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Posted Jun-30-08 16:37:04 PDT Updated Jun-30-08 16:42:49 PDTDear Dr. Spock, My tongue is numb is this normal? Signed, IronChassis

Dear IronChassis,
After reviewing your case, I have decided that, no, your numb tongue is NOT normal. I believe that it is a symptom of your celebate life style. I suggest that you cease this activity immediately. Our calculations indicate that should you not change this behavior, you are in danger of going numb all over. We are sorry but human beings were not meant to engage in this type of behavior.
Knock it off.

For the rest of 12 dogs? Clink blue link above.

Thank you.

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0 commentsDear Dr. Spock, My tongue is numb is this normal?
Posted Jun-29-08 00:37:21 PDT Updated Jun-29-08 13:36:24 PDT

Dear Blogland.

I have a forked tongue.

Well that’s not true. It just feels that way.

The tipend of my tongue is numb. Did my alterego get a tongue pierced? Shouldn’t I know about it first? Like maybe they need to get a release form signed. You medical folks. Do I need to go seek medical attention? I had a friend in highschool who smoked so much pot the side of her face when numb. I NEVER smoke pot. Heck, I don’t even drink. Or have sex. Or, depending on who you ask, do much of anything. I am a retiree for hecks sake. I spend my days scoping out all my retiree discounts. I don’t have time for this numb tongue stuff. Oh great now I’m starting to drewl and lisp.

This isn’t funny.

Might better write a letter from home before this numb stuff starts to travel to my typing toes. Will keep you up to date but in the mean time could you send me a pressie. 😀 I’m sick.

Just so you’ll know the next two letters are supposed to be funny. Oh and I’m sick.

Send pressies.

I prefer money but really good chocolate is good too. Oh and oil stock futures. I loooovee oil stock futures. 😀



For those in the know:

PS WaryCary (TWoP) and friends so sorry get well soon.

For more? click here>This is dedicated … “…Just a song before I go…”

Ba ba ba, ba ba sha-doo be-doo.
Ba ba ba, ba ba sha-doo be doo.

(That song is going to in my head. ARRRRRGG! At least it’s entertaining. Mercy if it was borrrrringgg.)

Altogether now.
Ba ba ba, ba ba sha-doo be-doo.
Ba ba ba, ba ba sha-doo be doo.

Take care ya’ll. Ann.

Go read the *question of the day


“…And I forgot the party had a theme…”

From the song Do the Panic by Phantom Planet. From the CD Raise the Dead

Do you have these songs on your playlist…

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3 comments…out of the palm of your hand…
Posted Jun-24-08 01:28:27 PDT Updated Jun-24-08 21:52:04 PDTRight now I don’t have anything really clever to say here. I want to believe in love. I do. But you know what? I don’t think that love believes in me. And I never really thought about it, but did you know that before they give you a legal injection, they swab the injection site with alcohol? I heard it in a obit story for George Carlin. Isn’t that just a strangely weird thing. That and the fact that “..all men are created equal..” was written by someone who owned slaves. And both presidential candidates are campaigning on a platform that there is clean coal? Frankly I don’t want to eat out of someone’s hand. I want to swim in their heart. I want to be someones one and only. I want to sit quietly while someone showers me with kisses while I retain my feminist cred of course.
Frankly, Tryork , I’m just feeling pitiful.
Note to reader. Like many folks who read the eBay blogs, I’m a fan of tryork’s sureal humour. If you read the “Frankly, Tryork” referenced above, you’ll see that I post that we’re doing okay here at 12 dogs. But if you’re ever worried simply put it in comments OR send an email. I’ll let ya’ know if things change.

Speaking of which.
While I have comments ON but hidden, I thought I’d answer comments on this particular post.

First to Wascheck.

Hey ya Wascheck. How’s life. Yeah it was sad to hear of George Carlin’s death. No matter what your opinion of his comedy, you have to agree he certainly had an impact on the nature of entertainment. Alwasy good to hear from you.

Apparently this post worried some folks. So.

From Imagine

awwww, sounds like you’re sad or lonely!
Jun-24-08 02:19:20 PDT

Well thank you Imagine that’s sweet but I’m fine. This comment wasn’t meant to be snark but it wasn’t meant to be seriously serious either. It was sad about George Carlin. As for feeling sad and lonely I don’t really get much of a chance to do so. Between dogs and real life I’m LUCKY if I get the luxury of being “pitiful”. But you are a sweet heart for expressing concern.

From Bengal 66

poor little realist / wanna be dreamer.
called growing up
sad but seems so.

ROFLMBO. Bengal. I’m a cranky OLD GROWNUP. Sometimes I think I was born grown up and have been trying to find my childhood. You’re all about economy of words in your posts so I was thinking that the use of the word “pitiful” would be a clue of self parody. LOL Not to worry Bengal at my age? LOL I wish I got the luxury of “pitiful”. If you had to come up with a descriptive phrase? For my personal state of mind? It would be pessimisitic optimist. I am by nature an optimist and dreamer but I’m pessimistic about this optimisim because, yep, I am a grown up. Death of my newborn son due to lacking healthcare, he never came home to the hospital and spent his entire life in a state of paralysis so that he wouldn’t fight the ventalator, has led me to a state of transient IDJGAS. If you read my blog, you’ll know what that is.

Yeppers, I’m pretty much a realist. My writing here is like a vacation. Every morning is like a new adventure in self expression. I wouldn’t use it as an indicator of who I am. As a matter of fact I hear that a person’s writing is suposed to indicate the self conscious. Here no. I’m trying to become a writer. Trying to form charactors. If you’re ever concerned? Just ask. ::D Oh and good to read the next part too.

By the way are you Alexander? There was a Bengal who posted on my blog earlier. The truncated method of communication is interesting but not the best when trying to comment or express an idea. A real problem with misscommunication.

LOl of course I like to use run on sentences and missspelled words as a literary device to establish a character.

LOL wanna be dreamer? I wish. I grew up and have been speaking in complete sentences since I was 2 years old. Not looking to grow up looking for my missed youth.

But we don’t know each other so I can see where there is opportunity for miss understanding. Or maybe politicizing things? If it’s too much for ya Bengal 66, I just would skip reading this blog. That’s another thing I learned after my son died.

Life is too good to be wasted.


Well I haven’t posted one of these in a bit. I do it so folks won’t worry about how I’m doing.

Remember. If you’re worried asked and read below.

The 12 dogs version of fine print.

Hey ya. Before you read on into 12 dogs and a blog, it’s time for one of our reminders that you will find throughout the blog. 12 dogs and a blog is a writer’s journal. Fact and fiction reside here. Here I work on the elements of writing. You need to know this. Otherwise you could end up worried or confussed. 12 dogs is for fun. To watch a new writter learn to write as she does it. If you want to know what is fact and what is fiction just ask. Oh and just so you’ll know. WB and Pups are real. So unfortunately is the illness that WB’s brother has. And the wedding and the trip too.
Oh And I update the posts. Alot. Like all living things that respond to life. So can this blog..

Have a good read. Author Ann.


Want to take a short cut?

Here’s what I suggest.

First go to “This day in History.101.”

From there take the prompt to You’ve got mail!.
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4 commentsFrankly, Tryork , I’m just feeling pitiful.
Posted Jun-23-08 14:26:09 PDT Updated Jun-24-08 01:13:26 PDTTryork,
if you are there?

I know you and I only know each other from that time that we yelled at each other.

But well, that never stopped me from making a request.

I have a request. People here are being mean to me. They got to go to a fun wedding and eat cake and drink fake champagne and get all dressed up and have fun. I got to stay here and watch the dogs and got muddy trying to keep their little canine butts cool because I couldn’t bring them into the house.

And my shoulder hurts and instead of massaging it they squeeze it like a lemon and keep talking about making lemonaid out of lemons. I am not a lemon Tryork.

Could you please write a blog about this. If you do they’ll listen. They think you’re funny. If I do they don’t even act like I am a live. Just an old lemon. 😦

Thank you.

Oh and I’m mourning the loss of comedy Icon George Carlin. How about you?
I know this doesn’t have anything with Spicey Peach, who is just Peachy in my book-what’s wrong with you she is not stuck up.– but well this is the only address I had.

I’m in too much pain to look the other one up on the internet.

(for anyone else reading This is just for fun. I’m okay except my arm hurts. Oh and George Carlin died. and…)

I hope you are okay and had a great weekend. Unlike me. Who had a craptastic weekend.


Best regards and I’m sorry that I said your wife looked like a billy goat only with more hair.


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0 comments”…Just a song before I go…”
Posted Jun-23-08 11:46:17 PDT Updated Jun-23-08 12:16:16 PDTWho did that song? Eagles? Naw. Hmm. Oh CSN & Y. I’m feeling nostalgic. I forget. Anyway.

Hey ya. Before you read on into 12 dogs and a blog, it’s time for one of our reminders that you will find through out the blog. 12 dogs and a blog is a writer’s journal. Fact and fiction reside here. Here I work on the elements of writing. You need to know this. If you want to know what is fact and what is fiction just ask. Oh and just so you’ll know. WB and Pups are real. So unfortunately is the illness that WB’s brother has. And the wedding and the trip too.
Oh And I update the posts. Alot. Like all living things that respond to life. So can this blog..

Have a good read. Author Ann.

Oh and I heard the news today oh boy…..

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1 commentI heard the news today oh boy…..
Posted Jun-23-08 09:47:17 PDT Updated Jun-23-08 11:38:11 PDT”he wasn’t bill or ted he was a guy from the future who came to help them with their homework” Pegs comment on one of the blogs.

LOL Pegs. OMGoodness. Do you know how much irony is in your comment. *


Jun-23-08 09:33:53 PDT

George Carlin, resident of Santa Monica,California, died today of Congestive Heart Failure. He was 71. Mr. Carlin, a comedian was one of the voices of the “counter culture” revolution.

“I heard the news today oh boy…”

:”Acapulco Gold? No. Toledo window box.”

12 dogs tribute to George Carlin in the post “This day in History.101.”

Irony. That weird connection stuff. Keep reading.
Pup and WB are back!!!!

* Please note. The above comment to Pegs was in no way a slam, snark, or in anyway making fun of Pegs. The comment was however ironic. It just was. Like time, life can be so interrelated and convoluted. Someone once said we all have “six degrees of separation”. I don’t agree with this. I didn’t know Elvis. No wait. My best friend in preschool”s dad once met Elvis when he was young. Before the rest of the world knew Elvis. He lived in Mississippi. Bad example. Lemmie try again. Okay. I don’t know Ted Nugent. There. The example that disproves the point. What was the point? Oh The point was that my comment on this post was not meant to hurt Peg’s feelings. (Yes I did use the ” ‘s ” . Peg, like all of us do possess our “feelings”. Hey. I watch Oprah and I’ve seen Dr. Phil interviewed on the Late Late Show. I got this “ownership of feelings”. Of course, on eBay Blogs, with all the “multiple personality” (read that multiple ID (0) users) folks, one could say that some bloggers own more “feelings” than others. That’s true. But). In THIS case I didn’t have any intention of slamming Pegs.Or making light of the news reports that Geoge Carlin died. Not at all. Hugs. Hope you have a good day.

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2 commentsPup and WB are back!!!!
Posted Jun-23-08 08:19:30 PDTPup and WB’s great adventure. They are back from their wedding adventure. Bride was beautiful. WB’s brother is happy.

“For the whole 12 dogs and a blog for this week? Say a liitle prayer…
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0 commentsSay a liitle prayer…
Posted Jun-22-08 21:23:14 PDT Updated Jun-23-08 08:38:20 PDT”… The stars in the sky

twinkle hello as we walk by

Walkin’ hand in hand,

Underneath the haarrveesstt mooooonn

oww oh oh

When we go out walkin’

Underneath that harvest mooooon…

chorus from song “Harvest Moon” by IronChassis November, 2007

“Star light

Star bright

First star I see tonight.

I wish I may

I wish i might

Have this wish I wish tonight….”

–Children’s nursey rhyme


Whatcha reading this summer?

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1 commentWhatcha reading this summer?
Posted Jun-22-08 21:20:35 PDT

12 dogs and a blog’s “Recomended Reading List for This Week in Summer” reading list.

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1 comment12 dogs and a blog’s “Recomended Reading List for This Week in Summer” reading list.
Posted Jun-22-08 17:26:58 PDT Updated Jun-23-08 07:24:51 PDT12 dogs and a blog’s “Recomended Reading List for This Week in Summer” reading list.

First selection?

No You’re outta order.
Oh mercy, YOU”RE not outta order. The SELLECTION is “No You’re outta order.”

Keep up.

Gotta go. It’s lightning out and I don’t wanna’ fry the computer. Cya’ AuthorAnn


Hurrah! Thanks Imagine. Computer and I made it okay!! And we got rain and sunshine!

I’m going to update this weeks interactive story each day. May add new posts but they won’t show up on main page. You might want to read this series of posts like a book. Alittle at a time. That way you can enjoy it over the week and slacker me won’t have to write so much. My arm still hurts pretty bad. I just can’t seem to ease it and I can’t lift it higher than an inch or two. I need to rest and not type but I’m afraid if I stop, I won’t be able go back and catch up. I come up with stories all the time. I just don’t write them down. Now I feel like I should for Pup and WB. Trust me people, there’s alot here. If I don’t add another thing this week you’ll have enough to keep you busy.

Well that’s it for the evening.

Just in time. I hear the dogs a barking and that means one thing!!!

Kiddo is back from his adventure with WB! They went to a wedding. They’ve been gone since Friday afternoon. I hope they had a good time. Will find out lots of stories and good family gossip.

Yep that’s him at the door!


Happy Reading. Author Ann

PS They had a great and safe time. Wedding sounded like a terrific experience. WB has tomorrow off. Will have more time to visit.

Now we’re all going to get some sleep and visit more in the morning.

You will never know how happy I am to have Pup back safe. I’m glad he and WB went and I am glad that they are back.

Good night,

Author Ann

Update Whoo Hooo. Pup and WB had a great time!! Great wedding and …

So much adventure and they are telling me in bits and pieces. Too much to update here. I think they’ll need their own post. For more info see Pup and WB’s great adventure.

Now to first reading list selection:

No You’re outta order.

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