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Posted Dec-20-08 20:36:43 PST Updated Dec-21-08 09:27:19 PST

A poem that might make you slap your Grandma if you were hung over

Good thing I’m not hung over :)!

Good morning merry sunshine!

How did you wake so soon?

You scared away the little stars.

And shined away the moon.

Not fun to hear from a chipper person when you don’t feel so chipper.

but ya’ know I’m feeling pretty durn good

Good morning!

Sunday Morning @ The 12 Dogs

I feel really good this morning.

The sky is blue.

The sun is shining.

It’s not freezing.

I’m happy.

It’s a beautiful feeling.


Something else to ponder this morning, this morning…

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11 commentsBe nice babies and sweet dreams
Posted Dec-20-08 19:23:06 PST

Remember to be good tonight.

Cause whatever you do on Saturday night?

You might have to wake up with on Sunday morning.

Robert Johnson * Preaching Blues (up jumped the devil)

Saturday night here at 12 dogs.

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0 commentsSaturday night here at 12 dogs.
Posted Dec-20-08 19:02:31 PST Updated Dec-20-08 19:24:24 PSTSo WB made us some red beans and rice and sweet tea.

I wrote and provided the music.

Pup he picked out the video

We’re all going walkabout..

Robert Johnson * Walkin Blues

And Now? A little music for a Saturday night …

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2 commentsJJ Cale
Posted Dec-20-08 18:55:52 PSTJJCale Call the Doctor

Not to worry. No one’s sick. It’s just a song.

only a couple of times in my life
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0 commentsAngel wings and a prayer or two…
Posted Dec-20-08 17:35:10 PST Updated Dec-20-08 17:55:55 PST

Tracy Chapman * Give Me One Reason

“…I dont want no one to squeeze me – they might take away my life
I just want someone to hold me and rock me through the night…”

(Maybe alittle)

Music on a “Saturday night”

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0 commentsangel wings
Posted Dec-20-08 17:24:05 PST Updated Dec-20-08 18:23:46 PSTTracy Chapman. Crossroads

Only a couple of times in my life…

for a friend or two or more…

man oh man am I glad



From here?

You can see the next section of 12 dogs:

The IN Comments ON. Dr. Depends

OR you can take

This way out > Blogs

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0 commentsonly a couple of times in my life
Posted Dec-20-08 17:13:40 PST Updated Dec-20-08 18:02:24 PSTI’ve only been really drunk a couple of time in my life.

But only once where I woke up the next morning as drunk as I was the night before.

Let me tell you.

There is nothing quite like holding on the the bed when you’re laying flat on your back.

“Why?” you ask, “do you need to hold on to the bed when you are laying there flat on your back.”

Well I’ll tell you why.

To keep from flying off the bed. On this particular occasion, rather the next morning, the bed was spinning. I kid you not. I’ve never, ever been that drunk before or since. It was the celebration when I realized I was actually going to graduate and never have to see another biochem class again if I didn’t want to. And I was dumb. I thought two for one mixers meant that that I was supposed to put the contents of that little minature bottle of vodka in the Tom Collins drink. And well after one or two of those double your fun drinks? I was hugging the man who basically made my life a misery for 9 and 1/2 weeks. He is a nice person but I lived in fear I would fail his notoriouly difficult class. But I didn’t.

So to celebrate? I got drunk.

The day after is a blurr and well something I don’t EVER want to relive again.

You Got to Walk That Lonesome Valley hangover all by your self.

Mississippi John Hurt * You Got to Walk That Lonesome Valley

I’ve got to go, as my mawmaw used to say, “Pick a bouquet.” BRB

In the meantime?

angel wings

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0 commentsYou know…
Posted Dec-20-08 16:58:20 PST Updated Dec-20-08 18:58:19 PSTI don’t think that WB get out very much. Not only does he not know the term “pizz ant” he doesn’t understand that one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer is medicinal.

Huh? You say. Anyone would know this is the cure for the flu, a cold, or a “lying, lowdown, dumb ass pizz ant”.

Had to get Professor John Lee Hooker to explain it to him

John Lee Hooker * One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer.

Last Call? Naw just got a little scratch in my throat.

Only a couple of times in my life

JJ Cale

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0 commentsNow look..
Posted Dec-20-08 16:49:38 PST Updated Dec-20-08 17:43:36 PSTJust because I believe in the Second Ammendment, like this song, and know how to use the word “pizz ant” doesn’t mean I am bad.

I’m good.

I just appreciate the music and the language and the stories they tell…

Like this song. John Lee Hooker * BoomBoomBoom

Or like this one You know…
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2 commentsBlind Lemon Jefferson * Black Snake Moan
Posted Dec-20-08 16:20:04 PST Updated Dec-20-08 19:26:39 PSTI’m just pitiful this evenin’. I’ve yelled at the long sufferin WB. I’m reading out loud and he’s appreaciating my writing. I’m just pitiful. Moaning. I’m lower than a snake’s belly. Fussin at poor WB who is kindly cooking red beans and rice for me even as I type this. That’s just wrong and pitiful.

Think I’ll listen to some blues.

Black Snake Moan * Blind Lemon Jefferson

So WB and I were debating (LOL yeah ) the definition of the word “pizz ant” when all of a sudden he tells me that we “can dance flea”. I asked him what the heck he was talking about and he explained that we could take dance lessons. For free. At least the first lesson was free. I immediately said that he was the perfect example of a “lying pizz ant”. To which he said, “but pizz ants don’t lie. They’re insects.” I told me he had no clue as to what a “pizz ant was”. He said, “Yes he did.” So I wisely called him a “dumbazz, lying, pizz ant with no clue”.

Then I told him I was gonna call my momma.

He said, “Good she’ll say you’re a “pizz ant” and that you are pitiful.”

WB is pitiful. And to think I called him long suffering and was nice cause he was making me some red beans and rice. There’s no red beans and rice that could over come his pitiful, dumbass, lying, pizz ant self.

Besides I am perfect and my momma and daddy love me.

They just tolerate my little brother and WB.



Now look..

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0 commentsMusic on a “Saturday night”
Posted Dec-20-08 15:54:55 PST Updated Dec-20-08 18:19:38 PSTWhen I was a little girl my parents took us to eat Thanksgiving at Brennan’s and then for a walk through the French Quarter.

I don’t know which was “funner”.

My moma being pizzed because they sat us in “the families with little kids” section of Brennans was pretty funny. There we were all dressed up and our best party manners on sitting in the room reserved for the “screaming babies”. Looking back I could see her point. After all, her kids weren’t unruly and unkept like those other children in the room. We knew to keep our napkins in our laps and mind the “Ah-dults”. That was funny in itself but there was more “funner” to come. Like the sight of the bouncer for one of the Rue Bourbon stripper joints when he looked down from trying to get my daddy inside to see the strippers only to see my little brother getting an eye full. I swear that fella’s face was all kinds of surprised. Turns out he was more upset than my dad. My daddy thought it was funny. My brother was very young so all he was wondering was why the ladies weren’t wearing much clothes. Good question I thought. Even in New Orleans it can be breezy in late November. Especially with the door open.

Muddy Waters Mojo..

I’m looking up songs and writing for my own amusement. Thinking about the past. Sometimes it’s good to look back. Sometimes not. Tonight I’m thinking about my past and my Gulf Coastal life. Thinking about the fun of visiting the French Quarter.

So the music is good.

Let the good times roll.


Oh and hey listen. When each video is finished and you can replay? Check out the other videos available for play. The music is really good and really is good on a Saturday night.


Blind Lemon Jefferson * Black Snake Moan

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4 commentsThe IN Comments ON. Dr. Depends
Posted Dec-20-08 13:48:52 PSTWho does Auntie Slacker turn to when she needs help?

Why Dr. Depend!

Today’s question is of great importance to dog owners and their neighbors.

The question?

Dear Dr. Depend,

My neighbor’s dog keeps peeing in my garden. What can I do?

Dr. Depends answer:

Auntie Slacker responds.

The opinions and advice given by this man is in no way endorsed by the folks here at 12 dogs. Don’t do it. It will get you arrested. I don’t really take this guys advice. He’s nuts.

But it is funny.

So we posted it.


Auntie Slacker

Now back to 365 Thing You Could Do That MIGHT Be Better Than Sex

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1 comment365 Things You MIGHT Could Do That Would Be Better Than Sex
Posted Dec-20-08 13:02:21 PST Updated Dec-21-08 14:20:01 PSTThis post is for Sunday morning but since I’m going to be doing other things tomorrow morning I’m posting this now so there will something to read. This morning which is actually last night. When you read it. If you read it on Sunday morning. Which you really need to do because it won’t make sense if you read it tonight. But then if I have to post in the morning I’ll have to get up really early which I truly don’t want to do so I’m posting it tonight.

Be nice to me please. I could have just skipped it.

But I like you Gentle Reader and I don’t want you not to have current posts to read.

After all, that’s one of the reasons you like me.

You do like me right?


Well when ever you do read it this is Sunday morning’s blog on 12 dogs.

I’ve been making a list of 365 Things I Could Do That MIGHT Be Better Than Sex.

I’m still looking for Number three on the list.

Till then?

So about last night. Funny thing happened.

Last night’s movie was Good Morning Vietnam.

Well we were watching AND —

Out of nowhere I heard a voice (not really but just go with it)

Ah yeah, so out of nowhere I heard a voice say

“Good Morning Vietnam’s DJ Adrian Cronauer. Remind you of anyone?”

And I said to myself (but not to the “voice” that would be crazy) so I said,

“Well not really disembodied voice.”

And the voice said, “Well why not?!?!?!”

I didn’t know that a diembodied pretend voice could be in a snit but this one was.

And so I said, ” I don’t know. Give me a hint.”

And the voice said, “Oh all right. Idiot

Here’s the hint.

Tonight’s movie is Good Morning Vietnam.


So I end up watching a Good Morning Vietnam video clip.

“Yeah? So?” I’m really not understanding this.

“Well maybe this will help.” says the voice.

So I ended up watching Friday night’s monologue.

“I don’t get it.” I said.

“Idiot!” said the diembodied voice, ” Craig Ferguson is the 2009 version of the Robin William’s character in the movie Good Morning Vietnam!”

To which I said, “I still don’t get it.”

“Nevermind (grumble) you’ll just never understand high concept art” said the disembodies voice, “I’m leaving!”

“Oh goodness, I get what you are talking about in that the character and Mr. Ferguson are entertaining and they’re outspoken. They are not political really. They’re entertainers who didn’t take the “Hypocritic Oath”. They don’t like censorship and if it’s funny they want to say it. Actually they just don’t like being told what to say. Not big fans of PC. But I do like to think they have a few “kind” and “nice” genes in their bodies. Not being censored isn’t the same as being unkind.

I’m not sure I can say the same for you disembodies pretend voice. You? Have a different agenda. ” I says.

To which the voice replied, ” I do not have an agenda. Now I’m leaving!”

“But wait, diembodied pretend voice, I agree with you about Craig Ferguson being very much like the DJ in Good Morning Vietnam. I really do. I’m sorry, disembodied pretend voice. Is it something that I said?”

“No. I’m just on winter break.” said the voice, “Oh and I’m not really a diembodied voice. I’m just a literary device. You don’t really hear a voice.”

Which was a great relief to me because that voice really creeped me out.

Just so you know.


Well tonight is movie night (more on that later this morning) but till then?

You can do one of three things.

You can check out the 365 Thing You Could Do That MIGHT Be Better Than Sex


You can check out Dr. Depend @ The IN Comments ON. Dr. Depends


You can check out last night’s music @ Be nice babies and sweet dreams

It’s all good.

Or you could go back to Blogland

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0 comments365 Thing You Could Do That MIGHT Be Better Than Sex
Posted Dec-20-08 12:51:23 PST Updated Dec-20-08 15:22:33 PSTNumber Three?

I’m thinking.


Leon Russell * From the album Carney * Tightwire

In case you missed number one and number two on my list

356 Thing You Could Do That MIGHT Be Better Than Sex

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0 comments356 Thing You Could Do That MIGHT Be Better Than Sex
Posted Dec-20-08 08:44:01 PSTI FOUND IT! The second thing on my list that MIGHT be better than sex!


365 Things You Could Do That MIGHT Be Better Than SexComment|Report this post
0 comments365 Things You Could Do That MIGHT Be Better Than Sex
Posted Dec-20-08 08:34:33 PST Updated Dec-21-08 09:24:43 PSTThe search continues. So far it’s looking dismal. In the mean time?

What I’m going to play while I’m having sex. If I get there.Which is doubtful. Then again maybe not. It did after all snow in Las Vegas. “Not until it snows in Vegas. Hmmm. Here’s the song. Ringo Star, snow, and the words

“…It don’t come easy. You know it don’t come easy….”


365 Things That You Can Do That are Better Than Sex

Comments off. I’m still not making snow anything. Haven’t seen the bottom of that Maker’s Mark bottle. Still no sex and boy am I cranky.

You’d be too under the circumstances.

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1 comment365 Things That You Can Do That are Better Than Sex
Posted Dec-19-08 13:04:28 PST Updated Dec-19-08 15:46:14 PSTIf you’ve read my last post, you know that I am in the process of compiling a list of 365 thing I can do that is better than sex. Number one on my list can be found in my last post. This post is supposed to be number two on my list.

I am having trouble coming up with something.

I blame it on the abnormal weather

I wrote about it last January.

See here.

In the mean time I’ll keep trying to find something better than sex to put on my list.

It’s not easy.


Oh, I forgot to tell you.

Cold weather and being celibate makes me cranky.

I have as much interest in making a snow person and catching snowflakes on my tongue as I do remaining celibate.

Which means I have no interest in making snow people and no interest in remaining celibate.

In a word?


I’m not even remotely interested in being pleasant.

Instead I’m going to close my eyes and replay the engagement party scene from The Runaway Bride. The part where Richard Gere’s character tells Julia Robert’s character’s friends that they are being jerks. Then he tells her that she wants a guy who has her looking forward to the new day instead of wanting to hide under the covers with dread. I think Fate hates me and wants me to be a nun only without the nun perks. Like dental and a really good retirement plan.

Rant to be continued. I have to go to the bathroon.

AND I have my very own bottle of Maker’s Mark.


Comments off.

No I’m not interested on looking on the bright side thanks very much.

Please go be “bright and shiney” with someone else.

I’m going to be “dark and twisty” for a bit.

No I’m not a Grey’s Anatomy fan. The words just fit the situation.


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1 comment365 different things you can do that MIGHT be better than sex.
Posted Dec-18-08 00:33:02 PST Updated Dec-18-08 19:25:02 PSTWell as you know Gentle Reader, I’ve been celibate for a while now. Seriously this is getting old. In an effort to cheer up, I’m writting a list of things that MIGHT be better than sex.

I’m calling it 365 Different Things You Can Do That MIGHT Be Better Than Sex.

1) Doing this might be better than sex.



Face transplant–

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4 commentsFace transplant–
Posted Dec-17-08 19:35:45 PST Updated Dec-18-08 00:46:49 PST

A facial transplant?

I’m sorry but how in heavens do you transplant a face. I could see alter a face but transplant a face? Why? Where would you get the parts? It’s all parts from dead folks. You’d be walking around with the face of another person that had loved ones. Imagine if you lived in the same town? What would happen if Fate started being mischeivious? Put you on the same plane as the wife of the person who gave you their face.

Oh Mercy. What if like in the movies the face is possessed by the spirit of Madonna or Fabio?

How do you put it on the donor card?

Do you say, “I want to donate my eyebrows”?

I got questions people.

On the donor card do you check “I’ll give someone my nose and lips” or do you check “I’ll give my whole face.”

And what if someone wanted to donate their face but they were ugly. How do you put that tactfully?

Dear Mr. or Mrs.____,

We so appreciate your kind charity. While we appreciate that you’d like to donate you face to others— well– you’re just too damn ugly. Perhaps a kidney or a liver would be better.

Thank you for your desire to help other.

Kind regards,

St.Elsewhere Hospital.

How much say do you have in it? Do you say “no thanks, I’m holding out for the Brad Pitt version? And just who does get Angelina Jolie’s face? Would it cost more?

I’m just not so sure we’ve thought this face transplant thing through.

Take care until I get back.

Hugs and think about it,


PS Has anyone seen Taylor Hicks from American Idol?

LOL Randomness is a wonderful thing.


Pegs on the Bay

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17 commentsPegs on the Bay
Posted Dec-16-08 20:14:16 PST Updated Dec-17-08 15:06:36 PSTHey Pegs. I turned my comments on but in hide mode so you might not have seen my response to your comments.

First, always glad to see you. I hope that you and your family will have a really nice holiday.

Second, no worries Peg. What I’m writing here on this blog are fragments of a story and then some isolated passages from other stories. It’s not surprising that they don’t make sense. What you don’t see is that I’m working on a series of short stories and one book with each chapter a short story. It’s like a photograph album. Each chapter is like a single photo (an independent story). Together those photos tell a story of a family. It was a suggestion I had to someone who writes. Someone I know. I thought I’d take my own advice. You could also think of what you’re reading here at 12 dogs as pieces to a puzzle. Problem is you don’t know what the puzzle is supposed to look like and you’re missing some key pieces of that puzzle.

12 dogs is a place where I practice writing. It’s not really a diary. I don’t really chat or post spam here. It really is my writing journal. I really am a writer. Now wheither I’m a good writer—?. LOL guess we’ll see. But I do write with the hopes that complete strangers will read what I write. Thank you for reading 12 dogs. It’s good when you or anyone else say so when you don’t understand something. Helps me to really look at what I write and to hopefully improve. To tell you the truth Pegs, I’m always surprised when anyone reads what I write. I’m just tickled when anyone does.

Thank you for commenting and coming to visit. I try to say hello on the blogs but don’t get out too much and miss the chats.

Hugs to you and yours,
Ann < the real person who writes all this stuff.


Hey. Who are you?

Added later. One of the reasons that I really like to write here at ebay is that I can visit while I write. Through email or posting on the blogs, I can write, visit, and shop all at the same time. It's kind of like a coffee shop only I don't have to have a lap top and I can wear my jammies and post late at night or very early in the morning. Plus folks here do read what I write and are kind enough to ask questions and give encouragement. And the blog is easy to navigate. I'm a luddite so the blog being easy to use is good. All of these elements are very important to me and keeps me writing here at ebay. It's a happy experience.

Again hope that you and your family have a happy next year.

Hope you do too Gentle Readers. If I haven't told you this lately, I'm really happy to have you here.

Please comment about the blog anytime. I learn from it and look forward to visiting with you all.


Added much later after reading the comments.

Hugs ya'll.

Thanks and happy holidays to each one of you. It was nice to read what you've had to say. Good company all. Best to you if I don't get to chat. Ann

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