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Posted Jun-06-08 17:42:52 PDT Updated Jun-06-08 19:07:01 PDTWhat is the sound of yin and yang crashing together?

We got the news last night. We found out what the sound of yin and yang crashing together sounded like. Sad and Happy. Wrapped up in one phone call.

“Well I just heard the news today.”

A phone call that began– ” How are ya’. …”

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0 commentsLeft turn or right? Hmmm.
Posted Jun-06-08 16:44:28 PDT Updated Jun-13-08 20:05:51 PDT”Like sand through my toes,

these are my days of the week underwear .”

Hannah Murphy. June 10, 2008


Welcome to a little side trip through my mental underwear drawer. A blog mini diary.

Will add new entry each day. Just look for the day of the week and click.

(includes the original poem “Monday’s Children ” by Hannah Murphy)
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>Wednesday Dog days. Or “Wednesday Dog days” under Recent Posts

>Wednesday Dog days.
>Wednesday The Dog Days of Summer
>Wednesday The Dog Days of Summer
>Thursdays Sweet tea Or “Thursday’s Sweet tea” under Recent Posts

Thursday means Sweet Tea
>Thursday means Sweet Tea Or “Thursday means Sweet Tea” under Recent posts

>Friday? Controvery

>Saturday Werdy werd word

Once you’ve finished reading your days of the week?

Well, I should tell you I think he’s very handsome. And I think he is sexy. And I think he’s smart too. Alot of good it’ll do me. But heck if he isn’t cute. His words are like rain in the desert. Welcome. In case you were wondering what I learned last night. 😀

Well I’ll tell you. I learned it’s a jungle out there kids! Don’t forget to wear clean underpants.
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The sign said three left turns is as goo… d as a right.

Happy reading,


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(song for the week. close your eyes. kd lang. watershed)

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0 commentsThe sign said three left turns is as good as one right.
Posted Jun-06-08 16:42:04 PDT Updated Jun-08-08 20:31:49 PDTWell the sign did say,

“Three left turns is as good as one right.”

What are ya’ gonna do?

Got a great email that has me thinking about which direction the blog goes next. I already had an idea of where I wanted to go, then I got this email and wow. Thing is it might take me a minute or two or well maybe a day to sort it out. This weekend I hopefully have a thing to go to with son. Usually when I try to plan something a spanner gets thrown into the works and messes it up. But this sounds like so much fun I’m prayin’.

The next couple of entries may seem random.


Will try to keep it entertaining.

Hmm here’s something to chew on. Do you think that the act of talking about an abstract concept can be in itself an aphrodisiac?

Word are funny things for sure.

If I went into my physiology class and used the word “peepee” in the place of “penis” or “balls” instead of “testicals”, my professor would have laughed me out of class. But if I used the term else where saying “testicals” and “penis” might be called “sexual” and bleeped on a television show.

Just the words alone out of context.

Isn’t that funny.


So then I heard this great story about the difference between necessary and gratuitous sex.

Once upon a time. A tale of community st… andards.
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0 commentsOnce upon a time. A tale of community standards.
Posted Jun-06-08 16:36:37 PDT Updated Jun-08-08 20:36:22 PDT”…difference between necessary and gratuitous sex.”

Did I say sex? I meant language. I am so sorry. Sorry about that typo. But hey, keep reading, I do use the words “penis” and “testicles” in a sentence. 😀

As for sex? I don’t know if there is such a thing as gratuitous sex. How about you?


Oh story for someone who asked.

A friend and I were talking about language in books. She thought that there was too much foul language in books. I was telling her that the level of language that a character used depended upon the character and the situation. Just like how in real life some folks swear, so should the character if that was who they were. If I don’t like it, I don’t have to read it. I’m not a fan of books that have been “sanitized for my protection” nor am I a fan of gratuitous language. Unless it is a character who is saying words for the “pushing buttons” aspect. Like a kid that hears a swear word and then repeats it because of the reaction it gets or because of the sound of it tickles them. In that case, “gratuitous” is part of the situation and the nature of the character. Back and forth my friend and I argued (think debate not “knock down, drag out”) about the concept. During that conversation she told a story about her 91 year old mother. She was telling me how that she’d never heard her mother swear. Never. Then this stray dog came into their lives. The dog just got on their last nerve and one day it was just too much. Her genteel mother let fly with a word that out in the rest of the word seems mild but in her mother’s house would have been unheard of.

Her mother said the word, “shit”. This word which might seem mild in other places was jarring to her daughter.

And then funny because it was so out of character.

I remember looking over at her and she at me.

She got it. She’d just told the perfect story to illustrate the difference between necessary language and gratuitous language.

I learned somewhere that you use the words that are necessary to make the point understandable. Even if sometimes it is a “jarring” one, if it gets the point across so to bring understanding, it’s necessary to the conversation.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to speaking to someone in conversation or in chat/comments. At least not to me. In conversation other things come into play. Things like respect for the other people in the conversation. Besides, just like that “hen’s tooth shit” had power, so does the rare expletive. When the speaker does use it? You pay attention. Used too much and it’s power is diluted….. more later.

It got me thinkin’ about words as aphrodisiacs again.

In this particular situation?

Penis? Dirty?

Only if you didn’t take a bath.

Otherwise, it’s a perfectly acceptable and biologically correct term. Same for testicles.

Or the word bitch (as long as that bitch is a female canine).


I do love it when you talk all concepts and abstracts.



OH guess what.

The next posts are under the title,

Thar she blows. The log of the White Rab…

Only 3 people know that this next blog entry is about. I’m one.

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0 commentsThar she blows. The log of the White Rabbit.
Posted Jun-06-08 16:27:52 PDT Updated Jun-17-08 19:35:33 PDTNext weeks posts are under the title,

“Call me Alice. I’m looking for mobyDick.”

I thought about calling it:

“Call me Alice. I’m looking for andyDick.”

Thought that might be confusing. Might miss the “MobyDick” reference. Might give more attention to the “…Andy Dick…” reference than is actually due.

Then I thought what about:

“Call me, Alice. I’m looking for mobyDick.”

Well that’s just gramatically incorrect. The speaker isn’t asking Alice to call her. The speaker IS Alice. It’s an introduction. You see Alice, the speaker, is looking for mobyDick.

“Wait!”, you say, ” If you’re all about grammar, shouldn’t the letter “m” in “mobyDick” be a capital letter?” Yes. Yes it should. But, if you’ve read through my blog enough, you know I’m not “… all about the grammar…” Not even close. Besides. Just like folks dress to enhance and bring attention to a physical asset. Well you figure it out. LOL. “…mobyDick…” is no typo.

Of course if I was literally Alice the title should read:

“Call me Alice. I’m looking for mobyDick!”

(Ah sure, She had such a fine mind she did. What has become of it. Haaa. Shame.)

Stay tuned. 😀



Blues Traveler*album entitled “four”

Are you following The Alice Adventures.? <click here to continue.


PS. You know there is always a PS<yeppers this is about you
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0 commentsPS<yeppers this is about you
Posted Jun-06-08 16:17:35 PDT Updated Jun-08-08 20:10:30 PDTPS The dog…

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0 commentsPlaylist
Posted Jun-06-08 16:08:59 PDT Updated Jun-08-08 16:36:12 PDTPlaylist. New song. “coming home” kd lang * Watershed

Or maybe “close your eyes” from the same album. It’s such a “tactile” song. No, I don’t know if a song could be “tactile”. Oh wait. Yes it can. Heavy metal with 5 foot speakers. The air moves. You can feel every “whamp a whamp do twaaang” of the song. Yep songs can be “tactile”. This song isn’t heavy metal though. It’s too gentle for that.

But it does have a “tactile” sense to it. Especially on a good stereo system with headphones.

Aural music. Is anyone old enough to remember when they used to have a program on the public radio that was made for headphones? Or then there is ambient music (No, Snerk, not Ambien music. I know there are folks who find ambient music a good substitute for Ambien. There are others who think it’s calming. Certainly when compared to Heavy Metal. :P)

Whew. Look it the time. Where did the mid day go?

Living things here are perturbed at their indignities.

Gotta go.

Next entry?

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0 commentsHow are ya’.
Posted Jun-06-08 15:54:53 PDT Updated Jun-07-08 06:27:52 PDTIt’s been an emotional day. Have been wrangling with grownups. Family member and all round nice person has been dealt a tough blow. One of those life altering kind that make you rethink your choices. We all know we’re going to die. We hope that it will be far, far in the future and not next week. Some of us aren’t so lucky. That time comes more than just sooner. It comes– I can’t write the next part. This person has been nice to me when others have shown me the door. It just seems wrong. After all the crap I kind of hope those medical type folks are wrong.

I don’t know what God is thinking here.

Good thing has happened though. At the very last moment this person found love.

Real love.

And they are getting married.

I’m happy. For someone that has such bad news, it’s surreal to hear it because they just don’t sound doom and gloom. They are optimistic. They are happy. They are in love. Oh and by the way they have a fatal disease and may not live to see Christmas.

I know that I tell people that what I write on this blog is a mix of fact and fiction. That you should ask.

This is true all true.

I’m not trying to get sympathy. Nope.

I’m not trying to get views.

Really, I’m just writing about it because to me it is all kinds awesome how they’re handling this. That they’ve got someone so great to be with them. This other person is so funny. Happy. I couldn’t imagine being this optimistic under the circumstances but they are. They’re going to get hitched. And then they’re going to travel. And I for one am going to celebrate the whole thing. Pray that this is therapeutic for them. That God will reconsider and let them live to become old married folks.

That everyone will let them be and celebrate this love they have for each other.


Just seemed like something weirdly good to write about.

It’s complicated but I told someone who is also related that in a way our relative was in better shape than alot of folks. Here at a time when they get the worst kind news, they find someone wonderful. They have someone funny and loveable to keep them company. My understanding is that there is no long nasty medical proceedure to suffer through and then die. The other person understands first hand the situation. They can travel.

Most importantly they know not to take each other for granted.

They are going to celebrate the time they have together.

And they are going to be happy.

There is one person for whom this isn’t going to be so good. They have been here today. I have been making their life a living heck because I know it will keep them distracted. Always fun to be pissed at me. But I dread this for them. They started to cry last night. They never cry. Not even when their son died. I think they are seeing the loss of someone they thought would always be there and in some ways their own mortality.

That’s the other reason why I’m writing this.

I know that we all know that time is precious. This isn’t earth shaking news. It is a gentle reminder though. Time is ticking by. The cliche, even if it is cliche, is still true.

“Don’t take the folks you love for granted. Tell them everyday that you love them. Make sure that when you’re making that list of important things to do? That they are at the top of that list.”

These two know whats important.

My son knows that too.

He’s going to make someone a terrific friend, father, and partner.

I am at this very moment setting up the blog for the next section of entries. The next entries will again be random. This whole week has been a series of random occurances. I think if I step way back I might see a pattern. But so far? Nothing. Sorry. Unexpected things just keep coming up. And I just wanted to mention this here. A bench mark or record of a life.


For someone to whom this will make perfect sense.

You won’t believe it. I did take my nap. But I have yet to go to the movies or the art gallery or get my haircut. All today has been about working(read that talking) stuff out. Honestly, I think I’d get more worked out if I got in the car and just drove. We don’t have a Pacific Coast Highway here. Just miles and miles of country roads. Not the same.

Don’t think I’ll be doing fun stuff with son either. 😦

I have the evening alone to myself. Son and his father have gone for father son time. I’m thinking of taking a shower and just sleeping. LOL Naw I’m not depressed. I’m just tuckered out. Have spent the day not canoodling or fun. Oh no, spent it talking about the future of things. Unfortunately that leads to some fussing here. Apparently there is some disagreement over what my future looks like. I want to write. Their opinion is that no cares what I have to say. I say look at the views. They say so what? Could be accident. I say nope and they say yeah. It’s not a fight. Or abuse. They just have a different view. Plus for them writing is writing books on best seller lists. For me? It’s if anyone reads it I’m tickled.

I’m glad you’re here and read it. Your support has been good for me. Thank you. I’ll write you stories to make you smile if I can. It will do me good to see you smile.

Sometimes I think Fate wants me to be one big ole melodrama.

Fate forgets that I’m looking for a romantic comedy.

(Note to Fate. So this is the romantic comedy I’m hoping for. One about person and their lovely wife the writer. It involves happily ever after and being in love. It involves travel. It involves lots of happy conversation. It involves their happily married son and grand children that love them bunches. It involves sex. Dear mercy yes there is sex. Hot steamy passionate monogamous legal in all 50 states wow can you really do that at your age. Uhmmm you betcha. Sex. With each other. It doesn’t involve clipping coupons or sadness. They live along time. Have the correct answers to all of life’s questions. And a female president too. Now. Not later. It is genuinely happy. But not limited to just this…. )

Have sent booklist with son. Should have things to read by the end of the day. Looking forward to this armchair adventure. Will find a quiet place and read. Thanks.

Days events have been ” topsy turvey” reminder of how sad and happy life can be.

Anyway, I always look forward to hearing from you.

You’re a cool breeze on a hot day.



Ready to go see what is down the other path?

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Remember. Don’t worry. All paths lead to ” home”.

Now, as for the rest of the blog, if you want to go futher here is something to read:

But you know I really like this show.

Playlist for the road.

kd lang. coming home. watershed.

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0 commentsMonday
Posted Jun-05-08 13:55:54 PDT Updated Jun-09-08 08:30:43 PDTHappy Monday!! Hugs. How are you doing? Okay? I’m hanging in there. My life can be alot like the first couple of times you wear roller skates. If I work at it eventually it works out. Those first couple of times? Kind of tough to keep your feet underneath ya’. Can end up on my rear end as often as I stand up right. I’m not sure what you must think of me or this blog sometime.

kd lang. cominghome. watershed.

“…You are sweet…”

I told someone they were sweet and they were surprised. Apparently being called “sweet” isn’t an adjective often sent their way. Kind of made me sad. Since when has the word “sweet” have a union. You can be “sweet” any durn time you want to be. LOL And it’s relative to the beholder. Like beauty. They had been “sweet” to me during a difficult time. When other folk had not and that was sweet. We should maybe try it –alot. It looks good on you. ((Hugs)) Now I have to back up a bit or I’ll become sacchrine. Which as we know is fake sugar. No good. Worse than just “sugary sweet”. Not ignoring. Not leaving. Just don’t want to become “fake sugary sweet”. Yuk….)

Time for puppy lap and bath time. Mercy it’s only June and already in the mid 90’s. No telling what August is going to be like.

Here? Muddy I expect.

Later gator. Thanks for the emails. Write back anytime.

I “lurve” emails.

(kd lang. I dream of spring. watershed.)

Want to read more from my underwear drawer?


Left turn or right? Hmmm.

Check out the original poem ” Monday’s Children ” by Hannah Murphy

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before you leave? again. coming home. kd lang. watershed.

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0 commentsBut you know I really like this show.
Posted Jun-05-08 09:35:19 PDT Updated Jun-05-08 14:00:02 PDTBut you know I really like this show.

I do. If you read the blog this morning, you saw my post about the LateLate Show with Craig Ferguson. I was not happy. You can see my post here > Coming Attractions. I’m not a letter writing person. For all the things I write about here, I don’t write letters to the editor expressing my opinions on an issue. I have only just recently written what can be a called a fan letter. The first one I’ve written since I was a child and a fan of The Monkeys. Ironically it was written to The Late, Late Show. I’m just not a big “express my opinion” emailer/letter writer. Don’t get me wrong, I like free speech, the first ammendment, and having your say. Always glad when someone is compelled to express their opinion about an issue. Most times it shows a caring person in a world that can be cynical and pessimistic. Great. It’s just not me. Even this blog is more an exercise in how to put something into words than it is “putting my opinions out there for others to read”.

So why should I be writing 2 fan letters to this show. Why should I care. Well I’ll tell you. The first time I saw The Late Late Show I was living in a state that was very much of one political party and very little of the other. You just didn’t find folks expressing a different opinion. There was too much chance of causing a fuss. Add to this the fact that I’ve always been more independent than either side. Well I just didn’t talk about the issues of the day. It was uncomfortable feeling that just questioning what was going on the political front could results in hard feelings from others. So I just kept quiet and voted. Please understand this highly partisan feeling was coming from both sides:Democrat and Republican. There just wasn’t a safe harbor for us Independents. No laughing or good natured political debate seemed to be allowed. I was used to that political debate from when I was a kid. I was taught it was very American to repectfully disagree. It was in that “caldron of political debate” that you found answers that helped us all. Plus it is my opinion that if folks feel that they can be heard the environment is actually peaceful. Don’t you feel better when you know that your opinion is fairly heard and considered? Works for me. Anyway, I heard that World Wide Pants (David Letterman) was holding tryouts for Craig Kilborn’s replacement so I looked to see. It was while listening to Mr. Ferguson’s monologue that he cracked a joke that was decidedly not status quo. My jaw dropped open. After all this time of being so quiet here was a man who cracked a joke that just wouldn’t have been said where I was from. Again my jaw dropped open. Then a lovely thing happened. I began to laugh. It was great. I just started laughing and you know I have been pretty much laughing ever since. Mr. Ferguson’s humor was that of a man who was more observer than taking sides. It was as if he was saying,” You know folks I don’t have a dog in this fight. And well, from what I can see, yer all cracked.” I loved it. So did other folks. Mr. Ferguson’s humor has spread by word of mouth to all kinds of folks. Slowly we all began to find this fella that gave us a safe harbor to just laugh at it all. An hour of just lovely.

But lately it seems that the humor has been changing. The humor that had made fun gently of us all. The man who wouldn’t make fun of Britney even though every other show had declared open season on her. The man who said, “I’m an alcoholic.” The person who just layed it out there and said this is me. Like ya’ll I’m human. Well this man and his show has been changing. I dunno why. Even if all of us fans feel like we know the “real” Craig Ferguson, I doubt we do. Everybody changes. I know that. But I bet if you did a survey of his fans not only were they there for the funny, I’d bet they were there for the refuge. The calm in the storm of war, economic woes and just plain fussing. Here you can laugh. I for one wonder what I’ll do if he leaves. After watching the Democratic primary and the divisions in the party. After watching the lack luster reception of Sen. McCain. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I need that show in the middle of the night. The one with the Scot who’s been gently pricking our collective political unconsciousness.

I can amuse myself but frankly I’d miss this durn show.

So I wrote my blog post this morning.

Yes I admit it was a bit knee jerk. I’m sorry. But this woman who wouldn’t write anyone a love song to anyone for whom she didn’t actually feel it? Found herself writing one.

LOL. I know this sounds stupid but I just thought I’d say something.


Play list.

Oh you’re kidding? For me? Sara Bareilles. Lovesong.

May none of us have to write someone a love song if we don’t want to. Thing is I’m so afraid that saying this is going to result in the loss of someone whose “company”, even if it is abit contrived, is appreciated and would be very, very, very, much missed.

Here’s the next post.

I don’t know what you learned but I lear…

I didn’t expect to be writing the Latelateshow post. I’ll put up the other posts that I had originally written for today later. Then, I have a little fun planned for this weekend. If you, gentle reader, will bear with me, I’m going leave the blog and have a bit of fun with my son. Will be back with new things to read and more of this “mental maze” known as 12 dogs and a blog next week. Hugs to you. I’m only an email away.

Oh and thank you to the folks who have emailed me. I love it. Thank you. I don’t chat very often so the email is the only way I have of saying hello.

I love email and answer all.

Visit anytime. I’ll leave the light on.

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0 commentsI don’t know what you learned but I learned…
Posted Jun-04-08 00:40:50 PDT Updated Jun-04-08 12:17:01 PDTHey You, know what I learned tonight?

I learned that:

1)There are people who do passive aggressive really well.

2)I’m looking forward to my fun thing this weekend. 😀

3)The “What did we learn tonight?” kitty with the spirally eyes is better than reincarnation kitty.

Who knew?

4)If it were up to me, I’d do away with everything but the monologue and the epilogue.

Second thought. Maybe not. I don’t know. Or is it I don’t care. Might be. I don’t remember. Or don’t give a fig . Not sure? Have got to stop doing this because I just love this part of the LateLate Show. Like this part the best. Well that and the “kissy face” . The blue light special.

But then I heard that the “kissy face” is apparently popular with alot of folks. 😀

5)Man there are some fine looking men folks in this world. One is particularly fetching. Fabio.

Well there are other good looking guys but I just like saying “Fabio” and “Fabio is fabulous.”. Go on say it. After a while it can stick in your head. Like a “mind worm”. No that other thing is an “earwig”. If you are really old like me you, might remember the Rod Serling tv show. The one about the earwig that crawls into this fella’s ear canal and then keeps on going into his brain. Then it starts eating his brain and the guy is yelling. Gross. So not earwig.

Nope this is a “mind worm”. A term for those stupid songs or phrases that you hear and it sticks. I would give you another example but it might stick causing you to be distracted from reading MY BLOG. Not good.

But saying,”Fabio is fabulous?” Over and over. Now that’s just fun in a barrel. Wooo HOOO. And let’s face it- Fabio is fabulous!

6) I like “Sex and the City”. So do alot of other female type folks. It’s got fun. It’s got sex. I don’t know about you but I like fun and I LIKE sex and I like cities too.

I’m very much looking for ALL these things this summer.

Remember. Fabio is fabulous!!!

7)Oh, and I’m looking forward to my fun thing to do this weekend. Wait. Already told you that. I can’t say what I’m going to do yet. Have to do it first. But it is fun and may have pictures. And it will involve fun and music.

And I get to do it with my son who is excellent company.

8)Too much serious. Need fun.


9)Did you hear the story about that guy that was buried in a Pringles can? No? See here > Mmmmm

10)Got to do sleep.

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0 commentsI don’t know what you learned but I learned…
Posted Jun-04-08 00:22:15 PDT Updated Jun-06-08 19:03:59 PDTHe wondered, “I can’t remember. Is it all things being equal an object falls to earth at 9m/sec2. I just can’t quite remember.” It was the one single thought he had. You would have thought he would think of a loved one. Some regret or God. He didn’t. He wasn’t even mathmatically inclined. Couldn’t get passed the most rudimentary of Algebra equations. But here he was trying in vain to remember something from a physics class he had 30 years ago. That was his last thought.

The second before his head hit the pavement.

Then a voice said.

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0 commentsMmmmm
Posted Jun-03-08 07:15:24 PDT Updated Jun-03-08 15:19:50 PDTThe man who invented the Pringles container has died.

He was, at least a part of him was, buried inside a Pringle container.

Now that’s dedication to your job.

Or just sad.

I don’t want to live my life only to be buried in a Pringles container.

I want to live.

I want to love.

I really, really want to do this > I’m awake.

Still breathing?

click here >And this is the truth.

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4 commentsI’m awake.
Posted Jun-03-08 02:06:15 PDT Updated Jun-03-08 08:00:40 PDTHello. Anyone out there?

“…His cheek was on hers. The bristles of his cheek, moved the length of her neck. She never understood why it burned but never hurt. Up and down. Slowwly. Then they would without word switch sides and the whole process would begin again. They could do it forever. Her cheeks and neck changing from their normal pink to a slight red. His finger tips curled up in her hair while his thumbs played with the earrings in her ears. It was a dance they did.


“…something always brings me back to you. It never takes too long…”

And then they… images flooded her mind… snap shots and film clips of what??? She wracked her brain to describe it. He was in her then he wasn’t… they were moving like breathing… drunk but no drink… he kissed her again… slowly… then faster. They slept when sleep was needed. They ate when they were hungry. The made love.

When they were out he would play with her ears. He loved to do it in a crowd because he knew what it did to her. Her knees buckled. The first time he did it? When he realized the affect it had on her he began to laugh. Is startled her. He kissed her. Drank her in like water when he was thirsty. Kissed the ear and she nearly buckled again. He laughed and held her to keep from falling. The whole time nuzzling her ear.

“We can’t not here. Please… ” her voice muffled as he kissed her again. And again.

Then he stopped and began to fondle her ear again, this time he held her, arm around her, so she wouldn’t unexpectedly fall. He loved it. Knew what it did to her and how when they finally got home she would be in such a state. He did that to her…”

She didn’t know why she had to get this out.

He could make her knees buckle with just a touch. When she thought of him even now she began to move subconscieously. When someone touched her ear. But no one ever touched it that way since, not until last night.

Now that is what I’m looking for.


Like now.



click > And this is the truth.
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1 commentAnd this is the truth.
Posted Jun-03-08 01:17:52 PDT Updated Jun-03-08 07:09:41 PDTOn the blogs we really don’t know each other. There may be some of us who have had met. I remember someone saying how nice one of the bloggers was but then in the next sentence they said, “But I don’t know this person.”

Where in real life do we say this?

I’ve used and heard used the word “love” alot lately. Used in such a cavalier manner. Same as the word friendship. You almost hope for another whole classification of the words. Like “love subscript” or “love lite”. The way these words are tossed around on the internet or in light conversation. ” I love that dress” or “I love” that song. How can it ever be the same as “I love my husband” or “I love my child”.

On a personal note.

I am in a place right now. In some ways stronger for having taken a difficult look inside but in other ways in such a state. During the process, I’ve discovered this thing. This emotion. I just don’t know what to do with it. I know what it is. It’s a feeling. I’ve had it once before. It should be a good thing. A welcome feeling. A gift.

Right now it just feels so sad.

If you don’t want it?

What do I do with it? What good is it?

This is such an uncommon feeling.

For such an unforgetable person.

“I love you.”

If you don’t want it?

What do I do?

Hey. All ya’ need is love. WahWahWahWah Wahhh…

To Dragon*Myst

Dragon*myst, I heard that someone has given you grief about your life choices. I figure that from what little I have seen from you that you put them in their place. You seem like a tough cookie. I don’t have to tell you what you already know. That at the end of the day being with the one you love and making your family is all that really matters. Making choices.

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0 commentsAll ya’ need is love. WahWahWahWah Wahhhh
Posted Jun-02-08 13:29:45 PDT Updated Jun-02-08 16:25:38 PDTSo you’ve got two choices this evening.

You can take a trip through the “mountain passes” known as

What did I learn last night? Monday

Or you can skip it and go tripping through the strawberry fields of love 101.

Love 101 is a tiny tutorial of saying the words, “I love you.”

The “What did I learn last night? ” is a trek through the mountains of the meaning of life.

Your choice. Hugs to you. Both paths lead to the same place.



Note. I’m pretty tired. Still need to do a final edit. Will do final edit during the evening. Have fun with this 12 dogs beta version.

I have to feed the living things here. Thanks/
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0 commentsMaking choices.
Posted Jun-02-08 12:03:55 PDT Updated Jun-02-08 18:24:38 PDTFunny thing about the one’s we love. I’m never sure who choses whom. Is it random or preordained? Are there more than one “the one” for us or is there only that one?

Myth says that along time ago we were giants. Super humans with super sized powers. Along with these powers came a super sized ego. The gods looked down from on high and worried. Perhaps this was too much power for an individual to have. They pondered the situation and decided to change this. They “cut” each person in half. Each having half of the powers of their twin. For the rest of their lives, the half people would search the earth for their other half. To be made whole again. These were their soul mates.

There are many other opinions of how we find each other. But I think all opinions lead to the same place.


When you find your life partner you will be more than whole. Good heavens! You are already a whole person. But pup, when you find your partner for life?

You will be synergistic.

This person you find. This is the person who will share your joys. This is the person who will share your sorrows. This is the person who you hopefully wake up with. Who hopefully looks at you and without speaking tells you that they are your home. When you are old. This is the person who will hold your hand. The person who will cross the mountains to find you. Who will cool you when you are feverish. The person who will share their last peanut butter sandwich with you. Even if they are really hungry and want to gulp it down themselves. This is the person who you will give that half sandwich right back to if you know they need it more than you.

When you are younger, hopefully your parents have been with you. They are your family. When you get older and marry? Your family increases. Together, with all the other people in your life, you form a new life. A family.

For you. I wish the road to this family is short and sweet. Full of kindness. Again I wish that your family will increase.

But no matter how you traveled to this spot. The spot where you find your partner for life.

It is a miracle to me how this happens.

I want you to remember, that regardless of what the rest of the world thinks of your choice, you are the only person who can make that final decision of who you share your life with. You and your partner are the only people who will really know if it is right.

Let me tell you. Being away from the one you love. It is a worse fate than any words that someone else can say about the matter. Those critics don’t know and they won’t be there during the lonely time you are without your love.

This is a true thing.

Something that I wish I knew from lessons not from experience.

Dragon*myst, I heard that someone has given you grief about your life choices. I figure that from what little I have seen from you that you put them in their place. You seem like a tough cookie. I don’t have to tell you what you already know. That at the end of the day being with the one you love is all that really matters.

Pup. We all may huff and puff and tell you who we think you should marry. Thing is, if I have raised you right, you’ll do just fine. You’re a great kid. Please remember that.

Home not house.

So where to next?

Let’s see.

If you are just beginning to read the blog?

Here > All ya’ need is love. WahWahWahWah Wahhh…

If you are Pup or Dragon*Myst and you’ve detoured here from Love 101? Click here > click > love 101
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0 commentsWhat did I learn last night? Monday
Posted Jun-02-08 12:02:21 PDT Updated Jun-02-08 18:47:17 PDTOnce upon a time a person asked a wiseman,

” What is the meaning of life?”

Which to me sounds a whole lot like

“What did I learn last night?”

“AAAAhhhh haaaaa”, you say?

“Uhhhhhuuuhhhhhh “, I say.

Amazing huh.



go here > What is the meaning of life? Monday edit…

Already been here?

Go to > Meander. A gift and a cheer up too.
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0 commentsWhat is the meaning of life? Monday edition.
Posted Jun-02-08 11:29:37 PDT Updated Jun-02-08 18:33:32 PDTSo a woman went to a wiseman to ask,

“So what is the point of it all? What is the meaning of life?”

I’ll bet you’re expecting some long ramble about the difference between the way women ponder and wonder about the “grand scheme of things” vs. how men do it.

I’m not going to write it.

Oh I could say stuff like, “Men ponder it. Women do it.”

But I won’t write it. I was raised with a brother and live in a house with guys. This would just lead to the retort,

“Women do it? I wish.”

And it is true that, while men may ponder the grander scheme of life, it will usually take a woman to actually put that plan into action.

I could write about this too. As a matter of fact, there is a woman who’s been trying to run for president who’s been saying just that. But then from what I hear, she’s just a woman. From what I hear, all she’s good for is getting her husband elected president. Personally, I don’t even think her husband thought she was good enough. Sad. She was strong enough to stand up straight and with dignity as her husband’s infidelities were spread out through the news. Could you do that? She was strong enough to raise a good kid in the fish bowl of high level politics. Could you do that? She was strong enough to run for president while she watched her own party treat her so ill. Could you do that? She was strong enough to hear her husband, the 2 term president, say how sad he was that this might be the last presidential campaign HE would be in. What? No Hillary for President in 2008? 2012? Not even 2016? Meanwhile, it was his wife that got bashed in this primary. It was his wife who, if she doesn’t get on this ticket, will likely see the end of her time in politics. And yet, she hasn’t hired a REALLY GOOD divorce lawyer to take him for all the “pain and suffering” that this particular political wife has endured.

Could you do that?

(How she was not thought of as strong enough to become the first woman president? I just don’t know. Heck people. All George W. had to do is show up. You did see his CV when he applied for the job. I don’t think he’s actually had a job.)

I could write this but, again, I’m not. 😉

Nope instead I will tell you —

“So what is the point of it all? What is the meaning of life?”

These questions were asked by a particular woman after a particular life event. She wasn’t pondering the “grand scheme of things”. Nope. She was actually just pondering her crappy old vacume cleaner when the question came up.

From her kid.

She had to stop and ponder the question herself.

As so often was the case, the next hour was spent in an amazing conversation with her son. A conversation in which she learned more than she taught and in which the floor didn’t get vacuumed. She had friends, busy, industrious, friends who would have poo poo ed this as a waste of productive time. She should have told her son that it was more important to vacuum. That vacuuming had to be done. His question could be answered when she was finished. I don’t agree. When a ANYONE is asking that question it’s time to stop the world and answer. That was the teachable moment. It might not come again.

The dust bunnies? They can wait.

Tired? I’m sorry. Hugs.

Go here and see what’s next.

>What did I learn last night? Monday pt3.
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