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Archive – June 20092 commentsSo there I was …
Posted Jun-15-09 11:14:57 PDT Updated Jun-15-09 15:45:58 PDT”Mom, someone left a message for you. He said to tell you that the “crippled” guy called.”

As I don’t know any “crippled” guy I have no idea who to call back. I do know someone who had a stroke and lost use of his arm. But he’s far from being a “crippled” guy. He’s the least “crippled” guy on this planet. This weekend he manuvered his Cat22 down a ramp. Into the water. Over to a dock. Without help. That boat. If you’d seen the before photo? You’d think it was a gonner. But he’s bringing her back from the brink. When he told me that he’d put her in the water and was wondering if she’d sink? I laughed and told him, “She better not. That boat wouldn’t dare sink. Not after your kind touch.” Matter of fact, I think that if she sinks after all he’s done she deserves to sit on the bottom of the lake and think about how ungrateful she was. So you see he’s not “a crippled” guy. I don’t know who that other person was that left the message above but it can’t be the guy I know.

Now Gentle Reader,? Before you read the interactive story, there’s a letter for you to read. When I wrote it, I didn’t think that I was someone’s “type”. After this morning? I think that I am. That would be his call. He’s an independent “cuss”. Can’t tell him what to do.

Wouldn’t if I could.

I like him too much to do that.

I just think that he hung the moon and stars. He makes me laugh out loud in a good way. And even though he says I talk too much? Well…


still AuthorAnn

Oh and this post is the fact post of that 12 dogs fact and fiction that I’m always telling you about.


Note to person who commented.

Hey and hugs to you.

Now then.

Pay attention.

Wrong extreme-ity

(yeah I know it’s misspelled but I’m in a hurry and I’m not looking it up. If you know it’s misspelled then I don’t need to tell you how to spell it.)



PS I know now why I love to read what you write. Some how you grab up my “mind” and give it a good shake and a kick. A person needs that. Just please, when you are shaking and waking that mind of mine? Remember that I have to use it. So “shake it but PLEASE don’t break it”.

I kind of like how it’s working at the moment.

Awwhooooooooooooooo. (< that was a wolf's howl don't ya know)


Note to other person who posted on other post.

(Who also has a habit of "shakin up my opinions on things" after I read what they write!)

Hmmm. Weeeeeelllll. Hmmm. WEeeeeelllll… Hmmmmm

Okay. I ain't saying nuthin.

BUT I will say that his name begins with one of the letters of the alphabet.

Nice person.

I didn't think they made nice persons anymore.

Just cranky persons.

LOL I'm taking time off from the political writin to have some fun. Besides which there are other folks who're doin a better job at the moment. Hint hint.

Like your blog template. My Great Auntie would have agreed with you.

Now Gentle Readers? Gotta go for a bit. There's stuff to read and I've gotta go take a shower. Hugs to you all. From Author Ann…

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3 commentsDear Gentle Reader,
Posted Jun-14-09 15:09:07 PDT Updated Jun-14-09 15:24:05 PDTDear Gentle Reader,

Hi ya. Well this is a story for a summer day. It's about boats because that's what I'm doing at the moment. It's alot fiction with the "Walter Mitty" imagination in tow. I wanted you to know that. Otherwise you'll wonder about the darker relationship. You might worry.


I'm doing okay. Playing life by ear and plan.

WB and Pup are in their ways busy.

So am I.

If I could have my way there is someone I'd like to know better. A friend. It's a he and I think he's very handsome. Smart. Funny. I don't think there's been a conversation when we haven't laughed. I admire his strength. He's smart. Talented. I want to sneak over and pinch him to make sure that he's real. He is but I just want to make sure. He's one of the few folks who I want to stay on their good side.

And when he smiles? I swear he makes the sun shine. It is for him that the word "mirth" was made.

LOL I'm not his type.

Well here's the story. Might add to it or might not. We'll see.



So there I was…

Note This is an interactive story. Kind of. When you click the blue links from this post you'll have to return to this post. The hyper links are just back ground of a kind. I might try to interweave the posts a bit more but for now this is it. I have a test to study for. And we've got lots to do here.

Please remember that 12 dogs is my writer's journal. Fact and fiction are here. Please don't assume that it's a diary about my life. While there is truth here? There is fiction as well. I don't want to mislead anyone.

Hope you have a great day,



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0 commentsSo there I was…
Posted Jun-14-09 14:48:37 PDT"Have you given her a name yet?" Chris asked her every morning and every morning her answer had been, "Not yet."

What was it now?


Or Saving Grace?

Or maybe The LibbyNell?

One by one she'd thought of possible names.

She tried to give it some cool racing name but the boat would have none of it. No matter how she tried to change the boat to a lake racer, it wasn't sleek and it wasn't fast. Did care to be. It was plump and sweet and well "tre jolie". Perfectly happy to bob in the water. Like her favorite red teapot. This wasn't the boat of cut throat competition. Nope. It was the boat of family picnics and laughter and fun.

Maybe she should name it The Gentle Persuasion.

Not fierce gale but a sweet kiss.

That was that.

No wolf in sheep's clothing.

The boat's name?

Tre Jolie.

And so she was. Happy. Very happy.

Early in the mornings she'd work on the boat. The afternoons were for writing. There on the Bell Rattle side of the lake in the middle of nowhere. Faraway from the racers. She floated. Her moma of all people said she'd never looked better.

She laughed.

Gradually the world changed.

She watched guy in the slip next to hers. His kids crawling all over their boat. His wife happy. They were so young. She'd bring watermelon for the kids just for the chance to visit. When there was enough wind? They'd race. Pirates racing to booty they were. The lady who owned the marina. Always smiling, she'd say, "This is where folks come to find a place in the world and to get away from it too." It was true. The other world with it's undertow was far away.

Like the boat, her life here was tre jolie. Happy.

It wasn't permanent. She'd go back. Even with all the happiness there was this unsettled restlessness to be dealt with. There'd be a time when she'd leave here. The Tre Jolie was for a family and she'd already planned for it go to the young flyer and his kids. Hoped that he'd trade his racer for her boat. That was the plan.

There was still Relentless to sail.

For now this little boat was her place to be.

So there she was …

Rollin on the River of Love

To be continued.

Note This is an interactive story. Kind of. When you click the blue links from this post you'll have to return to this post. The hyper links are just back ground of a kind. I might try to interweave the posts a bit more but for now this is it. I have a test to study for. And we've got lots to do here.

Please remember that 12 dogs is my writer's journal. Fact and fiction are here. Please don't assume that it's a diary about my life. While there is truth here? There is fiction as well. I don't want to mislead anyone.

Hope you have a great day,


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4 commentsSo there I was …
Posted Jun-14-09 10:13:58 PDT Updated Jun-14-09 14:03:37 PDT

"…Thrown into the undertow.

There's a point when a wave hits you. When it throws you under? Which way is up or down is all mixup in the water. It's how folks drown. They think that they're swimming up into the air when they're actually swimming to their death.

They — the experts — say that the way you break free isn't to swim up but to swim sideways. It breaks the hold that the undertow has on you. You swim free.


"What do you want?"

She could hear his voice in the quiet. It wasn't the question that made the knot in her stomach grow by the second. It was the force behind the words. The disinterest. What she wanted was easy. What she wanted was for those words to mean something.

They didn't.

There were more words. Her voice saying, "Nothing. I don't want anything. I heard on the radio that there was a storm. Sixty mile an hour winds. I just wanted to make sure you — the boat– well– I wanted to make sure the boat was okay."

"Yeah well the boats fine. Everythings okay"

But it wasn't.

More words. All awkward.

Then silence.

On the radio she could hear the words,

"I run to you baby
And when it all starts coming undone

I run to you…"*

Then he said the words that he did mean.

Like a door closing shut.

"Good bye" …

So there I was …

*excerpt from the song Relentless sung by Jason Aldean

everything else is from the story Slow Jazz in G from the book Conversations With Hannah

by AuthorAnn all rights reserved by the author

12 dogs disclaimer.

12 dogs and a blog is my writing journal. Fact and fiction are here. While there are elements of this blog that are true, this isn't a true diary or journal. You must NOT assume that this is about my real life or the real life of anyone else.

Don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or mislead anyone.

Hugs, Author Ann.

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2 commentsSo there I was …
Posted Jun-14-09 07:45:17 PDT Updated Jun-14-09 08:11:30 PDT

You know I never really appreciated the river when I was young. Too busy with my head in a book. The river didn't fit into my plans for leaving "Anywhere But Here", Ala.


Well …

So there I was …

Busy week. More tomorrow.


Author Ann

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3 commentsSo there I was …
Posted Jun-13-09 09:51:34 PDT Updated Jun-15-09 15:44:25 PDT"…Every night it was the same…

She was standing on the deck of a boat. Braced and hanging on to the shrouds for dear life but not the least afraid. She looked back. He smiled and gave thumbs up. That was a good sign. A very good sign. They were flying now. The sails filled. She leaned back into the wind, opened her mouth and howled…

Then she'd wake up. Always saying the same single word.


A boat so fast that folks will swear it doesn't even touch the water.

And that will be my boat.

You'll never even catch her.


"I'm staring at a hurricane
A hundred miles of driving rain
I just smile and lean into the wind…"*

Even now she could hear the sound of the wind in every note of that song.


So there I was…

*from the song Relentless sung by Jason Aldean.

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0 commentsSo there I was…
Posted Jun-12-09 11:27:44 PDT Updated Jun-12-09 18:39:26 PDTYou know what the first rule of sailing is? …Love.

You can learn all the math in the 'verse, but you take
a boat to the sea you don't love, she'll shake you off just as sure as the turning of the worlds.

Love keeps her going when she oughta fall down, tells you she's hurting 'fore she keens. Makes her a home.

—Cpt. Mal Reynolds, Serenity

I've spent a good deal of time learning about this boat.
It was night when I saw her. The owner told me it was too dark. Asked me how I could tell anything about the boat in the dark? "If I can just stand on her deck. Just see her. I'll know.", I told her. When I saw that boat there in the dark?
It was love at first sight.

Lately what little that I've written here has been in the form of emails, notes, or the posts. The boat stuff is taking up alot of my time. Haven't stopped writing. As a matter of fact I've needed this time to be able to write. But, if I'm going to finish my book by Christmas I'd best get a move on.

This next song and passage. Who boy. How will I get down on paper what I see in my minds eye. I wish you could see him. There is just something.

From Conversations With Hannah.

A story for a hot summer afternoon…

Slow Blues in G

6 – 12 – 2009

"…She could see him — no it was more like she could feel him — there. Hear his voice as he talked to her about this and that. The whole time she wanted to lean in an kiss his cheek. She didn't. She wasn't his type and she knew it. It was just that she wanted to make sure that he was real. It seemed that for so long she was amongst strangers and now he was here.

Like finding a long lost member of your own tribe.

His eyes were kind. From the photos she could see him happy. With his daughter or with his grandbabies. She wondered aloud if they knew how lucky they were to have him. To have his attention and his kind face to hug and his cheek to kiss. Then she realized how much he looked like her own father. How much he was like her father in temperment and experience. Kind of freaked her out abit.

For a week she avoided him because of how much he looked like her father. Then something strange happened. Suddenly from nowhere there he was. Happy and talking about something that had happened that day. The minute she saw him she no longer wanted to kiss that cheek like he was her father. All she could see now was his mouth. It had been a long long time.

Later when he asked why she turned around and walked away when he said hello all she could do was shrug.

How could she tell him that it had been years since she'd felt this way? "

Okay folks, there maybe someone reading here that actually knows me in real life.

A reminder.

This is 12 dogs. It's my writing journal. Fact and fiction live here. If you don't know please do not ASSume.


Hugs, AuthorAnn

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0 commentsSo there I was …
Posted Jun-12-09 06:18:45 PDT Updated Jun-12-09 08:18:44 PDT

Talking about sail inventory and standing rigging and how to trailer a boat from one place to the other…. While it was happening it seemed the most natural thing in the world to do. Wasn't until afterwards when I sat down to think about the day that I realized what all was happening. After years of not having a place to be I was finally finding that place.

The people are nice. It feels good. Like when I was a kid.

So there I was …

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0 commentsSo there I was …
Posted Jun-11-09 11:55:59 PDT Updated Jun-11-09 18:18:52 PDTSo there I was…

For once it wasn't in the middle of the night.

For once I wasn't miles from the nearest auto mechanic.

For once my cell phone was working.

For once it wasn't 100 degrees in the shade with my son and I sitting in a car on the side of the interstate. A car that didn't work. Wondering if I should walk with him the mile to the exit or wait for help or flag someone down.

For once the fuel tank was full.

I was the responsible adult but I wasn't responsible….

But still

There I was…

Two very unhappy people on two different phones who thought it was my fault that the car wasn't working.

It wasn't.

Like I planned it.

I didn't.

Luckily the guys at the car place were really nice. Good looking too.

Their wives are really lucky to have them.

Thank goodness.

As for the other two folks?

I think that they must be nice but I'm not sure if they know me as well as I thought.

If they did they'd know how much I needed a kind word and a hug.

This song is for all the guys at the car shop.

Like I said, their wives are really lucky people.

So there I was … (But wait there's more.)

PS What the heck is wrong with David Letterman? I mean can't a Republican female be sexy too?

Sure they can Dave.

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0 commentsSo there I was …
Posted Jun-08-09 13:33:24 PDT Updated Jun-08-09 16:51:59 PDT

Sitting in heaven

Wondering at being alone


There it was.

A long dock

Lots of water

And a kind heart.

So there I was…

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0 commentsSo there I was…
Posted Jun-08-09 08:17:20 PDT Updated Jun-08-09 15:58:29 PDTLOL

So there I was …

Sailing tip one.

Always ask for a life jacket and don't get the crappy one. Even better if you have your own in the car.

Just in case.

Fun fun fun…. Hugs

Hope you have a good one.

We're rollin on the River of Love


The lastest group of country singers are amazing.

This is Jason Aldean

"I'm staring at a hurricane
A hundred miles of driving rain
I just smile and lean into the wind…"

So there I was. In a boat. Finally.

My love for the Gulf, the river, and a boat?


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2 commentsPost card from Happy
Posted Jun-04-09 16:23:45 PDT Updated Jun-04-09 16:51:23 PDTDear Gentle Reader,

All's well here. This isn't about us.

One of the things I've learned is that while it's storming over head there's always another day. It's got me through some rough patches. I remind myself of this. To appreciate the days when it's sunny.

Last year I had the opportunity to read a story written by a writer here at ebay. It was about a man who walked to the end of the Santa Monica pier and then came back "new". It was such a good story. About grasping life. About making your own path. It was a good story from an excellent writer. I kept part of it. They deleted the rest. I don't know if I'll ever hear from them again. That is their choice not mine. But the story made quite an impact on my life. It's one of the reasons why I'm doing what I'm doing now.

There is a reason why I'm posting today. I didn't intend to but there was a sadness that I saw. In a person who I would think would be happy. The look in their eyes reminded me of this song.

I'm praying that they sort things out. Praying that the find their happy.

The Desperation Samba is no fun.

The song?

Jimmy Buffett *Desperation Samba

WB, Pup, and I are fine. It's not anyone here. Even the rain is good.

Well I'm gone for a bit. You can read the rest of 12 dogs here.

Rollin on the River of Love

If you're having a bad day I'm sending you hugs.

Go get lost reading 12 dogs or take a walk.

Let troubles go find some other place to be.

A story… to cheer you up if it's been a bad day.

Once upon a time there was a Jolly Man…

There's always an angel somewhere waiting to be found.

Sometimes in the most unlikely of places.

Greetings from Happy.

Hugs and hugs again,

Author Ann

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