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Posted May-31-08 08:11:13 PDT Updated Mar-27-09 16:03:18 PDT”When God shuts a door he opens a window.” Yesterday was a heck of a day. I spent most of it outside covered in mud, sweat, and dog hair. With summer coming I needed to set up what I call the turtle pool. It’s one of those plastic kids sandboxes shaped like a big green turtle. Last August, in the middle of a heat wave and a drought, I needed something to cool off the dogs. My word it was hot. You just can’t imagine. Anyway the turtle sandbox which has been used for about a hundred different things besides a sand box, now became a big green swimming pool for the dogs. The older dogs were pretty glad to see their pool back. The younger dogs still aren’t sure what to make of it. Izzy, she’s my “baby girl of the pups”, Izzy took to the pool like she does life. Sweet and good mannered. For Izzy it was like a bath – only the water was cold. Ivan? Weeeellll, Ivan also took to like he takes to a bath which is to say not very well. He couldn’t wait to be out of it. I think that Jack,who is his kennel mate,will get him over his fear of turtle pool. As I mentioned, Jack loves turtle pool. I’ve put turtle pool in the main section of the kennel so that Dizzy and her kennel mates will be able to use it at will. That section collects heat unlike the other kennel spaces so they’ll need it as the days warm up. I should take photos so that you can see them. They really are funny. As soon as they hopped out of the pool they immediately went for a roll in the dirt and then came back to me looking for a hug and puppy lap time. I was soaked with mud by the time I was finished.

LOL they looked like mud puppies. I’ll see if I can get someone else to take photos so that my camera doesn’t get muddy and you can see my “family” in all it’s hedonistic glory. We look like Woodstock,only with our clothes on.

I wonder if you wonder, if my blog is called “12 dogs and a blog”, why I don’t write about my pups. It is odd isn’t it. In a word? Privacy. These dogs are my “family”. When I first started the blog, I did write about my “big family”. I got a couple of comments that reminded me that the internet is a huge place with lots of opinions. Not everyone thinks my big brood is a good idea. I have kennels and spend a lot of money on my dogs. I love them. It’s alot I can tell you. I have given up trips because I didn’t have anyone to keep the pups and I couldn’t afford the boarding fees. I just figured that having them was more important than missing the trip. That’s saying alot folks. I love to travel. But it just was a choice I guess. Last December I gave up a chance to see Craig Ferguson in concert. I did it because Janie was sick. She threw up and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I couldn’t put her in a kennel. Not with her throwing up. Could you imagine the mess she’d been in. So I stayed home. Now I love to watch Tv’s Craig Ferguson. That man has “kept” me company and gotten me to laugh in some pretty rough times. But so has Janie. At times she’s been the only living thing that I could “talk” to. She never cares if I gain 5 pounds or if my hair is turning grey or if my forehead gets wrinkles. She just cares that I love her. So I stayed home. Anyway, just like I am careful not to write about the other members of my family, I don’t write about my “furbaby” family. It’s a matter of privacy. I don’t want to be lectured about having so many dogs.

Besides, lecturing me about my “crappy life choices”?

That’s my mother’s job people. She’s old. She needs the diversion from her Scrabble game and my Dad. You can’t tell me you would want to deprive that old woman her right to bug the heck out of me just so you can hear about the next cute thing Izzy or Jack does. Just imagine cute little “furbabies” who hop like rabbits and who bring me much happy. Oh and to answer the question you know you want to ask. The one I get everywhere I go on the internet. No I don’t have 12 dogs. I did. Now I don’t. And for the second question? No they don’t live in the house. Well one of them does. I have a house dog who lets me know when someone comes to visit and keeps my feet warm. I “birthed” her. I named her. For some reason she just always has hung out with me. When it came time to move the pups to the kennel I didn’t have room for them all so I had to either get rid of one or bring one inside. Domi was the one. I love all my pups. But Domi — she and I are linked. Like Tweety and I were linked. Like Sokie and I were linked. Like my son and I are linked. I tell folks that she picked me. When the other dogs “ran wild” she stayed right with me. I was there when she was born. I named her. I knew her the minute she was born. She chose me.

It was a no brainer who would stay inside with me.

Well that’s it for writing about the dogs. Except for writing that I love them and they love me. Except for writing that they are the big family that I missed having. Except for writing that they are cute, funny, entertaining and my family. Except for writing that they are loved so you don’t have to worry about them.

That’s all I’m going to write on the subject.

So what about that thing about the “…closed doors leading to open windows…”? Dunno. I’m not sure that this time they do. I did hear that the story that I thought had been delete had not. The author sent me an email to let me know that they had just moved it. I was glad because the author is a talent who should be showing their work to others not deleting it. Guess it’s not my business. Thing is I would have loved to have written the one story that she deleted. It just broke my heart that you can’t read it too. I think you would have love it as much as I did. But the good news is that it is safe and she is writing others. I have a maternalistic view of this woman author. I’m glad to know that she is writing. (If she is reading this? Hugs to you. I would be very happy if you were.)

This last couple of days have been surprising. I expect today to be surprising as well. For some reason the collective topic has had to do with being female. No I don’t know why. It has to do with that “…openning windows when the doors are closed…” Part of it has to do with the presidential race. It’s not that I’m some big time feminist or fan of Sen. Clinton. And I don’t dislike either Sen. Obama or Sen. McCain. It’s because of my life as a female. There are some not fair things that happen when you’re female. Things that just keep coming up no matter how much you try to over come. Women really are treated differently. Even by other women. I was never really welcome in the “kitchen” with the ladies of the house. I always found myself talking with the men folks. I blame it on my parents. My Dad taught me to read and used to talk to me when I was little. He taught me how to fall and then get back up. It’s a good thing to know. Came in handy after my son died. The ability to get back up. It came at a cost. I think it’s the reason why no one treats me like a girl. Why no one asked me out all those years. Why every fella I’ve ever been around or with just expected me to bait my own hook and keep up. Other women they would slow down for. Other women they would not just bait that hook but they’d clean that fish. But me? No.

I’m hoping that will change someday. As I get older I hope that someone would slow down for me. I’m not one of the guys. No I’m not gay either. Not that being gay is a bad thing. It’s just that I’m not. I keep saying someday. Kind of giving up on the notion. This time, unlike all the other times I’ve gotten up and looked and found that open window, and scrambled right through it. This time I’ve not looked for the open window. Oh sure,I know there is one. I could be a trooper. I’m just not sure I want to. This time? I was hoping that someone would come find me. So far? From what I’ve been told?

No one wants to.

That’s why I love my son and my dogs. They would miss me if I was gone. They would come find me. Everyone else? From what I’ve seen, they’d just as soon have me gone. Not because I was mean or evil. Nah. But because they never wanted me to begin with. I’m still waiting and hoping that I’m wrong. My optimism is growning less optimistic. My hair is growing grey. My face is getting wrinkled. I grow older.

Jeeze this is kind of depressing.


I’m not trying to make you feel bad. I’m really not. It’s just where I am at the moment. The irony is that I keep hearing I should be more feminine. When I do, the same folks use it to take advantage and then complain that I’m weak. I hear that it’s just the way the world works and to get over it. Toughen up . But wait, if I toughen up won’t I stop being this feminine that you claim I should be?

Told you it was ironic.

Hey want to hear a joke.

LOL I actually thought that some one cared about me.

Now that is funny. šŸ˜€

Speaking of which.

“What did I learn last night?”

Not much. I’d already had the great fun of the “kick me” sign on the back. And the “Hey I bet ya I can get that ugly chick to think I think she’s cute. What a looser. Har Har.” Yeppers, I learned that joke in college. Or the one about the beautiful girl, no matter how big a jerk, always gets the guy, the ugly girl needs not apply. Yeah, I’ve learned that lesson too.

Right now? I’m just waiting for someone to climb through that open window and come find me. They don’t have to save me, I can do that myself. I just want someone to care enough to come find me.

I’m getting kind of worried that they won’t.

Take care,



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Cya’ , Ann

I was looking at the view number. Don’t know if anyone is paying attention, but the view number is over 20,000 views. Funny when I started this blog in the middle of January I didn’t think that I would get even one. Thank you who ever is reading my blog. I don’t know you. I’d love to know who you are and why you are reading what I write. I’m hoping that you enjoy reading my blog. On the internet there’s no telling though. You might read it to yell at me from the comfort of your own homes. Or maybe make fun. Like I say this is the internet, I really don’t know.

Thanks again for reading. I’m going to hope you’re here because you enjoy what I write and are happy, kind folks. In this world where folks can be so mean to each other, maybe this gives you a nice place to be. I hope so.

Thanks again.


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0 commentsI’m thinkin’ about changin’ my ebay nickname.
Posted May-29-08 23:56:37 PDT Updated May-30-08 01:48:17 PDTI’m thinkin’ of changin’ my name.

I want to change it to:


Actually, I originally wanted to be called PoopsWithPenguins.

But can you believe it? That name was already taken and the other choice, Doodyhead, was stupid.

So I decide to take FartsWithFishes.

Dunno’ why such a great name was available but don’t care.

Besides, I like FartsWithFishes.

Dunno’ why. Think it’s because I like to swim in the ocean and when I do I might fart. And fish swim in the ocean so that would mean that I — well– FartsWithFishes. I think it has a nice ring to it.

Yeah. FartsWithFishes. FWF for short.

So, from now on??

I am known as FartsWithFishes.

Is this country great or what?

Have a great day/night.




For last night’s ” What did I learn last night? ”

I’m writting it. I’m writing it. Will post link here when I’m finished.

So, okay, I wrote it. It’s one of those soul bearing future embarassing confessionals that should be titled. “I’m probably going to regret this as soon as it’s posted.

It is instead entitled (click here >) What did you learn last night. Original huh. Please be kind when you read it. I’m not actually a disaster. Just written that way on the blogs.

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0 commentsWhat did I learn last night? AND today’s blog entry.
Posted May-29-08 06:27:45 PDT Updated May-29-08 09:47:43 PDTToday’s “What did I learn last night?” as promised.

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Hope you have a great day!

Best regards, Ann
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0 commentsWhat did you learn last night.
Posted May-29-08 06:24:49 PDT Updated May-30-08 16:53:37 PDTThere are times when it’s lousy to be a grown up. Don’t get me wrong. There are perks to being a grown up. Yeppers there are. Sex and driving are two perks that come to mind. But still, even with sex and driving, there are times when being a responsible adult just really bugs. Like tonight, There I was all pleasantly involved with the The Late Late Show. Craig Ferguson was terrific. It was a great show. Really funny. And kindness seemed to be back without the major sarcasm. It was a lovely way to spend the evening. Then came the final moments of the show. I love this part even more than emails or Prince Charles Walking. The jingle played, the kitty mewed, the shoes came off, and the feet went up on the desk. So far so good. There was the mini confessional about Lake Bell kissing her costar Cameron Diaz. It was funny in a good non- misogynistic way. And then it happened. He looked right into the camera and used the “L” word. My heart did a flip and was about to dive into the pool of delusion when my grownup side came out and stopped it.

Now look, first of all, the man doesn’t know me. I know that. Second, the adult voice in my head lectured, Mr. Ferguson has a girlfriend. Not just any girlfriend, nope, she’s what they call here “a brick house” girlfriend. A “decorate the arm” girl friend. A “trophy” girlfriend. At least that’s what folks on the internet say. I got to say from the photos on the internet? The girl is just beautiful. Probably nice person. I don’t know because I don’t know her but of course he had to be talking to his girlfriend. Sigh. But ya’ know, the 12 year old in me, along with alot of other women, at that moment I suspect, sighed our collective sighs and said a silent, “Oh if only.” Yeah the 12 year old in me just prayed hard that maybe a miracle would happen. The adult in me just wouldn’t let me get to that state of delusional to believe it.

I just can’t do delusional.

Alas, the adult comes out and tells the 12 year old. Pffst Sheesh, girl. Grow up. You aren’t 12 and this isn’t The Beatles. John Lennon NEVER showed up at your door no matter how hard you prayed. NEVER. Grow up.


You know it was kind of like the only date I ever went on in high school. I was 16. My best friend in high school felt bad that I was such a nerd that no one wanted to ask me out. So my friend, the fella I had a secret crush on and who I had listened to for hours go on about his girl friends and crushes, asked me out. He did it because he cared about me, well he cared like a guyfriend not anyone who was actually interested. He just didn’t want his friend go through life without EVER being asked out. So he asked me. It would have been perfect if he’d actually thought of me as a female and not an equal. LOL. Pat Garret and Billy the Kid at the Drive In. My first kiss, The only time I made out with a guy was in the “make out” car at the Drive In watching Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. He snuck us in. Brought me home and kissed me good night. I gave him a butterfly and he gave me a playing card. Six or maybe the eight of hearts I think. I was so sentimental that I kept that card for years. Kept it tucked safe in my jewelry box. Years later, after his jerk of an ex-wife left him for another woman he asked me out again. This time I didn’t go. His dad later told me he finally met and married the right girl. That they were really happy.

I’m glad for him. If it wasn’t for him I don’t think I would have survived High School. Nice guy.

That kind of sums up my love life. Nice guys who feel sorry for me and therefore asked me out. While they were waiting for someone else to come along. Kind of pathetic.

Oh well. Just like that one date was supposed to let me know what a “real” date was supposed to look like so I wouldn’t go through life never knowing. I guess I now know. Yeppers I now know what someone saying the words, ” I guess you know I love you.” is supposed to sound like. The way I would have wanted it to look like. It was perfect. Of course, like that date in high school, it was said by a man who was waiting for someone else to come along. Worse this time.

He doesn’t even know my name. Got to love funny.

He’s a good actor though. He should make another movie. A romantic comedy. With the right leading lady or man he’d be fantastic. He’d have the ladies swooning in the aisles. Of course he already does. I predict it would be a great success.

Yeppers. Hmm about sleep. Got to go get some. Sleep.

I’m falling asleep at the keyboard.

What? You still can’t sleep? You want something else to read?

Hmmm . Okay.

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Cya’ later,


Listening to kd lang* Watershed* The songs are like lullabys that will hopefully lull me to sleep.

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0 commentsOops. Had something else to add.
Posted May-29-08 04:39:43 PDT Updated May-29-08 09:43:07 PDTAll done. Click > Hitchhiker’s guide to this galaxy. for today’s entry.

Click > What did I learn last night? to find out what I learned last night.


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0 commentsHitchhiker’s guide to this galaxy.
Posted May-29-08 04:27:48 PDT Updated May-29-08 09:38:50 PDTA long time ago, oh, I’d say going on 25 years now, I was a big fan of author Douglas Adam’s books. I was reminded of them his books morning when I found my son’s copy of this series. While my collection was a hodge podge of paperback and hardback copies of Mr. Douglas’ books, his collection is all together in one neatly bound hardback copy. His first exposure to the books was finding one of my collection on one bored day when he felt he had nothing to do. When he asked me about the book, I was delighted to recount what I remembered of the adventures of Arthur Dent and the guide for all hitchhikers who traveled the Universe. Years later, he is delighted with this fictional notion of our universe. Except for the book “Mostly Harmless”, he doesn’t care for the ending of that story. It’s actually one of the series that he introduced to me that I haven’t read yet. Nice that we’ve come full circle and that he can now introduce me to one of Mr. Adam’s stories that I wasn’t familiar with.

So why all this about Mr. Douglas’ books?

Well this morning when I found my son’s copy of the books it was a moment when I needed a diversion to this life. Actually it was at a time when I could have used my own guide to the galaxy. A time when I was seeing so many strange inhabitants of this world and could really use a guide and a Babel fish to help sort it all out. Well that and I was about to wash a load of towels. It kind of made me hope there was a clean one near by, incase some intergalactic road crew decided to construct a road through my planet. That book suddenly made me long for a little tiny intertgalactic fish to help translate just what the heck the crazy inhabitants of my political universe were babeling on about.

So far, no translating fish swimming in my ear canal. I’ll let you know if I hear anything.


For those folks who missed yesterdays 12 dogs and a blog diary entry, you can find it here > Poop happens . The first part is an encouragement to someone on the blogs who was having a terrible morning. This is also where you’re going to find the links to the Hannah in Blogland and yesterday’s “What did I learn last night?” entries. I really like how Hannah in Blogland turned out. It’s fun and introduces you to another of the blogs here in Blogland. The rest of the day’s entry are letters for Auntie Slacker to answer. I really do need to get on with answering those letters. There’s not a Sunday Night Storytime. I started a story but it’s just not working out. When I finish it, I’ll provide a link but I hate to offer it is the main story event. To find these posts you just have to click here > Poop happens

I’m writing the new “What did I learn last night?” in the next hour or so. I’ll post a link here when it’s finished.

(As promised the link to >What did I learn last night?)

That’s about it. If you’ve read the above and also yesterday’s entry, I guess that you’re all caught up.

I have things to do today so I’ll be in and out. Say hello if you see me in Blogland.

Other than that?

Take care and don’t forget your towel.

Cya’ and best regards,




Yesterday we added kd lang’s album Watershed.

I’m a big fan of kd lang’s new album. Love the song Thread and Upstream. This is such a beautiful album. The lyrics read like poetry. The melodies like a dream.

It’s going to be a pleasure to listen to and to write about.

——— New music added to the playlist ! ——–

Today we are adding Duffy’s new album Rockferry to the playlist.

It’s always a delight to add a new female singer to the playlist. No surprise why I love Duffy. It seems she has female singers from the past as her influence. That influence shows in the melodies on Rockferry. This however isn’t a copy of the genre. No. This a continuation of the long journey being traveled by female singers since the females have been singing. Duffy takes these musical influences and puts their mark on it so that while you kind of recognize the past in these songs it is just a vague recollection.

The twist to these songs is new not derivative.

The track your most likely to hear in from this album is track seven on the album, “Mercy”. I like it. But truthfully? My current favorite is track two entitled”Warwick Avenue.



On kd lang’s album ” Watershed ” ?

*Love track five called ” Thread ” and track nine entitled ” Upstream ” .

On Duffy’s new album ” Rockferry ” ?

*Love track seven “Mercy” and track two entitled “Warwick Avenue “.


Lots more to read here on the 12 dogs and blog.

Take care gentle reader! Happy reading!

See you in Blogsland,


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0 commentsPoop happens
Posted May-28-08 12:59:29 PDT Updated May-29-08 05:58:52 PDTI hate it when things go wrong and ruin my morning.

Sometimes the only way to salvage the situation is just to remember that there will be a tomorrow second chance. I’m listening to the cd Watershed by kd lang. The lyrics read like poetry. The words, even the sad ones, are so beautiful to read. The melodies lush. Get a copy. Go outside for a walk or sit. Either way listen. The music will capture your heart. Calm your soul. A cool hand on a hot forehead. It will.

I’m so sorry that your day’s gone wrong.

Maybe this will salvage your afternoon.

Not the usual on your playlist but sometimes it takes the unusual to jar your mind back to calm.

Today’s answer to the question–

“What did I learn last night? ”

For today?

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For yesterday?

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As for Auntie Slacker?


She hasn’t answered her mail yet. We do know that she’s pissed at Ugly Betty, preturbed with kitties, and we hear sympathetic with a CF fan.

See more in >Dear Auntie Slacker, I’m having a lovely…

What about the Sunday night story? I dunno. It’s not turning out like I hoped. I can let you read it but it’s not really turning out. And I loved those characters so. šŸ˜¦

Just going to have to give it a pass at the moment. Happens.

Whatever else you do?

Go listen to kd lang.

Make love to an illusion or to a reality.

Run to it. Run from it.

It’s all the same direction you’ll travel.

I hear, “It’s all good.”

Cya’ in the Blogs,


Having a grown up moment.

One of those chilly thoughts that make me pray,” Please, I’ve had enough of the bad stuff. Need good stuff. The kind of stuff that makes you laugh and just feel good to be alive. Please don’t let anyone die or get sick. I know. How about a love story? A romance. For me. Please.”

Would be a nice way to spend the summer.

Best regards,



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0 commentsWhat did I learn last night?
Posted May-28-08 11:58:23 PDT Updated May-29-08 11:04:04 PDT” What did I learn last night? ”

That some things are just as funny the second time around. Only in this case it was a first time for me.

Have you ever been to see someone who you really like but because you’re tired or just not mentally in the same universe as they are it just makes you wonder, “Why do I like this person again?!?” I had that reaction last night. I laughed because there were places that were funny. But some times I felt as if it was a reenactment rather that a recording of ideas. Weird that. Like hearing someone tell a story the second time. The initial excitement has gone. It’s still a happy story just not the super happy excited story. But you tell it anyway and fein excitement because like I said you’re still delighted about the story and you hopefully like the person who you’re telling it too. Reminds me of the boring bits of marriage. The times when you have to remind yourself why you married the person to begin with because they are boring to you at the moment. I’m told surviving boredom is the true indicator that a marriage will survive long term. I dunno’. My great Auntie’s take on it was that you smile really big and hug necks during that time. “Laugh and the world laughs with you…”, she would say.

I like the person telling the story here. The uncomfortable parts of the situation lets me recall what I found breathtaking about the person to begin with. A chance to step back and look with new eyes. I suspect they are doing the same. Perhaps this is a good time to put on that “happy face” and remind them of why I made them laugh too. Guess that’s the other thing about this situation. I have an oportunity to remind them why they like me too.

Keep your fingers crossed. This person is a keeper and the boring bits with him will, from the looks of it, be few and far between.

Sorry this isn’t a flashy “What did I learn?” Thing is it is one of the most grown up things that I have learned. A skill that keeps folks from getting divorced. So while it’s not funny? I’m grateful to have learned this lesson. Might help to avoid future heartaches. šŸ™‚ Did I tell you thank you? No. Well thank you and hugs.

I sure do learn alot in this reflection of “What did I learn last night. I hope that you do too.

I feel quite serious and grownup at the moment.

Not to worry. I’ll do something stupid and unintentionally funny to mess it up. šŸ˜€ Oh mercy do you think growing up makes ya’ boring? I hope not.

Best regards,


Strange thing this. I’m in such a reflective and affectionate mood last night and this morning. That and also a weirdly sexual charged mood. Would just love it if someone would whisper in my ear. Don’t know why.

Maybe Fate will take advantage.

I could use alittle romance this summer.

Again, regards to you dear reader,


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0 commentsHannah in Blogland. A dialog.
Posted May-28-08 11:51:59 PDT Updated Apr-19-09 18:47:26 PDTOh dear, I’ve been out wondering in Blogland without adult supervision. You know what happens don’t you?

Something to write about.

—-From “Hannah in Blogland” :——

A fictional dialog between the fictional Hannah Murphy and Blossomanime from the blog zen bon zakura.

Kinda’ like dialog in the The Clouds by Aristophanes.

Only kinda’ not.

I like Blossomanime and I’m not making fun.

Just having fun.


There is a difference ya’ know. šŸ˜€


Anyway our story begins:


Blossomanime wondered in their post “Think about it”:

“Think with dispation

Speak with equnimity

Act in calm”

To which Hannah replied:

“…If you live with constipation?

You might speak with annoyance

and wish for an Exlax.

That’s why you should always remember this advice-

” “Nine Curu Nica” Live for today, but remeber(sic) to look forward to tomorrow.

No matter what happens it will all work out in the end.” *

Laughing is the best remedy for any kind of constipation. Physical or mental….”

Hannah Murphy, 6/1/2008, “Hannah in Blogland”

(*last bit a quote from blossomanime’s blog post ” nine curu nica”.May-28-08 08:51:39 PDT )

It was then that Hannah discovered:

8888888888888888888888888[Multiple Infinities Sideways]

Also known as MIS. (Kind of like the “Coma Sutra” version of multiple orgasms mixed up with multiple infinities meets La Petite Mort. With Cyndi Lauper in the back ground singing “Time After Time” as elevator music.)

She wrote about her experience in ” MIS: revolving sideways.”

“…I was revolving.

Then evolving,

And again revolving

Through my life.

Then revolving simultaneous evolving.

Spiraling upward.

Such was life.

Then you left me

Spinning silent

as spinning in a vacume is.

Now still revolving

while evolving.

Still a spiral.

Only which way?


Hannah Murphy, 5/29/2008 “Hannah in Blogland”

Note: Is this September 9th, 2008? Well you’ve more to read. Time to go back to the future. Hold on, this won’t hurt a bit. And that was the week that was…

—————————————–And now a message from your sponsor.

********* ********* *********

——————Back to programming. Yuk yuk.

Blossomamine said:

“We have no form, therefor we fear it, and because we are formless, we revere it. Thus we are slain.”

(From blossomaninme’s blog post “We have no form” Posted May-21-08 13:48:16 PDT)

To which Hannah Murphy replied:

“We have a form, therefore we fear it, and because we aren’t formless, we revile it.
Thus we are worried about wheither these jeans make our butt look big.”

From “Hannah in Blogland” Hannah Murphy, 6/2/2008 May-28-08 08:44:25 PDT

Blossomanime asks:
Is it nessasary to be reasoning everything and or have a reason for everything? Think about it. Why do we have our names, all our names are, are just names.

Hannah’s multiple choice answer?

a) Even if you say,”I dunno why?” You’ve just acknowledged a reason, ya’ just don’t know it. But is it necessary to have that reason. No. The existence of a reason doesn’t mean it has to have a reason to exist. It just does.

b) Yeah I want there to be a reason for things happening. Maybe if there is a reason and I understand that reason it would make life bearable.

c) Life is really random. We impose things like cause and effect to keep our head from going nuts from nothing. Is that nilhism?

d) We belong to a great Cosmic community. Our actions are interconnected and definately not random. They are in fact driven by a higher force. Fate? God? Some Cosmic internet? No matter the name, it is in fact a hug interconnected awareness.

e) Who that heck knows. I got bills to pay. Kids to feed. A dog who just pooped on the carpet. Isn’t survival enought reason for ya. I just don’t have the time.

f) Sigh. Here’s a hug hun. God is in the details. Have a cookie.

g) I dunno. I just ebay. Wanna’ buy some of my spam?

h) all of the above

i) none of the above

j) a and b

k) b and z

l) my head hurts and I’m only here to chat.

m) dude. really.

N) dude?

O) Hey I like your blog. It’s fun to read. But thinking hurts my head. Wanna Chat?


“Think with dispation

Speak with equnimity

Act in calm”

from Blossomanime’s blog post “Think about it”

So Hannah did. She thought about it.

And she wondered.

But if I do this? How will I dance among the stars? How will I dance among the rain drops? How will I twirl with my baby as we discover the joys of having hands and feet?

If I only “…act in calm.” or only “speak with equnimity…”?

Maybe speak with equnimity when equinimity is called for. But speak with the “joy of sunlight” when the “joy of sunlight” is called for? The words calm when calm is needed. The words vibrant with emotion when vibrant emotion is due.

After all when you make love, rarely do you do it with equinimity and calm. If there is no “love” there is no more future us.

(Unless of course you create the future in a test tube.) šŸ˜¦


” Carpe Diem” sieze the day

When I sieze the day, can I seize my husband’s face and kiss him well?

Sorry. Just have dishes and clothes to wash today.

Thinking is better.

Thanks for the thoughts. Blossomanime. I love your blog.
Kind and good wishes to you. Love, Hannah šŸ˜€


Blossomanime’s blog is called zen bon zakura.

Lots of fun to read. Lots to think about. Thank you Blossomanime. I hope you don’t mind this riff on your words. You certainly got me to think and better yet got me back to writing. Take care.

aka Iron

. kissies.

(Oh! I am in a soft, furry kitty type of mood. Mmmmm.)


Last August when it was “triple digit” hot and I had to exercise the pups? The water hose was my friend. I used to sit on the chaise with that water hose and lovely cold water everywhere. I sprayed the dogs. I sprayed myself. LOL.

Never did a “waterhose rainbow” look and feel so good.

Just alittle bit of history to cool you off .

Dontcha just love summer. šŸ˜€
This whole post is the answer to the question:

” What did I learn last night (and this morning)? ”

Well that and the answer to the other question:

“Have you ever known what it feels like to have another person slowly move an ice cube down the back of your neck starting at the nape and ending all the way down your back to the very end of your spine?”

Dude. With the right person? It’s awesome. šŸ˜€

LOL. Come visit. I’ll show you.

Okay. So. If this is 20 April, 2009? Your next stop is here.

Otherwise? Keep reading.

Yippeee!! new to the playlist. kd lang .

the songs ” Thread ” and ” Upstream ”

from her cd Watershed.** (mmmmm Lush)

(All the words in this post, other than those quoted from Blossomanime’s blog, belong to me. They are mine. I own them. Sorry ebay. ;()

Did you come froms the future before July 17th?
Go back Dude. This next part get’s complicated.
Back to Pure Kudzu League

Are you from the future? Say on or after July 2nd? Okay then. Back to the future with ya’
Happy 3rd of July!!


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click > What did I learn last night?

Want to read some Auntie Slacker?
Go > Dear Auntie Slacker, I’m having a lovely…


Note: Is this September 9th, 2008 or later?

Well you’ve more to read. Time to go back to the future. Hold on, this won’t hurt a bit. And that was the week that was…

Cya’ in the Blogs !

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5 commentshi ya
Posted May-24-08 13:38:54 PDT Updated May-27-08 23:15:26 PDT

Back from my walk. What did I learn tonight? I learned that it’s a long, long way from the end of the road to back home. I learned that there are just somefolks who get under your skin. I learned that I miss that easy feeling between friends. I learned that when I hurt or I’m sick that I am a big baby and need total attentions and hugs. I never had that luxury. Mostly we didn’t get sick even when we were. I’m ready to be close to someone again but unfortunately no one is interested. Bummer.

My arm stays in pain. My neck to the tips of my fingers is in really bad pain. Don’t need to be typing long stories or “What did we learns?” Be patient.

If you only knew how much I craved a conversation. I crave it like a cigarette in the morning with coffee. I don’t smoke. Never have smoked but that’s what I hear is a pretty strong craving. This want for conversation. This want for companionship is pretty strong. Sigh.

Night to you or good morning. Sleep well or pleasant morning. Dunno. What ever hugs to you. Hello.

I still owe you a finished story. Hang on. Will try.

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16 commentsDear Auntie Slacker, I’m having a lovely affair with a younger man
Posted May-21-08 00:41:59 PDT Updated May-29-08 06:04:28 PDTDear Auntie Slacker,

I’m having a lovely affair with a younger man.

It is such a uncomplicated affair.

He’s so charming.

Each night around 11:30. He comes calling. So attentive. So undemanding. Imagine a man who thinks I’m a gorgeous creature. Me in my sweatpants, tshirt, and anti aging cream! But he does. Oh and Auntie he is such a fox. Oooohh those piercing blue grey eyes. That tossled salt and pepper hair.

It’s perfect. From him I get uncomplicated unconditional attention and laughter after a difficult day in the world. And he? What does he get for his trouble? Well Auntie near as I can tell. An airplane, a house, and pretty durn rich. But wait. It’s not what you think. It’s not my money. No this man is no gigolo. The relationship is good clean fun. Honest. I don’t have to do a thing but sit back and laugh. And Auntie, he does say it makes him happy too. Especially the airplane. He loves the airplane.

The thing is Auntie. Lately my uncomplicated affair is getting to be- well- complicated. Before I would listen to his stories and laugh. That was all. But now Auntie I find my self burdened. Burdened Auntie. Burdened with such trivial information like- I dunno- the fact that he has a birthday in May. Auntie! I never expected him to know my birthday. Why, oh why, should I be burdened with knowing his. And now thanks to those women at TWoP I also know that he wrote a book. Which naturally I felt obligated to purchase and read. Then there’s his job. I now check for tourdates in our city. This is time and effort that I’m not sure I want to put into the relationship. I mean will he look up the time and date of my next hair cut and curl? I think not. The next think you’ll know I’ll be expected to see one of his comedy shows. This will require advanced planning, dieting, wardrobe, perhaps airfare/hotels, and gasp maybe even pantyhose, highheels and a dress.

Just the thought of it makes me tired.

It’s just not the level of commitment I’ve been ready to give to anyone Auntie.

What should I do?

Should I pack my bags, throw caution to the wind, and make that West Coast trip to visit? I’ve been waiting for him to come South and personally I don’t think it’s happening. Plus we just have such a lovely relationship now. He’s funny. I laugh. He gets paid. I get company. He gets an airplane. Life is good.

Let me know Auntie. This new increase in commitment is kind of chaffing.

I think I’m even getting a rash.

Oh! And Auntie there is something else. I call it the “kittie caper”. It difficult Auntie. I’m not sure that I can look past it. I’m not prude and I know that he’s not a fan of cats. But oh my Auntie. What he did to that poor little kitties photo. It was — just– well– it just can’t even talk about it. All that I can manage to say is well, “It’s just not nice to blow the head off little kitties. Even if it is a pretend photo of a kitty. It was a furry little kittie photo for heavensakes. I mean how could he even think of it.

I know it’s the writers. They are evil. But still shouldn’t he stand up to them and say, “No!” Isn’t it a measure of a man seeing what lines he won’t cross. What next Auntie” Will he be pulling the heads off comics!!!!

I put myself in you hands Auntie. What do you say?

Thanks bunches.


Sign me,

Burdened in Birmingham

Another letter.

Dear Auntie,

I’m in such a tizzy,

I’m so conflicted.

Last night, on the Late late Show, They showed that poor little kitties head getting blown up again. This is so wrong Auntie. So very, very, very, wrong. I am a good girl and I love the little animals. I know that it is wrong to watch. Thing is Auntie, every time I watch the durn thing I start wanting to laugh. I stop myself. But Auntie it is so difficult.

I know it’s wrong but last night when TV’s Craig Ferguson said that the kitty was reincarnated right before our very eyes. Well I finally just started in a fit of uncontrolable laughter. I know it was wrong Auntie. What am I going to do.

Hurry quick Auntie. A PETA rep is at the door. I don’t have much time.

Please advise.

Sign me,

Loves the Kitties.

The letters are pouring in gentle readers. Rest assured that Auntie is on the case.

Auntie’s answer in Thursday’s 12 dogs.

PS. No kitties were harmed in the above and well you’ll have to read tomorrow’s answer to find out just what “Burdened in Birmingham” is on about.

Take care and see you then!!!


Note sorry that Auntie didn’t answer her mail Wednesday. She was busy ministering to politicians who were in a funk over on in the Demcratic Party. She has been very busy as you can imagine. But she promises to answer this letter just as soon as Ugly Betty is over and before the Late Late Show comes on. Can’t be done sooner. Oh and she wanted to allert you that Henry will ask Betty to marry him 2 nite!!!! For those who didn’t know. Will she say yes?

She’d better.

That Gio fella gets on our last nerve.

See ya later to night.

Auntie and Company.

Added the Tuesday after the Thursday when that Henry character was supposed to ask that Betty character to marry him.

What are the folk at Ugly Betty thinking. I love that show but the last two years? WTH? Here there was this really lovely chemistry between Betty and Henry. It was fantastic. It caused buzz. And then? They brought in the Charlie story line. OMGoodness. To make matters worse? They bring in Gio. With NO chemistry. Do the writers hate the Betty character? Seriously what? Please drop kick the Gio character. The words are like lead coming out of his mouth. Sorry it’s just sad to watch. As for Henry and Betty? It’s New York City in the Fall. Try again. Put those two back together. Those two fictional fools need a “real live fake relationship”. Enough with the finding one’s self. Enough with the arbitrary complications. Fall in NewYork is romance. Sit back and let those two finally have at it. Have her go to Italy this summer so she can find herself AND THEN? Let Henry go there to get her in September. If not Henry? Then please let it be someone she has sexual and romantic chemistry with. Someone who’ll sweep her off her feet and make us all week in the knees. Please, an autumn romance in NYC. It really doesn’t get better. Just think of the lead up to Christmas. NYC tourist board and the Mayor’s Office will be Ugly Betty’s BFF.


And for mercy’s sake let me write the script. I am a genius at escapism. This escapism stuff is my life. Really.

I really miss the Freshman year Ugly Betty. It was fun. It was fresh. It was the best thing on Tv. Now? Boy was I glad to see the summer hiatus.

This Spring’s shows just stunk.


Auntie Slacker, Jack the Intern, Ann, IronChassis, Hannah Murphy and the rest of us semi fictional characters at the 12 dogs and blog blog.

Answers to Auntie’s letters soon.


Back to today’s blog entry Hitchhiker’s guide to this galaxy


Back to What did I learn last night?


Back to Hannah in Blogland. A dialog.


Back to the Blogs

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42 commentsk i’m bored
Posted May-20-08 23:18:28 PDT Updated May-21-08 00:08:37 PDTDon’t mind me. Just thought I might try and make 20,000 before daybreak.Comment|Report this post
0 commentsHey Ya
Posted May-12-08 21:43:14 PDT Updated May-18-08 00:21:10 PDTHello. I have decided to keep my comments off for the immediate future. You are welcome to contact me via ebay message/email. I am always happy to talk to you anytime.

Note: There is a new original short internet story in the next “Sunday Night Story Hour”. To find this story?

Click>> Book store Open . Hours sometime between dark and day.
I’ll be adding new chapters to this story daily during the next week. Come back often to see what happens next.

For the new “What did I learn last night? “<> Blogs
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20 commentsWhat did I learn last night?
Posted May-12-08 10:30:12 PDT Updated May-20-08 22:59:06 PDT “What did I learn last night?”


Tuesday night.

Dear PETA,

I just want you to know that I love

kitties and pups. I don’t in anyway

condone the harming of kitties or

pups. Not even pretend harming of

kitties and pups. But I couldn’t help it. What the LateLateShow folks to that little kittie picture was just wrong. But I couldn’t help snerking. Just a little. It was in a kind of perverted way slightly funny. Didn’t you kind of laugh alittle?

But no you are right. That was wrong.

I’m so sorry because it was so wrong..


Otherwise the music stucks and the second guy was cute.

Have a great moment.


Lol. Today?

I fell a sleep last night. No that’s not it. I just chose to sleep instead of posting a “What did I learn tonight.” This morning I woke up and thought about it for a bit. I wish I knew who you were. I would have just looked you straight in the eye and told you what I learned. Somethings, like being my son’s mom, are good about being female. Somethings, not so good. This primary has been difficult to write and read about. I would have told you that. I’d have asked you for a hug too. What do you do when the thing that keeps you from your dreams was something that you couldn’t change even if you wanted to. I wrote the following on my other blog (the parts in red I added or where I changed Women to Girls because I doubt that someone saying this would know a woman if she walked up and said hello):

“…Apparently someone wrote in the Constitution (in crayon I suspect) that in addition to being of a certain age and being born in America I will have to have a penis in order to be qualified to run for president. So I’m thinking of just saving my money for a sex change operation so I can actually have a chance at really running for president like the guys. But wait! Sexually? I like guys. If I get a sex change operation I will turn into a guy who likes guys. That would make me a homosexual. Yet another group of Americans who apparently are not allowed to run for president either (or at least according to crayon wheeling author. They wrote that into the Constitution right next to the “No Girls Allowed as President. They have cooties.” part of the Constitution. Sigh.)

Just can’t catch a break. šŸ˜¦

I’m just not interested in laughing about it right now. Maybe later when I can type without winching…”

I’m not a militant feminist. I just think that if a woman wants to run for president? She ought to be listened too with the same consideration as a man. Just don’t think that’s going to happen anymore. I did. Now. Nope. I hope this is wrong. You know if someone jumped out and said, “Your an idiot. And yes women are president.” I would hug your neck and say really? Well alrrigghhtt. Well not entirely. If they were one of the women who gave Sen. Clinton crap this go around? I won’t give them nuthin’. You don’t have to vote for the woman just ’cause she’s female but heck don’t not vote for her cause she’s a female.

Or exploit those who don’t like women just to get your candidate elected. Do it some other way. Like talking issues. Otherwise? You’d eat your own and I don’t trust you.

LOL. I learned alot last night.

I would have told you that. I’d have asked you why? What did someone’s uterus ever do to you? Besides get you here. Get you born.

What would you tell me? When I asked you why? Would you hug my neck? Take me for a walk? Tell me I was crazy and just making stuff up? Tell me to keep on or tell me just to give it up?

Tell me what?


What did I learn last night?

LOL. You know what? I have a challenge for you. It’s a big world right?

Why don’t help me find home.

The last 2 out of three places I called home? I lost because of two Class 5 hurricaines. No kidding. The last place only exists in my memory. Katrina leveled it. I can still see it in my heart. And it is gone.

Why don’t you help me find home that I will trust won’t be destroyed. Okay?

That would be a really great thing.

I give my son a home. He will always have a home with me.

But my home. That piece of geography that I called home. It is gone, gone, gone.

Anyway hey. Send me an email.

I won’t hold my breath.

But hey I got hope.




Today. Oh wow. Good day for writing. Not good day for people relations. Tomorrow is another set of primaries in the Democratic presidential process. Folks on both sides will claim a victory and once again say why they are the presumptive nominee. I’ll be interested to see the results.

I was pretty much given the cold shoulder by a complete stranger. But guess what! Two other complete strangers “taught” me to think in a new way about life. Really nice they were. So guess it evens out. Got my pin. It’s terrific. A figure with a fish and a bucket. Reminds me of the old saw that I can’t actually remember verbatum. Something to the effect of. . Teach a man to fish and he will be able to feed himself. To be more independent. That’s what they did. I guess the person that didn’t care for me taught me patience. To take the deep breath and try to consider from their perspective.

The best surprise today was I think a completed story from Newt. Now if you are reading this. I read Newts stories like I hope you read mine. They are fantastic. And this last couple of days has been a cliff hanger of sorts. The main characters had fallen out of a tree. One was pinned under a tree limb and the other? I don’t know. I do know that we’ve been sitting here at the edge of our seats wondering what the heck was going to happen next. Newt is a terrific writer. She knows how to tell a story and keep ya wondering what happens next. Quite a writer.

Speaking of which. Guess I better get going with this weeks story. Will add the next part later tonight along with the next ” What did I learn last night?”

I like this weeks story. It’s kind of a cliff hanger too . Strange and improbable but it’s meant to entertain. I’m not as good as Newt when it comes to cliff hangers and adventure stories. But I thought I’d give it a try with a city twist.

Keeping up with the election and stuff here keeps me busy so this is refining a story that I began writing a couple of months ago. Pretty rough. Trying to sand the edges. Smooth them.

That’s it. More later tonight.

Who are you anyway?

Email through ebay if you get a notion. Oh and go read Newt’s story. It’s really good. cya k.

Sunday night.

After a period of not walking, I went walking with “walking buddy”. OMG. I do not look forward to walking this summer. Argh. Did get to try out the little table and chairs. The ones at the end of our walk. It was nice under the trees. Got to read the Sunday paper, drink lemonaid, and chat. Walking buddy was great. He’d made lemonaid before we went on our walk. It was icy cold. Yum. Later this evening, walking buddy and son bought two sling chairs and a small tub. I’ve been saving Grolish bottles. The glass kind with the resealable flip tops. Next weekend we’re gonna fill em up with lemonaid the night before. Fill up the foot tub with ice. Pop those babies in the ice tub. Sit out in our sling chairs, barbeque and just chill. It’s a long weekend so I hope it will be fun.

I love the walk then visit. Son and I talked about fixing a place to house the BBQ so we don’t have to lug it over to the table. Guess it’s time to bring out the hammock and the chaise.

Anyway it’s nice. I’ve been little by little saving stuff for outside. This year I’ve been saving apple juice jugs for lemonaid and now we’ve added the two chairs. Last year it was a small table and chairs. Next I guess it will be lighting. I found directions for making mason jar candle holders to hang in the trees. Guess I’ll start collecting the jars and materials to make em. Will just keep adding this summer until we have enough. Shouldn’t be too difficult.

Well it was nice having “walking buddy” with us. I know son had a great time. Looking forward to next weekend too.

Nothing really new on the celibacy front.

Will keep ya’ posted. Ann.

Saturday night.

I know there will be folks who read this and wonder just what I’m thinking here. First off, it’s not my nature to go to a bar and find a one night stand. I’m thinking that there is alot to sexuality. To my way of thinking this involves alot of just getting to know my sexual side. I’m not sure how. Maybe I check out Dr. Drew see how life has changed in the new milenium. Or it’s been ages since I’ve worn anything but white cotton underwear. Maybe I should check out a more feminine attire. Dunno. I’d adore being romanced abit. Will see.

For folks who’ve missed the last “What did I learn last night?”

Keep reading. Everyone else? I’ll be updating on the situation in the weeks to come. Thanks.

Friday night.

I don’t know how or when. But I’m going to stop this celibacy train and getting off as quick a possible. I know that didn’t sound right. I don’t care. This isn’t working. I don’t want to be celibate anymore. I just don’t. I’m cranky and disagreeable and just fussy. Soon as I work out the details? I am stopping this foolishness and taking my own version of a 2 week R and R. During which time I am not going to answer the phone or do anything other than. What did Saenz call it? Oh yeah, I’m getting back in touch with my feminine side.

Sorry but I just — nope this is just stupid and unnecessary. I honestly think this is why my shoulder is hurting. I’m just sexually constipated. So I am getting unconstipated just as fast as I can work out the details. Like yesterday if possible. It’s just not fair. It’s like showing someone who is so thirsty water and telling they can’t drink. Oh mercy am I thirsty. I just can’t see that long tall glass of water anymore and not be so thirsty. Sorry again if this is too much information but heck just stop reading if you have a problem with it. šŸ˜¦


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0 commentsThis is the Sunday night story hour
Posted May-11-08 23:04:07 PDTHey ya. to Welcome

the Sunday night story hour

here at 12 dogs and a blog.

Happy reading.

Begin reading by clicking

here >>Sunday Night story hour.
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0 commentsflashback
Posted May-11-08 22:46:42 PDT Updated May-11-08 22:51:24 PDT
“…His cheek was on hers. The bristles of his cheek, moved the length of her neck. She never understood why it burned but never hurt. Up and down. Slowwly. Then they would without word switch sides and the whole process would begin again. They could do it forever. Her cheeks and neck changing from their normal pink to a slight red. His finger tips curled up in her hair while his thumbs played with the earrings in her ears. It was a dance they did.


“…something always brings me back to you. It never takes too long…”

And then they… images flooded her mind… snap shots and film clips of what??? She wracked her brain to describe it. He was in her then he wasn’t… they were moving like breathing… drunk but no drink… he kissed her again… slowly… then faster. They slept when sleep was needed. They ate when they were hungry. The made love.

When they were out he would play with her ears. He loved to do it in a crowd because he knew what it did to her. Her knees buckled. The first time he did it? When he realized the affect it had on her he began to laugh. Is startled her. He kissed her. Drank her in like water when he was thirsty. Kissed the ear and she nearly buckled again. He laughed and held her to keep from falling. The whole time nuzzling her ear.

“We can’t not here. Please… ” her voice muffled as he kissed her again. And again.

Then he stopped and began to fondle her ear again, this time he held her, arm around her, so she wouldn’t unexpectedly fall. He loved it. Knew what it did to her and how when they finally got home she would be in such a state. He did that to her…”

What was he saying? She could see his lips move but not make out the sound.

continue on to

Sunday Night story hour. <What did I learn last night?


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Extra. Boy meets Gorilla


here>Boy meets gorilla

Good night.


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5 commentsTickets Will call. Bring a friend.
Posted May-11-08 21:02:57 PDT Updated Jul-03-08 13:07:34 PDTThey were dancing at Public Space. There would be tickets, two of them, at the will call window. Of course bring a friend and come to the after party. Yes she knew they were alot of fun. Bring someone with a sence of humor. Those parties weren’t for the faint of heart. Yes she did remember. Dancers moved with their bodies but these guys sure didn’t treat them like a temple at the after party. Nope. It was their one time to let loose.

What? Of course she would love to have her photos on display. She’d gone back to Alabama for a bit. She was ready for a show but didn’t think the gallery owner would mind. She’d convince them that it was good for business. Free advertising.

And that was it.

The next thing she saw was his silhouette in the light.

And he was gone.

>> back to Sunday Night story hour.


Gravity* Sara Bareilles * Little Voice CD.

added 7/3/08 for Billy and David. 2 in 1 here. I love you both. Hannah

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0 commentsForget me not.
Posted May-11-08 20:27:11 PDT Updated May-11-08 21:44:43 PDTThere is a long list of things that people forget in their lives. Their keys, their books, their sunglasses, their own names if the situation was right. At this moment she knew where everything was except her own name. She just stood there and fumbled for the keys while she mentally fumbled for her name. Besides she wasn’t sure she wanted to tell them her name. Not at the moment.

They just stood there. It had been how many years since that day when they said goodbye. She remembered. A figure at the top of the walkway. Couldn’t go any further because of airport security. They had just made out for an hour in this little helicoptor kids ride. No one noticed. Jeeze how did they fit in that tiny little space. Feeding coins in one after the other. The back and forth movement of the little ride as close as they could get to the feeling that they had experienced hours before. Back and forth. Back and forth. She caught her breath. How could you still feel that motion. Like the first time you hit dry land after a week on the water. Your whole body just moves back and forth. Like breathing.

She started breathing again when she heard the words in her ears, “Dublin.”

She relaxed. Looked for an instant into those eyes and wondered if the feeling and thoughts that were in her mind were in theirs too? Cryptic. No clue. Just a smile and eyes looking back. Lips moving. She didn’t hear anything just saw lips moving. Slowly the words came to her ears. They were in Manhattan on business. On tour. Five days and then on to Chicago. Wha’– oh and then to SanFrancisco. She wondered about that life again. It was what had taken them out of each other’s minds so long ago. Now all that was left was the memory of that motion.

Back and forth.

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0 commentsAnd then she looked up and …
Posted May-11-08 19:56:45 PDT Updated May-11-08 21:42:07 PDTThey walked in. The light was so bright for a second or two she couldn’t make out who it was. Man? Woman? No. Young? Yeess— ah no. Not young just in good shape. Tall. Oh yes— tall. Hmmmm. Salt in the hair in all the right places. She’d heard about that. About people who put silver highlights in their hair. The first time she’d heard that she thought, “That’s insane. Who pays 200 bucks for SILVER highlights.” She looked again. No those had to be natural. Mmmm, moves like a dancer. Billy had taught her how to tell. Yeppers. Modern. Not ballet. Definately Martha Graham or Alvin Ailey. She didn’t realize she’d been staring so long.

She opened her mouth and said the words she wished she’d never said,

“Do I know you?”

“Dublin. We met in Dublin…”

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