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Posted May-31-09 22:30:38 PDT Updated Jun-03-09 11:11:58 PDT

Zippidy doo darlin’ door to 12 dogs

Man do I love country music. Don’t get me wrong I love clasical and opera too.

But there’s just something about country. Those ladies and gentlemen?

They really do have a way with words.

A boat in the harbor is safe.

But that’s not what boats are made for.

Oh and this next song is just ..Oh my… just listen

It’s a hoot.

Well there’s a cautionary tale.

Having money is good.

But marry for money?


Don’t forget.

BamaJam2009 is this weekend. Google it and ya’ll come.

Wall to wall country music with the best country music in the world.

And the best country music radio station too.

Don’t know who they are?

Well heck.

Just think BamaCountry?

And you’re there.

LOL Sounded like a comercial but not. I just happen to like the company and the djs and the music they play…


Hugs and love,


Well Zippidy doo dah

That’s the doorway to 12 dogs Someone punch that clock will ya’

“…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…”

Freedom and a fair shot.

Where are you Writing Buddy?

What do you mean the Atlantic huricane season started?

But I just got the dang boat…….



It’s time to go play.

For my family. Who taught by example because they were too busy living their lives to do it any other way.

And my father who taught me to read. You are correct. Once you know how to read?

You really can do anything.

“Hold your head high

Don’t ever let em define

the light in your eyes

love your self

give them hell

you can take on this world

you just stand and be strong

And then fight like a girl

With style and grace

Kick ass and take names”

From the song

Fight Like a Girl

Welcome to 12 dogs…

Oh for mercy sakes people I’m just taking a week off . There’s still the confirmation hearings for Judge Stotomayer. And then there’s this other thing … I can’t tell you about …

Not yet.

I can’t but it is pretty cool.


I’m going

I’ll tell you when I get back maybe

I hope

uh huh


Say what you need to say …


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5 commentsZippidy doo dahhh
Posted May-31-09 21:35:38 PDT Updated May-31-09 22:29:30 PDTYou know what Gentle Reader? I got lost in my own blog. I started reading and clicking and rereading old stories that I’d written. It was pretty good.


I need to get out and about more. Especially this week. So here’s what’s up for 12 dogs

See this next link?

The Life of a Lily

Somewhere there’s a link to the past.

Go click and see if you can find it.

LOL No wait –wait a second. Watch this video first AND THEN go find out..

Hugs to you.

and good night…

Jubilaation She love me again I fall on the floor and I’m laughing….

LOL Life is okay.

Now gotta go see

You too.


It’s America.

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4 commentsThe Life of a Lily
Posted May-31-09 18:46:33 PDT Updated May-31-09 19:44:48 PDTI live in the Deep South. In America. Where we live it can be very lush and green. Now there is alot of rain for us so the grass grows fast and the leaves are a a deep green. Hard woods and pines. All kinds of flowers. Including an orange Lily.

Life changes by the season though. Come the end of July the rain seems to evaporate and by the end of August if we aren’t lucky the grass can shrivel and turn brown. When you walk outside the grass seems thread bare like in winter. Some folks water their yards. Their wells are deep or they water at night or early in the morning. There yards survive barely green but still alive. The first time I saw this happen I just held my breath. I couldn’t begin to let myself think that our entire yard had died. It’s too big to water with hoses and sprinklers.

But then the rains came again.

The weather “breaks” and the dry tired feeling is replaced by a lightness.. You can sense it. When I was little I said I could smell rain. It smells like the screen door I would say. No one paid attention but I remembered. Sure enough I found out later that it was ozone that I smelled and that yes it did mean rain.

Well it rains.

And that dead and dusty ground begins to color with life.


“…I sing because I’m happy

I sing because I’m free

His eyes are on the sparrow

And I know that he watches over me….”

WB took Pup to see the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica Pier. I reminded him of the story that Writing Buddy wrote. About the man who walked to the end of the pier and then came back new. Baptism is in the Christian faiths is supposed to be like that.

You come back new.

I think of all the beauty that is water. Then I think of the sadness. Sunlight reflecting on water that dazzles. Tears like a river. Then peaceful. Floating looking aloft. The massive waves of a storm. My son a baby playing in the water faucet.

An ebay post for Tryork and Nailhd. Because I was bored, Nailhd had an allergy, and Tryork had a leak in his house.

… drip…drip…drip…

“Step back non believers or the rain will never come

Someone get that fire burnin’ Somebody beat the drum.

You know some might think I’m crazy making all these claims.

But I swear before this day is over you folks are gonna see some rain.”

from Lizzy and the Rainmaker sung by Tanya Tucker

What next?

Sunday night funnies

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1 commentSunday night funnies
Posted May-31-09 17:37:43 PDTThe humor of Henry Cho


It’s America. Rodney Adkins
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3 commentsIt’s America. Rodney Adkins
Posted May-31-09 08:51:10 PDT Updated May-31-09 09:40:32 PDTThere are days that are pretty good.

Sitting in the truck. Door open. Sky blue. Good music on the radio. If you’re lucky a good dj on the radio station who seems to always be there.

There are moments that you don’t want to forget.

It’s been an excellent morning.

The sky is beautiful and it’s not been hot. The walk was a good one. Saw my neighors. They said that I could have a sign that belonged to another neighbor who died. I was glad. I’m going to put it on my chicken house. The neighbor who died was the one who taught my son and I how to raise chickens. He did more than that. When the man down the road got robbed and the police were searching the woods trying to find the folks who did it? My neighbor called to make sure my son and I were okay. When we went to see him the first time it was very, very cold. He told us to sit in this one place in his living room and we’d warm right up. We did. He shared his ideas on politics, wine, religion, raising chickens… And he gave my son and I a place to hang out and talk. My son would play with the dogs and chickens. I’d talk to my neighbor about politics and how to raise chickens. His death was a tragic thing. When I go for a walk and I pass by his house? I try to remember the turkeys and the sight of my neigbor canning tomatoes. The new neighbor is a nice person. He’s worked hard to spruce up the place. My old neighbor was a bachelor who wasn’t big on interior decorating. The place looks nice now but I miss the comfortable place and the chicken yard that they dismantled.

So now there will be a new chicken yard here at our house. And on the chicken house. like in Winnie the Pooh, the chickens will live under a sign with a name on it.

Only not the name Sanders. Somehow chickens living in a chicken house with the name Sanders on it doesn’t sound good for the chickens.

A bad sign for their future happiness.

May God give you peace my neigbor. Peace and a chicken yard.

That song was playing on my favorite country music station. Have listened to these djs for years. Literally years. Two of them, the dj and engineer, have gotten us through tornados and politics and football season and baseball season and well life. When we went on vacation and came back to find him gone from the radio station I’d listened too since I was in high school, I worried for him. He’d had a heartattack and well I was affraid that he’d died. But he didn’t. Now they run the morning drive time. He and his engineer. As we say here, “they’re such a mess”. That’s a good thing.

In there place in the afternoon is a young lady who’s a hoot.

That’s also a good thing.

We’re all from small towns from the sound of it. I like that they get the song above. Sometimes folks think it’s corny to wave the flag. I don’t. They don’t either.

And before you start in on my about the ethnicity or demographics in the video?

It’s not just small towns or just certain “types” of people who feel this way.

I’ve seen the same in NYC too.

People have come from all over the world just to live here.

In America

When I ask the folks I’ve met why?

They basically smile or get serious and then tell me.

“Because it’s America and it is Free”

Pretty good stuff.

Looking forward to July 4th this year.

Next stop? Good morning, good morning. to you

This post is for Monday, my favorite country radio station, and my favorite morning drive time dj and sound engineer.

Some how they make Monday morning sound alot more fun.

And FYI If you happen to be in south Alabama next weekend?

There is a fantastic country music festival next weekend. Four days of wall to wall country music. And I’m not talking unknowns here. The name Taylor Swift ring a bell?

She’s just one of the acts that will be performing next weekend.

Look I admit it. I love to listen to country music. I honestly do. Country, Opera. Hiphop. This music tells a story about people.

This isn’t a commercial . It’s just that well from the sound of it?

It’s gonna be a terrific chance to hear some of the best names in country music today.

Wall to wall music and fun.

Sounds good.


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4 commentsGood morning, good morning.
Posted May-31-09 07:37:40 PDTIt’s great to be a live. Good morning. Good morning. To you.

I really loved this movie. Singing in the Rain.

Donald OConnor, Debbie Reynolds, and Gene Kelly. OMW the only thing that could make it better is a Danny Kaye/Bing Crosby Duet with a little Sinatra/Martin/ Lewis thrown in for good measure. Love old movies and this one is so much fun to watch.

The music is great.

Now then it really is a good morning here in 12 dogs land and I hope it is one for you too.

Gonna be a great day?

A schedule of events:

Well for me if it’s a beautiful morning? After a walk I go straight to the Arts and Entertainment section to see what’s up. There’s a new movie for action and scifi fans or just anyone who likes a bit of 80’s in the mix. Transformers The Revenge of the Fallen is the sequel of the 80’s toy sensation. There’s changes afoot in this movie and it’s not just the fact that those lovable 6 story high transforming robots have actual dialog. Nope. There’s fast cars, hotties of all kinds, and an old told story. To quote the movie, “Sam, There’s something that we haven’t told you — yet…” The last movie had some stellar action sequences. I hear that this one is even better. Intern Pup, in California at the Paramount Transformers Party will tell all tonight. Stay tuned.

Then — well — if you’ve been reading lately? You know there’s politics around . In particular the nomination of Judge Sotomayor to the US Supreme Court. The Senate is gearing up for the fuss — I mean the hearing. I know that we’re all kind of sick of hearing the term but “judicial temperment” and “racism”, reverse and otherwise, are the watch words here. Racism, sexism, ageism? OH MY. More here @ Cranky gremlins hear me roar.

After all that cynical talk I usually go running for the Auntie Agony section of the paper. I learn something and well at least I know I’m not alone. As Father’s day is the 21st of this month Ann starts the month with a letter to her dad in the post Father’s Day

Tonight I’ll post InternPup’s account of the Paramount party

Until then? There’s lots to read here @ 12 dogs

Thanks for reading Gentle Reader. It’s always good to have you visit.


Auntie Slacker

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0 commentsHuh ray for Hooolly woooddd….
Posted May-31-09 07:35:12 PDT Updated May-31-09 22:22:32 PDTIntern Pup

So Pup had a great time at the Paramount party. Michael Bey was there and so was Peter Cullen which will mean much to Trans fans. Oh and Weird Al. The food was good. Music Clips of the movie. On a set at Paramount. Movie release 24 June and video game on the 23.

The highlight of the convention? Meeting the people.

Favorite Transformer? Transforming Biplane. Released with the movie figures.

More as soon as I hear it.

Pup and his dad back from Paramount party @ 1 AM!!! LOL Called them at 6:30 AM to get them up and ask how it went. tee hee. Slackers should be up for a run by now. Hmmphf

I’ll have more info of last night’s fun when Pup wakes up but from what I could make out of this mornings conversation? The party was great fun. The party buses left around 7 and they didn’t get in until 1 AM. I am soooooooo jeolous and I am soooooo going for the next BotCon as they always manage to have a party somewhere.

Well, while the Rowdy Boys get their beauty sleep before today’s fun, I’m off to study. Hmmmpf. grumble grumble humpff They get to party while I have 100 pages of reading and classwork…grumble…grumble ….hmmm…. Not really. Pup has such a happy for these transforming statues and all things Transformers. I’m just delighted that he’s having a great time.And for me it’s good to be studing again. There’s a pay off of a fun weekend too so it’s okay.

For more of InternPups visit to California read This just in (the annotated version)

Pup and his dad back from Paramount party @ 1 AM!!! LOL Called them at 6:30 AM to get them up and ask how it went. tee hee. Slackers should be up for a run by now. Hmmphf

I’ll have more info of last night’s fun when Pup wakes up but from what I could make out of this mornings conversation? The party was great fun. The party buses left around 7 and they didn’t get in until 1 AM. I am soooooo going for the next BotCon as they always manage to have a party somewhere. It would seem that FanBoys and FanGurls love their fun.

Well, while the Rowdy Boys get their beauty sleep before today’s doin’s, I’m off to study. Hmmmpf. grumble grumble humpff They get to party while I have 100 pages of reading and classwork…grumble…grumble ….hmmm…. Not really. Pup has such a happy for these transforming statues and all things Transformers.I’m just delighted that he’s he was able to go to this event. He really is having a great time.

And for me it’s good to be studing again.
There’s a pay off of a fun weekend too so it’s okay.
For more InternPup’s adventures in California read This-just-in-the-annotated-version

More about the party and today. Here later tonight.
LOL From the movie.
The Pointer Sisters and Bumble’s reaction I’m so excited
Yeah I thought it BumbleBee’s reaction to Megan Fox than it was going to college with Shia but … Well..
Someone was truely excited

No wait. That’s the trailer for the new Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie

“Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.”

There are some really great quotes from this movie.

Music please?

“We’ve kept much from you Sam. ”

“This isn’t my war.”

“I fear it soon will be.”

“Megatron wants what’s in my mind.”

“Fate rarely calls upon us at the moment of our choosing.”

And now for a bit of “retro”fun. I’m so excited…

Players? Start your engines.

Just kidding.

Or am I?

LOL Nah. But it really is a great song. Like Lawrence Welk used to say, “It’s a real toe tahhh-per.”

Warning. Sense of humor is a requirement before reading 12 dogs. Otherwise? It could just be waaaayyy to stressful. Have fun. Be good. Go for a walk and smell the flowers.

Unless you live in the city then maybe not.

Annotated version of this post tonight as well

Cya xxxooo Auntie Slacker!

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0 commentsThis just in (the annotated version)
Posted May-30-09 20:12:14 PDT
You may not realize it but even as we speak there is a meeting of the minds for all things Transformers AND a new movie Transformers the Revenge of the Fallen.

“Fate rarely calls upon us at the moment of our choosing.” That’s a quote from one of the Transformers in the Movie. I”m thinking Optimus Prime. He has that kind of “use the force Luke” kind of voice.

But when your mother calls you? You better pick up the phone. That’s a quote from AuthorAnn,she also has that kind of “use the force Luke voice. AuthorAnn is mother of InternPup, and still master of all time, space, dimension. But she’s not talking about huge transforming robots or mental forces here. Nope she using that voice to say stuff like, “I’m still master of all time space and dimension here Buster. Wear a clean shirt and floss. And no NOT that shirt. Please we buy you cloths. Wear them.” It’s still important.

Yep folks it’s that time of year again BotCon 2oo9

Oh yall. Please excuse but I’m fixing to become one of those “moms” who whip out the photos and start the conversation with, “Well my son, you know the ….is so perfect” But he is and I have to tell the truth. And he’s nice so it’s okay. That is my baby ya’ll


Our newest “ace” reporter in the field. InternPup is on the scene to tell us more.

Hello InternPup from BotCon 2oo9 in California.

(I’m not kidding by the way. Pup’s having the time of his life. He loves this stuff. Has been watching since he was a little kid. Man if I had a nickel for everytime I’ve heard the tag line, about Transformers and more than meets… weelll in the interest of copyrights but if you have a Transfan? It’s more annoying than Legos stuck in the carpet or whirling around in the vacume cleaner.)

So tell us Intern Pup what’s the latest in Transformerland.

How’s the turn out. And please tell me you are having a good time. But not to good and by the way did you get me a tshirt?

“Pretty decent. It isn’t absolutely packed but that’s a good thing. You can actually get from point A to point B without having to shift like Tetris..”

That’s nice. By the way, did you see that nice girl you met in Rhode Island. She was nice. You know the one ffrom Canada?

Who have you seen and what are they saying about the “new” in Transformers?

You paid how much for a toy? No I don’t care if it’s a collectable. No. I don’t care if it’s in pristine AAA condition. Toys shouldn’t cost more than the clothes on your back or the shoes on your feet Bucky.

“They’re gonna be releasing the Transformers video game that ties in with the new movie. You pick the character you want and I think play the same story from different views. You play the clock and other teams in multiplayer format. Two modes. Eight players total game, two four player teams: Autobots and Decepticons. The game I played was an over view of the finished game”

Zzzzz.. zzopps sorry. Late night last night. Fell asleep.Oh gosh no I”m not bored. I love to talk about Pokemon,Transformers, and the lastest computer game. Remeber. I even know what RPG measns. Zzzzzzzz sorry….

Now about the movie? This one has “twist” right?

Oh dear merciful heavens please let this movie have a plot. I mean the special effects were good in the last one but dear mercy please let it have a plot.

“This one has one of the very first versions of the Combiners in the Michael Bay movies. Megatraon might be resurected. They’re gonna have a Devastator combiner team. Construction vehicles each with their own combiner…” (LoL no plot yet but we did get interupted here. Yay He’s having a good time. He’s happy. His father is happy and awake. They got to go to the beach. Santa Monica Pier. Hey how come we never get to go do this stuff. All I get to see is the inside of the Target and the MacDonalds. That’s okay. I’m gonna go sailing and leave them at home. hmpf)

Hold on a sec. Now we’re talking about the movie again and yes a plot. Seems there’s some gossip too. Better pay attention.

And is it true that Megan Fox’s character might have dumped Shia’s character?

“Yep. And there’s possibly of a “blonde hottie in his future. Gotta go. Party at Paramount.

I love you Mom. Later.”

First off In the interest of truth in journalism I added the “… I love you Mom..,.” part. Second? Dear merciful heavens There’s someone who’s actually hotter than Megan Fox. LOL My normally studious son’s head is going to explode. LOL I saw his reaction to the Esquire photo shoot. LOL ” Uh mom if you don’t mind/”

I’m just glad to hear that he’s having a good time.

Let’s see. He also said that there will be more dialog for the Transformers. Like I care. But he is my baby so I want him to have a good time. So okay.Good to know and I’m happy. His father on the other hand owes me big time.

Now look I don’t know alot about Transformers but if there is a blonde hottie that’s better looking than Megan Fox? Dear mercy help us all.

LOL. We’ve kept much information from you Sam W.

Again. Someone who’s actually hoter than Megan Fox??? Is that possible? There are men who are gonna spontaneously combust in the theater if that’s possible. Two words for you. Esquire photoshoot. There were drooling, testosterone filled males all over the country looking at those photos. Yikes. Can’t imagine what it was like for Shia L.

For more about Transformers Revenge of the Fallen and a look at the movie trailer? And Megan Fox? (No I’m not gay. I’m the mom of a teenager. A teanager with hormones. They notice so I notice. I find it’s a good time to bring up the ,”Being celibate is a good thing so you don’t go to hell or go blind and oh what is that ring in your wallet” speech.

Here ya go

And please try not to drool on the computer key board. It’ll ruin it.

And for more 12 dogs?

Well if you’re really interested?

Go here…

Road maps and travel guides…Dear WB

or here

Somehow it seemed to fit

“…What you are about to see is top secret. Well then don’t tell my mother…”

Sounds like a fun movie. Bring the popcorn for a “Starscreaming” good time…


PS. I might should tell you that I took a few “creative” liberties with this. And I’m actually happy about the movie. Hey I watched the StarTrek movie and know what the Pokemon are. And I actually know who Optimus Prime is and the story line…. Well

Have a happy Pup. Come back quick and tell me all about it. Love, Mom

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0 commentsSomehow it seemed to fit
Posted May-30-09 16:57:12 PDT Updated May-30-09 20:13:08 PDTSo. The song is Mississippi Girl. The theme is how regardless of how far she’s gone and how well the singer has done she’s still “down home”. Strange to see it played out in this video with the glare of lights and screaming fans.

Like those life sized posters of a “keeping it real” celebrity moment.

It looks real but feels flat and cold to the touch.

Sureal. Just the day job.

American Idol keepin it real for the home folks.

Wanna call in and vote?

So what does this have to do with anything?

Well first off. I like this song and Ms Hill’s music. So this isn’t a critique of her or her work. I’ve never met her so I don’t know what she’s like in private. I do know that her public persona is that of a very nice person. She also seems to do a very good job regardless of how the rest of her life is going. That’s the thing. Personal life. Professional life. Boundaries

I’m just thinking here.

Some how it’s a metaphor for the process by which folks judge “judicial temperment”.

Enjoy the blog.

Cranky gremlins hear me roar.

Author Ann

PS Tryork. (If you were to ever read my blog.) You are better at this style of writing. The ability to jar us all out of our “notions”. Fearless at it. While I struggle to attain the level of similie you soar through to the graceful metaphor.

My strong point is the gentle nudge. The pratfall as a means of illustration. The seemingly stereotypical voice to banal but quiet enough to be heard over the roar.

Yet we are in a strange way alike. Both talking about life on Earth.

And human nature.

There’s a point here somewhere. Lemmie think on it.

I’ll get back to you on it.


On the road to find out… road life

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0 commentsRoad maps and travel guides…Dear WB…
Posted May-30-09 16:52:47 PDT Updated May-31-09 09:22:02 PDTAbout this bumpy road life

Sideroad. Read dirt and gravel but far from poor.

Odd song

It should be Mississppi Girl sung by Faith Hill but it’s not.

A wrong turn in the middle of nowhere?


Some folks call it a misturn but others call it Fate.

Hard to know until the end of the story which it is.

I’ll be good. This is my blog. So I say? Happy road.

Fortuitous turn

Beautiful song could have been sad but it’s not really. Strong. Not sad or broken of spririt..

Road maps and travel guides…Dear WB

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2 commentsRoad maps and travel guides…Dear WB
Posted May-30-09 14:10:06 PDTThis post is for Sunday. I actually wrote it on Saturday. The last post was pretty sad so I thought you and me Gentle Reader could use a cheery kind of post.

Want to be out dancing in our blue jeans not crying in our beer…

I hope you have a great day.

Here’s the new post.


Okay this might be a bit confusing. You see I have two WB’s in my life. They are as different as night and day but they’re both important to me. Both of them are the reason why I’m getting up in the morning and doing all that walking.

Got me to the place where I could.

So anyway… I’m playing hooky today and this really is a great song.

A real toe tapper.

LOL @ this first song. It doesn’t have anything to do with my life really. I don’t look like JoDee Messina and I sure don’t sing like her and there’s no young buck in a truck…

But there’s some pretty fair things going on at the moment and both of them have something in some way to do with these two very different WBs…

Dear WB,

Where are you? I’m getting worried that you fell on your head somewhere at the bottom of one of those cliffs that your always climbing. I have lots to tell you about. You’ll always have hugs in your “hug bank account” but I got to tell you that I running low on the hugs. Besides I don’t think that too many folks would understand why some grumpy, middle aged writer wanna be would think getting up at the crack of dawn to go walk 5 miles is a good idea. Seriously.

Now I have finally, thanks to a really fantasitic ebay seller, got all the fancy dress dishes needed to have you and your favorite person to Thanksgiving dinner. So please do not fall off a cliff or anything. I’m serious here. See I already put that other “seriously” up there already so if I wrote a second seriously?: I must be really, really, really serious.

So pack yer bags and come eat off my fancy dishes. Pup and WB will be cooking so you don’t have to worry. The food will be good. And I might just be “fantabulous”.

Hugs and hugs some more to both of you.

Ann, Pup, WB, the dogs, the finches, the chickens (yes chickens) and maybe Bess and a rabbit. Well maybe the rabbit or maybe not. It’s wild and stays in the rosemary bushes most of the time. Oh and no goats or fish yet. Hugs. We miss hearing from both of you.

PS You’ll never guess what I’m learning to do.

This next song is for you. I know I know you thought the first song was for you. Nope. This one is. I thought you might appreciate the sentiment. “… hung my tears out to dry then my dreams fell out of the clear blue sky…”

or in your case from across the room at a friends party.

Hugs to you. πŸ˜€

“…I know from experience that nothing’s ever going to make perfect sense…”

Now then that’s for one WB but wait there’s another WB

For them?

Dear WB,

“Each night? When I lay down my head after the day? I rest my head in the crook of your shoulder. Then I let out a sigh. Go to sleep. Sometimes I toss and turn. Sometimes? I just go to sleep. Even when you and I have had a fuss that would shake the ceiling there would still be that shoulder to sleep on. But the thing is when there’s not your shoulder here? I leave the light on. Don’t even turn back the covers. I used to sleep on the couch because if felt more like sleeping with another person. I don’t like it when you’re gone.

Last night was one of those nights with the light on.

Not fun.

Even the dogs couldn’t sleep.”

from Conversations With Hannah 30 May 2009. AuthorAnn all rights reserved by the author (that would mean that no one else owns it but the author just so you know)

WB? I was trying to remember the last time I had a night out. All this real life “drahma” is just about to wear me out. Should be some fun somewhere around here somewhere.


Call me.



Now WB. There is a song for you as well. I know Iknow, like WB, you thought that first song with the young buck in the truck was for you. Nope. I’m no resemblance to JoDee Messina and you may have a truck but your ain’t no buck.


But you’re smart and this song will make sense if you think on it long enough.

There ya’ go Gentle Reader. 12 dogs post for Sunday.

Now I’m outta here.




The next post is not the happiest thing to read.

Maybe it will get folks to talking to their kids or to their parents. If you can’t say it outloud you can try what I did and say it in a letter. It’s important so it’s worth a try. As much as I would like to say that this is the “fictional” part of 12 dogs I can’t. I’m optimistic though. Somethings just take a bit.

No, I don’t want to talk about it but thanks for asking.

And my dad is fine. We’re just at a funny place right now.

Father’s Day

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3 commentsFather’s Day
Posted May-30-09 11:43:01 PDT Updated Jul-13-09 13:59:22 PDTDear Dad,

This might not be the happiest of Father’s Days.

I’m sorry.

But in a good way it is the most honest.

Thank you for teaching me to read. This morning I woke up and learned about the parts of a sail. Then I went for my walk. These are gifts that you gave me even if you didn’t realize it. The image of you and Mama walking up the drive with your winter coats on. You had that yellow kitten in your coat so it wouldn’t get cold. I don’t think you really sat down and thought about the pros and cons of taking that kitten home. You just did. Lucky kitten because I know you took good care of it.

Because I know how to read I can already teach myself to sail. As much as I love the water I don’t think I would have ever loved sailing or known that I really could learn without you. Next to Pup I dont think I’ve ever been so happy as I am now.

I wouldn’t have been able to learn it but for you.

It breaks my heart that you and I have never really been able to sit down and talk to each other. If I knew how to fix this I would in a heart beat. Who knows why talking to another person when you love them and you know that they love you can be so difficult. I just know that for me to stop trying should tell you more than any words ever could.

I haven’t really stopped trying Daddy. I really haven’t. I just needed some time to remember life when it wasn’t such a chore. I know that you have lots to do. Now so do I.

I love you Daddy.


Please listen to this song. We are so lucky you and I. We are still here. There is still time.

Say What You Need to Say. I’ll try very hard to understand.

Musical interlude

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0 commentsMusical interlude
Posted May-30-09 10:58:40 PDT Updated May-30-09 11:13:17 PDTFor Pup.

Hugs to you Pup. Be nice to WB. Have fun.

When God brought you into my life he gave me the greatest gift that he could ever give a person. I’m glad that you can go out into the world but still come back to me too. Glad to know that our family increases as you grow up. That I don’t lose you to the world but instead there will be a bigger world for us to see. New adventures.

I know that I’ve not been the perfect mom. Sometimes it’s been an accomplishment just to show up. But I was lucky. You’re a good person. When I didn’t have the answers you did. You really are a “good book”. I know that you’ll do great at what ever you chose to do.

I love you round the world and back again, Pup.

Always have and always will.


Now then.

Cranky gremlins hear me roar. <today's blog…

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1 commentCranky gremlins hear me roar.
Posted May-30-09 09:19:53 PDT
A gentle contrarian's guide to the galaxy for the "ghosts in the machine"… πŸ˜€ Rough draft. Those clothes aren't gonna wash themselves. Don't have time for spell check and proof reading at the moment. You're welcome to "proof read" in the comments.

Well Gentle Readers, there is alot of discussion out hear in the big world of just what "judicial temperment" is or isn't.

Here's a thought.

It is concievable that there would be enough folks in the Legislative Branch to vote in a law to bring back slavery. Before you throw rotten tomatoes my way listen up. I'm not advocating bringing back slavery Not at all. I'm saying that the mechanism to draft and vote for a law of this type can be done. BUT. If that were to happen, the issue would be brought before the US Supreme Court in the Judicial Branch and struck down. Not because they were being "activist judges" or making law. Nope. It would be because there is an Amendment to the US Constitutions (the 13th Amendment) that prohibits slavery. Now it is also posible that if there was an overwhelming majority of the Legislative branch who were very unhappy that their law establishing slavery was struck down and they didn't like the 13th Amendment? They could call a Constitution Convention in the Legislative branch and if the vote were there? They could amend the Constitution and repeal the 13 th Amendment. Then they would once more bring up and possibly pass the law bringing back slavery.

At that point there is a real question of the role of the US Supreme Court.

Do the Justices on the US Supreme Court say, "Okay, we don't like this law personally but the people's representatives in the Legislative branch spoke and they they repealed the 13th amendment. The people no longer wanted the 13 th Amendment with it's safe guard against slavery. As our job is to uphold the law not make the law? While there is an Amendment that deals with the equality of men and women to have their voice heard via the vote? It doesn't say that there is a prohibition to making these people slaves. Are hands are tied by the will of the people."

Or do the justices on the Supreme Court say, " This law would make slaves of people. The spirit of the Constitution and indeed our country is that all men and women are free. To make a person the slave of another is contrary to the very fiber of the whole cloth that makes up our government. The very declaration of our independance from England and the tyrany of kings states clearly, "All men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. Among those rights are life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness." A law that would bring back the old horrors of slavery would be to break the very agreement that this government has with it's citizens. The right to be free."

I know that I'm not exactly playing fair here Gentle Reader. You could have been reading this and thinking, "Well this is silly. No one is going to advocate bringing back slavery. It's a non issue and political suicide. Why would anyone even bother with this?"

Well like I said. There's been ALOT of talk about judicial activism in the Supreme Court. Mention Roe v Wade and see what conversation results.

And then remember that there was a time during the history of our country when it was legal to drink, then illegal to drink, and the legal to drink again. All because of the will of the people, a law, the amending of the Constitution and then the repeal of that amendment to the Constitution.

You do remember from history the issues of prohibition.

It's important to pay attention and vote.

When we're talking about "judicial temperment" and the Justice of the US Supreme Court. Especially a judge who is very young. There is just no telling what laws will be passed and what issues will come before the court. Stem cell research and same sex marriages would have never an idea for justices 100 years ago regardless of which side of the issue they agreed with. Now they are dinner table conversation and on the ballots of many state. There is talk that a Constitutional convention should once again be called to discuss this issue. That Roe v Wade should be revisited. The justices who have been and will be nominated to the Supreme Court will face these questions and be expected to respond.

The question of "judicial temperment" is important.

Will they make rulings based on the way they think the law should be or based on the way it is?

How will they respond?

Please note. This isn't an arguement for or against Judge Sotomayor. For her I would argue a fair fight. No hitting below the belt… well you get the idea.

Mercy knows there's nothting wrong with being an advocate for the rights of people. Not a bit. The question is where that "notion" fits with in the job discription of a justice of the US Supreme Court.

I've got to go wash some clothes and clean stuff. Might not be a new blog tomorrow. Check back to see…

In the mean time here's what I'm starting to write about. It's a rough draft. There's not supposed to be a side to it or a gotcha moment. It's just me wondering and hoping other folks are wondering too.


There's plenty to read. Remember that I meant that one post to be random. Sometimes it seems like the views on the issues of racism and sexism seem to be just as random. But not to worry. There is a commonality to us all as people and as Americans.

Here is the rest of 12 dogs

Author Ann

LOL My phone is barking.

The ring tone.

It's set to dogs barking.


Hope you have a good day.

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2 comments"…God is great. Beer is good. And people are crazy…
Posted May-30-09 06:16:27 PDT Updated May-30-09 06:25:59 PDTOkay.

Folks I've got work to do.

But you know there's some things to think about. About what's racist or sexist or ageist or the "rules" when it comes to getting along in America.

What the heck is "judicial temperment" anyway?

(Hint. To recognize your own prejudices and limitations as well as those of others is a good start.)

There are two posts to read.

Two ways to approach the issue.

One is kind of the cacophony of voices about the issue.

One is the commonality of the issue.

Both were written by the same person.

Just like math class. When the teacher asked you to add 1/2 to 1/3. When you look at it you think, "I can't do that. The bottom numbers are different and the teacher said you can only add fractions when they have the same bottom number."

So you ask, "How? Nothing is the same."

Then she sits you down and says, " Find what they have in common."

We're all Americans.

And we all are promised something from the begininng of our country.

"…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…"

Freedom and a fair shot.

Like the Judge or not, don't begrudge her a fair fight.


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2 commentsAuthorAnn Gender neutral?
Posted May-29-09 12:10:21 PDT Updated May-29-09 12:28:11 PDTIt's not good to favor one race or gender over all others in the courts because we are all supposed to be equal in the eyes of the law but that doesn't mean you are divorced from your past. I'm thinking if we're all honest it can affect how we look at life. I've never met anyone who's felt intense labor pains or kidney stones who's ever said, "No sweat." There's that reflexive moment. Nor have I met anyone who's faced sexual or racial prejudice who's said, "No problem."

Your "sympathy/empathy" status has changed.

Our experience? It covers us all. Like whole body tattoos.

Or sometimes its hidden from view like a Kabuki actor's trueself is hidden in a No mask.

This mornings post is For the first time in years…

Thanks for reading and hugs to you and yours,



The rest of this post is random. It's not meant to be a finished piece of writing. But is more random thoughts. Only the strong of heart or the truly bored should risk reading past this point because it's a pain to read and all over the place. It's okay thought because it is just random thoughts connected by a common question.

The "notion" of "judicial temperment".

But again it's very random. Not rambling but random. Notes for something that I'd like to write about.

There is a difference in law between the Judge, Prosecutor, and Defense Attorney. Each has a role in the judicial process. The Prosecutor is the advocate for the people. The Defense attorney is the advocate for the person charged. The Judge is the advocate for the law itself. It's the Judges duty to make sure that the law is upheld. But it's not the judges job to be advocate. Not the judges duty to proscecute a case or defend a client. They might can step in when there is a gross misjustice. There have been questions concerning the judges ability to alter the decision of the jury. But they can't try a person's case for them. The advocate is the Prosecutor and the Defense attorney not the judge.

On the US Supreme Court, you hear alot about "activist judges", "liberal courts", and "conservative courts". About the US Supreme Court making "law". I remember a quote from Madison. He was one of the people who argued for the Constitution. He was a Federalist and was arguing for a stronger centralized government for the very new United States. But that aquote surprised me. Even the Federalist, Madison, felt that the duty and right to make laws was invested in the "people's house". The US Legislature. The actual role of the US Supreme Court, from what I hear, was actually born of a power struggle between the out going President Adams and the incoming Thomas Jefferson. Marbury vs. Madison.

I guarantee that the situation wasn't a pristine affair.

It was more like a dog fight.

This next article is interesting.

Spin Meter": 2 sides of Sotomayor (Yahoo News)

The whole time I was reading it I thought of the things that Rush Limbaugh has said about wealth and keeping a hold on it. I would think on that point they'd agree. The author is correct, IMO, when he says that this debate should be a careful one where "notions" are separated from the fact. There are pitfalls for both the Democrats and Republicans.

Honestly, I'm thinking that the most interesting and illuminating information will come from someone who has no interest in debunking. Instead it will come from an unguarded but frank discussion. Being a jurist that's got a bit of pit bull in them isn't a bad thing, There's a jurist now whos fiesty. The folks who come before the court to argue those cases are pretty good advocates for their clients. Their clients are in tough spots. To get through to the truth you have to "rattle folks cages a bit". Set them back on their heels a bit.

Didn't some folks think that Alito was boring?

The next part is for Dinners and a comment that he made in my blog.

I'm not attacking Dinners. That isn't my intent at all. I'm asking what he thinks. Trying to dislodge any prejudice of my own too. If it's there lurking in the dark of my Id. like to shine some light on it. Maybe pour some Lysol on it while I'm at it.

Who's quote is this?

"New racism is no better than old racism."

What was the context of the quote? What was the "…new racism…" and what is the "…old racism…" that the person was talking about? How does this fit into the current examination of the latest US Supreme Court nominee?

At what point does pride in your ethnic back ground turn into racism? Is saying that ".. it's about time that there was a Latina nomination to the US Supreme Court…" a racist comment even if the person saying it was complaining about prejudice towards women and Latinos?

Is saying that "…a wise Latina would make better choices than a white male…" racist?

Is saying that "…a white male would make better choices than a Latina…" racist?

Is saying that "…a I white person would make a better choice than a Latina…" racist?

Prejudice is a funny thing. There seems to be acceptable and unacceptible prejudice.


Is the question of a person's race or ethinic background in relation to the courts in and of itself racist even if it is meant to stop that very racism?

Are we are talking about the issue of "affirmative action" ? Or discrimination in the work place? Sexual harrasment? This is a job interview. Is the US Senate Judiciary in danger of sexual harrasment by even bringing up the fact that her job is related to being female? Is it a discrimination suit when the fact of her ethnicity is raised as a factor in nominating her in the first place?

(I'm sorry if this appears strident to anyone. I'm not yelling here. I'm asking because believe it or not these kinds of questions are asked every day in personel offices all over the country. This is a job interview. Would be interesting if the conversation would come up here. This would be illuminating for alot of folks. Give folks an idea of her reasoning in not just the civil rights era but also in business. Especially since the personel department is the US Legislature. Some of whom were around to vote on the civil rights/ non discrimination laws. And the person who's being discussed, if successful, will make rulings on the constitutionality of these laws.

It also oddly enough seems to come up in the school system:

Does anyone think it's funny that the subject of gender and ethnicity didn't come up during Justice Alito's or Chief Justice Roberts hearings?

Do they not ask Conservative nominees these same questions?

Are the questions asked in the veting process designed to debunk the stereotypes or are they trying to protect them?

Or is it just women whose logic is in danger of being overtaken by her hormones?< and was that an "activist" statement of an advocate or one of a "cage rattler" trying to ferret out the truth? There's nothing wrong with being either one. It's just that like firemen and policement? The wear different "hats" on the job.

Again not yelling or complaining. If you could hear me ask? It would be more like, "Well heck let's ask."

I read that a thing is true is the perfect defense against slander.

There's a commedian whose from the South. I think it's Tennesee but he's married to a lady from Alabama so he's on Rick and Bubba's radio show alot. Some folks who see him think that his "ethnicity" is obvious until he opens his mouth and starts talking. If they talked to him on the phone first? They'd again think that his "ethnicity" was obvious.

Until they saw him.

Is this racist?

I'm not asking to be a jerk here. It's just that there are alot of "notions" about people. And that's not a bad thing always. We've been making assumptions and correlations about the world as a means to survive our whole lives. We have a "background" that's helped to define us. Sometimes that's been good and sometimes not good at all.

For a while I had a nick that was gender neutral. I am a writer and I wanted to be known for the fictional characters and my writing. I didn't want to be known as the insert gender, race, age, religion here writer. So I wrote but tried not to divulge my real age, sex, race etc. At least not unless it would deceive or harm. If I saw folks taking it for truth when it wasn't, I'd back up and give them fair warning. I have told folks that I wrote and that fact and fiction live here at the blogs. That's fair.

Matter of fact, the proudest day was when someone questioned wheither I was a man or a woman. They honestly couldn't tell. That was good because it meant that my characters were true to their "character". They could stand on their own "two feet".

I told the person who asked that I was a writer. To me it was the story that was important. That other stuff would only be important to marketing.

But as I get older. As my body, heart and mind have gone through the changes brought by my gender, I can't help but be aware of the gender side of my being. So I look at gender as being parts of "my whole". Maybe the best way to put it is that I can have sympathy for things like labor pains, having a period. having a baby, having menopause… if I've had experience with these things. WB (who is male) will only have empathy because physically? He doesn't have the equipment. So he is "empathetic" while a woman could be "sympathetic".

Notice that I used the word "could" in the last sentence. There are woman who've never had children or didn't have difficult labor and deliveries. They also would be "empathetic" rather than "sympathetic" because even thought they have the "equipment" they've not had the experience. Guess it depends on how one views the "female" or "male" experience. Then there's the fella who was female and had a sex change. Except he kept his reproductive organs. Took hormones and was able to have a child. Not to make light but this couple is trying to change the "notions" on the birthcertificate of their child to dad and mom.

I think that's going to involve a law and gender identification which will probably be coming to a US Supreme Court near you…

Like Topsy it grew… or maybe it was more like Alice (the one in Wonderland).

Cause folks it's got me wondering.

Wondering about the person who said I was an "ageist" because I cited age as the source of experience of aging. Sigh then they talked about the importance of experience and how it negated age as a reason to respect someone. The only way I can experience age and it's related "perks" is to get old. πŸ˜›

My head hurts. πŸ˜€

This mornings post is For the first time in years…

Thanks for reading and hugs to you and yours,


LOL I told you it was random, wordy and a pain to read….

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2 commentsFor the first time in years…
Posted May-28-09 17:00:11 PDT

I have the house and my time to myself. With the exception of the animals? Everyone is hopefully healthy, happy, and busily involved with their important fun stuff.

I have Sex in the City DVD's and a green salad made my way without anyone else to –ehm– "suggest" that it would be better if I (insert "suggestion" here) Soon the dogs will be snug in their houses. The chickens on their roost. I'll have a full stomach and my comfey pants on.

There's no sound in the house but for ambient noise. Even the washing machine is quiet.

It's been that way all day. I'll write. That's good. And I'm looking forward to chatting with folks here. Will study too. Have lots to learn.

But you know what?

I kind of miss the noise. And –well– the person who's making those suggestions is actually a much better cook than I'll be. I like what he makes for sure. I'm looking forward to the quiet time to write and the discussions but between you and me.

I sure do miss them.

Better make hay while the sun shines.



Evening's song…

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7 commentsEvening's song…
Posted May-28-09 15:04:15 PDT Updated May-28-09 16:39:11 PDT"If – no – when I get my boat? It's name will be "TrueWind". It will be that because the term "true wind" is the actual wind that moves the boat throught the water. Not like the "aparent wind" that looks like "true wind" but is only the reflection of "true wind's" hard work."

Hannah Murphy

28 May, 2009


Take a bit and think on it. If you can go out into the yard or stop on the street and find the Sun or the Moon. Think of all the things that you know or think you know.

Ask your self.

Is it what you know? Or– what you think you know?

Which is important?

(This isn't today's post but it is the preamble to it. Today's post is @ the blue link above.)

Cya tomorrow I hope,


PS IF this is your first time to read 12 dogs OR if you've been gone since the holiday?

It might be good to read Ack, Ack, Ack Rain in my brain first then take the links to begin reading about the US Supreme Court nominee and the beginning of this interactive story.

Will try to get a guide for it soon.


Comments On but hidden. There's an explaination I think here . I'm not here to chat at the moment (have to go feed the pups) but you are welcome to leave a comment. It will look as if it will disappear. It didn't. I'll see it here. I'd leave my comments visible but for the nature of the posts. There are strong feelings about this nominee. All folks should have their say. I just don't want my blog comments to become a fuss if I'm not here.

Back soon,


Note. Thank you for the comments. Going to visiit with the pups and chickens.Will be smiling because of the kind hugs from folks I don't get to visit with often enough.

Oh and the best thing for a big "but" is a brisk walk. πŸ˜€ (pretty good)

LOL "…do dah do dah do dah do dah do dah do…."

(that's Lou Reed in case you were wondering.)

"…hey take a walk on the wild side…"


Back tomorrow night.

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7 commentsIs it what you know? Or– what you think you know?
Posted May-28-09 09:15:49 PDTAck, Ack, Ack Rain in my brain The answer to the question, "Why do you have two almost identical posts?" Well, Gentle Reader, it has to do with a link. And a US Supreme Court nominee.

You see…

During all the spin that happens when someone is nominated for a seat on the US Supreme Court, alot of –uhm– notions about groups of people are mentioned. Depending on who you ask these notions can be the foundation of rational conclusions or just plain sterotypical spin. It happens. Just mention that a candidate is of a specific gender, race, member of a specific religion, or a certain age and out they come. African Americans are all liberal Democrats. Women are for abortion. Religious Conservatives are all Southern Baptists from "Middle of Nowhere". All Southerners are racist. I heard this during the Democratic Primary. If you believe in Women's Rights? You will vote for Senator Clinton. If you are African American you'll vote for Senator Barak Obama. If you are gay you will never be a Republican….

I wonder how much the Republicans, the Democrats, or the "spin meisters" know about the Latino demographic. When they say that the "Latino community" will support Judge Sotomayor just because she is a member of a ethnic group. Or that others will not. Already there is spin that, when the President said she was "empathetic", she will automatically rule a certain way on matters of immigration. I'd like to know the written work that leads them to that conclusion. What has she written and said that leads them to that conclusion.

It will be interesting to me to contrast Judge Sotomayor's confirmation hearing with that of Chief Justice Roberts or Justice Alito. The spin in that case was that both of them would rule in very "Conservative Ways". That they would automatically work to overturn the decisions in Roe v Wade for instance. Or that if there was mention of "same sex marriages" that they both would spin hours feverishly looking for any breath of legality that would help them defeat any laws that supported this idea. In the case of Chief Justice Roberts there was a huge debate over his ability to see past his own prejudices when it came to the issue of torture. If I remember correctly he was one of the judges who was hearing a case on just that issue at the time he was nominated. The traditional answer to the question, "Will you just look at the facts of the case? Are you one of those "activist judges"? The person (because it could be someone without judge credentials from what I hear) will say, "I will look at the facts of the case. I will look at the existing law. I will use the "light" of the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the laws passed by "We the People" via our elected officials in the US House and Senate to guide my thought. I will do my very best to lay aside my own agendas when giving my ruling on the case before me. I will lay aside my ego and prejudices for the sake of our Constitution." I hear that's the proper frame of mind of a US Supreme Court judge.

But I still wonder.

You see I have a question. I would honestly like to know, not the pat answer, but the internal turmoil. I'm a bit worried if there isn't any to tell you the truth. If you are the first of anything it's significant. If you come from a background where the influences or obsticals over come or so difficult, it would be hard to believe that there isn't that cosmic "pull" to act to help over come the past. To make smooth the path for those yet to come.

When the nomination was made and I heard it was a woman? I jumped for joy. When I did, WB chastised me for doing so. Why should this nominee be a woman just because there are women in this world? My first very honest reaction was to tell him because it's been so rare that a woman has been in that seat being, being asked those questions, and having a real shot at sitting on the US Supreme Court. A little voice in my heart cried out too, "Because being a woman has for centuries not been easy. Because that even in this day and time there are still females in this world for whom the word "chattel" isn't some archaic term."

How do you not have that twinge. Not all woman will but still.

If you are the first African American US President? How do you not have that pride at being the first.

And how do you close your eyes to the things that you have seen in your journey to get to that seat on the court.

Each of us comes to the day carried on the wings of our past or with the yoke on our backs.

How do you not honestly answer," Because of what I have known before."

to be continued…

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0 commentsAck, Ack, Ack Rain in my brain
Posted May-26-09 11:21:01 PDT Updated May-28-09 15:10:05 PDTHey! This isn't actually today's post. It's more of an explaination of why there are two posts with the same title. I didn't want anyone to think that I deleted their comments.

Thank you for the comments.

Now for the explaination. After I wrote the original post I discovered that I'd not posted a link to an earlier poem. Not good.

The thing is the computer and the weather was just being weird. I was afraid that if I pulled the original post that I might lose the computer access. I didn't want that to happen because, typos and mispelled words aside, I really liked the way the post turned out. So I copied and pasted a duplicate post with the additional link. In the mean time some really nice folks posted on the original post and well I was so happy to see the comments that I didn't want to delete their comments with the original.

So there are two posts.

I hope that you'll read the post and the poem.

Here's the link to both posts

This is the post with the additional link:

Sonya Sotomayor, nominee for justice of …
This is the original post with comments:

Sonia Sotomayor, Chief Justice nominee'

Thank you for reading 12 dogs and for your comments. I'm sorry that I wasn't here to chat with you. Hope to chat soon.

As I find links to Judge Sotomayor and the process, I'll post here. I'm pretty sure that there will be other bloggers who are interested in this nominee and the process.

Remember that the links above take you to today's post. Hope that you will take the time to read it and then link to The Dance of the Free. The poem really fits the day.


Author Ann

When you've finished reading these linked posts? The next one is Evening's song…

I'll annotate soon so that the posts and logic flow. I'm just in the midst of it and the dogs are barking to go run and well I've got to go tend to them.


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