentsMore fun with insomnia
Posted Dec-11-08 06:49:32 PSTFrom this youtuber, Shamrocked4ever’s video description of the song “What’ll I Do?”

This song “was recorded in 1962, and was originally found on Sinatra’s underrated “All Alone” album. The pain and sadness in Sinatra’s voice is perfectly matched with the mournful strings of Gordon Jenkin’s wonderfully moving arrangement. Many talented artists have recorded this reflection of love lost, but none like Sinatra. Actually, he only sang it a few times. He said emotionally it was just “too hard.”

Written by Irving Berlin, the initial inspiration for “What’ll I Do?” was his mother’s death”

Thanks Shamrock4Ever!

So here goes more fun with insomnia .

You got to admit the music is beautiful.

The cartoon at the beginning is a hoot.

And well it fits with a discussion I was having with a friend about the question,

“What do you think is romantic?”

Sorry folks I was just feeling pittiful after last night and then this stuff about snow…

Well now the power is going off and on

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2 commentsWell now the power is going off and on and ..
Posted Dec-11-08 04:50:01 PSTPower just cut in and out.

Oh the weather out side frightfull…

Going to call it a night. At least if a tornado hits now we can see it if the lights go out. Of course then there’s this snow the weather dude is talking about.

Anyway need to conserve the battery.

In the mean time? More music.

Dean Martin

Let it Snow…let it snow… let it friggin snow


I’m sorry but this sucks.

Then in the middle of the night
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0 commentsThen in the middle of the night in the middle of a tornado watch-
Posted Dec-11-08 04:40:54 PSTShe posted a video that had Janet Jackson making fruit wreaths? AHAHAHHAHAHAH! No way!


Yep I did. Hee hee he hee hee. And you thought I was kidding didn’t you.


I always wondered how they did that. Now I know.

Oh and it’s not the middle of the night. It just seems like it because there is sever weather everywhere.

Oh look there went that old lady hunting after Toto.

What fun!

Now their talking snow?

This calls for a song.

You know I’m happy that these folks are so excited about tornados and now snow but between you and me? Nothing says “yikes” more than a bunch of digruntled dogs and family members snowed in. Where we are if you get 2 inches of the stuff the world pretty much shuts down.

Music to keep insomnia company
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0 commentsMusic to keep insomnia company
Posted Dec-11-08 01:56:30 PST Updated Dec-11-08 03:54:29 PSTCan’t sleep. Just a touch of insomnia. Pretty song so that the night isn’t so quiet.

Joni Mitchell. A Case of You.

You know, if you load both videos and then replay leaving a space of say 20 seconds? They sing a duet. Well maybe not 20 seconds but if you try you really can get a duet. I’ll see if I can figure out the best delay and then post what I find. This really is a beautiful song.

Something I found out by accident. Oh insomnia you are such a good teacher.

So with the due dilegence of a bored student studing the BTU’s of beer farts, I have determined that if you 1) load both videos till they show the replay button, 2) let the first video run til one minute forty two second mark and then 3) start the second video when the first video hits the one minute forty four second mark? Joni Mitchell will sing a duet with herself. THen if that isn’t good enough, if you restart the first video when it’s finished and do the same when the second video is finished and continue over and over. Joni Mitchell will keep singing that duet until you get bored with this feat or you finally get sleepy or until you have to go to the bathroon like I did.

No! No! Please don’t applaud. I’m just doing this to help those who are suffering from the same level of insomnia I am. The weather is horrid. Nothing like tornado weather in December to give you one heck of a case of insomnia.

Anyway hope this will entertain you on the evenings when nothing else will. Hugs Ann

Is there any kind soul
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0 commentsIs there any kind soul
Posted Dec-10-08 23:32:57 PST Updated Dec-10-08 23:39:46 PSTWho posts videos of the previous night’s The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to YouTube? Between the weather and the crappy signal I’m not going to be able to get to see the show anymore unless it’s via the internet. LOL I can get 5 religious stations, three DIY stations, but No Craig Ferguson.

It was bad enough that the analog signal was so crappy that I watching the show looked like he was doing it in a blizzard but even that was better than youTube reruns. I have the digital box. I have the digital rabbit ears. What good is digital television if you can’t get a signal?

This is stupid.

Folks this is the only television show that I watch. I can’t stand Conan. Oh heck! This means no David Letterman and Darleen Love singing on the Christmas show either.

Maybe CBS will find it in the kindness of their heart to post the show the next day on their web page. At least I can still get the internet and youTube.

I thought things were supposed to improve. All I can see is that we’re back in the old days here where you’ve got one television station and that shuts off at midnight.


To hold Love you have to use an open palm.

And live somewhere other than I do.

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0 commentsTo hold Love you have to use an open palm.
Posted Dec-10-08 23:15:20 PSTOtherwise you might squish it.

So, a friend was talking to me about Love.

They compared happiness and joy and love to holding a butterfly.

You can’t grasp a butterfly and hold it tight.

If’ you do you’ll destroy it.

Same with love.

At the time, what they said reminded me of Dolly Parton’s song about Love being like a butterfly.

Then today I found this video.

I still like the Dolly Parton song and it’s description of Love.

But I like this video about love too. It’s says in images what my friend was saying in words.

For more animation? Here’s a start–


New songs
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0 commentsNew songs
Posted Dec-10-08 14:31:52 PST Updated Dec-10-08 23:07:09 PST

from The Downtown Lights * The Blue Nile * Hats

Sounds alittle like Sting and the Police.

I guess I’m still working on the sad story. It’s just hard. It’s not mine and I don’t want to write such a sad story. I’m not sure how to give the characters that happy ending that they need and frankly should have.

Not to worry.

I’ll figure out something.

I’m very happy right at this moment.

My friends are back.

I missed them.


Still new things to read and listen to.


December 10, 1948

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2 commentsDecember 10, 1948
Posted Dec-10-08 13:36:36 PST Updated Dec-10-08 14:00:49 PST


I found this video on the internet.

Today in history.

“…On December 10, 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights…”

I know that there will be folks who will have strong opinions about what this video says.

Some will be for it.

Some will be against it.

Even if we argue about it?

A political debate or arguement will be so much better than the alternative —


Apathy is so much worse.

It’s what allows things to happen which are sometimes beyond the imagination of most of us.

The torture of people.

I’m usually pretty good natured and I’m not trying to start a fuss.

I’m not a political activist out to save humanity.

I don’t like being told what to do.

Don’t imagine you do either.

But what’s in this video and the UN Declaration is surely of interest to us all.

Using our words and intellect, not guns and distruction, to work out the human condition?

Regardless if we agree with it or disagree?

Regardless of our opinions on the validity of the UN or the wisdom of world courts?

Still sounds like a really good idea.

We do all live here.



And like magic? I joined a book club.

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0 commentsAnd like magic? I joined a book club.
Posted Dec-09-08 07:18:22 PST Updated Dec-09-08 07:55:04 PSTI didn’t plan it. Not sure if it will work. You would think that someone who wants to write would already belong to one but nope. Now I do.

I am now officially a member of The Goodread’s Book Club. I found it while looking for information on the CBS show Novel Adventures. I’ve never heard of this show. Have you?. Actually Goodread’s is a clearing house for alot of book groups on the internet. A huge site but really easy to navigate. There are hints and prompts to help you find a book club that would interest you from among the many clubs there. For instant. they ask you the name of your favorite author or novel. Since one of my favorites is the book by Audrey Niffenegger entitled The Time Traveler’s Daughter, I started my search with book clubs familiar with that book. After entering the title, it was a matter of choosing from the groups available. Alot of fun!

How did this lovely group happen and I missed it. Argh. December’s book is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and Stardust by Neil Gaiman. I’m not familiar with the Stardust book but the Dicken’s story is a holiday favorite.

If you’re looking for an online book club this seems to be the place.

Oh and if you know anything about the CBS show Novel Adventures would you let me know? It really looks like a an interesting concept.

I’ve several new posts. One posted this morning and another two from the weekend.

I’m also saying a prayer for Craig Ferguson’s family. Mr. Ferguson’s mom died last week. He talked about it on his show last night and then it was on the YouTubes this morning. Watching his mom sight see with RZA of the WuTang club, you kind of get an idea of where he got his ability to make his guest feel at ease.

So what’s next on 12 dogs?

The new blogs begin here:

One step in front of the other.



Note: I’ve got the comments on but hidden. Will be gone til later this evening so will miss chatting. I’m sorry that I’ll miss talking to you this afternoon but look forward to reading your comments tonight.
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