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Posted Mar-10-09 20:15:57 PDT Updated Mar-11-09 12:15:29 PDTGood morning. Here’s a “neuronal traffic jam” to match the one you just drove through this morning. Happy day!!

From back in the day of drugs and concept vinyl….

Did I tell you good folks that I was writing a book? It’s true. And I’m taking the next year to do it. Not only that? I have an real life InternJack/asssitant, “cool shades”, and a good pair of walking shoes.

And outside my door? It’s a lovely day.


Next? Hey.
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0 commentsHey.
Posted Mar-10-09 20:12:24 PDT Updated Mar-10-09 20:14:18 PDTHey! I’ve been playing hooky. Sorting through clothes and watching movies. Great thing about it is that I can do one of the things I just really enjoy (watching movies) with something that I don’t always like to do. For some reason it’s not so bad. For one thing I have to try clothes on to see if I’ll keep or sell them which has been fun. AND I’ve been watching a Sex in the City marathon which is always entertaining. I missed this show when it was first on. For me much of the show is new and great fun. It’s interesting to see the clothes and the hair. Plus a story of friendship is good too. As for the sex? Well some of it has been an education!

I hope that life where you are is good.

Back soon,



This next post is new.

Prop 8, bipartisan efforts world wide to help …

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0 commentsProp 8, bipartisan efforts world wide to help …
Posted Mar-07-09 14:26:54 PST Updated Mar-10-09 20:09:28 PDTA little funny with your morning coffee…

Oh Lord.

Ah reality and humanity. Working together in a bipartisan effort to solve the world’s ills. I should have posted “the Song That Never Ends” or maybe 30 minutes of Dr. Phil or maybe a debate off of cspan… At least in the days of the Moody Blues (I hear) the sex was free (of course the drugs were bad and I don’t mean good).

Now about Prop 8 and getting along in a bipartisan fashion….

LOL Okay so the first step in bipartisan mediation?

Whistle a happy tune?!?!?!

(Yes it is from the King and I. And yes, I’m having King and I Movie with Popcorn cravings..)

Well I think it’s a good start. 😛

Now then on a personal note…

Have a happy…,

Author Ann


I’d be kind of sick of hearing it too but hey I’m not making it up…

Or for something less political and to get you to at least smile alittle.

Heard at the last staff meeting for 12 dog’s “Morning Twitter Roundup and Staff Meeting”…

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0 commentsI’d be kind of sick of hearing it too but hey I hear it’s true so what ya gonna do?…
Posted Mar-07-09 14:06:24 PST Updated Mar-07-09 14:26:25 PSTLong time watcher of the LLS. Ya’ll know that if you read the blog. But I got to tell you ,Gentle Reader, when I read this :

“…Really drove home the point that the show is taped in kaleidoscope fashion; bits of colorful comedy with shades of solemnity only coming together in the editing booth.”

out there on the internet?

I just wanted to say a big old, “Amen”.

Please. If I ever become a Craigbot? Someone slap me. Seriously, you would think that the man single handedly cured cancer. I would think that his ego is secure enough to not need the “fawning”. There are alot of truly wonderful fans that are cheering him on. What worries me is that there is an effort take down Jimmy Fallon’s and the Late Night show. If it is the “craigbots” of “Craigdom” don’t even listen to Mr. Ferguson. Last I heard he, Mr. Ferguson, asked the critics and fans to give Mr. Fallon a chance to settle into his job.

Reminds me of how Obama asked folks to get along. They didn’t listen and instead went into full blown attack mode.

Folks. The feud between Ferguson fans and Fallon fans is a fan wars. It might make money for CBS, NBC, Mr. Ferguson, or Mr. Fallon but for the rest of the world it’s fluff. The feud between the Democrats and Republicans is about our tax dollars and how they are spent. That’s not fluff.

Only three, count them, three people from the Republican side of the Legislature voted for the last bailout package. Only three Republicans in the ENTIRE House of Representative and the Senate. No Republicans in the House of Representatives and only three in the Senate. Two Senators from Maine and one from Pennsylvania.

I’m not surprised. When the House speaker says (in an interview with Katie Couric) that they rejected the opinions of the Republicans completely? Where the heck is the bipartisanship that Obama was asking for? Working out problems is a matter of arbitration. There is input to the solution from both sides. BOTH. It is not, “We won so now we’ll call the shots. It is not, “You guys had your turn now hush up. “. And it is definately not some kind of fanwars game where the biggest consequence is who gets bragging rights for the next year. This is serious stuff.

There were Democrats as well as Republicans involved before and while the economic woes were happening. Barney Frank is a Democrat and was in the middle of the housing market crisis while it was happening. Nancy Pelosi, also a Democrat in office while this was happening, now says the approval rating for Congress is historically low because of Iraq(see her interview in the video below)? Really? Then why didn’t she call for impeachment when she was made Speaker of the House. I seem to remember she said (the weekend that she became House Speaker) that impeachment wasn’t a good idea and that she would be concentrating on (I’m not kidding) cleaning up the House. She had support for Impeachment from both her party and Republicans. If Iraq was really the reason why folks aren’t happy with the Legislative branch of our government why didn’t she do something when she had the chance? After all I keep being told that “doing something is better than doing nothing” about the economy why not about Iraq if it’s such a big issue for the average citizen?

Funny thing. Give folks a fanwars so that they can work off their flustration. Meanwhile? The economy keeps getting worse. Who knows. Maybe the “hope” attitude will get folks minds off the economy. Maybe the Bachelor or hey how about American Idol.

Diversion is one of the oldest plays in the game book.

Just keep an eye out for the “bots”.

Food for thought

In the words of the House Speaker and the House Minority leader…

Next? Hangs head and hopes for the best…

Some of that game play diversion. LOL Recon it will work?

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0 commentsHangs head and hopes for the best…
Posted Mar-07-09 12:56:26 PST Updated Mar-07-09 13:38:15 PSTThe “reality tv” disease has hit realtiy tv hard this Winter. You know we should just make the stuff up. Just do off the wall stuff and see how close to bizare folks can get before the viewing public throws in the towel saying, ” Oh come on.” Because the truth about reality is that alot of it is just doing the everyday stuff. Or maybe its fart jokes. I’m not sure at this point. There are people who’s lives are an artform. The spend their days at the theater or climbing the Andes but that really must be exhausting after a while. Don’t you wonder if they just sit somewhere in the corner. Quietly picking their nose?

As for this show? I don’t think “reality” ever entered the “building”…

Honest injun Does anyone actually believe this stuff is real? I’d love to talk to you about it.

Would love to know why…

Dear Diary,


Harry and The Moody Blues

Now for something that knows that it’s fiction?

Heard at the last staff meeting for 12 dogs (twitter version)…

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0 commentsHeard at the last staff meeting for 12 dogs… twitter
Posted Mar-07-09 09:32:51 PST Updated Mar-07-09 14:22:45 PSTTwitter meeting from the computer of Ann

Welcome to the 12 dogs “twitter morning meet up!” Author Ann

“Today’s twitter. We really do need to work on our organizational skills. Really pull together as a team. There seems to be some folks who don’t have an understanding of the phrase, “There is no “I” in team work. Input?” Author Ann

“Well actually Ann, it’s not that I don’t understand what you’re saying. It’s that I don’t agree with it” Hannnah

“LOL, Ann. I understand it. I don’t agree with it.” Auntie Slacker

“I don’t understand it and I don’t care.” Intern Jack

“Blah, blah, blah. Call me when you pay me.” Intern Jane

“I need a vacation.” Author Ann

“You already had a vacation, Ann. Remember Thanksgiving? Hmmm” Intern Jack

“ditto. Christmas” Auntie Slacker

“Did I mention actually getting paid to write. Slave labor is illegal.” Intern Jane

“Yeah and so is not paying AT LEAST minimum wage. ” Intern Jack

“Don’t look at me. Ann handles that stuff. I’m just here to lend “gravitas”.” Auntie Slacker

“Gravitas? Oh who are you kidding. You can’t even spell it. Couldn’t lend “gravitas” to an “airhead” like InternJack.” Intern Jane

“Who you calling an “airhead”. At least I get paid. A$$hole.” Intern Jack

“Thank you Jack. That was a lovely compliment.” AuntieSlacker

“Taking what you can get and making the rest up, eh Auntie? (Just like your relationships :P)” Intern Jane

“You know, Jane, you really should actually HAVE a relatonship before you critize the relationships of others.” Auntie Slacker

“LOL! Auntie. Got that right.” Intern Jack

“Yeah, and you should learn to spell. “R-E-L-A-T-I-O-N-S-H-I-P”. If you can’t spell the word how do you even know that you have one” InternJane

“Typo dear” Auntie Slacker

“Typo? Try Spell Check. Or you could if Ann would get one. Sheesh.” InternJane

“Spell check? You know she has a point.” Hannah Murphy

“ehem. Typo. Dear ” Auntie Slacker

“Yeah. Once a typo. Twice longshot typo. Three times and you can fookin spell. And I’m not your dear. ” InternJane

“Well, I could afford Spell Check if you guys would write something that someone would pay to read. Hint hint. All you do is gripe. How about writing something? Together. After all Obama say that we should all work together during these difficult days. Why not write about working together to solve the economic problems?” Author Ann

“Shut up” Auntie Slacker

“Ditto” Intern Jack

“Ann dear. I’ve got a manicure. Can’t type. I’ll catch up later. (besides I actually write things that people will pay to read. ) Tah!” Hannah Murphy

“There she goes. The 2000’s answer to Jackie Collins. Good bye dear.” Auntie Slacker

“Romance novels? I thought she wrote a porn column for Hustler.” Intern Jack

“Who’s Jack Collins?” Intern Jane

“Knock it off. Oh and Jane, your kidding right.” Author Ann

“It’s “you’re” not “your”. You can. not. spell. … Speaking of being a paid writer. How come I don’t get paid and yet Jack and Auntie still get bottled water delivered to the office. Haven’t you guys bought your reusable water containers… ” Intern Jane

“Gosh. That sounds like a great blog entry for 12 dogs, Jane! Author Ann

“Pay me.” Intern Jane

“Ah no. If 12 dog’s got money? I get a raise. I got bills. Not like some folks.” Intern Jack

“(cough) Intern Jane (cough) trust fund baby (cough)” Auntie Slacker

“Thank you Auntie.” Intern Jack

“You are quite welcome Jack. See Ann. We do work together as a team.” Aunt Slacker

“PS InternJane? Bite me” Intern Jack

“A$$holes. I quit.” Intern Jane

“Again?” Intern Jack

“Ditto” Auntie Slacker

“I need a vacation.” AuthorAnn

“Again? (and about getting paid)” Intern Jane

“Ditto. (and about how you quit)” Intern Jack

“See Ann, honey, we all work together just fine. I just love your “twitter meetings”. They are just so helpful for moral” Auntie Slacker

“And I don’t actually have to be in the building to attend….” Intern Jack

“Works for me. Oh and Domi says, ” Woof!” (hi). We’re at the “MomMe and Me for Pet Owners” groom-a-thon fundraiser for the Humane Society. “Woof.” Unlike Jack who’s probably watching porn on the computer — again. ” InternJane

“Jack, while you’re at it– Did you get me that thing I asked you to get for me? Hmmmm” Auntie Slacker

“Sigh. Meeting over.” Author Ann

Good morning Blogland

Next? For my son

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1 commentFor my son
Posted Mar-05-09 17:28:44 PST Updated Mar-05-09 18:47:09 PSTWords of advice from Hannah and your mom…

Never take yourself too seriously but

Always take what you feel in your heart of hearts seriously.

Alway try to find something to laugh about everyday

Even better if you have someone to laugh with.

But if you don’t? laugh with yourself and your guardian angel

We’ll always be there when you need us. Even if sometimes you don’t know it.

Always live your life in a way that you’d be happy to have yourself as a friend

If you can’t keep company with yourself why would anyone else

One day when you meet the person of your dreams

Ask them out three times. The first time she might be telling the truth about being busy

And the second time she might really have to wash her dog

But by the third time if she says no? Time to move on.

You are never alone. There is always God with you.

Oh sure folks will be happy to tell you different.

But I’ve met too many folks who believe that he does.

I’m one of them.

And I know that from unfortunate experience.

Sometimes when it feels as if all you have is yourself? Think again.

There’s an angel on your shoulder.

It’s what’s got me through life when I felt alone or like I didn’t know what to do.

I always knew that God was with me. Same as he is with us all.

And Pup,

A friend really is someone who likes you and you like them back.

Even if sometimes you don’t know their real name

I’m glad that you are my son. I would like you even if you weren’t.

Couldn’t think of anyone else I could like more.

May all only good things come your way and may you always appreciate what you have.But if bad comes?. Let the” bandage” be pulled off quick and may you have the nicest of people to hold your hand when it happens.

We’ll love whomever you do because we love you (and you have good sense and good taste in people.)

You’re going to do good in the world and have a good, kind, and “charmed” life.

Every good thing I can imagine I wish for my son.

I love you Pup.

Your mom the writer,


Tuesday Index

“I’ll always leave the porch light on for you. No matter where you go or where you’ve been there will always be home for you here with me.”

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2 comments”Objectification” (Did I spell that right?) Well I was wondering
Posted Mar-05-09 14:38:17 PST Updated Mar-05-09 20:07:38 PST…if ya’ll are familiar with the term…I’m talking about the word in general not as part of a psychological theory. It’s more thinking in terms of stereo types than it is specific. For example if two people were to say, “He’s a Republican” They might be talking about the group, “Republican” but the way they define them would be different. I was just wondering how folks use the word….

Today’s post.

On Prop 8, the Octomom (she has a name)…

This is one of several posts that begin with Dear Gentle Reader. If you haven’t read any of today’s post I start with the beginning (Dear Gentle Reader.) If you have read the first two, I’ve added extra to it. No one had commented on it so it’s okay. If I up date it will be within the comments or here

For the rest of 12 dogs?

Don’t shoot me ! I’m only the piano player…

Or for a more detailed list?

Tuesday Index

Welcome to 12 dogs.

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3 commentsDear Gentle Reader.
Posted Mar-05-09 12:02:01 PST Updated Mar-05-09 20:08:07 PSTMy comments are on but in hidden mode this morning and I suspect tomorrow as well. My email is on.

For a bit I’m going to be writing about some things that I know are highly emotional to alot of folks. I’m not doing this to “pot stir”. At 12 dogs, in addition to fiction, I write about the day’s events. Sometimes it’s political and sometimes it’s social. While I want to write fiction, it’s good for me two write about the world. I want to hear the opinions of others. So I have my chat comments on but I have them hidden. I’m not trying to prevent the free discussion on this issue at all. The fact is that people hold grudges in Blogland. This is especially true on the thorny issues of religion and politics. I want folks to be able to give their honest opinion and not be afraid to express it. Since our chats aren’t private this is the only way I know of to get answer without the person commenting running the risk of being given heck by others. You are welcome to tell me what you think but my comments are not a “soap box” *~*.

For the next two days, maybe more, I’m going to be posting a series of blogs on subjects like Prop 8 in California, the octomon’s treatment in the news, the objectification of human beings, and other subjects that are a bit touchy. For each post the comments are on and hidden. Once you enter your comments, it will be as if they disappeared. Not to worry, I can see them on my computer. The next day I’ll post the comments of those folks who are okay with their comments made public along with the post that they commented on. Then I hope to invite the folks back for an open conversation on the topic. If you’ve commented, I’ll email you when this happens. Not to worry. If you want your comment to remain private it won’t be posted. I can read your comments in “drafts”.

If you aren’t sure how this works post a comment on the post in question or email me. I’ll see if I can clarify.

Thank you for your consideration.

By the way, there are no wrong answers or opinions here. And sometimes the best answer to a question? Is another question.

The only thing manditory is respect for others.

Thank you,

Author Ann

This series begins with

You’re arrogant, overbearing a pot stirrer, and I think that you. are. wrong. …

For the rest of 12 dogs?

Don’t shoot me ! I’m only the piano player…

Post edited for typos (because two and to sound alike but mean two entirely different things.)


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8 commentsYou’re arrogant and overbearing and are a pot stirrer…
Posted Mar-05-09 07:13:41 PST Updated Mar-05-09 19:54:40 PSTThat’s what someone told me in chat after I gave an opinion that they didn’t agree with.

My comment was made in to a blog post that asked all bloggers for relationship advice.

The person who I disagreed with and I did fine. We worked it out and both I think knew that we cared about the out come of the situation and while we differed in advice we both wanted the best for the person asking for help. It’s the “reasonable people can and will disagree” approach to life that I learned along time ago from a law professor. It works. If you can find that respect between oposing sides you can realistically work out the differences between two people or two sides. The interesting thing is that you not only find your differences but you also find the similarities that we have as human beings.

As a parent, I’m responsible for the moral upbringing of my son. I’m a Christian and an American. I will tell you how I personally define those two classifications in a bit. First, I want to tell you that by saying that I am a “Christian” and that I am an “American”, there are people who will automatically assume and “ASSume” things about me that may or maynot be true. They will then proceed to act on those assumptions.

This could be a positive or negative response.

I’ve seen both….

To be continued in next post.

On Prop 8, the Octomom (she has a name)…

For the rest of this week @ 12 dogs?

Let’s start with Tuesday Index

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0 commentsOn Prop 8, the Octomom (she has a name), and making people into things…
Posted Mar-05-09 07:12:41 PST Updated Mar-05-09 19:50:44 PSTThis next post is a grouping of interrelated passages. It’s intention is to provoke thought but not to antagonize you or be critical of your beliefs. It’s also not a soap box nor is it leading up to an “I gotcha!” moment. Nor is it to belittle or make fun or anyone.

It begins with a letter to a friend.

“Dear friend,

This morning I woke up to the newsman talking. It was about the California Supreme Court and Prop 8. I thought about Billy. I’m going to blog on this sometime within the next day or so. I’ll let you know when I do. I’d like to talk to you about it. I’m sorry that I’m not able to do this in person. I’m hesitant about my abilities as a writer. This is an extremely emotional subject on all sides. I worry that my words and logic might be clumsy. They might cause a fuss or make the fuss worse than it already is. That isn’t my intention. What I want to do is to try and get people to think before they become so emotional and start shouting at each other when the subject comes up. People ASSume things because of their own bias. They don’t discuss or try to hear both sides of the arguement. I’m always surprised at the true lack of courtesy that I’ve seen in these “discussions”..

Friend, I’m a Christian and you’d be surprised how saying this all of a sudden has folks ASSuming alot based on the way some of the Christian faith have treated them. We’re lucky. We’ve talked about my faith early. You have, I think accepted me for me as I have accepted you for you. We are writers. We are, I think, observers of this world. We have to look at folks and how they act with a– I want to use the word “dispassionate” here but I don’t mean it as “uncaring” or “unfeeling”. I mean it as “compasion” and “kindness” You have said that world is full of “good” and “bad” you look at both to write. If you don’t, the characters in a book become “flat” and lifeless like a paper doll. As humans, we are anything but “flat” and lifeless like a paper doll. We are, when left to our own devices, complex.

Now it seems that life has been “sanitized for our own protection” or so “stereotyped” that human nature is endanger of becoming a cartoon.

You do still see complex nature in the aftermath of natural disasters. This practical kindness and acceptance of one another. After Katrina, they interviewed this fella who was very poor. He talked about a guy who was well off and would never have talked to him before the storm taking him in during and right after the storm. They’d found refuge in (I think) one of the local hotels. The fella who was poor said that it was such an amazing time because during and after the storm they were all equals. Rich and poor alike. Each person had some thing that they could do to protect the others and help in the aftermath. No one asked, “Who are you? What is your class?” Then he said some thing sad. He said that as soon as every one was secure, they fell back into their old ways. The rich man went his way and the poor his.

Once again they became “rich people” and “poor people” instead of people…”


Whenever I hear or read the things said about the “Octomom” I think to myself, “She has a name.”.

Today’s latest was Matt Lauer interviewing Dr. Phil about the mental state of the woman folks call “the Octo mom”. Her name is Nadya. I know that she has a difficult name for some to remember but with as many interviews that have been done about her by now? You’d think that it would be easy to remember her name, difficult or not.. She is known by her nick but not by her name. She is still to most people, “the Octo mom”. Calling her “Octo mom makes her sound more like a cartoon character than a real person. They used to call that “objectification”. I heard that alot back in the 1970’s. Back when folks talked about women in general. During the “women’s movement” —or should that be “Women’s Movement”— anyway– back in the day– supporters of “women’s rights’ talked about the “objectification of women”. There was alot of talk about how women had become stereotypes like “dumb blondes” or “the little woman”. For some reason, woman weren’t people and were instead types. While it wasn’t talked about as much, the same was true for men. There was the “jock”, the “nerd”, and the “Red Neck”. This interview and this whole national “conversation” about this woman reminds me of the word “objectification”. Like she’s not “really” real and some how it’s okay to be really mean to her.I wonder if calling her the “Octo Mom” instead of Nadya makes it easier to “dump” on her. I mean if she were sitting in the same room as they were would they be that mean? I doubt it. Larry Flint, of all people, seems to not like her parenting skills? This would be the same man who brings us Hustler and gave the word “beavers” a bad name.

You might be wondering what this has to do with being a Christian or an American or a Republican or a Democrat or especially Prop 8 in California…?

Or maybe

“You might be wondering what this has to do with being a “Christian” or an “American” or a “Republican” or a “Democrat or especially Prop 8 in California” …?

Same words, but…

There is a difference between the two sentences. A big of difference. As big a difference as there are assumptions and the ASSumptions about the folks in the groups. Depends on your point of view of these groups. Do you think about them as a group of individuals or a homogeneous monolith?


I listen to a call in show sometimes. It gives advice like Ann Landers only the person giving the advice is a Christian minister and the advice is “faith based”.

I remember one caller in particular.

She survived terrible abuse from her first husband. Physical abuse. She divorced the first husband and began to sort our her life. She found a church and someone there to date. They became serious. They fell in love. She described this man as someone who, unlike her first husband, would never harm her. Unlike her first husband, he believed in God and showed great respect for her. They hoped to be married. It was at that point that she began to cry. The minister on the radio show began to talk to her and said that he (and his call screener Im pretty sure) knew why the young lady was upset. You see the minister at her church had refused to marry them. In the eyes of her church she was still married to her first husband even though they had a legal divorce. The minister giving advice on the radio show said that according to The Bible her minister was correct and that the church wouldn’t recognize the divorce nor the second marriage. According to the Christian faith, he said, she was still married to the first husband nomatter what the divorce decree said..

If she went to the church down the road, which is also Christian and reads The Bible, she’d been wed with no problem. Welcomed. They’d have rejoiced at the fact that she’d survived and lived to find such a nice man to be her husband. They would be talking about the second husband not the first.

Which one is correct?

They are Christian churches and ministers.. They believe that Christ is the son of God. Believe in the Virgin birth too. They both read the Old and the New Testament. And if I talked to the preacher on the radio show, her preacher, and the one from the church down the road they would all say that Christ died for their sins. But if you asked wheither this young woman would be married under the eyes of God? They would both have had very different answers and reasons why.

Which on is correct?

Please remember regardless which church you are talking about, under the laws of that state, the state would be happy to marry them. as the first marriage was legally terminated with a divorce. Both were considered single and perfectly able to remarry in the eyes of the court.

In the matter of divorce it used to be that the court said that divorce was illegal. The history of how divorce became so easy to obtain (280 dollars no fault divorce. Just call–). It’s more about money I hear and less about theology.

But now you can obtain a divorce in the eyes of the court easily. You don’t have to move to another state and wait to become a resident. Wheither you believe in God or not isn’t a part of the divorce process. The courts don’t care.

Wheither or not it’s legal? Depends on the state.

Wheither or not it’s moral? Depends on the individual and the theology they believe.

But which one is Christian?

The point?

When you use the term “Christian” ? You’re talking about a diverse group. While they all believe in God and Jesus? The interesting part is in the details.

Which view is correct?

In the eyes of the court the theological questions are left to the theologians but participation and believe in the theology isn’t manditory to get either a divorce OR to get married for the second time.

As to who is correct theologically correct? I guess we’ll find out when we die. If there is a God? Then we’ll know. If there isn’t one? Then we’ll know. Please don’t confuse this last part with the notion of faith. This isn’t about a person’s faith in what they believe. It’s more about which Christian of the group “Christians” is correct at the “end of the day” :the minister who will marry those two people or the one who won’t. It’s a theological question that folks ask themselves. The government and the court generally honor the separation of church and state.


I’m glad that the comments are open but hidden. People are allowed to speak freely and present their opinions but can’t use it as a soap box. I’ve gotten some interesting responses.

Comments On but Hidden.



For the rest of 12 dogs? Tuesday Index
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0 commentsGood morning
Posted Mar-04-09 06:28:10 PST Updated Mar-04-09 06:31:59 PSTI heard more than once that having a friend is more norishing than bread or milk. I dunno if I take that literally. I like to eat. I get the idea of it. Especially this morning. From far away came the words that I needed to hear. The encouragement that I need. The pat on the back to remind me that it would be better and not to give up. What a gift from two people who are lovely, nice folks.

I’ve read that CrouchingPrarieDog’s daughter is sick again. More chemo. What a trouble those two have seen. Prayers to them both. I hope that you get better again Allison. I know that God will walk with you and that you will never be alone. Even on those days when it seems like no one else is there. Your family’s prayers and God himself is walking with you.

Yesterday I got some pretty bad news. I should be deep in dispair but I’m not. This morning in my email there was an encouraging letter from a friend.My son is okay. WB is okay. My father and mother alive and still active. My sibling and their family okay. The other will be okay too. I’m grateful and thankful. We have both bread and milk to eat and drink and we have a friend or two and family that are doing okay. The good Lord is with us all.

We are alive this morning.

It’s all good.



OH on a silly note.

Day two of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Tina Fey and Jon bon Jovi. Still alittle bit of the nerves. Still want to tell him to calm down but more important don’t try to please so much. Do what you feel in your heart is funny and right for you. It will work out.

There is still something oldly good about this show. Going to watch again tonight. Craig Ferguson was correct. It takes time to find your way. Let’s see if that happens.

Tonight’s guest Cameron Diaz.

twitter during show airing.

Mr. Fallon/staff = Tweetie. (At least that’s what I hear.)


And because I’m just like that.

LateLateShow with Craig Ferguson.

I think? Desmond Tutu

Got to go see about the dogs. Good morning

Next up?

Don’t shoot me ! I’m only the piano player….

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0 commentsDon’t shoot me ! I’m only the piano player…
Posted Mar-03-09 15:54:35 PST Updated Mar-03-09 21:34:19 PSTNote. If you are new to 12 dogs.

This is my writing journal. I have a bit of fun writing “interactive stories”. Almost everything in this blog is a hybrid of fact and fiction. “Surealality”. Sometimes connected and sometimes random. Using the “blue links” I’m able to move about the blog and “sew” together different posts into story waves. This lets me tell my stories with not just narative but with videos that I find on youTube, music, original poetry, and even past posts looked at in a different way. I can also alter the path of the story so that, while it’s common in theme, the plot can change. It’s a lot of fun.

And you can get lost.

Getting lost on the “blue link highway” here at 12 dogs is really the best way to explore.

It’s what I’ve been doing for the last year. Exploring.

I hope that you will enjoy reading this blog.


PS I’ve also been creating characters who are slowly being interwoven into a book. A collection of interelated short short stories. You’re going to see in the last couple of months posted exerpts from this book. It’s even a book within a book as one of the main characters is an author.

Happy reading.

Welcome to 12 dogs and a blog.

For the current week?

Tuesday Index

Words to remember when creating characters:

“It’s important not to indicate. People don’t try to show their feelings, they try to hide them.”

Robert DeNiro

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0 commentsTuesday Index
Posted Mar-03-09 09:25:15 PST Updated Mar-03-09 21:48:49 PSTOkay today you have a couple of paths

You can go here

….Tuesday’s blog

Which has two songs and a poem for my father.

You can go here

LOL Well somewhere …

Which is two posts from “Conversations With Hannah”

You can go here

Good morning, Good afternoon, Good night…

Which is the transition and lead in to the posts for Monday

You can go here

Yes, yesterday all the drips were frozen in my “Sea of Tranquility”. But today? It’s blue skies and sunshine…..

Which are the blog written for last weekend. It snowed. We don’t do snow…

Or if you’re new or visiting for the first time?

Journey back

When God made me … Late Feb. 2009

Step one. Feb. 2009

The Adventures of Bob. Our new pet. June 2008

The egg and I story: The Secret Lives of Chickens April , 2008

Story Monkey April, 2008

Happy reading,

Author Ann.

Well, I hadn’t said anything but…

If Jimmy Fallon will just calm down…

It’s weird, I’m not sure why exactly but this show? It has potential.

Interesting first show. I imagine anyone would be a bit nervous. Taking over the hosting of a major late night show AND interviewing Robert DeNiro as your first guest? Not easy.

I’m looking forward to watching tonight’s show. Mr. Fallon interviews Tina Fey. Should be a good interview. Might should have been his first interview just to calm the first night jitters but then again maybe not. The first show may bring in the curious, but it’s the second show that brings on the buzz.

Which should be helped along by Jon Bon Jovi who’s also on tonight.

Musical guest is Santigold.

Will be watching tonight to find out how things turn out.

Good luck to all involved.

twitter during show airing.

Mr. Fallon/staff = Tweetie. (At least that’s what I hear.)


And because I’m just like that.

LateLateShow with Craig Ferguson.

Kristin Davis, Chef Wolfgang Puck, and thank you mercy NO Kristen Bell. Yay.

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0 commentsLunch break… Or how did you spend your morning?
Posted Mar-03-09 09:08:55 PST Updated Mar-03-09 14:28:45 PST

This comes next.

I woke up this morning and switched on the tv.

“Sarah it’s just good to come back here. You get immersed in that culture and you

forget how to just have common sense. There was a “foodie” show about some

feast held in Vermont. Stephen showed me a tape of it. It was to

show case the Vermont produce and culinary traditions. After hearing it I came

away with a odd feeling that something was a bit off about the whole thing. I think it

was the lady farmer who was talking to the group about how she had a

“relationship” with each and every lamb on her farm. How she nurtured them and

then she sold them to be eaten. They’d just shown the lamb being spit roasted and

then cut into piece to feed folks. I listened to her and thought about the concept of a

“sacrificial lamb”. I thought of this other show where it talked about a yearly feast

in the Andes. A person, chosen a year a head, went up the mountain and

never came back down. It was supposed to be a great honor. The guy for next year

looked stunned. Not like, “Woohoo! I won the Lotto!” stunned but “Oh crap, I’ve

got terminal disease and one year to live!” stunned. There was that crash in the

Andes where folks resorted to canabalism. It just got me thinking of all these people

I told myself that they were just packaging the product same as we do everyday at

LV&N but well it was just too much like the witch in Hansel and Gretel for me.

Feeding the little “lambs” cookies and cakes to fatten them up. To be eatten.

I dunno but if that lady farmer had said, “Well we feed them organic and keep them

stress free so that we produce a better product.” I might have felt better about it.

It was as if she started out talking PETA and then ended up being “Silence of the


Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go eat a burger and think on it.”

___ to Sarah while fixing lunch after visiting Stephen

from “Conversations With Hannah”

by Author Ann 3/3/09

original work all rights owned and reserved by Author Ann

Note to reader. Please remember that this is a writer’s journal not a diary or a place

to work out my mental “kinks” . What you are reading is for a work of fiction. It’s

bits and pieces that I thought you might like to read. It isn’t autobiographical. I did

hear a lady farmer say that she had a “relationship” with her lambs. I really did. If

she’d been a guy there might be a joke somewhere of a stereotypical sexual nature.

Even more so if it had been a Scot. That’s why I say lady farmer so folks wouldn’t

get distracted by the stereotype.

Not to worry. Be very happy because I am writing. This is good.


Here’s the other passage that I wrote today > LOL Well somewhere …

Happy reading!

Note This way to Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009’s index of stories.

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1 commentLOL Well somewhere …
Posted Mar-02-09 21:17:07 PST Updated Mar-03-09 09:11:47 PST….Tuesday’s blog

“And here’s the odd thing, these farmers were going on and on about how they gave a stress free environment to their animals so they could grow and develop into the very best lambs and cows that they could be. They were all happy and smiles as they talked about how their animals got to frolic and play. They gushed about how they fed their animals organic diets and the daily excercise they got so they’d grow big and strong. One lady farmer even said and I’m not kidding, that she had a “relationship” with every one of her lambs. She really did and this was at the table where bits of one of her lamps had been spit roasted and was about to be eaten by 100 happy dinners, Then they ate them. The cows, the quail, the lambs, all those animals who they had “relationships” with had no other purpose but to be eatten. I wonder, when that lady farmer eats one of these lambs that she has a relationship with? Does she eat them with fava beans and chianti on the side. I don’t think that you have to be a vegetarian or a member of PETA to get that the situation is a bit tweaked.

I just couldn’t make sense of the strange and convoluted logic anymore. It just was too weird. I had to come back home. They would have called folks here simplistic and morons. Here where the farmers were at least honest about how they related to their cows. They were livestock here. Their treatment was humane but the idea of having a relationship with these creatures was just insane. They were being raised to be consumed not nurtured to go on to lead full productive lives. It was just crazy. So I came home. I didn’t want to end up on one of those crazy folks metaphoric tables. My spirit happily consumed by folks who’d were having a relationship with me to “fatten me up”. Then like some weird Hanzel and Gretel story were going to roast me on a spit and then eat me.” he looked out the window again then turned round with a start. ” I dunno, I guess it was the fact that she had relationship with what became a sacraficial lamb that did it. Had to come back to a place where life made sense again.

Want another piece of birthday cake?”

Stephen to his friend on why he left Manhattan and went back south to Alabama,

From Conversations with Hannah

by Author Ann 03/03/2009

(all rights owned and reserved by the Author)

Somebody told me, after hearing reading this passage, that they apologied for slowly “eating me alive” throughout their life. Ironically they where one of the folks who didn’t. A good friend to me. I think that there is hope for me in this person. Like they say, if you light one candle you banished some darkness in the world. They are a whole birthday cake full of candles in these strange and dark days.

Lunch break… Or how did you spend your morning?

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0 commentsThe importance of good communication skills.
Posted Mar-02-09 19:51:17 PST Updated Mar-02-09 19:53:52 PSTKnow thy self. Life your life. Then when you look for a mate. Be sure to let that self shine. To do otherwise would be to lie to the very person you profess to love.

If you don’t?

You may find yourself looking not across a supper table but across an arbitration table.

You won’t be sharing the events of the day.

You’ll be dividing up your assets.

Good morning, Good afternoon, Good night…

If he doesn’t respect you when you’re single? He won’t when you get married.

Kind regard,


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0 commentsTuesday’s blog
Posted Mar-02-09 15:20:46 PST Updated Mar-03-09 14:15:50 PST

With every day the world changes by 4 minutes. Look outside. It’s still daylight where it was dark weeks ago. Soon the time will switch and we’ll have “gained” another whole hour of daylight. Well not really. It’s all perception or misperception.

Sometimes what we see isn’t always what is…

After all in Austrailia it’s already Wednesday.

How Do You Talk To A Tree

Author Ann

3 March, 2009

But how do you talk to a tree?

Do the mighty Oaks have ears?

And can they hear?

Will my small, small voice reach the top?

Up there in the clouds.


I’ve tried everything I know

To speak to this tall tree.

And every thing I’ve done so far.

Seems futile cause to me?

It doesn’t seem to hear me even though I shout so loud

It just stands there being silent.

Very tall and very proud.

Some day I hope he’ll answer

This tall forbiding tree.

And he’ll look down between his branches.

And there he will see me

I’ll be older but no wiser.

But still grateful

For you see

I’ll rise up through the branches.

My spirit finally free.


from a cycle of poems entitled

“The Family Tree”

written 3 March, 2009

by Author Ann

for her two fathers

The one in Heaven


The one on Earth

If you’re reading this, I hope that you will see it’s worth. Thank you. I know I could have bought you something or given you money. The thing is that I thought that anyone who could build a sailboat with his own two hands, could see the value in this poem.

It is my fathers poem and mine

It’s original by Author Ann All rights an priveleges reserved.

Which is means? I wrote it. I own it.

Durn lawyers.

Good morning, Good afternoon, Good night…

Which ever it is for you, Gentle Reader.

Thanks for stopping. Bye…

And alway remember the importance of good communication skills.

Note This way to Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009’s index of stories.

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2 commentsGood morning, Good afternoon, Good night….
Posted Mar-02-09 14:55:40 PST Updated Mar-02-09 15:31:38 PST

There’s got to be a morning after… Monday’s post @ 12 dogs…
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2 commentsThere’s got to be a morning after…
Posted Mar-02-09 11:48:17 PST Updated Mar-03-09 09:33:43 PST

No reason. Just random.

On reflection maybe not so random.

I’m looking for a bangle bracelet,

I like The Bangles,


I like this song.

It’s all connected.

In randomness.

I guess.

Meanwhile back here @ the 12 dogs…

It was a heck of a night….

Yesterday we awoke to the sound of complete quiet and snow. At first, we were in terror. What would we do? How would we survive? Did we have provisions for what surely looked like a life time of cold snowy darkness. The dogs howled. At least the power was still on. But what would we do should the powerlines snap under the weight of this massive ice storm? A quick inventory of our provisions led to gasps of dismay. Apparently, in a fit of teething, Bear got to the bottled water and was chewing on the lid. “Oh no!” we gasped in unison. “Oh Bear, we may need that water. Whatever shall we doooooo!!!!” Bear looked up at us with his loving eyes and then down at the ground. “Oh pa, he didn’t mean it! Don’t shoot him pa! I’ll make sure that he’s good!” begged little Pup. “Oh Pa , put away that semi automatic gun. You know you ain’t got the heart to shoot Lill Bear. He’s yer favorite. Besides we got worse things to worry about. Look!” With that we all went to the window. There trudging up the drive all bundled against the cold was a lone figure.

Though we could only barely make out the outline of the lone figure in what was now a mighty blizzard, we knew exactly who was coming up our drive. “Big Maw!” we all cried in unison. Well Pup cried out. Pa and I just sat down and cried. She and Pa didn’t exactly see eye to eye. Besides we knew why she was here. Even in the snow we could see her wearin the “white gloves of inspection” . She was comin to catch us out in a messy house and the only way she could do it was to come during a catastrophe. Pa picked up his semi and whispered,”Well officer we thought she was an intruder…” “Pa!!! Noooooo! We’ll make it through. Remember The Poseidon!” Pa sighed and went into the kitchen to look for the Maker’s Mark. If he knew Big Maw she’d be wanting some fortification in her coffee. I went with him.

Meanwhile Pup kept saying, “But Maw, Big Maw is gonna be cold. We gotta go open the door.” since I had him in a head lock, he was havin a hard time talking. ” Hush,” Pa was whispering so Big Maw wouldn’t hear us, ” Don’t you know that Big Maw carries hell–I mean sunshine with her wherever she goes. She can’t freeze. She defrosts icebergs. Where the heck do you think we get ‘global warming’ from?” Pup looked at me with a WTF look and said, “Did that actually mean anything or are you just trying to get me off my mission to let in Big Maw.” He had a point. Pup was smart for a little kid. He’d already watched that Al Gore movie in school and knew for a fact that “global warming” was caused by cow farts and not in grandma. I did’t want to lie so I just said the word, “Yes” and tightened my choke hold.

It was at that moment I heard a key in the lock. “WTH Pa. Who the heck gave Big Maw a key–” was all I managed to say before I heard the words, “Yoo hoo! I was just in the neighborhood. Thought I’d bring ya’ll some homemade chocolate cookies. I know how bad a cook MaryBeth is. Sorry Mary Beth but you know you couldn’t boil water. Now where’s my grandson?” I could hear her in the hall. Maybe if we hid out in the basement she’d think we weren’t home. Pa’d read my mind and was already walkin down the steps when I looked over at the coffee maker. Over Pups muffled “Maw it’s Big Maw.” I whispered a prayer of thanks that Pa had remembered to take the coffee pot with him. That’s what tripped us up the last time we’d pretended not to be home.

I reached over for the Splenda when Pup broke free, “Big Maw we’re in the kitchen!” Rat. We’d been ratted out by a precocious 5 year old. “Is that you Pup. Don’t tell me that your folks went off and left you here all alone? In this bllizzard?” I’ve got cookies and a $20 bill with your name on it. Come give Big Maw a big ole hug!”

The next 15 hours is a blurry snow covered nightmare. While I try to put it our of my mind, there are some elements that I can remember. There was the “white glove inspection of my bathroon. The sight of Big Maw refolding a basket full of folded towels. Big Maw insisting on making us her “special” stew with prunes. She just happened to bring some with her in her purse. She’d remembered that last time she was here that we didn’t have any prunes in the cabinet. Lucky us. “This stew is just delicious and it keeps you regular!” she kept saying over and over and over and over. Then there was the lecture on how to get the stains out of shirts. The marathon ‘”begots and got married” up date along with , “And when are you two gonna get married? Hmmm?” The whole time Pa just sat there in his recliner drinking Maker’sMark coffee and stuffing his face with BigMaw cookies. I tried to get him to change the channel. SoapNet was having a Guiding Light marathon. If we couldn’t get her to go back home we could get her to hush up. She loves Guiding Light.

Meanwhile the snow outside got worse. “I just might have to stay here with you over night!” Big Maw was saying as she looked out the window. Pa just sat there looking at the tv. I looked at him for some kind of help. When nothing was coming, I said the first thing I could think of, “Pa don’t you have special tires on your four wheel drive just for snow?” The look Pa gave me was un Christian like, but God bless him, he wasn’t about to lie with his mama right there lookimg him in the eye. “And Pa weren’t you saying you’d like to give them a tryout in all this snow?” Pup chimed in which was good because he’d pester Pa into taking Big Ma to her house just so he could ride in the big truck. “Well, I don’t know. It’s awful cold and snowy. MaryBeth, I’ve been drinking Maker’s Mark in my coffee. If the tires didn’t work–” He didn’t get another word out for both Big Maw and Pup beggin him to give it a try.

I had to smile as I watched the three of them pull out of the drive.

Now it is indeed the morning after.

The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and Big Maw is cooking breakfast.for Pa and Pup.

At her house.

Maureen McGovern was right. There is indeed a morning after.”

Yes, yesterday all the drips were frozen in my “Sea of Tranquility”. But today? It’s blue skies and sunshine…..

Film credits:

WB in the role of Gene Hackman

Pup as himself only younger

Ann in the role of Shelley Winters because she got to do all that “hysterical screaming”

And as the credits roll a Reality check.

Sadly, the snow melted and the school age kids did have to go to school and the grown up kids back to work. They did get the thrill of snow down their back which we don’t get that much. It was pretty cool. WB, Pup and I have a July fourth snow ball. I can kick myself for not taking pictures. I did really watch a Sex and the City Marathon but it was last night. WB and Pup got to go to town. No alcohol was consumed by WB or Pup. Snow was gone by the afternoon. The only thing we have that is semi automatic to load is the dishwasher. True it automatically washes the dishes but someone still has to load those dishes in the dishwasher.

And WB’s mom lives over on the otherside of the state.


The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and I’m watching Bill Maher talk about farting Iphones while he’s wearing some big blue thing called a Snuggly.

LOL “…if your phone farts? You’re part of the problem…”

Oh and about taking off all my clothes and jumping into bed?

Well I did jump into bed but— Really now, if God had wanted me to go to bed “comando”? He wouldn’t have invented sweat pants or Snugglies and he wouldn’t have given me a bunch of short haired, cold natured, gotta sleep in the bed cause we’re all cold and trying to get warm, pups.

Happy reading writing buddy.

Author Ann

all words original and all rights reserved by the author, Author Ann, that’s me!


Yes, yesterday all the drips were frozen in my “Sea of Tranquility”. But today? It’s blue skies and sunshine…..

Note This way back to Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009’s index of stories.

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