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Posted Mar-30-09 16:42:27 PDT Updated Apr-04-09 08:51:31 PDT

I am a refugee from life

A stranger in a strange land

I have come from half way across the universe

Just to find who I am

With each step I marvel

At the next world I see

I ‘m bound for my home

It’s heaven for me.

I am a stranger in a strange, strange land…

In the middle of the night…


This is about someone I met. Someone who I met on the day that higherups were deciding his fate in a way. He lost his job. No, that’s not entirely true. He, his wife, and his kids lost his job. I know you hear about it on the news where thousands lose their jobs. but it’s not just the employee. It’s their family too. It’s different when there’s a name attached. He told me that he believed in God and that they’d get through. I’m sitting here thinking about them and wondering about how we hopefully manage. The tender hearted and the tough. I’m praying for him that he finds something quick. Something else so it’s not so hard.

And another thing. He wants to be a preacher. Maybe.

There is an irony in this poem.

A while ago I wrote another poem similar in structure and about another journey in my own life.

“My heart walked alone to get here.

Across deserts and time.

Waited like the seed of the Rose in the Desert.

Waited until the rains to bloom.

This world makes me fierce to survive

But my head on your shoulder

Your kiss on my cheek?

I am soft and new again.

My breath, your laughter

Alive in my heart.”

Life is funny.

All those if’s in our life. The ones just beyond the horizon that we can barely see.

I try not to get to cocky. Be friendly. And remember where I came from…

The friendliness? Out there in the big world? It’s not an act. I’m glad to meet folks and hear what they have to say. Sometimes the rough road tells the most valuble lessons.

Someday we all go before God.

I’ll be asking for mercy, understanding, and —

Alittle tenderness.

Oh and one more thing,

Side bar

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0 commentsSide bar
Posted Mar-30-09 14:32:12 PDT Updated Mar-30-09 19:22:17 PDTI didn’t want anyone to worry.

Ever since the time I realized that there were folks who read my blog and wondered if I was okay. Worried if it’s me that I was writing about. I’ve been aware of the responsibility of what and who I write about. Since there are folks in a mess out in this world, I don’t want anyone to think that I’m playing ‘fast and loose” with this sad time. Trying to get sympathy. Nor would I dare tell them that hey there’s been worse. Fact is that for each of us, it’s cold comfort that this trouble or that is somehow less important than the troubles of those before us. If you’ve lost your job or your home? That”s trouble.

It’s important.


…if you are reading this? or In the middle of the night… You’ll end up in the same place.

Unless otherwise indicated, all written words/ poetry on this post orignal by Author Ann all rights reserved. First Poem is a part of larger poem, “Refugees” by Author Ann 30March,09

The video is not my work. It’s a beautiful song entitled Shelter by Sarah MacLachlan. The video from Youtuber, RuneHQheadquarters. I’d love to claim this work. It’s very good. But credit where credit is due.

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5 commentsHey ya
Posted Mar-28-09 03:47:12 PDT Updated Apr-10-09 13:37:07 PDTHey well we didn’t see the folks from the Wizard of Oz fly past our window but man the wind did howl. Sheesh. We’re all okay. Just really tired. I think everyone is okay.

You know, I love the flowers this time of year. But tornadoes? Man those things are just stupid. Same for floods. My heart goes out to all the folks here who are going through rough weather. I know last year was a mess for the folks in Florida from huricanes. My friend called it “biblical” and you know we talked about it tonight and it sure feels like it. Hugs to ya’ll now I’m going to go to sleep before I start babbling.. Just wanted to say hugs and thank you. I hope that all the folks who are getting hit by the weather escape unhurt and have a much better day. It’s not been an easy couple of days for folks. Especially folks who get tornados or who are sweating out the flooding. Listen to the weather allerts (If you don’t have one I’ll bet someone has one for sale here on ebay. The really can be life savers.)

Hugs ya’ll, Thanks. We are all fine.

I heard this on the radio this morning sounded like a good song for this morning.

Comments on but hidden

Here’s my reply in comments. Thank you for posting.

Hey dd and rebel. How are you? Good morning to you both

LOL drivetolive. I don’t know. You need to talk to this lady I talked to who has a dog advice column. I’ll get that address later this weekend. Is their hair falling out? What does your vet say? Don’t have 12 dogs any more. But that sounds terrible do you live out where they could have gotten into an irritant? Ant poison or something they might have sprayed inthe garden? Could they have come incontact with poison ivy? LOL As an expert? Hmm well. I can tell you about after care for spay and neuter or what to do if a wasp bites yer dog. Could hazzard a guess about a snake bite. How to get the dog to swallow a pill. But right now my brain is in the off possition when it comes to dogs itchin. LOL Bet you can get at this moment is, “I dunno.” Meantime if it were me I”d call my vet and ask them what was the best to do. Our vet is really good about helping their patience to solve problems over the phone so they can avoid an office trip unless it’s necessary.
LOL. I’ll find that lady’s address. She has a blog here on ebay. Helped me.
Take care,

Addition the blog is

feedjakeauctions’s Blog


Earlier we wrote.

Pretty interesting weather here. Not the best for computers. I will be soo glad when the morining comes as this weather is rockin’.

Turning off now. If I’ve bought or won something and you don’t here from me tomorrow please give me another day as power may be out.

Hope not.

Here’s the rest of the blog.

In the middle of the night…

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0 commentsOnce upon a time….
Posted Mar-28-09 03:16:22 PDT Updated Apr-13-09 09:11:52 PDT

I think these stories generally begin with the words,

“Once upon a time…”

Well some do.



Stories are funny like that.

Like the beginnings of friendships.

The first sentence or the first time you meet a friend is tricky because, as I heard one writer put it,”…It’s the very first sentence in a book that tells the tale…”

Once upon a time a writer went to a forest to visit a friend. When she got to the friends “house”, she looked everywhere but nothing was there in that empty square room but a song. “Hmm,” she thought to herself, “I wonder where my friend could be.” Maybe this is a clue?” Now in that time and place the writer and her friend had a magic they could do. With the help of her magic arrow, she waved her finger about and repeated the magic words, “Oh the “if”‘s in this thing called life.” Soon there appeared before her a key. She tapped twice and viola, she flew from the empty room with the song to another room that was filled with– she looked around and thought to herself, “nothing?”
She sat for a moment and tried to think what to do next. She knew that she was in her friends house but where? She tried the only thing she knew to do… (cont)

Gentle Reader? I’ll up date the story over the next few weeks. Then one day we’ll see if it ends in a happy beginning. I hope so for all concerned.

Now in the mean time (and if you’re looking for clues to this mystery?) here are a few places you can look:

New day New goals.
Psst.. in 8 more I’ll be 16

Happy reading and remember that it’s the blue links that tell the tale

Gotta go. We had a bit of weather and there are things to set straight. All here are fine. Luckily we brought the pups inside last night because they could have been badly hurt. Otherwise, all the two and four legged humans are safe and dry.

I hope that you and yours are able to say the same.

Prayers to you Gentle Reader,


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0 commentsIn the middle of the night…
Posted Mar-28-09 02:37:24 PDT Updated Mar-28-09 02:56:56 PDTThis post will soon turn into a fork in the road.

No not a cross roads. Just two choices. The first is the doorway to the rest of 12 dogs, The other will soon be a story just for the blog.It’s a fairytale of sorts. Kind of. Anyway I’ll tell you more later. Just to say that when “Once upon a time…” turns blue? The interactive story will be there for the reading.

In addition to writing 12 dogs last year I began writing a book. I’ll be working on it in earnest this next month. With the fantasy above and the book I’ll look the slacker when it comes to 12 dogs. But I like my writer’s journal and don’t want it to get weedy from neglect. So what I’ll try to do is write one interactive story a week with a look back at 12 dogs thrown in for good measure. It will give you something to do while I sort through things here. The blog, a book, and the fairytale? That’s alot of writing Gentle Reader. Not to mention the laundry. I hope that you’ll be patient with me when there are times when there’s no new posts to read. I promise you that I’m writing and that there will be plenty to read from the past.

Here’s a look at the book and the doorway to 12 dogs. If you’re traveling for break or what ever, hope that you have a safe trip and that you see this before you go.
Will be writing while you are gone. Got to warn you that I won’t be much fun as will be grumpy if disturbed. If you check in while you’re gone, check the next post. You’ll see where I’ve been and what I’m writing. I’m glad for the chance to write.

Well Gentle Reader I better go, I’ve already chased Pup and WB out of the room. The only living thing that’s here with me at the moment is four footed and furry. Her name is Janie and she is a veteran at sitting with me while I do write. She keeps my feet warm and makes sure I move about. And she doesn’t ask questions or bother me unless she’s gotta “go”.

Pup and WB don’t have her patience or her bladder.

Here’s a sample and a bit of the book.

.(lol I’ll bet you thought I was kidding about writing a book. Nope)

Enjoy the story. And nope it’s not all Emo. This is just for contrast.

Got to go get some sleep. It’s thundering and time to give the computer a rest.

Hugs, BBL, Ann.

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2 comments…if you are reading this?
Posted Mar-25-09 22:23:17 PDT Updated Mar-28-09 02:24:06 PDTFor anyone who finds themselves with their traveling shoes on. Bon Voyage and safe travels.


I’m in the process of writing a new story. I liked this story from the moment that the words started to spill across the page. It’s like that sometime with people too. My best friends have been people that I just had this connection with. I never knew why. Something about them and me too that just clicked in ways that didn’t make sense when you looked at us individually. But I am ever so glad that we didn’t listen to the conventional wisdom telling us we were too different. The heart knows a fellow traveler.

It’s been awhile since I heard my great Aunt, Billy, or IrishDavid’s voice. I can close my eyes and see them. Hear them too. My great Aunt’s been dead for almost a year now. I can here her say, “Hi ya honey.” Clear as day. As if the time she’d been gone were measured in hours instead of months. Billy’s been gone longer but I hear his voice too. It’s comforting. If I’m lonely, I simply remember some good memory. Nice.

I know that there will be other friends and sad times too.

This afternoon I went back and read some of the things that I wrote this year. I’m not sure if what I’ve been writing lately is anybetter than what I wrote this time last year. Not the technical part or the way that it’s expressed. But there is one good think and that is that a friend seems to be happily settled. I’m glad. This time last year they were very unhappy. Now? They are delighed. This person reminds me so much of Billy and my own son. Very talented. And they tell me they are happy. The mother in me is happy. The friend in me is happy. When they tell me that life is good for them? I smile and a part of me says, “good.”

But there is a sad part in my heart too.

They are gone for awhile and they are so talented that there’s no one who can fill their shoes while they are gone. I close my eyes and lower my head. Steel my heart for the empty feeling that comes when someone has gone. I prepare my heart for the coming sadness. You can’t fill that void Gentle Reader. It’s like having the 1000 piece puzzle with one piece of the sky missing. It might look like all the other pieces of sky but it’s unique. There will always be a hole in the sky. A unique piece of the sky. There’s something missing until they come back and fill the place that they left empty. This time I’ve devised a way to keep busy. Told myself that they’re fine an will be back soon. By the time my heart finally says the words, “I guess I was wrong.” It will have been a long time passed. Only this time I won’t have moved on. The river of life will move around me but this time I won’t float along with it. A silent steady force among the turbulence and the waves of time.

But for now? Let’s rejoice at a coming journey. Rejoice at a new adventure for us both. “Look each snow flake is different.” he’s shouting as he’s running across the yard. Spinning slowly nnd then at speeds that would make a dervish proud. Around and around. Looking up into the sky as the flakes fall fast. It’s enough to wonder about the beauty of snow flakes now.

“Only good things,” she whispers. “Only good things for us both. We’ve had enough sorrow. Now for us to dance in the snow. See the miracle of snow flakes as they fall. Worlds of H2o arranged like soldiers on the field. All in order before the blizzard.”

There’ll be time enough to see the sorrows of snow.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.


Just remember that the morning after a hurricane is always sunny.. Hugs 2 U, Ann

For the rest of you Gentle Readers?

This week’s interactive story wave…

It’s the “if” in life that tell so much.

They highlight the things that make our life interesting.

In rough draft though. Hopefull always something new added to entertain.

Will tinker with it during the week but use this post to link.

Haven’t checked all the links yet so if you come upon a illogical post? It might be an error or it could be…

This week on 12 dogs… Coming attractions…

It’s only one post but it’s the blue links that tell the story.

and you know that I can change it at anytime

and I probably will.

If I get bored.

Especially if I get bored….


PS. It’s come to our attention that Tryork was amongst us for a bit.

While we read that he’s a very grown up responsible person I’m glad to see that the kid is still there amongst all the responsible things.

The thunder and storm is rolling in Gentle Reader.




The quote is from a short story that I’m writing. In this story, Hannah and her friend have stopped for coffee at Cafe Intermezzo, Dunwoody (Atlanta, Georgia). They’ve met for coffee.and to gossip. The story is short and serves to bridge the plot from the past to the present. The story, so you’ll know is a kind of magic realism. Realism Magico. A story within a story where Hannah as a grown woman writes herself into a snow fall from her childhood. What she describes actually happened in her childhood with a friend but here only they exist in the forrest of people who soon turn to trees. She’s watching her friend dash through the first snow as it begins to fall. It’s just beginning to collect on the ground. It’s before freak blizzard that happened in the town where she and her friend are children. Like children who’ve not seen alot of snow they are mezmerized by it. Their teacher has told them that each flake was unique just like them. Like their finger prints, they were all the same in general but if you looked closely there were things different. Hannah walks in the same world as that of her friend. Her child’s heart still within her. She has, in the story a grown mind. Unlike her Peter Pan friend she’s grown up and sees and remembers the perils that soon will come from these first magnificient flakes of frozen water. A childs heart shared with an adults wary nature gives Hannah in the story a pragmatic’s voice. Yet there is just a hint of wistful longing and affection for this friend. Then, as can happen in dreams and in real life too, the snow begins to churn as swirl until it turns to a storm, a blizzard. For a moment she can see her friend still dancing in the distance oblivious to the snow fall. It muffles her voice as she tries to call for him to come back.

Too late.

He’s gone.

This story foreshaddows the sadness yet to come to her friend and to her as the future does its sad work for them both.

This story within a story is a cleansing of Hannah’s sorrow for the sadness that comes to her young playmate in later life. The bridge between the first and second acts of her life. As she describes the story. I hope the reader can see in their minds eye what I see. Like one of those photos with only the central character in focus. The edges are blurred to a darkness. Only the main characters in sharp focus. Like a dream. Realism Magico. Magic Realism.

It is semi autobiographical in that dreamlike way. As I wrote this last part I was thinking about my friend Billy. The good memories of our friendship were like the happiness of the first flakes of snow. Then life came. He vanished into the blizzard of life. A blizzard that only from the perspective of an adult looking back at life could we really and truly see. While I’m not Hannah in the entire story, I did draw on my experiences in my own life to write this section.

NB. Hannah mentions here that she’s been approached by someone who would like to turn the story into a short film. This fella likes the imagery and thinks that it’s strong enough to use only the dialog from the story. Hannah tells her friend that while she likes the idea, she thinks that perhaps it would be better received as a one act play. When she tells her friend the title of the story, he’s startled and ask Hannah if she knows what the word Intermezzo means. The irony of it.

Do you know the meaning of the word?


A brief entertainment between two acts of a play; an entr’acte.
A short movement separating the major sections of a lengthy composition or work.
An independent instrumental composition having the character of such a movement.
In food, it’s a pallet cleansing part of a meal which prepares the tastebuds for the course to come.
I have a friend who is a writer. She writes the most wonderful stories about that moment in peoples lives when their world changes. It’s not about the before or the after moment that is in focus. It’s more like a photograph that freezes that moment when life changes.


Happy journey. Be safe and come back soon.

Author Ann

The quote is an excerpt from Intermezzo from Conversations with Hannah 3/26/09 Author Ann all rights reserved by the author. The analysis is also original. Also all rights reserved. by author.That would be me. AuthorAnn.

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0 commentsendless summer
Posted Mar-24-09 13:14:06 PDT Updated Mar-25-09 23:19:58 PDT

Hey! You found it !!! My new Zen Writing Garden

This is going to be where I post reality here @ 12 dogs.

I wanted a place to record my travels. A kind of post card. Photos, videos, music, a link to another blog, or another Zen Garden.

I’m not sure yet.

But it’ll be here. My blog within a blog…

LOL I read about this on one of the blogs here at ebay. Never occured to me. The easiest way to do this is to type the words in BW and then color convert to white. You can also type blind like I’m doing here. It’s fun. So if your are wanting to know where my new blog is? Just copy here and it will show up.

I hope.

This way back to 12 dogs while I’m sorting it all out.

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0 commentsNext on 12 dogs… Coming attractions…
Posted Mar-24-09 09:06:36 PDT Updated Apr-13-09 09:01:24 PDT

Being “culturally ironic” takes a light hand and a firm touch.

Sometimes it takes being “in the moment”.

Being honest.

Farting off cue.


Comedians and moms do it all the time.

Like good improv. (Good health to Robin Williams.)

Only a really good writer or actor (or a mom) can pull it off.

When you do it? It’s like surfin on air or a really good LLS monologue.

Those moments are rare and usually due to good writers who life in the bowls of network hell.

CNN commentators (Keith Olberman) and blogstars (insert your own choice here) try to do it but they’re like donkey’s in a china shop.

Most times it’s just another Katy Perry Grammy moment.


An on purpose attempt to be hip.

But it’s not the same.

Not like pure voice.

Folks who follow the “endless summers” of life

They are like snow boarders or astronauts or the best bloggers.

They make the impossible look easy .

Pretty much everyday.

And the crowd only sees where they’ve been.

The next big thing.

Oh and they do it for love– not the money…


Yeah, about this marriage thing, I’m on the edge of my seat…”

Another man bites it. LOL…

Music please…

Nothing like a corporate sponsor to illustrate a point.

Is it? or Is it not?

Was it? And now is it not?

On the edge or just a “corporate junky”?

Hmm… Dunno. I liked this version of the song and the lyrics fit the post. So I’m using it….

Why not?…

Let’s go play…

Life with the dogs … The Blue Link

And a side order of the future with the past…

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0 commentsI know. I know.
Posted Mar-23-09 20:09:31 PDT Updated Mar-24-09 12:53:13 PDTThere was supposed to be a 12 dogs tour here some where. Hold on lemmie look.


The thing is I got side tracked by the bigger than life cover photo on Forbes Magazine. vol 195 no. 6. March 30th.

It’s not quite the first female VP of the USA but it is a big deal.

Now this is a story.

Go see.

In the mean time?

A “Not a story”… Tee hee. You should have read it. Pretty good. Let’s just say that it’s here somewhere on the blog and if you are really good you can find it. But only under certain conditions and if you know the magic words.

As for me?

I’m more interested in Meg Whitman running for Governor of California.

Now there’s a “maverick” idea.

Has there ever been a female governor of California?

Next up?

It’s back to Coming attractions with ya’…

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0 commentsLife with the dogs … The Blue Link Tour 09
Posted Mar-22-09 22:32:18 PDT Updated Mar-23-09 06:53:59 PDT

“Sometimes mornings are just like that…difficult and dam hard to understand…”

Hannah Murphy

24 March 2009

Dear Gentle Readers,

Someone once said that to know where you’re going it’s helpful to know where you’ve been.

There’s alot to read here @ 12 dogs. Even if you’ve been keeping up with the posts each day, the links might be telling a new and different story since you were there last time. You might have missed a post on the days when there were posts added last minute or just more posts than there …”was time in the day to read them.” It got me to thinking that this week it might be fun to re read posts from this time last year. To see how things have changed.

Each day I’ll post a link or a tour of blogs past on this post.

I hope you have fun exploring life @ 12 dogs.

Author Ann


Yep MadCat. It’s true.

Life here @ the 12 dogs can sometimes be a “…mystery wrapped in an enigma…”

You’re one smart cat….


While you are waiting you might want to read what happened last week here at 12 dogs.

Friday’s Child at Sunday brunch…


Coming Attractions:

—– tours posted here each evening —–

Watch this space for the first tour.

(Since Easter is coming I thought I go back to last April with a look at chickens, eggs, and the IRS…)

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0 commentsBut soon life just becomes sureal.
Posted Mar-22-09 19:47:13 PDT Updated Mar-24-09 12:03:59 PDTAnd thanks to the internet and youTube?

We’re all on teevee.

And folks? Well life doesn’t just imitate art. It what? Becomes art? At what point do folks lose themselves. Or are they becoming more of themselves. How do we ever define what’s real?

Hey do you think these two guys just evolved or are they using “guerrilla advertising” to promote their work. Do they just want to be on “teevee” or are they actor wannabees? Do they even want to be actors? Maybe they just want to be internet stars?

Do they know who they are anymore?

Are they even being honest even if they are telling the truth?

In an email to a friend…

Hmm — on second thought?

Time for a 12 dogs retro

But first?

A word from our sponsors

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0 commentsLike good improv
Posted Mar-22-09 19:46:11 PDT Updated Mar-24-09 13:18:27 PDTFunny. How even the real interview becomes “real” and oh so ho ho ho funny.

It ain’t easy being green… Or farting on cue for that matter…

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1 commentFart on cue
Posted Mar-22-09 19:45:08 PDT Updated Mar-24-09 10:56:12 PDT

Farting on cue. Site specific “JMutt” work. AKA performance art.

Someone said that if you have to explain the joke it’s not funny. Advertising. I’m thinking that deconstructing life to understand it lets you reconstruct an advertising moment that will “resonate” with the buying public.

That sounds almost grown up don’t it.

Trouble is when you growup in the age of “guerrilla advertising” and reality. Everyone is “on”. All life’s moments are “reality”. I know that the Truman Show talks about it. Even better is EdTV. But the best? That would be YouTube.

YouTube. You are the star..

Or you were…

Oh the edge.

Oh “corporate junky”.

Why so serious?

Do your pits smell funky?

Keys to success might be “cheeky monkeys”.

Or deoderant and good PR.



Dear Mom, Art school was a much better use of my time than law school. Defense Attorneys have nothing over an art student who’s got to come up with new work under draconian terms. And then defend it for a grade. YeeeHaw, it’s fun. Love, Your Slacker child.


I can’t believe that a person actually drank a yellow liquid given to them by a complete stranger in the subway. Not even if they guy that gave it them was dressed in a tux. There’s crazy folks out there and that yellow liquid might not be wine. It might be pee.

Just sayin…

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0 commentsLife is full of good ideas that aren’t…
Posted Mar-22-09 19:42:49 PDT Updated Mar-24-09 11:08:06 PDTLike Katie decending from the ceiling in that gold lame banana into a bowl of fruit. While she sang “I Kissed a Girl” and then proceeded to dance amongst the other dancing fruit.

Oh and not for nothing make sure that you have the intro done by Mr. Craig “Am I or am I not gay. No, I European.” Ferguson.

In a later interview Ms. Perry said that it was always her dream to descend from the ceiling inside a ‘gold lame banana” and that it was all a joke.

Uh yeah.

Concidering the slang usage of the word “fruit”? The intro? The song?

The joke would have been at whose expense.

LOL How did they ever get Craig Ferguson to do the intro?

Yup being “culturally ironic” takes a light hand and a firm touch. Sometimes it takes being “in the moment.

Being honest.

Farting off cue.


Like good improv.

Only a really good writer or actor can pull it off.

When you do it? It’s like surfin on air or a really good LLS monologue.

But most times it’s just another Katy Perry Grammy moment.


An on purpose attempt to be hip.

Folks who follow the “endless summer” are like snow boarders or astronauts.

They make the impossible look easy.

Pretty much everyday.

And the crowd only sees where they’ve been.

The next big thing.

Oh and they do it for love– not the money…

Yeah, about this marriage thing, I’m on the edge of my seat…”

Now let’s go play…

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0 commentsSometime you just have to sing…
Posted Mar-22-09 19:41:55 PDT Updated Mar-25-09 23:18:04 PDT

And your voice will be enough.

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0 commentsculturally ironic
Posted Mar-22-09 19:21:08 PDT Updated Mar-24-09 13:07:38 PDTI’m not sure if this is a noun, an adjective, or a verb.

Depends. It means someone who has an innate since of the stupidity of like. A pramatic sense of irony.

Or on this blog?


It’s the point in life where a cultural anthropologist should just say,

“You know Bob. Living things who are being watched just might start interacting with the camera. Even monkeys in a zoo will start acting for M&M’s…”

True story.

They had to completely redesign the monkey cages at our zoo because the monkeys started doing tricks for treats. Honestly, at first it was just one or two behaviors but after a while and with lots of different folks giving treats for different behaviors? The monkeys, chimps actually, developed their own comedy routine. The zoo’s behavioralist thought that wasn’t such a good thing so they spent like a gazzillion (well it was a lot) dollars to “transport” those chimps back to the uncivilized jungles (in the middle of our state capital).

Where was I?

Oh yeah, Bob, the other cultural anthropologist,

“…So maybe we are corrupting our data? Not getting an actual, factual look at a culture but instead are actually putting our big old fannies in the middle of it and negatively impacting their culture and heritage?

I dunno.

I think that the monkeys, sorry chimps, well I think they liked the M&M’s. They sure liked the ones we were throwing (Chocolate coated peanuts) so I’m not sure that this new stimulas was a bad thing. Of course if you’re in a zoo the last thing you want your chimps to do was evolve.

Unless of course there was some grant money to study it.”

LOL Gotta love Bob and his innate sense of “cultural irony”.

Like teaching Coco to talk and giving her a kitty and …

(Google gorrilla Coco for those who don’t know what I’m talking about)

Anyway to be “culturally ironic”, you have to see this ironic and be able to “channel it” into some new puzzle piece in the world we call


The “…if…” in life to be precise.

I heard that in a comercial for life insurance.

(That’s another “culturally ironic” statement. Or it would be if I hadn’t on purpose made it to illustrate a point. But then I guess that would make it a “culturally” ironic” statement. I was commenting on the stupidity of the situa — Uh yeah –uh —anyway— I love “academic speak” too. Ann)

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0 commentsFriday’s Child at Sunday brunch…
Posted Mar-22-09 18:48:32 PDT

It’s Spring and a “young” person’s heart turns to…

Well I’ve got Spring fever. Or Malaria. There’s fever and chills involved. Maybe it’s the flu. I’m just filled up with it or maybe just full of it. Hard to tell.

WB came home with an easy at home colo rectal cancer test.

I don’t do tests and told him so.The only thing that was gonna get that close to me?

Is my hand and toilet paper.

Then he explained to me that this was the EZ at home, colorectal prescreen.

You just throw this handy piece of test strip in the toilet and bingo. You are prescreened.

“Well, I can do that.” I said sweetly.

Then I said, “But isn’t it alittle gross when you send it in for evaluation?”

“You are an idiot.” he said sweetly back.

You know, Gentle Reader, George Clooney would’ve send me a dozen roses and an invite to his house on Lake Como.

Only WB would think that an EZ screen colorectal prescreen test for colon cancer was romantic.

And it is in a way.

But I’m still getting flowers.

Welcome to the week that was at 12 dogs.

It’s Colo rectal screening month. Get your rear in gear and get tested…

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2 commentsMy phone barks and other things that happened this week..
Posted Mar-20-09 21:32:37 PDT Updated Mar-21-09 03:02:18 PDT

LOL I swear I’m just kidding but it just started going this way and…

“My phone barks. I’m sittting here, the house quiet, when all of a sudden I’m hearing dogs barking. Now out where we live if you hear dogs barking? You start looking for company, the mail lady, or the Maytag repair man (old joke). The last thing you go looking for is the phone. So I’m walking around the house trying to find this barking dog. LOL …”

What else happened? Well it all began with Revolution des Crabes. (oolala it’s French) …

No wait that’s not right.

First it all begins with a couple of singing Beavers…

And then the Crab Revolution.

Then it rained

And the sun came out. Music for a wet morning was played.

No rainbows but there was St. Patrick’s Day and the hopefully annual Roll Me Over in the Clover Romp (Kiss me I’m American… tshirts on ebay soon). I found the bottom of my closet and the “monster under the bed” (LOL dust bunnies and oh hey 12 dogs is not a blog). I stayed up late and watched Carson Daily. Pup decided to cook because well as he put it, ” I like to eat and I might be better at it.” Between you and me? If he can boil water in the microwave he’s better at it. Ah sure it hurt my feelings. But hey, I just picked myself up and started all over again. We looked for Moby Duck in the good ship Pea Pod.(Not really) Pup discovered our version of Nick at Night. Looks like everything old is new again. It’s funny to hear him talk about the original Emo guy, Marcus Welby, MD. We also now can talk about Dragnet vs the reality tv Cops shows. And he can now speak with authority on Dr. Quincy, MD and the–uhm–specialness of Adam 12. Cultural literacy is important :P.

Oh and my phone barks.

I think that about covers it.

Walking on Sunshine. Katrina And the Waves…

Don’t worry about my phone barking. It also talks to me too. But–see that’s okay, it’s supposed to. It’s a phone.

It’s the first day of Spring, the last day of the work week, and the sun is still shining.

We’re pretty much walking on sunshine here at 12 dogs.

Cya…. AuthorAnn

12 dogs and a blog.

So cool. It even comes with a disclaimer …



And the speakers in the club were a thum–thump–thumpin…

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1 commentAnd the speakers in the club a thum–thum–thumpin…
Posted Mar-20-09 19:29:38 PDT

Got the speakers a thumpin.

Everybody in club get jumpin’

Pup and WB are out doing guy stuff. I’ve found the best club mix dance mix around.

(…hey now, it’s on the radio…)

Don’t tell Pup and WB.

They think I just like Mozart and The Spinners

Ah, the advantages of being a grown up.

Ah, Spring.

Welcome to 12 dogs

…the blog starts here…

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2 commentsAttention Blue Wonder.
Posted Mar-19-09 21:07:20 PDT Updated Mar-19-09 21:09:28 PDTTwo things. One — no wait— three things.


WB has repeatedly whocked one of my bluebird boxes with the bush hog. He kept muttering something about how I liked my bluebirds and dogs more than I liked him.

What should I do?


Hey ya and welcome to 12 dogs. Haven’t gotten to talk to you much but it’s good to see you. Hope you’re doing good.


Heck I forgot.

No wait.

I have to tuck in for the evening. (Won’t be long before I settle in and watch alittle tv.) I was just wondering how you might handle an advice column.

I’m actually serious.


Gentle Reader. You’ve got two choice tonight.

And the answer is…

You can get the answers to life’s perplexing questions. I can’t show you the questions because of Auntie-Commentor confidences.

Or you can go here

12 dogs disclaimer

for the rest of 12 dogs.


Comments on but hidden. Works like an answering machine. Leave a comment. It might disappear but I’ll see it later tonight or tomorrow and reply.

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