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Posted Feb-06-09 22:05:58 PST Updated Feb-07-09 09:41:53 PST

The first blog post here was a “photo album” of words about my life. The images were separated by elipses. I thought at the time that those elipses helped me move through the moments of quiet in my life. The mundane not worth mentioning.

I saw this video.

The narative of some woman’s life told in images and words and accompanied by a melody. All the rest, covered by three little dots.

Turns out that those three dots leave alot of life out.

I once thought I wanted a husband whose life I inhabited as his equal. I still do.

What I didn’t know is that I could be someone’s equal.

There are women of all ages and backgrounds who become the keeper of their men. The silent partner that smoothly runs the gears of life while the star of the show performs in the center ring. Meanwhile the invisible woman spins the workings of that center ring like clock works so that the world spins on it’s axis.

What I didn’t know a year ago was how easily I would say the words, “I’m a writer.” and how easily those words would become true. I didn’t even have to sell my soul to do it. Now I want someone to keep company with. There is a center ring for me too. A life partner who will kiss me on the head, hand me my cuppa and tell me to write. They will keep the center ring clock works spinning while I perform death defying feats with words on a high wire or with fierce plots of imagination. They won’t mind putting the laundry in the machine or feeding the dogs because I’m writing. I won’t mind taking out the trash or waiting while they’re fighting their own fierce battles of the day. In the evening? We’ll come to tell each other stories of our day.

Dogs bark this morning.

Telling of a guest to be;

Good story at supper.

Yep, a good story at night and a place to rest our heads.

And in the morning? A morning symphony.

I wrote this in December for a friend. I was trying to describe morning and the house coming “awake”…

“…The time between when the Moon sets and the Sun rises. It is a good time of day. Peaceful. To watch the day unfurl gently. Like music. A flute. A gentle violin. A question by the flute. An answer back by the violin. A playful oboe opens it’s eyes then closes and yawns. An industrious trumpet. Then another as they wake and head off to work. Then quiet with a very soft tympani roll. That builds to only a soft yawn. Again the violin and flute duets as they drink their coffee and get ready for the day. Picolos underfoot funning round in a frantic. Collecting books and boots and a quick bite of something on their way to school. End the first movement…”

Good morning!

Blossom and Meadow George Winston

I don’t want to be that invisible woman who keeps the center ring spinning in the air for spouse.

I don’t want to be someone’s keeper.

Someone’s friend? Yes. Someone’s lover? Yes. Someones companion? Yes.

But I don’t define “wife” or “partner for life” as someone’s assistant or their keeper.

You might? But I just don’t.

As for politics? I’d go over that stuff with a fine tooth comb looking for nits. That bills got “budgetary head lice” I’m just sure of it.


The doorway to the rest of 12 dogs.


(haiku and word symphony by AuthorAnn)
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0 commentsOMWord
Posted Feb-06-09 09:15:44 PST Updated Feb-07-09 11:28:46 PST

The moral of the story it’s simple but it’s true-

The stars may lie but the numbers never do

I feel lucky today

I remember the last time I heard this song. I was going to the lawyer’s office to close the sale of the house….Good to be lucky.

Howdy eBay Blogland–

I’m feeling lucky today

well I am don’t know about the economy

Click Here for your government in action

CSPAN > Watch/C-SPAN_ live http://www.c-span.org/Watch/C-SPAN_wm.aspx This is just the CSPAN webpage from here you can find videos for the US Senate in action.

Worried about the enviroment? There’s something about the employment environment over the last couple of months. Look for Keith Hall Bureau of Labor and Statistics. 13 months of growing unemployment. Past three and five months says that unemployment is accelerating across all 50 states, urban/rural, industry. Reporting significant job loss (7,6%). These aren’t to frighten it’s just that to see where you’re going it’s good to see where you’ve been.

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0 commentsIt’s 12 pups day
Posted Feb-06-09 08:05:04 PST Updated Feb-06-09 08:51:06 PSTGonna’ go outside and see if the pup dogs peek out of their dog houses and see their shaddow

Mean time

For my writing friend. If you are out there. Hugs. To say that I miss chatting with you would be a major understatement. Hope you are well.

Miss you.

It’s not far from Valentine’s Day. The conversation here at 12 dogs and in life seems to be about the stuff we all want. What the US Senate and House want. What the President wants. All these wants today…

What I want (other than reason and cool heads on Capital Hill?

Well to start with? This Valentine’s Day I’d like…

Passionate Kisses (Mary Chapin Carpenter)


I know some folks who rode out a hurricaine in their sailboat. I asked them how they did it (well I also asked them why?)…

oh and Where did the money from the Fall’s bailout go go?

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0 commentsI know some folks who rode out a hurricaine
Posted Feb-06-09 07:37:33 PST Updated Feb-06-09 09:26:59 PSTIn a sailboat.

I asked them the stupid question of what in the heck they did during this huricane and their answer was?

Well we played Scrabble until the boat heeled over so far that stuff started falling off the table.

We take our chances…

Forgiveness doesn’t come with a debt…

Here’s the new door to 12 dogs

The economy. Yeah. Wondering about it?

Let’s start with the past 10 days.

And now an editorial comment from Author Ann…

As for my morning? I’m gonna make some hot chocolate and read about gameshows that should be but Wait they are. US Economy edition.

I hear that there’s a

Truth or Dare World Wide Banks Edition… that is just too funny.



Oh heck, First I need to read this very important Very informative tutorial allert

Don’t go here unless you’ve got a note from your mamma. It’s long, werdy, and well thorny.

And it’s InternJane. So it’s probably going to irritate and contain run on sentences. You really don’t want to go there.

Alittle music for traveling

Elton John Yellow Brick Road Banking edition

Follow the Yellow Brick Road…

I dunno guess it’s as good as heads or tails.

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0 commentsWhere did the money go?
Posted Feb-06-09 05:33:21 PST Updated Feb-06-09 05:47:41 PSTThis week I was told by someone to banish fear. I did.

I am fearless in this next statement.

Our country will not go broke if we don’t spend money that we as a country don’t have in the first place.

Our economy is like those folks who got so in debt and are now losing their homes. There was a time before when they didn’t owe anything. Then they got the credit card. Some folks use it wisely but some don’t. Those folks who didn’t use the credit wisely got the big eyes and they got in debt. Then they consolidated all their debt on credit cards with one of those home equity loans. Sounded good. But it didn’t take long for them to start using the credit card. It was easy and painless. Soon they were back in big time debt with no equity in their homes to get another home equity loan. Now they were at title pawn or pay day loan. And it was more debt.

Countries can do that too. Before long they’re so deeply in debt that there is no where to turn. It ain’t pretty.

Economists and politicians like to think that this is too difficult to understand. But in reality it’s not. Countries have credit ratings same as individuals. Just like individuals it’s important and if you aren’t careful you can wreck a countries credit rating too.


Oh and one other thing.

Earmarks in government budgets aren’t a four letter word. You earmark your money everytime you set aside money to pay the rent or the morgage. You earmark when you set aside money to pay for the powerbill. If you don’t some months can get down right tricky.

IF you don’t say specifically where the tax money goes in your budget? You might not have money to keep roof over your head.

If you don’t say specifically where the money goes in government?

We might not have the money to keep a roof over the heads of us all.

The now over 900 billion up for vote will go through a politicians hands like poop through a goose.

They’ve already almost gone through the over 700 billion from last falls rescue package.

They’ve got some really odd notions of what’s important to spend our tax dollars on.

Like a CEO bonus or saving the corporate jet.

That’s how some of the last TARP money was spent.

And ya’ll know how surprising that was.

I appreciate so much Obama’s saying that the US is in financial trouble.

And I’m not going to say that politicians are all irresponsible with tax money.

But right now those US Senators who are calling for support. The ones who are saying that “throwing” money at a problem won’t help?

They need your help.

Say no to this stimulas package.

This is worse than giving 1000 to your 16 year old last week and then having them come back the next and say ” Hey can I have some more money? I spent the last 770 billion for gas money in the corporate jet.

Thank you all good Senators for battling this out

Thanks to Obama for calling for a bipartisan effort.

Thanks to you for caring about the budget.


You can send an email to your Senator right now.

They’ll resume voting this morning when the US Senate begins it’s day.

I’m positive that letting your Senator know how you feel will show results.



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0 commentsVery informative tutorial allert.
Posted Feb-05-09 21:46:37 PST Updated Feb-06-09 06:05:29 PSTVery important tutorial allert.

How to Avoid eBay Blog Drama

Best thing I ever learned was how to turn off my blog comments and ignore.

Well that and I never actually believed that anyone would read it so I just write stuff. Note 12 dogs and a blog is a writer’s journal fact and fiction are writen here. There’s a link that explains it all. If you don’t know? Ask.

I’m posting this link on my very non political and very non controversial blog.

We are very, very, very, politically correct here at 12 dogs.

Very happy and lovely.

Only lovely thoughts here.

We would never, ever, ever, think of talking about politics. Or religion.

Now if you’d be so lovely as to pass me another Soma and

By the way, has anyone seen Tryork lately?

I read his blog and not the main page? So–well– if someone gave him a going away party I missed it. I’ve started reading the best of his blog which means I went to his first post and started reading. It’s about how his fake kids put fake ears on his fake Pug dog’s rear end. He actually has a real dog. But it’s not a pug. Not a stalker just a lurker and infrequent chatter on his blog so I know this. Anyway Tryork tries to feed the fake pug in his fake mouth and the fake pug bites him.

Tryork, if you are out there, reading? Maybe perhaps reading 12 dogs?

We hope you are having a great day.

A sparkly, happy, perfect day.

(uh where are you anyway.)

And well.

About not talking to the regular bloggers…Did someone give Frisky a pill or something because he’s very calm.

Oh mercy, some woman on tv just said that another someone on Judge Mathis tried to strangle her with her own shirt. Seems that first he ripped it off and then he tried to strangler. But that’s nothing to compare with what her grandfather was supposed to have said he was going to do.

I gotta go.

Don’t forget to check out the very important ebay tutorial. And stay warm.

Gotta go watch Judge Mathis and maybe some Conan.

Yeah I said Conan.

LOL oops again that’s not friendly But it is the doorway to 12 dogs.

Lots of verbage on 12 dogs here tonight. Patience is good.. There are things to read that are funny. Then some serious.

I’m out of here.


Intern Jane

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0 commentsAlert…Alert…Alert…
Posted Feb-05-09 20:43:08 PST Updated Feb-08-09 22:54:18 PSTIn economic news, on Friday (February 6, 2009) the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its “Employment Situation Summary” (You can read the whole thing here http://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.nr0.htm for January 2009
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0 commentsoops again
Posted Feb-05-09 20:41:42 PSTblog glitch

go here Night shift InternJane

or hey go here

or here Hey “kids” let’s have a sparkly day!!! the happy version

I’ll explain later

There are alot of paths tonight.

This is one for folks who have an insane amount of time on their hands or are really bored. There is a pay off of a kind but well it’s definately more than three sentences

Good morning, evening, afternoon….

It looks innocent enough but you’ve got AuthorAnn of all people being a real bi#ch. I was surprised myself.

I like to keep it real

click away and have fun.

Sorry about the glitch

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0 commentsGood morning, evening, afternoon…
Posted Feb-05-09 20:36:39 PST Updated Feb-05-09 20:42:12 PSTThe rest of 12 dogs.

Economics. Voices
This post has videos of US Representatives and US Senators.

Someone told me that housewifes at home with kids have neither the time nor the interest to read about politics. I’ve also heard them say that folks in Ebay Blogland don’t have the ability to read a post with complete sentences and longer than 5 words.

That’s just silly. I know folks are busy but I’m pretty sure they make the time in their day.

Economic voices has a bit of silly in it too. It’s also not designed to promote one party over the other. You listen and make up your own mind. I just am not a big fan of “sound bite” journalism. We get enough of that already. This is just something for you to read and you don’t have to sit over on YouTube.

Things that make you go “hmmmm”

This post. Well I just was reminded about the kid’s song by Sheri and Lambchop. You know the one, “…This is the song that never ends…” Well Shiny Happy People by REM. I just love this song but it is a “mindworm” and one of the best critics on “social writing” you’ll see. Just pop a SOMA and all your troubles vanish.. “Shiny, happy people.”

Nothing bad ever happens on a “Soma holiday”. Well actually it does but you don’t care.

(Disclaimer. Tee hee. Imagine needed a disclaimer for … Sorry got side tracked. Where was I. Okay the SOMA I’m talking about IS NOT the muscle relaxant. This is the SOMA from the book Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Interesting book. I imagine that you can buy it on eBay somewhere. Kind of like a social soap opera with an interesting message.)

The last word.

Not really the last word. It’s something I wrote because of a conversation with two air heads. I don’t normally call folks air head I’m pretty polite. But they were airheads. It was my fault for not realizing that and wasting my time in a place where complete sentences are unheard of and consist of a simple noun and a simple verb. That’s if you’re lucky. Don’t get me wrong. They sound like very nice airheads. I don’t dislike them. And they don’t have to worry about me going on their blog. I don’t have the time to waste.

If I’m going to spend the time the incomplete sentences will look like this.

And yes, I am probably the bi#ch that they don’t like. Well one of them. It’s been my experience that where there is smoke… there is bitching. To be fair, I have a feeling they are very insecure and need the support to tell them that things will be okay if they just say so. That’s a nice thought. However reality is a good but sometimes frightening concept.

They’d never have lasted one day in my shoes.

If I am ever mad, sad, depress, or bi#chy. I won’t be wasting time reading their blog.

Somehow I”m pretty sure we keep separate company.

Now if you are pizzed at me about now? Please.

I’m a fictional character called Intern Jane.

See you’ve just been reading the creation by AuthorAnn of 12 dogs.

That’s why I have disclaimers on this blog.

This is my writer’s journal and I let you read what I work on while writing.

As I’m not the “bi#ch”, some folks think, I don’t have the heart to decieve even if it might make my characters more believable. Okay.

That’s also why the comments are OFF or hidden or I ask folks to email me if they get upset with what they read here on 12 dogs. I don’t always write “morally uplifting” characters. Just like life, some of the characters are going to be–well edgy–. For along time I didn’t even tell folks if I was a male or female. It was important that as a writer I was invisible. That the word and stories that you were reading were what you noticed.

And I edit like nobodies business. If you comment on something and then I edit I have to try to let you know so you can reply or change or delete. It’s just better if 12 dogs is for reading and not a chat board. You are of course welcome to comment but it just gets tricky and folks can get mad. Not good.

Now I don’t really dislike the two ladies in question. And I like to gab like everyone else. I really do. I’d love to spend time hoping from blog to blog saying hello. But the thing is I just don’t have the time. When I’m here? I’m writing. Or shopping. Or researching. It takes time. So I just don’t. I’m sorry if that is confusing. You are welcome to email. I’ve emailed with some lovely people and recieved email from some nice folks over the past year. One person in particular is absent at the moment. Another writer. I miss this person.

My job here is to write so well you really will never know who I am in real life. My characters will be so real that you will have to pinch yourself to remind you that what you read might be an entire fiction. At least I hope so. Just like InternJane. Or Hannah Murphy. LOL Some folks here still won’t understand and think that I’m nuts. That’s okay too. If I were you I’d go find another author who you love to read and have fun. Just know that I’m neither crazy nor am I a liar. I’m a writer. Like an actor, I observe the way folks move through life. Then I use my imagination to creat a world that didn’t exist before.

A few points of reality thought in the interest of being ethical and not hurting your feelings.


True or I’ll write in general to start conversations and “brain storming”. Get folks to think. Apathy is a terrible thing in government. And yes, I do believe that reasonable people will disagree. So please don’t hate me because I said something that you thought was mean about your candidate. In otherwords? I don’t dislike or loathe or hate Obama. Okay. But I also don’t dislike or loathe or hate Sarah Palin. I don’t know these people in real life how can I hate them. See that’s real me. Now my characters might not like them but those are fictional characters. They don’t exist unless they are in a book. Or a movie… hmmm that would be … lol. okay back to reality.


Uh no. My southern moma (that part is real, kind of) told me that a polite young lady never talked about religion as it was personal and not my business. She’s a big time avocate of the First Ammendment separation of church and state. I do talk about my beliefs. Well I guess religion and politics are under the same heading. I write to hopefully get you to think. Again apathy is a terrible thing.


I made that word bigger didnt’ I.

There are folks who are real that are mentioned here on 12 dogs. WB, Pup, my Great Aunt, and WB’s brother. Real. The son who died? Unfortunately that’s real too. It’s been a real learning experience. My life so far has been a real learning experience. Also I did attend law school and I did work in the medical field. Honest. And I did think I would be a visual artist or lawyer until Fate changed that a bit. I took a detour. Now I have more time. It’s not that I’m that old it’s just that I started school and life young. How’s that? There are people in my life. Real people.

There are also real folks who I talk about. For instance, I was a fan of the LLS with Craig Ferguson and actually got to attend one of his comedy show. Fun. I’m not such a fan now. I’m going to write about that here. But you can read that in a minute.

Mostly I write. That’s the point of this blog.

I buy stuff from eBay. Alot of stuff actually. I don’t sell things. Writing here lets me bid and write and email at the same time. I may have bought something from you and at least one of the buyers has ended up a short story that’s to be included in a book. Yep I’m working on a book of short stories. I liked the buyer’s name and asked permision to use a form of it for one of the major characters. I like this character very much. It will be a pleasure to send this lovely person a copy of the story. I hope that she’ll like it too.

Now here’s an irony for you.

In order to spend more time writing I’m going to have to not write for a bit.

Told you it was an irony.

I’m worried that you and I will lose touch when I do. So if I may make a suggestion. If you have RSS feed or the other feeds and you could sign up 12 dogs that would be a good thing. You’ll know when I’ve added something new. I’ll still try to write everyday even if it’s one of those infuriating hiaku verses that I really but are irritating to write. But there are days when I need to do things here. Outside. This is temporary. I spent this last year trying to decide what I wanted to do. Now I have somewhat and need to sort out my life to do so. It will make it easier for my family here. It’s will also make it easier for me too. I’m terrible at housework. If I wouldn’t run them off I would get some help to run the day to day household. But right now they’d quit. So I’m going to do my best to streamline the “chores”. Might even sell some of the stuff on eBay. Who knows? I have books and clothes and well stuff. Knowing me I’ll probably replace it with more stuff.

That’s it for today Gentle Reader.

You can see here what I wrote about the Late Late Show later tonight.

The “in real life” very, very nice,

And about the spelling. … later.

Okay that’s enough for the rambling portion of the blog.

Rambling narative is okay. Not a big fan of it. But. okay.

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0 commentsoops
Posted Feb-05-09 20:10:10 PST Updated Feb-05-09 20:20:52 PSTBoy some mornings I wake up and wonder what the heck is up with folks?

Let’s talk about sex.

Shiny Happy People REM

Got to keep it positive .

Heaven forbid that physical and fiscal responsibility should get mired in “cotton candy”.

Rah rah.

Sis boom bah.

We are positive

(Oh and who is going to pay for all this?)

Rah! Rah! Rah!!!!!


I am positive.

Intern Jane

Whooo hoooooooooooooo
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0 commentsOllie North
Posted Feb-05-09 19:47:16 PST Updated Feb-05-09 21:04:15 PSTHe’s still telling his story and heck folks are still listening.

I know. Not Ollie North. Before the Republican side of politics start yelling in my ear.

See what happened is that while I was doing something else Sami posted on one of the posts and I didn’t see it at first and then when it was too late I did. I felt bad because I didn’t say see it. That’s why I keep the comments off anyway because folks will come by and post and I won’t be there. I look rude. Which isn’t true. I’m just absent minded about that kind of stuff. Anyway she posted the words to the Song that never ends and I was going to post that but I saw this one and while I have no actual idea what it is saying on this song it is talking about war–with Charlie Horse on the actual video for the song that neverends. So

I thought that’s pretty ironic. I mean here we are talking about a song that never ends. Neither does war nor certain parts of history. It tends to repeat itself.

So (again)

The post is for Sami. Sort of. Well the Original song that never ends. Not the heavy metal one. That one is just weird and wacky. But Sami put on the nice version. Because she seems to be a very nice person. Sorry I missed chatting! I was playing and well I missed chat…How’s school and are you in law school? Have you started your campaign to run for political office yet? Hope so.


Well he is married. It just doesn’t seem right to me and the girls down at the Wash and Brew….

Read about it here
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0 commentsHi ya’ll InternJane
Posted Feb-05-09 19:24:43 PST Updated Feb-05-09 19:56:05 PSTHey kids!!

You know what time it is????????

Time for another thrill interactive story with Intern JaneIt’s been an interesting week he in Political Blogland
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0 commentsYes some folks said it didn’t do any good.
Posted Feb-05-09 19:01:15 PST Updated Feb-05-09 20:07:28 PSTHe was screwed. At least that’s what some folks said.

Except for Governor Blogo and his guardian angel DiscoDiva.

Far into the night could be heard the words “I will survive!”

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0 commentsWell kids it’s been an interesting week he in Political Blogland
Posted Feb-05-09 18:41:29 PST Updated Feb-05-09 19:56:37 PSTA Bedtime Story by Intern Jane

Way up north in the land of Illinois a man name Blogo was accused of a crime. He said it wasn’t so. He said he’d prove that he was innocent. But the mean. mean, Illinois state legislature said, “NO! ”

And then they impeached him… But he was undetered. Faced with this political shame he did what any sane and rational Governor of Illinois who was facing impeachment would do.

He went on David Letterman (Thanks Celeb TV)

He went on the View

He even went on Oprah

But some folks said it didn’t do any good..

He was screwed. At least that’s what some folks said.

Except for Governor Blogo and his guardian angel DiscoDiva.

Far into the night could be heard the words “I will survive!”

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0 commentsNO (LOL Sami)
Posted Feb-05-09 18:38:45 PST Updated Feb-05-09 19:57:10 PSTHe was branded. Thrown out into the world. Those mean legislature even voted that he’d never hold office in the state of Illinois again. As he walk out of the state capital you could hear the capital police sing this song.

(What do you do when you’re branded …)

(those snare drums were a nice touch.)

Pretty ironic that the guy in Branded was in trouble for running away from Trouble. Old Blogo? He walk right up and hit Trouble in the mouth. Dunno if that was such a good idea. Oh well. He didn’t ask

And then they impeached him… But he was undetered. Faced with this political shame he did what any sane and rational Governor of Illinois who was facing impeachment would do.

He went on David Letterman (Thanks Celeb TV)
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2 commentsHe went on David Letterman (Thanks Celeb TV)
Posted Feb-05-09 18:32:46 PST Updated Feb-05-09 19:57:57 PST

By the time he got on Dave’s show? Well Dave had some questions.

But before that? He went on the View..
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0 commentsHe went on the View
Posted Feb-05-09 18:31:27 PST Updated Feb-05-09 19:58:48 PSTBut I was gonna give it to Oprah.

Look Governor B, listen to Whoopie. She’s trying to tell you something.

LOL Joy called Governor Blogo and his wife a potty mouth.

Always good to be on the View

He even went on Oprah

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0 commentsHe even went on Oprah
Posted Feb-05-09 18:30:10 PST Updated Feb-05-09 19:59:52 PST

I know. That’s Tom Cruise on Oprah.

But you know if I had to imagine what a Governor Blog interview would look like on Oprah? I would think it would look like this. I mean look at the guy. They got the same face. They got the same hair. They got the same “can do” attitude…

But even the magic of the Presidents BFF didn’t seem to help because there were folks who said it just didn’t matter.

Yes some folks said it didn’t do any good.

They said that.

But Governor Blogo was undetered (that’s a word somewhere)

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0 comments”I will survive!”
Posted Feb-05-09 18:26:30 PST Updated Feb-05-09 20:05:51 PST

The end? I don’t think so. I saw Tom Cruise in an AA nominated movie and doing another interview on the Today Show. I don’t think it’s denial or anything pathological. I truly think that he believes that he’s innocent. And he’s taking it to the courts for his day. Sure he looks like Tom Cruise on that fateful day on Today but there’s a new day and another day and then a day after that and a bunch of other days and you’d be surprised how many talkshows will still want to hear about it. I mean take … Ollie North
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0 commentsNight shift InternJane
Posted Feb-05-09 17:26:34 PST Updated Feb-05-09 19:55:29 PSTBack to politics. Guns and Roses Welcome to the Jungle

Seems like an apt song to go from Love to the current political environment.

Hi ya’ll InternJane
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