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Archive – May 20083 commentsGracie huh? good night gracie.and remember love does exist AND trust is a good thing AND I am not stupid for thinking this. πŸ˜€
Posted May-02-08 19:23:52 PDT Updated May-02-08 20:10:10 PDTBut apparently there is a limit to the number of characters you can put in a title.

Gracie, Gracie, Gracie.

Love does exist. Trust does exist.

And heck no I am not a stupid blogger.

Kind of goofy, but not stupid.

Kind of klutzy, but not stupid.

Kind of like a puppy. Bouncy. πŸ˜€

Kiaoh and Lady Whit

Gracie’s name sake is Gracie Allen of Burns and Allen. And yeppers that would be George Burns. The stopped being Burns and Allen in 1957. Long time.

Most folks would know them as a duo for their sign off.

George would say, “Say goodnight, Gracie.” Then Ms. Allen would respond, “Goodnight!”

Lady Whit . Oh my Grace Kelly. Such a beautiful woman. While both were as different as night and day, both women were very much “Grace under fire” Both strong but in different ways. I like what I have learned about them.

Now on to the Grace in question. Grace does not believe in the existence of love. And their motto is . “Trust no One” Rather cynical. Horses rear ends. Ehm. LOL

Darlene D I’m fine. Just a dialog. Between a very nice person and the rear end of a horses behinney. Not yall. Not anyone else in blog land just Gracie.

Thanks yall
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2 commentsGracie. Your motto wouldn’t hold water it is so not true. Love exists and trust is a good thing.
Posted May-02-08 18:49:52 PDT Updated May-02-08 19:14:03 PDTThis is to someone who asked who Gracie is. Not to blogland in general. I’m saying this because I don’t want to hurt anyones feelings. This is a specific answer to a specific question.

If you want to know who Gracie is? Read my blog. πŸ˜›

Which you are doing otherwise you wouldn’t have asked the question. Hmmm.

Mind the language.

You my dear are wrong.

Love does exist. All over the world. So does trust.

hey to Kiaoh and Whit .

on the nose kaioh

lady whit Grace Kelly was the true Grace in all kinds of extrodinary situations.

in this case it is Gracie Allen. She was 1/2 of Burns and Allen which ended in 1957.

They are known for their sign off. George Burns would say, “Say good night, Gracie” to which from what I have read Ms Allen replied, “Good night” Although popular opinion had her saying “Good night Gracie”

Thank you both. I like both women very much. Both Grace under fire type women.

By the way do you know who is Gracie’s name sake

very famous person in her own right although she was part of a famous duo.

Gracie Allen of Burns and Allen 1950’s
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6 commentsCongratulations Gracie. You’re correct. Love does not exist.
Posted May-02-08 18:25:29 PDTIn a vacume. Or where you fight so hard for it not to exist. Or where you cling to sad. Or where you go out of your way not to trust.

You are right. In these places love doesn’t exist.

Oh and Gracie

Trust no One? Everything we do in life is a matter of trust.

Trust is difficult Gracie. Durn hard. What is it that Prince has on his blog. Being kind isn’t a sign of weakness. But a sign of strength. Got to trust folks to know that.

Otherwise, why bother.

You are such a joy. Yet you are clinging to all the bad experiences in your life.

Unless I am making ASSumptions. You know. I ask. If I’m wrong you’ll tell me. Even if it is to tell me to f off you old fart.

I was just telling someone here. That I’d be your friend in a heart beat. But you ask so much. And I try too hard. And I mess up. It’s my fault. I’m not so good on trust myself. Maybe that’s why my best friends were instantaneous. If they’d been anything else we might not have been friends.

But love does exist Gracie. Just not if you try to grow it where the ground is so unforgivingly hard and rocky. It’s just me. I’m kind of a f up in this stuff. Like Edison, I’ve got 2000 ways to mess up a friendship. He had 2000 ways not to make a lightbulb.

Gracie it wouldn’t piss you off so. You’d get on with it.

Write about it Gracie. Put it in your blog. Call me the worlds biggest nutso cookoo azszhole. mother in the world. Go ahead let fly. I’ll be the first one to defend you doing so. Take your main character and have her jump off a cliff. What ever it takes to get where trust no one is no longer your motto. I feel like a bull in a china shop here. That I’ve messed up. I’m sorry. You trusted me and I blew it. You asked why should you care . I knew enough about you and trust. Should have known to sit still and listen. Not just leave. But the world is bigger than that.

I’m sorry. I just made it worse. Not sure I have the emotional reserves here. I need easy relationships where folks want to know me. But right now my friends would have to understand that trust is an issue. And when ever I get close to someone that old feeling of doom is eminent comes calling. Sometimes when that happens I’ve actually stopped a really good relationship rather than risk the chance that they would break my trust and leave.

It’s stupid but it’s true.

LoL I have a feeling that we are both porcupines you and I.

Neither of us is so good in the trust area.

I’m sorry.

Comments are on but hidden. I cant chat at the moment kind of busy. Please post though I’ll gladly chat later.

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25 commentsWhat I learned tonight.
Posted May-02-08 16:56:13 PDTFriendships. That’s what I learned tonight.

There are folks who just want to know you. It’s no drama or effort. They say hello. They want to know who you are. They will know your name sooner or later. They are happy to see you. You just open your mouth, say what you think, use reasonable care not to hurt their feelings. And be happy together.

There are others who you will never know. They don’t want to know you at all. They are the ones that you have to measure every word with. You have to because one false step or one mistake and they are gone. You end up twisting like a pretzel just to have a conversation.

I have had both types of friendships.

I have worked hard to maintain both types of friendships.

But tonight I learned that sometimes the best thing is just let it go. Let it drift off. It makes you sad to see it leave. You think of all the things you did wrong. The big and the small things. Normally I would be trying to make ammends. Apologizing. Doing what ever so to maintain that friendship.

Tonight I just had to say hey. Okay. Have a nice life. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings, but you know you’re right, why in the heck should you care. Cause if you don’t it’s a free country. We both got our right to be free and be friends with whomever we want. Don’t let me take up anymore time with foolishness.

In my heart of hearts I would love to stop and say. What the heck is going on here. Please don’t leave. I like you idiot. Why is this so difficult? I tell my son that relationships are like holding hands. If you fight with someone and it get’s to the point that you no longer can hold hands? I tell him to stop the fight and try and work it out. Otherwise? He could be losing something valuable.

I’m shaking my head here. Because when I asked the question of myself, “Why would you hold on?” I said, “I dunno why.” I like this person. They like me. They said so. So what in the heck is happening here. I said that I’m sorry. I’m ready to go enjoy the happy parts leave the sad in the dust. Older, wiser, and with good company hard fought.

But I guess that’s not enough.

I so enjoyed the person’s company. But I can twist myself till the cows come home and this other person would find another reason to leave.

Takes two to be friends.

I’m gonna miss them but you know there are other folks who really want to know me. They’re glad to know me. They’ve actually gone out of their way to say hello. And when I mess up I don’t have to feel that every word maybe our last if I don’t say the right thing. I mess up. They get mad. But at the end of the day we forgive. We’d miss each other if they left. So we forgive our friends their foibles. Do so until the point that they take too much and even then we still hold on alittle longer. For the last chance to make things right.

This is a really good thing to know.

It’s not something my immediate family taught me.

It’s what my two best friends taught me. The one’s whose loss I grieved.

But I will miss this person.

I’m going to leave the light on for them should they decide I’m not a jerk. But I’m not going to ball up into myself if they don’t. Will be happy if they do, but won’t shrivel up and die if they don’t. Going to be sincerely happy to see them when ever they pass my way. No reason to be uncomfortable.

It’s just there is something I hope that they’ll think on.

“I am who I am.” they said. “So you just like me the way I am.” they demanded of me. Funny I did like them. Just the way they are.

They were the ones who didn’t like me.

I am who I am too. πŸ™‚

That’s what I learned tonight


And to answer the question, “Why should you care if I care.” Well it’s like this. Talking to you has been the best thing that has happened to me in ages. You are like having hope for me. When I talked to you? I wrote. I slept. I looked forward to letting myself get close to someone again. Not holding the world at arms length. I thought you liked me too. At one point you talked about kicking the friends to the door because they didn’t want us to be friend. I told you not to. Remember. This is difficult on the internet. And you’re right trust is tough in the ether. But I was willing to give it a go. A really big deal because I haven’t wanted to for a very long time. And I am very afraid of being hurt.

And I’m cute and cuddly too,

That’s why you should care. Cause let me tell you something missy. You can be just as high maintance as I am. And I like you. For you. Not the outside. But the inside.

So there.

I’m gonna have fun.

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9 commentsPsst.. in 8 more I’ll be 16
Posted May-02-08 15:18:36 PDT Updated Mar-28-09 03:14:58 PDTAnd I’m gonna need this posting space.

Happy Deciduous Trees Day.

((((Hugs from the future which is now the present. LOL It’s okay. Just sometimes confusing… I was correct I did need this post. I just didn’t necessarily need it last year. I needed it this year. I like the writing in May 08 very much. This is when Hannah sprung to life.

Well Gentle Reader, you are not going to believe this but Gracie came back. With someone special in tow. I’m almost at 100,000 views. That’s alot. There are some not so good things but there’s some good. I’m writing a book, a fairytale (that’s why I need this blog space), and I’m still writing the book.

But right now there’s a storm coming and I need to bathe and get some sleep. ) Until then, here’s the link to my fairy story. It’s a real puzzle and I wrote it for a friend.

I’m going to post it when I hit 100,000 as I’m 3000 views from that and traveling pretty fast with the views? I better get to writing.

Here’s the link.

Next on 12 dogs… Coming attractions



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6 commentsWhat ever you do
Posted May-02-08 14:23:27 PDT Updated May-02-08 14:35:08 PDTDO NOT. I REPEAT. DO NOT. GO LOOKING INTO THE.,.


Be warned..
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18 commentsHumor for the literary guild
Posted May-02-08 09:52:11 PDTSo a panda walks into a bar…

Yall know this?

A panda walks into a bar.

Orders a drink.

Drinks said drink.

Shoots the bartender

and leaves.

When asked why he did it?

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36 commentsWhatever gets you through the night…
Posted May-02-08 09:29:07 PDT Updated May-02-08 09:34:27 PDTWhat get’s you through the night?

Me? It’s coffee, cigarettes and ebay..

(Lol. I’m trying to improve my image OR maybe plan my weekend. Haven’t decided yet.)

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13 commentsReasons for Woman President.
Posted May-02-08 09:01:56 PDTYou know. As a woman, I am hopeful that in say another century or so we the people will have a madam president.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there are alot of good reasons that people have for wanting the kinds of presidents we’ve had in the past. But fellas, concidering that most women buy your clothes, you mother’s birthday presents, raise your children, and cook and clean your house, aren’t you ready to give the women one more thing to do in their slacker day?

I’m sure that they would be happy to. Now. Go play golf or shoot turkeys or watch a ball game. Let us women folks handle all the other for you.

Trust us. You do with everything else. So why not this.

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0 commentsNew day New goals.
Posted May-02-08 08:17:58 PDTI am a woman in transition. In flux. Standing at the edge of the cliffs of change I boldly survey the horizon. Looking forward, but mindful of the past, I must reach my potential.

To do that a girl has gotta have goals. And know how to multitask. My first attempt at this was a winner!!!!

After conferring with that well known new age guru Tryork. I have combined my need for goals with my status as newbie poster. That and the fact that Tryork posted the most excellent list of rules for newbies. AND he said I could use them.

So for the following posts I will one by one attempt to mold myself into the perfect ebay newbie AND make “me” happy too!

Step one.

BLOG TIP sure that your avatar looks NOTHING like you…

Okay, My avitar is a dog food bowl with a dog on it.

Now while there have been some in my recent past that said that I did indeed look like a female dog. Read that bitch. I know for sure that I do NOT look like a dogfood bowl. So CHECK. First goal completed. OH Happy Day

What a great start!!

Comments on.

Time in solitude is highly over rated.

Blog in flux.

Solitude sux.

(My new motto. Spiffy huh. It rhymes. πŸ˜€ )

Gotta clear out the underbrush and get to the good stuff.

Besides it’s either writing or cleaning the closets.

Guess which won.

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3 commentsThe New South’s Answer to Eudora Welty
Posted May-02-08 07:25:33 PDT Updated Feb-26-09 12:47:16 PSTNow in addition to having goals a woman on the move to find her potential must have ROLL MODELS.

[I wanted Tryork to be my roll model. But lets face it. Tryork is a guy. He belches and farts. Not exactly the best roll model for a woman writer on the go (aka WWoG pronounced W aa guh). So I had to look else where. But where?] < Tryork has corrected me on this. Apparently he has never belched or farted. So I feel that he can once again be a roll model. This is good because I like to read his blog.

This was going to be much more difficult that I thought.

Southern Woman Writers. Hmmmm?

In the mean time, incase there are any mentor type writers about, here is a writing sample. Enjoy.

My Favorite posting:

I'm bored.

And I have hemorroids.

This is serious.

I have the mind of a golden retriever.

I can't be left alone when I am bored.

And I have hemorroids.

I start chewing on the table legs.

I start looking stuff up.

Like this hemorrhoid picture.

Did you know?

I'm going to put my boredom in this post.

And leave it here.

You can too.

Will delete it tonight.*

Send boredom and hemorroids

to the internet ether.

Where they belong.

Comments are hidden.

Can't chat though

Made turkey burgers

They are calling me.

Can you hear them

They are saying, "gobble, gobble…"

"Gobble me up Iron."

Gotta go.




Will not be deleting this post.

It is too good as "hemorrhoid. The blog."

Providing a public service.

Boredom and my hemorrhoids will just

have to peacefully co-exist.

All together now-

"Boredom and my hem–o–ROIDS

live together in perfect har–MO–NYY"



Note from the future.

You know, this isn't just an "on it's face" commentary of my burning "(t)issue" Gentle Reader. Oh no. This is a metaphor for relationships. Wheither it be of the love life or the political. It's a light poking at the "stuff" of getting along with one another.

Am I good or what….


I also found this companion piece in the archives as well.

For those folks who are regular readers of this blog or survivors of that experience known as "12 dogs and a blog, the beta version", you know that I have been suffering.

You see. I have. A hemorrhoid.

Here's a graphic.

Did you know?

To be more accurate, I SUFFER GREATLY from a hemorrhoid. But I am of tough and stoic stock. I gathered up all my intestinal fortitute (yeah I said it) and well have been trying to avoid the (t)issue all together. I don't do doctors people. My great aunt and I agreed on this. It was our opinion that going to the doctor made you sick. And we hated to be sick.

So day after day I suffered in silence. While that ingrate, my hemorrhoid, made me miserable. There "he" sat. You know if it is "a pain in the butt" that it has to be the "he" in "he"morroid. Well, "he" and I were getting along barely but yet still able to function. Kind of like most married couples. That was until the ungrateful thing began to itch. I don't mean itch in the lower case letters of annoyance. Oh no. This puppy started an all out capital letters with itallics and exclamation point screaming ITCHING !!!!!!. Now, like a married couple in divorce court fighting over the dog, my "he"morroid began making life a living hell. On a Sunday night. The only thing worse was having a yeast infection when I was "20 months" pregnant. If the ITCHING !!!!!! weren't enough, to put it as delicately as I know how? Now? There is bleeding. I am bleeding out of a bodily orafice. This can not be good. It can also not be ignored. If it doesn't stop doing this soon, I will have to go throught the humiliation of seeing a doctor. I will have to explain three times why I am there. First there will be the written, "What is your complaint?" form. Next there will be the helpful triage nurse interview. And finally if that weren't enough there will be the disinterested or worse highly amused doctor interview. I am so not looking forward to this process. I have never in my life squeezed my butt cheeks together so tightly in my life. I do this because I heard pressure stops bleeding and painful agony stops itching. I don't know what the heck is going to stop the burning. According to my helpful tv set it is some kind of rectal cream called Anusol. But only with the hydrocortisone, I am advised. To stop the inflamation. Oh joy and goody. Now to add to the humiliation, there will be questions by the helpful Pharmacy Tech and the helpful pharmacist. The will, no doubt, be some snark fest of a person who is not only younger than me but who is paid more than me.

I am in agony.

No, it is not funny.

Stop laughing.



"hemorroid The Blog!!" – The nightmare continues.

Back to the future? (February 25, 2009)

Does your chewing gum lose it's flavor?

or to the past? (September 18, 2008)

No sleep tonight. πŸ˜€ <this way is actually pretty good. Has Trace Adkins video. Funny story line. It's okay

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1 commentWhy I'll never marry a MagPie or Black Widow.
Posted May-02-08 07:24:23 PDT Updated May-02-08 08:47:13 PDTA woman on the go must be knowledgeable about many, many things. For instance culture. We are just full up with culture.

I live in the south. Our songs and stories are colorful, fearful things.

I thought I'd start with a voodoo queen song. Like many of our songs it also tells a story. You may have heard it.

Down in Lou'siana where the black trees grow live a voodoo lady named Marie Lavaux
She got a black cat tooth and a mojo bone and anyone wouldn't leave her alone
She go GREEEEEEEEEEEE another man done gone

She live in a swamp in a hollow log with a one eyed snake and a three legged dog
She got a bent bony body and stringy hair and if she ever seen you messin' round there
She go GREEEEEEEEEEEE another man done gone

And then one night when the moon was black into the swamp came Handsome Jack
A no good man that you all know and he was lookin' around for Marie Lavaux

He said Marie Lavaux you lovely witch why don't you gimme a little charm gonna make me rich
He said now gimme million dollars and I'll tell you what I'll do, this very night I'm gonna marry you
It'll be GREEEEEEEEEEEE another man done gone

So Marie did some magic and she shook a little sand, she made a million dollars and she put it in his hand
Then she giggled and she wiggled and she said hey hey, I'm gettin' ready for my wedding day
But ol' Handsome Jack, he said "Good-bye Marie, you too damn ugly for a rich man like me"
So Marie started cryin', her fangs started shakin', her body started turnin', she started quakin'
She said GREEEEEEEEEEEE another man done gone

So if you ever get down where the black tree grow and meet a voodoo lady named Marie Lavaux
And if she ever asks you to make her your wife, man you better stay with her for the rest of) your life

Another man done gone.??

Well there ya go. Alittle bit of story in a song. Will have to wrassle up some more stories and songs from the south.

Because? I am a Woman Writer on the Go. WWoG.

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