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Archive – February 20090 commentsThat’s The Way Love Goes * Merle Haggard and Jewel
Posted Feb-28-09 22:56:08 PST Updated Mar-01-09 00:12:39 PSTSweet song.

Next up? Mercedes Benz * Janice Joplin

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0 commentsMercedes Benz * Janice Joplin
Posted Feb-28-09 22:53:33 PST Updated Mar-01-09 00:11:35 PSTThe ’30’s had “Buddy Can You Spare a Dime?” Maybe this recession should have a song too.

Next up? Nick of Time * Bonnie Raitt

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0 commentsNick of Time * Bonnie Raitt
Posted Feb-28-09 22:50:55 PST

Don’t knoiw about you but this song gets my feet to movin’

Next up? Telephone* Shelby Lynne

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0 commentsTelephone* Shelby Lynne
Posted Feb-28-09 21:27:00 PST Updated Mar-01-09 00:08:53 PST

No story here I just love the melody for this song.

Next? When God made me …

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0 commentsWhen God made me …
Posted Feb-28-09 21:02:13 PST Updated Mar-03-09 14:33:41 PST

“Fingers fly on strings

Notes fly on a spring breeze-.

A string breaks mid song.”

Author Ann


When God made me to look the way I do?

The world shut alot of doors.

But when he gave me the gift to write something beautiful?

When he gave me…

Eyes to see the “road ahead”

Wisdom to understand the best “path”.

A mind to think.

A voice to speak.

And the luck to be born in a country where I’m still free to do so?

He opened the window to my “cage” and set me free.

You know we’re awfully hard on ourselves. We forget all the great things we can do and let the things that we can’t blot out the sun.

I try to list the things that are good in my life when not so nice things happen. When people are not so nice about the way I look, I write a list.

You don’t have to be ugly to have folks say mean things about your looks.

Stereotypes abound.

Dumb blondes, big boobs, model thins who think they’re bean poles share the same mirror space as thunder thighs, celulite, and crows feet.

Beautiful should be a feeling. Something inside that sings. Something that lets us fly.

Something that lets us age gracefully.

It should be.

But unfortunately alot of times it isn’t.

Sometimes? It’s only when we “see” our beauty through someone elses eyes that we “see” it in our own. Only then we see that crow’s feet are actually laugh lines. They mean a happy life.

If you have someone in your life tell them tonight that you think that they’re beautiful.

Or handsome.

Tell them that you wouldn’t have anyone other than them.

A tender mercy.

So they’ll be sure.

I love this song.

Used to have a youtube of it but it’s not there anymore. Found a version on the Late Late Show. Alabama native Shelby Lynne, doesn’t have a thing to worry about in the looks department. Her life has been difficult too. Alot of doors shut. Luckily the voice she has would make even the most unattractive person glow. It opens doors shut by a difficult past. The song is How Can I Be Sure. It’s a cover of a song by Dusty Springfield.

Well Gentle Reader, Music this way

Love Up On The High Wire

I was dreaming with my eyes wide open.
Two dancers came into view
Two people on Love’s high wire
Graceful. Dance a pas a deux
High above the ocean
They dance without a net
Graceful and so happy
All the joy that Love would let
And I worried when I saw them
But they reassured me with their ease
And I worried when I saw them
But they just laughed and said, “Oh Please–
We’re young and we’re in love
All your worry is just wrong
We dance graceful on this wire
And we sing our lover’s song—

“…And our love will keep us safe
And our joy will keep us strong
And we’ll dance this way forever
And we’ll love this whole life long…”

So please now stop the worry
It’ll only make you old
For our Love will keep us safe
It’s our Love which makes us bold.”

I smiled and I sang with them
A song as old as time
And happy were the lyrics
And lovely was the rhyme
From the melody to their lyric
A happiness was shown
From heaven Love is sent
It’s love that brings us home.

written by AuthorAnn


or the rest of 12 dogs this other way.

What I did? I do. Does your chewing gum lose it’s flavor?

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0 commentsDoes your chewing gum lose it’s flavor?
Posted Feb-25-09 15:06:53 PST Updated Feb-26-09 09:59:07 PSTAnd the answer to life’s perplexing problems? Like a story from the New South’s Answer to Eudora Welty? Yep, all life’s burning questions can all be solved with common sense, a good laugh, a hearty song, or an ointment. (Or come to think of it? A good Cat fight…)

First the Irish Rovers…

And then?

Drive time radio.

To get you started there’s this next song as I’m a whole lot more of the Scot than the Irish.

But “Kiss me I’m a Scot.” Well now it doesn’t have the same ring to it does it?

I’m thinking though we could maybe start a holiday or somethin’…

We could celebrate our “natural gifts” and maybe find out who’s leaving the chewing gum on the bed post anyway? ๐Ÿ˜€

As they say in the office?

Happy is the hour spent “visiting” with you.


Added the following morning.

LOLOLOLOL I’m wondering which Gentle Reader happened upon a certain vista and was asking the musical question, “Donald. Where’s your trousers?”

LOLOLOLOL At the view.

That fella doesn’t need a jock. He needs a hoist.

Hope you find it.

Hint: It all depends on how observant and inquisitive you are.

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0 commentsDrive time radio.
Posted Feb-25-09 14:00:05 PST Updated Feb-26-09 12:16:40 PSTNow you know Gentle Reader that I hope you’ll read all of the posts here at 12 dogs.

I also hope you will understand that I don’t have my comments open because I’m not able to chat at the moment..

Look I know how hectic a day can be.

You need that extra minute or two that the carpool lane provides. Heck that’s why you have “Murray” the “commuter doll”.

Perfect carpooler Murray. No annoying antidotes. Always on time. No aftershave that makes you want to roll down that window and hurl into the backed up non commuter lanes.

But no. It’s smooooth sailing with Murray by your side…

(Note. 12 dogs does not condone Illegal activities of anysort. This is a creative writing blog. We are creatively writing. So do not take this as an endorsement of those fake people who can sit next to you in the passenger seat. That’s neither nice nor green. ๐Ÿ˜€ Back to the post.)

Well we know that your time is busy and you need a laugh.

That’s why today we have the 12 dogs and a blog express lane.

Go here > Cat fights !!! Gets to the heart of today’s blog without all that inconvient reading. Then come back later tonight and see if I edited anything and well savor the nuances rather than sprint through the middle.


“Be positive! Be bright! Be polite!

And remember, as a courtesy to other Bloglanders, turn off the IM and the phone.”

Enjoy the show.

Uhm for the full story without traveling in the express lane?

Well it all begins with a casting call

original material the property of AuthorAnn All rights reserved. 2/25/09
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0 commentsOMWord… Casting call
Posted Feb-25-09 12:05:35 PST Updated Feb-25-09 13:36:26 PSTWell as happens when there are firsts and buzzzzzzzz.

Could it be that there’s a Lifetime movie in the works about the first female Speaker of the House?

We here think this is a great idea. We also think that the title roll should go to the woman who is –well— a superb actress and could be Representative Pelosi’s twin…

Our choice?

The woman who put the “umpff” in the prototypical strong woman Alexis Carrington.

Ms. Joan Collins.

Yes we’re serious.

No we aren’t kidding.

Google Joan Collins and look at her press photos.

Or watch the Late Show with …

Youtube it.

Or watch this..

It’s not the one where Joan compares and contrasts herself with Joan but it is a shout out to the “new kid” in a very crowded “late night house”… Hey Jimmy!


The next posts?… It’s interactive story time! It’s interactive story time!

Or it will be. I’m still working out some of the kinks. Read at your own risk of having spoilers revealed when it’s finished. Oh heck who am I kidding. One of the posts is really long and in rough draft. You’re tough.

Hang in there.

Happy Reading.

A song to set the mood… While your waiting.

The next posts?… Are long. But like a really good box of “sweets”, a Dame Edna/Joan Rivers interview, or a Krystal and Alexis catfight?

Wha’? You mean it’s before your time?

Oh honey. Don’t worry about being behind…

Sit back. Read. And enjoy…

It’s deeply satisfying.

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0 commentsThis next post…
Posted Feb-25-09 09:45:13 PST Updated Feb-25-09 11:12:20 PST”…This “lady of the theater” told me that there once was a gossip columnist who did her show every morning from her “penthouse” bed room. There she’d hold court on all things gossipy. The Queen Bee Radio Hour. I think that’s what it was called. During the Depression Era. Folks loved it. The Queen Bee loved doing it. Dan the sound man? Probably not so much—well rumor was he called his job “like being married but the make up sex was better”. Can you just imagine. All across the vast wasteland. In homes all over. Folks would here the crackle on the radio and then her voice, the Queen Bee, talking — well — trash about everybody and anybody that came cross her mind. Whether she was fresh from sleep or hung over.

Only the sound man knew for sure just who she was…

And he weren’t talkin’ … but the good Lord knows she was…”

from Conversations With Hannah

by AuthorAnn 02/25/09 all rights reserved

Don’t mind me, I’m just doing research for a humorous yet wry look at the ultimate “cage fighter” — the high ranking politician’s wife.


( It has cat fights in it. Really ones. )

Just think of this as me doing research.

( It has cat fights in it. Really ones. Well they’re catfights with real people in them. Honest.)

“Tee hee” said the Queen Bee

Those “stingers” do sting

And loosen the lips

And make folks sing.

Lets buzz round the flowers

See what life brings.

Interesting stuff for the Queen Bee

From Conversations With Hannah


Author Ann

all rights reserved

Yep these next post are long and have clips.

Worth the effort though.

Uh huh.


( Honest to heaven It has cat fights in it. I’m not kidding )

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0 commentsCat fights !!!
Posted Feb-25-09 09:10:10 PST Updated Feb-25-09 10:30:29 PSTAh mercy. I know folk like their Gossip Girl or some gossip on the internet but long ago there were “real women” who knew how to come out swinging…

The women of Dynasty. They’ve got me thinking that we’re about due for a really fine polititical “cat fight”.

tee hee From somewhere across this vast internet wasteland… came the voice of “made up gossip columnist” “extraordinary” Queen Bee and The Queen Bee Radio Hour…Talks Politics < You can watch this video or you can watch this really interesting and informative video about Architecture .

Your call

Note from InternJack. Go for The Queen Bee Radio Hour. For the love of all that's funny go for the first video. You know that the informative one is good for you but you also know that

"Life is uncertain at best. Eat desert and chocolate first. Then if theres room, eat the arugala…"

Hannah Murphy 2/25/09

(Author Ann 2/25/09 All rights reserved)

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