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Archive – May 20081 commentThose who don’t? Brag. Those that do? Don’t?
Posted May-11-08 18:58:43 PDT Updated May-12-08 22:09:27 PDTWhy do folks brag about their sex life? I don’t. I think it’s a very lovely but very private experience. That’s the great thing about the experience. From what I’ve seen? Those who don’t? Brag. Thoses who do? Don’t say a word.

The next story? I’m not sure where to go with this story.

It should be about changes. Changes in attitudes. Changes in points of view. I haven’t decided. Maybe a character with a simple change of address. I see a her. She’s standing in the vestabule of a building. There’s a glass door and windows. You can see a busy sidewalk just beyond. There’s a doorman. It’s in Manhattan. She has mail in her hand, attache under her arm, key fob in her mouth. She’s juggling a million little things well. Same way she juggles a million big things at work. Life is good. On schedule. As planned. Fate is watching. Pleased. Smiling.

That’s why what happens next is such a surprise.

Even to Fate.

How’s that for a story’s beginning.

>> back to Sunday Night story hour.

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0 commentsVirtual tour of Italy
Posted May-11-08 15:41:57 PDT Updated May-11-08 15:55:58 PDTCiao Bella!

Virtual tour of Italy. Tonight 8pm central time.

Check Shartey’s blog for more details :

It sounds like fun.

For my passport to Italy?

A few helpful words in Italian.

Italian word (English translation)

Ciao (Hello)

arrivederci (Goodbye)

grazie (thank you)

Si (yes)

No (no)



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0 commentsBoy meets gorilla
Posted May-11-08 02:46:21 PDT Updated May-11-08 22:09:58 PDTTitle says it all. Enjoy.

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0 commentsHey.
Posted May-09-08 16:11:39 PDT Updated Sep-16-08 04:27:49 PDT”What did I learn last night?”

Really? I’ve been looking at other parts of the world. Thinking what if I was on my own. What would I do? Where would I go? I’ve been missing people who’ve been there and now aren’t. I see people all the time and wonder at how they do it alone. I like the real world. The people who you can count on. Not needy. Just shared kindness. You know where you look at someone and say, “I like you.” It’s a terrible thing to be in a relationship where one of the two is unhappy being there. The more you try to make it right, the more complicated it gets. Sometimes maybe it’s good to say good bye. Sometimes though it’s better just to hug and not say anything. Wait a bit. Drag your feet. Just walk, hug, and yes if you’re lucky and it’s that kind of relationship, make love. Say, “I love you.” That’s good too.

Just don’t think. Just find every tiny scrap of happy you can find. I hear if you find enough scraps you can make a quilt.

Newtlovesrock wrote a short story here in my Zen Garden. It was about a man who walked to the edge of of the world and then came back. I copied this next bit from that story. She unfortunately deleted the rest so it’s gone. I’m glad I copied the part I did.

Here’s the only part that survived:

“He stood there a long time, hands on the railing staring into the darkness. He smiled to himself and turned and in that moment he knew he would never again compromise his dreams for a tedious and boring safety. All was right in his world now and in his soul. He whistled softly to himself and smiled and nodded at the poeple passing by and his eyes shone with a light that moments before had been extinguished. ”

by newt loves rock

The first part talks about the Santa Monica pier. I closed my eyes and I could see the pier and the people and this fella. I “saw” him walk to the end of pier. My heart in my throat thinking, ” Oh no. Please Newt, don’t let your character jump. Please.” That’s a good story when you care about what happens to the character. I’ve “walked to the edge of my world” since the story was written. LOL No not suicide. I’ve had occasion to think what I want to do next. Not “compromise my dreams” either. I’ve been “spring cleaning” my life you see. Deciding what things of my life to keep and what to set aside. The character in this story did that too. When you do this type of introspection it can be a scarey ride. Sometimes you want to close your eye to things about others and things about yourself. People who you thought were your friends sometimes aren’t and others you didn’t really see were better to you than family. It’s quite a ride.

So many people in my life are gone.

Death took Billy, my stupid mouth took David, terrible healthcare took one of my sons, expectations not met took my mother and father, an airplane took “walking buddy” and then brought him back. All through this though one person never left. He was always with me throught thick and thin. Oddly enough he is my very best friend. We’ve been through alot of changes he and I. And yet he and I are still there. He’s on the brink of another change which, if I have done my job right, will take him places that I can’t go. This is good. He’s always with me in my heart and there is the phone and the internet.

I think of this as Mother’s Day comes this year. Because my best friend is my son. The person I couldn’t leave no matter what. The person who makes me happy just by existing and who I love very much. A while back he watched the movie “Juno” or at least part of it. I was in another room when he came in and hugged my neck and said the words I really love to hear. He said,”I love you mom. I am glad that you stayed.”

It was the best Mother’s Day present I ever got in my whole life. Next to him.

Happy Mother’s Day early.

Have been thinking about the political world this week. Will be doing so for a bit longer. Trying to sort this politics out. Lots to learn. Will be gone for a bit longer. Except for the “What did I learn last night?” That I’ll keep doing because of a kind of promise. And because I, in a weird way, do learn alot from the process. I’m grateful for that.

Kind of missed the 12 dogs blog. Was thinking about a new story. Heard this song on the radio and it got me thinking. Here’s the song. BRB with the lyrics. Guess I’ll work on the story this weekend.

Missed you.

Here’s the song.

It kills me that it hurts you this way
The worst part is that I didn’t even know
There’s a million reasons for you to go
But if you can find a reason to stay

I’ll do whatever it takes
To turn this around
I know what’s at stake
I know that I’ve let you down
And if you give me a chance
Believe it I can change
I’ll keep us together whatever it takes

She said if you’re gonna make this work
You gotta let me inside even though it hurts
Don’t hide the broken parts that I need to see
She said like it or not it’s the way it’s gotta be
You gotta love yourself if you can ever love me

I’ll do whatever it takes
To turn this around
I know what’s at stake
I know that I’ve let you down
And if you give me a chance
And give me a break
I’ll keep us together

I know that you
deserve much better
remember the time I told you
the way that I felt
that I’d be lost without you
never find myself
let’s hold on to each other above everything else
start over, start over

I’ll do whatever it takes
To turn this around
I know what’s at stake
I know that I’ve let you down
And if you give me a chance
Believe that i can change
I’ll keep us together whatever it takes

What Ever It Takes

sung by Lifehouse

I think the next is Lifehouse too. Will find out and post later.

Who We Are

Live my life
Around the picture
Taken when we met
Spending all of my time
Chasing your silhouette

For all we go through
I don’t wanna change you
It’s my mind running in reverse
Trying not to forget who we were

Where’s it at
Here we go

We break
And we bend
Turn it inside out
To take it back
To the start
And through the rise and falling apart
We discover who we are

Struggling with my thoughts
Change the locks inside my head
Reading between the lines
Of what you say and what you said

I turn the radio on
To drown me out
Driving through the night to nowhere
Trying to forget who we were

Where it’s at
Here we go

We break
And we bend
Turn it inside out
To take it back
To the start
And through the rise and falling apart
We discover who we are

And it’s all through the winds
And it’s all in our heads
We talk through the winds
And it’s all in our hands

We break
And we bend
Turn it inside out
To take it back
To the start
And through the rising falling apart
We discover who we are

We break (we break)
And we bend (and we bend)
Turn it inside out
To take it back
To the start (to the start)
And through the rising falling apart
We discover who we are


Take care. Hugs to you. Life isn’t as non negotiable as I once thought. Some changes are okay if it means I see you at my door.


BBL, Ann

Comments are still off. Sorry. Hugs to you.

Singing for My Supper Hurricane Ike, Palin, Obama, McCain and Clinton. OH MY


>> back to Sunday Night story hour.
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7 commentsThis is sad.
Posted May-06-08 09:18:13 PDT Updated May-08-08 22:23:39 PDTfrom the desk of . . .

Ann Writer

There is a writer who I enjoy reading here on the blogs. Seems like some folks have been mean to this writer. As a result another ebay blogger has decided to leave blogland. Just cut her losses and left. This is sad. I hope that they have a good life and will continue to write. I’m sorry if folks have been jerks. I’m sorry if I have even been accidentally a jerk.

I am sad that we never became friends.

I, for one, will miss your blog stories. They were entertaining and they made me think. Kept me in suspense.

But I read your reasons and well I agree with you.

It’s no fun to watch people be unkind to each other.

That’s not friendship.

I’d rather watch paint dry.

Best regards,



You know, I should be really good at this leaving and being left stuff. Folks have been treating friendships with me as pretty much a revolving door for most of my life.

Guess I’m just having a “I miss my best friend” moment. Can’t bring someone back from the grave. Maybe if I made my own statue, god would bring it to life and I’d be able to talk about imagery with him.

Goodbye Zippidee Doo Dah feeling. Hello melting into the ether feeling.

Where’s that playdoh. I got a sculpture to make and a prayer to send.

Note to Gracie, this would be the “literary device Gracie” not a particular person. You know it’s interesting that Mary Shelley’s book Frankenstein and the myth of Pygmalion both are about man’s attempts to create life. And I don’t mean the old fashion way. :p I wonder if Shelley was aware of the myth. Probably, she had a good friend, William Blake who was into the mythic idea, to talk too. They got the joy of inspiring each other to write. Hint to God. At least I think I remember reading it somewhere. Maybe I could go look it up. Maybe I could find someone who wouldn’t think that was a stupid waste of time. Maybe I will suddenly age in reverse, get even bigger boobed and go blonde so someone will want to talk to me. Nah Then they’d just be friends with my big boobs not me. What would happen to the friendship as I got older and the big boobs pointed south instead of north?

No more friend.

What a life. I think I’ll check out now. I haven’t learned anymore here than I already knew.

“I learned the truth at 17 ….”


Note from the folks @12dogs

Comments are off.

Ann is busy at the moment having one of her female midlife crisis thingys. She’s too busy singing that insipid Janice Ian tune right now to be bothered. If you’re a friend you already know how to contact her. Although mercy knows why you would want to. Geeze the woman is in some kind of funk. We really gotta get this woman lai– er — out side in the sunshine. 😛 If you’re a funny guy between the ages of 40 and 100 call me. Everyone else. Sorry you missed the golden opportunity to chat with our dear Ann. Maybe she’d stop singing that durn song.

And you thought Zippidy the Doo Dah was annoying? This mind worm is 10 times worse. At least the Zippy song is happy. Janice Ian? Oh help! This song is just depressing.


Have a happy!!!

Jack Russellmix, Intern extrodinary


part time Auntie Slacker ! 🙂

—- Dear Reader every thing below the line is a piece of reality based literary fiction. I’m pointing out the obvious because some folks actually can’t tell the difference and think that I am some raving psycho with multiple personalities. To these people I say,

“Get a good grip and yank yer self back to reality dude”

It’s a self parody. My way of missing a friend in private. Sheesh. Stop reading now. You won’t get it and it will just end up pissing you off. You’ll end up making ASSumptions. Please.

For a better use your time?

Go for a walk. Best regards, the author.


fine print. “Get a good grip and yank yer self back to reality dude.” is my favorite all time catch phrase AND original. Tee Hee. It’s a deeeep thought. With maaaannnyy levels. 😀 I’m gonna put it on a tshirt. Sell it on eBay. Get rich and go to the Caribean for Junko. Get a sail boat. Ahhhhhhhhhh

I love writing. Now go about yer business. Nothing here for you to see. Gowan yer blocking trafic. ya idiot.

Later gator. You’ll be missed. Just kinda wished I would have been.

—Author Ann.

(read comments. thx. right back at ya!)

So “What did I learn tonight?”

I’m learning it right now. I’ve been talking politics. Or rather reading it. It’s all a bit much sometimes. Other times? Great fun. It’s a surreal world. I’m actually kind of getting interested. A little. Kind of. The writing is fun but I’m alittle over my head with these folks. 🙂

Other than that. I miss “walking buddy”. He’s busy at the moment. Happens.

Weather’s nice but I’m not walking. My arm still hurts. Shoulder actually. I still miss Billy. Stupid as this seems I could really use a hug, alittle TLC, and a good conversation. I am craving a conversation.

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5 commentsGood morning world
Posted May-06-08 05:46:21 PDT Updated May-06-08 07:39:42 PDTHad a good sleep. Woke up this morning whistling a happy tune. Zippidy Do Dah!! A woman president. In my life time. Well dawgie who would have thunk it.

Is today primary day in your state? Hope that you vote.

Observations and Bengal I didn’t delete your post but since someone commented there because the comments were hidden, I just temporarily removed the post to respect their privacy. Temporarily moving the post allowed me to turn the comments on and chat.

Just so you’ll know.

Now how’s things in your neck of the woods? Mine’s pretty good.

Added later. Comments are on but hidden.
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0 commentsGood morning
Posted May-05-08 23:47:26 PDTWhat did I learn last night?

That there is hope in the future.

Hope for politics.


I will see a woman president.

Good night.


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8 commentsLooking to the past.
Posted May-05-08 15:27:01 PDT Updated May-05-08 22:08:55 PDTMany times in this blog I have tried to remind people that this is a writers blog. Here truth and fiction coexist. That is why I always tell folks that if you are wondering which is true and which is not please ask. There are nice folks in blogland and I wouldn’t want to hurt them by deceit. I don’t write in a vacume though. I do write with an eye to my own experiences. And I don’t chat in a character although I do wonder if I could. I also try to stay out of folks business. If I can wish good to someone of offer prayers to someone I’ll be glad to do so. Mostly though I write. For me this blog is a chance to try to express ideas into words and then put them in the world for others to read. Maybe, I will be able to have a story published. I don’t know. Right now I am too busy trying to learn.

I want my words to be the thing here.

But there is a person here too.

I’m thinking about Tryorks blog post about different kinds of bloggers. “What kind of blogger are you?”

One of them was the blogger who told very personal things about themselves. I’ve tried to shy away from that because well tell truth you’d probably be bored to tears.

But here is something you might not know. I used my experience as part of a story that I posted here. You know I think I’ll post it here for you to read. An annotated version. I have a non personal reason for this. I’ve watched the near epic fight going on about Peg and his grandson. If you’ve never had a sick child or if you’ve never known anyone in the situation you might not truely comprehend how difficult it is. Maybe what I write can help you understand. I thought maybe I’d share my own personal experience with the NICU.

This story is told in images. Like photographs. It was a consious choice of literary devise not an psychological failing. It’s been a long time but I am still very well aware of the seconds of the experience. Not fun to recall but maybe it will give insight into what it’s like.

It is a simple very short recounting of the beginning of a very long journey.

It begins like this.

Like a gift from the heavens, it was easy to tell,
It was love from above, that could save me from hell, She had fire in her soul it was easy to see,
How the devil himself could be pulled out of me, There were drums in the air as she started to dance,
Every soul in the room keeping time with there hands,
And we sang…

the night home

I remember once driving down I65S. 2AM. Cold. Clear night sky. The stars alive. Wearing that horrid orange down jacket. Heat cranked up. Top down. So I could keep awake and see the stars. Cold sober, I kept falling into microsleep. Wanting so bad to get home. Found myself facing north on a south bound interstate. Alive.

All alone.


All alone.

She stood there watching a complete stranger. He was counting. One, two, three…. The look on his face. Desparate. Poor man. She looks down. On the floor, red spots. One, two, three…. The look on her face? One the complete stranger would know. He counted again one,two, three….

There on the table….

Her son had been born crying. A bit blue but the nurses said that things would be better after they’d cleaned him up. It had been a horrible horrible delivery. Induced. First child. Nothing going right. But he was alive and she could sleep. He’d be safe.

She drifted off to sleep…

A dim memory. She could remember through a haze. He was sick. Wouldn’t make it til morning. He was severly ill. One of the baby nurses discovered it. He was in the neonatal until. The face she’d never seen and her husbands face floated in front of her. Sleep. The last nights sleep she would get for a very long time.

…She closed her eyes…

And there he stood. The complete stranger who had her son’s life in his hands. Counting. One, two, three….. She counted with him. Counted the red spots on the floor. One, two, three, and more she guessed. It became unimportant. It was her on the table and her on the floor. In a quiet voice she wondered to herself, “Why am I bleeding?”

One, two, three…

four years later she could recall the sight of that doctor’s face. He tried so hard to keep her son alive.

We’ve been puttin’ this off baby long enough
Just give me the word, and we’ll be kickin’ up dust
We both know it’s just a matter of time
‘Til our hearts start racin’ for that county line

What about now, how ’bout tonight
Baby for once let’s don’t think twice
Let’s take that spin that never ends
That we’ve been talking about
What about now, why should we wait
We can chase these dreams down the interstate
And be long gone ‘fore the world moves on and makes another round
What about now

It’s okay. We’re okay. Don’t worry. I’m a writer. I write. Others write as well. This post is a mix of the two.

Just not sleepy. Long night. Aunt very sick. Not sure if she is still alive. Won’t know until I call in the morning. So the stories now are sad. I’m sorry. Not depressed. Just waiting. Can’t sleep.

In Graceland Graceland,
I’m going to Graceland,
For reasons I cannot explain
There’s some part of me wants to see
And I may be obliged to defend
Every love every ending
Or maybe there’s no obligations now,
Maybe I’ve a reason to believe
We all will be received
In Graceland


No one knows when the unthinkable happens how you will react. I remember trying to make sense of it all. We used to sing “Walk Like and Egyptian” the Bangles song, complete with hand movements. It was stupid. But at the time life was stupid. A perfectly beautiful. Perfectly wanted child was lying in the NICU. He was imobilized with meds because he fought the respirator. He couldn’t move. We only had a little time in his life squeeze a life time. So you wildly improbably things like sing, “Walk Like An Egyptian” You try to make sense of what is happening. But mostly you don’t have time. You have to deal with doctors and nurses and trying deal.

It’s been so long and it still hurts. The memory just as fresh as if it were yesterday.

I would like to say that things turned out okay. That the son I talk about now is the same one who was in the NICU. I can’t do that. He died. I got to hold him once in his short life. When he was born. The next time I was able to hold him was after he died.

He lived 7 days in the NICU. We lived 7 days in the NICU waiting room.

I’m not one of those inappropriate tell all bloggers that Tryork told about in his list of bloggers. There are people who know me who don’t know about this time in my life. I worked hard and while you don’t “move on” you do go on and live your life and I do. Besides I have another son who is a joy. This Mother’s Day I will be truely blessed.

Just folks. When you are out there bringing “iluminating truth” to blogland could you do folks a favor and try to remember something.

There are people behind these avitars. And they all have a story to tell.

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0 commentsHow’s this for a blog
Posted May-05-08 01:21:04 PDT Updated May-05-08 09:56:55 PDTTo the woman with new blog

Well heck pretty good except did you mean to have your comments off. Welcome to blogland. If you meant to have your comments off. No problem so have I. but if you want folks to talk to you? You’ll be wanting the comments sign on. You can do like I do and put comments on but hidden. I’ll tell you how later or you can surely find someone here in blogland to guide you.

As for penning something more worthy than you actually wrote in your first blog post? What’s more worthy than the first step into a new endeavor. First steps are in themselves worthy simply for being. Without a first step there would never be any movement on the world at all . We’d all be in a heap where we landed as “babbies” from mama’s womb.

LOL. If this sounds mean I’m sorry. I’m just sleepy .. I get to be abrupt when I’m sleepy. Sorry. Come visit. Ann

And I can’t spell worth a flip either. LOL

Will just clean up the typos and spellos and be on my way. We have sick folks here today. I think they’re just slackin’ so’s to get outta’ spring cleaning. LOL Nah. They’re sick.

Well lemmie get on with it. Ann

Red letters and words indicate edited changes. They hopefully will show me the evolution of something that is written. That’s all.
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0 commentsWhat did I learn last night?
Posted May-04-08 21:34:15 PDT Updated May-05-08 00:12:00 PDTWhat did I learn last night?

All of the “What did I learn last night?” posts are meant to be funny and lighthearted. Tonight’s post is anything but. After tonight, they go back to being fun. Tonight it’s about peace. When I was young there was a song,”…what the world needs now is love, sweet love, That’s the only thing that there’s just too little of…” It was a pensive song of lists. List of the gifts we had and lists of what we lacked. In a word, according to the song, our world lacked love.

We had a world full of fuss and not nearly enough love.

What I learned last night was that fussing is easy. Getting along is difficult, but not impossible. I was reading a conversation on the blogs between two bloggers that didn’t get along. One of them had decided to stop the fighting. And by sheer will of spirit she did. Reading the words before me, I could feel the grit and determination of the parties involved in the blogland conversation. The measure of the words. The realization that one or the other in the convesation could bolt at any time leaving a much more difficult situation than before. I wish them the best in their efforts to reach a blogland detente. I know that they can. I know if it works it will hopefull provide the evidence that we really are civilized human beings after all.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Oh don’t forget “The Promised Land Bar and Grill” a place of peace for blogland.

Wish me luck, this week is full of spring cleaning and not so much blogging.

Peace be with you and yours. Oh and the cat.


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41 commentsThe Promised Land. Bar and Grill
Posted May-04-08 15:30:46 PDT Updated May-04-08 15:35:07 PDTIn this blog all are welcome. Saint and Sinner alike. If no one else will talk to you, if people are trying to run you off the blogs? You are welcome here. If people love you and want to have yer little blog babies? You are welcome here. Her we do not fight, much. Of course folk get rowdy. Sure. But when you do I will delete you without explaination. I will let you in and keep deleting you as long as you keep pissing matches going. But notice I will let you back in. This is a courtesy. I like folks who speak their minds, but if I think folks are getting so mad that they wanna hit someone verbally. I throw you out. But if you won’t fight. I’ll tell you stories and the craic. Not the drug, the craic, the funny story.

And here’s why. I lived in a place where noone talked to me. They didn’t like me because of myself. Noo. This was true prejudice. It took me 10 years to find out it was because I was an outsider. It taught me that as soon as anyone said badthings about a new person that was the time to visit. Durnig the time no one talked to me, I longed to have the company I missed so much. I learned what it felt to cry because of loneliness. I learned the true meaning of “When the pain is so great that I have cried all my tears? I sing.” In here, Charlotte and Samiamsxa can talk without either being faced with yelling. Or being on the loosing side of an arguement. No body starts ragging folks about their politics or their sexual orientation. If you do I will delete everything you post for the 5 minute time out it takes for the person in question to calm down and knock it off. The only way around this will be the 5 minute inquisition your gonna get about your own politics or your own sexual orientation.

The idea here is a shot of a really moderated post. A kind of crap free zone. So that noone knows what it feels like to feel alone and treated ill.

This is for Samiamsxa and Charlotte and for Kook and I won’t lie to you. This is for Moe (Was Gracie Now Moe, you’ll have to read the post. Sorry)

I’ll do this while I’m here. If any of the other bloggers could donate a post for this great. A true yes we believe in free speech but not tribal warfare so in this place we all belong.

I’d like to try it for an hour. If you set a spot of your own great. Let us all know. Treat it like a safe place for bloggers.

I hope this is okay with Saximasxa and Charlotte. They are amazine as are the people who are working not to fight.

Please check out Samiamsxa’s blog for more information.

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0 commentsSpring cleaning at the 12 dogs Dog House.
Posted May-04-08 10:51:28 PDT Updated May-04-08 10:54:40 PDTWell. I thought I might want to get the spring cleaning of the old dawg house outta the way. In my mind spring cleaning looks like what’s going on in this video. Oh and I also look like the main character in this video.

Unfortunately, here a Casa del 12 dogs, the ONLY THING that even remotely resembles this version of Spring cleaning is the part where the deer is licking the dishes and is thinking to it’s self,” Yeah that’s the way you do it. You let the dogs lick the plate to clean it.”

I tried a bit of cleaning in the cabinets yesterday but somehow getting a rare opportunity to chat over on Tryork’s blog seemed like a better idea. But, sadly, I can goof off no longer. Otherwise, I’ll be doing fall cleaning instead of spring cleaning.

Remember when we chat next to agree politely when I tell totally fictional stories about how everyone here worked together in a wonderful, cooperative effort to bring cleanliness and order to our humble abode.


Yeah. Sure. Nuh uh. Nope.

Naw the only place that kind of fictional activity is gonna be happening next week is on this video on the computer. Reality is shall we say just a bit different.

Fear not though fair reader, I will make sure that someone will be blogging through this nightmare.

Not sure what it’ll be about. Somehow, I have a feeling the folks here will supply very entertaining stories. To be told here Monday night in graphic detail and used as leverage to get them to help move furniture on Tuesday.

Wish me luck!

About the video.

Nothing like Snow White singing, “Whistle While You Work”, to give you big ole’ smiles and giggles. And hey it is in Japanese. That in it’s self is entertaining.

big ole’ dawg hugs,



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9 commentsOh Happy Days!!! Snow White karoke!!!
Posted May-04-08 07:01:17 PDT Updated May-04-08 09:25:44 PDTHappy Day!!!

Good morning!!!The sun is shining!!!!The sky is blue!!! It’s not too hot and not too cold!!!!And I? Am happy!!!For absolutely no reason other than– it’s a good morning, the sun is shining, it’s neither too hot nor too cold,and I am happy for absolutely no reason!!!!!!!

This is a pretty good day!!!!

It’s like I’m in a Disney movie!!!!

I hope it is a good day for you too!!!

So what’s the perfect karoke

on a beautiful Disney-like day ?

You guessed it!!!!!


The Song?

“Whistle while you work”

in Danish!

Everybody sing!!!!


Vi fløjter og tager fat
Og med en lille fløjte sang så går det hele glat
Og hvis du synger med
Så går det rask fra hånden og du glemmer tid og sted

En munter melodi
Med takt og rytme i
Gør sliddet til en herlig leg
Som før du ved det er forbi
Det går så rask fra hånden når du fløjter og tager fat

LOL Ya’ll It’s Perf and Sugarlips fault. They started it with National Candied Orange Peel Day!!!!

Anyone know how to spell a whistle sound???

I’ll be back with the English translation in a couple of minutes.

Well heck. I couldn’t find an English translation with the same number of verses. So here is next best thing.

YouTube vid in English.

Hope you have a happy !

For those who like to

“Whistle While You Work”

in English.

Or for the folks who want to

“Whistle While You Work”

in Japanese—

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3 commentsOld Dog New Tricks.
Posted May-04-08 00:37:08 PDTOld dog . New Tricks.

New theme for 12 dogs and a blog.

Since it’s Spring. Time for cleaning the virtual house.

The solitude stuff is okay. For about 5 minutes.

No need for solitude.

Time to throw open the windows and let the fresh air in.

With a little old dog to keep you busy.

My favorites.

The hemorroids.

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0 commentsHave a HappyFig Newton Day
Posted May-03-08 18:43:49 PDT Updated May-04-08 13:27:53 PDT

Happy Fig Newton Day!


Hurrah for? becki newton!


Other than that? Hmm. Guess I’m supposed to say

“What did I learn last night?”

Well. I learned that Gracie probably will never speak to me again. Which has caused me no end of sad this morning. Maybe Gracie is right. Better for me to “trust no one” and not to believe that love exists. Keep everyone at arms length. So I’ve turned off my comments again to think about the situation. To the folks who answered my posts thank you! This isn’t directed at you.

I just remembered how much I missed Billy and David. It happens.

For what it’s worth, again I’m sorry for anything I did to stop a friendship from happening. I wasn’t trying to be a jerk. I’m just stupid I guess.

I’m just going to grieve a bit more.

Oh and I like the literary vehicle of having a “Gracie” to talk to.

My own “imaginary sidekick”. So for now? If I’m talking to Gracie, the person, I’ll be calling them Now Moe was Gracie. And when I want to talk to “imaginary sidekick”? I’ll be talking to the newGracie.

I like the newGracie.

Here’s a quick example for the easily confused.

When I am talking to the individual?

That’s no longer Gracie, it’s Now Moe was Gracie.

Now Moe was Gracie, who once was Gracie, hates my guts and I expect wishes that I should “eat poop and die already”.

When I am talking to my “imaginary sidekick” as a literary device?

That’s the newGracie.

This newGracie? They like me and basically are the prototypical companion I wish I had could I make them up. Think Pygmalion. That’s mythological one not the play by GB Shaw. You know the play that My Fair Lady was loosely based on. That one. Although you know that the GB Shaw one is kinda a riff on the mythological one. Look it up but skip Wiki.

It’s really not that difficult.

The newGracie is the one that would like me if they were real.

Now Moe was Gracie is the one who hates my guts.

You won’t see me “chatting” with Now Moe was Gracie.

They don’t like me.

Don’t get me wrong. I would chat with Now Moe was Gracie in a heart beat. They just don’t want to chat with me. Last I heard they told me to “f” off . Which I thought was alittle much. So was the “bitch” comment. Perhaps I’m being too “thin skinned” about the comment.

Yeah that’s it.

Yeppers. That’s about it.

Comments are off and we are waaay off main page. So those folks who are reading this who think I’m nuts? You’ll have to complain about it on your own blogs.


Honk if you liked IronMan.

I don’t even dare ask if anyone liked

Maid of Honor.

Except for Patrick Dempsey.

Who’s hot.

Oh! Speaking of a kinder, gentler time. I heard they had Kate Walsh’s character back on Grey’s Anatomy. Please, please tell me that this is the beginning of her return. Please tell me that Private Practice is history, sorry fans, and that Kate’s character is back at Seatle Grace where she belongs.

Finger’s Crossed !!

Ah the good old days! Thursday night. Popcorn, Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy marathons.

Now it’s ebayblogs and blog drama.

Alas the writer’s strike!

It has ruined my Thursday night tv hour.


Happy Fig Newton Day!

Cya, Ann

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0 commentsNot your mother’s blog but hey.
Posted May-03-08 18:33:02 PDT Updated May-03-08 22:32:04 PDTWas out in blogland and found this blog.

It’s a hoot!

(So you know. I don’t give blog’s billings. Nope. But if I see one I like? I certainly will talk about it.)


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0 commentsSamiansxa’s Gentle Nature. hugs 2U
Posted May-03-08 16:50:42 PDT Updated May-03-08 22:29:39 PDTSome of the bloggers in blogland have banded together to form a kinder and gentler eBay.

Hugs and many thanks to the blogger samiamsxa

You can find all about it here >>>

This will explain it better than I could.

(((((( hugs2Uall involved )))))

Not a fan of blog censorship. BUT Not a fan of all the flogging either.

Keeping fingers crossed.

Feel free to ssssssshhhhh here @ 12dogs should we get alittle too loud but remember we dogs do love to howwlll.


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16 commentsGracie,It was a nice thing to have crossed paths with you.I am a better person because of it.Certainly learned alot about myself because of you and who you are. Thank you.
Posted May-03-08 02:12:47 PDT Updated May-03-08 13:58:51 PDTI know someone. I call her Gracie (not me and not her real name but still very real person). Anyway Gracie doesnt’ believe in love. To make matters worse, her motto is “Trust No One”. Now I don’t know about you, but “Trust no One”, may have made and interesting catch phrase for the X files, but not a good one for real life.

I’ve been talking and trying to convince her different. She’s just as stubborn that there is no love or trust as I am that there is.

This is no fooling.

What is your experience with love and trust?

Do you believe in love?

What do you think about “trust no one”?

What would you tell Gracie to change her mind?

I really serious. This isn’t a joke. I’m just stymied.

Thank you.
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0 commentsGood night to you too Gracie. No. My blog my rules sorry.Just like your blog your rules.
Posted May-02-08 20:37:47 PDT Updated May-04-08 00:35:45 PDTI’m getting sleepy. And I’m hungry. That happens for some reason after I talk to Gracie. I either get sleepy or I write. The hungry is because I’m missing supper.

Tonight I’m sleepy. Going to get something to eat then see about sleep.

Just wanted to wish you a night night and pleasant day.

Oh and love does exist . So does trust.

Surely you can name one example where love and trust existed.

I can.

Now to slumbers. Good evening and good morning. OOps micro sleep. Got to go. Email me, We’ll talk about anything other than blogland. Unless you want to. Your choice.

Although. Look how nicely I receive guests on my blog. Would be nice if you did same. Guess not.

comments on but hidden
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7 commentshey Aiden before you go.
Posted May-02-08 19:43:38 PDTHugs to you two. Hope you don’t take this in a weird way. Not voyeur but I really love the music. Nice. Thanks.

Good night to you both.
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