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Archive – June 20080 commentsWhat did I learn last night? Monday pt3.
Posted Jun-02-08 11:28:27 PDT Updated Jun-02-08 17:20:51 PDT
What was the question again?

Ah, sure, I remember.

“So what is the point of it all? What is the meaning of life?”

For me, I learned that you make choices. Sometimes on purpose. Sometimes by inactivity. There are lots of folks who will disagree with those choices. Tell you that you’re wrong. Maybe that’s true. The choice might be the wrong one for them. BUT! The real question is to ask if it’s right for you. Is the choice right for you and your situation. I hear that the trick is knowing how to ask the right questions for you and then having the courage to follow through with the answers.

Speaking of questions-

What is the meaning of life? Monday edit…
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0 commentsWhat is the meaning of life? Monday edition.pt3
Posted Jun-02-08 11:27:46 PDT Updated Jun-02-08 17:19:03 PDT” What will you learn tonight? ”

This is a teachable moment.

What kind of teacher will you be?

Will you teach the cruel lessons of life?

Or will you teach the gentler lessons of life?

In the open palm? Tell me. Quick! What do you see?

( Need remedial help? click > love 101 )

Clicking > Welcome is only for the brave of heart
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1 commentlove 101
Posted Jun-02-08 08:22:13 PDT Updated Jun-03-08 01:54:04 PDT

Love 101.

Rule 1

Always say the name of the person you love when you tell them you love them.

It’ll revive them from the shock of hearing the words for the first time.

Oh for bonus points?

Sing her the song “I Can’t Get Next to You” by the Temptations. On key if you’ve got a voice and look like Usher. Off key if you have not so good voice and want to look adorable.

Good for her ego and great for yours.

Trust me. Do it and good luck (or getting lucky) will be in your future.

Pup I wrote something for you. You too Dragon*Myst. Take a minute and read it. You’ll come back here when you’ve finished reading it.

Click here > Making choices.

Next? click here > Meander. A gift and a cheer up too.

Unless you’ve been here before and are the kind of person who likes to get at least 5 miles off the interstate when you’ve got to –you know. If that’s the case?

Come back here Tuesday. And see what happens.

What happens?

Click here >

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0 commentsMeander. A gift and a cheer up too.
Posted Jun-01-08 19:32:27 PDT Updated Jun-08-08 21:33:14 PDTWait a minute you say. I already read this stuff where’s the “What did I learn last night?” Uhm okay. Scroll to the bottom of this page. If you’re new? Keep reading.


The following is a little experiment. A meandering stream of consciousness that takes you whereever you want to go inside an imagination. Like life, it isn’t really chronological. Not really. It can be. But, like life, as time progresses —from one day to the next– from one blog entry to the next— the entire person– the entire blog–

changes. Organic and in it’s way alive.

So the blog entry you read on Monday, may have morphed or changed or completely disappeared. I’m not trying to decieve. No. That’s not my thing. I have, intentionally and unintentionally, written an interactive book of sorts. It’s kind of like a gift to my son. For when he gets becomes mature enough to really want to know his mother. And it is for someone who I know, someone who’s been with me a long time. To understand. And for someone I know, but I don’t know–yet. And finally as an amusement for someone who’s temper has been having fits with them. As a what we call here in the old South

“a play pretty”.

A way that these unrelated, but related folks, can get to know me.

[Stop-Attention: Is it June 9th,2008 or later? If it is and you just started reading? Then go back to the beginning by clicking >How it works? If you have read this before and want to read deeper into the past of this blog? Keep reading this post and follow directions. Thank, Ann]

But first, while there are playlists amongst the blogs, I would like you to listen to kd lang’s cd Watershed first.

It is what I’m listening too. Right this second. As I’m actually writing this. I’m listen to “…the perfect body the perfect style…” from Upstream. It meanders abit too. “…I blame it on my human side. I blame it on the other guy…” Introspective and humourous look inside oneself.

And fall down sexy I must say.

This is music to make love to. But I digress.

The story begins with a Welcome.

But then, hopefully, all pleasant journeys do.

But be warned. This is a writer’s journal. A writer’s journey. Fact and fiction live here comfortably side by side. And like the person, the whole blog will change as the author does. Growing and evolving or like Hannah Murphy’s poem, at times revolving and evolving. We are after all a rough draft of our “perfect selves”.

Always being written and rewritten until the day we die.

LOL Nolen packrat. NO. I’ve not “lost it”.

Like a dream, our imaginations work on their own time and plane of reality.

If you wonder or you worry? All you have to do is ask.

Email though. Comments are off.

Now you can either take a side trip through the What did I learn last night? Monday early edition. Note. This is the discussion where we talk about the question,”What is the meaning of life?” You know the part where I talk about Hillary and a divorce lawyer. If you’ve already been there?

Begin your visit with the story below.

Your choice.

The story begins > Have you heard that song by kd lang? The song Threads? Ah you really should. Come on in. I have on Cd. Here sit down. I’ll put it on the stereo. Want something to drink? Tea? Lemonaid?

Ah, mercy. I’m sorry. I so wanted you to hear it. I just jumped right in. Where are my manners? Welcome.

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0 commentsWelcome
Posted Jun-01-08 18:20:38 PDT
All there is? A hand. Closed palm up.
The hand?
It opens.
Inside ?

We begin.

Ah heck forgot


Listen to that song
Colbie Caillat THEN
click > Ah heck forgot

yawn. that was some nap.

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0 commentsAh heck forgot
Posted Jun-01-08 17:51:16 PDT Updated Jun-01-08 17:55:43 PDTSunday Night Story hour is on it’s way.


Sex and the City
Also has the

“What did I learn last night?” too.

And a Playlist too.

As for the rest of last week’s blogs? Click

Sex and the City
Then just follow the links.

Happy evening. Ann
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0 commentsSex and the City
Posted Jun-01-08 17:46:58 PDT Updated Jun-01-08 17:54:02 PDTSex and the City.

No this isn’t a short story or even a review.

The short story was evaporated by Mr. Computer :P.

No this isn’t a review. Can’t be a review. I haven’t seen the movie yet and probably won’t until later this week.

But hey, I’ve already read the spoilers and reviews.

Yes, I read what happens.

Yes, I read how it ends.

Yes, I watched the entire “Sex and the City” series.

And the DVD commentary.

I hear there’s alot of angst in this movie. I hear it’s over the top. But you know what. I hear that at the end of the movie Big and Carrie quit tripping each other up and get married.


I’m not going to get all angsty about how this movie turns out. In real life we can do some pretty cold things to the ones that we love. We say stuff out of fear. We don’t want to look stupid or weak. How courageous the first person who says the words, “I love you.” How long the minutes– or hours— or days — before the other person answers back. Waiting for them to say, “I love you too.”

We are such jerks and babies when it comes to things of the heart. Say stuff like “I love you”? Oh man.


I hear it gets easier.

To say, “I love you.”

But the first time is such a shock.

I love you. Hmmm.

Say it again.


If you read here often you’ll remember the story of my first date in high school. I was a nerd. I really was. My friend in the color guard and the other one, the majorette, they had no troubles. Always a fella somewhere. Me nothing. Except my other two friends who were guys. One of them the fella who asked me out. Anyway years later I kind of blossomed. I graduated college and got a better haircut. And makeup. And contacts. Got an apartment on my own and then with a roommate. I took tai chi. Where a fella tried to ask me out. Having little experience in the male/female dynamic, I had no idea what he was doing. I honestly didn’t. He came up and said that I looked good doing the forms. Elegant. I almost asked him if he was nuts. Me elegant. Hadn’t been that long ago that I was helping load hay bales on a truck. I just stood there dumbstruck. He took it apparently that I thought he was nuts and he left. I saw him later with someone else at an outdoor concert. With another girl. Sorry I missed the opportunity but I honestly didn’t really know. I learned but for alot of my life when it comes to the male/female dynamic?

I’m still that idiot.

I’m going to look at the person who tells me,”I love you.” and say, ” Who are you talking to? Must be someone else.” I just hope that if someone else loved me they’d get this.

Say, “I love you.” Again. A third time even.

It would take that many times for me to get over the shock of hearing it the first time.

I’m just not used to hearing it.

I want to be. I’m just not.

So God if you’re listening? Here’s the words I’m looking for. They’re simple and to the point. The ones I am hoping to someday hear from the person I’ll be spending the rest of my life with.

They are this simple.

“I love you and I’m not going anywhere.


…it’s to the bathroom then well hey…or to work because it is my job…and well I’ve got that other thing with friends…Oh and heck I forgot on the third we’ve got this family event… and my sister has this thing she wants to know if we’re going… there is this really great play have you seen it… and I’ve got this book I’m reading. Have you read it?… What are you writing by the way?… Don’t you and your friends have a thing? Great have a good time…


In my heart?

When it comes to you?

I’m not going anywhere.

I love you.”

Then I hope they’ll look in my shocked beyond belief eyes and when I start to say something really stupid will then ask me a question…

“Do you really want to blow the rest of your life by not believing me? Really?”


I have this image.

I’m doing the “Footloose dance of insecurity”.

They’ll be laughing at the stupidity of it because they’re saying while laughing, “You big goof ball. Will you stop it. I said, ” I love you.” Now stop it.”

By that time it should sink in. Maybe get past all the defense mechanisms and finally get inside to my heart.

There is one ya’ know. In there. Inside.

I’d hate to mess up my future because of the stupidity of my past.

Mostly? I just hope they say it again.

I love you.


So. If folks don’t like the idea that Carrie took Big back and married him in the end. After 10 years? After she’s 20 minutes late to her own wedding?

After he stands her up at the alter?

All I can say is, “They got married? Finally? Good.”

All that stuff? Hey. That’s me on a good day.

Happy Sunday.


Oh and don’t tell me anything about the movie and how it turns out. I haven’t seen it yet.

I want to be surprised.



Train. Calling All Angels.

Or Thread by kd lang

Or Love Song by Sara Bareilles

Or Human by Human League

Or Mercy by Duffy.

Or. What do you think?

Cya’, Ann

Oh heck!

” What did I learn last night? ”

Well I got an email from someone. Someone who I didn’t think that I’d hear from again. I’m just happy about this. I don’t know alot about them but you know what. What I’ve learned so far?

They’re nice, we have writing in common. I’m not their type in the romantic sense but I’m hoping that we become friends.

Hey they even read my blog?!?

(hey kiddo if you’re reading this)

I like.

I hope they do to.

Chin up ducks. It gets better.

Where next?

click here > Saving Graces

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0 commentsSaving Graces
Posted Jun-01-08 12:03:46 PDT Updated Jun-01-08 13:41:17 PDTWhat is the “saving grace” of your life? Is it your faith? Your family? Your work? Your hobbies? What is it about your life that has seen you through the darkest of times? What is it about your life that keeps you sane in a crazy world? If you could change it, what was your “saving grace” that you lost because you didn’t realize it?

For more about my “saving grace”

Click> Saving Grace
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0 commentsTuesday Afternoons With Auntie Slacker.
Posted Jun-01-08 00:53:39 PDT Updated Jun-02-08 10:52:29 PDT************************************

I woke up in a panic from a dream about diving.

I was underwater when a sense of panic washed over me. I began to frantically look for anyone else in the water. Behind an slightly higher in the water, another diver was in a state. Thrashing around. A sense of being encased, enclosed, smothered in the water was the emotion I could see in their eyes. Tried to comfort them. So did several other divers in our group. Such a terrible experience. The diver wanted to zoom to the surface but couldn’t. If they did race to the surface the result could have been infinately worse that the panic underwater.

They had to calm themselves but they just couldn’t.

I couldn’t calm them either.

Then I woke up.

A psychotherapist’s nightmare.

I tried to think what would make me dream such a thing.

I have come upon folks unhappy with their lives. Feeling smothered and in a panic. Like being underwater. Telling them to just calm down or change their environments wasn’t the best advice. There just weren’t any quick fixes at the moment.

How would you calm a person who is obviously feeling smothered by their situation in life? A situation that they can’t just “zoom” out of because it was uncomfortable.

What would you do?

What are your Saving Graces ?

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