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Posted Jul-01-08 02:12:15 PDT Updated Jul-01-08 02:30:06 PDTYou may remember that Dr. Spock has spoken. He’s diagnosed that my numb tongue is due to my celebate lifestyle. His prognosis? No sex by the end of a year or I am in danger of going numb all over.
Yes there you have it folks. If I don’t change this behavior, I am in danger of going “numb”. Or maybe even “rusting”. I’m not sure what to do. I think the first thing would be road work and aerobics. Yoga. I’m alittle concerned and alot rusty. Maybe I should rent Sex and the City watch back to back “What did we learn?” segments on the LateLateShow with Tv’s Craig Ferguson.
Sp what can I do?
I guess I have to find someone interested first. At my age? This could be tricky and well I was depressed. But I didn’t want to give up
I turned to my good friend Pat. Now Pat is an amazing person whose tongue will NEVER BE NUMB. Pat should by lotto tickets for us all. Pat is that lucky. Pat’s unfortunate advice was for me to go out with ’em to the Tiki Palace for Parrothead karoke night. Which since this is kinda how I got in this predicament I thought would be a great idea. I like music. I like to sing. I love Jimmy Buffet. Well as Hula said (notice a theme) there is someone for everyone so I went. Well after that series of Corona’s I felt brave enough to sing. And what better song could I sing than–you guessed it. See my Corona addled mind thought that if you wanted to attract a Parrothead you should sing a Jimmy Buffet song. And for some stupid reason, read that Pat, I seemed to think that singing ” Why don’t we get drunk” at the top of my lungs in my flowery shirt and plastic lea would be some kind of mating call for the wild Parrot head. Oh, it was call alright. And it did get me many more Corona and very drunk. It also, along with fried blooming onion, got me sicker than a dog. I was throwing up at the bathroom door and didn’t stop for a bit. After I’d cleaned up and went back to the party expecting lots o’ lovin’ I got nothin’. Apparently no one was interested in kissin’ a person who had moments before been throwin’ up that bloomin’ onion. The Avocado Dip didn’t help either. I’m gonna’ think on this though. Maybe I should try out Frisky’s advice. Thing is I’m not to keen on standing on street corners. What ever I do in this year long quest for “fullfilment” and in the effort to keep my body from going numb. You can count on one thing. You’ll read about it first here in Blogland. Take Care, Iron.

To see what started it all? Note to self
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Posted Jul-01-08 02:08:28 PDT Updated Jul-01-08 02:33:52 PDTMy new healthy life style.

future site for edit
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Posted Jul-01-08 02:01:34 PDT Updated Jul-01-08 02:16:16 PDTThat brings us to Hula girl. Yes, sweet, nice, kind Hulagirl.

Hula, Hula, Hula. You know this is your fault.
See she started talking about Jimmy Buffet. JimmyBuffet reminded me of the archetypical Jimmy Buffet song, “Why Don’t We Get Drunk And Scre_” Now that started me singing the song. I overloaded. Next thing I know my tongue is numb. You know Hula, there had better be someone for everyone. I would hate to come back and haunt you. 😀

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Posted Jul-01-08 02:00:22 PDT Updated Jul-01-08 02:15:06 PDTNext came Frisky.
Now as you all know Frisky isn’t shy with the Love advice. Frisky, I guess I could do that but it might get me arrested. Then again I could use the extra bucks. Meebee will try it out and see. Will keep you posted. Maybe another source of income if this eBay thing doesn’t work out.

Back to My new healthy life style.
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