Archive – December 20089 commentsHappy New Year Ya’ll
Posted Dec-31-08 19:05:06 PST Updated Dec-31-08 19:44:43 PSTI just wanted to wish everyone a delightful New Years.

I hope that you have lots of fun and friendship in the coming year!

It really was a great day today and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

More tomorrow.



Gooooooooooooooood morning ebay

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5 commentsGooooooooooooooood morning ebay
Posted Dec-31-08 02:46:11 PSTGood morning.

PRide and Joy * Marvin Gaye


It’s very late
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3 commentsIt’s very late
Posted Dec-31-08 02:18:39 PST Updated Dec-31-08 02:34:02 PSTand I can’t sleep.

Later today the new addition to the “yard” should be finished.

I can’t sleep. The dogs have barked all night long. I started reading about stacking wood for drying. I’m trying to find a website that had the directions for stacking wood on site. Even though I’m probably going to have to move it I may have to opt for stacking the wood between two trees for drying. The old logging road has been cleared so that will help alot. Theres a deep wash to put the branches in so that we don’t have to burn anymore than we have to. The next thing might be relearning how to drive the tractor. That will help us to drag the roots to the back wash. I hope. Slowly we’ve collected the things to do this. Everything from the “pincher like” device that looks like ice tongs to help drag the roots to the gloves that will keep our hands from getting chewed up. I’m not sure how this will work. Mostly slow and steady I guess. There sure is a lot to do and I’m slow. It took forever to move the limbs from one small area. Two truck loads.

The folks that are here move fast.

And some folks I met yesterday may come visit.

Well I’m going to try to get some sleep.

Just think. This time tomorrow will be another year and it will be the first real day for the pups in their new home. Then I can start sorting out the rest of my life. I keep thinking about how I’m going to do this. There’s so much to do next year.

As for the resolutions for next year.

At least one of them will be “home”

I hope today is a lovely day.


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9 commentsStop the Insanity
Posted Dec-30-08 20:24:07 PST Updated Dec-30-08 21:14:27 PSTAlong time ago there was a woman named Susan Powder who use to advertise her workout videos with the words, “Stop the Insanity”. For a while now, I’ve been hearing these same words from WB.

You see I want to learn how to use a chainsaw and WB seems to think this is insane.

So I pestered him about it.

I said, “WB please teach me how to use the chainsaw. “. I tell him that if I don’t know how to do this I will have to hire someone and go broke. He tells me, “Better to go broke than to get hurt” I tell him that we have trees here and some of them fall down. I need to cut them into pieces and then use them as firewood. I need firewood. Why should I burn them in a pile and then buy firewood from someone else. I tell him that is insane. I have to learn how to use the chainsaw The “loppers” only cut limbs. Try cutting something bigger than your thumb with the “loppers” and see how long it takes you to do it. It’s exhausting. If I’ve got to move a tree, I need a chain saw. While it’s true I’m a luddite about alot of things, I do own a microwave oven. I have no problem using a weed eater. Let me tell you those two thiings can be pretty durn dangerous. I’ve burned popcorn in the microwave. If I use a weed eater wrong, I could put an eye out slinging a rock or something. Just doing some of those exercises on the videos with out proper warm up and I can get hurt and limp around for days.

But for some reason my pestering only brought the same response. It’s perfectly safe for me to do these things but let me ask WB, “Please teach me how to use the chainsaw..” and I’d hear not just , “NO! but “HELL NO! THAT’S CRAZY!”

Until today. I pestered WB enough that he finally showed me how.

I cut down two trees and then promptly broke it.

Yes, I, AuthorAnn, the person who everyone was afraid that chainsaw would hurt?

Well, I broke the chainsaw.

Reckon they should have worried less about the chainsaw’s effects on me and more about my affects on the chainsaw. 🙂

More tomorrow.

Kind regards and hugs,


PS There is something really good about knowing how to make a fence, use a chainsaw to clear a path, or knowing how to set a fence post.

Oh and WB has been so busy telling me that the chainsaw is crazy that he’s been missing the real insanity. I’m beginning to get “horse amnesia”. I’m remembering the fun part of having a horse but not the part where you have to get up at “dark thirty” in the winter time to feed them or the fact that you can’t go on a really cool trip cause you don’t have anyone to feed the horses while you’re gone. Then there is that matter of the vet bills…

Poor WB., he thought the chainsaw was crazy.

Just wait until I tell him about the horses — uh horse…

to be continued


Just a note

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0 commentsJust a note
Posted Dec-29-08 17:34:11 PST Updated Dec-29-08 18:14:14 PSTHi ya Gentle Reader!

I’m not going to write about politics, economics, or my aching behind tonight. Nope. Tonight I’m going to talk about the actual 12 dogs.

My Dogs




Not one

Or two

Nor three

Or four

Or five or six.

Nope, I have more.

We live as a family

At the top of the hill.

A hill full of woods

Called Tangle Wood Hill


The 12 dogs of Tangle Wood Hill

O me aching (insert body part here)

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2 commentsO me aching (insert body part here)
Posted Dec-28-08 17:04:50 PSTOh mercy. We’ve been outside working. Taking advantage of the weather. The back woods is a maze of downed trees and future pathways. It’s really difficult work and I’m not sure if either WB or I are quite used to it.

Found this video on the process of conceptual art.

It’s a Christmas tradition!
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2 commentsIt’s a Christmas tradition!
Posted Dec-27-08 23:26:56 PST

Ahhh, Kristen Bell on the Late Late Show.

Now this is an interview.



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0 commentsStarman
Posted Dec-27-08 19:49:02 PST


From far, far away

Came a starman.

To a beautiful blue planet in the sky.

Why he came here?

A mystery.

Til a young boy asked him, “Why?”

“True, I’ve seen many wonders.”

Said that starman to the child.

“But none quite as beautiful.

None quite as wild.

As this beautiful blue planet.

With its vistas far and wide.

The mountains and the prairies.

The ocean wave so wild.

Each morning is more beautiful

Than the sunrise just before.

And as I see each day unfold

I grow to love it more.

But of all this planets wonders

And there are many here to see

Nothing is more awsome

Or beautiful to me

Than the mysteries of human nature

Or the kindness and the hope

Of the people of this planet.

And one more thing of note

This ideal held by mankind

This notion to be free.

Is of all this planets wonders?

The most beautiful to me.”

by Author Ann


Things are puttering along here. I’m still hoping to have good news here by next Wednesday night.

I hope that today was a good one for you Gentle Reader.

Kind regards,



It’s a wonderful life.
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14 commentsIt’s a wonderful life.
Posted Dec-26-08 08:23:37 PST Updated Dec-26-08 08:33:16 PSTHappy Boxing Day for the UK folks! And happy “really good sales day” for the American side of the family!

WB and I were reading the news when a story caught his eye. A fella set fire to his trailer because he didn’t get a Christmas present. I know this sounds stupid. But think about it. I’m told that the time of the year with the greatest number of suicides is the holiday season. More alcohol, wall to wall television and radio about how the world is so wonderful when it just might not be.. Advertising saying that love is a present from XYZ store. This guy didn’t have anyone to give him a present. He must have thought that no one loved him and that he was invisible.

Made me think. My son, when he is out and about, says hello to people. He always has. At first I worried about it. But then a funny thing began to happen. While there were some folks who frowned at this little kid’s friendly hello? Most folks either were surprised or smiled back. They seemed happy to have a friendly hello. Even in big cities where we were warned that folks wouldn’t be friendly? They were.

I’m always happy to see folks cheery hellos here at eBay. We all have met the eBayers who’s sunny greetings just seem to take the gloom off a bad day. And they do. Just by saying hello. I wonder about that fella who set his trailer on fire. If he’d just been lucky enough to get a “Hug” and “A how are you?” from someone. Might have made all the difference.

Hugs to you all. Expecially the folks who’ve gone out of their way to say hello to us here at ebay. You just never know how much that happy “hugs” and kind word has mean to us.

When you lose someone, that hugs and kind hello means so much.

To my friends here at eBay. Thank you. It’s been a pleasure to not just do business with you all but to see the everyday kindness of the folks here. It’s been a joy to behold.

Now then, I’m going to be doing some heavy lifting in the next 6 days. I have the help to do this. This is physical labor. Hard. But I know that when we’re finished it will be good for us here. Alittle hard work didn’t hurt anyone. This will fill up washes, put in fences, give pups a place to be, help Pup and WB. It’s such a good thing. I will tell you about it soon. In the meantime the posts will be short and only one a day. Then I will tell you the story about 12 dogs and some very nice folks. How they just might be my saving grace.

I have told WB that if we can sort this out. I will write about my pups. I haven’t written alot before now because they are like family and I keep certain things private. But maybe someone will read about them and smile and be happy. I don’t know how this will all workout. I’m working on a book of short stories too. And there is another interview as well. And a book about the folks here. I’ve been working toward this for a long time. I told you about it already. The next years things to do in writing.

Well folks this might be the longest post you’ll be seeing from me for the next 6 days and I guess the rest of the year. For the next 6 days, I’ll be looking at the past and writing on this list for the future.

I hope this next week is a good one for us all.

Hugs, Author Ann.


A Christmas Story
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4 commentsA Christmas Story
Posted Dec-24-08 16:18:26 PSTInstead of my writing a Christmas story, I thought that I’d post one that was written a long time ago. The story is about the birth of little boy during the times of Caesar Augustus. A very nice man from the sound of it. A man who would encourage us all to “be kind to one another.” Someone who loved the sinner as well as the saint.

Merry Christmas,

from all of us here at 12 dogs.

The story

Next stop?

The 12 dogs of Christmas
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6 commentsThe 12 dogs of Christmas
Posted Dec-24-08 13:07:42 PSTWell ya’ll. It is Christmas!

From the movie 12 Dogs of Christmas

The pup version of The 12 Days of Christmas.

Note: This is an actual scene from the movie 12 Dogs of Christmas. There is a old fashioned bad guy in this movie who wants to take away the dogs. He’s the fella with the beard who the little girl kicks in the shin. I can’t tell you anything else because it would give away the movie. But the movie trailer has us bawling.

Believe it or not, I’ve not seen the movie. From the trailer though, kicking that bad guy in the shin was being polite.




“The best things happen when you’re dancing….”

For Ripple

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1 commentFor Ripple
Posted Dec-23-08 16:51:22 PSTBecause “…the best things happen when you’re dancing…”

This is a really wonderful video for the Irving Berlin song —

Happy Christmas Ripple!


365 Things That I Could Do
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4 comments365 Things That I Could Do That MIGHT Be Better Than Sex
Posted Dec-23-08 16:04:46 PST Updated Dec-23-08 16:08:44 PSTYep, it’s that list again. Last mile is the longest I hear. Sooo….

Number 4 :Sailing. Definately sailing. Or wait sex while under sail.


This sailing is called extreme sailing. It’s very dangerous. I’d be happy with the sunny day sailing with family and friends, within sight of the coastline sail. I’ve done this with family and found it to be very nice. Second thought? I’d do this too if I could. I’d be scared but I’d try it.

Hugs, Ann


A really good song by Matt Nathanson

Matt Nathanson * Come On Get Higher

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4 commentsMatt Nathanson * Come On Get Higher
Posted Dec-23-08 14:05:45 PSTToday is such a day. I’m not sure if I should believe my eyes.

Like a really good hair day.

Or hearing a song that makes you smile kind of day.

“I miss the sound of your voice
And I miss the rush of your skin
And I miss the still of the silence
As you breathe out and I breathe in…”

From last night’s Late Late Show with Tv’s Craig Ferguson:

Come On Get Higher by Matt Nathanson

Sarah MacLachlan. You Want Me 2.
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7 commentsSarah MacLachlan. You Want Me 2.
Posted Dec-22-08 18:42:45 PST Updated Dec-22-08 18:50:43 PSTSo I’ve been writing but what I’ve been writing is very long. You might not have time to read it. If that’s the case? How about a video. by Sarah MacLachlan?

You Want Me 2 sung by Sarah MacLachlan

But if you’ve got a moment and interested in abit of a read? Try this. Oh and the comments, while hidden, are on. I’m glad to hear an opinion of what I’ve written. Even if that opinion is, “That’s rubbish.” or ” I don’t understand.” or ” I think you’re nuts.” It’s all good. Hugs, Ann

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1 commentSnow in the Mountains rough draft. redeux
Posted Dec-22-08 17:58:30 PST Updated Dec-22-08 19:53:05 PSTOh heavens help us. The new season of the Bachelor is upon us. Said in my best Lurch voice, “ooooohhhh noooooo.” I really don’t like that show.

Now to The Chocolate Factory. The Johnny Depp version. While Gene Wilder’s Willie Wonka was slightly crazy, Johnny Depp’s Willie Wonka is delightfully chock full of nuts.

Trivial. They guy that wrote Charlie and The Chocolate Factory upon which Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is based, wrote a really wild novel that include sex and vibrating beds. How it’s still in the library (adult section) next to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a testament to the fact that some of the folks that pick out those books don’t always read them. Cause if they did? That book would disappear faster than a disadent in a third world country. I’m just waiting for some mom to check it out because of the movie. 😀

TIme to watch the movie and bond over some symbolism.

Gentle Reader have you ever read the Dr. Doolittle series? Gulliver’s Travels? Alice Through the Looking Glass?

Just wondering.

Hugs, Ann


Snow in the Mountains rough draft


Hugs and aways glad to see you. You too Gentle Reader. Best regards, Ann


Snow In The Mountains

(story fragment) version one

I’m not sure why but tonight feels as if there’s no past or present. That I’m compressed into one moment of time from second to second. The sky is deep blue and full of stars. It’s cold. More like a night in January than right before Christmas. There’s reason to be happy but right this moment I’m as blue as that sky. My eyes are closed. I’m sitting in a summer chair outside. Like a little kid waiting for Santa in her robe. That voice in my heart saying, “Honey, you know there’s no Santa. Go on inside before you catch a cold.” But I ignore. Stubbornly protesting, “Yes mam, there is a Santa. I’m going to see him any minute. I keep seeing him cross the sky. See there he is.” But my adult, grown up voice says in that patient voice that makes me want to slap it silly, “Now you know that’s an airplane. Go on in before you get cold.”

If I close my eyes tight I don’t see anything. From the neigbhor’s window I can here Cops. I whistle Chopin in a very quiet whistle so as not to disturb anyone. Being polite. A good neighbor. But I can barely hear a whistled note over the “…faster, faster the lights are turning red. Life in the fast lane…” I pull the headphones over my ears. Now it’s Mozart. My body begins to sway with the music. I can feel someone sit next to me. Feel a tap on the thigh. “Whatch listen to Kat? Lemmie listen.” I can barely hear them over the music in my ears. Off comes the earbuds in time to hear her say, “Must be “hot” the way your moving.” She doesn’t give me a chance to answer before she’s yanking the earbud our of my hand and putting up to her ear only to grimace and hand it back.” What in heck?” “Not heck. Mozart ….” I’m about to tell her that it’s from the Magic Flute when she cuts me off saying, ” Oh yeah. Magic Flute. They toured with The Flaming Lips acouple of years ago.”

She closed her eyes tight and shoved the earbud into her ears.

“Please Santa. Please God. Please someone. Bring me home.”


Snow In The Mountains

(sentence fragment version two)

I’m not sure why but tonight feels as if there’s no past or present. That I’m squeezed into moment of time from second to second. The sky is deep blue and full of stars. It’s cold. More like a night in Januarry than right before Christmas. There’s reason to be happy. But right this moment I’m as blue as that sky. My eyes are closed. Sitting in a summer chair outside. Like a little kid sitting outside in her bathrobe waiting for Santa. I just know he’ll come. Then I hear the voice in my heart saying, “Honey, you know there’s no Santa. Go on inside before you catch a cold.” I ignore it. Stubbornly protesting, “Yes mam, there is a Santa. I’m going to see him any minute.”I’m pointing to the night sky and telling that voice, ” He’s crossing the night sky. See there he is.” But my adult, grown up voice says in that patient voice that makes me want to I’m not sure why but tonight feels as if there’s no past or present. That I’m just in on moment of time from second to second. The sky is deep blue and full of stars. It’s cold. More like a night in Januarry than right before Christmas. There’s reason to be happy. But right this moment I’m as blue as that sky. My eyes are closed. Sitting in a summer chair outside. Like a little kid waiting for Santa in her robe. That voice in my heart saying, “Honey, you know there’s no Santa. Go on inside before you catch a cold.” But I ignore. Stubbornly protesting, “Yes mam, there is a Santa. I’m going to see him any minute. I keep seeing him cross the sky. See there he is.” But my adult, grown up voice says in that patient voice that makes me want to slap her silly, “Now honey you know that’s an airplane. Now go on inside before you get sick.”

From next door, the theme of Cops is coming from the neighbor’s television. I start to whistle Chopin. Ever the good girl, I whistle quietly so as not to disturb them. I can hardly hear the whistled notes for the sound of the words, ” faster, faster, the lights are turning red. Life in the fast lane…” I whistle alittle louder but still the words from next door, ” life in the fast lane surely make you loose your mind life in the fast lane oh yeah.” I’m beginning to wonder about this virtue of being polite that my moma was talking about. Maybe something on the Nano. Now the sound of Mozart is in my ears and battling it out with the sound of sirens from the Cop show. I want to throw something at that window. Were they deaf. I push the earbuds further into my ears and look at the night sky. Not even light polution was gonna shine away Santa. Not this year. I closs my eyes and start wishing hard.

I could feel someone sit next to me. Through the swirl of Mozart I could hear the words, There was the smell of Old Spice and pipe tobacco. I closed my eyes tighter. If I opened them he might disappear. I could see a photo of my PawPaw. A black and white 8mm. Silently smiling. Showing all who would look his camillias. The last time I saw them they were tall as trees. The family who lived in his house had limbed them up so he could mow underneath them. The Hydrangea were gone but the Russian Olive was still next to the porch. I breathed in. Still Old Spice, Bay Rum, but no Russian Olive. I wondered if I reached out he’d be there. I closed my eyes and started wishing harder.

This time that inner voice complained,” Your nuts.”


Snow on the Mountains

(story fragment version one)

They put on airs.

Out in the world impecably dressed. Old school manners. One of them even wore “old school ties”. Apparently an uncle on his step father’s side went to Oxford so it wasn’t too much of a lie. He told them it was a good “ice breaker” with girls. Especially the drunk ones in clubs. If he left off the step part they just ASSumed “daddy’s money” which with his admitiedly good looks was a kind of aphrodisiac. Kind of messerizing to watch him work a club. He wasn’t mezmorizing tonight thought. Tonight he was an Azz. He threw a fit because Tonya was hoggin the shower. Tonya complained about the condition of the bathroom. Then Todd had a fit as the Details magazine envelope fell into the sink of dirty dishes. He was shouting and shaking the return envelope in the air to dry it. “WHAT WILL THEY THINK!” He was livid. Carolyn looked at him an laughed, ” What will they think? For Godsake Todd “They” is some hourly employee in a proceesing place in the middle of nowhere. They live in a trailer or some nonsense. Honest God what is your problem.” She returned to her book. Then looked up at him and said plain voiced, “It is your turn to wash the dishes Todd.. You know if you had done it already your envelope would have been saved this terrible embarrassment of Top Ramen Noodles on it’s shirt.” Then under her breath,



Snow in the Mountains rough draft

Cya in a little while. Hugs Ann
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6 commentsSnow in the Mountains rough draft
Posted Dec-22-08 08:58:35 PST Updated Dec-22-08 09:38:18 PSTShe looked one last time at the snow on the mountains. Cold icy things. Ah sure they were big and looked pretty in the distance but to her no more than cold icy rocks. Like some bimbo’s boob job. Hard things trying to look soft and sweet under a cashmere sweater. The snow covered them so in the distance it looked like something to snuggle up to but once you touched them– or tried to — you realized that they were icy and just mean. “Thought I might feel a sadness that I was leaving but nothing.” she said it to herself but outloud. When Jan heard what she said and how she said it —. “Surely you felt something. Alittle sad? You’d known each other for a bit.” Kat thought about her time in the mountains. Ah sure the words sounded pretty and she had genuinely been happy at first but then it became obvious. “Not like you and Alice. You want to see the world. Under all that pretty snow is hard and mean. I’m glad to be gone.”

Jan looked in the mirror. “They sure are pretty. But so’s a lot of things that aren’t good for a person.” she reached for Kat’s hand and gave it a squeeze. “We missed you . Seeing you now. The sad look in your eyes. I didn’t realize. You seemed so happy over Thanksgiving break. Alice and I thought maybe you’d found someone.” Kat thought she had too. Well maybe not at first. At first she was wondering what Carla wanted. She didn’t mind attention but Carla’s attentions worried. Like someone who wanted some “payment in return”. It just felt funny. But then they started talking about books and movies. Things that they had in common. Still when she tried to get to know more about Carla’s life or family? Nothing. Not like Jan. Jan might not tell you something but she didn’t gloss over. Jan just told you to mind your own business or she’d tell you the truth without gloss or smooze. “I missed you too Jan. I really did.”

Time would pass. The mountains in the rearview mirror would become dim. Like unpleasant memories. She looked forward to the warm weather and the sound of the Gulf just as much as Carla had missed the mountains when she lived Pensacola. Funny. Carla looked and sounded warm like the breeze off the Gulf but in reality she was just cold like those mountains. And Jan? The person who was supposed to be hard like those Colorado mountains was as soft and warm as May Day breeze on the beach.

Kat smiled for the first time in months and said the words she’d been praying to say since the first snow, “Let’s go home.”

I like to visit the mountains. Don’t really mind the snow. Like the diversity of different climates and terrians. This isn’t a slag against the Rockies. It’s about people and how they can seem nice and sweet and yet can be cold. Then others who seem so fierce can actually have the softest and kindest of temperments. Go figure.

Any similarities are due to our Collective Unconscious. Blame it on Jung.

It’s unfortunate but we’ve all known cold glittery things who are as cold as the Rockies above the tree line.

OR as fake and as hard as a bimbo’s really bad boob job. 😀

Are there 365 Things I Can Do That MIGHT Be Better Than Sex ?

A fair question to be sure.

A poem that I’m working on.

Riding in Moonlight

The sound of the hooves

Across the terrain

His horse kept the rhythm

His heart did the same

Explorer, he thrilled

At each vista quite new

Lighter than air

Through the night sky they flew

Each hill and each valley

More wild than the moors

Or the oceans he’d sailed

Or their wild craggy shores

He sang out the lyrics

Her hooves the refrain

Till they came to the chorus

One and the same

And the Earth it trembled

When hooves came to ground

Explorer met valley

With a thunderous sound

Cold air and wild mountains

The moors at the dawn

Riding in moonlight

From gravity unbound

AuthorAnn 12-21-08

Got stuff to do for the rest of the day.

Happy holidays.

Sad story but I’m a writer. Real life is okay. In case you were wondering Gentle Reader.

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4 comments365 Things I Can Do That MIGHT Be Better Than Sex
Posted Dec-21-08 19:58:32 PSTHi ya! Is it still Sunday night for you Gentle Reader? Have you seen tonight’s 12 dogs goes to the Movies Movie? Wha? You missed it? But it’s in Film Noir Black and White. And it has subtitles. And it really is a movie. with credits and plot twists out the whazzoo. This really is a good movie. Even if it is Monday. If you missed it go see.

12 dogs goes to the movies!

But if you’ve seen it already or it is Monday morning?

Then???Yeppie! Happy Monday morning! I found number three on my list!!!! It’s not walking on a high wire but it is a circus act.

Kind of like my sex life.

Doesn’t that look like fun?

Nope I don’t want to talk about it.

I WANT to do something else.

IF you can think of something that a person could do that MIGHT be better than sex?

Comments ON. (Just Hidden ) so have at it.

Nitey Night or Goooood Morning!



If you haven’t been here since last week?

You’ll want to start here > Sunday Morning

And work your way back wards

Or click here for the 12 dogs interactive experience.

There was ALOT of good music on Saturday and I introduced my list of 365 Things That I Could Do That MIGHT Be Better Than Sex. So just keep clicking the blue links.

And Merry Happy Ho ho ho. AuthorAnn

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3 comments12 dogs goes to the movies!
Posted Dec-21-08 14:20:59 PST”Just here those sleighbells jing-a-ling, ring, ring, ring-a-ling toooooo…” Hi de ho boys and girls! Get out the blankets, pop corn, and comfeey jammies! Yepper on Sunday night for you amusement it’s “12 dogs goes to the movies” Sunday night. I’ll tell ya’ folks this movie is a mystery to me! And we hope to you too.

Movie times?

Well— since there are folks all over the time zones who visit us here at 12 dogs? How about I post it here about lunch time Sunday in the US and well if it’s not night? Just cool your heels and do something else.

I think your gonna like the feature movie. It’s a mystery with characters who’ve got more lives than a politician’s cat. But that’s not all! No sirree. We’re old school at 12 dogs and well– will figure no family type night at the movies would be complete without a cartoon too.

So tell your neighbors, tell your family, tell your friends, heck tell that politicians cat.

Sunday is movie night at 12 dogs!

Be here or be square!

Tonight’s presentation
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2 commentsSunday night at the movies
Posted Dec-21-08 14:10:59 PST Updated Dec-21-08 14:21:43 PSTPop the corn and gather the kids around the computer screen. It’s 12 dog’s Sunday night at the movies!

(more lives than a politician)

Merry Christmas!


Back to regularly scheduled programing…

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