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Archive – February 20090 commentsThere is noway that the Senate is ready to vote.
Posted Feb-09-09 11:37:28 PST Updated Feb-10-09 05:48:44 PSTThey haven’t even found their center

There is a next day when you have to put these programs in action. That means defined tasks and responsibilities with clear oversight.

They have time to wait and come to consensus. Something they actually have.

I keep hearing generalities. Platitudes.

But not alot about the flow of this money and how it works and how you’ll pay for it.

I’m not seeing this at all

They aren’t ready to vote @ 5:30 today.

You’re in a hole.


Stop digging.

The US Senate needs to delay the vote and everyone get a good night sleep before they vote.

History in the making too

You know it does look bleak. But

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0 commentsHistory in the making too
Posted Feb-09-09 10:37:39 PST Updated Feb-09-09 11:28:32 PSTIf you can access it through computer, radio, or cable (CSPAN) it’s a good idea to take a look. Sen. McCain is talking now.

He’s asking if anyone has gone through the package and asked how many jobs this will created and how much it will cost to create these jobs.


hello I must be going

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0 commentshello I must be going
Posted Feb-09-09 02:48:25 PST Updated Feb-11-09 10:03:01 PSTHello

I must be going

Good morning

Time for bed

The sun is outside shining

But I’m a sleepy head

The birds they are a’ rising

And welcoming the dawn

But I’ve been up a singing






I must be going

Good morning

Time for bed

I’m off to find a pilow

To lay this sleepy head

2/9/09 InternJane (AuthorAnn)


Enter 12 dogs

Here for music Okay stop– and turn off the sound

Here for news News @ 11

Here for the rest of it.(including stimulus stuff) free tour now in progress…



I Kissed a Girl 2009 Grammy Awards Katy Perry

Introduced by Craig Ferguson and descending from the top of the theater inside a giant yellow banana, Katy Perry’s song began with the words:

“This was never the way I planned
Not my intention”

Let me think about it after I get some sleep.

I will say this. I am so going to be watching the Late Late Show tonight.

That is for sure.

(Note after sleep. LOL I came back to comment but found that CBS corp had janked the video. Some how that just says it all when this part of the Grammy’s was concerned. Kind of like CBS’s electronic hook that they used to say folks pulled off old vaudville show. Yeah I’d have left it if I were CBS. It was out there so why not? If you want to see it. I’m sure there will be a boat load of copies out on the internet.)

Here’s the song with some still photos but really it doesn’t do the whole experience justice. Got to start at the begining from where Craig Ferguson comes out to announce Ms Perry and then…Oh the giant fruit on the stage and in the vids. Having CF intoduce?

Gosh. Look I have and have had friends who were homosexual who were just trying to enjoy their lives… While they’re heck of alot of fun their hearts and feelings aren’t carnaval rides. They’re and they were (one good friend died of AIDs) people who can have their feelings hurt. You can go on and laugh with everyone but it can hurt…)

The vid with the stills

Would I Lie To You?

Meanwhile here’s the Eurythmics

Later gator.


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0 commentsOkay stop– and turn off the sound
Posted Feb-09-09 01:07:36 PSTSeriously. Turn off the sound.

This is one of the best uses of music in a movie but if you don’t turn off the sound and you have slow download?

It just ruins it.

So click the mute button and then turn the speakers up when it’s ready.

And watch perfection.

Little Green Bag Reservoir Dogs. Quinton Tarantino

And in what might seem like too much.

Tom Jones Little Green Bag


Al GreenComment|Report this post
0 commentsAl Green
Posted Feb-09-09 00:40:06 PSTSkipped the Grammy drama.

Missed the tribute to Al Green

Found this on YouTube.

This is what I remember from being young. AlGreen’s voice coming from New Orleans out of my transistor radio.


There are better quality recordings but none will beat the one coming out of my AM radio.

Or the crackle and pop of my record player.

“I’m so in love with you. Whatever you want to do…”

What a great song.

The Reverend Al Green* Let’s Stay Together.

Now the News @ 11

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0 commentsNews @ 11
Posted Feb-08-09 21:26:58 PST Updated Feb-08-09 22:59:44 PST(Rude gestures.Mind the kids)

New feature.

The next bunch of blog posts are actually like a news broadcast.

We like it and there’s lots to read.

Since we didn’t post it until, surprise, last night around 11pm, you might have missed it. Plus when you read the whole thing it’s kind of funny. And (promise) the serious budget stuff is short and the hopefully funny stuff is long.

And their is sexual inuendo.


There is also a new feature.

You know about the blue links and how they change the story but now we have the “hot button”.

It’s on every post and in bright red letters. It will say “delete…delete…delete… This link takes you to the latest job analysis from the US Bureau of Labor statistics. That way if your happen to be at work or somewhere you need to look busy? You can push that link and then tell your boss or whomever, ” I’m sorry. Just reading this latest report from the US Bureau of Labor statistics. Then nod gravely.

That way you can read stuff like

“…The VP over at the White House may not be Venician Princess, but we’re pretty sure she’d be happy to be over where the VP was…”

and not get in trouble.

It’ll look like this (try it out now so you’ll get the hang of it)


So get reading Gentle Reader. There’s lot to read and remember!

(There’s rude gestures. Mind the kids)

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0 commentsNews at 11 (Rude gestures. Mind the kids)
Posted Feb-08-09 20:42:07 PST Updated Feb-08-09 23:22:09 PSTWe now join Scrubs already in progress.

Tonight’s Scrubs is about bipartisanship and the love of musical theater.

And turf wars.


It is corny.

It is too long to make the “exclamation point” to the “sentence”.

Yet as obvious as it is?

It still reminds me of something.

“When your a Jet…”

And then I found this video and the bipartisan sun did shine.

And yea, verily, roses did in fact fart out folks butts.

Now back to the Mystery Tour.


(Rude gestures.Mind the kids)….

And if you need it?

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0 commentsNews @ 11. (Rude gestures.Mind the kids.)
Posted Feb-08-09 20:36:56 PST Updated Feb-08-09 23:26:11 PSTThanks for reading. You are more than welcome to enjoy the free tour now in progress…

or you could read?


We haven’t fact checked this but it’s funny and the way the worlds been going lately?

You never can tell.

This ends News @ 11.

Thank you and have a pleasant day.

Intern Jane


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0 commentsNews at 11 (Rude gestures. Mind the kids)
Posted Feb-08-09 20:32:55 PST Updated Feb-08-09 23:11:17 PSTIn other news, training programs for the recently unemployed due to the countries economic woes are proposed as part of the stimulus package before the Senate.

In other other news. Professors of Economics, who are hoping to make a fast buck and get on tv shows as experts, are confident that this will usher in a new interest among college students for the study of Economics.

There’s also alot of talk about “Freakanomics” and “Reaganomics” and how the porn industry is seeking federal bailout money and alot of other political stuff.

Alot of politics.

Which apparently is also called blog drama. Having been warned about the evils of regular eBay bloggers who might entice nice people like us into discussions about politics and ruin our lifes forever. Thus resulting in our losing our BFF?

We decide to read all of it. Even the parody stuff at such dens of evil like The Onion.

We are sooooo bad.

Did like the helpful tutorials though.

In more other news,

There are folks on the internet who really hate this Wendy’s comercial.

Not me. I’m all for good eats cheap.

We join regular programming already in progress… Rude gestures. Mind the kids…

And no more of this political stuff … )


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0 commentsNews @ 11. (Rude gestures. Mind the kids.)
Posted Feb-08-09 19:52:04 PST Updated Feb-08-09 23:02:51 PSTConfusing Venician Princess on YouTube with “not VP on YouTube” would be just wrong.

Just so we’re clear. The VP on YouTube is the woman getting lots of votes like Hillary Clinton did in the primaries. The VP in the White House couldn’t get enough votes to get out of the Iowa primaries.

Very easy to tell the diff once you get the hang of it.

The VP over at the White House may not be Venician Princess, but we’re pretty sure she’d be happy to be over where the VP was.

On the international front,

The VP from the White House ( VP Joe) was in Germany giving a speech to a bunch of diplomats about international relations. We’re pretty sure that as popular as the VP over on YouTube is she would have done just as good. Seeing how it was on “international relations” and “stimulus packages” were pretty sure that she might could have even done better.

If she hugged that diplomat guy from Germany? He would have remembered it.

Plus we’re not sure why “VP not on YouTube” even had to actually fly to Europe. I mean he was going to come back and yell at CEO’s keeping their corporate jets and bonuses right? Flying to German just to give a speech?

Not PC.

Couldn’t he have just put it up on YouTube?

Cheaper. Then we could have really done something for international relations and sent that VP girl on YouTube to do a speech about how normal she is and they could all pull out their cell phones and vote in a really important election. Like getting VP voted as the numero uno female on youTube over that stuck up MC.

Well we thought it was a good idea.

Anyway, “VP not YouTube” was overseas. Giving speeches and trying to save the whales or maybe it was Houston. I dunno but here’s a live report about it…

And on the economic front?

Everyone was still wondering how stimulating the economy was gonna’ affect them.

We at News at 11 had to stay here all weekend and do stuff.

Ah sure we could have gone to Germany to cover that speech.

But instead? We stayed here and played our favorite Sunday night game “Where’s Waldo: The VP edition.

Whoo hoo.


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0 commentsNews @ 11. (Rude gestures.Mind the kids.)
Posted Feb-08-09 19:43:33 PST Updated Feb-08-09 23:04:39 PSTSo.

While the VP not YouTube was off galivanting over in Europe?

The public was pondering just how much stimulation they were gonna get from that package…

Allways a person on top of things.

BarelyPolitical over on YouTube reports.

This for some reason made us very thirsty …

So we got someone to mind the kids and headed to Wendy’s to get a bite …


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0 commentsNews at 11(Rude gesture.Mind the kids)
Posted Feb-08-09 19:28:01 PST Updated Feb-08-09 23:01:05 PST”Inhale deeply the positivity.

I did.

Then I lit up a cigarette and turned on CSPAN.

In economic news, on Friday (February 6, 2009) the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its “Employment Situation Summary” (You can read the whole thing here http://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.nr0.htm for January 2009

“Nonfarm payroll employment fell sharply in January (-598,000) and the unem- ployment rate rose from 7.2 to 7.6 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor reported today. Payroll employment has declined by 3.6 million since the start of the recession in December 2007; about one- half of this decline occurred in the past 3 months. In January, job losses were large and widespread across nearly all major industry sectors.”

So okay that last paragraph

is just plain confusing.

I didn’t write it. It’s the Bureau of Labor Statistics fault.

Maybe this handy graphic will explain the job loss for the last 3 months.


The guys in green represent the economy.

The guys in white represent the jobs of Mr. and Mrs. Citzen. For the purposes of this graphic they are known as the “Pixil People”.

The guys in red represent the insolvent banks in the banking crisis.

It’s like space invaders only there’s no “gazzillion dollar”* bailout or “bazzillion”* folks projected to lose their jobs.

(Note:”gazzillion dollar” and “bazzillion” words trademark Rep. Nancy Pelosi)

And all those words in green scrolling by at the end? Those are the actual names of the “Pixil People”. In statistics, it’s never, ever good to confuse folks by letting on that statistics are people with names. It just confuses some of them. The big numbers were enough.

Unfortunately not everyone was amused.

And Chanpoop was still pizzed at MC and going to vote for VP

Okay I’m sorry but that VP is about as “normal” as Ms. Cyrus.

Also that Venician Princess over on YouTube SHOULD NOT BE CONFUSED WITH THE CURRENT VP over at the White House…

That would be just wrong.

If your boss has just walked in? Click here >


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0 commentsNews at 11 (Rude gesture.Mind the kids)
Posted Feb-08-09 18:55:39 PST Updated Feb-08-09 22:58:15 PSTAs the president calls for bipartisian support in the US Senate, the mood behind the scenes of the US Senate is tense.

There is still confidence that the number one spot can be a normal girl.

YouTuber Chanpoop’s response to the issue?:

I’m sorry but that VP is about as “normal” as Ms. Cyrus.

Uhm. Is this really an issue?

Oh well, at least they aren’t having sex and getting knoc…

Ah. Yay team Democrat or Republican.

Bipartisan all the way.

“…that the number one spot can be a normal girl?…”

Next up?

More news at 11

(Rude gestures.Mind the kids)

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0 commentshello
Posted Feb-08-09 10:46:24 PST Updated Feb-08-09 21:13:38 PSTLet’s do the Math

I could write this week about life here at 12 dogs.

I could write some silly about Auntie, InternJack, or InternJane.

But not this week.

This week I’m going to look at basic math.

After that?

I think I’ll let others do the talking.

We’d have to be living under a rock not to be aware of the economic problems world wide.

So, I’m going to let the folks at the heart of the discussion in our Legislature talk.

I might try to be funny somewhere in between but we’re talking trillions.

That has got my attention.

First up Senator John McCain addresses the US Senate on Friday.

The Youtuber who posted it called him a sore loser. I don’t. Nor should anyone who knows his history.

Check out the TARP 2 mention at the 2 minute mark

I’ll try to include press briefings and such as I get them.

But for a little comic relief in the mean time?

Hannah’s back with her opinion on

Government budgets 101

Happy day and keep warm or keep your cool.


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0 commentsCrank up the sound and get yer tickets!
Posted Feb-08-09 08:09:51 PST Updated Feb-08-09 10:52:47 PST

Once upon a time. A long time ago.




Interesting articles.

Amazing how important and extra one can be.


“It is quite easy to miss a baby when you’re anticipating seven,” said Dr. Harold Henry, chief of maternal and fetal medicine and one of 46 doctors, nurses and assistants who delivered the children by Caesarean section


In a country where there are appx 308.9 million people…


losing 500 million jobs a month


said Representative Nancy Pelosi…

First stop Good morning Number sense and government budgets

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0 commentsGood morning Number sense and government budgets
Posted Feb-07-09 22:42:55 PST Updated Feb-08-09 08:05:37 PST

2 minute mark

Government budgets 101

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0 commentsLet the positivity and love wash over you…
Posted Feb-07-09 20:58:24 PST

I don’t know about you but I’m gonna’

Party like a rockstar –JTX

Welcome to 12 dogs on Saturday night……………

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0 commentsParty like a rockstar JTX
Posted Feb-07-09 20:56:10 PST Updated Feb-07-09 21:17:45 PST

NExt? Maybe I’ll get kicked out of Costco

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0 commentsGovernment budgets 101
Posted Feb-07-09 19:25:51 PST Updated Feb-07-09 21:08:26 PSTThe sad tale of a typical couple getting kicked out of Costco is at the bottom of this post. Meanwhile in Washington…

First rule of budgets. Always ask for more than you need. That way when angry voters scream at you to “cut out the pork” or that nasty proration rears its ugly head? You’ll have enough money to pay all the assistants and secretaries of the department who actually do the work AND still say that you reduced the budget.

I was just thinking about this when hearing that the new stimulus proposal is a lean, mean 780 billion.

Wow. Cut out a couple billion and it farts roses.

And yessss!!! You did something.

Only here’s the problem.

Unless this “stimulus” package hits the ground running?

All you’ve got is a big, bloated, budget drawn up in haste.

Nobody is gettin stimulated on this Saturday night…

But hey! We’re a positive bunch of folks here at 12 dogs.

We just said our positive mantras and thought–WWHS?

And you know what Hannah would say about it–

“Be it diets, budgets, or drunksex– act in haste?

Repent in leisure”


“A slip on the lips and in 9 months on the hips.”


“Just say “NO” isn’t just for illicit drug use anymore.”


“The words “…just do it….” Isn’t just the last thing you hear before the orgasm.”


“Heck I got mine. Let’s dance!!!”

Soldier on US Senators and


I know that soon you will grow into your “spidey underwear”.

I know that soon your special “number sense” powers will come.

I know that soon you too will understand that a billion is alot of money.


It’s another Saturday night and a typical couple, with three kids, is trying to survive these tough economic times while they search for Love, Hope, Free entertainment, and cheap PullUps at the local Costco.

Next up?

And remember It’s not who votes… but how often you can do it before anyone finds…

uh ….

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0 commentsIt’s not who votes…
Posted Feb-07-09 08:52:35 PST Updated Feb-07-09 20:07:56 PST…it’s who counts the votes?

When little children are very young there is alot of talk about number sense.

By definition?

Number Sense

A person’s ability to use and understand numbers:

* knowing their relative values,
* how to use them to make judgements,
* how to use them in flexible ways when adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing
* how to develop useful strategies when counting, measuring or estimating.

For example,

Take a listen to this video of Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and test your number sense.

According to the CIA’s World Fact Book, the population of the US was estimated to be 303,824,640 in July 2008 .

According to Representative Nancy Pelosi in this video, 500,000,000 of those 303,824,640 Americans lose their jobs each month.

I’m no math genius. I’ve had my days where my number sense wasn’t the best.

And for a writer? I could stand a few spelling lessons. 🙂

I’m not casting stones.

I am asking questions.

Like. If there were alittle over 308 million people in the entire US?

If 500 million people is appx. 208 million more people than we had in the entire country?

Did we pass some new imigration bill last year that didn’t get reported?

Millions, billions, and trillions is a heck of a lot of something.

Especially when you’re talking about taxes, stimulus plans and the trillions dollar defict they cause.

I wonder…Maybe it’s on a School House Rock Video to improve number sense in politicians.

I saw one for sale on eBay. *~*

Intern Jane

I’m looking to see who said, “It’s not who votes that counts but he who counts the votes.” When I find out? I’ll post it here. Not sure where I’ll look first. Either the 2000 Florida recount, the 2008 Michigan/Florida Democrat primary vote count, or maybe?

The folks on Capital Hill.

Hey ya’ Gentle Reader!! Well I’ve been trying to find out who’s responsible for the quote

“It’s not who votes that counts. It’s who counts the votes.”

Here’s something that I read that sounds close.

It’s supposed to be from the Tom Stoppard 1972 play, “Jumpers”.

(cool play > http://www.travellady.com/Issues/July04/876TomStoppardsJumpers.htm )

The quote from the Stoppard play (according to the author of the article) is :

“It’s not the voting that’s democracy; it’s the counting.”


A Keeper
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