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Posted Mar-19-09 20:20:42 PDT Updated Mar-19-09 20:58:04 PDTWell heck. I got questions. (Kind of)

If you don’t know what I’m talking about go here AuntieSlacker’s couples therapy..

Now to the answers.

Dear Cat Person,

Well hey and hello.

What’s in your cup and are ya sharing?

Auntie’s not really sure what your problem is though. You seem to be doing okay for yerself.

No worries come back anytime.

Glad to see ya and 21 hiccup salute to you too.

Auntie Slacker


Dear NOTSlackerguy,

Well “imagine” this. There are some people who’s inner beauty, kind hearts, and artistic nature are so radiant that they are messmerizing.

You are under the spell of a lovely woman.


Auntie Slacker,

PS You are a lucky person. Congrats.


Dear Birdbox,

Well that’s a fine how’d ya’ do.

Oh no. The person snoring gets the rolled up newspaper on the nose. Obviously you have not slept next to a snoring person. If you had? You’d be want’n to use more’n a rolled up newspaper. …

Good to see ya by the way.

Hmm I have an idea.



Dear Hammertoes,

LOL Ki-yo-bongo-2U too.

And peace right back.

No worries man. All in good fun.

Good to see you.

Auntie S


Dear Concerned Bloglander(Not Hammertoes),

Well yeah. So what’s your point.

No hugs or kisses for you.

Auntie 😛


Dear AA.

Boy is that a common problem.

Auntie suggests hitting them on the nose with a rolled up newspaper. It keeps dogs from carping the floor so it should work on snoring. Just resist the urge to put a lead pipe inside the rolled up newspaper. That’s not nice.




Dear InternJ,

Not paying the rent ‘eh, InternJ.

You’re not getting paid.

And the boyfriend is hot.

Dump him and then send him to dear old Auntie.

I’ll soon sort him out.




Dear Why do couples fight,

Hmm, Well there’s alot of reasons why couples fight. Sometimes you have a bad day. Sometimes there’s a miscommunication. And then…

There’s some couples for whom fighting is either a sport (think hockey) or its high theater (think Kabuki)…

They aren’t actually mad at each other. They are having fun. I suggest a big old bowl of pop corn and settle in for the fuss. Join in. The more the merrier.

xxx and ooo



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7 commentsAuntieSlacker’s couples therapy
Posted Mar-19-09 20:00:55 PDT Updated Mar-19-09 21:10:04 PDTAuntie Slacker is in. Put your complaint in the hopper and get your advice for free.

So what’s ailing ya. Come tell Auntie…

Comments on but hidden.

Your questions are private but I’m gonna print up the answers. All questions answered. Names changed to protect the inebriated… but I’m posting my answers on this post in an hour.

xxx ooo

Auntie Slacker, Ebay’s Auntie Agony.


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0 commentsLOL I swear I’m just kidding but it just started going this way…
Posted Mar-19-09 18:31:25 PDT Updated Mar-19-09 21:20:20 PDT

Joke of the day.

Lady says to her honey, “George, today I heard a voice coming from the telephone. I think I’m losing my mind.” George looks over his paper and says to her, “That’s the craziest thing I ever heard in my life.” Lady looks back at him and smiles, “I know. When the voice said, “Honey, it’s me George. Let’s go have some fun and go dancing tonight? You? Go dancing. Well, I knew I had to be crazy. ”

My phone.

It talks to me. The voice on the other end of the line. It says stuff. Like, “Honey would you like for me to bring home a gallon of milk?” I say, “Sure and throw in a couple of steaks and a few ears of corn. We’ll BBQ.” Then it answers back, ” How about some potatoes? We can have potato salad.” “Yum, yum.” I answer back. “BBQ, potato salad, and corn. How good is that? Can you remember the other Sex and the City video? I just love that show.” “Sure honey. You know there’s nothing I like better than to sit on the couch with the popcorn and watch Sex in the City with my honey.” Then the voice coming from my phone positively purrs, “Anything you say. Hey. How about a week at the Loews Miami Beach? Just you and me and a week of dancing…”

“Sigh, Oh George Clooney. You’re the best!”

Then I wake up.

There’s drool running down the side of my cheek, a dog snoring in my ear, ER on the television, and reality slaps me upside the head and says, “Are you kidding me?”

(Have ya’ll been watching George Clooney on ER? This truly is good tv.)

Ah, the high life @ 12 dogs. I just got paid.

Next up? Dragnet …

Book ’em Danno….

Not really…

Ya’ll can breath now…


I just always wanted to say that…

Hey it’s not even the same show…

“Book ’em Danno” is from Hawaii 5 O not Dragnet…

You knew that right?

Okay that’s it. I’m gonna watch George Clooney on ER…

Yeah, I’m writing this ahead of time…

No that’s not cheating…

TV shows do it ALL the time.

I’ll be back tomorrow night for an update.

Cya then.

We can chat about George Clooney being on ER…


Dragnet …

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0 comments12 dogs disclaimer
Posted Mar-19-09 16:20:39 PDT Updated Mar-19-09 17:45:46 PDT

Hey ya’ Gentle Reader, long time no talk.

Look about the Dragnet post

AuthorAnn loves the tv show Dragnet. She likes the intro music and it made a hopefully funny and random intro to Spacebat.

Ya’ll make sure to seen lots of happy emails to her about it.

Back to regular programming.


uh cue the Dragnet theme please…

Oh and she’s right about the 2 weeks at the Lowes Miami Beach. Me, Auntie, and Intern Jane could all use the vacation time.

Do you think it’s in the budget?


Note to Jack from AuthorAnn.

Dear Jack,

In a word?


I don’t care one way or the other for Dragnet theme music or tv show. That was your idea.

And no, you are not going to the Lowe’s Miami Beach.

Not unless you start writing something that people will want to actually pay money for.

Unless you’re Hannah. Hannah goes because –well?

She can afford it.

Who loves ya baby? See I’m learning ever so much during my sabatical as a writer. I’m just brimming with knowledge. Today’s lesson was from The Incredible Hulk. The one with the Courtship of Eddie’s Father guy as Hulk, the person. The one playing Hulk, the Hulk is Lou Ferigammo.

No wait. That’s a shoe.


And yes, Jack, my phone barks.

Or it did.

Now it just talks to me…

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0 commentsDragnet
Posted Mar-19-09 15:38:57 PDT Updated Mar-19-09 16:26:26 PDTWe’re watching Dragnet.

Actual quote from Dragnet:

“We were engaged. He said he liked me.”

I love Dragnet.

Harry Morgan. Jack Webb.

The cheesy writing.

It wasn’t the acting. It was the casting.

It was Dragnet.

The story you have just seen is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.


No wait. That’s Spacebat

Still the story is supposed to be true…

Did I tell you that my phone barks?


12 dogs disclaimer

No we don’t need meds. We need a 2 week vacation to the Miami Beach Lowes.

Not during huricane season.

Definately not during hurricane season.

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0 commentsCarson Daily? Are you serious? I thought … You’re kidding??
Posted Mar-19-09 14:46:53 PDT Updated Mar-19-09 16:41:03 PDTPS …

I like the direction that Carson Daily is taking his show. It’s a work in progress sure so there are edges and “edges” to it. But most things that morph are.

Unless you’re bacteria. Then I hear you’re a gelatinous blob…

Why?It’s a lot more imaginative than the rest of the late night folks.

Yes, I’m serious.

I hear you Craig Ferguson fans. Sure I like to watch LLS and yeppers he could use a new set. Craig is perfect? Great. Been there. Done that. Already. Ya’ll can pull the wings off of Jimmy Fallon’s butterflies if you want to but I’m not.. He’s so new it’d be just wrong to dump on him. Like kicking a baby. I’m still in political over load from the election so no Colbert or Daily Show for me. Spike Feinstein and Chelsey Handler are okay. And Jimmy Kimmel? Well heck, Jimmy Kimmel is just hanging out over at ABC. What’d he ever do to anybody? Nothin. Just sitting there night after night doing his “manshow” thing. I was up late and had occasion to see Carson Daily. I know, I know, but he’s not a letch like Ferguson. He’s also not as nervous as Jimmy Fallon. I’m curious to see where he goes with it. We’ll see. It’s in the middle of the night unfortunately so it’s abit of a stretch to find but it’s only 30 minutes and there is the vcr/dvd.

(You think that Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Fallon are up late? Try Carson Daily.).

So why Carson? The music.

He’s in the right place to show off the music of LA etal. If you missed his remotes to clubs around LA I’m truly sorry. The style of the show is self consciously edgy but you’d be that way too if you were trying something different for network. This aint MTV but if we’re lucky it’ll be at least Youtube. Like I said in an earlier post, I’m hoping beyond hope that one of these guys will just say, “fcuk it” and do something different. Rip it up. Use the youtube and the Hula that GE gave ya. Wake up the CarsonDaily forum over on TWoP. Deconstruct and then reconstruct the late night format. The good Lord knows that the rest of them haven’t. Well maybe Craig Ferguson with the puppets. I liked the puppets too. And Jimmy Fallon whose blog is front and center? He seems to be trending to more multimedia.

I have this hope…

It’s not like a testosterone, mega hip hope.

It’s about falling backazzwards at the speed of light hope.

So answer the question late night tv talkshow hosts. What’s the future if you’re so sure you know it?. I don’t want to know where music went. 12 dogs rummages around the past of music because it shows us where folks come from musically. It’s a form of entertainment to play music side by side, past and present. But it worries me that there isn’t a real jump in future. Or maybe there is. Where we are the clubs have grown. Is that’s where music is now? Born in the clubs and in the bedrooms of all kinds of musicans.

Neo Rap?

Magica Realism?


Alternate Universe?


Don’t you want to know where it’s going?

Come on guys. There’s got to be a whole world of music out there.


My phone barks

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0 commentsMy phone barks
Posted Mar-19-09 13:03:05 PDT Updated Mar-19-09 15:54:53 PDTMy phone barks. I’m sittting here, the house quiet, when all of a sudden I’m hearing dogs barking. Now out where we live if you hear dogs barking? You start looking for company, the mail lady or the Maytag repair man (old joke). The last thing you go looking for is the phone. So I’m walking around the house trying to find this barking dog. LOL.

Anyhow I was telling someone here about the invisible barking dogs and we started to chat about ringtones and mysterious sounds. One thing led to another and well here’s the story that came out of it.

My first year at school, I had this alarm clock that had the loudest, most annoying sound imaginable. I couldn’t sleep through it if I wanted too. Placed out of reach–well– I was a sight jumping out of bed to shut it off. Never made it past two beeps. One weekend my room mate and I went home and I forgot to turn it off. Imagine the joy of my fellow dormmates when that alarm went off bright and early with no one there to turn it off. It sounds like the alarm on a piece of heavy machinery. That beep, beep, beep you hear on construction sites and loading docks. Not a happy thing.

Lucky for me they were still talking to me the following week..

Even luckier, it was a weekend when most folks were gone.

Anyway we were wondering about what would be a better ring tone and alarm to wake up to.

One choice was the Scifi ring on the IPhone. It’s strange but not annoying.

The other choice was one for the days when a positive affirmation just isnt’ going to do it. The days when you just need alittle bit more umpf…

Next up?

Start all over again

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0 commentsStart all over again
Posted Mar-19-09 10:15:36 PDT Updated Mar-19-09 11:31:20 PDT

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you’ve heard me talk about Auntie Slacker.

For me AuntieSlacker is a little bit of the adventurous, crotchty old bird that I hope to become in old age. She is also based on a real person. It’s been a year since my great Aunt died. She was a tough person. Faced alot of problems in her life.She also had great adventures as well. When she was in the hospital once, I asked her how she could be in such a good humor. She recited the words, “…laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone…” I’d hoped that she would die a peaceful and calm death on her own terms. Instead she died at 101 after refusing to eat or receive medical treatment. She was bound for heaven and tired of this life. At least that is what I was told. I wasn’t there when she died.

I don’t know why but I thought of this song for her.

For a long time, I agreed with my Great Aunt. Taught by life and by family that noone was interested in my troubles but would be happy to tell me theirs, I spent a great deal of time hearing other’s woes but keeping my own problems to myself. I called it friendship. Truth is it’s not. Not really.

The poem that she was trying to quote was Solitude by Ella Wheeler Cox.

When my Aunt died she ironically died alone.


Laugh, and the world laughs with you;
Weep, and you weep alone.
For the sad old earth must borrow it’s mirth,
But has trouble enough of its own.
Sing, and the hills will answer;
Sigh, it is lost on the air.
The echoes bound to a joyful sound,
But shrink from voicing care.

Rejoice, and men will seek you;
Grieve, and they turn and go.
They want full measure of all your pleasure,
But they do not need your woe.
Be glad, and your friends are many;
Be sad, and you lose them all.
There are none to decline your nectared wine,
But alone you must drink life’s gall.

Feast, and your halls are crowded;
Fast, and the world goes by.
Succeed and give, and it helps you live,
But no man can help you die.
There is room in the halls of pleasure
For a long and lordly train,
But one by one we must all file on
Through the narrow aisles of pain.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

This year I read a poem over on Mollycoddleyou’s blog (A Real Friend) . It’s a better description of the friends I’ve had who were true friends. While I hope to keep my Auntie’s adventurous spirit alive in Auntie Slacker, I don’t want to have her always putting on a happy face. Not if it’s a mask and not the truth.

If only life were like a Fred and Ginger movie. All graceful moves and a happy ending where even the prat falls are graceful…


Not a blog?

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2 commentsNot a blog?
Posted Mar-17-09 23:50:45 PDT Updated Mar-22-09 18:44:54 PDTFrom this point on, 12 dogs is “notablog”. According to one of the networking sites, 12 dogs isn’t a blog. While there are alot of things that 12 dogs isn’t, the one thing I’m sure of is that it IS a blog. When I read the email the first time, I thought that maybe they were trying to be funny and sarcastic at the same time. “Perhaps,” I thought after reading the email, ” They are trying to say, “Madam, we have tried in vane to find some resemblance between the words that you’ve written and what is known as writing. Alas, we have found none of it. Not even the hounds in The Hounds of the Baskervilles” could find a cogent sentence in what you’ve called a story. Heavens, even my 6 year old writes better than this…” But I think that they are serious and honestly don’t think that this is a blog address. This is as strange as the folks on one blog who kept telling me that I didn’t exist. That worried me until I found out that they did the same thing to all the “newbies”.

This time it’s going to be alot harder to prove my existance on this new blog than it ever was on the old one.

Well yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day. I hope that you had a good one. We celebrated by running around in the clover that grows outside. It was quite a sight. A grown woman and a bunch of dogs running around and around in the the clover. I love this time of year. The trees are beginning to bloom which, except for the pollen, is a beautiful sight. We had a pretty good day. Sure the toilet backed up and the dog kennel flooded. The good thing was that the dog food survived and for the first time in three days it didn’t rain. And dah dah, Pup has expressed an interest in cooking to the point that he cooked yesterday. It was really good. I am sooooo happy about this.

That’s about it.

Here’s the door to 12 dogs Kiss me I’m American…

Pardon a bit of bitter sweet.

LOL Shoot your television? But we just got it !!!

Sigh. Ya’ll know that there’s going to be a comment about how someone with this accent could read phone numbers and it would sound smart? Something tells me that smart isn’t what folks are going to be noticing when they watch this video.

Take care,


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1 commentKiss me I’m American…
Posted Mar-17-09 18:15:54 PDT Updated Mar-17-09 18:18:19 PDTHi ya and happy St. Pat’s to you and yours. I have a soft spot in my heart for the folks who I’ve met from Ireland. Some would even say I’ve got a warm place in my heart for one too. I hope that where ever he finds himself this day that he’s with friends who love him dearly and are proud to know him. He is missed at my house very much.

Now I actually wrote my Irish themed story this weekend. I had a feeling I’d be busy today and not get to it. I was. Nothing of the crisis kind but after three days of rain the pups were more than ready for some outside run time. They were very happy today and tired out this evening when it came time to go back in their kennels. It’s a beautiful thing.

So here’s my evenings St. Pat’s story. It’s a little bit of the recent past and a whole lot of the distant past and well there’s a good lesson in it too.

You can find it here. Random… for St. Patrick’s Day

Now it’s entirely possible tht you’ve read it already and one reading was enough. If that’s the case, I’ll send you blessings, hugs, and happy smiles and we’ll both call it a day. I hope that your day was a good one. I really do.

May all your troubles be fun adventures for both you and the trouble maker. May there be a warm bed and a kind heart waiting for you at the end of the day. And when you wake up in the morning? May it be sunshine for us all.

I’d like to say a special hello to a new friend who is missing her son. He’s in Iraq. If you know someone who has family in the military, don’t forget to give them a hug and a hello. It can’t be easy.

Happy day,


PS For the rest of 12 dogs? Look here…

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3 commentsAnd this is how I’d do it…
Posted Mar-16-09 05:26:02 PDT Updated Mar-19-09 16:54:37 PDTYa’ll know (if you’ve read this “not a” blog for awhile) that I’ve been a long time fan of the LLS with Craig Ferguson. Like you, I’ve watched how Mr. Ferguson has grown into the job and made it his own. Lately it’s pretty clear that alot of the original “bits” have been shown the door. He long ago put on a suit and tie, left the “whip crack” sound box and the “cheeky monkey” in the toy box, and sadly (for me anyway) said adieu to the email jingles. In a word, the “crazy azzed bat out of hell punk rocker” is trying to grow up into an 11:35 time slot kind of guy. Kind of sad. Like watching your frat brothers go off and get married or get a “real job”.

I don’t delude myself into thinking that there’s a nano second of a chance that anyone remotely related to the LLS reads 12 dogs. But, you know what? If they did? This is what I’d tell them.

If you’re going to “grow up” then do it with style.

And this is how I’d do it.

A 5 minute monologue, well okay maybe 10. One or two guests who are related by a theme of some kind. Like the guy who wrote the book and the other guy who turned it into a movie. Or maybe the entire band play more songs and then tell you who they are. Or mix it up with two folk on the oposite sides of the fence politically or artistically. Two separate interviews and then bring them both back in to talk about it. Just two chairs or (or more if it’s the band).

No more sitting behind a desk. No more cheesy, fake back drop.

Just two chairs (think the set for a play with the same lighting)

and a great conversation.

Keep the end part. The fangurls need their fix.

But for me?

It’s all about the conversation.

Intoxication — without the drink.

A girl can dream…

…psst… I really like Elvis C’s set (minus the dripping light fixture and all the drapes and well maybe abit lighter… but still…

Can the LLS get one too?..

Next up?

Well it all begins with a couple of singing Beavers…

Or for the scenic route?

Music for a wet morning…

Or did I tell you?

My phone barks

Cya later… Ann

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0 commentsMusic for a wet morning…
Posted Mar-15-09 20:42:43 PDT Updated Mar-16-09 05:05:45 PDT

By some happy accident I’m listening to a loop of music that is a delight. One of the songs is from the movie Swing Time. Don’t know about you but I am just a happy woman with alittle bit of Fred and Ginger magic…

Great song for a wet morning.

Good morning, Gentle Reader.



Next up?

Well it all begins with a couple of singing Beavers…

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3 commentsOver, Under, Sideways, Down… I’ll take Music Jeopardy for 500, Alex …
Posted Mar-15-09 14:10:03 PDT Updated Mar-15-09 20:34:07 PDT

What are the 5 basic positions after Missionary?

The Beavers sing

…but wait…there’s more…

click me

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0 commentsAfter all if you’ve got The Beavers?
Posted Mar-15-09 13:24:34 PDT Updated Mar-15-09 14:59:44 PDT

You know you’ve got to follow with the Crabes…

La Revolution des Crabes

Pop the corn.

…It’s French and it’s got subtitles…

…do we got culture on this “not a blog’ or what…

movie night at 12 dogs… o*~*o …it’s what Ann does to cure her writer’s block…..

Next up?


“Everything old is new again?”

or gone fishin’…

your choice.. Cya’

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0 commentsEverything old is new again?
Posted Mar-15-09 12:38:35 PDT Updated Mar-15-09 13:29:31 PDT

Must be the new Jenny Craig spokes person. I heard a rumor about their new “Jenny does (Organic)Vegetarian” advertising campaign …

Okay back to the political…

You know folks, it just seems like yesterday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats of the US House were turning their backs at the “old, failed policies of the House Republicans”. I remember it well because at the same time the President was calling for a bipartisan effort in the US House and Senate to solve the banking/realestate crisis. Folks back then (it is a “nano second world” after all) were saying that if we just throw ANOTHER couple of hundred billion of taxpayer money at the problem, things would be ever so much better…

I’ll bet you remember it too…

No more failed policies and programs at “Hope” and “Change” central.

No Way. Yea team.

So guess what the latest policy of “hope” and “change” is?

I’ll give you a hint.

It’s initials are H.U.D.

HUD? You say? What’s that?

Or you might say, “OMG! HUD to fix the economy and actually help people????

(You would probably know the phrases “HUD forclosures” and “HUD housing”.)

Or you might be a member of “Future Absentee Landlords of America” and saying to yourself, “HUD forclosures??? Oooooo, real estate for pennies on the dollar! Hurray for me! I can buy it for nothing. Fix it for nothing and in this market way over charge for the rents!! How fun! Who says you can’t make money in this real estate economy. 😛 ”

Now you might be thinking to yourself, ” Oh you are such a “Ms. Negativity.” Give that poor HUD program a chance. Just because it didn’t exactly work in the past doesn’t mean it can’t do great things for us in the future. ”

Weeeelll, see I keep hearing House Speaker Pelosi talking about her turning her back on the failed policies of the past. Remember, that’s why she ignored all of the House Republicans (and all but 3 of the Senate Republicans come to think of it…)


I’m asking all those folks who’d soon descend here to yell at my “negativity”

What do you tell folks when they ask,

“Isn’t this a kind of retread of the less than successful social programs of the past?”

Seriously here. If I’m wrong and HUD v 2.O is going to be different? Knock yourself out telling me how. Because the House Speaker made it VERY clear that there’d be no more failed programs in the new world of “Hope” and “Change” and well let’s face it, if there ever was a poster child for failed federal programs…

The “reasonable people will differ” standard is alive and well here at 12 dogs. I’m all for change if it works and mercy knows there’s problems. But this isn’t a pep rally post.

I’m looking for answers that work without breaking the bank.

I don’t care what party brings ’em.


Comments are on but hidden. You can say what you think here without someone jumping on you for it or trying to use your comments as a launch pad for their own agendas. Make sure to let me know if you DON’T want your comments to be posted at a future date. Oh and there is always ebay email..

(Hopefully the blogs are back in working order)

Next ?

Viva La Revolution Des Crabes

I’ts Movie night @ 12 dogs

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0 commentsGone fishin’
Posted Mar-14-09 11:11:41 PDT Updated Mar-15-09 17:41:41 PDTOkay let’s face it. The weather, the economy, just life in general can scuk.

But it just seems like this year there is more major scukage than usual.

And now it’s March Madness. Basket ball.

Lots and lots and lots of basketball.

Unless you really like basketball?

It’s right about now that a malady hits…

Don’t know about you Gentle Reader but

I’ve got a massive case of cabin fever. Maybe you do too.

There’s only one cure and no it’s not doing strange things to my dog…

(I do watch Sex and the City reruns about now so there is strangeness. It’s just not to my dog…”)

So okay…

First you get a good nights sleep…

Then you summon the power of imagination and repeat after me…

Oh wait. Hang on.

Did I tell you about the importance of having earplugs and your quiet place?

That’s very important even if it’s in an igloo in the back yard.

Go find them and then come back I’ll wait …

Back already?

Let’s start over…

Now that you have your ear plugs and your quiet place?

First put in your earplugs and go to a quiet place.

Mine in in the tub. I close the door lock it and put in my ear plugs.

LOL This right after I put someone else in charge and right before I make a mad dash to the bathroom.

Ah the lovely sound of a the bathroom door lock–“click”

Yes you can!!!

Now let’s all repeat our positive affirmations. Please try very hard not to puke…

Cleaning up vomit isn’t the relaxing activity we’re going for here.

All together now…

“The weather is mild.

“There’s a hint of (say the name of a fragrant flower here. I’d just make stuff up. Or use one of the flowers on the front of the air freshner. Oh and I’d squirt some right now while you’re at it. Ah, smell the fresh floral scent…)

The dogwoods and red buds are a bloomin.

It’s not that unmerciful hot but it sure ain’t snowin.

There’s clover in the fields and my hammock is at the ready.

My face warm from the sun.

I am a tall elegant, graceful being sitting and drinkng iced tea on the veranda.

Got my cool shades and a shady spot…”

And somewhere Louis and Bing are singing

So drink your hot chocolate with a little bit of sumthin in it for “medicinal purposes”

Start thinkin’ about bringin’ the summer stuff down from the attic but don’t actually do it yet

I hear that spring break is right around the corner.

But if it hasn’t got to your house yet? Hang in there!

Happy reading Gentle reader.


Random… for St. Patrick’s Day

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0 commentsRandom… for St. Patrick’s Day
Posted Mar-14-09 08:48:50 PDT Updated Mar-17-09 18:15:06 PDT”Do you have a coin?” I ask him. He nodded and put his hand in his pocket. After a bit of a rummage he finally pulled out a quarter and held it out for me to see…


We’d been listening to a very nice man tell his side of the story. It was a sad one whose ending wasn’t clear. One possible result might mean he’d lose his job. As he told his side of the tale, the other two men listening nodded in agreement, I couldn’t help but think of the other man involved. There would be a hearing and a decision. Both parties, it sounded from the story being told, claimed the other was in the wrong. I watch Micha listening to the story and tried to see a glimpse of his thoughts. Unlike the others, he didn’t nod in agreement. Instead he was silent mostly or would ask a question. His voice was gentle and a bit sad. As soon as they left I went to ask him what he thought of it all.

“Micha, what do you think will happen?” I was worried for this fella in trouble. He had a family and needed the job to pay the bills. “Do you think that he is innocent like he says? The other men all were saying so but you were quiet. Why?” He didn’t say anything at first and his eyes were very sad. Without saying anything he bent over and pulled off his shoe. As he reached inside the shoe he asked, “Have I showed you this Kate?” He opened his hand so that I could see what was in it. There in his palm was a coin I’d never seen before. I looked at it as he turned it over so that I could see both sides. On one side a fish. On the otherside a harp. I read the words. Eire. “Looks like a coin. I recognize the word for Ireland – Eire. It’s pretty but what in the world does it have to do with the fella we talked to?” Micha was quiet abit while he put on his shoe. Then he straighted up and looked at me. He began to tell his own story with the words,” When I was 14, there were two boys involved in an accident. This was along time ago when I still lived in Dublin. When I was still in school. There was a fight and loud words. No one saw the accident. They only saw the fellas fussing afterwards. Now one of the fellas was well liked. His name was Stephen. The other fella, who was kind of quiet, weren’t so well known. All the boys in the yard liked Stephen. He could tell a joke and a story. Always laughin’. As he were their friend, they chased the other young fella out of the school yard. Threw stones at him and he ran away. I think I remember his name being Michael. Anyways when Father Sean came out to see what the commotion was about, all the boys began to loudly defend their friend as he told his side of the story. This school yard “jury” had made their decision before Stephen had hardly gotten the words,”I didn’t do nothin'” out of his mouth. They all were shouting at the priest that the other fella did it. Though not one had seen what happened, they were all sure of the out come. Surely it was the other fella who was wrong and should be punished. Stephen told the priest his side of the story. It was a convincing one for sure. I watched the priest to see what he’d say. Just like you’re doing to me, I waited to see what he’d say. I didn’t say nothin’. Listened like this morning.” Micha grew quiet and turned the coin over in his palm. For a minute he didn’t say a word. He just looked at the coin in his hand.

“Well Micha, what did he say?” I was growing impatient with him, “What on Earth does this have to do with the story?”

“Well the priest asked me if I had a coin in my pocket. It was this very coin.” he said the words as he showed me the coin again. “Then Father Sean asked me a question in a very quiet voice. At first I didn’t understand him cause some of the boys were still shouting but finally, when they realized something important was going on, they quieted down and the priest asked me the question again.” Micha pause and with a very grave voice he asked me the question that the priest asked him, “How many coins are you holdin in your hand?”. I looked at the coin in Micha’s hand and said, “One. Now what’s your point?” Micha smiled at my impatience but only said, “The next question the priest asked was how many sides did my coin have? When I told him two sides, he took the coin from my hand and held it up for everyone to see. Then the priest says to us all, “This coin is like this arguement fellas. There maybe only one coin but it has two sides. When I’ve heard the other fella’s side? I’ll tell you what I think. In the mean time? I pray that the good should prevail.” Then he handed me back my coin and went to find Michael. When I was listening to the man today? He sounded like a good person, but he was giving me his best arguement. And his supporters who’d not seen what happened were giving him their loyalty and friendship. I understand that but the thing is that the only person this morning that’s seen what happened was the fella involved in it. The tellin the tale. There’s another person involved. He’s invisible to us but he’s here. He has a side of the arguement as well. A fair and just evaluation of the situation means hearing both sides. I learned that in the school yard that day along time ago.

“So who was wrong?” I asked Micha. He put the coin back in his shoe and then continued his story, “Well Kate, I’ll tell ya’. It was later that day that I learned that Father Sean had been looking out his window when the ruckus started. He had a slightly different interperatation of what had happened between Stephen and Michael. Apparently there was blame enough for both. I guess he was trying to teach a lesson to the fellas in the school yard as well as solve the arguement. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loyal to a friend but this was about being fair. About the “invisible man” who’s guilt or innocence was being determined by loyalty to the man but not the facts. That’s why I was so quiet this morning when the fella was telling his side of the story. I wanted to hear this fella’s side but I was remembering what Father Sean had said too. There was another side to be heard. It was a good lesson. To answer your question? I won’t know who’s right until I’ve heard both sides of the arguement. Then? I’ll decide for myself.”


That’s how I found myself showing the coin that I carry in my shoe to David. I carried it there as a reminder that every arguement has two sides. On my coin there is a woman and child on one side and on the other there is an eagle instead of a fish. I carry it with me as a reminder that there are two sides to every argument.

Micha was young but she was trying with all her might to follow the morning’s conversation.

Note. I have carried a coin in my shoe too. Two coins. One is a Sacagawea dollar coin to remind me of life’s adventures. Then there is another one that reminds me of a friend. It’s from Ireland and means alot to me.

Every step of everyday we mark our life.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day early.

I hope that you have a good week.


Next Well that depends on you. You can go back to the current posts OR you can go back to a past story called Love on Lithium… . It’s a strange story and in rough draft so it could change. I don’t know yet. You’re welcome to read it if you like. I’ll post a link for you to get back to the future there. Ann.

In case you were interested. The following is another version of this story.

Then he ask if I had a coin in my pocket. When I found a quarter and held it out in my hand he asked a very odd question. ” How many coins do you have in your hand. “One.” I said, “But I don’t know what this has to do with the fella today.” He didn’t answer my question but instead asked another question, “How many sides does your coin have?” I looked at him like he’d lost his mind but still answered, “Two. The coin has two sides. You know this Micha. What in heck is the matter with you?” He smiled a little and then said,”That coin is like an arguement. Though there is only one arguement? There is always two sides. I’ve only heard one side. He seems like an honest man but we show our best side in an arguement. To know the whole story? I need to hear both sides. Then I will be able to say who I think is in the wrong.”

“One coin but two sides. One arguement but two sides.”

words by AuthorAnn 3-14-09 all rights reserved
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0 commentsLove on Lithium…Wait! There’s more..
Posted Mar-11-09 18:20:27 PDT Updated Mar-17-09 18:13:08 PDT…and sanitized for your protection…

She looked across the table at the news. “Stockmarkets crash” screamed across the pages. From the other room she could hear the words. “Felicidad is the happiest word. happiest word that you have ever hear….” coming from an old rerun of the Flying Nun. She could remember watching the show as a little girl on Nick at Night. Her mother would sit next to her and sing the words. They used to eat pop corn and laugh as Sister Bertrile would fly up into the air in her nun’s habit causing all kinds of mischief. Now her own daughter watched it only there was no giggling or popcorn. Her daughter just sat there–silent. Once she popped corn for her daughter and tried to sing but some how the words sounded odd and flat. Her daughter finally asked her to please stop. So she left the room and just left her daughter alone. Both of them oddly silent as the theme music came out of the television speakers.

“Well Beth?” he looked at her. She looked for a smile but nothing. “How about another helping of those pancakes. Only this time I’d like the rasberries, please” That was it. Up went the newspaper with more “screaming” words about the economy. She hoped there’d have been something more to his remarks but nothing. He didn’t even blink. How he could read this stuff day after day and not even flinch. She tried to understand but didn’t. Even her friends noticed. Janice pulled her over into the corner last weekend and for a few seconds was quiet. Her friend finally said the words that confirmed her fears, “Mary Beth–John–, it’s like he’s swimming underwater only he never seems to come up for air. How do you stand it–” Beth stopped her. She tried to explain that it’s “Not quite the same. When your swimming under water? It only takes 5 minutes before you start gasping for air. He never does.” Janice didn’t say anything else, just took Beth’s hand and then hugged her neck. The tears started. “You know it’s funny because the world is just unraveling. You would think that he’d feel something. The health doctor said that he needed to be calm but this is like being dead. We don’t make love.”

“Mary Beth, that can’t be good” Janice’s tone turned serious,. “You need a second opinion.”

” I went in for the couples consult and asked for them to use something else but they just said that he was too valuable for the “team” and that the staff psychiatrist suggested he take this to keep him calm underfire. I’m supposed to be the good corporate wife but honestly, Janice, I’d almost rather he quit his job. Before? When I’d mention him leaving his job and doing something–anything– else? He’d fret and talk to me but now he just sits there.”

“Well then just don’t let him take it. Give him a sugar pill or a vitamin. Mary Beth, you can’t let him do this. It’s like he’s a robot or something. I think I have something that looks like his pills. Here let me check.” she was rumaging through her handbag as she was talking.

I wished that it were that simple. The health nurse said that they checked blood levels daily at work because “some” of the employees had balked at the new national health initiative. At first no one complained because they were just checking for narcotics and pot. Now it was to monitor patient compliance with blood pressure medicine and diabetes medicine. The medical nurse said that non compliance was costing all of us as taxpayers.. Especially the new mental health initiative. “Those poor unfortunates just won’t take their medicine.” she’d said. “When I asked her if it wasn’t the patients right to take or not take their meds, she looked at me funny and then said, “I don’t think that the employee really is capable of making those kinds of decisions. Do you? After all the doctor is the one with all the training.”

“What about second opinions and doctor’s errors? She just smiled and said, “Doctors don’t make mistakes.”

Something about that nurse’s smile made me silent and very afraid.

To be continued…

Note. Rough draft.

First there was the music vids. They’re about emotions such as Love but the singers are devoid of emotions in their presentations. I thought, “How odd.” Then there was a conversation about being “out in the country” and how to some it’s peaceful and to others a nightmare without life. Then I was just thinking about the phrase “sanitized for you protection” and “Love on Lithium”.

This isn’t autobiographical story. I’m not trying to work anything out. I’m not pontificating about the evils of National Health or Lithium. It’s an interesting idea. Such a vibrant emotion as Love “sanitized for our protection”. It reminded me of the blogger who was unhappy with her relationship. She was adviced to “get a hobby” and that Love wanes. The final point was driven home with a conversation about temperments how for some folks even the mildest emotions are too much.

This is a very rough draft. I just wanted to set it to “paper” and see what would happen. Gonna let it sit here and thne come back and either rewrite or add to.

Have a great evening.

Hope you enjoy the story.


Next? Quote of the day…

Or back to the future (March 17th, 2009) And this is how I’d do it…

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0 commentsQuote of the day…
Posted Mar-11-09 13:11:33 PDT Updated Mar-11-09 14:18:56 PDT”Well, that interview was like eatting a bowl of sugar with a sprinkling of cornflakes. In the end, all your left with is a roomful of insecurity and stale fart jokes.”

InternJane 3-11-09

And while we’re on the subject

——–Interupt for this important message—–

Caution to folk with allergies to “sacchrine”. The amount of imitation “sweetness” is at an all time high. Tune your BS meters to HIGH and bring a pragmatic nature. Side affects of too much “sacchrine include:

Singing like a munchkin–

And apparently a complimentary membership in the “Lollipop Guild”!

Next? Well while the “sweeties” @ Lollypop Guild central were out singing?

The Legislature was “verwee”, “vewee”, busy ( so was the President…)

With the stroke of a pen …


Editors note:

Big case of “spring fever” here.

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0 commentsWith the stroke of a pen
Posted Mar-11-09 12:18:30 PDT Updated Mar-11-09 12:35:34 PDTExecutive order concerning stem cell research.

And of interest before the legislature.

Labor bill concerning Unions.


Redesigning the way government regulates business and banking.

Have a great day!


Prop 8, bipartisan efforts world wide to…

Editor’s note. This week’s post might be a bit short. Stories coming soon. Ann

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