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Posted Jul-29-09 19:08:29 PDT Updated Jul-30-09 12:33:14 PDT

“I’m sorry but I’m not in at the moment. ”

I’m busy.

Think those beer comercials where the guy is throwing rocks in the ocean.

Then his cell phone rings and he throws it in the ocean. I know that it’s stupid to throw your cellphone into the ocean when you brought it with you in the first place but that’s not the point. The point is that he is tired of it all and he is making a stand for his and her independence.

A bold stand.

Too bad it’s HIS cellphone he’s doing to.

(Personally, I’d be over the moon happy to get cell phone service here. If I could get service in that remote spot? I wouldn’t be throwing it into the ocean. I’d be thanking the heavens that I could get a call at all…)

That’s OT isn’t it.

Anyway, I’m not sure if his insurance will cover situations where you make bold statements by throwing your cell phone into the ocean.

I suspect that the insurance company will make their own bold statement by telling the man, “Tough luck.” Ah life.


If you can find this answering machine? Leave a message

But I’ve got to warn you. I’m busy

And the people who love me (ie Pup) and the animals who love me know where to find me and don’t have to leave me a message.

So if you’re planning to say,

“Well I left you a message on your answering machine. How come YOU didn’t take care of it or call me or what ever?

How selfish !”

You might want to reconsider.

Leave a message…” Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppp.

For the folks in my life who are aggrivated that I don’t have an answering machine anymore?

Well — gosh — now I do.


Didn’t think so.

Welcome to 12 dogs and a blog .

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0 commentsLife or something close to it.
Posted Jul-29-09 12:10:42 PDT Updated Jul-30-09 13:42:09 PDT

Life or something like it…

After all this is 12 dogs. It’s my writer’s journal. Fact and fiction are here. Right?

From Breakfast at the Automatic by Author Ann

All rights reserved by the author.


How selfish of me.

Someone told me that it must be fun in that ‘alternate universe” that I live in.


WB has been gone for the week on business but will be back by Friday. I don’t see him very much as he is busy with work and his life. This past week he spent it with the folks who he’s been planning the conference with. Saturday the three of them went on a all day wine tasting. . Seems like this time his helpful staff got him to take some time off. Seems like they also got to go with him. Hope that they had a great time. Sounded like fun. I’d love to have 8 hours with WB doing something grown up and fun to celebrate a milestone in our lives. But he’s too busy doing his “important things in life” to hang with me for 8 hours. I wouldn’t know what all day at a fun wine tasting and exploration of vinyards or a stay at a luxury hotel to celebrate anything with WB would look like.

I did get to participate from afar though.

I sent a bottle of champagne. It was a really good one. 65 dollars a bottle. He didn’t drink it. Thought it would be better to give it to the guest relations guy who just got married.

(Nore from July 30th. I called WB late last night to find out what the guest relations fella thought about the champagne. WB told me on the phone that he drank the champagne. He said that it was too expensive to give away. He also told me that if I got a call from him yesterday? It was by accident.)

I have plans myself next week. I have a grill for the boat. Thought I might grill a steak for myself and Pup. Maybe I should throw myself a 25th anniversary party the same as SB did his birthday. You get the kind of cake and ice cream you like and get to remind folks that while friendship isn’t a “quid pro quo”? It is kind of thought that some kind of receprical kindness happens. Maybe something for the pups too. It will be fun. Maybe out on the river. I know just the place. I’d invite SB but he’s busy. I know that WB will be busy too. Tnat’s okay. Ive gotten used to it. We learned it in all the years of busy WB how to entertain ourselves.

That’s how we are celebrating 25 years together.

WB has been planning this conference with his “staff” for a year. That would be the staff who are cooling their high heels at the luxury hotel as well. The ones who’ve been at all the other meetings and pre meetings. that he’s been to. . The ones who went with WB on the all day wine tasting. The ones who arranged his luxury suite. The one WB said was, “Only a place to stay.”

(How great is it that WB and his staff got to celebrate this milestone in WB’s life! *~*)

They aren’t married and if they have kids they don’t have to go on these meetings. They have more free time when they go. More time to sit pool side and drink beverages with those tiny paper umbrellas. I don’t get to drink because all these years I’ve been keeping up with Pup. If I go? Pup goes as my folks have been \very busy themselves.

Good for you WB that you have found folks to celibrate milestones with! When we’ve been invited on these trips we were always told that it was work and we never saw you for any meals. But I know that this was an important moment in your life. Again, congrats on finding someones who you could celibrate and enjoy your time with. And a whole day just you and them as grown ups? Wow.

It would have made a great 25th anniversary to stay at this hotel..When I sent the breakfast and the chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. I thought, “You know, this would be a really romantic thing to experience. Sure I’m not there but heck maybe he’ll get a clue” Instead he told me that he couldn’t drimk the entire bottle himself. (Note turns out he could.). I asked him to send the flowers to the guest relations desk. And that young guy must be really happy to have the champagne.)

(Note” Turns out WB could drink the entire bottle and like he said, “Any phone call from him was an accident.”)

Ah, life.

Looks like it can turn on a dime sometimes.

Maybe I could get another lecture about how I was selfish and keeping WB off my boat.

About how I was mean.

About how I was __________.


I’m going to be busy working on the boat. WB is welcome to come sit in the heat and clean the interior or work on the wiring. And me? I can call my parents and tell them that our life is boring and how wonderful WB is being about helping me on the boat. Or how he would if he weren’t just so darn busy planning that conference. Oh wait. Conference is over.


WB will be with Pup on the weekends and I can be with Pup during the week. That should suit all concerned.

I’m going to miss seeing SB. I told him that WB would be very tired after his trip. I wasn’t going to make plans for the weekend. No potluck for us. That’s true. But the real truth is that WB’s busy is of his own making. . I just didn’t know a graceful way to say it. It didn’t fit the conversation and I don’t know SB well enough to tell him something so personal. How do you tell someone that WB is happy to have me go to the sailclub by myself? He really isn’t interested in potluck. He can get me out of his hair on the weekends Heck, if I’m at the boat or the river? Less time with me for him. He’s just not that interested. Gentle Reader? What does that conversation sound like?

I am going to miss SB. He was good company in alot of ways. He’s busy and apparently I talk too much. Not the best company. A friend is someone who likes you. . SB tells me I assume too much. That I don’t listen. I know what that conversation sounds like, SB. I’ve heard it so many times that I like to save the planet that extra “conversational CO2” and stop it before it goes on too long. It’s always the same and it always seems to end with some variation of , “Well, I’ll be going then.” Althought SB seems to pride himself in his unique approach to women and relationships. Maybe I should have let him go on alittle further to see if he was indeed different.


I have years of listening. I also have years of twisting myself trying very hard to be someone that the other person wanted me to be That’s when it dawned on me that there are things worse than being alone. There’s being nonexistent. Which is very much different from being existentialist or nihlist. Folks don’t choose to be “non-existent”. That’s a label that some other person or entity tries to put on a person. Existentialists and Nihlists do it to themselves.

(I think that the words “Existentialists” and “Nihlist” is spelt correctly.

Go look it up if you don’t know.

I was right about needing the boat. It’s how I intend to occupy my time. A way to get through the coming days. I’ve been here before when I was digging my way out of the very sadness when my son died. The boat? It’s the only thing, besides Pup and God, that is dependable in my life. If I pay attention to them both? I am blessed with company. The boat doesn’t think that I’m stupid or that I talk too much. It’s happy to see me. And like the pups it doesn’t care what I look like. I sing to it and I talk to it too. Next to Pup, God, and my animals it’s the best friend I could have. It sits there at the dock rockng back and forth waiting.. It tells me in it’s way, “Come on girlfriend . Let’s go. You need me right now. I’m going to help you figure out who you are in the world.” I’d hoped that I’d have met someone by now who thought that too. But it would seem that the happy me is an irritation to folks. To them it makes me selfish. They weren’t there after my son died. That long, long walk back to where getting up in the morning wasn’t such a chore. And if “they” had listened with both their ears? They’d have realized that when I told them that this was a difficult time?

That it was.

I need a friend Gentle Reader. I need someone to listen to me. All those years of listen to others? I need someone too. It would have been nice to have a friend to talk to. Not someone to solve my problems. Just someone to hang out with. Someone to go to the movies with. Someone who cares that you’re alive. I thought maybe SB. Guess not.

Sigh. Party manners on. Business is business. I know the drill.

I learned how to “get up and out” afterWB left the first time. And then I learned it again after my son died. Did it on my own too. WB was too busy. My family? Too busy. Unless they needed me to listen. For them I was never too busy.

“No one want’s to hear what you have to say Ann. They’d rather talk about themselves.”

Everyone is busy with their life.

Now I am too.

If someone doesn’t like me? Hey I’ve learned to move on. Better that way. Not good to get attached to anyone.

Alot has happened over the past two weeks. When WB showed up with Pup on Sunday morning a week ago? He did the worst think he could have done. It broke a new friendship. It was the most selfish thing a person could do because he really didn’t care about being on my boat. He doesn’t want to go to sailing club pot lucks. I do. He doesn’t. His showing up didn’t have anything to do with the boat and frankly he’s not interested in being around me either. Why he did it was a mystery. Sure wasn’t love or companionship. If it had been he’d come round alot sooner. He didn’t. If we can all stop acting like he does? Please.

It was territorial. LIke pissing on a rock to mark his territory. He needs to hang out with Jack more. At least Jack knows that when you mark your territory that you don’t pizz on the person you care about in the process. Especially not when that person has gone so long without friendship or companionship.

Not when they’ve finally found something as close to home as they’ve seen in a long time.

Comments Off. Phone off the hook. I check emails everyonce in a while/

I’ll be on the boat or if I’m not I will be. If you want to talk to me I’m very easy to find.
You just have to make the effort.

Still a bit of an optimist though. I’ll keep hoping that my friend will come for a visit. Maybe to see how the boat is doing or hey maybe to see how I’m doing too.

Guess I better not hold my breath eh.


To the folks who I’ve talked to here and to you too Gentle Readers, Thank you so very much for visiting me here. It’s been nice to have a place to be for a bit. That’s important. Having a place “to be”.

Someplace that you belong is such a good thing.





If you’re here to tell me what a “fcuk up” I am?

Take a number.

How selfish of me.



How Bizzare

Another great song?

I think I remember in an “inner”view that they broke up after this song was written.

Or maybe they never happened at all….

“Oh we came to this land of plenty.

Oh we came to this land of love…”

Land of Plenty


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5 commentsHow selfish of me.
Posted Jul-26-09 14:32:30 PDT Updated Jul-26-09 15:14:04 PDTI have been given grief by my parents. Apparently I have been selfish. I have not allowed WB the opportunity to share the joy of boat ownership. I have been having all the fun while he’s been hard at work.

I will no longer be preventing WB from having the fun of being covered in dirt, sweat, grime, and river water. What was I thinking doing it by myself or with SB? Obviously WB wanted to leave the comfort of his air conditioned office and come clean grime off the boat.

Here I thought that I was doing him a favor. Doing all the grunt work so that he could come have the fun later.

When the weather is cool and it’s more fun.

Won’t be doing that anymore. From now on he can get up at 5am drive 2 hours to pick up SB. Get out there with the scrub brush and the bucket of river water and clean the hull right along with me. That way we can all know the joy.

I wouldn’t want to be selfish.

I wouldn ‘t be so pizzed had I not been called selfish and immature.

(By my father and my mother)

Sorry but I’m really unhappy and I did not deserve the critism.

Alot of it has to do with the next story.

Something about a man spending all year planning a conference and not giving 25 years of marriage a thought? Just pizzes me off.

That just seems so — selfish.


The Perfect Gift. (It aint OHenry…)

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1 commentThe Perfect G ift. (It aint OHenry…)
Posted Jul-26-09 11:15:37 PDT Updated Jul-26-09 11:36:49 PDT”…”You are selfish.”

She was told that by her mother and her father.


You’d think that asking for 24 to 48 hours alone with your husband after years of not having that luxury wouldn’t be viewed as selfish.

But for some folks it is.

LOL You know I’m a writer but I don’t think I could have made this up if I tried.

I’m just not that mean.

You see there is a couple who have had a time of it. Together two weeks shy of 25 years, he’s spending the week in the lap of luxury and she’s spending it on the other side of the country taking care of the farm. It’s been a difficult relationship. In the last 10 years they’ve had two nights out together. If you don’t count a couple of years ago when they bought the car. That time her folks kept the kid so that they could go find the car together. Otherwise he’s busy. Life is making it really easy for them to split up and go there separate ways. She’s lost two friends because they were guys who’d have been good husbands to her but she won’t leave her husband. And her husband? He’s really been really busy planning this conference. The one 9 days before their 25th wedding anniversary. With the luxury suite and the tour of the wine country. The one he planned wiith some other woman.

The one he didn’t mention his wife to.

Hey no problem.

After all. Anything else would be selfish.

Apparently her parents agree.

Her father told her to send him flowers and be really nice to him because hey. He could throw her out of the house. And her mom told her that she didn’t have a place with her folks and that they really didn’t want to know anything about her troubles anyway. That was her problem not theirs. Even after she told them that they needed some time alone and well divorce was being mentioned..

LOL I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

But I can give her a hug. She’s about worn out with all the drama. A nice person who for along time didn’t know how to take up for herself. Now she thinks that no one else would have her at her age. I can hug her neck and let her know that she’s not alone. But the truth is that no one wants her and the one guy that might just wants someone to tell him how great he is. You know an old fashioned girl. And from the looks of it her husband was encouraging a relationship in that direction. I think that he just wants her out of his hair. Only he doesnt want it to be his fault.

So I’m going to hug her neck. If anyone needs the unconditional love it’s her.

And I can write the card for those flowers she’s sending her husband.

Dear ______,

After 25 years it would have been nice if we’d been given a shot at being happy.But then I hear that would have been selfish. I mean hey think how selfish it is to ask to have 24 hours alone. Hey we could have had a romantic weekend and maybe actually have sex.

Or I could have come along on this conference and we could have toured the vinyards together.

But then how entertaining would that be to people who live to see us unhappy. They’re so durn unhappy themselves. We’re supposed to live separate lives. I’m supposed to not bother you with my life and you can live yours.

Separate but still married.

But us happily married?

How selfish!

Kind regards because to write “love” might pizz people off. So I’ll just write the same thing I write to complete strangesrs.



People sure have a funny definition of the word, “selfish”. ..”

From Breakfast at the Automat. by Author Ann

All rights reserved.

Funny how time flies.

At the speed of light……

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0 commentsAt the speed of light…
Posted Jul-25-09 15:27:48 PDTSound is sooooo sloooowww…..

But good

It is really,, really lovely outside…

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2 commentsIt’s really lovely outside…
Posted Jul-25-09 08:48:11 PDT Updated Jul-25-09 09:40:42 PDT

So I took a walk just to clear my head.

It didn’t help.

I made a list of the pros and cons.

I tossed the list.

I waited on the side of the road for enlightenment.

But in the end all I got was a numb butt.

I did what my mama always says a person should do in this situation.

I stayed out of trouble, stayed home, and cleaned something.

Sure enough I had something to show for my time spent only I didn’t have an answer.

A clean closet?


An answer.


I watched The Devil Wears Prada and Because I Said So

It was entertaining and got my mind off of it for a bit

But still?


Then I did what I should have done in the first place.

I wrote about it on the internet.

I asked complete strangers what I should do.

Put the comments in the “on” but hidden mode.

Then I took another walk because it really was lovely outside.

I waited for the answer.

I met a woman who knew her husband for 10 days before she married him.

That was over thirty years ago.

She told me that she never looked back and that she’s been happy ever since.

May we all be that clear headed about our life decissions.

I came. I saw. I ate some Oreos////

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6 commentsI came. I saw. I ate some Oreos////
Posted Jul-24-09 06:04:33 PDT Updated Jul-25-09 10:06:21 PDTBusy couple of days including trying to change the health insurance system.

I cooked for someone else..

I’m so sleepy that I can’t’ keep my eyess focused.

I’m eatting soggy OReos right now. Yummmy

There was a disturbance in “the force”

Fight Club


And how was your day?

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4 commentsFight Club
Posted Jul-21-09 11:07:31 PDT Updated Jul-21-09 12:44:46 PDTI’m not editing this even if it’s in rough draft. Maybe later but right now I’m afraid that if I do I’ll just delete it. Besides if you already know it’s misspelled then what in the heck do you…

And I’m kind of tired.

Just read it.

This is one morning where I wish that SB AND WB could read my blog.

It’s about holding hands and fighting.

A long time ago, Pup and I had a conversation about fighting with someone you care about.

If you’re in a realationship long enough you’re going to fight. Some friends/couples don’t sure. They’re lucky enough to just get along or they make the effort. In other relationships one person is the dominant and the other will most always give in. There are other relationships where it’s a mix. My mom and dad were all three at different times in their life. Alot of that had to do with my mom. “Choose your battles.” would have been her motto.

Then there are relationships between two people who are just strong willed or there is the fight where both people believe in their heart that they are right and to say less would be wrong. I had one of those with SB on Sunday. It had been building for a bit. I thought it had gone away on Saturday but then on Sunday it happened. SB told me a while back that we were both the kind of folks who needed their own boat. He’s correct. The thing is when you have your own boat you have responsibilities. People can give you advice, very good advice, all day long but you are the one who has to take that advice and then use it or not to make decisions. When I’m involved with SB’s boat or WB’s life I try to remeber that. I need for them to do the same one my boat.

Like Hannah Murphy says, “Honey. It’s not that I don’t understand what you’re saying. It’s that I don’t always agree with it.”

That’s what I told SB.

That’s where the conversation with Pup comes in.

And why I wish that SB could read this.

I can take a joke and roll with my foibles but eventually I can get tired of hearing about all my shortcomings. When it’s just SB or just WB it’s not always fun but I can try and have a good sense of humor. But on Sunday when it was SB and WB and they had Pup doing it too? I had enough.

For the first time since I’ve met him I went 45 minutes without saying one word to SB. Not one word. This is a record. It was a long drive back to his house. A long one. I was too mad to say anything. So I just kept my mouth shut. Right before we got to his house I said something random. A random fact. By the time we got to his house we’d both yelled at each other. In my defense he yelled first. Then I yelled back. Then we stopped. I told him then that I guessed I wasn’t smart enough to be around him. That if being around me was such a hard thing that I didn’t want to make him unhappy by being around him. It was one of the most difficult conversations. I didn’t want to have it.

What he doesn’t realize is that 99 % of my relationships with men type folks is to twist and turn to some how be good enough for the guy. That goes for pretty much all of them except for IrishDavid, Pup, and Billy. In those relationships they were supportive. I remember the shock when Billy got all over me for not taking art classes. I was miserable in science but it seemed to be good for my folks. Not Billy and I loved him for it. With David I didn’t second guess what I said. I tried not to hurt him with my words but still I could be me. Same with Pup. I guess it hurt to hear Pup join in the “Greek chorus”. I stopped trying to be polite and “thinking about others” and just thought about myself. Pulled the battery out of the boat all by myself. Pup and I put in the mainsheet. Had the lines for the haylard aquared away in the shop before anyone knew it. The fella who owns the marine shop was like, “Here let me help you with this — oh — you’ve already done it yourself.”

No helpless person.

I’m glad to have help and the Lord knows I can learn alot but I’m far from being stupid.

I’m certainly not too stupid for SB or WB..

WB and SB want me to be their “crew”. I don’t mind it. The irony was how much I enjoyed visiting and working with SB just the day before. And I do listen to him and learn alot. There’s not a time when I haen’t learned something from both of them.

They’ve just got to get to the place where they can be “crew”: for me as well.

I’d rather not sever my friendship with either SB or WB. I would miss them too much.



PS The story I told Pup.

When you form a friendship or any relationship with another person you are going to fight. The successful relationships. The ones that last somehow learn to handle conflict. They learn to say I’m sorry. They learn to talk it out. They learn to pick their battles and sometimes to hold their ground. When you make a good friend or something more you hold their hand. When you get so mad at them ;you don’t want to hold their hand anymore?

It’s time to stop and see if the argument is worth it.

And then?

Blame it on Earl.

What did I learn this morning?

“You aren’t paying attentions?”


For the first time in a long time that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to do.

Only on my boat and in my life, right now, I’m the one responsible for the planning.

It’s important.

Maybe ya’ll are the ones not paying attention.

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3 commentsWhat did I learn this morning?
Posted Jul-17-09 08:49:17 PDTThat it’s quite nice to wish someone a good day and to say, “Hello.”

Well I didn’t actually learn that this morning.

I was reminded of it by some pleasant interactions.

The post?

What did I learn last night?

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1 commentWhat did I learn last night?
Posted Jul-16-09 23:39:52 PDT Updated Jul-17-09 07:56:17 PDTIncase you missed it? This is what I learned last night.

It might not be “kewl” but it makes alot of sense to me. and alot of other folks in LA. That would be Lower Alabama. and I’d imagine alot of other places as well. Like Alaska. Just sayin’.

Hope ya’ll all have a good evening and a pleasant morning.



Oh and hey. I’m a writer and well–

a cougar isn’t a disgruntled Senator Clinton for President supporter.

It really isn’t.

A cougar (other than being an animal in the cat family) is also an older woman who likes to date younger men. very younger, like 20 years younger. I hear that if a man does it it’s called being “kewl”. But it’s not an old feminist or a disgruntled Hillary for President supporter. Sorry.

And a fascist?


Try this definition on for size.

fascism n. often Fascism A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls,

If you’d like to talk to me more about how Sarah Palin is a facist? Why not but while we are at it? Why don’t we talk about healthcare and economic stimulas packages. Bailing out one company over another. I’ve gots lots of questions about it in relation to:

“… centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls…”

Before anyone gets their knickers in a twist? I’ve kept it general. No calling anyone out.

Just saying.

And then there is another question I’d love to know.

In addition to describing her as “trailer park trash” and “facist” I just wonder.

Can you also say she is an American citizen born in the US or the territories or any of the other ways that the Constitution describes “citizen” for running for president?

I would have loved to ask, when questioning Judge Sotomayor’s bias, what she thought about the Constitutional requirements for the President/

Oh and Madcat (Only because I don’t think that she’ll mind that I said this?)

“Yup. I very much agree with your comment here >.Sorry ya’ll have to go get a lesson on how to be “kewl”…

I’ll post here what she said tomorrow. Will let you guess till then.

Ya’ll have a good one.



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6 commentsSorry ya’ll have to go get a lesson on how to be “kewl”
Posted Jul-16-09 22:21:31 PDT Updated Jul-16-09 23:11:53 PDTActually I’ve got to get some sleep. Moring comes early tomorrow.

But here’s the question I asked that you might have missed.

Please read it carefully and consider before answering.

“If you don’t believe that calling a VP candidate. “slutty stewardess” is a problem.

Then here’s the place to say it.

If you do?

Well I’d like to hear that here as well.

This isn’t personal in the sense that I will still like you regardless of the answer.

I wouldn’t condescend.

And I certainly won’t hold it against if you go off topic. It’s informal here.

But I wouldn like to know if you think that it’s okay to use the terms “trailer park trash” or phrases like “all tail and no head” or “sluttly librarian” when talking about a female political candidate.

It came from the discussion here The Tao of Palin

Will take it up later

As I don’t like to have my comments turned into a Rave? I keep them on but in Hidden while I’m gone.

Glad to hear from you though. Always glad to hear from you.

And no hard feelings

Regardless of the answer.



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24 commentsThe Tao of Palin
Posted Jul-16-09 20:49:14 PDT Updated Jul-16-09 21:01:52 PDT”I like her chutzpah” — Beejuls from comments.

Me too, Beejuls, me too.

I don’t think that it registers with some folks that there are politicians who AREN”T PLAYERS 24 -7.

Or as Hannah Murphy “says”?

“Honey it’s not that I don’t understand? It’s that I don’t agree.”

The more I hear? The more I’m thinking she “just said no”. From what I’ve heard of the family they’re pretty normal. They don’t walk around like they’re the “second coming” or “imperial” anything. But then a whole lot of folks who would be considered “founding fathers” would have been either.

Just saying

Music for today?

I read a website entry talking about the Tao of Craig Ferguson.

I want to be “kewl” too.

But since I come closer to LA (Lower Alabama) than LA (Los Angeles) I thought I’d talk about the Tao of Palin.

I can’t for the life of me figure out why she is still pizzing off Democrats just for existing.

Must be her Tao of Palin.

She’s not Governor and it’s a life time away from the next presidential primary. And since she’s not on the US Senate’s Judicial commitee (That would be Senator Al Franklin and Senator Jeff Sessions and that other guy from Pensylvania who became that person who’s name shouldn’t be said because he became one of those people. You know. A low ranking Democrat as opposed to a high ranking Republican. You know that guy. Senator “I lost all my power because I switched from being a Republican US Senator from Penn to a Democrat US Senator from Penn and the Senate Democrats and Republicans were soooo very happy about it that they stripped me of all the power I’d gotten as a US Senator.” Arlene Spector.That guy.)

Wait a minute. Maybe that’s why the Democrats are still pizzed. They didn’t want her to stop being the Governor of Alaska. They just wanted her to quit being the REPUBLICAN Governor of Alaska.

Either that or they belong to the Branded TV show reenactment fan club and they were pizzed that they didn’t have time to do the Sarah Palin version.

Hmmm maybe that’s it.

If that’s not it?

Well I’m not sure what else it could be other than her mystical Tao.

Which is kind of weird ’cause that’s a Buddihist thing and she’s a Christian.

(I think.)

So there you go.

Must be her Tao.

As for me?

My Right Toe of Ann is inflamed.

I just went out in the yard and got red ants on my Tao.

Kind of pizzed them off so they bit it.

Tomorrow? I’m going to explore the Tao of Amdro..

Stings like heck.

May the force ( of Amdro) be with you.

Author Ann

PS Intern Jack said that he is now a published author as they put his comment on the Tao of Craig Ferguson blog.

I think they should put him on some Senate sub commitee for guess- o – nomics stimulas or something. At least he gets that it’s a paycheck.

His quote:

“Actually, he probably leads by paycheck.

If the show is structured as its older “late night sibling”, The Late Show with David Letterman, everytime a staffer is on the air? They get an additional paycheck. David Letterman did it for serveral staffers.

Also if the guy in leather a writer? (I think I heard that he was when he was talking about his “new” dog. The one called Stinky or Cabbage. The one who farts excessively.)
When a writer gets their skit on the show? I heard that they get paid pretty well. I heard 3,ooo dollars for the skit. If anyone else hears different? Let me know.

My vote? They get on tv and they get extra money.

In this economy, the extra pay is a godsend.”:

Sounds good to us InternJack.

Sounds good to us.

Auntie Slacker and co.


She resigned as governer. So what’s the problem?
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2 commentsShe resigned as governer. So what’s the problem?
Posted Jul-15-09 19:25:39 PDT Updated Jul-30-09 08:01:32 PDTI tell you. I’ve never seen a woman like (ex) Governor Palin before.

Next to Ann Coulter, she sure can pizz of a Democrat by just breathing.

“Ever since Sen. McCain announced his choice, there sure has been alot of mean spirited comments about Ms. Palin.

Words like “trailer park trash” and “slutty airline stewartess” leap to mind.

What I’ve not seen alot of is a simple yet logical discourse. Hey guess what? If you are a liberal and a Democrat? You disagree with Ms. Palin politically. End of discussion. Why bother with all the slug mud? Keep it up and the Conservatives who don’t like her now may start to feel sorry for her come 2012. . I’ve never understood why the Democrat leadership didn’t just present their case. Surely if you have the better argument folks will believe you and you won’t have to stoop to such sophmoric levels to win the day. The mudslinging, yes mudslinging, is beginning to make the Demcrat side look small and petty. Emotional and disjointed.
She withdrew as Governor of Alaska.
End of story.

We are grown ups and there are very important issues to talk about.

How about health care?”

Then I read


It’s about her PAC. and after her resignation.

On the movie front?

Have any of you seen the movie The Unsinkable Molly Brown?

I dunno.

Counting my blessings

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3 commentsCounting my blessings
Posted Jul-15-09 09:47:22 PDT Updated Jul-15-09 10:59:20 PDT

And for those who are tired of politics?

Real life calls.

“Brush our teeth, make a pee, read a story, say a prayer, and then good night…”

Everynight it was the same thing. Boring to some but alright by Pup and by me.

Reading “Aunt Isobel Tells a Good One” complete with sounds and silly voices.

Telling Pup Bubba Trout stories.

It’s where I learned to write.

With the talk of my future? It does no good if there’s no talk about my past.

It’s how I got here.


There’s a story book, actually a kids poem in book form, that is about Earl. I still remember one line, “Earl’s to cool for me.”

Actually you find out that Earl’s really not too cool for anyone. He’s a nice guy. There’s alot of happiness with a nice guy.

My son’s a nice guy.

I’ve been reading the words of the “kewl people”. Watching the “kewl” people shows. It’s fun to read and to watch.. Makes me thing about the world in ways I might not have before. It’s good to visit.

At the end of the day thought?

I like my “cool people” like Pup.

And I like the folks I’ve met because of my boat.

What I remember is the “nice people”.

It must be exhausting to be the “kewl people”.

Do they ever just have “real regular nice people” days?

I like this song. I know that there are folk who don’t but I do.

I reminds me of Pup and life on the boat.

Even the hot days are “cool”.

(Well maybe not the guy in leather but the lyrics and melody do.)

I like getting up in the morning.

I like the boat.

Even a bad day on the water beats a “good day” in the land of the “kewl”.

Now I’m not picking on late night talk show hosts nor US Senator’s wives. I just hope that while folks are being “kewl” that they could be”kewl” on topic. Especially when they have the knowledge and ability to do so.

So much going on in the world.

That would be cool.



Birds do it. Bees do it. Oprah does it too…

LOL You know how significant others have found their mates secretly reading Playboy? Last night I found out the someone I know has been secretly reading “Cruising World”.

Nope it’s not a book on how to pick up folks.

It’s a magazine about sailing.

Nice guys are never too cool for me.



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6 commentsBirds do it. Bees do it. Oprah does it too
Posted Jul-14-09 14:59:11 PDT Updated Jul-14-09 16:37:23 PDTAlright. Alright. Mind up out Oprah’s clevage and of the gutter.

I’m talking about a book club.

Last night the LLS mentioned starting a book club. There was also talk of Madame Bovary by Gustav Flaubert being the first book. Have already read that book, thank you very much. Interesting book. But I’m thinking that the author wasn’t very sympathetic to his main characters.

I’m not sure the author even liked his main characters.

Matter of fact? I think he was doing a bit of a rant.

That or maybe the STD’s kicked in.(Read the Wiki on the wacky life of GFlaubert.

The more I get to hear about Gustave the more I put him on my avoid list. It took him 4 years to write this novel. Could someone ask Jackie Collins how long it take her to write her novels. I’d love to hear her comments. She’s going to be on sometime within the next week. Maybe he’ll ask her to be the first person to be on Craig’s book club. 😀

Untill that time…

I would like to invite you, Gentle Reader, and all the other Bloglanders to the It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere Book Club. Non alcoholic Happy Hour, and Play Group. We should invite those ladies that Merridith interviewed a year or so ago on the Today Show. The ones who got so pizzed with the merry Merridith..

It’s a big title for a big event and by goodness we’re just the folks who can do it.

First book. Well Steve-o-meter and Tryork seem to think this is a great book soooo

Why not?

Sheryl Lynn’s Midnight Investigations

Oh and hey,

Do you take divorce photos too?

Hugs and hugs again,

Author Ann.
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3 commentsDo you take divorce photos too?
Posted Jul-14-09 12:40:51 PDT Updated Jul-14-09 12:52:42 PDTJust saw a listing of some really amazing wedding photos.

I wanted to ask them if they took divorce photos too?

There were a couple photos that might do nicely for both events.

That and a prenup saves alot of time and money.

LOL. Sorry, Gentle Reader. Not being sarcastic. Just pragmatic.

As you know in these tough economic times….


Dear Gentle Reader, I’m sorry. So sorry…

No there’s not a theme here.

Here. Someone called this the happiest song on Earth.

To balance out the unhappy

Although it’ doesn’t sound like much like Simon and Garfunkle does it.

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2 commentsDear Gentle Reader, I’m sorry. So sorry…
Posted Jul-14-09 09:18:09 PDT… for the typos and errors on this post Smells Like Teen Spirit

The computer locked up on me and I’m doing good to get anything posted this morning.

It’s a rough draft people. (keep reading there’s an explaination)

On 12 dogs, like all of the blog and life, it’s subject to change and rewrite by the author (that would be me) until that “final draft” is written.

Yep, you should pay attention to punctuation and to spelling. Notice the use of Craig Ferguson vs “Craig Ferguson”. Go get your style book and look it up. I’m using it to indicate the person vs the image in case you were wondering. It’s not meant to be bitchy or all I’m jeolous of the “new Mrs. Tv’s Craig Ferguson” I don’t know the ” new Mrs. Tv’s Craig Ferguson” to think one way or the other. I watch or have watched the show. Like the “girl with the curl on her forehead” when the show is good? It’s very, very good. When it’s bad it’s pretty awful. But when it’s “bad”? It can be quite interesting. Just watch the show and then speculate on the “nesting habits” of the flora and fauna later.

The post is about potential and what comes of it?



Naw. On second thought it’s more the disappoint ment you have when you want “your old friend” back. The one who can make you laugh though broken ribs and broke relationships. You know. The one who get’s married and all of a sudden his or her priorities change.


Anyway it’s about alot of stuff. Like what do “personalities” do when they reach a point that they no longer believe their press. When a show starts to “be something” instead of being something.

What it’s not is a sanctamonious rant about how the mighty have changed. That would be a hypocritical thing to do. (sorry I don’t hae a spell check or a dictionary close by if you kow that the word is misspelled then why in heavens are you going to get all huffy if I misspell it. I’m in a hurry and this computer/ internet is being all kinds of pizzy.) It’s also not the “morals police” trying to tell a fella how to live.

Guess it’s about another fan of NOT “just another late night talk show host” who thought that maybe he’s talk about all this stuff that could make it interesting. He and his writers have done so before. I just was hoping he’d make the effort. In between all his new found “social status”

After all.

He is just another late night talk show host talking about another French author that we’re supposed to read. Maybe he should ask Jackie Collins if she’s read him? Or send her a copy and ask what she thought. That would be something to talk about.

He and writers can to it.

It’s been along time but

What did I learn last night…

LOL This will make sense after you read the next post.


Leave it to a group called Nirvana.

I just looked up the lyrics …


Really, I’m a nice person. Good, kind, and nice. Honest.


And if I’ve missed the conversation because of the mote in my own eye?


No youtube on the playlist today.

Just the lyrics.

Smells Like Teen Spirit


Load up on guns
Bring your friends
Its fun to lose
And to pretend
Shes overboard
Myself assured
I know I know
A dirty word

Hello (x 16)

With the lights out its less dangerous
Here we are now
Entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now
Entertain us
A mulatto
An albino
A mosquito
My libido

Im worse at what I do best
And for this gift I feel blessed
Our little group has always been
And always will until the end

Hello (x 16)

With the lights out its less dangerous
Here we are now
Entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now
Entertain us
A mulatto
An albino
A mosquito
My libido

And I forget
Just what it takes
And yet I guess it makes me smile
I found it hard
Its hard to find
Oh well, whatever, nevermind

Hello (x 16)

With the lights out its less dangerous
Here we are now
Entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now
Entertain us
A mulatto
An albino
A mosquito
My libido

Got stuff to do,

Hugs and hugs again,



The title is from Brenda Lee

Hmm maybe a Youtube vid is inorder.

Get som “culture and learnin'” around here

Gotta go see a man about a boat.

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0 commentsSmells Like Teen Spirit
Posted Jul-14-09 08:23:39 PDT Updated Jul-14-09 10:17:30 PDTRambling post. Will let it sit for a bit. Come back and edit. It’s also very long and “werdy”. Don’t know why anyone would want to read it. I know. Skip it and go here

Judge S. Sotomayor.


But then again if you really must know.

SB (Sailing Buddy) is back.

Just not back this morning which meant that last night I got to stay up late and watch “Tv’s Craig Ferguson”.

A long time ago Craig Ferguson looked into the camera and asked the question,

“So am I all that and a bag of chips? Or am I just a bag of cheesy puffs?”

Last night he said to one of his guests, “…you’re a Pulitzer Prize winning author and I’m just a sleezy late night talk show host…” or something like that. I don’t have the direct quote but that was the meaning. This morning I’m thinking back on all the shows that I’ve watched since Mr. Ferguson, who is now more “Mr. Ferguson” (Super Patriot), first appeared on the LLS. Mr. Ferguson was funny and to the point at a time when those of us who’d had more than enough of the current President’s “security way past the point of common sense and a sense of humor” felt as if we were living in a “comedy internment camp”. It’s the fella who we saw briefly in his monologue about that new “Borat” guy’s movie. Hurray I said. He’s back from the land of “respectability” and back to the wonderful world of ideas.

There alot of folk who’d agree when I say,

“Well hardly a bag of cheesy puffs. I mean how random and funny was the Selma Blair interview?”

Then the US Senator’s wife and author from Ohio showed up.

“Ah ha! This should be good given the conversations about “judicial temperment” !


And when she pointed out that his wife was a desendent of Founding Father Adams? I was really happy. A really funny and to the point conversation about just who and what an American looks like was about to unfold.

As this woman is a personal friend and a politician’s wife, Nice or not. She’d been on the show before and I figure she’s got some interesting views on the subject. I waited for him to say back, “Ah yeah she is a distant relative of Adams but I don’t hold that against her.” I kind of fancied that he’d be more in the mold of Thomas Jefferson than John Adams. They were notorious for the feud that came between them. And personally I don’t blame Jefferson. It was Adams, with the Marbury vs Madison who help start this nonsense about the powers of the US Supreme Court in the first place. One would hope that it was supposed to be the beginning of a topical humor and commentary springing forth from Judge S. Sotomayor’s hearings in Washington.

So I sat back and waited.

No such luck.

I thought he’d make some sly remark about Lindsey Graham’s comment about if the Judge didn’t have a melt down she’d be confirmed. Maybe it’s just me but if you’ve got to tell the nominee not to have a melt down? Is that a good thing. Would he tell a male nominee the same thing? Or should he tell any nominee that? Where’s the “judicial temperment” lecture? Considering that this is a life time job? Shouldn’t that melt down come before or during the confirmation process? Not after the nominee gets the job?

But nothin.

I thought it might be the beginnings of a conversation about Preseident Barack Obama’s status as a natural born citizen. A conversation about that part of the US Constitution (and one of the few restrictions on who could run for President of the US. Given the comments about Judge S. Sotomayor’s ethnicity and the questions of her bias in relation to being a Latina? Given “Mr. Ferguson’s” comments leading up to being made citizen and at the White House press Dinner? About how he wanted to be President too but there was that problem of him not being born here in the US? How when he became “Craig Ferguson, super patriot” he’d change things? I thought. Oh hey. He’s going to talk about how just because his wife was related to the”Founding Father” Adams? That in itself didn’t make her or him for that matter all that and a bag of chips. I thought I’d hear about how it’s not who your ancestors were but who you are and what you do with the legacy of your ancestors that was important.

( Note. Ther are acouple of Adams including the one who was present at the speech “A Man’s Home is His Castle”. I’mportant if you are interested in the Fourth Ammendment. If you haven’t read that speech you really should. I think that you can Google it and it will come up. I found it in an old copy of Encarta.) I thought that since Judge Sotomayer’s family weren’t eligible to be Daughter’s of the American Revolution and not eligible to run for US President that it might be an interesting sidebar?

I know. Manners and impolite to the guest. After all she is a US Senator’s wife.

Only a tiny little voice kept saying,

“But she’s supposed to be your friend too. One who can call you out on your tie.

On national television.”

Just sayin.

But no such luck.

Instead the author of “American By Choice” and the US Senator’s wife from Ohio were involved in something alittle less interesting or timely. Or maybe it was because if he’d been a woman? It would have absolutlely the beginning of the conversation of how “Mr. Ferguson” might have been doing a bit of “gold digging” when he found and married his wife. That match made in Hollywood movie where the poor but proud immigrant meets and marries the “American Heritage Princess” , “Look at me I can belong to the Daughters and hey maybe even the Mayflowers”, and hey I’m from a “respectible in Boston” (sorry Boston) family. You know the US version or “royalty”,. Now because of book PR and a fortuitous marriage? I’m Super Patriot? Bling!

And don’t I look good in a kilt.

Dunno the woman. She was funny. The comment ” …your wife — Megan.” and ” I know her name.” Response was kind of funny kind of like a relative telling your Uncle Sid to put his tongue back in his mouth at the family BBQ and swim.


Is there an expiration date on what is quickly becoming “Mr. Ferguson’s” schitck?

With so many waves of immigrants families who now have generations here in the US? With “Mr. Ferguson’s” highly visible choice to become ‘American citizen” but he can’t run for President? I just thought there would be something more interesting to talk about than the pedestrian reminder that it’s “…rude to call out a man on his choice of tie…”

Yep, it is rude to call out a man’s distractions even if you’re the wife of a US Senator.

Then again? Maybe not.

Depends on the relationship the person has with the person doing the calling out.

There was that Selma Blair interview right before where they talk about Selma’s mom saying she was boring. Is that good manners to a guest?

If that’s okay with “Mr. Ferguson”? I guess.

Then again? Maybe not.

Personally I’d not be happy about it.

Maybe this is one of those times in the land o’manners where “situational ethics” really do applly.

I guess…

Then there is being compared to a tennis ball on a stick or maybe a pig puppet whose persona is that of a no longer living French author who hates Germans.

Just thought that with all the conversations about being American, ethnic pride, and judicial temperment that maybe that would be the topic of conversation on the Late Late Show too.A sly conversation given by the supposed “king’s fool” and the Pulitzer Prize winning author. Who also happened to be the US Senator from Ohio’s wife.


I miss that conversation. The one that made me laugh out loud with discomfort but also relief the first time I heard Mr. Ferguson on the LLShow. The security and 911 history had been so tragic that it was like the first time a widows laugh at another guy’s jokes and is finally ready for maybe another relationship. I can remember thinking, “He can’t say that! But he just did! (lots of laughter) Thank goodness he did.”

Like telling a joke at the wake to get everyone to breath through their grief. You need it to survive the ordeal. And there is a day later, even if sometimes it’s much, much, later when you do get to laugh about the foibles of being human again.

It is okay to laugh.

They’ve been pretty good at it in the past. Was just hoping that they still where.

Just saying.

As for stuff here?

I haven’t seen him yet. He just told me about his week. We talked about the boat, his boat and about my boat. Then we talked about how he took first place in a sailing race. Then he told me they all did? “Huh?” He’s verbal. (Like me.) And fiercely competitive. (Like me) And we get each other’s humor. He makes me laugh. Nothing I like better to make him laugh too. That’s good because I hear that I’m not always the most fun person to be around. It’s why we had the “big fuss” before July 4th. Why I took him out to dinner to apologize. Why it “pizzed” me off when he (in the car going, at the table, and then in the car afterwards) listed off my short comings while regaling me with all the great things about a woman who was fast growing to be my least favorite person. And why I really didn’t want to see anything of him during the fourth holiday nor the week after. He may have had enough of me but I’d had just about enough of him and “Miss Perfect” too.

Turns out she wasn’t so perfect. 🙂

And I still made him laugh.

Which is good.

Anyway I’ve got stuff to do today. I just didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to do it. That plus WB saying, “Oh hey you wrote in your blog? Great. Did anyone remember who you? I mean you’ve been so busy and blissed out about your boat (okay that part about the “..blissed out…” is mine but it’s true.) that you haven’t been writing. Are you writing about your boat? What’s happening?”

So I felt guilty. Nope not guilty. I just missed writing here. It’s been busy and I write in the mornings which have lately been filled up with boat. I’m tired out at night. After September that will change because the boat should be all up to speed. Then it will be the lovely ability to sail. I really do like this Gentle Reader. And Shartey was right in her comment.

I am very happy on that boat.

Last week was the proof of it. Man oh man what a pain in the neck I was. Plus I didn’t know if SB and I would be on speaking terms this week…. In my defense SB was a bit of an azz himself. WB was nice but that pizzed me off too. LOL Everything last week, except for the visit with my parents and being with Pup seemed to pizz me off.

So you see I need this time on the boat even if that means that I don’t write as often.

So SB is back. There is a bit of mystery that seems to be brewing. There’s a hearing for Judge Sotomayor that if what I saw is any indication is flat out boring. So many things to discuss and well all we’re getting is




PS. I miss Writing Buddy. WB if your are reading this? There is so much happening that’s good here. And I’m still promising you and you know who Thanksgiving dinner. It doesn’t seem fair that you and I don’t get to share this good stuff. I miss the hugs and the updates. I miss hearing how ya’ll are doing. Besides I need to know how big a turkey to buy.

Oh and guess what?

SB can cook too. He’s supposed to teach me how to cook. That’s part of this sailing thing. He teaches me how to sail and cook. He claims that he cooks Thanksgiving dinner himself. I’ll believe it when I see it. But the deal is that he teaches me and I cook a meal for him on the days that we go sailing. There aren’t very many people in the world who I’d cook for. You and you know who are two of those people.\

Hugs WB. I miss you something fierce.

Him soon it looks like SB and I will have the opportunity to watch the LLS together. I KNOW what WB and Pup think about “Tv’s Craig Ferguson”. I’m curious to see what Sailing Buddy thinks about him.

WB’s take on “Craig Ferguson” was highly entertaining.

Can’t wait to see SB’s reaction.

I love being American.

God bless free speech.

Now I’m going to have to go look up the lyrics for that song, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

Mercy only knows where this “free association” is going to take the post.


You know what? I missed Sailing Buddy. I think it’s because we talk about sailing and the boats. Other than my father and mother? I don’t know too many folks here who are really interested. Although WB and Pup are starting to prick up their ears…

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1 commentJudge S. Sotomayor
Posted Jul-13-09 14:00:53 PDT Updated Jul-13-09 14:25:01 PDTPretty important stuff going on up on The Hill.

As a woman who’s watched in horror as people (who happen to be women) have been treated ill because of their gender play in the high stakes game of presidential politics? This series of hearings have my attention. The only two female US Supreme Court justices have either retired or are about to. That will once again leave men as the “uber line judges” in some of the most important decisions in a woman’s life.

Yep, I’d like to have a woman’s opinion on these issues.

But not just anywoman.

A highly qualitfied one.

Cause let’s face it just like there are wise men and dumb ones? There are wise woman and not so wise. There are also wise Latinas and unwise ones.

I’m asking that unlike Senator Clinon or Governor Palin? She gets a fair hearing.

Let all the spin and nonsense settle to the bottom and let the wisdom rise forth to be seen by all.

I’ve already said much on this subject while the spin miesters were busy elsewhere.

I do worry about how Judge Sotomayor views the “living” US Constitution. Does she view it as living the life of the tortoise or the hare? Does she keep the wisdom of the US Constitution or does she feel that she’s the arbitrator of it? There is a differenct.

I had a conversation with WB aboiut the 10 Ammendment recently. About the rights of the states. If I said the government is us. The people. WB countered that the government, both the state and the federal, are in fact separate. Like a corporation. A legal creation.

Getting it’s power from the consent of the governed.

Interesting conversations. I know that there are some who think that the boat has taken me away from these conversations. But it hasen’t.

Matter of fact I was writing about the Judge at the end of May.

Not alot has changed since that time/ Well maybe not. While I understand and have sympathy for the Judges candor in her speeches? I’m also acutely aware that when that black robe goes on? In a job where each movement and sylable is disected to the nth degree? The “bit and bridle” that the responsibility brings can be restrictive in ways that can’t be truly appreciated until it’s put on.

It’s all easy until you have to do it for real. Only then do you feel the force of “gravity” at work.

Past posts on the subject of Judge Sotomayor and her hearings.

You can find it beginning here

Cranky gremlins hear me roar.

Or here

“…God is great. Beer is good. And people are crazy…

Or here

AuthorAnn Gender neutral?

Or here

Is it what you know? Or– what you think you know?

Or here

Ack, Ack, Ack Rain in my brain

For folks who’d rather skip the political?

A Detour….

As for me?

I’m doin’

The Dance of the Free

“Work it like a one man army…”


Say What You Need to Say.

Back L8r.


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0 commentsDetour….
Posted Jul-12-09 13:17:30 PDTBlog under construction. (Click here )


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