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Posted Jul-31-08 13:08:12 PDT Updated Jul-31-08 23:17:03 PDTWelcome to 12 dogs and a blog. This blog is a writer’s journal. Fact and fiction reside here. If you wonder or worry if something you read on this blog is true? Ask.

If you’re new here? The words in blue are hyperlinks. In some parts of the blog there are interactive stories. The blue links can change the story or add to it.

The whole point of this blog is to watch someone write real time. As I write and edit you get to see the process.

The next link Hey is really sad. I’d skip it if you want a happy.

It’s not.



Or if you’re wondering why I’ve stopped writing?

Hello I must be going…

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0 commentsHey
Posted Jul-31-08 11:39:32 PDT Updated Aug-01-08 07:53:58 PDTI was only going to be here for a minute or two. I was only going to say, “Hello!” But then Monday night something happened that took my breath away. It happened on a late night talk show. A fella in the middle of the night. Some fella who says he’s at the end of his path. A highschool drop out, ex punk rocker, member of AA looked right into my heart and recited Richard. He did it right. I wondered why that man was shelpping “joke burgers” in the middle of the night. I wondered why he stopped making movies. I wondered what he would do if someone said to him,
” You have my attention. Now what are you going to do about it? ”

I wanted to ask him, “If you could do your show like you want? What would you do? ”
I’d love to see.

Oh and about the kitty segment. If you aren’t going to use it to learn something about your Jungian self then stop. You missed a good opportunity in order to make fun of someone. Kind of a waste. As for me, one viewer out of many, unless you were going to look in that camera and say my name? I’ve learned all I needed to learn from this segment of the show.

As for my real life?
Lots of folks in my real life who’ve made it their life’s goal to make me feel like the punchline to a joke. Or maybe “the joke”. Luckily my son is okay and spared. He’s beautiful inside and out. I have my pups. I love my son and my pups. My son and my pups love me and it’s not just because I feed them either. They are genuinely glad to see me. For free.
But if you think I’m going to sit here and say how great my life is? After Billy, my Great Aunt, and my son’s deaths and IrishDavid’s leaving?
You’re full of it.
After years of being told that I’m worthless, I don’t see the point of wasting anyone’s time. You folks who don’t like me have made your point.
No one wants me. Right.
Thanks for sharing.

Comments are OFF and I’m not checking emails.

Not that anyone really gives a fig but hey I’m nice,
“Hey folks in California…”

Arms of an Angel

Sarah Mclachlan

My dad once told me that the only place I’d find home would be in the arms of the angels. Told me to listen to this song. Good thing I’m not suicidal or I’d have just given up the ghost when he told me that. He didn’t mean it mean. He’s just a pragmatic’s pragmatic. He knew I was hoping for someone kind. Someone to love me. He also felt I’d be lucky if anyone would want me at all. It was his way of saying, ” Daughter, be realistic and look at yourself. ” I mean, I do look in the mirror. I know I’m ugly.

All that beautiful on the inside stuff? Please.

Someone send me flowers? To care? Hahahahahahahahah. Now THAT is a joke!

He always thought I was too kind hearted for this world anyway.

Still it’s kind of hard to look at the reality. No one wants me.

I’ve always been able to find some bright spot in things. I’ve always been able to keep my feet up underneath but I’m kind of having a tough time here.

How do you get to the place where you know no one wants you?

The last time I saw my dad he said I’d be okay.

I hope so.

Just need some time?


Writing is the only thing I’ve been able to do where no on cares what I look like. It really is all about my imagination. I can fly here in my words and ideas.

Here in my words?

I’m fierce.

writer’s note:

Not that I should have to explain, but here on the internet folk assume, get upset, and then don’t ask to make sure there’s no missunderstanding. The above story, the one about the song, is about my dad and me. He told me about the song. This isn’t about anyone else here in Blogland or on the internet. Not everything is about you Gentle Reader.

Just so you’ll know.

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2 commentsHey folks in California
Posted Jul-29-08 12:20:54 PDT Updated Jul-31-08 13:14:01 PDTGlad that you’re okay. Take care and mind the aftershocks. Let folks here in Blogland know if you’re alright. Will peep in tonight and see how it’s going.

Other than that
Hello I must be going…
Comments On but in hidden mode.

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1 commentHello I must be going…
Posted Jul-29-08 12:01:17 PDT Updated Jul-29-08 12:07:24 PDTI’m maybe going to be off the blogs for a couple of days. Give it and writing on this blog a rest. If you look back in the archives I’ve written alot since I’ve been here. The brain needs a break. I have some things that I want to do this next year. Need to go sit on the side of the road and really listen to what’s going on in my head. Listen to what is important to me.

I’ll still be writing.

I made that promise to write daily so I will. I’m serious about writing. Want to make a living at it. Or at the very least make enough to support my dog family. There are a few other things to be worked out too. It’s time to make the decisions on what activities that I continue to do and which I leave out for a while. I will still write though as I look forward to it as much as I love my family, my dogs and walking.

I’ll hope fully get to check the emails daily. I’ll certainly answer all emails as quick as possible.

I’m not sure how long this will take. I could post tonight and it could be a week before I post again.

Until then, I will miss you folks.

Best regard,

Author Ann

Note: Cali ebayers. I hope everyone is okay. “I feel the earth move under my feet…” should remain a song lyric AND NOT really the earth moving under your feet. Take care.

As for 12 dogs?

Say awwwwwww
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1 commentSay awwwwwww…
Posted Jul-29-08 03:01:42 PDTBest cure for a sore throat (when you can’t drink the hot toddy). Believe it or not, one of the best “cures” for a sore throat are hard candies and lots of fluids. Hard candy like Life Savers or lemon drops disolved in the mouth will coat the irritated throat. Soothing it somewhat. The water is to hydrate the the throat. A simple solution but it works. Also helpful, chicken broth or noodle soup, warm water salt gargles, naps (they give the body time to heal as well as help the time pass), and finally a hug or joke.
Laughter helps to strengthen the immune system not to mention keep yer mind off yer troubles.
Hugs to you if you wake this morning with a sore throat.

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2 commentsThe Mystery of the Xfiles movie is…
Posted Jul-28-08 18:41:43 PDT Updated Jul-29-08 11:43:23 PDT

Review of The X files I Want to Believe.

Let me put it this way. I went to this movie with a major X files fan. This is a person who rented and watched EVERY SEASON of the X files. He could cite not just the season something happened but episode and plot.

And guess what.

About 3/4th of the way through this movie he turned to me and said, “Do you mind if we leave now?”

I was delighted.

The only mystery that we saw in this movie is why they had Agents Scully and Mulder stuck in the plot of a Saw movie and HOW in the heck did they get these actors to do this movie?

Don’t go. I would tell folks to go see Mamma Mia for the camp and the possiblility of a cult classic. Heck, just the music in Mamma Mia was fun or funny or cheesy goodness.

The X files movie was just stupid.

It didn’t do anything well.

Do yourself a favor. Skip this movie and rent the television series or maybe even the last movie.

At least the last movie had aliens.

Skip it. It’s a dog.

12 dogs


You’ll have more fun in The insecurity box.

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0 commentsThe insecurity box.
Posted Jul-27-08 12:17:56 PDT Updated Jul-29-08 11:41:49 PDTRough draft. The insecurity box

You know how to banish an insecurity. Turn on a light. Actually list them. During the day with a small pen and pad of paper. List them out big and small. Then put each insecurity on an index card and file them in an insecurity box. No kidding. Ironcally file the small ones first. You can get rid of them easily and it gives courage. Then take out a card and during the day see all the times this comes up and why. Note them on the card. Many of the small can be traced back to specific missunderstandings. It’s a conditioned response so you have to recondition yourself. Since many triggers can be unconsciouse you first have to make it known thus the importance of making a note as the specific feeling(s) arise. The larger insecurities to more complex occurances in the past or they are a series of smaller insecurities that get jumbled up into one big insecurity. Save those for last maybe solving the smaller ones will also make the bigger ones less complex.
No one is immune to the insecurities of life.

Did I tell ya I went to see my folks?

Well I’m back. But it’s only in your imagination.

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1 commentI’m back. But it’s only in your imagination.
Posted Jul-26-08 11:17:26 PDTHey ya. Going to see my parents. Gonna’ load up on the worlds best peaches, try hard not to fight with my mama, and see if I can get the first homegrown tomato sandwich of the year from my da’.

What did I learn last night?


I love to chat with Talooooolah.

I’m going to loooovee chatting with NJ.

I also got to laugh. Last night I was in quite a bit of pain. Thanks to a funny, funny person I got to forget the pain and enjoy the laugh. I think he must have that affect on alot of folks. I’d hug his neck but he’d probably think I was some kind of stalker weirdo or something. So I won’t. Thing is, I believe that someone, somewhere up in heaven is taking notes. Somewhere up in heaven angels are smiling. They are saying, “Who knew that he could be so kind?” They are forgetting the past and looking at the now and future.


I’m just finally getting a good nights sleep and laughing.

Oh, and you know what the trouble is. They’re hiring those Harvard types. That’s okay. But what you’re in need of is someone from the RedNeck Nation as a writer too. Then you’d have some funny to go with all that urbane and witty. You know I like a fine whine as much as anyone, but a longneck and a Redneck on the beach is alot more fun.

Just sayin’.

Take care.

Taaaaaallllooooolllaaahhh, check yer mail. Ignore the first email as meddling and read the second one.

NJ — well heck. Now that I know you like chocolate milk and simulated auto racing on Sunday morning? My day is complete. Problem… I’m a tea drinker who’d rather spend their Sunday mornings having sex. Does that mean we have nothing in common?

Check yer mail. I got questions for ya..

Well wish me luck.

Going to see parents is always a crap shoot. Especially when there’s the possibility of also seeing sibling. Yippie!!!

I will be suitably dark and depressed next week.

Lots to write about.


Next…talking about reality here.

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6 commentsEhemm. SteveOooo
Posted Jul-23-08 07:46:49 PDT Updated Jul-23-08 11:37:17 PDTHappy Birthday to Steve Ooooo. Hope you have a great day Steve O. Lots of hugs and prezzies. Lots of love. Best to you from all of us here at 12 dogs!!!!!!!!!

A pooemm for Steve O by Hannah M 23 July 08

Hap, hap, happy birthday ohhh

Much love and happiness Steve O

Today’s not just humpday ooohhhh nnoooooo

It’s the birth day of Steeeevvvveeee ooooooo

Hope you have lots of birthday happy.

Ann and all us real and not so real characters here at 12 dogs


Barefoot Children Jimmy Buffet

Glad to see ya’ Steve. Many happy more.

Now gotta go. Take care.

Alittle off the beaten path but..Hmmm anyone wanna’ go

Prayers for those in the sites of a huricane
Looks like stormy weather.Comment|Report this post
3 commentsLooks like stormy weather.
Posted Jul-22-08 17:58:20 PDT Updated Jul-22-08 18:23:28 PDTLooks like stormy weather folks so I’m gonna give the computer a rest.

Take care and good night to you.

Sweet dreams.


Oh one other thing.

Solitude can be highly over rated too.

Next…talking about reality here.

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3 commentsNext…talking about reality here.
Posted Jul-22-08 14:03:52 PDT Updated Jul-22-08 17:25:02 PDT…I’m an adult. I get reality checks all day long. I get plenty of reality checks. What I need is a soft shoulder and a kind word…

Dear Off the clock people,

Have a great evening.

Hope you have lots of soft shoulders and kind words this evening.

The folks at 12 dogs.

So.I was talking to Odysseus and he said…

Answer comment:

Thanks, Yep If we could cash those reality checks we’d be rich. As for the soft shoulders. No problem. As long as someone’s bringing the love? It’s good.

Now I’ve added this next part. It’s a letter to Auntie. This was added after the lovely comment from person above and isn’t directed at him. He’s a lovely person.

Now to the Dear Auntie Slacker letter.

Dear Auntie,


Day after day I sit here and write.

I do it for me. If someone else reads it and they like it? I’m surprised and happy.


I really am glad you visited 12 dogs and stayed to read.

I’m really surprised if anyone reads what I write.

That’s the truth.

However sometimes I write something that bugs a person.


Did I say really?

Because I really, really, really, really meant really.


But that’s not my question really. Or is it really?

Yeah I guess I do use the word really ALOT. Really.

Lately I’ve been thinking about internet relationships. Not just the guy girl or girl girl or guy guy kind. But just how we relate to each other as people. I do that from time to time.

And I got an email.

I tweaked someones feelings.

I’m sorry if I hurt someone’s feelings. It seems that every time I TRY not to hurt their feelings bingo end up hurting their feelings.

This is really upsetting.

So I want to say I’m sorry for hurting their feelings even if I was TRYING not to hurt their feelings.

What do I do Auntie?


Dear Dagnabit,

Interesting name by the way.

Auntie suggests naps and sex.

That usually clears up everything.

However if you are not able to or inclined to have sex?

Take naps and cold showers.

You’ll feel refreshed.

Luckily Auntie gets to have sex with her naps. Cold showers are over rated.

So best I can tell you? Take the nap and skip the shower.

I hear that dream sex is perfectly okay.

Let me know how it goes.

Auntie Slacker
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2 commentsSo.I was talking to Odysseus and he said…
Posted Jul-22-08 12:31:54 PDT Updated Jul-22-08 18:19:19 PDT

I’m gonna coin the phrase “Robot Camera”.

Yeah, I know Craig Ferguson over on the Late Late Show was talking to “Robot Camera” but heck Eric the Red discovered the US and I don’t hear folks calling our country the United States of Eric the Red.

(Note from our local history buff —-Skralings or something like that actually are the reason why we don’t call America the Newfoundland. The Skarlings. Now I don’t know how to spell their name and I got stuff to do. But our history buff here thought taking the time to put this in the post was a grand idea. Anyway)


I’m sticking a “flag” in it. It’s miiiiinnee. Proceed to ignore it into oblivion or use it to excess. But if you do? Yah. It’s got my little explorer flag it in.

Robot Camera

noun (could be proper or common depending on if you are talking about your own, specific person or the general population.)

It’s not a mean spirited term (before someone starts using it mean). It’s a term for the image that you form of person who you are in a “relationship” with via electronic media. Could be over the internet. Could via a tee vee. But it’s finally a term for that person that you consider friend but who you don’t know their real name or address or you’re not really sure if you even know what they look like. The image you see either through the computer screen or minds eye. Finally a term that deals with the phenomenon that happens here in the virtual world or in entertainment industry or any fandom where the image becomes a part of the viewers world.

Used in a sentence.

“I’ve been talking to this guy forever but all he is to me really is a “robot camera”. I don’t really know him. It’s all good. A way to scratch an itch without the guilt. Calorie free ice cream.”

(Okay Gentle Reader? Listen up. I do not think of you as a “robot camera”. Okay. Just so you know. But you have to admit that there are those relationships that arise from the strange realities of the internet or television/entertainment/writer’s fandom that have blurred or in some cases full out stomped on the transitions one goes through to get to the point of calling someone friend.

You know. The kind of friend who would tell someone their mustache is stupid and they should shave it off. I don’t even have that relationship with WB lol JJB. And we’ve, well let’s say we’ve been through alot in our relationship. We have to be pretty durn irritated to say, “You look stupid.” to each other.

Oh and while there are elements of the voyeurs and “spiders” here, the term when used as a common noun is much broader in scope. It also speakes to the true feeling of friendship one person can have for the other even if they’ve never laid eyes on them. Which is not something that occures that often in real world friendships. I do believe folks can be friends without actually meeting first. Thing is it’s not just not lol real common. In order to be friends you usually see ’em too. It’s how you come in contact with them in the first place.

But I’m sure YRMV (Your Relationships May Vary), this is JMHO (Just My Humble Opinion)

Well Guess you had to be there… Gotta go muck the pens. Ann

Pssst Or

So… What’s next. Even I’m not sure about where this goes next. LOL.
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2 commentsGuess you had to be there…
Posted Jul-22-08 00:14:47 PDT Updated Jul-22-08 13:49:13 PDTOh how lovely. I closed my eyes. The voices on the television gently melted together as my eyes gently openned then closed then opened and finally fluttered into sleep. It was if I were 10 years old again at my grandparents house. The adults sitting outside and talking. The kids lulled into sleep by the “music” of grown ups talking. Safe .
Alas that also meant that I missed the other guest on the LLS and the musical guest and the What did we learn last night.

What did I learn? That lovely surender to sleep. That when you are as tired as I was every thing sounds silly. That other than not having someone’s lap to lay my head on it was bliss.

Now I’m going to feel that of the other “lovely things in this world”. I’m going to go take a bath and then settle into the middle of clean sheets. Get some sleep.

Hugs and good night,

Author Ann

And then?

I woke up.

Put on my fluffy house coat and “did my dailies”

Actually I was sitting there. Looking in the mirror. Half a sleep. When the thought occured, “I really should brush my hair next. Looking like Thing, with all this hair in my face it really isn’t a good look.” Then I had a next thought, “Mouth tastes funny. Oh and yay my tongues not numb. Better brush. Where the heck did the toothbrushes go? They were right there on the edge of the sink. Hmm” So I finished my uhmmm “thoughts” and brushed my hair and teeth. Then I put out and fed the inside dogs, fed the birds, finches and mixed breed terriers, in case you wondered, took care of life here in general and then thought-

“You know self you are tired.” (note. I meant that in the sleep deprived way not slang)

So I took a nap.

I know Saenz–

Decadent. Right there in the middle of the morning.

But it was lovely.

And I slept, but not before I let the inside dogs back inside.


I woke up.

This time I felt a bit better. Dressed. Fixed and ate something resembling lunch.

Got things sorted and fired up the computer. Wrote. Got stuff settled here on the otherside of the computer screen and now I’m a fixin to do the daily mucking out of the pens.

Yesterday I read to the pups a chapter of Alice in Wonderland when I was finished. I’m reading it now for a writing something so I thought I’d practice reading out loud. Believe it or not they all settled down and listened. Honest. One or two fell asleep. Also honest. I did it because I couldn’t give them individual time yesterday. We call that “lap time” no Gentle Reader, not lap dance time, lap time. Individual time with treats. Oh no, NOT TREATS, dog biscuits. Sheesh. I’m trying to read to them to see if I can do it on days when I don’t have as much time for individual attention.

After mucking out the pens?

Well I’ll read the next chapter of Alice and give out the doggie treats.


Well for sure I’m going to take a shower. Get pretty grubby when I muck the pens.

Afterwards I’m not sure.

I need to sort clothes.

Do the house and family things.

Make supper.

Then watch the news and the LLS and go to sleep.

As someone said. Gently.

Happy Day and Happy Reading.

Oh and Moma Mia ! 12 dogs goes to the movies. A review.

Answer to your comment. Here because my comments are On but hidden. I didn’t want you to think I’d missed your comments. Yes, I’d love to email .

Hey. Howze it going’

I’m sorry that I missed you. Twice.

This isn’t on purpose. I promise.

Oh and I added something.

It was just a thought after the post about the “robot camera” world.

This really is a very general summing up of the day. Or at least it’s a summing up of a part of the day. It’s still general..

I really did fall asleep and then wake up like that last night. It was nice. I didn’t fight sleep, I welcomed it. I love when the word “contentment” comes into my day.

But in the morning when I wake up… do do do do do… Lol

Amazing what we fill our days with. LOL

Got to go change the word “feed” to “fed” then actually go do it.

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3 commentsMoma Mia ! 12 dogs goes to the movies. A review.
Posted Jul-21-08 06:05:20 PDT Updated Jul-21-08 06:33:19 PDTA review of the movie Moma Mia. by 12 dogs and a blog

I was trying to tell a family member why I didn’t want to be very critical of this movie and yet couldn’t praise it either. For me, to be critical of this movie would be like kicking the family “dog”. So many excellent actors. Toe tapping musical score. Exuberant mood.

Yes, the movie did look abit like a “dog” but durn it, it was our family “dog”.

And you just don’t kick the family “dog”.

It’s a loyalty thing.

Still no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t quite suspend disbelief.

And I wanted to.

So out of loyalty to this lovable mutt?

I’m not going to trash this movie.


There could be a saving grace with this movie.
That would be if the “fan”, the ABBA fans, embraced this film with the joy and abandon that the actors couldn’t quite seem to do. Perhaps there is a chance for MomaMia the Movie as a cult clasic very much like the quirky musical Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Rocky Horror also had a catchy (or is it kischy) musical score and over the top characters. There’s actually more plot in MamaMia than there was in RockyHorror. And yes, like RockyHorror, there are plenty of places in the movie for audience participation. Maybe Public Theater will be kind enough to run Moma Mia as their Midnight Show.

It would have be heartfelt and fan driven. Cult clasics aren’t manufactured. They have to come from the sheer joy of loving something. Mercy knows there are a whole lotta folks world wide who love ABBA’s music. Maybe a whole generation of tweens who love Hannah Montana and are now old enough to see Moma Mia and fall in love with ABBA’s music and the cast. It is a very good cast. Especially note worthy is the film’s star, Amanda Sayfried, who kept the sunny innocence of Sophie, the ingenue, with out veering into the land of syrupy sweetness.

And heck it is very much like the Bollywood musicals. Not a genre that American audiences are used to but not a big hurdle for the fans of the Bollywood blockbuster. High drama. Family conflict. A big Bollywood finish AND those big musical and dance numbers. Add to that a visually beautiful film. Yeah I’m thinking there’s a spark.

Actually next to ABBA fans, MomaMia’s structure and story might appeal to folks who love the Big Bollywood musical block buster the best.


Stay tuned, stay tuned cause you just never can tell.

For something different?

“Oh Honey!”, Hannah Murphy Sunday brunch… quotes
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0 comments”Oh Honey!”, Hannah Murphy Sunday brunch quote
Posted Jul-20-08 12:34:19 PDT Updated Jul-21-08 02:51:25 PDT

“Oh Honey. It’s not that I don’t understand what you’re sayin’. It’s that I don’t agree with it.”

Hannah Murphy, 20 July, 2008.

Happy weekend, ya’ll

(including another Hannah quote)

Go speedracer Go!

Oh and here’s Something to read while we’re fishing.

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0 commentsHappy weekend, ya’ll
Posted Jul-19-08 11:23:55 PDT Updated Jul-21-08 02:52:44 PDTAnother Hannah quote:

“My mama always said, “Hannah! If you have to explain the joke, it’s just not that funny!”

(actually I heard Craig Ferguson say the same exact thing in on the Late Late Show. Great minds I guess.)

He is definately not this word.

cliché (n.) A trite or overused expression or idea:
cliché (n.) A person or character whose behavior is predictable or superficial:

So word of the day.

Used in a sentence?

Gosh, that poster, over on the other side of the internet, just insulted her fellow forum member by saying her words were “cliche”. That’s not polite!

888888888888888888888888888888 Man I’m having a lovely day.

Hey ya’ Well it’s been one interesting week out in the world. There was that tempest in a shaving mug for the LLSwCF fans. There was alll kinds of drama in the political world. Wonder what RedNeck Politico thinks about this. Muffbro sold his magic 8 pirate skull. I still have to finish that story. Did I remember to tell you that? I think I left that story at “…Kelley’s cross roads..” Sorry. Will get it finished soon. If you want to kind of catch up you can:

Go read
Something to read while we’re fishing.
or you can read the latest on WB and his brother Time for walkabout
or you can ponder
The Why in the road. or if you’re new?

You can read the

First post on a blog ever.

I think that’s about it.

Well almost.

Comments on but hidden. Works like answering machine. Leave a message.

Words in blue are hyperlinks. Click and it can change your point of view. Note if all the words are in blue? Keep looking. There is a hyper link somewhere.

That it? Nope.

Gentle reader?

Email me or comment. I’d be glad to hear from you.

(yes, would love to chat. check your ebay messages or contact me through eBay messages.)

Happy reading!

Author Ann

PS. Well you knew there was going to be a PS

Hey fellow LLSwCF fan and TWoPer ! You wrote an “open letter” about the stuff that happened last week on the LLShow?


I also wrote a serious analysis and I used a metaphor.

Or was it two metaphors?

I think I even used irony.

Guess what! I’ve also written another analysis.

Yep. But that’s for next week.

This is mine:

about the upper lip hair

(Warning: Please, read the entire post before you form an opinion. )

So I was looking at his soul patch and thinking…)

about the Emmy and comercials?

Something to read while we’re fishing.

(which also included the “open letter”)

(Warning: This next bit is a parody.)

Just when you feel like poop. Along comes an Emmy rainbow.
You know Go, I agree with you about the mustache. This is a grown man. He should be able to decide wheither or not to grow a mustache or not. As fan’s we should be able to respect the decision. We shouldn’t treat him as some little boy to be censured.

I hoped he’d come out with a monologue that would talk about the boundaries between stars and their fans. Remind that the reason why folks liked him so much was his individuality and what he had to say, NOT, what was growing on his upper lip. The difference between Craig Ferguson the “public performer” and Craig Ferguson the “private citizen”.

The boundaries between the two.

Don’t mind me I just think that a person’s face is their own. I especially think this when the person’s job has to do with their brain not the hair on their lip.

Remember Mr. Ferguson’s IQ!

I really do think serious fans such as yourselves could put together an Emmy presentation that could show case Mr. Ferguson’s work this year. Contrast it with the folks who’ve been nominated. Of course, if you don’t know how the nominating process works to begin with. Maybe you shouldn’t.

It’s just, well, I just thought that if the Emmy folks could see the show through the fan’s eyes. Tell them that nominating Mr Ferguson is NOT pandering to those reality folks and their “instant gratification agenda”. It’s the right time to do it. While they, the Emmy voters, are thinking about which of this years Emmy nominees they’re gonna vote for they should see what they’re missing. Kind of a “look who you could have voted for, Craig Ferguson, instead of what you’re stuck with voting for, Conan O’Brian.”

I don’t think that NBC will be upset if you proceed to tell the world WHY you shouldn’t vote for Conan O’Brian. I know that TWoP is owned by NBC Universal as is Conan O’Brian’s show. Hey you’re serious fans of Conan O’Brian’s competition, Mr. Ferguson. NBC knows this. I’m sure that they won’t mind the comparison especially since Mr. O’Brian’s show was nominated for an Emmy this year. I’m sure they’d be happy if you pointed out why you shouldn’t vote for Conan.

While ya’ll are busy pointing stuff out about the LLSshow and Mr. O’Brian’s show. 😮

Nothing against Mr. O’Brian’s show. Not at all. It’s funny.

Thing is ya’ll are serious fans of Mr. Ferguson’s show.

Ah well all’s not lost. After all The Late Show is up for the Emmy too. Oh wait. Some of ya’ll don’t like David Letterman’s show. Nevermind.

Since they are considering the Emmy winners now just thought I’d mention it.

Hey, Maybe SCF could make the video!

(I’m serious here.)

Well this is waaay more time than I intended to give to the subject. Now I am truly going to have a bit of fun.



12 dogs and a blog. Fact and fiction may co exist here, but there’s nothing fake or phony about it. 😀

Take care and happy reading.

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0 commentsSomething to read while we’re fishing.
Posted Jul-18-08 18:03:56 PDT Updated Jul-18-08 19:36:45 PDT

Looks like the folks over on the otherside of the internet (TWoP) are still busy playing tennis.

Interesting “back spin” ladies.

So let’s see. This week you were demanding that Mr. Ferguson cut off his mustache or you’d throw a snit and now you’re going to go after the advertisers.

Hmm. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do. Free country.

But heres the thing.

While ya’ll are “stirring up the fuss” over on your side of the internet, we at 12 dogs have the future to look at.

Frankly, what we see is the Craig Ferguson “brand” in the middle of change. We wrote something about it a while back here at 12 dogs and also in comment response to an article on Cultureby.

He’s reinventing himself and taking the late night show format along for the ride.

It’s called–


It’s what Mr. Ferguson is really good at. It’s his thing actually. Wheither he’s a drummer in a punk band, an angry Bing Hitler(aka ArchieBunker does standup), an actor, writer, a director, a stand up comedian, or now a late night talkshow host, his real talent is reinventing himself. He is constantly adapting to the environment he is in. An improv comedian/actor with a “golden retriever” mind that gets bored easily. Put him in the confines of a late night show and it’s “Lighting Bugs in a Bottle”. Magic. I think that “reinvention” is Mr. Ferguson’s “brand”. It will also be his saving grace in the coming reinvention of communications. Already he has taken JayLeno’s “everyman”/Jimmy Kimmel’s JL “everyman” version 2.0 and given this “everyman” a world view. Next, he took the best of David Letterman’s “fratboy”/Conan O’Brian’s “fratboy” v 2.o skits and hijinks, then mixed it with an older but wiser viewpoint to give us “Prince Charles Reality Show”. His interviews of “unknown to the masses” guests with a “novel” more writerly approach to the interviews, ala Dick Cavett, pushes past the “Home Shopping Network” interviews that we see not just in late night but also on the morning news. If you mix in what I hope will be a more indie feel to the music guests and Carson Daily’s full out embrace of the Internet, you get the beginnings of the reninvention of late night with Mr. Ferguson cast in the lead. Always evolving as the media and the world does. The closest thing to this on the cusp of media evolution would be the StewartTwins, Stewart and Colbert, who change in response to the political climate and culture of the day.

Yeppers, reinvention is Mr. Ferguson’s thing.

Mr O’Brian might want to pay attention.

12 dogs and a blog

Posted by: 12 dogs and a blog| Mar 25, 2008 11:15:13 AM On Cultureby.

Remember 12 dogs and a blog is a Fuss Freezone. We like to be funny, informative, or at the very least, entertaining.

We are also big fans of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, WWPants and the two men who gave Mr. Ferguson a chance over the other candidates: David Letterman and Peter Lassally.

We think we’ll wait a bit to see what they’re going to do next.

AND we are happy about this new change in that it should increase the number of guests. It should make it easier to access archived shows. Sounds good.

Oh and we also thought he should keep his mustache. It’s his face. Heck I thought it was all about his IQ not his facial hair. Sheesh.

Meanwhile on the other side of the internet…I see skeery people…

Oh heck. Is it the calvary or is it just more of the pack.
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0 commentsOh heck. Is it the calvary or is it just more of the pack.
Posted Jul-18-08 17:01:13 PDT Updated Jul-18-08 19:21:37 PDTSigh.

I’m a TLLSwCF fan. Have been since the tryouts. I remember “cup of tea and a chat”. I remember “the stalker from Scotland” skits. I also remember the first time I heard him tell a joke. I remember the “I can’t live by your rules” bit.

It hasn’t been that long ago but it sure feels like it.

You know this would be a good time to make Mr. Ferguson’s lack of Emmy nomination evident but NOT by telling the Emmy nominating commitee they’re jerks.

Here’s a thought. Why not make a comparison of Mr. Ferguson with the shows nominated. List all the reasons, including video clips, to show the EMMY commitee why YOU think he should be nominated.

Oh and a polite email expressing your displeasure at the number of comercials is really much better than pitchforks.

Power is an interesting thing.

Best given to adults and not children.

Sounds like fun.

Just when you feel like poop. Along comes an Emmy rainbow.

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1 commentJust when you feel like poop. Along comes an Emmy rainbow.
Posted Jul-17-08 10:02:54 PDT Updated Jul-19-08 09:39:23 PDT
Congrats to the Emmy nominees. Dang, who knew that John Adams would be so well liked. A HISTORY SHOW. Lol.The folks here will be so happy. LOL

Sorry to see LateLateShow missing.
Honest. But then I thought you shoulda kept your mustache if you wanted to. It is your face. But what do I know. 😀

Don’t believe me?

Click this > (So I was looking at his soul patch and thinking…) How bizzare.

Note to the LLSwCF: TWoP is owned by NBC. That would be Conan O’Brian’s NBC. Your competitor. That’s CONDITIONAL LOVE they dole out.

Yeppers. There’s NOOO question who the top dog is over at TWoP.

Only it ain’t a he dog.

It’s a whole pack of TWoP she dogs.

And what’s that they’re saying, “Spay and neuter your pets.” Oh no, Craigdawg, they’re some of Barker’s Beauties. The mustache isn’t the only thing that’s getting “snipped”. LOL! OH! NO!

Here Craigdawg come here “honey”. We love you sweetie. Aren’t you “adorable”…Our liddle Craigy doesn’t need any silly Emmy…No he doesn’t…Now hold still… Just one little snip…

Run Craigdawg. RUN! Those women over at TWoP done called the “vet” and are a fixin’ to relieve you of the “family jewels” !

“Here Craigdawg. Here honey”

Oh heck Craigdawg it’s their ringleaders SCF and artwire.

Wait, wait there’s some new folks. I can just see ’em.

Is it the calvary or is it just more of the pack.

Psstt. Over here.

Don’t sweat it CraigDawg.

You’re always welcome here 12 dogs. We actually like “dawgs”. Especially CraigDawgs. Yeppers you’re always welcome here. We only “fix” and put a collar on the 4 footed critters.

As for two legged dawgs?

We like ’em fully equiped and feisty. 😀

Hopefully you are cheered up by friend, family and yer fans.

Hugs. Next year for sure.

From a LLShow fan who’s been watching since the tryouts.

Wanna have a “cup o tea and a chat” about it?

Comments are ON. Still hidden. But On.

And I love emails.

To person who commented. Thank you. Read your blog. Yeppers, your are correct.
Thanks for the reminder. 😀

So just who is 12 dogs?

Find out on her First post on a blog ever.
Or maybe take a look at the Emmy playlist. Have a sparkolicious day.

Wondering how WB and his brother are doin’? Time for walkabout
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0 commentsEmmy playlist. Have a sparkolicious day.
Posted Jul-17-08 09:00:49 PDT Updated Jul-17-08 20:14:39 PDTAmarillo Skies
Jason Aldean

Bette Midler

I Always Get Lucky With You
George Jones

I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool
Barbara Mandrell

Gone Country
Alan Jackson

Life’s a Dance
John Michael Murphy

My Town
Montgomery Gentry

Travis Tritt

George Strait

U+UR Hand

We’re From the Country
Tracy Byrd

It’s a Great Day to be Alive
Travis Tritt (for perspective)

Just who is 12 dogs. Read it here:
First post on a blog ever.Comment|Report this post
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