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Posted Feb-25-09 08:54:27 PST Updated Feb-25-09 10:21:00 PSTThe Queen Bee Radio hour.

All the gossip that you know you want to talk about.

We can talk about the actual NEWS later.

Politics The First “Wives” Club

“So like I said in the last post. I’m doing research for a book I’m writing about the “sisterhood of the political wives”. Now I like my characters to be “true to life but a little bit over the top for entertainment purposes”. I was looking through YouTube and found these old Dynasty clips. Ah Dynasty. Now that was some over the top, entertaining television. As I watched these clips I got to thinking about last nights speech. Might entertaining tv in it’s own right. There was Representative Nancy Pelosi all a twitter. Everytime the President made a point, Nancy was there on television being the supportive “woman behind the man”. There was the adoring First Wife stuck up in the bleachers. At least that’s where I think she was. While I saw Rep. Nancy every six seconds, I didn’t see alot of the First Wife. And there was Oprah… Hey where was Oprah anyway? I would have thought she’d at least be up in the bleachers with the First Wife

or sitting with Representative Nancy…

The point? The only woman getting face time to the public?

Nancy Pelosi

“Oh Katie!….”

Yeah Dan the Man. Can you cue up that clip of Nancy on Katie Couric’s show…

Sorry for the glitch but you know as songs go that’s pretty much the song I was hearing while watching the Katie/Pelosi interview. Those to women are like, “OOhh did he call you?” and “Oh no. But he shook my hand and…” Dan do you have that “squeel like a “stuck pig” sound bite? No? Hmmm. Okay well take my word for it they were 12 and it was like the President was a Jonas brother or something.”

And it got me thinking.

Okay so while the rest of the world is talking about the state of the economy I’ve got something else to chat about. Something serious…

Kitchen table politics.

So it’s just you and me. Sitting around the kitchen table with our cups of coffee and…


The “power behind the throne” or the “man behind the woman”. You kids today. You may think that you invented a good ‘catfight” with Gossip Girl but you’d be wrong. Gossip Girl may be new but there’s never been better than the “catfights” of Dynasty.

Until now.

Now I think that the “political women behind the men in Washington DC” are a fixin’ to stage the ultimate cage match. With matching heels…

Ya’ll realize that there’s gonna be a “cat fight” a brewing up there in the Rose Garden. You got three really strong women who think they brought a certain fella to the party. Just like chickens have to reorganize soon as a new hen comes to the chicken yard? Three women who think they’re the “power behind the man” will not rest until they’ve established the “pecking order” in the “hen house”. Pretty soon they’re gonna have to fight to see who’s lead “dog in their pack” or in this case? “Head chicken” in the “hen house”. And when it happens it won’t be pretty. Entertaining? Heck yeah. But pretty. Ah no.

I’m thinking maybe a three way catfight in the Rose Garden. Just Nancy, the First Wife, and Oprah.

The ultimate “power behind the man” cat fight. I think they should show it on the Friday Night Wressling Match.

Catty? Me?

Ah no. I’m pragmatice, a writer and I’ve grown up around some very determined and powerful women.

I can just see it now…

First there’ll be the “Who really runs things?” encounters

Just so you’ll know. I’m seeing the First Lady as Krystal Carrington and Rep Pelosi as the deliciously evil Alexis.

Alexis to Krystal:

“As my dear old Auntie used to say,

“When you’re angry count to four. When you’re really angry? Swear…” ”

Just imagine …

Aaron Spelling would be so proud.

The First Lady as Krystal and Rep Pelosi as the evil Alexis Carrington and the Pres. as the clueless about women, Mr. Blake Carrington.

Now this is something to get your mind off your troubles America.

Is that someone I see pulling off her earrings??? In the Rose Garden.

Hey wait a minute. I AM a writer. I can write it into a humorous yet wry look at the ultimate “cage fighter” — the high ranking politician’s wife.


Just think of this as me doing research.

“tee hee” said the Bee

Those “stingers” do sting

And loosen the lips

And make folks sing.

Lets buzz round the flowers

See what life brings.

Interesting stuff for the Queen Bee


The Queen Bee.

Gossip columnist and right arrogant bitc…Oops sorry. InternJack.

Note from InternJack. Go for the first video. For the love of all that’s funny go for the first video. You know that the informative one is good for you but you also know that “Life is uncertain at best. Eat desert and chocolate first. Then if theres room eat the arugala…”

Note From the desk of Intern Jack. Intern Extraordinary and long suffering Intern to AuntieSlacker.

Author Ann wants me to tell you that the quote is from one of her characters, Hannah Murphy, and that she retains all rights to it being that she is the author. I think that’s not all AuthorAnn retains. Besides water she can retain all kinds of stuff. She be the queen of “anal retentive”…

From Conversations With Hannah


Author Ann

all rights reserved

tee hee From somewhere across this vast internet wasteland… < You can watch this video about stuff or you can watch this really interesting and informative video about Architecture . Your call

But between you and me? It's a boring video about some guy who built his house with a "gianormous" condom? Condo? No that can't be right. Sorry I'm having trouble reading AuthorAnn's notes here.

Look it's about Architecture . Read it or not.
I need a coffee. BRB Intern Jack.

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0 commentsArchitecture
Posted Feb-25-09 07:16:49 PSTArchitecture

The Sliding House * England

A lone voice in a difficult world

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0 commentsA lone voice
Posted Feb-24-09 22:34:46 PST Updated Feb-24-09 23:37:50 PSTFrom somewhere across this vast internet wasteland…

A lone voice in this wild chaotic world.

A single man bent on changing the world for the better.

A man known the world over for his compassionate heart.

A manly man among men.

A manly man among men whos name is legend in the hallowed walls of Washington DC

His name?

From somewhere across this vast internet wasteland…

A lone voice in this wild chaotic world.


"Is that all there is?"

Is that all their is ?

Not at 12 dogs. I wrote alot this weekend and and some more yesterday.

I hope that you'll pull up a chair and have fun reading 12 dogs…

Note, I stopped believing in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and the notion of an honest politician a long while back.

I've got two questions.

Who' going to pay for it?

And how?

Show me the money, honey otherwise keep on movin'.

The door's that way .

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0 commentsDon't forget!!
Posted Feb-24-09 15:41:18 PST Updated Feb-24-09 16:21:36 PST

From somewhere across this vast internet wasteland…

A voice could be heard saying,

"Ya'll don't forget that the President is making his first speech to a joint session of the US House and Senate. 9eastern/8central/7mountain/6pacific.

There will be a test afterwards.

Just kidding but this is kind of important stuff.

I'm going to be serious here.

Regardless of which political party you support it's good to remember that we're Americans all. We have a stake in what happens.

I believe that we have the answer to recovery inside of each of us.

I'm positive.

Then from somewhere across this vast internet wasteland…

A voice of reason could be heard saying…

…tee hee…

Okay now Gentle Reader. There is ALOT of new posts on 12 dogs.

Some are from today and some from this past weekend.

I hope that you'll pull up a chair and stay a while.

You are most certainly welcome.

Kind regards,



I'm just guessin' here, but I"m expecting the president will be will be doing all in his power to present a tough yet optimistic look at the economic future. Expecting the tone to be relaxed. The idea will be to foster calm and the image of a person in control. The author of the words will be trying to explain the problems that our country is facing in a way that they'll hope is clear and to the point. The idea will be to telegraph to the public that while things are difficult there is a "grown up" at the wheel. The theme? As Americans, we will look the "terrors" that life brings straight in the eye and will not be beaten by it.

Something like that.

At least I'm thinking that's probably the goal of the speech. As a writer, I'm interested in seeing how this speech is written. Will it be all metaphors or just plain talk.

And you thought presidential speeches were boring. *~*

Happy Mardi Gras to the folks along the Gulf Coast and to the expatriates across the country who are suffering Fat Tuesday withdrawals.

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0 commentsFrom somewhere across this vast internet wasteland…
Posted Feb-24-09 15:11:06 PST Updated Feb-26-09 15:33:38 PSTa voice of sanity and reason was heard …

A voice speaking truth to power.

A voice speaking the words we dare not say out here.

A voice clear and full of "hope" and "change"

A voice for the masses.

A voice giving life to the nagging question deep in our souls.

"…would we rather CBS promote Craig with Paris Hilton, or would we as viewers want to see yet another promo for something like Two & a Half Men where Charlie Sheen is talking about male genitalia? …"

Thank you momofhenry.

Maybe we here @ 12 dogs and you folks over at TWoP don't know the answer to that question just yet.

But there is hope.

For at least someone is finally asking the tough questions.

So I spent all Sunday afternoon in the hammock. Reading…

" Tee hee " said the Walrus as he looked ahead,

"The worst of life is this awful dread.

But once you get around it.

Put it out of your head.

It's all smooth sailing.

Or maybe it's just really good drugs."


Conversations With Hannah

Author Ann


(all rights owned by the author)

" Tee hee " indeed.

Welcome to 12 dogs and a blog…

If it's February 26th and you want to see what you missed today?

You've only one question to ask,

" You know " said the Walrus as he looked ahead,

"The worst of life is this awful dread.

But once you get around it.

Put it out of your head.

It's all smooth sailing…."

And Donald Where's your pants?

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0 commentsFanta C
Posted Feb-24-09 15:01:40 PST Updated Feb-24-09 15:06:45 PSTLOL You'll just have to cool your heels and wait.

Or read the book.

Life. Is complicated.

Another snippet of great moments in literature…

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5 commentsJoan Jett and the Blackhearts
Posted Feb-24-09 14:51:10 PST Updated Feb-24-09 15:08:09 PST

Another snippet of great moments in literature…

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1 commentAnother snippet of great moments in literature…
Posted Feb-24-09 14:22:52 PST Updated Feb-24-09 15:03:38 PST…by Author Ann… from the short story:

The beginning of Fanta C or Why I can never listen to Joan Jett and the Blackhearts's version of Cherry Bomb without thinking of Fanta C and cracking up…

all rights reserved by author. (AuthorAnn)


"OMG Ricky I can't wear this thing. Will it even fit?"

"Yeah I think so. You haven't got that menopausal gut yet. It should–", as he said it he tried to put his arms around Hannah's waist. She side stepped him and and pulled it on over her t-shirt. Her voice was mufffled through the fabric but he could make out the words," —will love it. Just this and that little lace bra and panties. Hooker hoop earrings and …". She was pulling the tshirt off out from under the tank. He didn't think she stopped talking the whole time. He looked at his watch, "Shit Hannah, it's 12:30. I've got a pre interview with the Late Night folks before the taping. We gotta go now if you're going with me. Hannah?" He looked over just in time so see her slip on jeans. Even in jeans she shimmered. All pink like bubble gum or Cherry Fanta."

He'd tell her tomorrow morning.

Or maybe afterwards.

Sex in the morning was good with Hannah but he just wasn't sure if he wanted to make that much of an emotional commitment… Besided Michael was coming over at 10 and she did have a tendency to drag her feet.


Besides she'd just let her and "Fanta C" meet each other.

Sort it out.

He could hear Hannah in the other room singing to Joan Jett when the telephone rang. The downstairs neighbor he suspected.

"Hannah, honey can you keep it down? The neighbors are complaining."

Then under his breath, " And how do you like your eggs again?"


"Tee hee" said the Walrus though no one was there..

"This stories too good.

The imagery rare.

So they fired up the thingy.

Words appeared on the screen

The power behind legends.

I'm the internet queen !"

At least that's what they wrote.

"tee hee"

From Conversations With Hannah


Author Ann

all rights reserved by the author

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0 commentstee hee
Posted Feb-24-09 10:00:25 PST Updated Feb-24-09 12:11:21 PST

I paid taxes and all I got was??? (<click here)

I added something.

Go see.

I wrote alot this weekend.

Some of what I wrote you won't be able to read at the moment but some of it you can.

Like I said.

Lots to read here at 12 dogs.

Go see.

Hey don't forget!

The President addresses a joint session of the US House and Senate tonight. The speech will televised at 9PM EST/8PM CST. Lots of ideas on how to fix the economy. We're gonna watch. Hope you will too.


Below the fold random. For a friend.

The sound of one hand clapping?

Well it's not bipartisanship.

It's silence.

Clapping is a collaboration between two forces. Cooperation and a kind of consensus.

If there is no coordinated cooperation?

There is no clapping.
There is only the sound of silence.

In my experience that silence is the loudest sound of all.

Mercy. I miss Mardi Gras.

You know something Gentle Reader. You may think that 12 dogs and the political is a really bad mix but well…

If life is a random series of happenings? You gotta expect stuff to happen.

Commentary by Lily Allen

Hope you'll keep reading.

And remember.

Everyone should always make their own bed.

And not just the one they slept in last night.

If you can do that?

Means that you've got some kind of control over what goes on in your life.

At least as much control as you can have in a random series of occurances called Life.

This last bit is for my friend who's asking the BIG philosophical questions.

We should be celebrating Mardi Gras. We'd learn alot more than we will with our noses stuck in a philosophy book.

Well that and a hug from all of us here @ the 12 dogs,


Hugs, AuthorAnn

Now if you'll excuse me. I've not picked up a camera in a while and I've got my walking shoes on.

Things to do with what remains of the day… BBL

Don't forget to give someone a hug when you get the chance.

Now go read the rest of 12 dogs.

Start with I paid taxes and all I got was??? (<click here)

I added something.

Go see.

Random thought?

"I don't want to eat people's "feet"."

Now that, is random.

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1 commentI paid taxes and all I got was???
Posted Feb-24-09 09:31:47 PST Updated Feb-24-09 13:29:42 PSTLOL Turn the sound off on the vid and start it up before you read any further on this post. In a way it's just as funny, if not funnier, with the sound off.)_______________________________________________And now the post

Man I'm already missing paying taxes to fly the last president to Crawford, Texas.

When this new guy gets tired he goes to Hawaii.

I can't afford to go to Hawaii.


Because I got to pay the taxes for the jet fuel so that the Pres can go to Hawaii.

I can't afford the the "99 dollar Weekend Spectacular" in LasVegas.

And I really WANT to see Celine Dion.

I really NEED this vacation.

I mean look at me.

This is pathetic.

Even the NSA folks assigned to watch my life would fall asleep from boredon.

I'm sorry but I NEED that "99 Dollar Weekend Spectacular to Vegas".


Welcome to

Political Jeopardy.

Where all the answers to life's little indignities are in the form of a question.

Intern Jane

(and folks say I'm too serious.)

want to skip the political stuff and read excerpt from what I'm writing? You can find out how on the next post

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0 commentsPolitical Jeopardy.
Posted Feb-24-09 08:32:35 PST Updated Feb-24-09 09:27:03 PSTI'll take political speeches for 500, Alex…

This speech is the first made by the President to the US Legislature. In it the president addresses the economic problems of the US and calls for a bipartisan effort by both parties to address the problem and find solutions. Billed as a "sober assessment" of the economic climate, the president calls for us all to suffer during this challenging economic time. All Americans must take responsibility for this problem inorder to fix it.

The answer?

"What is the sound of one hand clapping?"

(Since this is Political Jeopardy?

The answer is always found in the form of a question.)

Meanwhile in Washington the president addresses a joint session of the US House and Senate.

Tonight the president addresses a joint session of the US House and Senate.

It will be broad cast on all networks and on the internet beginning 9PM EST/ 8PM CST.

Have a great day!! Ann

Now for the rest of the blog.

LOL So I don't get accused of being "negative".

I thought I'd put it in the form of a question.

All this talk about how we should all suffer.

Mmmm … no.

First something funny. The sight of Matt Lauer talking about making a chicken last for a week. At first I thought they were kidding and it was actually a parody ala The Onion but apparently not. Hmmm Survivor Today Show. Matt and wife find themselves in an alternate universe where they actually have to survive by doing the things they talk about on the Today Show. I can just imagine Mrs. Matt Lauer's reaction to life without nanny and the "magical" chicken that lasts a family of 5 for one week.

You recon that's what the President will tell the heads of Citigroup and AiG? That they will have to suffer and make a chicken do for an entire week in their family. How about the folks who's retirement is in stocks. I'm positive that the news reports that yesterday the stockmarket was the lowest it's been in a decade. We buy dog food for the dogs and it's as expensive as people food. I'm not sure that "old folks" are going to be able to eat dog food this time around.

Oh and there's at least one Governor who may be saying, "No thanks. To the stimulus money. He read the requirements and said pretty much what the Republicans in the House and Senate said. You know this money will only last two years at most but the unintended consiquence of it will be higher taxes for our citizens who can't afford it. Hmmm.

Some gifts just aren't free.

See: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/Economy/story?id=6930778&page=1

Good morning Blogland.

In case you missed it the President is going to address the US Legislature on tv tonight. If you can't get the speech because you can't afford cable, can't afford the converter box, or the converter box/antenae still won't work?

It will probably be simulcast on the internet somewhere.

I'm positive it's your taxes and how they're going to be spent that will be the subject of the speech. I'm positive he's gonna say something like this,

"Now folks a realize that times are tough, but if we all keep our heads and go about solving the problem with a cheerful attitude? We along with the only three Republicans in the entire US House and Senate who voted for this stimulus bill, and with the help of the Easter Bunny, that pot o'gold I'm getting at the end of the rainbow, Santa, and the money I'm gonna win from this lottery ticket will fix things in a bipartisan manner. Well that and the incredibly high taxes I'm going to have to endorse because of the revenue we'll need to pay for the this bipartisian quick fix that only three Republicans in the entire US Legislature voted for.

Now if you'll excuse me, all this talk about the economy has just tired me out. Fire up Air Force One. I'm tired from all this hard work of bipartisan ship. I'm gonna take a three day weekend in Hawaii. Aloha."

Man I'm already missing paying taxes to fly the last president to Crawford, Texas.

When this new guy gets tired he goes to Hawaii.

I can't afford to go to Hawaii.


Because I got to pay the taxes for the jet fuel so that HE can go to Hawaii.

I can't pay the fuel to go to on the 99 special to Las Vegas.


I'm going to watch it. Even if it is very political, for the voters and not for the members of Congress.

And you know what?

While I watch it I'm going to have a very positive attitude.

Positive that there are more viewers with more emotional investment for American Idol than for this speech.

Positive that I wish that there was a "Simon" or a "Paula" or a "Randy" who would critic this speech after it was over. 😀

I wonder if Simon is a Republican or a Democrat?

Happy reading and Good morning Thanks for reading 12 dogs.


Intern Jane

Oh hey, if you want to skip the political stuff and read excerpt from what I'm writing? You can find out how on the next post

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0 commentsGood morning
Posted Feb-23-09 02:25:24 PST Updated Feb-23-09 19:46:27 PSTKiss me (someone in my ancestry was a friend of someone who was Irish?)

Okay so now that Valentine's Day is over and there's all the Saint Pat's celebration on the horizon.

The Oscars. Okay. I didn't watch. I don't know. Please don't tell me I'll find out soon enough.

As for 12 dogs.

I've been writing on my book. You can read part of it starting with the post Momma said I came into the world talking…

Yesterday I posted about the banking crisis in the US.

Those posts are here:

The problem?
Sunday funnies
I'm cold, sleepy, and I'm not happy with the computer as it just ate something that I'd been working on.

Going to sleep now. I hope everyone has a great day. I'll write more tonight.

Back later,

Author Ann

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35 commentsThe problem?
Posted Feb-22-09 10:31:12 PST Updated Feb-22-09 11:27:54 PSTIn plain English.

Is the following true?

"The banks that are failing aren't failing because of loans that they made to homeowners. They are failing because of bad investments made in a bank to bank transaction. There were no lying homeowners here.

I'm not sure about the other banks.

They pretty much got greedy. They had a crap game going on an international back alley. Oh heck from the sound of it they were at a pretty high class casino and betting the rent money that the high risk bet would come through.

They didn't buy these loans from Mr and Mrs. John Q. Public. They bought them from other banks. If you bail them out, it's like bailing out the Octomon's fertily doctor."

Is this true?


Sunday funnies

Note I want to thank those folks who participated in the discussion on this subject. I appreciate your opinions and take them very seriously. I'm learning.

I'm sorry that I have to stop the conversation at this time as family responsibilities have come up. Will open the chats back up when I return. In the mean time I hope that you will enjoy the writing.

Thank you.

If you are looking for the book exerpts?

They are @ Momma said I came into the world talking…

Welcome to 12 dogs.

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5 commentsSunday funnies
Posted Feb-22-09 09:40:30 PST Updated Feb-22-09 10:14:44 PSTSo here's the thing I'm trying get my head around this morning. Part of our countries economic woes is that banks irresponsibly loaned folks more money to buy a house than they could afford. The banks did it..

Now then this morning I hear and have heard folks ask, "Why should we bail out folks who can't pay their home morgages? It's their problem. They got loaned more money than they could afford. It's all their fault.

And yet the homeowner wouldn't have any money without the permission of the banks.

It's not like they walked in and said, "Stick 'em up."

I'm listening to all this and thinking to myself, " Wait a minute. If we bailout the banks, aren't we bailing out the consumer? Or are they still going to lose their homes while the bank guys keep theirs?

Is it a two way street?

If we give money to the homeowner who is in danger of losing their home aren't we helping the banks stay open without bailing out the folks who caused this problem in the first place? The banks who made the actual loan don't own this "paper" anymore. They made their profit, yes profit, on the original transaction, bundled up the risky paper and sold it to other banks and investors along time ago. These banks failing now made a high risk investment on a "block" of loans. This was a bank to bank transaction not a homeowner to bank transaction. These folks were buying the "Brooklyn Bridge" and should have known better. The consumer, the least knowledgeble about the entire process, had nothing to do with it. As a matter of fact it got to be comical trying to figure out just who you were paying your morgage to every month for some folks. Especially the risky ones. Kind of like a game of "bank loan hot potato".

I've seen the bank process and heard how loan officers will push the folks asking for a loan to borrow more and more money? No one was asking the question that the loan officers should have, "Can we comfortably pay back this loan or will we be taking a big risk with the roof over our heads?" The risky loans made to homeowners didn't seem to be an issue because the bank was going to sell that paper as soon as the ink was dry. Banks stopped holding the morgage for the homeloans they made along time ago. Those loan officers who did this are all over the place. And the banks who bought this bad paper only saw a bundle of loans and a high risk but high yeild investment. They weren't anywhere a round to see if the person applying for a loan could look them in the eye and say, "Why yes, Mr. or Ms. Loan Officer, I can indeed pay that debt." It was all numbers to these failing banks and a crap shoot."

They lost.

Seems like helping the consumer will be the more likely way to fairly help change the course of the economy. It's the consumer who had the least power in the transaction. The consumer could ask for a loan till the cow came home but they'd not get a dime unless the bank said it was okay. It was the consumer who had the least power. The bank and it's agent had the knowledge and experience to help evaluate the consumers ability to pay and accept the risk of the loan. Anyone who's seen the process upfront and dealt with realtors and loan officers trying to make quotas and pushing loans on folks knows the overwhelming feeling that the person applying for the loan feels. After a while it really does devolve into a "Well if you say I can afford it? Okay." situation.

If you help the banks you are only enabling the "experts" who took the risky bet to do it again. Unlike the consumer, these are men and women with college degrees in finance and experience making money. They know the process and the pitfalls. You wouldn't bail out the doctor who takes a risk with your health without them sitting you down and having "The talk." The one were they spell out the risk you are taking if you do what the doctor suggests. And if that doctor doesn't do his or her best to consider the risk/benefit to the patient, they are held responsible for their actions. I should think you'd do the same with the "experts" at the bank when they do a risk/benefit analysis for a loan. Or rather when they don't.

Yes, I hear alot talk about who's responsible and making folks "pay" for their bad choices. That it was the home owner not the banker who was irresponsible for taking out a loan. There are folks saying that the "homeowner" was drunk with power and then took the responsibility to drive home themselves without any cupability of the loan officer or the banks. I wonder, isn't the loan officer and their bank as responsible as the person at the bar who sells the drinks (and makes a handy profit on it ) while the patron "drinks to excess" and then hands them the car keys to drive home.


It's the "experts" at the bank who played "financial barkeep"? They kept pouring those "drinks", got them "drunk", and then gave them the "car keys" and then sent them out into the "financial" highway.

You can't do that in a bar.

I'm just wondering if you're gonna be able to do it in a bank.\

Banking reform not banking mergers and acquisitions is the real answer.

Well, Momma said I came into the world talking…
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0 commentsMomma said I came into the world talking…
Posted Feb-21-09 22:38:29 PST Updated Feb-22-09 00:05:44 PST
From somewhere in the middle of the night.

Good morning Gentle Reader.

I like this writing thing.

You know what?

I wanna pack up the car and go to New Orleans…

So WHY am I sitting here watching Mama Mia on the video?

Does that make sense to you?


Well I've been writing. It's pretty good too.

"…"What are you talking about?" She'd gone over to open the window,but came back to sit down next to him. "I'm sorry. I didn't hear your question. All the street noise–"

"Is it true? About the fight at the auction? His meltdown at the New York Public Library? You were the one he was talking about when wrote this?" He handed her his copy of Somatic Highways with it open to the restaurant scene and asked the question, "Valerie. That's you?"

He tried to look into her eyes but she kept looking anywhere else. Finally she answered him, "Ah, Somatic Landscape. Well I dunno. Urban legend and Wiki says so but you'd have to ask Rick to be sure. I haven't seen him since my birthday. You know it could be just PR spin trading on the feud and our fight. That is true by the way. The fight and the feud are unfortunately true. I guess that I could be Valerie too. When you've known RickyG long enough you end up somewhere in one of his books. It's his way of coping. Most folks would talk about it but Rick? He puts you in one of his books and has his characters talk to you instead. You get used to it. I grew up with him so I guess it's so much a part of our relationship that it never really crossed my mind." She went over to the window again. "I love living here. The couple down stairs are musicians. They play such interesting music. This is Stephen Grapelli they're playing now. I just love his music. Same for Django Reinhardt. Bouncy. Very Fitzgerald"

She picked up the book and began to read the first line:

"I never thought of you as a person who had to have sex in the dark…"

She stopped, closed the book and said the words that I would repeat often," You know Michael, if you live long enough, you learn that not every word said is worth repeating or even worth remembering."


Excerpt from the book "Conversations With Hanna"

Author Ann


All rights reserved by the writer. (That would be me kiddies, Author Ann.)


Sigh I wanna pack up the car and go to New Orleans…

Stuck in the middle of nowhere with Mardi Gras ragin' all over the coast. It's just not right for a Gulf Coastal waterbaby to be coolin' her high heels inland. Just not right.

There's more to read. It starts with a poem I wrote for WB. Something about Dynasties, Democracies, And Royal Lines of Succession. I'm in a writing mood today. If it were me? I'd keep reading until I came to something that I've already read. Then read some more (cause you know I add more stuff and change stuff around and edit… well and some stuff is still good to read even if you've read it before.)

Happy day.


PS. This celibate thing scuks. So does missing my writing friend.

It's just not working anymore.

Cya when you wake up, Gentle Reader.


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0 commentsSunday afternoon in the hammock. Reading…
Posted Feb-21-09 15:06:53 PST Updated Feb-24-09 14:09:10 PSTHey ya Gentle Reader. So you may or may not have figured out by now that I don't sell stuff on eBay. I buy stuff here at eBAy and I write here in my journal. This weekend has been writing in the journal and working on a book. Yep. I'm kind of like a Blue crab. I walk into the process side ways. Besides I needed a break from all the politics and economic stuff of the world.

Here is the beginning of the weeks "work".

It starts with a poem I wrote for WB. Something about Dynasties, Democracies, And Royal Lines of Succession.

Happy reading,

Author Ann


Sunday afternoon music for ladies and gents

Well Gentle Reader you know what is the problem.

The problem?

I paid taxes and all I got was this ???


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0 commentsI wanna pack up the car and go to New Orleans…
Posted Feb-21-09 15:01:54 PST Updated Feb-21-09 16:20:06 PSTNote. Turn off the sound and click the video before you read this post. This version of Iko is worth the effort to hear it straight through the first time.

"My grandma and your grandma…"

Sigh Stuck in the middle of nowhere with Mardi Gras ragin' all over the coast. It's just not right for a GulfCoastal waterbaby to be coolin' her heels inland. Just not right. To feel better, I'm writing.

Most current post is here if you've been keeping up.

But if you haven't?

There's more to read.

It starts with a poem I wrote for WB. Something about Dynasties, Democracies, And Royal Lines of Succession. I'm in a writing mood today. If it were me reading? I'd keep going until I came to something that I've already read. Then read some more 'cause you know how I add more stuff and change stuff around and edit… well and some stuff is still good to read even if you've read it before.

Happy day.

All together now… Throw me sumthin mister…

(Doesn't the painting in this vid look like Liza Minelli? No? Does to me..)
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0 commentsfantasize
Posted Feb-21-09 13:52:51 PST Updated Feb-21-09 23:20:39 PST

Fantasize. verb If you fantasize about an event or situation that you would like to happen, you give yourself pleasure by imagining that it is happening, although it is untrue or unlikely to happen.


Oh my that word just makes me laugh. Ever since that time I had to look it up how to spell it. I was — oh — thirteen. Sex was just on the horizon but for some reason. Anyway, I just intuitively got it. I think it's because of destiny. That I'd become a writer. This old woman down the road told fortunes and she told me, on my birthday no less, that I was destined to become a writer. Anyway I didn't know a vagina from a hole in the ground. Good think I wasn't a boy. Not alot of fantasizing going on in my 13 year old brain but for some reason when I saw that word? I just burst out on in nervous twitter. Tea?"

"Tea?" I was so caught up in the idea of her story that it took a bit to come back to our conversation.

When I nodded, she stopped to pour us a glass. I watched how her hands kind of floated. Very graceful. Then she dropped an ice cube on the floor and —


Now where was I?"


"Fantasize. Yes that's right."

Well when I was a girl we used to drink this soda called Fanta. About the only fantasizing I did about 13 was to fantasize about Fanta. This was before the days of McDonalds and the "supersize" now. I love that drink. Did you ever?" She looked at me but then kept talking,

"Well for some reason I just loved to drink Fantas. It tickled my tongue and made my lips bright orange. I called it lipstick. Momma would of had a fit if I'd worn real lipstick but she was clueless about Fanta. As I got older I got even more attached because after the bottle was empty…" She began to laugh and looked down at her lap, "After the bottle was empty —well— it had other uses…"

"Uses?" my voice cracked. It hadn't done that since I was 13. I could only imagine the look on my face.

I have to say here that Hannah is notorious. When I was doing research for our interview, I'd read time and time again about her wicked sense of humor and how she would lead authors down some shady side street of sexual inuendo. That plus a life time of experience with men.

"Ah– you said that it had other uses and I was wonder–" she never let me finish my sentence.

"Spin the bottle." she said and then with a mock accusation and a wicked, wicked grin she asked,

"What did you think I was doing with it?"

Excuse me a second. I'll be right back…"


Exerpt from the book "Conversations With Hannah"

by AuthorAnn


all rights reserved by the writter (that's me kiddies, AuthorAnn)

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0 commentsSomatic Landscape
Posted Feb-21-09 12:45:45 PST Updated Feb-21-09 17:13:54 PST"…

"I never thought of you as a person who had to have sex in the dark."

My word the look in her eyes when she said that. Then it got worse,

"How — how do you have sex if you don't have physical contact? I have a great imagination and can fantasize with the best of them but I don't think that I'd be much good at it without some touching. The back of the neck. A kiss. A whisper in the ear. A vibrator. Something."

She got up and left.

That's the last thing I saw of her. Her back moving toward the glare outside the restaurant window. Saturday morning shot to hell so she could make an exit.


Ever since? I've been kind of floating. Trying to make up some story in my head about how wrong she was. I'm a writer. I've been creating worlds and making up stuff from nothing my whole life. First to escape boring old Mrs. Whitnhauer's 1st form Spanish. Then to explain away skipping classes. But the real flowering of my youthful talents and a book deal at 25 was making up stories for women. I could keep them entertained for days.

I just didn't get what she was going on about.

Women love my stories. Over a million sold by last count."

Ricky G, author of Somatic Landscape"

She put down the book and looked at me kind of strange. "Acting friend told me that no matter how good or bad the performance? You should always have a stellar exit. I'm not particularly good when it comes to leaving but that exit for me was phenomenal.

Guess it made an impression on him too. Good"

I remember that the window was open. The room was dark and oddly cool but outside it was the middle of a very hot June day. She was just sitting there and then something strange happened. She opened the book and the light reflected back from the pages on to her face. For a minute, she glowed and I had a kind of instant understanding of what he must have seen and felt that day. From the window I could hear traffic noises and then Stephen Grapelli playing How High The Moon on someone's radio somewhere.

I think she heard it too because she looked towards the window.

She smiled. Frowned. And then she said one word,




Excerpt from "Conversation With Hannah"

Author Ann


all rights belong to author (that's me kiddies, Ann)

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0 commentsStuck in the middle of nowhere
Posted Feb-21-09 11:28:51 PST Updated Feb-21-09 13:18:38 PSTPullin weeds

Meanwhile somewhere on Canal they're yellin…Throw me sumthin' Mister

It just ain't right…But you know what Hannah says, "Having fun is the best revenge." So I'm writing this book and and well–here– you read it and see what you think of it.

This part is called Somatic Landscape.

Gonna go get us some tea cakes to go with the lemonaide.

Be right back.


Hey CBK. Do you have a copy of The Nighthawks playing Big Boy from YouTube?

It's on American Landscape.

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