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Posted Jun-15-08 21:13:30 PDT Updated Jun-17-08 20:42:37 PDT”We aren’t sure why this is happening.

But there is alligator in my toilet.”

Channel 5 News @ 10

Silly Season for Tryork


Do we keep her?

Do we feed her”

Do we give her to the zoo?

She’s really very special.

She’s playing a kazoooo.

We aren’t sure how she got here.

Yes we’re sure she is a she.

I remember clear Wild Kingdon.

Where they “sexed” them on tv.

Well that and she has a girdle

And she is dressed to impress

And there’s lipstick on her lips

And she is wearing a frilly dress

Yes I know that doesn’t make our lovely alligator female.

I learn from watching Late Late show

There are also folks called “shemales”

But she says her name is Allie

And she’s most definate a girl

She just made a wrong hand turn

While out in our human world

So we aren’t sure what to do now

You see we’re used to cows

So we thought we’d call you zoo guys

Yes we thought you’d tell us how.

To remove this Allie from our toilet.

See it’s causing quite a mess

And well it’s not doing great things

For Allie Alligator’s dress.

The End

For Tryork

and his dripping faucet.

Which should stop dripping

(I hope) very soon.

Best and hugs,



I hope that your … drip drip drip … is gone, gone, gone.


(nailhd. Is that you? I hope you read this but your poem is the other one to go back )

Click > Nailhd and Tryork

Not Nailhd or Tryork?

Next stop? Ode to old houses.


Or You’ll want to know what Alice read. Click > Alice read the note? “Click Me?”.
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1 commentPostcards from the Road
Posted Jun-15-08 21:12:33 PDT Updated Jun-24-08 20:10:39 PDTDear Gentle reader.

I have a post card from the road. Today I got all dressed up and went visiting and shopping. The day was beautiful. I’ve made a new friend who I look forward to visiting again. Then I went shopping. Great fun.

I love to do this.

Found a place that sells chicks, ducks, and rabbits. It was the most fun. When Pup was younger we had chickens and two ducks. Now that he’s older he’s not interested in poultry. I still have the coop and a pen. If it weren’t for traveling I’d get some Rhode Island Reds for the eggs and two turkeys. Problem is with the dogs. Anyway. It was fun to see the “babies”. I do love chickens.

More post cards from the road soon.

Best and hugs,

Author Ann


While there isn’t always a post card from the road,

there is ALWAYS a Post Card from the Boonies of Life

New song added to playlist. Go figure out which one and why.

Do you have these songs on your playlist…

New question of the day added late tonight.

I have to think a new one up.

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Past Post cards from the Road.

For the first day of summer it was actually cool.

That’s pretty much it.

I didn’t go anywhere in the car today. If I had’ve gone somewhere in the car I would’a had a post card from the road but I didn’t actually go anywhere today so I don’t. But I will try to get in the car and at least drive to get the mail. Normally we walk that distance. But in the interest of having something to post here I could start up the car and drive the two feet to the mail box and back.

That is technically on the road.

Okay, I’ll try to go to the grocery store. That place is a hoot anyway so will give me stuff to write about.

That’s about it.


Author Ann

Guess what Gentle reader. Today in an effort to have something to write about from on the road? I went outside, opened the door to the car, put kiddo’s dress clothes into the car, shut the door, and sent kiddo on his way for his visit.

I also contemplated going with kiddo to said function but the idea of his mom tagging along with him and his trip mate? Not a good idea.


There ya’ go. A Post Card from the Road. Kinda. Well more like a Post Card from the Driveway. But it’s something.

Now? I’ m blue.

Miss kiddo. 😦

Thank goodness that I have the very uplifting Pi book. Uh, that’s a book about a young man who becomes an orphan. No. Second thought. I’m going to read Great Expectations. Impress Walking Buddy by reading the book he gave me for entertainment. Besides I could use a good soap opera right now. No wait. That book has the character Mrs. Haversham in it. She’s the character that gets dumped at the alter and spend the rest of her life in DISPAIR. Sheesh. She’s depressing.

Well that leaves the Zen Book. Nice. mediative, and by the time it gets depressing Kiddo will be back and I can get the scoop on his adventure. Besides it’ll give me something to write about next week.

Take care and Happy Reading.


PPS Today is Sunday. A day of rest. And gas is like 4 dollars a gallon. Unless I can walk to it, I am not getting in a car and going anywhere. Call it my gift to the environment. Call me cheap. Call me a cab or come get me (and I’ll be glad to go visit).

So no post card from the Road.

Of course I do have my limits and as soon as Kiddo and WB get back I am so heading to Target to get that bra.

Save the enviroment and money. Stay home and buy stuff on eBay instead.

Sigh is it really just numbers ?
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3 commentsPost Card from the Boonies of Life
Posted Jun-15-08 21:11:43 PDT Updated Jun-26-08 19:46:29 PDTSome are from the road. Some are from home. All are from life.

Dear Gentle reader.

I don’t have dogs I have mountain goats. I heard an almost voice like sound coming from the kennel were I found the three stooges on top of the kennel. Not the dogs houses no. They were ontop of the kennel.

More later on how they do this.


Past letter.

Hey there. This evening felt like summers when I was a kid when there really was a break in our life from the school season to time off at summer. WB bush hogged so you can smell that cut hay smell. After the lang and angry primary season it feels as if school is out.

Have seen photos of the wedding. I love WB’s new wife. The bride was beautiful. WB’s brother looks happy! Pup wore a tie! Good time had and a new family formed.

We need this summer calm. There are alot of changes here. Some are not the kind I’m looking forward to. I would love an oportunity to travel or go visit. Maybe go see my Aunt. I missed a trip to SanFrancisco in May. I love to travel:love to go visit. I remember visiting my Grand parents during Spring Break. I remember reading on their front porch. Riding bicycles with my cousin. Waking up to eat breakfast with my Pawpaw. They had a different rhythm than my own family. The pace was calm compared to my own home life. I sill think of reading while sitting on their glider. The smell of Olive. The feel of walking barefooted on the St. Augustine grass. The warm days on the coast.

I miss that. I miss them too. Now, like much of my youth, these things only exists in my mind’s eye. They sold my grandparent’ home. Turned the house into rental houses. The screens on the porch that my PawPaw built had holes in them. The Camilia bushes so tall and wild without care that one of the tenets “limbed up” the bushes turning them into Camilia trees. “Camilia Trees” sounds like a good story title. The Banana Bush was still there as was the Russian Olive by the porch. The glider didn’t make the cut of things kept when my mom and Aunt “broke up” my grandparent’s home. I did get the wing backed chair that I remember sleeping in as a kid. My mom remembers it from when she was a preschooler. It was used when Mawmaw bought it. Needs to be recovered now. You can see the history in the arms of the chair where the fabric has frayed and now you can see underneath. Who ever recovered that chair left the previous fabric on and just covered over it. It was like finding a long lost stuffed animal. It was just luck that I asked for it. Mom said they’d have given it away like they did the glider. Lost. Adrift. Given to someone who would never know it’s history. Just like it history before my grand mother bought it was lost to her. I saw another one just like it but covered in different fabric in a junk shop in Montgomery, Alabama. We didn’t have the money really to buy it and have it recovered. It was a shock as I always assumed that ithat chair’s “contemporaries ” had been lost like the glider’s past had been lost. But here was another chair.

I like the chair as a single entitiy though so it’s good we didn’t buy another. One makes it feel unique even if I know that’s not true. And it is easier to tell the story of this chair and it’s travels if there is only one.

Well this is more the letter than a snap shot.

I’m abit long winded. Reading Jane Austen does that to me. All the lovely words. All the lovely meanings.

I hope that you’ll put up with the dogged “possitivity” (dragon a word that should be one even if it isn’t). I need this positive time now. It will balance out some of the sad things in the world.

Thank you.

OH there is a post card from the road and a new member in our household. One of the outside pups is inside with us learning inside manners. I met a man who was looking for an “inside” dog for his wife. She keeps her grandbabies and he thought it would be good company. This pup is a dream. She is to small and so sweet in temperment. We are working on house training her. I just know that the neighbors think I’m nuts with all the “good dog” talk. But I don’t care it will be worth it. She has her cousin helping. Domi bugs to go out so Izzy goes too. She already has her spot. They’re alot like babies. They sleep, eat, poop/pee, and play. Repeat as necessary. Good company. It has really illustrated how unique each dog is though. They are just so different in temperament. Izzy, the playful pup. Domi, my sophisticate, who’s idea of roughing it is to romp in the field rather than in the yard. What a pair. If I don’t give Izzy to this fella I think I’ll keep them together.

One last thing. I have found out that the dog that was missing, one of my original pups, is dead. Long, sad story. Part of the unhappiness that I am trying to balance with happiness here. I’ll post her photo soon.


Goodbye MaeMae. Chase rabbits in heaven.

Author Ann.


When I actually get in the car go somewhere, okay or walk. I’ll send you a Postcards from the Road or Life.

New song added to playlist. Go figure out which one and why.

Do you have these songs on your playlist…

New question of the day added late tonight.

I have to think a new one up.

Back to the Blogs

Past Post Cards—————–

Okay I’m going to make this quick.

Show of hands of those who celebrated boobies week by going to Victoria’s Secret and buying a water bra.

Have a great weekend.

Author Ann

PS Well I don’t know how you celebrated, but I know how I’m doing it. This one here is gonna go buy a cotton stretch plunge bra, polkadot version by Xhilaration, that I saw advertised in today’s Target ad. Might even buy the hot pink one and the blue one. I can wear the blue one without a shirt. Looks like a swimsuit top. Can scandalize the neighbors. Well just the ones who can see me. If they can they”re gonna really be scandalzied when I call the sherrif’s department and report them as trespassing Peeping Toms. πŸ˜€

Actually celebrating two events by the way. The first is of course Unofficial Boobies Week. The second is to celebrate the fact that I am NOT, in fact, the ugliest living thing on the planet.

Gus is. And he is LOVING IT!

Don’t know who Gus is?

Google it. If you have trouble finding it email me or post it here.

Hint: Gus, a he, is related to the 12 dogs blog. Think about it a bit.

Sounds as if it’s going to rain again. I spent yesterday morning cleaning and feeding the animals in a virtual wet tshirt extravaganza.

Why yes I do own a raincoat. Thanks for asking.

But I but since I missed Woodstock and was going to shower after anyway…:D

It was fun. LOL looks like I many have to put the sheriff’s dept. on speed dial. You know there’s just one thing I don’t understand. Yes, smart alleck, only one thing. I keep hearing folks yelling, ” OHHH my eyes. Oh the mental image. Quick ! The brain bleach.” Just don’t understand. Haven’t they ever seen a cranky old feminist in a neon blue, stretch plunge type bra before. Heck it looks like a bathing suit type. What’s their problem?

Besides they shouldn’t been looking anyhow.

Take Care, Author Ann

PS In case mom is reading. Hi mom. Yes I do actually wear a raincoat. The thing is mom that durn raincoat is hotter n’ heck during those summer rains. If I’m sweatin’ in something that feels like a sauna? Heck with mucking out the pens. I’m going to a spa.

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1 commentquestion of the day
Posted Jun-15-08 21:10:46 PDT Updated Jun-26-08 20:42:05 PDTNo more What did I learn? Now question of the day. It will change daily.

Question of the day?

How did you spending “Happy George Michael’s Birthday ” Day ? That’s not the question.

Hey, So here’s the question of the day:

Yesterday’s question didn’t make a lot of sense so I reworded it.

So, I get my crappy paperclip in the mail only hey, it’s not crappy at all! It is a perfectly nice paper clip. Unbent and no real visible scratches.

My question is:

My paper clip doesn’t look anything like the photo on the advert. It is not the crappy bent paperclip that I bought. It is a perfectly nice, very ordinary paperclip. Do I return this paperclip? Is it defective in its nice normal appearance and existence? It’s not the paperclip I bargained for. I bought a crappy, bent paperclip full of unique bends. I thought perhaps it needed to be assembled but there weren’t any directions to do so. not even those picture ones without words. So?

If you bought twisty and bent and you got nice and normal? Would my nice and normal and very useful new paper clip now be considered defective? Did it lose it’s intrinsic value as a metaphor when by not being twisty? Did it lose it’s value? Should I return it as defective because it’s not crappy and pizz as advertised? Or should I put my own twisty bends it it? If I do put the twisty bends in it will I be getting the same paperclip?

I need to cease being celebate. I need oh about two weeks of rest and relaxation. Lots of “grown up” activity and conversation. I might even need to get tipsy. I need to hear the sound of someone elses breathing in my ear. That’s not going to happen from the looks of it. I need to get my groove on so that I can get my groove back.

LOL This is certainly a “twist” in the story that I didn’t anticipate.

And I really shouldn’t write these questions when I’m half asleep.


You are due another question.

To be fair.

I don’t want to write today. Normally I’m happy to do so but today I’m distracted.

Nothing funny. Just a tried and true. What’s your earliest vivid memory? Not the snapshot kind but the fully formed.

I don’t know if there’s a story in that.

Better stick to Alice and her epic search for mobyDick.

Just so you’ll know. Alice may be frightened of alot of things but physical intimacy isn’t one of them. Emotional intimacy has her jump and twitch but not physical intimacy.

How lovely for the feeling of lips to ear. The feeling of breath to mind. The electric feeling of finger tip to lip. The brush of a kiss at the nape of a neck. It’s the language of the mind emotion. Teaches patience and strength. It lets the sensation of phyiscal stimuli wash over you. A conditioned response of the best kind. If Pavlov’s dogs salivated at the sight of food, his mistress writhed to the sound of his voice and quivered at the suggestion of his touch.

LOL I told you that the word “quiver” was in one of this weeks posts.

Now since I can’t I’m going to watch dance. Hmm. Let’s see perfect date. Modern dance with vibrant sound and color. Stephen Grapelli. Or Brazillian. Or an intermixing of melody and ambient sound. Click, click POP ccclllicke. Clandestine touching. Vibrating phones and inticing texting. Twitch. Quiver. Pop click mmmmm. A subway ride home in a packed subway. SRO. Face to face. Jostling like sardines. So close. First real intimacy of face to face. Wine to relax. Sparing. Circling. Close. Face to ear. Intense. Kiss. And kiss. And kiss…

wow. I really do need to get out or write it down. Modern dance because the whole process of discovering intimacy with someone is a dance. Free form. Improvisational. A call and response. click pop ahhhhh. I’m not sure. It’s been so long. But I hear it’s like riding a bicycle. It come back to you with the right person. Fluid.

The Japanese floating world. Wow.

Fitting that dance should begin the evening and “dance” should continue the evening.

Stay or go. I like stay. The feeling of another person invading my spaces. Like water flowing through me and through the hallways of my home and mind. Cereal in the morning. Bemused and sleepy. The test how easily they became apart of the rhythm of our worlds. I would love it if they sang. If they hummed to themselves in a most unconscious way. And smile. The ease in which they laugh. And hug too. But not the smothering, possessive kind that engulfs like some stale perfume no. Funny, As much as I love physical contract I don’t like being held for long periods of time. Is that weird?

No it’s finding the coffee on your own, letting out the dog, turning on the radio. The smell of ripe peaches in the farmer’s market. Sun coming through the window of the bathroom. Saturday morning in the farmers market. Friday night out. Monday morning self posessed.

Interdependant but not dependent.

So I get my crappy paperclip only hey, it’s not crappy. It’s not bent. It’s in great shape for a used paper clip. Should I demand my money back because it 1) doesn’t look like the bent paper clip on the advert. Does this make the paper clip, because the paperclip is in fact not bent and crappy but is instead in good shape, damaged?

Love to have your opinion.


If I actually get in the car and go somewhere or walk somewhere, I will send you a Postcards from the Road of Life. Just so you’ll know.

Otherwise, there is always a Post Card from the Boonies of Life because after all, no matter where you go, there you are. Just breathing means somethings happening in your life. My job? To make it interesting. Because I’m a writer. An eBay Blogland writer. Naw πŸ˜›

New song added to playlist. Go figure out which one and why.

Do you have these songs on your playlist…

New question of the day added late tonight.

I have to think a new one up.

Back to the Blogs

>>>>>Other Questions of the Day.

There are three questions of the day because it’s the weekend and these are good weekend questions.

If I don’t get to post on Monday, this will give you a Monday question to tide you over until Tuesday.

Don’t read the first question. If you do you might not have anything to read on Monday. It will spoil your Question of the Day experience. Then you’ll be angry with me or at the very least annoyed.

I don’t like that.

Okay. The question that is really for Monday but I’m posting now in case I don’t get to post tomorrow and I know how much you look forward to this Question of the Day post and well I kind of like that in a weird and wanderful (intentional typo) way. And I kind of like these questions in a weird and wonderful way. And it’s Sunday afternoon and raining so while I should be snogging, which between me and you I would rather be doing but I’m not due to “celebacy rules”. And because I’m hoping that at least one of my gentle readers is a good lookin’ fella that’ll make my heart go. OOOOH and hopefully didn’t read my Man Rant about how all men were unsuccessfully weaned as babies and therefore spend the rest of their lives trying to find “the great big, soft round things that made the pang in their stomach go away so they can roll over and go to sleep” thingy they lost so tragically as babies. Women just get weaned and guilted. That’s another rant though where I chat about anorexia, poor body image and guilt. Women don’t look for “for the big round soft things that made the pang in their stomach go away so the can roll over and go to sleep” thingy. Some women are so successfully weaned that they actually have a negative conditioning to breasts. They certainly weren’t able to joyfully experience the full belly portion either. Nope. They either gave that up when puberty meant being flat chested was going to be a life style and became fashion models who make women feel even more guilty because they aren’t thin. Or they had those “great big round soft things” and spent the rest of their life time hoping that the guys they talk to would for once look up and notice they had a face. (and a brain as well)

See I’m a conflicted feminist. I’m going to fuss and rightfully so about the stupidity of body image and how alot of it comes from unsucessfully weaning our wee babes. That’s the feminist part. But then I’m going to hope like heck that there is a good lookin’ fella reading this who will think, “Ah, a humorous female who likes polka dot plunge bras and can write. And notices that I have a brain too.”D

Oh and points if you have a sense of humor and folks are always stopping you to say,”Geeze, you look just like George Clooney.” That would be the conflicted part. I would say “…just like Tv’s Craig Ferguson…” Thing is I like to keep my “… admittedly shallow, hubba hubba, reaction to great looking men who are smart funny and have a brain and are actually funny without pandering to the TwoP.” from my crushes on “shalow but admittedly good looking and sexy men who while they are smart and funny and do have a brain and are actually funny but who unfortunately act like TwoP’s b #tch”. Sorry did I actually write that? Yes. I did because I still hope that the later will snap outta it and show those (cough) ladies of Twop who’s the boss. I’d just love that ’cause I like him all, ” I can’t live by your rules man” with the tossled hair. The tossled GREY hair by the way. I LIKE the grey hair but then I like grown men too. Not like the ones in the commercial. Those guys look like the men’s underwear photos in the old mail order catalogs. Hmmm. Cheesy. I just like the salt and pepper, tossel headed, whip cracking, seriously intense, tie loosened, shoeless feet on the desk, seriously sex, even better than Geoge Clooney, T’v’s Craig Ferguson. Won’t even begin to tell you what the suit and loosened tie does for my day. Yummy.

I just hate it when he acts like TwoP’s B #tch.

But I LURVE it when he’s all butch.

Maybe he should bring back the whip crack. πŸ˜€

Until he does? Separate catagory.

While we’re are on this subject, did I tell you I thought Craig Ferguson was the realists George Clooney. I’m not fixated on the man. I just liked that sentence as a quote. That and the other one about him being “The thinking woman’s eye candy. ” That’s a good one too.

Thing is George Clooney is just so perfect. Looking at him- it’s like looking into the sun. Just too overwhelming an experience. Now this “new and improved Craig Ferguson? The one like was on last Friday?. He’s like if you took George Clooney, put him out into the sun (and rain) all summer. Oh and you also dunked him in the Citty Pool all summer (the one with so much chlorine that your eyes start to water before you get in the door -not to be confused with “Spicey Dragon Peaches’s pool.). Then if you didn’t moisturize him at all or put sunscreen on him and then left him outside without hosing him down first. That kind of Craig Ferguson. You know that kind of “driftwoody” look. Anyway if you did this to George Clooney? The result would be last week’s Tv’s Craig Ferguson. A “driftwoody” version of George Clooney.

Because, you see, George Clooney’s other address is Mt. Olympus (for alot of reasons ;D ). Last week’s Craig Ferguson you might actually see at the Target. Definately not Mt. Olympus address. But unlike George Clooney, last week’s Mr. Ferguson is scalable. “Scalable” that is the correct word right? I mean it llike “climbable”. Which is very much unlike George Clooney who’d leave us all breathless and in need of a hit of Oxygen and all when we got to the top. In comparison , last weeks Tv’s Craig Ferguson would be a stroll. No Oxygen required.

Well, I told you in “What did I learn tonight? Special Friday Edition” that I got all kinds of entertaining and writterly . πŸ˜€ Thanky. Thanky very much. Mmmmm. Now if we would just get that “I can’t live by your rules man” version of Tv’s CF back, I would be all kinds of satisfied and truthfully so would the ladies at TwoP. πŸ˜€

Makes us all kinda’ quiver a bit.

“Don’t you just love that word, “quiver”. No wait that’s for next week’s blog. Sorry.

The question: (finally)

If an unattractive woman charges 1 dollar for a kiss and a good lookiing woman asks for 3, how much should your smokin’ hot, Playmate of the Year cousin Susan ask you for one?

It’s a trick question.

You did get that right?

Wait, that was today’s question wasn’t it. I did that on purpose cause I figured you were going to read the question that I asked you specifically NOT to read but you read it anyway just like I would have because we are just that kinda’ person.

Wait a second. You mean your not that kinda’ person and you didn’t read the question like I asked? Hurrah!!! Neither am I.

IF IT”S SUNDAY? STOP READING!!!! NOW!!! Scroll down to the Note to Reader part.

If it’s Monday?

Sorry. Here’s the question for Monday that you’re not to read now. Unless of course it’s Monday. If that’s the case, well, read away.


How come folks who will lecture on the evils of eating a hamburger or “…want fries with that…” will also be the ones who can fill you in on the latest stuff on TV?

I don’t know the answer. I eat the hamburgers and watch the pop stuff on TV. Thought maybe you might know.

Oh and incase you are in that demographic I listed above? You know. The “… admittedly shallow, hubba hubba reaction to, great looking men who are smart funny and have a brain and are actually funny without pandering to the TwoP.” That demographic. The one who actually thinks buying the paper clip off ebay as her last eBay purchase was funny?

That guy?

Email me.

Note to reader. That third question is now in the Past Questions of the Day section because today is now Sunday and yesterday is after all the past so I put the Saturday question in the past because that Saturday IS in the past and well that’s where it belongs. And no I don’t care if that bothers you because of the gramatical/syntax inconsistences between the sentence of the first paragraph and that of this paragraph. I don’t care. Nor do I care if I misspelled inconsistancy. II DON’T CARE. What are you like in bed? You probably micromanage every move. Forget it. I don’t want to know what you’re like. It might throw me off sex forever. After all this celebacy thing is a temporarry situation.

At least I hope so.

Past Questions of the Day (newest first)

Today is George Michael’s birthday.

How will you spend “Happy George Michael’s Birthday ” Day ?

I’m celebrating by wearing a funny hat and watching The Late Late Show with Tv’s Craig Ferguson. This is after all Mr. Ferguson’s first OFFICIAL “Happy George Michael’s Birthday” Day as a US citizen. Let’s try and make it special.

Let’s all send him an email wishing him a happy day.

LOL Hugs to you.

Auther Ann

Tuesday’s Question of the Day.

Did you know that there is a sci-fi movie called The Phantom Planet.

“…Oh, everybody’s hair was pink
Like the color of their drink
And I forgot the party had a theme …”

from Do thePanic by Phantom Planet from the album Raise the Dead

Back up. Back way back up and tell me if there is a theme for the 24 June, 08 TLLSwithTCf. I think so. Going try to get some sleep. Then think on it.

Also Do the Panic reminds me of The Hustle. The instrumental disco tune from the 1970’s. You could over lay them. Or do a call and response. Do the Panic as the call. The Hustle would be the response.


I spent .99cents (1 dollar SH) on a ” bent paper clip in pizz poor condition…complete with scratches…”. I bought insurance. Paid for it via PayPal. Sent an email of notification that I had paid for said paper clip. And guess what. I have not yet received my paper clip.

Should I be worried?

Got my paper clip. LOL.

* Considering how expensive it is to date and how fragile those blow up dolls are, do you think that buying the Japanese girlfriend robot doll is a wise investment?

*What do you do if your life is as boring and annoying as “…drip…drip..” dripping water from the tap?

How do you cheer up?

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5 commentsHappy Father’s Day!
Posted Jun-15-08 07:30:50 PDT Updated Jun-15-08 21:08:59 PDTI wish all the dads a Happy Father’s Day.

How do you celebrate a year in a Life?

Today’s post about Father’s Day begins with:

Dear Dad, Happy Father’s Day, Love Me.

Read it already? Need a break from all this Father’s Day togetherness?

Psst Check this out.

A story from My Days of the Week Underwear Drawer.

A cautionary tale .

A Side trip or “Why your mom told you to a…lways wear clean underwear.

So, okay, So what did I learn? The interconnected nature of life Dad.

Yawn. I’m sleepy. Maybe I’ll dream that Jungian dream,

“…stars shining bright above you…”

Take care Dad.

I really do love you.

Hope that you had a great day!!!

(Cya’ in the Blogs !!)

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3 commentsDear Dad, Happy Father’s Day, Love Me.
Posted Jun-14-08 23:34:52 PDT Updated Jun-14-08 23:36:05 PDTDear Dad, Happy Father’s Day. Love, Me.

When I learned that Tim Russert died and realized there would be no more trying to puzzle out the world of politics with Tim, my next thought was, “Oh no. Not here at Father’s Day.” If you read his books you realize just how much his life was influenced by his father, “Big Russ” and by being father to his own son.

Fathers are funny creatures. Amazing how much they can influence our lives. By just the fact they are breathing they can bring such joy or wreck such havock.. I remember the only time my father gave me a spanking. My mother could have spanked me till I was black and blue but never come near to that one single swat by my Dad. The man could do no wrong during my childhood. One word. One look. Could send me to the land of sublime happiness or could send me to the depths of dispair. Just. One. Look.

It still does.

I say that my view of him has changed. That I am independent. A grownup. An adult in my own right. And I have looked at his faults over the last year and pronounced him meer father not superman on a pedestal. But still, when he tells me, “Good job.” I am once again that little girl who is on cloud nine because her father approved. When I list those people who’ve had the most influence on my life? My father”s name is right there with the names of my son and God.

I love my dad. I admire the things he has done. I forget the wrongs he has done to me. Every good thing he has said to me makes me feel 10 feet tall.

I’m lucky.

We had a rough patch and I didn’t talk to him. It was after I saw his human side. Luckily he didn’t die before I was able to reconcile this part of him with my child’s view. I was lucky because I could still call him and say, “I love you Daddy.” Not everyone is that lucky. I’m blessed.

I don’t think I could have lived with the regret if I hadn’t.\

The following post is another view of Father’s Day. Then the one after that is about other posts for Sunday in general.

You’re welcome to leave a “Dear Dad” letter in the comments. I did. Comments are ON but hidden.

The next post?

Call Your Father (Warning — Parent Guil… t)

see you there.

Best regards and Happy Father’s Day, Ann

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4 commentsCall Your Father (Warning — Parent Guilt alert.)
Posted Jun-14-08 22:08:29 PDT Updated Jun-15-08 20:54:17 PDT——- She sent me an email. Dear Mercy she knows how to push my buttons. Glad though. No matter the water that has passed under that bridge it really was good to hear his voice.

The email?


Call your father.



Happy Father’s Day Daddy,.

I love you.


Regret Hannah Murphy 15 June 2008

My life is flowing past you.

What will you do if there is no more me?

What will I do if there is no more you?

We do grow older.

And life can be so unexpected.

I watch you grow older.

Your river flowing past me.

Someday a memory of things past is all I’ll have.

The ability to form new memories gone.

The ability to heal old wounds gone.

Snatched by senility or death from our hands.

Regret and loss are inadequate companions.

Talk to me again or not.

Remember me again or not.

That’s up to you.

But forget this lesson?

Of loss.

Please do not.

I wouldn’t wish regret of things unsaid on you for all the tea in China.\

Swallow your anger and pride.



Author’s note (Regret by Hannah Murphy, 15June,2008

The poem, Regret, is written to be both from the point of view of the parent and child who are estranged in the parent child relationship.


Next post Top O’ the morning Blogland

(timegoesby .see Top of the morning post for more info.)

Or most current post:


Comments ON. but hidden.

Tee Hee. When I told my son that I had 25,ooo views my son’s first reaction was to start humming the song from Rent. Uhmm– the one “……In Five hundrend twenty five thousand
six hundred minutes How do you measure a year in the life…” Tee Hee. I love my son. He is truly his mother’s AND his father’s son.

And, yes Gracie, us Red Necks have heard of Kafka (Our new pet Bob)


we like Broadway musicals too.

“…In truth that she learned
or in times that he cried
In the bridges he burned
or the way that she died

Its time now to sing out
though the story never ends
lets celebrate remember a year
in the life of friends…”

from the song “Seasons of Love” the musical Rent

Life can be complicated.

Call your father or say a prayer if you can’t. You’ll be glad.

Happy Father’s Day.


“So what did I learn? Tonight?”

The interrelated nature of life.. That a musical, the ideas of a man whom I’ll never meet, came to be in our lives. Not once, but twice these words and the spirit of them came to us. Like traveling through time. We all stand in our points of light and time and ask the question.

How do you celebrate a year in a life?

Hugs to the original cast of Rent. The folks who sange the words, the man who wrote the words, and my son who remembered hearing these words a year later, that helped me to question my own and my son’s place in the universe. Helped us to find our answer to the questions:

“What did I learn last night? What is the meaning of life? How do you celebrate a year in the life? That when I felt most alone in the world, I found out just how not alone I am. Hello ya’ll. I’m so glad to finally meet you. We aren’t alone in the big picture even though it feels as if we are the only voice in the desert night. We simply have to look up- and see the stars.

Muffbro is right. We are all a universe, a collection of the people who we’ve met.

We breathe. And breathe again. And breath another two breaths. Just to let God and the world know that, no matter how difficult the conditions, we choose Life.

“…In truth that she learned
or in times that he cried
In the bridges he burned
or the way that she died

Its time now to sing out
though the story never ends
lets celebrate remember a year
in the life of friends…”

from the song “Seasons of Love” the musical Rent well done folks sometimes it really

does look like Jung knew what he was talking about.

Hugs to you. Are we connected. Dunno. Alot depends on you. I knnw that I feel a

connection with someone. A specific someone. Now we find out who.




Called Dad and wished him a Happy Father’s Day.

He actually sounded glad to hear from me.





Prayers to Tim Russerts family.

So sorry.

He will be missed by all that had the priveledge to hear his voice say

“…If it’s Sunday? It’s Meet the Press…”

Oh mercy. Hugs to you. He will be missed.


Call your father. Don’t take life for granted.

Few things in life are worse than regret.

Love Ann

8888888888888888888888888888888infinity sideways. Hannah Murphy.

Next post Top O’ the morning Blogland

Have you read the timegoesby web site? The one they talked about in the Weekend Edition of the Wall Street Journal? Read the next post and find out. Great site!

Or most current post:


Comments ON but Hidden. Thanks.
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2 commentsTop O’ the morning Blogland
Posted Jun-13-08 23:19:29 PDT Updated Jun-15-08 08:29:15 PDTIf this is Sunday? Happy Father’s Day. Good wishes to the father’s here on eBay and in the world.

Have sent greetings to my own father earlier in the week. Prayers and wishes are sent to both my father, Walking buddy’s father and to my son’s father. We love them bunches. I hope today is happy one. Ann and the folks at 12 dogs.

Oh and one other thing. I would like to thank my father for teaching me to read. By doing that one thing, he gave me the world. I am rich because of this gift and because of him.

Daddy. If you are reading this. I love you. Thank you so very, very much. I miss you. Ann.

Now on to events at 12 dogs and a blog.

Okay first go see what’s in my Days of the Week Underwear Drawer , no wait, first go read about our new pet, Bob. The Adventures of Bob. Our new pet.

Then come back and read about what’s in my Days of the Week Underwear Drawer:

It’s my understanding that there’s no Sunday Days of the Week underwear. So there’s no story for Sunday. I think I’ll use it as on opportunity to repost on of my favorite essays from the previous week. As luck will have it?

Saturday Werdy werd word is my favorite post for the week.
(I may post something later in the evening. Depends on how the day goes.)

Have you heard of this site? http://www.timegoesby.net

There’s an interesting article on blogging and aging in the Weekend Edition of the Wall Street Journal. (Yes Gracie, even old Red Neck women like me read.) I’d be interested in what other folks thought about the subject. The title is Put It In Writing by Ronni Bennet. Don’t know if it’s in the online WSJ. It’s in the print version that someone gave me.

Update you can find more information on the above article at the author’s website.


If you love stories, I do, this is a terrific site.


What did I learn?

So what did I learn?
I’m going to sleep. Maybe have a Jungian dream.

Maybe learn the Meaning of Life.

I duuno.

I hope so.

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0 commentsSo what did I learn?
Posted Jun-13-08 22:52:43 PDT Updated Jun-18-08 03:44:12 PDTWednesday

Early AM

Turning off Comments. No longer answering emails. Taking the phone of the virtual hook. Answering machine real and virtual is off.

Will write postcards from here. But that’s it for awhile. Will be writing Alice Adventures in drafts and post them here when finished. Not before.

Comments off. May write other What did I learn?” posts but maybe not.

Have been told that I am too young to die and too old for anyone to want me. Funny feeling that.

Is there a song for someone no one wants?

Cya Gracie. I thought you were a friend.

I don’t know what is wrong but guess you have your reasons. Would have been nice if you could have explained before you took off. Even if you weren’t ever going to talk to me again at least I would understand why. Could have pleaded my case. Instead you just left. “Sorry I can’t talk to you anymore”, you said and then “Bye.”

Funny, I thought you were my friend.

I want to call you a jerk or crazy but somehow I just can’t find it in my heart to do so. If you came back? I’d sing you the John Hiatt song I heard tonight. The one on the Late Late Show. The friend version of course. I ‘d never ask what happened just be glad to have my friend back.

For now? I just sit here.

I’m such an idiot, I know it, but I do.

I just sit here. My “heart” in my hands. I wrote about it here in my lblog. About a girl at a dance. All dressed up in her best. There she sits in a chair. The ones all lined up along the wall. All the chairs are empty but hers. There she sits all dressed up with her “heart” in a lovely wrapped box. White wrapping with a big satin bow. Blue. Her hair done and everything. But no one wants to dance with her. She even gets up and asks others to dance. But they look away and say, “No thank you.” or “With you?!?! Oh heck no!”

So she goes back to her seat. Still warm from where she was their before. She’s strong. She was taught not to cry in the face of adversity. Stoic. She sits. She tries to have hope but hope is fading.

Under her breath she mutters the words as she looks down at the box in her lap. It’s not “Rosebud” like in the movie. It’s something else. You’d have to stand right next to her. Your ear almost touching her lips to hear what she is saying. With quiet strength, like a prayer she says the same thing she’s said all her life. Waiting for someone to come claim her.

“Home not house.” she says quietly,”Husband not Spouse.”

From now on, unless there is some “What did I learn?” of note, I will only be posting “postcard” and “Question of the day”. Will be working on Alice Adventures in the drafts.

Soon will be the longest day of the year. After that the days are shorter. Till they get longer.

Good night.


Well this is for Tuesday.

I wasn’t going to write anything yet for Tuesday. I WAS going to wait until late to night. See what the day brought and well keep working on the Alice Adventure. But fate has been working over time this week.

So here’s what I got.

Last week I tried the “Days of the Week Underwear Drawers”. Man oh man. Was there some irony in that name. You’d have to know me and know my life history to actually get the level of irony. I’m going to write a short story about it. Someday. About the beginning and ending of a relationship and what it had to do with and underwear drawer. But not yet. The thing is it gave me a kind of vacation from what I had been doing. A different perspective. Besides you can only “navel gaze” so long before you get the urge to do something different.

Which I guess comes under the heading of “What I learned?”

So a new thing occured to me this morning.

A way to get to know the world. A kind of “20 questions” for getting to know you or the rest of the world.

I’ve already asked the first one. Incorporated it into the Alice Adventures as part of the story. It’s a silly question. Kind of an over the top romance novel kind of question. At least on the surface. I’m interested in seeing who gets it and who doesn’t.

Mean time. Well this evening aside for supper, a shower, a movie, and writing(not in that order). I’m going to mull over that question. My answer.

You should read the next section of this post. Again if you’ve already read it before. Think about what’s being said. At the very end there is a link back to the blogs.

Take care. Until I’ve got the other story up an running I’ll continue answering the question, “What did I learn today/night?” here in this post. At that point I’ll switch to the question of the day.

LOL about the underwear drawer experiment. Just like the real experience, it told me an whole lot about folks. A pacifist fulfillment of an Irish blessing. The “turning the ankles part”. Folks, you have to care to be offended. And like the blessing says, “May they “turn their ankles” so that you can see them coming.” For these folks, I just don’t have the time to fret.

The good news is that there are nice folks too.

I’m glad.

Wow. Eye opening week.

Don’t forget to read the next part all the way throught. You know how I am about changing things up to keep it interesting. Never can tell what I’ve changed.



Well this is for Monday.

In the story of the monk and the pilgrim, the whole idea was for the pilgrim to learn what truly is important to life. To answer the question:

“What is the meaning of life?”

See. Kind of like “What did we learn tonight?”

Not a joke, It is a gentle and light hearted look at the important things of life. I hear it’s a Jung thing. Or maybe in your case a “young thang”. Kind’a difficult to know. Good news though. If you gotta’ unknot someone’s “mental ball of string”, it’s good when that “ball o’ strang ” iz funny. Tee Hee. Hugs.

Some students just won’t learn if you tell them. They have to experience it for themselves. Like the pilgrim. If the monk had told the pilgrim, that the meaning of life was that if you are hungry you should eat, if you are thirsy then you should drink, and if you are sleepy you should sleep. The pilgrim might feel cheated.

Pilgrim wanted his two dollars worth.

I was remind once again of how much I miss a friend, two friends actually, who have kept me company on life’s journey.

How much they reminded me of home.

But I really learned about sleep.

How much I need sleep.

Good night.

I’m too tired to write this. Too sleepy. It’ won’t make sense.

You can go to the Ode to old houses.

Ot go

Back to

Okay first go see what’s in my Days of the Week Underwear Drawer , no wait, first go read about our new pet, Bob. The Adventures of Bob. Our new pet.

Have you done that already? Ah keep reading.

Then come back and read about what’s in my Days of the Week Underwear Drawer:

Saturday Werdy werd word

You say you’ve done that too? Dang.


guess there’s only one more thing to say then.

And two more questions to ask.

Let’s see. Questions first.

What did I learn last night?

What is the meaning of life?

Is it Buddhism or

Jung for $1000 Alex?

Hmmmmmmm. That’d be three question wouldn’t it.

Lemmie think about it and I’ll get back to you.

Time passes.

I think about it.

I said I’d get back to you.

So I did.

“…In truth that she learned
or in times that he cried
In the bridges he burned
or the way that she died

Its time now to sing out
though the story never ends
lets celebrate remember a year
in the life of friends…”

from the song “Seasons of Love” the musical Rent

Life can be complicated.

Sometimes I don’t know wheither to hug you or “tha-woink” you.

Love you?

Like you?

Mildly despise or dislike you?

Do you even know me?

Do I even know you?

I’d like to.

Get to know you.

As a real person thougjh not a mirage.

And you?

Me? I like the hug best.

How about you?

Like I said.

It’s all so complicated and sometimes confusing.

So I’m thinking.

Don’t know you,

Might like you,

Glad for a hug.

How about you?

That’s less confussing and way less complicated.

You can go to Ode to old houses.



For more of:

So what did I learn? This weekend?

I wrote it in a letter and a blog entry.

It started like this:

Dear Dad, Happy Father’s Day, Love Me.

See ya in the Blogs Gracie.

Kind regards,


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12 commentsThe Adventures of Bob. Our new pet.
Posted Jun-13-08 20:04:33 PDT Updated Mar-03-09 14:56:25 PSTBob Update. June 16, 2008 (scroll down to bottom)

For those who are new, how our adventure began:

We have a pet. An unexpected new member to our menagere. His name is Bob. Bob the cockroach. He’s very low maintainance. We have to be careful not to step him. And it’s really, really tough to explain when we have company that ,”Nooo.We don’t step on Bob. He’s a member of our “family”. We first noticed Bob late at night when we were on the internet. Apparently, poor Bob, had lost his way in the big, big country. We figure he was a stowaway in some cardboard box. Poor Bob. Lost. Alone. Hungry. He was creeping into the sink to get some water.

At first we tried to kill Bob.

He was wiley. We tried everything. Laying in wait to pounce, pound or spray him into bug oblivion. But no such luck. He just would not go away.

Finally, we held a family meeting. Trying to find a way, united in our efforts to smush Bob.

During the ensuing brainstorm family meeting. The youngest of us, little Patrice, spoke up in her tiny, little voice, ” But I like Bob. Why do we have to kill him?”

The room got quiet. We were so intent on ridding ourself of Bob that we never asked why we were doing so.

It was little Patrice’s quiet logic that made us think. Then little James piped up,”Yeah, Why do we have to get rid of Bob. He keeps me company and I’ve even been feeding him little bits of my sammiches.” Mom protested and then fainted leaving Dad in charge of the family meeting. There was a Braves game on. He looked at the children and quickly made and executive decision. One that will live in imfamy

A vote.

And that is how Bob, the homeless cock roach, came to have a home with us.

The End.

Stop laughing. This isn;t funny. You are laughing at our “lil’ buddy Bob”.


My son and Walking Buddy have asked me to ( well okay they demanded that I) tell everyone that this is a fiction story and is in NO WAY true to life. Oh okay. True there was a cock roach but that ONE is in cock roach heaven.

In return ,I’m gonna call it an epic fable and tell every one it’s a political metaphor for the current state of the Dem Party. Hmmph. (Please note: This story only indicates my agrivation with WalkingBuddy . It DOES NOT indicate my political views. Thanks)

Just so you know.

Now to our Friday the 13th movie. Tomatoes ATTACK

Unless it’s Saturday the 14 in that case go to Saturday Werdy werd word

Take care,



OH NO. We have just heard in comments that Bob has a doppleganger. Yes, there are other cock roaches who are out in the world and they’re causing trouble! As a result their faces are now found on Wanted Posters through out the land. These evil insects are not our Bob. We beg you. Before you stomp on that cock roach. Please make sure it’s not our Bob. Don’t Stomp. Look and Listen!!

How will you know?

Well our Bob? He is sweet. When you look in his little cock roach eyes you will see his kind soul. And if you listen quietly? You’ll here his tiny little cock roach voice saying,

” Oh no. Don’t stomp on me. I’m somebodies pet!!!! ”

Remember. Don’t stomp! Look and listen!


Bob’s family.

Bob Update. June 16, 2008

mOther quote of the day:

“Crouching monkey, hidden poopers.” Mother of the Son of Ironchassis. (Please note Crouching monkey IS NOT the same as Crouching Prarie Dog. Crouching Prairie Dog is a lovely eBay blogger who is mom to Little Crouching Prairie Dog. Crouching Monkey is also a lovely eBay blogger who is mom to Son of Ironchassis. And no she’s not pooping. NO ONE is pooping. It’s all made up. Bob is not real… Sheesh. Never mind.. Resume reading.)

Now for the news.

Bad news people.

Bob tried to throw a rave in our kitchen. We are exercising tough love and have thrown Bob out. Then fumigated. Bye bye Bob.

Wha’ heck, Hang on I hear something out side.

Uh oh. There’s a film crew and PETA folks on the fromt lawn. Hang on I can lip read. Lemmie see, “This is Bob. A victu…”

Oh heck. Better go see what’s what.

Back later. (tbc= to be continued)


Ps Ya’ll do know this is all made up don’t you?

Hope have a nice day. Ann.

Now to Good morning Blogland.

(click above link to find “What did I learn tonight?”

To recap. Today’s quotes.

Remember Blogland:

son quote

“My conscious mind is only a front for my unconscious mind.” Son of Ironchassis 16 June, 2008

mOther quote:

“Crouching monkey, hidden poopers.” Mother of the Son of Ironchassis.(Please note as stated above.Crouching monkey IS NOT the same as Crouching Prarie Dog. Crouching Prairie Dog is a lovely eBay blogger who is mom to Little Crouching Prairie Dog. Crouching Monkey is also a lovely eBay blogger who is mom to Son of Ironchassis. And no she’s not pooping. NO ONE is pooping. It’s all made up. Bob is not real… Sheesh. Never mind.. Resume reading.)

Har har.

Note This way to Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009’s index of stories.

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0 commentsTomatoes ATTACK
Posted Jun-13-08 18:09:51 PDTHi de ho! Gentle reader! Pop the corn and pour the soda pop. It’s Friday the 13th movie night. Doin’ 12 dogs style.

Our tribute to Friday 13th and tomatoes with Salmonella!

Tomatoes ATTACK!!!!!

Oh, Please Gentle reader Get Rss
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0 commentsSigh Friday the 13th Again? Sheesh.
Posted Jun-13-08 15:15:42 PDT”Well Friday, the 13th was pretty much unlucky for Freemasons in Medieval France during the early 13oo”s but other than that we’re pretty much okay.” *

Yah know today has just been–uhm– not a “good news” day.

I think I’m going back to bed and sleep through until tomorrow. Or maybe make a joke.

I like the joke idea.

See if you agree.

Extra Extra. Cracked News.

Note about this weekend. Stay tuned for more irony of the paper clip.

LOL You’re not going to believe this.

(quote from and unlisted fan of history Friday, 13th June, 2008(
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0 commentsExtra Extra. Cracked News.
Posted Jun-13-08 15:00:11 PDT Updated Jun-13-08 17:51:44 PDTSo today is Friday 13th. There have been some really sad things happen today. Let’s face it a silly thing or good laugh would be good right now.

Check this out. Do you know the news story?

Yeppers. I know. I know. It’s “corney” yuk yuk. But today has been a tough day. Lot’s of sad news, Add to that its Friday, the 13th. Well– I don’t know about you but I really did need a laugh.

the rest of today’s posts? see here >Gentle reader Get Rss

Take care. Hugs.
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0 commentsGentle reader Get Rss
Posted Jun-13-08 10:27:40 PDT Updated Jun-13-08 19:16:10 PDTGet rss reader, gentle readers, there may not be new posts at the beginning, but there will always be updates and new posts within the blog.

Back to 12 dogs and a blog.

click here >hey!

Be back in a bit, Ann
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0 commentshey!
Posted Jun-13-08 02:46:25 PDT Updated Jun-13-08 19:10:53 PDT”…many the miles…” Whew. truth in this song (Many the Miles. Sara Bareilles, Little Voice) Time for a road trip or at least a nights sleep or Conga?

Contemplated my belly button,

So what did I learn last night.

Having fun is the best revenge.

Plus a Side trip or “Why your mom told you to a…lways wear clean underwear.


You could go here but it is the Loooonnngg and boooring route. Well I’ll tell you. I learned it’s a jun…gle out there kiddies. Wear clean underpants. Or take Captain Underpants with you for company.

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2 commentsSide trip or “Why your mom told you to always wear clean underwear.
Posted Jun-12-08 20:55:32 PDT Updated Jun-15-08 13:48:21 PDTThis afternoon I will recount here in this blog why the advice to “Always wear clean underwear!” Is a really good idea.

Our story begins.

“Wear clean underwear.” she said. It’s good advice. I mean you never can be sure just where you’ll end up in this life. And when you’ll be glad you did.

This is the story of one young lady who found just how important that bit of advice really is.

Once upon a time there was a young lady who was shopping for a ring. A beautiful ring that she designed herself and who, with the aid of a young jewelry designer, had brought to reality. It was to be a gift.

But what does this have to do with wearing underwear you ask?

Good question.

It really doesn’t. It does explain how she happened to be at the top of a very long set of stairs. And explains how she, in her very happy state, put on light foot down on the very first stair and how it in turn slipped.

It was at the top of this very long set of stairs that she slipped and fell. Fell to the bottom.

“But the underwear for heavens sake what the heck–” you’re asking in that irritated way when you hear one of my stories. You know the one where the tapping of your fingers or toes is sending the Morris Code of, “Can we just move it along?”

Well, okay, fast forward past that agonizing fall with it’s painful conclusion. A literal “pain in the butt” that fall.

But our young lady was tough. Sure she didn’t look it. But that was her most endearing quality. Tough steel under dress and high heels. Actually ballerina flats but…. Up she gingerly stood on her own two feet. Smiled. And then some how she managed to walk from the building across a busy four lane road and up three flights of stairs to her apartment because that’s what was expected. Stoic family

The pain was, well, painful.

So she took off all her clothes and went to take a shower thinking that would help. Sitting down certainly didn’t do much for her. It was during that shower that the door bell rang. She some how managed to get her bathrobe on and open the door for the very man for whom she was having this ring made.

Now when he heard what happened and saw how much pain she was in he asked, no insisted, that he take her to the doctor. Which he did.

It was there at the doctor’s office, in the x-ray room where she heard the words that her mother had often told her. For when the nice nurse requested that she remove the shorts that she was wearing, her real dilemma was revealed. It wasn’t that she had broken her “tail bone”. It wasn’t that it was only a week or so before her wedding. No. She was raised of tough stock. She’d be standing up straight and looking good no matter how she felt. The real problem was what caused the nurse to laugh and our young lady to turn crimson red.

Her reply to the nurse when asked to disrobe was clear.

“I can not take off my shorts.” replied our young woman.

“What’s wrong? asked the nurse, “Didn’t remember you mother’s advice to always wear clean underwear? Don’t worry honey, I won’t tell.”

“Well actually,” said the young woman,”I always take that advice. I’m not stupid. But the thing is that, well, that’s not my problem.”

“What is the problem?” asked the nurse.

“The problem”, said the young lady,”is that I didn’t take my mother’s other advice.”

“What’s that? asked the nurse.

“The advice where she says,”Alway wear underwear.”

So, gentle reader, always take this mother’s advice. It’s not just that you should never leave the house without wearing clean underwear. Oh no. It’s that you should never leave the house without WEARING said underwear.

Or at least bring Captain Underwear. I hear he always carries along an extra pair.

The end.

Happy 15th June, 2008 (Happy Father’s Day!!)


Happy 13th June, 2008 (Happy Friday 13th!!)

Back to where you came from? > hey!


Back to the Blogs

Which ever you choose. Happy Day!!!


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0 commentsWell I’ll tell you. I learned it’s a jungle out there kids! Don’t forget to wear clean underpants.
Posted Jun-12-08 19:48:56 PDT Updated Jun-13-08 15:30:48 PDTIt’s Friday! Let’s conga! Come on ladies and gentlemen move those “buts” in those seats. Work that inner “dance diva”. MOOOOOve that tush.

Then come have fun at the dogs. 12 dogs.

Fun begins here >A road with choices.

Have fun and happy reading! Ann.

Before you go here’s the thing I learned last night

The first is the meaning or irony.

————Paper clip auction over soon.

Wow. This week I learn about the term “irony”.

I wanted to remember the following.

I really did love talking to this person. I’m sorry they aren’t here.. But they aren’t. Why? Well, I don’t think they were ever “here” to begin with. The books are a good read. I’ll miss talking to them. All I know is that the fact that they aren’t here is entirely their problem not mine. I’d welcome them back anytime but then that’s just the kind of person I am.

The irony is over the paper clip. If you are a regular reader of 12 dogs and a blog you know what I’m talking about. I lost a friend because of a post about this paperclip. It really is ironic. Cue Alanis.

….The interchange was about the paper clip I bid on. I read about it first on one of the blogs. Then I read the auction listing. It was so funny. To me that paperclip was a metaphor of how one can spend ones time and money. That paper clip was me. About how I’ve spend the last couple of months of my time. A reminder that time is precious and should be spent well. Like talking to you. That’s the irony. O Henry would be proud. You see the symbol, that paperclip, that reminds me to spend my time well, like chatting with you, is the reason why you won’t spend your time chatting with me. … Now that’s ironic.

More later when I’m not so sleepy.

But what did I learn?

How good sleep feels and a lesson.

There’s a story of how a fella goes to a Buddist monk and asks, “Master what is the meaning of life.”. (sounds like “What did I learn last night?” doesn’t it. πŸ˜€ “Whaaa?”. you say? “Yeeesss.” I reply.) Anyway. When asked the question the Monk looked at the pilgrim with the look teachers give to students when they have asked the obvious but indulged the question with reply,”Go sit beside the road and the answer will come to you. Oh one other thing. Rednecks aren’t stupid racists.” Now the pilgrim had come to the Monk for answers. He wanted “Instant Karma” and he wanted now. But as he might need the Monks vote in the General Election, he said nothing and did what the Monk requested.

On the side of the road he sat

and waited for enlightenment.

The pilgrim sat and began to meditate on what the Monk had said, “Red necks aren’t stupid racists.” He thought and thought and as he thought his butt went numb. You know the kind of numb when you’ve sat in on positiion for a long time and your butt goes to “sleep”. But the pilgrim ignored it. He would prove to the Monk that he was capable of learning the ” meaning of life” . Next his stomach began to growl. The sound was so loud that a passerby stopped and asked what the pilgrim said. The pilgrim apologized to the passerby and told him that he, the pilgrim, hadn’t had anything to eat. He couldn’t because he was too busy trying to find enlightement. The passerby shruged and offered the pilgrim some bread that he had. The pilgrim refused. He wanted to be strong. Be master of his body and self as this was sure to bring the enlightment he was looking for.

Time passed. The pilgrim got thirsty. A friend passed by and asked what he was doing. When the pilgrim told his friend about his quest to find enlightenment, his friend shrugged and gave the pilgrim some water. Hugged his neck and wished him well in his endeavor. Then he went on his way. The pilgrim resumed his meditation, “Red necks aren’t stupid racists” he said to himself. As he was meditating, the pilgrim heard a voice, “Say….”

Sorry ya’ll. I’ll have to finish this story later. I went on this same quest after my son died. Deconstructed, reconstructed, lol One of the things I found out was that when you are tired and it is posible? You sleep.

And when you miss home and the person you love? You go home, hug their neck and be glad.

“…many the miles…”

I learned that I’m a writer. That I am in love, and that I want to be inside that warm embrace. I can write as long as the company is good. If it’s not? It’s a problem.

“…many the miles…” “…promises to keep…miles to go before I sleep…” I just don’t want to go on that journey without you.

That’s what I did last night. I slept. Oh I tried to watch. I did see the Jenna Fischer interview. Uh- not an interview worth loosing sleep over. She put me to sleep so that I missed Wolfgang Puck and the rest of the show. I’m sorry gentle reader. If you are a friend to me you’d have tucked me in. Then been there when I woke up. You would have been worried about me because I’ve been in really bad physical pain. The last week or so has been difficult.

You’d have worried about me like I would worry about you. If you were my friend.

And you’d have been delighted when I finally found sleep. Then you’d been so happy because next morning I wasn’t in really bad physical pain. Because I was your friend. If I was hungry? You’d give me food and water. If I was in pain you would worry. I would do the same for you too.

Now I am sorry I missed it. I was just sleepy. I still am. Soon as I post this I’m going to get more sleep. Sorry for any glitches on the blog. When I wake up I’ll fix them. In the mean time I know that you’ll have this to read if nothing else. If I try to fix with this little sleep I’ll just create more problems.

But back to the what I learned.

Personally I think I learned more on the previous nights show. You know the one with the–


I learned that Stockard Channing is the voice behind “Meerkat Manor” and then ALOT about Meerkats. Meekats that look like ferrets. Oh and that some folks don’t care for ferret people but some other folks do. Then I learned SOME MORE things about Meerkats. And also that EVERYBODY likes Animal Planet. Even hip, late night talk show hosts and Craig Ferguson. Wha’ you thought I say that CF is a hip, late night talkshow host. Heck no. He’s a sweet, lovable, hip late night talkshow host. Sorry ya’ll. There is a difference. Oh and then I learned about this actor/funny guy named Bill Engval who’s on The Bill Engvall show? He’s hysterical. No not call the parametics hysterical. No he’s the ROFLMBO hysterical. Again. There is a difference.

Oh and I learned that, yes, CF is still cute. But I already knew that.

And I learned that Madcat loved the Sex and the City movie and I am really looking forward to seeing it too. Good to chat Madcat. We love movies ! But that’s a completely different “What did I learn last night?” all together.

Tonight I’m going to learn about what Jenna Fischer is up to. Then I’m gonna watch Wolfgang Puck make Craig Ferguson those “little tiny hamburgers that make his hand look huge”.

Where to next?

Well if you’re having a bad day?

I suggest that Having fun is the best revenge.

Want to read what else is on the blog?

Good news! You have A road with choices.

Or you could go back to the Blogs .

Choice is yours. Cya’ in a few, Ann.
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0 commentsThursday means Sweet Tea
Posted Jun-12-08 19:36:56 PDT Updated Jun-12-08 19:58:59 PDT

As I have mentioned to folks hear on the blog, I am from the Deep South. Have lived somewhere in the South all my life. Just like most places in the US, we have what I call Southernisms. Customs that I think must be unique to our area of the country.

For instance, I was telling someone about sitting “under the fan in the cool” or inviting folk in for a glass of “sweet tea”.

Soon there’ll be black eyed peas, tomatoes and squash in the garden. That with cucumbers, green onions and corn bread make a feast. Or there’s cocola (coke cola) and ice cream or another glass of tea.

Of all of these, “sweet tea” is something lots of folk associate with “down South”. It’s sweet and has “tooth” if made a certain way. Alot depends on how you make it. I grew up making it and have never had a receipe. It maybe the same way you make it in other parts of the country.

Here’s the family receipe for “sweet tea”. Enjoy!

The secret to sweet tea is “simple”.

“Simple syrup”. It gives “sweet tea ” it’s tooth and sweet ness.

Making simple syrup is easy.

Bring 2 cups of water to boil. Add 1 cup of sugar. Stirr until sugar is disolved and liquid is clear.

Now add to this tea bags to make one quart of tea.

Allow to steep until cool.

Pour this mix into your iced tea pitcher and add cold water until the pitcher is full. I add ice cube during this step. It not only dilutes the syrup/tea mixture but it cools off the tea. Chill in your fridge and enjoy.

In the summer it seems that we consume as much ice tea as folks consume hot tea and coffee in the winter.

Thanks for comin’. Ya’ll come back when you get a notion to.



Well back to my underwear drawer with this Thursday post.

Let’s see. Was it Left turn or right? Hmmm.

Or we could go back to the Blogs .

Either way take care and Happy Thursday. Best, Ann

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0 commentsWednesday The Dog Days of Summer
Posted Jun-12-08 19:35:52 PDT Updated Jun-12-08 19:53:23 PDTThe “dog days” of summer. When Sirus the Dog Star rises and sets with the sun. Days when it gets so hot that the sky would “cry” thunderstorms in the afternoons when I was a little girl.

The heat reminds me of something I was telling someone about what I call a ” Southernism “.

Hmmm. “Sitting under the cool”.

“Sitting under the air conditioner” or “Under the cool”? I’ve heard those terms for most of my life. I suspect it came from the term ” sitting under the fan”. Now if that is a ceiling fan or a table fan? I’m afraid I don’t know.

One of my earliest memories was falling asleep in my mother’s classroom. She had a fan and this large library table in her room. It was one of those old style, 1940’s school rooms with the huge cased windows. I remember falling asleep on top of that table to the “drone” of the fan. Say “runrunrunrunrurnrun”. That’s the sound.
It was hot. But I fell asleep on top of that table “under the fan”. “In the cool”. Listenin’ to the record player.
LOL our language here is so funny. Our summer language is very egalitarian. No one had airconditioned houses at one time. Rich and poor understood and used these terms. Everybody was hot and looking for the cool.

Well back to my underwear drawer with this Wednesday’s post.

Let’s see. Was it Left turn or right? Hmmm.

Or we could go back to the Blogs .

Either way take care and Happy reading!

Best regards, Ann
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0 commentsWhat I learned last night? Well I’ll tell you. I learned it’s a jungle out there kids! Don’t forget to wear clean underpants.
Posted Jun-12-08 11:02:35 PDT Updated Jun-12-08 15:51:18 PDTMeerkats. I learned that Stockard Channing is the voice behind “Meerkat Manor” and then ALOT about Meerkats. Meekats that look like ferrets. Oh and that some folks don’t care for ferret people but some other folks do. Then I learned SOME MORE things about Meerkats. And also that EVERYBODY likes Animal Planet. Even hip, late night talk show hosts and Craig Ferguson. Wha’ you thought I say that CF is a hip, late night talkshow host. Heck no. He’s a sweet, lovable, hip late night talkshow host. Sorry ya’ll. There is a difference. Oh and then I learned that I this actor/funny guy named Bill Engval who’s on The Bill Engvall show? He’s hysterical. No not call the parametics hysterical. No he’s the ROFLMBO hysterical. Again. There is a difference.

Oh and I learned that, yes, CF is still cute.

And I learned that Madcat loved the Sex and the City movie and I am really looking forward to seeing it too. Good to chat Madcat. We love movies ! But that’s a completely different “What did I learn last night?” all together.

Tonight I’m going to learn about what Jenna Fischer is up to. Then I’m gonna watch Wolfgang Puck make Craig Ferguson those “little tiny hamburgers that make his hand look huge”.

Where to next?

Well if you’re having a bad day?

I suggest that Having fun is the best revenge.

Want to read what else is on the blog?

Good news! You have A road with choices.

Or you could go back to the Blogs .

Choice is yours. Cya’ in a few, Ann.
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