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Posted Jul-07-08 19:45:37 PDTthe week. So day one of Alice and what did I do? I wrote. And tomorrow? Dunno yet.

In the mean time? You got mail. Postcard from the Road

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1 commentHere/s the deal
Posted Jul-06-08 15:35:26 PDT Updated Jul-06-08 16:28:17 PDTWell time for last BBQ of the weekend and my (semi) annual beer. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

fine print. What other chance will you have to talk to a crochetyy, old feminist. And I’m a Red Neck too! Quite an opportunity to enlarge your world view by talking to me about catfish and dawgs. AND I’ve got a big old case of IDGAS. and in about 5 seconds I get to drink my semi annual beer. It’s a hoot.
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0 commentsPostcard from the Road
Posted Jul-06-08 13:58:06 PDT Updated Jul-06-08 14:04:17 PDTDear Gentle Reader,

Hi ya. Well ya’ know this holiday was okay. I sorted out the mental closet and have hopefully JJ (I’m not calling you JuJuBeads, WB. I’m calling you JJ. You’re not that “eyecandy”. Beside, this is my blog. I can not write about you too. Your big head is getting to be a bit much. LOL)

So. JJ and I talked. Actually talked. I have a bit of a future plan. It includes the serious pursuit of writing with the intention of someday making a living of from it. I have an idea what I want to write about and the resources to do so. Still doesn’t work out the other though. 😦 I can change my mind or not? Hurrah!!

Next? The movies, a fence, a column, and a kiss. Oh and a guardian angel with a sense of humor and good taste. Kiss kiss guardian angel. Now you’re talkin’.

At least I hope so.

Till then? Attention eBayshoppers Want to know the why? of WB’s name change or want to know what happened this fourth? Just click the words in blue. Take Care, Ann.

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5 commentsAttention eBayshoppers
Posted Jul-05-08 16:13:27 PDT Updated Jul-05-08 21:00:10 PDTWell. I like this Not. It seems that Walking Buddy has the big head. Apparently he doesn’t care for his eBay nick. Seems it doesn’t represent his flair and personality. I told you WalkingBuddy is a mess. So. What does Mr. Personality want to be called?

He wants to be called (I’m not kidding here)


Yes this grown, responsible adult wants to be named after a candy. JuJuBeads. This is the name that represents his personality. The name of a candy? I think the talk about him being “eye candy” has gone to his head. He’s got the big head. Just wait until I call him JuJuBeads infront of his parents. I’m doing it when the video camera’s on to record their reaction in all its glory. har har. Just wait.

So. From this point on? I’m calling him JuJuBeads. EVERYWHERE!


I’m so happy.

But if he thinks I’m going to go back and change every reference to him on the past posts?Well we’ll just see about that Mister. Just thought I’d let you know. To avoid confusion on future posts WB = Walking Buddy = (snerk) JuJuBeads, the “eyecandyguy” Sigh. If it weren’t for the fact that he helped me with my research. I would just be ignoring. I have artistic integrity ya’ know.

Note to readers.

I’m going to answer comments this way. The comment section can resemble someones messy attic as it is a good place to store past parts of a post. LOL say that last part five times fast. It’s not the best way to chat.

The comments are on though and I do read them. Will comment here. Ya’ll will know which answer goes with which comment.

So first.

Yes! The candy is spelled Jujube beads. It’s an old fashioned licorish candy that you can still buy online. Mr.EyeCandy liked the sound of it and since he’s now thought of as “eye candy” in these here parts decided it fit his “sweet” personality. I reservations about that. His original name suit him because he’s the one I go walking with. My walking buddy. I’m humoring him because he really did talk to me about my future. Nice thing.

For a history of all things jujube:


or for extensive information including the pharmaceutical properties of jujube berries?


Please not that the above link also includes historical and botanical info on the jujube plant

LOL this might be more than you’ll want to know. I’m noting the 61 % success rate of inhibition of tumor growth in rats over a 14 day period.

WB’s brother has an inoperable tumor. Has 2 to 6 months to live (prognosis). Any little thing is of interest. IC

Thanks for mentioning it.

OH! I listened to your music? WOW! Fantastic. Will you let me interview you for the blog? Email me through eBay and let me know.

Thanks, Ann


Yes you do owe me an email. LOl But I’ll not complain if you went out and had a good time last night. We had BBQ and fireworks. Really low key but fun. We watched part of the John Adams special on tape. I live amongst the history buffs here. This one was a pretty good special.

As for JuJuBeads”eye candy cred” weeelllll, I don’t really think about his looks. I do know that when he puts on a suit and tie he can look quite fetching. And when he wears this one blue green sweater his eyes are the most beautiful color. But today he’s wearing old shorts and a scrub top so his “eyecandyrating” is a bit lower than normal. Of course, he did feed the dogs. Anyone who will go feed the dogs without complaining is beautiful in my eyes.

Skim most of the posts. There is a bit of redundancy to get the reader up to speed.

So I want to know what you did????? Details. LOL Looking forward to email. And yes, Pegs and Tryork are definately playing in the “eyecandyleague”. But then there are some other folks here playing in the same league too. Would love to have a fundraiser where they auction off an eBay “eye candy of the month”. Okay before anyone accuses me of being sexist! It’s not a real photo. It’s original artwork that represents their inner “eye candy” personality. Photos of who they are inside that makes them so “sweet”.

If it’s original there’s no copywrite problems and well it would be worth the donation. The food banks or animal shelters are my charity of choice. It’s soon to be huricane season which means drain on the resources. Alot of folks depend on them to help set up their emergency shelters.

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1 commentWell we’ll just see about that Mister.
Posted Jul-05-08 13:42:12 PDTWalking Buddy told me this weekend that he now reads my blog. Sometimes. He didn’t tell me this before until he kind of said something. So I asked him.

No I didn’t guilt him into saying he did.

He just said he did.

See I told him that he was part of the blog since I talked about him walking with me and then about his trip to see his brother get married. WB is like some old gossipy lady. Leemmie tell you he’s all kind of stuck on himself.

So I told him I wrote about him all the time. I write about Pup too but don’t tell Pup. He’d have a fit. Pup’s not a big fan of being in his old momma’s blog. So let’s not tell him. WB on the other hand apparently couldn’t wait. I personally can’t wait until he gets his eBay account and starts with the comments. He might not be a big talker but oh boy at the comments when he’s writing.

Anyway to test to see if he is still reading this I have written about him in the next post. I said he … LOL WB you’ll just have to read about it.

Have a happy weekend!!
Take care.

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2 commentsHave a happy weekend!!
Posted Jul-04-08 16:37:06 PDT Updated Jul-05-08 13:32:05 PDTHello. Guess what. It’s later. Much later. Second thought, not much much later but it is Saturday.

Well how was your 4th?

Mine was good. BBQ? Yes. Fireworks? Well not exactly as planned. Originally it was to be an organized Fireworks. Didn’t do it. Instead WB and Pup bought fireworks and we had our own fireworks show. Nothing fancy but pretty cool. A really laid back day. End of day was watching a repeat of LLSwTCF. It was one that I’d missed so for me it was new. Good. I liked the interview with the guy from “House”. And I finally got to see what the TWoP ladies were talking about when they talked about “boots”. Pretty girl. I can see why he’d be distracted. Guess this means he’s not gay. Not that there’s anythi… sigh.

This has been a really good holiday.

This reinvention stuff is a go. WB helped me with research on what I’d like to do. Will blog on it. Something to do while the Rep and Dem fight and the Dem and Dem fight. But don’t fret that you’ll go without politically. OH NO. RedNeck politico is a go too. And no I haven’t forgotten Alice.

Actually I just told you about Alice.

Call me Alice. I’m looking for mobyDick!

That is now the title for reinvention. Yeppers. Call me Alice. And guess what. I am very much looking for mobyDick. I’m going to do it with your input and with Hannah Murphy as my guide. Remember I’ve got this numb tongue thing that Dr. Spock said might get even worse if I kept up this celibacy thing. I don’t want that. There’s just no time to waste. And the whole idea of reinventing ones self or of finding yourself is a whole lot like Alice’s Adventures and Ahab’s quest. And if I happen to actually FIND a mobyDick. Well. Good for me. πŸ˜€

Independence Day weekend with it’s emphasis of freedom of the individual just seemed like a durn good day to begin this trip of self discovery. Yeah I know I’d already unofficially started but just seemed like a good idea to make it semi official. I can change my mind when ever I wish. Change course when ever I like.

It’s all good.

After all this celibacy.

Getting my groove back? Even better.

Will there be Hannah Murphy stories? Yep, she like you Gentle reader, is my guide through all this.

Will there be dogs? This is 12 dogs and a blog. Yes of course there will be dogs. Many dogs. I love dogs.

Will there be exercise class? Let’s not get carried away. Unless there is a personal trainer who is a good looking GUY? Don’t know.

Will there be political intrigue? Yes, if you count RedNeck politico as political intrigue. I’m writing it up as a political soap opera. Like Dallas. Personally I think it’s time for Dallas again.

Oil and sex and mean people – Southern style. Welcome to RedNeck Politico. Just writes itself.

Will I do the interactive stories? You liked them didn’t ya? Well sure. See above.

Will there be women’s issues? Cranky old feminist may rear her head from time to time. Need to put her on with Hannah Murphy. Hannah’s not a feminist by the way. She’s a realist.

Will there be a talk show? Kind of. It’s called The 3o’clock Show. Once a week with Hannah Murphy. That’s about all ya can take. At least all I can.

Will I do post cards? Yep, after all this is a journey. What’s a trip without post cards.

Will there be a question of the day? My Day’s of the Week Underwear Drawer? Yes and Yes.

Will I answer the question “What did I learn last night and this morning?” Not sure. Depends. I’d like to but well I’m not sure just yet. Lemmie think on it. Look for a sign. See what Fate thinks. I hoped that it would be a fun and well yeah kind of flirty way of self discovery but sometimes it’s just kind of mean. I like snark and certainly have snarked but not if it becomes distructive or mean.

I guess though I should answer this question.

I learned last night that you can take things too far and maybe hurt folks feelings. When you get to that point you should say, “I’m sorry”. Try to remember that even the toughest exterior covers a soft heart that should be treated gently. So I’ll start. I’m sorry if I took things so far that feelings might have been hurt. I’m just sick of having the same done to me. I have a soft heart too. My feelings can be hurt. Luckily thanks to a person with a massively good sense of humor, my feeling weren’t hurt last night. And may I just say– the guy was a great kisser. Very distracting.

That was a heck of an interesting discovery.

Finally will there be blatantly ogling of good looking men? Yes. After the sexism this past primary? Oh yeah.

I’ve already started.

Yesterday morning? I ogled the mental image of PegsontheBay in nothing but his jeans and Lucky hat. He posted about it on his blog. Yep. Pegs. In his Lucky hat and jeans. All tanned and buffed. Covered in sweat and beer and dirt. Tilling the soil under that hot Oklahoma sun. I’m sorry I know he’s married and a grandfather and all but he started it my posting about this in his blog. So I’m ogling. So did some other folks. You know who you are. I’m ogling that mental image like there is no tomorrow. So ogling good looking men? If men can do it to women then I can do it to men. It was such a success? I went to ogling Tryork. I know he has all that hair but so did Samsom and he was as we all know a fox. Just keep Try away from those Delilahs that would cut it. I talking about Pink Poodles that have a penchant for shearing things. Oh and you Flowby people. You can just keep away from him too. Besides. Tryork has that sexy muscle called a brain all buff. Don’t believe me? Go read. Well from Pegs to Try to Tv’s Craig Ferguson. The last male type person I ogled wasn’t TV’s CF. Nope. He was the next to the last. The last person was a real live guy. WB.

I ogled him too as he can be pretty durn charming when he wants. Besides unlike the above folks he’s right here. My own private eye candy. Well maybe not but with a little work…

As for Tv’s CF? Oh well he is a fox. Fine looking man and funny. Plus unlike WB he has the gift of conversation in his favor. Sigh. Yeah I know, just like most of the rest of us, smitten. Matter of fact. I think that the “What did I learn ?” part here at 12 dogs should be an analysis of what it is about these folks that make me ogle so. Now that would be a learning experience. Kind of a Miss America contest for men. There he is, Miiiss America. And now wearing nothing but jeans and a Lucky Hat our contestant from Oklahoma. Pegsonthe Bay. mmmmmmm.

yeah πŸ˜‰

Now back to reinvention.

I’ve gotten emails from folks that I’d really like to hear from during this process. I’d like to read their take on this journey for sure. And there is one emailer, I’m not sure I’m I can keep up with them. They’re really smart and funny. I’d learn alot from them but I’m afraid that I’d bore them 1/2 to death or drive them nuts with having to ask them to explain. I dunno if they have the patience to chat with me. I think however there is hope because I know that they read my blog sometimes. And they LOVE words. They might even do the cryptoquotes puzzles. I haven’t asked but, well, it would make me “over the moon” happy if they would.

What’s next? Independence Day to do list.
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10 commentsIndependence Day to do list.
Posted Jul-03-08 21:18:53 PDT Updated Jul-03-08 22:34:34 PDTTo do list.

Remember that words in blue are hyperlinks!

Remember to wish every one a Happy Independence Day !

Make potato salad. Skip the mayo. We know what happened last year. Good news! Rivera has a great idea for mayo potato salad. See this post. Thanks Rivera, that’s a great idea. I’m going to use it this summer. Again thanks.

Take a sec and check email. Read very first edition of 12 dog’s political commentary @ RedNeck Politico Happy 4th of July Issue. Sure to offend all but then make them happy too, this is a parody of the General Election season where EVERYONE had an ulterior motive.

God bless the First Ammendment. πŸ˜€

Send Grownup and kids to Crazy Bill’s to get fireworks. Please remind responsible grownup that I will haunt him should he buy anything that could put out an eye or take off a finger. He will be fireworks wrangler. Send Michael with him. Grown up is stupid when it come to fireworks. Michael isn’t and since I caught him and Amy going comando at the lake during the family reunion? I own that kid.

Bring my own music. I’m sorry but this year I’m bringing out the Drifters, the Platters, and the Coasters. I don’t mean the one’s you put food on either.

Give the annual fire works talk. Remember to tell kids the “Stupid but true Fireworks story.” The one about the time we shot the bottle rocket over to Sharon’s house. This isn’t funny. Make sure Michael gets that.

Hide semi annual beer in fridge. This is my one beer and by goodness no one is touching it but me.

Bring hotdogs and mustard. I’m sorry but I don’t like those dang tofu things and I like plain old yellow mustard. The rest of the world can Grey Poupon it but not me. My mustard looks like the color of a Crayola Crayon. Nothing grey about it.

Read the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence

. It’s cool to be corney. It really is.

If you’d rather not? You can watch TV’s Craig Ferguson do it on CBS’s 4th of July Special July 4th. Check listings.

Have fun!
When everyone is squared away and the house is quiet? Skip over to Blogland to read the Blogs and Check yer mail. Hannah in Blogland

Thanks to the folks who came to visit last night. I was so glad to see you. Rivera thanks for the idea for mayo potato salad. A great idea I’m happy to read and use. I am trying to chat more but until then my comments are on but hidden. Please leave a comment. It works just like a blog answering machine. Again take care, good to see ya, Happy 4th and kind regards. Hugs!!!! Ann
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5 commentspotato salad
Posted Jul-03-08 21:14:03 PDT Updated Jul-03-08 21:53:09 PDTPotato Salad

four cups new potatoes cut into pieces

one bell pepper diced

one onion diced

three celery ribs sliced

3tbsp dried tarragon flakes

1tbsp garlic powder

salt and pepper to taste.

mustard to taste

1/2 cup sour cream


Wash (scrub) potatoes and then cut into dice. You don’t have to peel the loose peels should come off when you scrub.

Put potatoes along with 1/2 cup water in a microwave safe bowl. Cover. Cook in microwave until done.

Drain potatoes. Put back in the cook bowl. Let cool to room temp.

Mean while dice onion, celery, and bell pepper.

When potatoes have cooled add diced vegies to potatoes.

Now add taragon, mustard(only if you want), salt, pepper, and sour cream to the vegetable mix.

Toss to coat.

Put in fridge to chill

You can do all of the above the night before. One less thing to worry with.

Put in serving bowl.

If you are going to take some where make sure that every thing is very cold and pack in the cooler. Note rivera’s very good suggestion. I’m planning on using it myself.

Good eats.


I got this great idea from rivera. It’s for mayo potato salad you can take to the beach. I love it thought you might too. Ann

Rivera had a great idea.

rivera8821 ( 462) easy to handle the mayo buy a new jar and pack it to go with you. when you are ready to serve potatoe salad just add.every year at beach time i make potatoe salad and i add the mayo then i wrap the bowl with foil and put in cooler with ice never had a problem
Jul-03-08 21:38:25 PDT

This is just a neato idea.

Back to Independence Day to do list.
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1 commentRedNeck Politico Happy 4th of July
Posted Jul-03-08 20:52:22 PDT Updated Jul-03-08 21:21:17 PDTTo kick off the 4th of July holiday weekend?

The first issue of the RedNeck Politico .

It’s the quaint Diary of a RedNeck politco in a Conservative world. Or if the Republicans win? Diary of a Red Neck politico in a Liberal world. Hey I’m Bi-party (aka Independent) I can go both ways.

I’ve been reading political blogs again. I know, Makes me cranky too. Nothing like being called a cranky old feminist to ruin a perfectly good day. Unless you suffer from IJDGAS syndrome like I do. Then the whole experience becomes grist for a blog. So don’t miss this odd farts take on politics RedNeck style.

Oh yeah. For those folks who simply hated RedNeck Politico and now want to send me, “I hate you” email? Please send your comments to Leavemealone@thisemaildoesntexist. com

And something that is actually important:

Note to WaryCary @ TWoP. Still sending get wells. Did someone ask you to marry them? Did you say yes?

Back to my Independence Day to do list.
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0 commentsPreamble to the Declaration of Independence
Posted Jul-03-08 20:44:57 PDT Updated Jul-03-08 21:24:58 PDTIf you don’t have a copy, you can find a copy of the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence here.

It’s cool to be corney. God bless America, ya’ll

Or watch Mr Craig Ferguson of the LateLate Show do it on tonights CBS July 4th special.

Good luck Mr. Ferguson. You’ll do great.

Back to Independence Day to do list.
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0 commentsHave fun
Posted Jul-03-08 20:36:09 PDT Updated Jul-03-08 21:27:28 PDTFor all the cool girls in the room. It’s fun to dance to.


If it Makes You Happy Sheryl Crow

Chasing Cars Snow Patrol

For sitting out under the pecan trees in the sling chairs drinking my semi annual beer under the trees.

Life can be good.

Have fun. Back to Independence Day to do list.

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0 commentsHappy Independence Day !
Posted Jul-03-08 20:28:03 PDT Updated Jul-03-08 21:26:18 PDTThis blog sends hugs to those folks stationed in the Middle East. Come home safe and happy Independence Day.


I know that there are alot of folks who have very different ideas about how we ended up in Iraq. A professor once told me that reasonable people would differ. I get that. This isn’t about that debate. Nope. This is for folks who won’t be with the ones they love this holiday. I think we can all agree that we hope that the folks stationed in the Middle East come home safe. That we all want them to come home.

Happy 3rd of July.

Hugs to you and yours.



Home sung by Michael Buble.

So Far Away sung by Carol King

I miss home and I’m not getting shot at. My fire works come with hot dogs not flak jackets. I’m sure that homesickness gets even worse when you are far away and getting shot at. I’m thinking that when we are So Far Away all we want to do is go Home. Not trying to make you sad. Nope. I’m trying to get us all to remember someone who’s family is far away and, if you can, adopt them this weekend. Tell them you love them and Hugs. LOL That’s all.

The Riddle Five for Fighting πŸ˜€

Hugs to you Gentle Reader. This song is for you. Be safe. Wear seat belts. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t poke your sister’s eye out with the sparklers. Hug your mom or dad , your kid, your significant other, or someone elses mom and dad if yours aren’t there. Flirt. Be happy. Run in the sprinklers. Read the Preamble of the Constitution and be proud. No. It is not corny – it’s nice. Try it. Love free with joy. Look at the stars if you can’t see the fireworks. What a sight. Breath free air. I miss you already so be safe. Take a picture and come tell me all about it on Monday. Best regards, Ann

Back to Independence Day to do list.
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0 commentsStupid but true Fireworks story.
Posted Jul-03-08 20:25:31 PDT Updated Jul-03-08 21:23:38 PDTThe summer of 1969 my very favorite cousins came to visit us. Somehow, I guess because the eldest was supposed to be responsible (snerk)and could drive, we got hold of Black Cat fire crackers and bottle rockets. I’m not proud of this but I was a kid. I know it was stupid but for some reason after we’d finished studding pine cones with Black Cats (fire crackers) and lighting them, after we’d all had at least one fire cracker go off just as we were trying to throw them at each other (giving us numb fingers), after all this someone decided to light the bottle rockets. For those who might not know, we called bottle rockets, bottle rockets, because you put the long thin piece of bamboo attached to the fire work in a bottle to prop it up. Then you lit the fuse and ran like heck. Laughing so the bigger kids wouldn’t know you were scared to death after the Black Cats numbed yer fingers. CokeCola bottles were THE best because they were glass and heavy. Besides you got to drink the colas. Well this particular afternoon we found ourselves with bottle rockets and no CokeCola bottles. So my cousin, the eldest, responsible one? Decide that it would be responsible to put the thing on the back of the car and point it across the street. The kid who lived across the street thought this was excellent so with his permision we lit the bottle rocket and aimed it across the street as his yard. Zoooommmmm, shoooooooo, bang. Every thing went great. You have to understand we lived in a different time. No ordinance against fire works. As long as we weren’t hurting anyone or each other and as long as we were staying in the yard? Well it was okay. The first bottle rocket was such a success that eldest and responsible of us, with the urging of us younger and stupid kids, decided to shoot another bottle rocket. Carefully he placed it on the car’s bumper. Carefully he lit the fuse. Soon as we all heard the hiss of the fuse we all scattered. Everything was going great just like the first one. Everyone had their fingers and were yelling with delight. Then it happened. This one made a straight line for my friends front door. Zoom. We held our breaths. Dumb. Then something even more spectacular happened.

My friends father opened the front door and stepped out onto his front porch.

He did.

And I am telling the truth here. I promise.

The story was this. It went right up to my friend’s father and Bang. Part of us told the story that it just went bang at his feet. But, depending who told this story, others claimed it made it into the house.

This guy he was tug captain with most of his kids in high school. He was tough and neither he or my father suffered fools. Luckily, his responsible eldest made it a habit of running over our mail box. Both dad’s were fathers to rambunctous kids and all of us had messed up some how while we were running the road and basically trying to grow up in one piece. Well he did a miracle. We were all just waiting for the rush of words and at least one swear word. That was the miracle. All he did was laugh. Laughed so hard it was funny to see. I think he was relieved that none of us had put an eye out or blown off a finger AND he was even with my dad for all the times his eldest had hit our mail box.

I won’t ever forget that day.

The moral of this story?

If you ever shoot off a bottle rocket for heaven’s sake do not put it on the back of the car and aim it across the street at your neighbours house even if you have their kids permision. Don’t be stupid. Also don’t run with a sparkler. You might put your eye out.

Well you might.


Smash mouth * I’m a Believer * cause I like it.

That is all.

Back to Independence Day to do list.

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0 commentsthe annual fire works talk
Posted Jul-03-08 20:23:28 PDT Updated Jul-03-08 21:22:25 PDTOkay kiddies as responsible adults you know and I know it’s that time of year when grown men become stupid. If they aren’t turning meat to infernos with lighter fluid, they are scarin the little kids with fire works and given those same little kids sparklers. You know how stupid this is.

So I would like to offer my time tested speech to the impressionable kiddies who will turn into the most responsible of the group when the “big” kids get involved.

To begin.\

Line up children I have something important to tell you all. First. Look at your hands. Let’s all count our fingers shall we. One, two , three, four, fivesixseveneightnine and ten. Now then children. It is your job to see at the end of this day ten fingers. All intact including feels in those fingers. NO NUMB FINGERS. Now let’s look at our feet. We have on those feet ten toes. At the end of this day you will also have ten toes. All functioning. That means tonight we wear shoes and when your idiot friends tell you to hold this and it is hissing you drop it. Not on your sister or the dog either. On the ground and you say, scatter. Now look at each other. You will notice that on each person their are eyes. We will NOT throw anything at those eyes. Okay. At the end of the evening we want all our eyes intact.

Now tonight you will be watched by your cousin Michael. From this point, Michael is known as “he that must be obeyed or we loose computer time”. If you give him grief, I will be your nightmare. No when Uncle Bruce suggests that you light anything? You make sure to ask cousin Michael if that is a good idea.


One more thing. If cousin Michael gets distracted by his new girlfriend Amy? You have my permision to tell. Matter of fact, I’ll give anyone who tells me when he does five bucks. If he does then I will be cousin Michael’s worse nightmare.

That is all.

Have fun. Except Michael who will be a saint.

Otherwise I will tell his mother.

I will make it up.

He will not see the sun or his computer for a long while.

Got it.


Back to Independence Day to do list.

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3 commentsCheck yer mail. Hannah in Blogland
Posted Jul-02-08 21:31:16 PDT Updated Apr-19-09 18:50:19 PDTI was telling someone about the character Hannah Murphy. She’s a character I created. I quote her ALL the time. Funny thing. She’s kind of like an alter ego. I love Hannah. As a character, she is just so Zen. The spirit of what I know about Buddhism. She’d go to the side of the road with a clarity that I envy. Then she’d go back and tell that wiseman what a wiseass he was. Ask him how come he couldn’t just of told her instead of that learning experience. She’d say, “Good Mercy. I’m just covered up in “learning experiences”. You could have just told me that the secret of life was the basics. I already knew that. I just thought there might be something else I missed. By the way there’s a great sale on shoes. Going barefoot just isn’t sanitary.” I actually met a “Hannah”. Along time ago when I was, uhm, younger. She was a beautician. Back before they became “hair stylists”. The sister of my exboyfriend’s, friend’s, girl friend. Got that? Sorry she’s southern. I’m southern. There just wasn’t any other way to explain it. So. I got to spend a lovey couple of days with this real life Hannah, her sister (my boyfriend’s best friend’ I don’t have to explain that part), and their three friends in a girls vacation on the Gulf of Mexico. I loved that trip. Great group. She rented a condo and we all went as guests. She may have been a “beautician” from Middle of Nowhere, Alabama but apparently she married well. Just liked being with folks and the small town she grew up in. I learned alot on that trip. Kind of a southern version of Sex in the City. If Sex in the City was in LA(Lower Alabama) and didn’t have sex. Girl had rules for that trip. Rule one? No hankypanky.

She’s the one I kind of think of when I think of Hannah. She’s not literally Hannah. Nope. She’s like Hannah. Bright, funny, aware and a natural. Very down to earth for such an up in the air kind of gal. I just loved her.

So there you go.

This is the portal to the Hannah Murphy blog. I thought you might enjoy it. Thanks for the visit. Ann.

Maybe you’d like to follow Hannah’s adventures in blogland’s Zen gardens of cranial delights ? If so?

Click > Hannah in Blogland. A dialog.”


Note. If you’ve been reading the Pure Kudzu league story arch, click here…

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0 commentsHappy 3rd of July!!
Posted Jul-02-08 20:56:38 PDT Updated Jul-02-08 21:41:06 PDTHappy New American Day to TV’s Craig Ferguson.

…so okay. I’m a fan of the Late Late Show… looking forward to seeing CF read the Preamble to the Constitution and his speech at Faneuil Hall in Boston.

(see the CBS 4th of July special.)

Happy 3rd of July!!

Jack the Intern, Auntie Slacker, Author Ann, Hannah Murphy, Ann and of course Iron Chassis.

PS. Hey if you were wondering about Hannah Murphy?

Read here > Check yer mail. Hannah in Blogland


Elton John Philadelphia Freedom

George Michael Faith

The Standells Dirty Water. “…flustrated women…”

John Cougar Life Goes On

“…here’s a little ditty about Jack and Diane…”

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1 comment”…here’s a little ditty about Jack and Diane…”
Posted Jul-02-08 16:05:41 PDT Updated Jul-02-08 19:27:19 PDT
Dunno. Just that kind of day.

Playlist Addition * Seal * Love’s Divine

Posted this to say hello. I reread the original and it seemed harsh. Nothing could be further from the truth. Think kind thoughts here.

Hey !! Good to hear from you. I’m not sure where I was going either.

Hmm. Did you ever just sit in a chair and wander? Listen to the radio? Listen to your own thoughts. Did you ever enjoy a song for just the idea of it? I was listening to the radio. Very random. The original song for this post was George Michael’s Faith. Which is why the post title was Faith. Then I heard Seal’s song on the radio. Nice. Maybe over the top. I didn’t really have a reason. Just random kind of like your response. Kind of like life.

Should use the words as links for random posts. A mental round about. Lots of places you could go.

How’s your dad? I hope he’s doing alright.

Best regards, Ann.
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0 commentsDunno. Just that kind of day.
Posted Jul-02-08 15:55:05 PDT Updated Jul-02-08 16:11:31 PDTDo you ever wake up and think. OMGoodness. We’re just so dang normal. Then you wonder about the word normal. And then you start thinking about your cousin Ed and you sister Jan.
All of a sudden your thinking OMGoodness. We’re just so dang weird.
Do you ever do that?
Was just thinking that. Only in reverse. We’re supposed to the weird ones of the family but the truth is we’re the normal ones. But because in our family is so weird, they’re “normal” and we’re “weird”.
Gentle reader, stop yer multitasking a second and listen. I need yer help. I want to stop writing for a bit. I don’t want you to stop reading because I stopped writing. So what do we do? I just have stuff going on. If I knew who your were and you knew me I’d just be quiet and listen to you. You know when you sit out in the sling chairs under the trees. Be quiet. Talks some. Being quiet and just thinking is kind of nice. Here on the internet, quiet can be a bit, well, disquieting.
I have somethings to work out here.
It would be a bit jarring if I leave and then come back. You might not know me. But if I can come and go? Write or not? Like sitting under the trees on Sunday afternoon. When being quiet isn’t a bad thing? It would be good.

Maybe good for you too. You can go exploring in 12 dogs.

Maybe good for me too.

I really do wonder who you are. I try to imagine.

This next part isn’t original. Another poster talked about their first post. The only thing I can say is that I admire this poster’s writing very much. πŸ™‚

Who or what is 12 dogs and a blog?

Bog under construction. Wait a minute…. that’s not right. Fine print. This is the very first blog here at 12 dogs and a blog.
Have a happy.
Author Ann

In the Middle of the Night
Billy Joel.

So what’s really happening in my real life?
So what did I learn? <Note to Nolenpackrat. Very self absorbed. LOL. Avoid.
Oh my word they're actually cleaning closets?

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1 commentSo what did I learn?
Posted Jul-02-08 15:42:42 PDT Updated Jul-03-08 13:28:59 PDTThat I love writing. I really do. I was telling Walking Buddy this very thing. Why no one ever figured this out before I just don't know. I like writing fiction. Sure I write fact here but what I dearly love to do is play "what if". Write a character or person I know into and out of a situation. Or sometimes there's a memory that is just so durn entertaining. But there is a bit of responsibilty to protect these folks. Protect their privacy. You protect the people who I love and the real situations that I might write about.

Sometimes the perfect sentence isn't one person. It's many.

I tried to explain it to Walking Buddy this morning. "See" , I told him, " Sometimes the perfect "noun" person would never do the perfect "verb" action. You would never actually use those "Adjectives" and "Adverbs" to describe them. But if you put the perfect "noun" person with the perfect "verb" action and then color them with those "Adjectives" and "Adverbs"? Put all those "parts" of people together? You do that? You have the perfect sentence. That's what I do. It creates a great story but while all the parts are real, the result isn't. Not quite. They create a truth. A composite "picture" that creats something more real that the parts. But still not real.

I would never use my words to lie to you, Gentle Reader. I wouldn't. Lies would hurt you. I just don't want that. So please remember that 12 dogs in a writer's journal. A fiction writer's journal. There are true things written here. There really are. But there are fictional things written too. I'm writing. Creating characters. Part of it is me and my life. As I told you before WB and Pup are real. So was my Great Aunt and WB's brother. I use nicks to protect them. When you write about real folks you have to take care of their feelings.

You must be wondering what's the point of all this.

Well, you see, it's about the "numb tongue" posts and an email that I got. And I got to wondering how to explain 12 dogs and the post to you. Take the "numb tongue" posts. I have a numb tongue. I really do. This is true. And I have in my life gotten up in front of complete strangers to sing. Yeppers, I own flowery shirts. I love to listen to Jimmy Buffet. I love the Gulf of Mexico. I did get drunk and throw up in a not very graceful way. I did go out at the urging of a friend looking for the illusive other half. She "held my hand" while I threw up. As for being lucky. Oh yeah. She met a future boyfriend that night and got him to hold my hand while I threw up. But it wasn't Coronas I was drinking. It was Tequilla shooters. Apparently I have a 4 shooter limit before I throw up. Yes, at the time I was trying to find myself and someone else. That was before Pup. No beer of Tequilla for this one as soon as I knew pregnant. Don't want to be in a way that would keep me for being with Pup if he needed me. I just wanted you to know that. I'm going to be writing more on the "numb tongue" threads. For public and private reasons, while there's going to be "real life", there will be fiction in these posts. I have to respect the privacy of others. And there is a writer's reason too. Like some kind of strange dream, I want to interweave past, present, and future into a look at where I am and where I will go. It's the way I know to create a real truth. Something that just reconting the facts of my life won't do.

I think that this is a point where I can reinvent myself. Why should actors and rockstars have all the fun hey? Why not me.

I'm entering a different place in my life. Things are changing for me and Pup. I don't lose Pup I gain family. That's good. Means grandbabies. Means new people coming into our family. I hope. Means being able to go to my mom and say, "See I was right. I did good."

Means I can write.

Enter the "numb tongue" entries.

It's a continuation of the mental "spring cleaning" from earlier. Mental flossing. Eeww, that's kind of gross isn't it.

Just I don't want to have you think that drinking is a good plan for changing your life. It's not. When I write about it? Just think of it as like that part of a dream when you can walk through walls. The sureal stuff. Bummer.

I think I'm just gonna write.

I just don't want you to take it so literally that what you see is "exactly" real life.

It is "true" life.

Let's just say it's a very real person in a fictional glove. Hey knock yer self out trying to guess what's the real and the fiction.

Which ever it is, it's the things needed for the reinvention of me.


I'm meeting some folks who I really am glad to chat with. I'm an honest person. I don't want to deceive you while I'm doing it.


Just wanted to let you know.

Remember. If you don't know? Just ask. πŸ˜€

Oh and for my Parrot Head friend. I hope so. That there is someone for each of us. I've met folks who are happily married. Wouldn't want anyone else. I would tell you that before you can find someone else that you have to find yourself. My problem is that I did find that person. At least that person was one for me. I just don't seem to be the person for them. Telling me that there is someone else? I just have trouble buying it. Hugs to you. You are kind and that's good.

Happy Reading, Ann.

For something that really did happen in my life?

Oh my word they're actually cleaning closets?
Playlist additions:

Wanted to note these here. Will put them on playlist later.

"It's meeting the man of my dreams and then meeting his beautiful wife." Alanis Morisette.

I love this song. Before "paperclip" irony this song was how I remembered "irony". The quote is from this song.

Get Into the Grove.

early Madonna

I have an early Madonna CD that I love. What is it about this woman that get's ya off yer duff and move?

5 for fighting you & i

This song is such a sweet song. Like a sweet song for grown up kids. A gentle way to show life. Not the irony song.

Bette Davis Eyes

(singer? dunno)

LOL I love the lyrics to this song. Hmmmm? Ummmmm. Mmmmm.

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0 commentsOh my word they're actually cleaning closets?
Posted Jul-01-08 15:28:10 PDT Updated Jul-01-08 15:31:22 PDTWell heck. I got them cleaning closets. Had I known the way to do it was just say no to going anywhere in the car? I'd have done this sooner. Just came to a point. That point would be in the dog pens covered in mud, poop, and dog hair, and being asked by son if he could go to town. I just said no. In a very loud voice. I also got my drill sargent on. That not going to town sruff sure worked. It was a amazing. Problem is that they're nice. Getting them to be nice isn't a problem but for some reason today there was this videogame and he just had to have it, and whiiiiinneeee. Something about being in the heat, covered in mud, dog hair and being whined at just empowered me to say, "Heck No!" And now they have cleaned closets. It is a miracle.

Maybe they should go to town tonight after all. Naw. I think they should wait it out til tomorrow night and then go to the movies too. πŸ˜€ I love these guys.

I think it is the miracle of good Karma wishes from a kind person. Thanks.

Dedication song. for the kind thought. Barefoot Children in the Rain. Take care and hugs to you and your dad.

For My new healthy life style.? < Read here.

Happy Day and Happy Reading Ann.

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