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Archive – March 20096 commentsThe all the drips are frozen…
Posted Mar-02-09 00:15:48 PST Updated Mar-03-09 09:35:59 PSTbecause it snowed. Will be back tonight when I can once again feel my fingers an toes…

I know. I admit it. I’m a wimp. I should be outside. I should be tough. Instead I stayed inside and celebrated the wonder of nature by watching the first part of Season Six Sex and the City. WB made a snowballs.. We were all in our own way celebrating the miracle of nature. Hurray.

Now I’m going to take off all my clothes, hop under the comforter, and go back to sleep.
It will me warmer in the morning.

Good morning.

Hey ya Gentle Reader, From this point you go to the blog posts for the weekend and the rest of 12 dogs.

This way to Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009’s index of stories.

Happy reading,


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0 commentsGood morning.
Posted Mar-01-09 00:19:47 PST Updated Mar-01-09 02:26:23 PST

Hey ya’

Welcome to 12 dogs.

Alittle music to wake you up.

Meredith Brooks * I’m a B#tch.

This is my last post til tomorrow night. There’s lots to see and listen to inaddition to this song. Hope you have a most excellent day. AuthorAnn

Welcome to Women’s Studies 101

First lesson”

I’m Beautiful * Uncanny Alliance

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0 commentsI’m Beautiful * Uncanny Alliance
Posted Mar-01-09 00:01:48 PST Updated Mar-01-09 15:05:20 PSTYep, Bette Midler does a cover of this song. This version is from the mid 90’s

Next up?

Sunday’s blog?

The first link is to a post with something to read.

Telephone * Shelby Lynne

Last night’s music?

This next post is music to listen to.

Starts here with Mockingbird (duet) * Aretha Franklin

Both ways will end up @ Saturday here at 12 dogs. with Saturday’s posts and the doorway to the rest of 12 dogs.

Happy Reading.


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1 commentMockingbird * Aretha Franklin
Posted Feb-28-09 23:47:10 PST Updated Mar-01-09 00:14:46 PST

Next up? That’s The Way Love Goes * Merle Haggard and Jewel

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