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Posted Jun-12-08 10:19:33 PDT Updated Jun-15-08 00:21:38 PDTOkay. It’s Saturday and we all have stuff to do. Don’t have time for lots of reading. Time to be out and about. So todays blog post is really short but informative.

Todays post is about a made up word.

The word is “werdy”.


werdy (adj. I think) origin Ironchassis’ mind-

This word is a combination of the words “word” and “nerd”. It is any written composition that is lenghty (we’d call it wordy) and overly technical (nerdy). Put them together and what have you got? Zippidy boppity– oh excuse me. That’s a Disney song. Anyway it’s when someone is trying to explain something technical with WAY more words than they have to.

In one word?


Used in a sentence?

That werdy presentation for the new protocal was so boring, man it nearlly about put me to sleep. Zzzzzzzzz.

Not to be confused with the word “wordy” which just means who ever wrote it is getting paid by the word.

Now folks, I’ve never seen this word used anywhere else so I call dibs on it. Yes, it’s mine. BWaaahhhhh ahahaaha. <eeevil laugh.

So that's it.

You now have learned a new slang word: werdy.

Now go out into the world confident in the knowledge that you done done something.

Happy reading and fun Saturday.

Best regards,


Go see

Top O' the morning Blogland



Yeppers that's it for today.

Have fun. Let's go find a sunbeam and sit in it.


Take care,

Ann and the folks at 12 dogs.

Back to the Blogs .


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0 commentsFriday? Controvery.
Posted Jun-12-08 10:14:02 PDT Updated Jun-12-08 20:00:05 PDTI like most all the poetry that I have written here at 12 dogs. But some poems I like more than others. I didn't realize till I took a look back how many poems that might be.

So what's my favorite?


Well I like this one poem I liked because it was written "spur of the moment" about some "snooty patooties" (Rosie-ism) political types who thought I was a Racist, Red Neck, hick. Well they got two things right. But the third one they got all kinds of wrong and that pizzed me off. Well that and there was another a fella who made an ASSumption. Two entirely different stories.

That's where this poem came from.

Heard you were having a bad day. Having fun is the best revenge. 😀

What did I learn last night?

The (almost) unbearable lightness of being. Other than that?

Not much.


Heck people, I already knew he was handsome. Really.

And sure he’s entertaining and sexy.

I thought that was an obvious given.

What I’m wondering? What I would love to know?

Is he kind? Does he love?

Is his touch soft or is it hard?

Now you tell me that?

You’ve done something.

Just want to see what’s in My Days of the Week Underwear Drawer for Wednesday?

Click here > Left turn or right? Hmmm.

Back to the Blogs . Cya’ in abit. Ann

Which ever path you choose remember, here at 12 dogs and a blog, This is a fuss freezone.

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0 commentsHaving fun is the best revenge.
Posted Jun-10-08 21:12:07 PDT Updated Jun-10-08 21:14:13 PDT

“Having fun is the best revenge…”

Hannah Murphy

10th June, 2008

Bite me > This is a fuss freezone.
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0 commentsWednesday Dog days.
Posted Jun-10-08 21:04:45 PDT Updated Jun-12-08 10:12:11 PDTThe “dog days” of summer. When Sirus the Dog Star rises and sets with the sun. Days when it gets so hot that the sky would “cry” thunderstorms in the afternoons when I was a little girl.

The heat reminds me of something I was telling someone about what I call a ” Southernism “.

Hmmm. “Sitting under the cool”.

“Sitting under the air conditioner” or “Under the cool”? I’ve heard those terms for most of my life. I suspect it came from the term ” sitting under the fan”. Now if that is a ceiling fan or a table fan? I’m afraid I don’t know.

One of my earliest memories was falling asleep in my mother’s classroom. She had a fan and this large library table in her room. It was one of those old style, 1940’s school rooms with the huge cased windows. I remember falling asleep on top of that table to the “drone” of the fan. Say “runrunrunrunrurnrun”. That’s the sound.
It was hot. But I fell asleep on top of that table “under the fan”. “In the cool”. Listenin’ to the record player.
LOL our language here is so funny. Our summer language is very egalitarian. No one had airconditioned houses at one time. Rich and poor understood and used these terms. Everybody was hot and looking for the cool.

Well back to my underwear drawer with this Saturday post.

Let’s see. Was it Left turn or right? Hmmm.

Or we could go back to the Blogs .

Either way take care and Happy reading!

Best regards, Ann

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0 commentsWell I’ll tell you. I learned it’s a jungle out there kids! Don’t forget to wear clean underpants.
Posted Jun-10-08 21:01:32 PDT Updated Jun-12-08 14:50:39 PDTWell first thing I learned is that

Having fun is the best revenge. 😀
Like today. I guess I’m supposed to care but naw that takes up too much time and energy. But it is pretty obvious why folks are so unhappy.

I just sit back and enjoy the show.

One should always be appreciative of the efforts of others. By the way, as far as I know, not the blogs. 😀

But other than that?

Meerkats. I learned that Stockard Channing is the voice behind “Meerkat Manor” and then ALOT about Meerkats. Meekats that look like ferrets. Oh and that some folks don’t care for ferret people but some other folks do. Then I learned SOME MORE things about Meerkats. And also that EVERYBODY likes Animal Planet. Even hip, late night talk show hosts and Craig Ferguson. Wha’ you thought I say that CF is a hip, late night talkshow host. Heck no. He’s a sweet, lovable, hip late night talkshow host. Sorry ya’ll. There is a difference. Oh and then I learned that I this actor/funny guy named Bill Engval who’s on The Bill Engvall show? He’s hysterical. No not call the parametics hysterical. No he’s the ROFLMBO hysterical. Again. There is a difference.

Oh and I learned that, yes, CF is still cute.

And I learned that Madcat loved the Sex and the City movie. But that’s a completely different “What did I learn last night?” all together.

Tonight I’m going to learn about what Jenna Fischer is up to. Then I’m gonna watch Wolfgang Puck feed Craig Ferguson and make him scream like a guy. I’d say “…scream like a girl…” but I’m not. That might be an insult to girls. Don’t wanna’ do that.

Where to next?

Well if you’re having a bad day?

I suggest that Having fun is the best revenge.

Want to read what else is on the blog?

Good news! You have A road with choices.

Or you could go back to the Blogs .

Choice is yours. Cya’ in a few, Ann.
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0 commentsThursdays Sweet tea
Posted Jun-10-08 17:02:11 PDT Updated Jun-12-08 06:07:43 PDT


As I have mentioned to folks hear on the blog, I am from the Deep South. Have lived somewhere in the South all my life. Just like most places in the US, we have what I call Southernisms. Customs that I think must be unique to our area of the country.

For instance, I was telling someone about sitting “under the fan in the cool” or inviting folk in for a glass of “sweet tea”.

Soon there’ll be black eyed peas, tomatoes and squash in the garden. That with cucumbers, green onions and corn bread make a feast. Or there’s cocola (coke cola) and ice cream or another glass of tea.

Of all of these, “sweet tea” is something lots of folk associate with “down South”. It’s sweet and has “tooth” if made a certain way. Alot depends on how you make it. I grew up making it and have never had a receipe. It maybe the same way you make it in other parts of the country.

Here’s the family receipe for “sweet tea”. Enjoy!

The secret to sweet tea is “simple”.

“Simple syrup”. It gives “sweet tea ” it’s tooth and sweet ness.

Making simple syrup is easy.

Bring 2 cups of water to boil. Add 1 cup of sugar. Stirr until sugar is disolved and liquid is clear.

Now add to this tea bags to make one quart of tea.

Allow to steep until cool.

Pour this mix into your iced tea pitcher and add cold water until the pitcher is full. I add ice cube during this step. It not only dilutes the syrup/tea mixture but it cools off the tea. Chill in your fridge and enjoy.

In the summer it seems that we consume as much ice tea as folks consume hot tea and coffee in the winter.

Thanks for comin’. Ya’ll come back when you get a notion to.



Well back to my underwear drawer with this Thursday post.

Let’s see. Was it Left turn or right? Hmmm.

Or we could go back to the Blogs .

Either way take care and Happy Thursday. Best, Ann

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0 commentsThis is a fuss freezone.
Posted Jun-10-08 16:31:48 PDT Updated Jun-12-08 14:41:24 PDT”Having fun is the best revenge…”

Hannah Murphy

10th June, 2008

Hey gentle reader! Had a bad day? Guess what? Me too!

This blog is for you, for me, and for anyone who’s has a bad day. Come to my blog and have fun! There are no comments for folks to fight in. You don’t have to take sides with anyone.

This is a fuss freezone. Just fun things to read @ 12dogs.

12 dogs and a blog isn’t just a blog. Nope. It’s turning into an aMAZE-ing interactive story. A writer’s journal, it is part fact and part fiction. Only the authors know for sure.

Remember if you aren’t sure what’s fact and what’s fiction? Ask.

The words in blue are links to other parts of the blog — other posts.

Click here and try it out > Click here to try it out.

The blog changes as your choice of links change!

So! If politics? Job? The economy? In laws? Blog fight got you down?

Forget about it!

Leave the troubles of the world behind.

Because like Hannah Murphy says:

“Having fun is the best revenge…”

Here @ 12 dogs and blog? It’s all about the fun.

New adventures added daily.

So come to 12 dogs and a blog and leave that fussy world behind!

12 dogs and a blog.

Start your adventure here:

Heard you were having a bad day. This is a fuss freezone.
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0 commentsHeard you were having a bad day.
Posted Jun-10-08 14:27:42 PDT Updated Jul-13-08 04:05:37 PDTAnd now a poem

(about someone else but not you)

You, dear reader, are nice!


Insult in 5 languages
Ode to the values of polite discourse
by IC 5/12/2008

He can insult in 5 languages

Such a skill is sure to impress

To belittle and make feel small

Is certainly a skill to posess

At least in salons and cafe society

He’s thought of as quite urbane.

No matter which language he insults in —

To me?

He’s a jerk all the same.


Before you go!

Turnip fact.

Turnips are a cool weather plant in the south. They bolt in the heat. Of course maybe there are some special turnips that grow in the heat?

There’s only 24 hours in the day and writing is what I want to to for a living. So I’m treating it like a job.

I’m glad to have folks read what I write. Thank you.

Note: If this is July 13th? Please!

Stop pushing there’s an IPhone for everyone.) So the poem didn’t make you feel better?…

Hey! Gentle reader! Did you get here from “Friday? Controvery? If so click here >Friday? Controvery. (Not yet. It’s not Friday yet. Oops.

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0 commentsSo the poem didn’t make you feel better? Some hemorroids are just tough to get rid of. Durn. Try this.
Posted Jun-10-08 13:39:24 PDT Updated Jun-10-08 15:40:12 PDTNow this is supposed to be funny. Humor. Cheer you up dear readers.


Take care. You coulda had my day.

Man. OH man. Life in the Jungle. Yes, I did. Item number:330242403728.

It’s where you should be entering today’s blog.

If however you’ve already read about this paper clip?

Go to the head of the class and to today’s new entry.

The new entry for today is in ” My Days of the Week Underwear Drawer “. Don’t know what that is?

Keep reading. click here >Pardon our dust.

If you do know what that is?

Come read about Wednesday Dog days.

or you could

Come spend Tuesday in the Field with me.

Your choice.

Don’t skip though the part about how this blog works.

You can get lost in my blog if you do.

Hope you have a heck of a better day than I’m having.


Ready to go back to the house? Click > Blogs
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81 commentsHey Newt
Posted Jun-09-08 14:37:45 PDT Updated Jun-09-08 17:34:22 PDTNewt. You’ve got MegaDeath and Whitney Houston on your blog. 😀

Click here> You will NEVER guess what I bid on.
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17 commentsYou will NEVER guess what I bid on.
Posted Jun-09-08 14:15:03 PDT Updated Jun-09-08 17:32:30 PDT

click this>Yes, I did. Item number:330242403728.

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0 commentsYes, I did. Item number:330242403728.
Posted Jun-09-08 10:00:31 PDT Updated Apr-17-09 14:51:50 PDTYou bid on a paper clip????

Why yes, I did.

Thanks for asking.

I have just now bid on Item number: 330242403728.

It is as described one stupid bent paper clip ( IN CRAP PISS BAD CONDITION ).

Now you may ask yourself, “Why in hades would an otherwise sane and rational college graduate like IronChassis bid on “… a stupid bent paper clip (IN CRAP PISS BAD CONDITION) …” ?

As the seller states

“… you can buy over 100 paper clips for the same price that I am asking for 1, and to top it off it’s BENT! This paper clip has scratches all over it and is as you can see by the picture this is in poor, poor, poor condition….”

So why?

Why did I bid?

Well I’ll tell you.

This “…stupid bent paper clip ( IN CRAP PISS BAD CONDITION )…”

is a metaphor.

A commentary on how I have spent my free time this last couple of months.

A commentary on life.

Now I’m not sure wheither I’ll be successful in my bidding on this item. Mercy knows that there’s been a whole lot of other “stuff” I’ve bid on and lost. But this item, this last bidding before my SO pulls the plug on my bidding here at ebay, is just the perfect last bid.

So I have cast my bid and wait anxiously.

Yes, there maybe others who will out bid me on this item.

Yes, it is over priced and the shipping is wack.

Yes, the seller is probably a blogger here on eBay who is at this moment shouting to the roof tops, “SUCKER!”

I will not bow my head in shame.

Oh no!

For I know,

(even though I’ve done crap research and this looks like something from the bottom of the waste bin)

That if I win this item?!?

I will have “BID VICTORIOUSLY !”

Hugs and kisses,


Play list? Pomp and Circumstance.

Don’t you think this will make an excellent graduation gift for anyone who is interested in politics or marketing? I do. 😀 Concider the lessons one could learn from just being a part of this transaction? And , as the seller describes “…it’s BENT! …has scratches all over it and …is in poor, poor, poor condition.”

That is just so me.

Heck. What with the other $200 bucks it’s gonna’ cost me to frame it?

I think it’s a heck of deal. ROFLMBO.


PS Please read my blog. 😀

Now then if this is April 17, 2009 and you just came here from a blog about how a beige rubber band that was used to hold my copy of the WSJ and bills was a metaphor for the middle class? And about how I was going to change metaphors to a paper clip that I bought on ebay?

Oh happy — happy — happy day Click here!

Otherwise if it’s just that your path crossed paths with the future (say around April 17th, 2009 or that weekend?) You can keep reading this next part. These next blog links are for you. The rest of you from the future should go back here Oh happy — happy — happy day ! Now be nice. Off ya go. No more here for you to see. Go on.

Time ot go to the Blogs . More on paper clip tomorrow or later in the evening. I’m too sleepy to go further tonight.

Back later, Cya Ann

To go back to Life in the Jungle. Pardon our dust.

If you already are familiar with how 12 dogs and a blog works?

Start here > Tuesday in the Field

Got to go to the house? Click here>Blogs

Don’t skip though. You can get lost in my blog if you do.
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0 commentsTuesday in the Field
Posted Jun-09-08 08:38:43 PDT Updated Jun-10-08 16:37:46 PDTThere seems to be some missunderstanding about just what a “Red neck” is.

I was born and raised in the South. We moved to the country when I was young. Here was so different from the Gulf where I was born. Gone were the long flat roads of the coast. Instead there were the twisty dusty roads of central Alabama. Roads where tractors and cotton pickers shared the road with “commuter” cars.

The dirt was now red clay not sandy loam.

The land of the “Red Neck Nation”.

It’s good that I’ve lived in this area of the South. LOL. Yeah I know my “spiritual home” is always gonna’ be somewhere on the Gulf of Mexico. I’m a waterbaby. Salt water is in my veins. But living in this inland area lets me know just how wrong folk are when the say “Red Neck” in such a disparaging way. Ya’ll – they got no clue.

The “Red Neck Nation”. It’s anywhere folks are connected to the land. We, yes I’m an adopted “Red Neck”, live every where you find good hearted folks who are connected to the land. Our necks are red because of our love of the outdoors. We’d rather be “out in the yard ” than any place on earth. Didn’t matter if that yard was one you mowed with a lawn mower or one you “bush hogged” with a tractor, the important thing was to be outside. RedNecks? Just like anyone else? Yep. We love our kids, we love our country, and yeah we love God too.

I never knew how folks could thinK that could be so wrong.

I was told that people on the internet don’t read song lyrics. They see them and with a click, they go some where else.

Thing is these fellas, songwritters Danny Myrick, Jeffrey Steele, and Shane Minor, just put what a “Red Neck” is better than I could.

So I’m gonna’ post what they wrote here. You really should give the song a listen. Sung by Craig Morgan, it’s a real “toe tapper”. But if you are like me and YouTube is difficult? I’ve printed the lyrics.

The song? “International Harvester”

I’m the son of a third generation farmer
I’ve been married 10 years to the farmer’s daughter
I’m a God fearing hardworking combine driver
Hogging up the road on my p-p-p-p-plower
Clug-a-lug-a-lugin 5 miles an hour
On my International Harvester.

3 miles of cars laying on there horns
I’m falling on deaf ears of corn
Lined up behind me like a big parade
Of late to work road rage jerks
Shouting obscene words giving me the bird

Well you may be on a state paved road
That black top runs through my pay load
Excuse me for trying to do my job
This year ain’t been no bumper crop
If you don’t like the way I’m driving
Get back on the interstate Otherwise sit tight and be nice
And quit your honking at me that way

Cause I’m the son of a 3rd generation farmer
I’ve been married 10 years to the farmer’s daughter
I got 2 boys in the county 4-H
I’m a lifetime sponsor of the FFA
Hey that’s what I make I make a lot of Hay for a little pay
But I’m proud to say
I’m a God fearing hardworking combine driver
Hogging up the road on my p-p-p-p-plower
Clug-a-lug-a-lugin 5 miles an hour
On my International Harvester.

Well I know you got your own deadline
But cussing me won’t save you no time Haus
But this big wheel wide load ain’t going any faster
So just smile and wave and tip your hat to the man up on the tractor

Cause I’m the son of a 3rd generation farmer
I’ve been married 10 years to the farmer’s daughter
I got 2 boys in the county 4-H
I’m a lifetime sponsor of the FFA
Hey that’s what I make I make a lot of Hay for a little pay
But I’m proud to say
I’m a God fearing hardworking combine driver
Hogging up the road on my p-p-p-p-plower
Clug-a-lug-a-lugin 5 miles an hour
On my International Harvester.

I’m a God fearing hardworking combine driver
Hogging up the road on my p-p-p-p-plower
Clug-a-lug-a-lugin 5 miles an hour
On my International Harvester.

Iron chassis Proud member of the “Red Neck Nation” since she was — well– let’s just say it’s been a LONG time and leave it at that.

(ROFLMBO: I’ll always be 25 even though my drivers license and my joints say different.)

Song info:

Song Name: International Harvester
Artist Name: Craig Morgan
Album: Little Bit of Life
Songwriter(s): Danny Myrick, Jeffrey Steele, Shane Minor
Release Date: October 10, 2006
Label: Broken Bow
Lyrics for “International Harvester”

Well back to my underwear drawer with this Tuesday post.

Let’s see. Was it Left turn or right? Hmmm.

Or we could go back to the Blogs .

Either way take care and Happy Tuesday. Best, Ann
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0 commentsMonday’s Children
Posted Jun-09-08 07:13:23 PDT Updated Jun-09-08 14:12:52 PDTIts a Monday morning thing

You and me

The nuts and bolts of love

The work horse of emotions

As in the world we go

To our lives and jobs

Separate in our lives

And yet I know

You’re there.

Not a Friday night adventure

Or a Saturday night affair

Those fleeting, flitting creatures

Who shun the light of day.

Capricious, ephemeral


But not much in the long run

Momentary silly things.

But Monday morning relationships

Stalwart grown up things

Like good friends.

Don’t flit like silly Saturday

But dance elegant through our life

They waltz us through

The drudgery

Of our Monday morning days.


Hannah Murphy. 6/10/2008

Hannah in Blogland

c2008 Ann

Playlist. Upstream. kd lang. watershed


once in a while. kd lang. watershed


As much as I would love to think that you don’t pay attention to what other folks say? As much as I want to believe that you are your own person? I’m wondering if you really are. I’ve seen such hard times. What got me though them was my “Monday morning strengths”. The coffee fueled morning. The ones I wake achy and tired to. And yet, I wake though I don’t want to. And so I prepare, though I’d rather not. And so I go., though I’d rather spend my life eating ice cream and cake. I can love the “Saturday night” you easily. What’s not to love. Your smile pleases. Your voice and notions make me smile and laugh out loud. It leaves me breathless and young.

But in my world there is also the “Monday love”. The stalward, strong pragmatic. The love that stays even when life is so cold and dreary. When I’d really rather not but I have to. It’s too important. It’s the roof over our heads.

Marriage is like that.

When we are first flitting about each other like bees, we are “Friday night flowers” in full bloom. Maybe if the weekend goes particularly well, we become “Sunday brunch roses”.

But in real life, in “Monday morning relationships”, we become that “Gerbera daisy arrangement”. The one you sent because you know this week will be a “bear”. That my day of 9Am appointments, all day long, had me dreading this week last Thursday. You could see it in my eyes. And it made you sad to think that such sad things could ruin our Friday night. So you sent “Monday morning” gerberas. Colorful, practical, artistic joyful because you said they were so me.

But when I look at them? I know they are so you.

Cause it’s not just a Saturday frivolity

No you see.

It’s a Monday morning thing

You and me.


Playlist for this post?

coming home. kd lang. watershed.


Happy Monday!

Eventually I’m going to put this poem here: Left turn or right? Hmmm.

But as this is Monday for lots of folks and because you may find yourself in the midst of a hectic day missing your sweety I thought I’d post this first. If you want to read it again but it is gone, you’ll know to look in my “Days of the Week Underwear Drawer”

(to find click here > Left turn or right? Hmmm.).

By the way, I’m going to be writing in the “Days of the Week Underwear Drawer” instead of “What did I learn last night/this morning?” I might even switch entirely for a while. I like both but it’s good for me to try something new.

Makes me appreciate the old I guess. So–

There’s lots of new stuff to read this week.

You can start your stroll through 12 dogs and a blog

here >>Pardon our dust.
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0 commentsPardon our dust.
Posted Jun-08-08 21:47:39 PDT Updated Apr-17-09 15:18:50 PDTNote to readers.

If you are from the future? Say April 19th, 2009 or if you came here from here? This post is really only to explain the way that 12 dogs works. There’s a better explaination but I can’t find it at the moment. Till then this post will have to do. You can take the hyperlinks to other parts of the blog and another interactive story if you want. Or you could go back to here and see what’s up and then come back when you’re bored and looking for something to read. There really is no telling where you’ll end up. Even I’m not so sure where you’ll go as one of the troubles of traveling through this “time warp” is that it can in a way “mess” with future and past links. Fun huh?

Now keep reading this post. I’ll see if I can find the better one but remember. If you really get lost?

There’s always this.

Now were was I? Oh yeah… If you want to go back to April 19th, 2009? Click here.


Welcome to 12 dogs. Thank you very much for taking time to read my writer’s journal. I hope you are as entertained by reading this blog as I am to write it.

Author Ann

Well, Gentle Reader, first thing you need to know is that the words in blue are most likely hot links to other parts of the blog. They can take you on all kinds of adventures and in a way change the storyline for the particular interactive story that you are reading.

The next thing you need to know is?

There is alot to read here on 12 dogs and a blog that may be new to you. For this reason and because I’ll be writing the next weeks interactive blog book, I won’t be adding alot of new material during the week. Should give all readers a chance to explore the blog and get used to the format. The exception is the blog post Left turn or right? Hmmm. (<hot link!) This post will be updated daily. This blog post is where you will probably find the answer to the question,

"What did I learn last night?"

Note to readers. Actually for this week at least, I'm trying something new. Instead of the "What did I learn last night?" I'm trying "My Days of the Week Underwear Drawer"

I'm pretty excited about this and next weeks interactive blog book. They should be fun.

Hope you have a terrific week!

Happy reading,


So where do you go next?

That depends. Did you get directions? (< hot link Click here)

Been here before? Want to go directly to today's post?

You'll know if it's a Left turn or right? Hmmm

Will be posting new stuff soon.

Thank you!

(Interactive Blog Book TM/ copywrite by Ann)

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