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Posted Nov-16-08 21:12:00 PST Updated Nov-17-08 06:53:34 PSTThat’s it.

I am officially overwhelmed with all this Thanksgiving stuff. It’s all just too much. I need more time. I need more advice. People could get sick from my cooking and I’d never hear the end of it. Ever. I’ve got heart burn and I haven’t even cooked the turkey. So I made a decision. Since the holiday season from now until January2 is all mixed up anyway…

I’m just gonna call this whole period Happy Holidays and have Thanksgiving when ever I durn well please. Sometime around February.

Happy Holidays. Here’s some music.


PS Thank you Barrier and MadCat. Have started deepbreathing and will be eatting Zantac’s soon. LOL I think I can. I think I can. I think politics or domestic policy would be easier. LOL.

I was watching this video and thinking to myself, “You know they must have that camera right inbetween that horse’s ears. Then I noticed that that horse had human ears.


Wanna see something cooooool in case you missed it this weekend?

Thanksgiving Countdown. Consumer Alert!

Happy Holidays.


I love this song. For alot of reasons. Matter of fact it’s my new philosophy of life.

Dear Santa, May I please have someone like this for Christmas. If not Christmas? NewYear’s Eve? Someone 6ft tall in a Male? Someone with Craig Ferguson’s funny and good looks?

I’ve been oh so very good these last 8 years…

Thank you, Ann
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0 commentsIn case this is your first visit to Virtual
Posted Nov-15-08 20:30:20 PST Updated Nov-15-08 23:04:41 PST

I hope that you enjoy your visit here. Before you read this blog, I should try and explain alittle about just what 12 dogs is. Since so much of the “story” in an interactive writing journal, reading the stories is dependent on the “blue links”. Let’s start there.

Click> Tales of Blogland Songs Of A Virtual Ocean

When you’ve come back from your “blue link” visit, use the links below to enter 12 dogs. Our current theme is “preparing for Thanksgiving”. Author Ann, our head writer, southerner, and who is NOT a “domestic diva” is trying her best to “immerse” herself in the process.

Bless her heart. She does try.

We hope that you’ll visit often and enjoy the story.

Happy Reading,

Auntie Slacker.

PS. LOL Please remember:

Author Ann? Real person. Me in fact. Resident of the Deep South, writer, and proud of it.

Welcome to Virtual, Alabama.

Population? The internet give or take one or two.

Our motto?

Hell yeah we’re different but that’s a good thing.

Here’s the first links.

Happy Holidays Women in bikinis! Caution…

Or you could enter here but only if you are a LateLateShow fan.

Hurrah and hurray.

PS. I don’t know how to explain why I like this song. I guess that it’s the gentle treatment of life? The melody kind to the lyrics. If you live long enough life becomes a complicated thing. Even the innocent can have scars upon thars. In the end you just hope for a kind word and a gentle touch. That the eyes you see love you back even when they see the scars. I hope for that. If I grow old it’s with someone who laughs with me at the predicament of surviving.

I dunno why but that’s what I hear in this song. Got to be able to laugh. If you can laugh you still have hope. Most optimistic thing a person can do.

“Listen to my heart beat…”

There’s alot of real out there in the ‘real world’.

Good to have a place to be.

Welcome to Virtual.

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0 commentsHurrah and hurray.
Posted Nov-15-08 07:21:34 PSTI found a house band for the Late Late Show with Tv’s Craig Ferguson. What a talent and hey I’m thinking his fee is right. And he has a cute accent. And he’s cute. And he charitable. And he can write his own music so it cuts down on those pesky royalty fees…

So without further?

The (hopefully) new house band for tv’s Craig Ferguson.

Charlieissocoollike (Ithink)

Hey he can webcamit for the show and then YouTubeit for later.

Next? Keep reading there’s more.

Happy Holidays Women in bikinis! Caution…
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1 commentWho’s Charlie?
Posted Nov-15-08 07:05:29 PST Updated Nov-15-08 07:20:48 PST
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2 commentsHappy Holidays Women in bikinis! Caution!
Posted Nov-15-08 03:39:09 PST Updated Nov-15-08 06:46:49 PSTI’m all for Second Amendent rights but come on…

I’m making this my Christmas Card this year. .

Or maybe this next video. Can’t quite decide.

Indecision 2008, welcome to the Economic summitt.

Guess what people. WalMart made a profit.

I mean can you appreciate the irony here.

Democratic President.

Democrat majorities in the US Senate and US House.

Progressive Democrats who don’t like Walmart.

And WALMART. YES WALMART shows a profit. Tee Hee

This next year is going to be soooo entertaining .

Just wait until you see this years holiday gift list.

I’m giving one of my hunting relatives a life time membership to PETA.

I’m giving another relative who’s a vegetarian a meat of the month subscription

Happy Holidays

from 12 dogs

Next stop? Thanksgiving Countdown. Consumer Alert!

Part of this post. I got a theme going here.

This weekend @ 12 dogs and a blog

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0 commentsWelcome! Count down to Turkey Day
Posted Nov-15-08 02:53:38 PST Updated Nov-15-08 03:38:30 PSTHappy Weekend Gentle Readers!

So I’ve gotta get a haircut and clean the bathroom before my folks make another surprise visit to Casa Ann.

Because I don’t want to leave ya’ll with nothing to do, I’ve assembled several instructional blog posts to keep you motivated and informed.

The first video is about deep frying turkeys otherwise known as Jackass The Thanksgiving Special.

Pay attention and read the disclaimer. While we feel like all 12 dog readers are responsible adults and we are certainly not your mama? We don’t want to get sued either. So while you are going,”OOOh fire pretty!!” Please take note of the disclaimer highly endorsed by our favorite fictional cousin and lawyer, the lawyer Cousin W.Bruce, Esq..

Oh and if you could just initial and date in the appropriate places? Thanks!

So here’s your assignment for the rest of the weekend reading fun.

Today? Well there’s the videos about deep frying turkeys you may have just read:

Thanksgiving Countdown. Consumer Alert!
But if it’s Sunday? There’s

Martha Thanksgiving Immersion Method Consumer Allert

For Sunday night Week in Review?

A word from our Thanksgiving Diva Author Ann. This weeks words of wisdom?

Look at Mmmmeeee I’m Sandra Deeeeeee

You can find the links to last weeks post with Russell Crowe, Jennifer Garner, and Martha Stewart’s “spy shoes”. Oh and Author Ann’s questions for God are there too.

Other than that?

Well you can read the post with all the videos about stuff that my other cousin likes. The artsy stuff. It’s called “Butterfly”.

On second thought? We might need to watch that one too.

Wouldn’t hurt some of us to get some culture round here. I’m talking to you Intern Jack. And no, we are NOT buying you a deep fat fryer and a 20 pound turkey.


Auntie Slacker

Happy Holidays! From 12 dogs and a Blog o*~*o

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0 commentsThanksgiving Countdown. Consumer Alert!
Posted Nov-15-08 02:19:26 PST Updated Nov-15-08 06:51:43 PST

No discussion of Thanksgiving cooking safety would be complete without talking about, “Deep Frying” turkeys. We at 12 dogs put it like this,

“For the love of all that’s Southern. Please. Remember that a case of Colt45, your weird Cousin Harold and a turkey fryer DO NOT MIX.”

Now please.

Sit down, shush up, and watch this helpful video.

And if that didn’t convince you of what a really bad idea this is,

from those alert folks at WLWT Tv5!

I showed this to WB and Pup thinking this would discourage them from the idea of cooking a turkey out of doors. I think I’ve been successful. They watched the video mesmerized. The only word coming from their mouths being, “Whoaaaa”. I’m a bit worried though. They just left out for the Walmart with a most unusal shopping list. I mean what in heavens name are they going to do with 20 gallons of peanut oil and a propane tank.

Oh no…

Notice! From my own Cousin Lawyer Bruce.

A disclaimer.

We at 12 dogs do not endorse cooking your Thanksgiving turkey this way. OHH NOOO. I mean any endevor that includes, “…whose drunk a&& idea was this…” or involves your weird Cousin Steven? Is in our opinion a very bad idea. Unless your weird Cousin Steven is with the fire department and has invited half the local Fire Department and a fire tanker truck over to help film a fire demostration for the local Tv station.

In that case? Well alllllllriiiggght. Can we come too?

Oh and does anyone think that the news casters over at Channel 5 sound familiar. Like Barbara Walters?

For the rest of this weekend at 12 dogs?

Welcome! Count down to Turkey Day


Martha Thanksgiving Immersion Method Consumer Allert

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0 commentsMartha Thanksgiving Immersion Method Consumer Allert
Posted Nov-15-08 02:17:08 PST Updated Nov-15-08 06:30:58 PSTNOTICE. DANGER ALERT!

Hey Ya’ll. This is Auntie Slacker. While we wouldn’t begin to give Author Ann grief for her sudden and unexplained burst of domesticiy this holiday season, we are abit worried about this “Martha Stewart immersion method” of learning to cook.

Witness this un edited video of Author Ann as she expresses her new found love for all things Martha.

I dunno’ about you, but me and Intern Jack think that she has gone a bit too far.

Impresionable children and Martha “wannabees” are cautioned to leave the room.

I’m worried folks. She in the other room right now watching infomercials about expresso machines and mumbling,” Gosh only three easy payments of fortynine dollars and ninety nine cent? Hmm and just think how good that expresso will taste with my pumpkin pie or is it sweet potato? No on second thought it may be cake…”

Dunno folks. Maybe an intervention from a higher authority is in order…

If Frankie can’t get to her? I don’t know who can.

Is there a 12 step program for Martha Stewart wannabes?

So what’s the problem?

Just look:

Look at Mmmmeeee I’m Sandra Deeeeeee

Happy Holidays!

from 12 dogs and a blog

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0 commentsLook at Mmmmeeee I’m Sandra Deeeeeee
Posted Nov-15-08 01:05:23 PST Updated Nov-15-08 03:13:44 PSTYa’ll, as you know this is the first week of preparation for that cooking marathon known as Thanksgiving. Using the “immersion method” used successfully to learn a language, I have begun marinating my brain in all things Thanksgiving via Martha Stewart. To recap? We began the week on Sunday afternoon as we took a look at the right music to set the mood at our holiday brunch. I’m leaning towards that time honored holiday clasic, “I’m a Hoochie Coochie Mama” but I’m thinking my friends and especially my neighbors are going to love the George Thoroughgood classic “Bad to the Bone” . Oh a holiday tip from The Martha Decorates the Big House Special? Always invite the neighbors and the police department to your holiday party! That way when the neighbors want to complain about the music? All they have to do is walk across your livingroom to do it. Extra points if you put the police chief in charge of the music. Now who says that time Martha spent with the legal system was a waste. Then we learned how to “stuff it” with actor Russell Crowe and Martha Stewart. During this lesson Russell shows us which end is up in that big ole’ bird. Next? Well after Russell taught us how you walk the walk in the kitchen, Martha taught us how to talk that “kitchen talk” as she and actress Jennifer Garner “laquer up it up” with cranberries and Jen.

Finally we thought about that all important Thanksgiving blessing as we considered just what we’d ask God.

Yeah team! We got the main dish and the tunes and the blessing! Go team Turkey!

Love ya ! Author Ann

Next stop?

How to talk “kitchen talk” with Martha Stewart and Jennifer Garner.

@ Spy shoes and “laquered up turkeys” ?

What we’d ask God should we meet him in the frozen turkey section at Costco otherwise known as

The 60 second funnies !

I don’t know about you but boy do I have questions. Like how come when Martha burns the turkey is cuisine but when I do it it’s a kitchen disaster?

Finished reading for the day?

Then > Blogs

Happy Holidays!

from 12 dogs and a blog
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0 commentsButterfly
Posted Nov-13-08 21:19:23 PSTI love the graphics and the melody. Looking for the translations.

I forget that I wanted very much to be a sculptor and to photograph the world.

60 second funnies
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15 comments60 second funnies
Posted Nov-13-08 08:23:27 PST Updated Nov-15-08 03:13:04 PST

Please note. I’m not trying to make fun or mock here. For along time I didn’t laugh. Now I do. I delight in humor because for me laughter really is a gift. I know that folks use it to make fun of folks but not here.

Make a joyful noise. I read it in the Bible somewhere.

I can’t think of anything more joyful than to laugh.

It’s what gets me by in this world on the sad days.

That and family and friends. And the pups.

Now then.

Someone asked a really good question of me this morning. If I could ask God a question what would I ask. I have the serious response written but not posted yet. I wanted to tell them first. In the mean time I tried a funny look at the question since I needed a laugh.


Questions I would ask God if I could…

The more or less funny version…

If we are all equal in the eyes of God? Why did you make dumb people?

What is the correct answer to the question,” Do these jeans make my butt look big?

Could I please find the pair of jeans that didn’t make my butt look big?

Could I please have a visit from the cleavage fairy?

What are the numbers for next weeks Lotto?

Have you ever looked at someone who picked the correct Lotto numbers and said, “Naw that guy/girl has just been a right horses butt.” and then changed the numbers at the last minute?

Could you give me the 8oo billion for the bail out? I’ve been pretty good with the 45 bucks I get each week. Just think what I could do with 800 billion.

Why did you let anyone named Barney who looks like Barney Rubble on the Flinstones any where near the banking commitee?

Where’s my extra set of reading glasses?

If beauty is on the inside why did you let Vogue, Cosmo, or super models happen?

Could you get someone to invent a two week lose 20 pounds diet that actually works? I don’t mind if they become rich just as long as the diet works.

Why did you inflict the devil on this Earth as punishment to the devil? Doesn’t that punish us? Couldn’t you have just given him a couple of really evil exwifes in a 5o 5o divorce state like California? Then left the rest of us alone.

Eve and that apple is not my fault. Why am I as a woman still paying for that one? Can you do away with labor pains and menstral cycles for women? Give them to men maybe? Remember what mom says,” It’s not your fault what someone asks you to do, it’s if you do what they ask that counts.” Last time I read the Bible? Eve may have suggested it but it was Adam that did it. Adam’s turn.

Could I be rich now? I promise that I will give you 10%.



I figure that if God is responsible for the duckbilled playtypus and my love life, then he or she has to have a sense of humor.


Martha Stewart and Jennifer Garner talk turkey @

Spy shoes and “laquered up turkeys” ?
Happy Holidays

from 12 dogs and a blog

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0 commentsSpy shoes and “laquered up turkeys” ?
Posted Nov-11-08 21:43:47 PST Updated Nov-13-08 21:25:36 PST

Okay, if you’ve been reading my blog or know me out here in the “real world”, you know that I’ve begun prep for the “Superbowl” of cooking. A day that can turn a normally sane individual into a blathering idiot, a type A jerk, or a candidate for sainthood.

The day?


I come from the land of epic meals people. Here cooks have already begun the rites of holiday cooking and parties. Activities which leave them in exhausted heaps while relatives they only see once a year are scarfing the last piece of pie. Pie that they cooked but they themselves cannot eat because of some stupid cholesterol test or because they’d really like to fit into their blue jeans come January.

Then there’s me.

The idiot who said, “Hey lets cook here.” AFTER someone offered to take them out to eat. Yeah, I know it was stupid. I’m an idiot.

But I’m an idiot who’s kind of getting excited about it.

An idiot who finds her free time spent doing research on how to cook a turkey and a pie. Lucky you, Gentle Reader! I’m going to write about it. Yeppers, you get to be right in there with me as I try to figure out with actor Russell Crowe, which end of the turkey you stuff. Watch as I learn about “kitchen talk” and “spy shoes” with Jennifer Garner. You and I will learn the wisdom of Jedi Master Martha S. as she reminds us all that, “… A few little lumps of texture is good for your pie!” Oh the joy of why you put these little metal rock things in a pie crust. Yeah, I’m baking a pie crust. For the pumpkin pie. WB is making the pecan pie.

Not to worry too much Gentle Reader. This experience is what’s called a “life enriching” growing experience. I’ve decided to CMR (cover my rear) by making this ” “life enriching” growing experience” into a group effort. That way no one will complain about the results cause they all had a hand in it. Literally. If you come anywhere near my house this Thanksgiving you will find yourself elbow deep in some form of cooking. Probably the dressing. Cornbread and pecan. Wash your hands.

Or choping vegetables. Please have health insurance and DO NOT bleed into the vegetables if you get cut. We’ll need it for the dressing. See above.

Now as every good leader knows, I’ve got to at least sound like I know what I’m doing as to encourage confidence in my “troops”. It will keep folks from jumping ship and leaving me alone to cook by myself.

Not what I want to happen.

But what to do?

The one thing I remember about Thanksgivings past, when they would actually allow me in the kitchen, is that there is this running conversation that goes on during the cooking process that has absolutely nothing to do with cooking. And it will keep folks distracted from the fact that they are having to cook their own meal.

It’s called “Kitchen chatter”.

Come on. Ya’ll all know what I’m talking about. Like when you “dish” about your weird Uncle’s nose hair. And “twitter” about it. Aren’t camera phones with internet access just the best. Or you wonder aloud how in the world your cousin Silvia will ever, EVER, get married to that guy sitting in the living room after he’s seen her relatives. Even better, how in the world did she get him to go out with her in the first place.

You know. Kitchen talk.

I want to do this “kitchen talk” right. If I do folks will be mesmerized into helping. They won’t leave me abandoned with piles of stuff I’m not really sure why I bought in the first place. Or leave me on some disasterous path less taken because I didn’t read the directions.

That’s why I’ve once again gone to the authority.

Martha Stewart.

Witness this effortless conversation between “Alias” star Jennifer Garner and Martha as they make a cranberry glaze for the “laquered turkey” … As they confidently do whatever the heck they are doing to cranberries inorder to “laquer that turkey”. Listen how they talk about anything other than what they are actually cooking. Like networking for cameo appearances on tv shows or talking about really good green, alligator leather “spy shoes”. Hmmmm now that’s cooking.

You know I think I missed somethings by not hanging out in the kitchen. Like a job. By the way, did you ever figure out what a “laquered turkey” is?

Me neither. But I’m gonna’ excel at this kitchen talk.

Thanks Martha!

So this Thanksgiving, instead of sitting out in the living room or in the den or what ever you’ve normally done in years past?

Go into the kitchen and get to helping.

The “kitchen talk” is going to be spectacular.

And? At my house?

It maybe the only way you’ll get something to eat.


This next instructional video is a bit easier to understand.

It’s got Martha Stewart and Russell Crow wrasslin’ a turkey. And talking about cow fertility…

Russell, when it comes to “kitchen talk”?

You’re the best.

Spy shoes and “laquered up turkeys”?

Happy Holidays!

from 12 dogs and a blog !

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0 commentsSpy shoes and “laquered up turkeys”? The Sequel.
Posted Nov-11-08 20:30:58 PST Updated Nov-13-08 07:38:35 PST

Okay so I was watching yesterday’s video.

The one for “kitchen talk” and “laquered turkeys”.

And I still have some questions.

Like why, when making the cranberry “laquer” if they use Juniper berries to make gin do you have to go buy Juniper berries for this receipe? There is a perfectly good bottle of Gin in the cabinet and this is “laquered turkey” why not use the Gin?

Also what would Jennifer Garner do if Martha said, “No Jennifer, I do NOT want to be on an episode of Alias”?

Or what did Martha’s agent say to Martha afterwards? Did he chew her out for making side “deals” without prior consultation with the agent?

Is Martha on Alias on YouTube? I don’t know about ya’ll but I think she’d be just kickin butt on that show. Spy shoes and all.

And about that turkey. I don’t know about ya’ll but how come Martha’s turkey is “laquered ” but if my turkey looked like Martha’s turkey folks would be asking me if I didn’t leave it in the oven just a bit tooo long.

And burnt it.

What else?

Oh and what Martha said about the blender. This is true. Even though my blender is used for cold drinks, I have put hot liquids in the blender and cranked it up. Kitchen hint? It makes a mess. But why should I deny the little cousins a really good science lesson and the oppotunity to have sticky read jelly stuff drop off he ceiling onto some relatives hair? Besides all that cranberry stuff on that towel mean I’ve to to go do more research. On how to get cranberry stains out of that towel. Just seems like work without the fun part of getting there.

Like sex without the orgasm if you asked me.

Speaking of which. Did any of you think when Jennifer Garner said ,” .. I never have enough pan juices…” that it was –well –funny.

If you only used one whole bottle of white wine to baste that turkey? What happened to the other one? And would that be MD2020 or WildRose?

Or do you now have this strange urge to look in Martha’s closet to see all her “spy shoes”

I can just hear Craig Ferguson, of the Late Late Show, in his fake German accent saying,

“Now Martha (knowing look) just what will you be doing when you wear these?”

At which point he holds up a pair of thigh high leather boots complete with 8 inch heels…

How do you walk in those things anyway?

Next Holiday fun.

Martha and Russell stuff a Turkey …

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0 commentsIs there life on Mars?
Posted Nov-11-08 11:49:55 PST Updated Nov-13-08 21:31:38 PST

I once wondered if there would ever be life on Mars again. Would I ever see my home?


I’m not writing anything on my blog but the following today:


Today is Veteran’s day. There are folks who have loved ones who’ve made the decision to put their lives on hold to defend us all. They weren’t lucky and their loved ones didn’t come home. Others are lucky they came home. Seems like a good day to hug a veteran or their surviving family members. Tell them thanks.

I didn’t realize how important saying, “Thank you.” was until I met a fella who was a veteran of the Vietman war. He told me how hard it was for him when he came back after being in such a difficult place. He flew helicopters. Brought broken bodies and spirits back from oblivion to hopefully go home. The jungles of Vietnam were his daily commute. When I talked to him, it was years later at a reunion for his fellow vets and their families. He was still emotional about that time. He cried. No one said thank you when he came back. They spit on him. And he cried.

They say that you can’t appreciate a man or woman’s journey until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. I don’t think I’m strong enough to have even walked one step in his.

Now we have a whole new group of vets coming from the Middle East. They’ve walked their own very long, very difficult mile. Regardless of how you feel about the Iraq War, or the Vietnam War for that matter, I think we can all agree that wars are made by politicians not soldiers. Disagree with the politicians but hug a vet. They defend our country and go where duty calls.

Hug to the Vets and their families.

Let them all know there really is life and love in this world.


On a personal note.

First a story.

Once there was a girl who was, she thought, finally going to be happy. Happy in the “happily ever after” kind of way that you see in the movies or read in books.

Everyone in her world was finally okay with her decisions in life. And she was going to be a parent.

Then things went horribly wrong.

For along time after, she didn’t look up at the sun. She walked through her days stoic. The best that she could do was a smile and even those were rare. She took what remained of her heart, bound it in cotton wool and placed it in a box.

Put the box on the shelf.

For a very long time, that was my life.

You could call this time “My life on Mars”.

Today things are different.

I’d like to thank the folks who’ve made this a very good day. There are friends in the world and on the internet who have wrapped me up in their kindess. I am safe in their thoughts. I rest my head on their shoulders and sleep. Or they tell a beautiful story or a joke and I laugh. They drag me out into the sunshine for a walk. They whisper in my ears and in my heart, “It’s okay. Life goes on.”

You do laugh again.

Today I listen and rest and grow strong.

I am grateful for these friends and family.

Thank you for getting me to laugh again.

It feels so good.

Hugs and hugs and hugs again.

Ann and family.

PS This is especially for two kind people who know who they are. And for WB, Pup, the pups, the finches, and SometimesBess too. They have done more for me than they ever can imagine.

And for a group of people who don’t even know me but who worked a miracle though a late night Tv talk show.

You folks are better than any therapy could be.

Everyday you get folks to laugh at this world.

You’ve given them some place “to be” in a world that’s more than alittle nuts.

Thank you for doing such a thing.

Best and kind regard to you and yours,


That’s it until tomorrow.

No links or emails or comments even.

Hug a vet. You don’t have to go too far in this world before you find one. And I’ve yet to meet a vet who was unhappy to be on the receiving end of a heart felt, “Thanks.”

A new song

Turns out there is life on Mars.

I will see my “home” after all.


This day there is only happy

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0 commentsHappy Monday morning! The next day.
Posted Nov-10-08 06:57:26 PST Updated Nov-10-08 09:14:23 PST

Got good news from a friend last night.

I am happy.

Added this morning. Well dang. I’m still in a good mood this morning. Two and four legged inside critters are fed. The stuff on the radio is happy. The sun is out.

Checked/ wrote emails and now fixing to see to the dishes.

Then? I’m out side this morning.

Happy Monday morning.

I’m glad my friends are okay.

Hmmm. I’m not used to this. Normally I’m hiding out with the covers over my head dreading…

Day by day ya’ll.

This song will help.

Cause now I know that no matter how sad the memories are this week?

Unlike the years before?

I know I don’t have to go through it alone.

Next? I dunno.

Wait yes I do…

It’s Martha and Russell Crowe stuff a Turkey …

Happy holidays!

Yep, so far?

The sun is still shining.

Hugs friend, hugs.

You’ll never know how grateful I am.

Hugs, :)Ann

One more song because it makes me want to laugh and dance.

I’m bound and determined to laugh and dance no matter what.

And I really do like this song.

I hope that Pup finds someone to love who makes him feel like this. My moma (me) told me (Pup) not to lose you (his future Someone Special) He’s a great kid and I’ll make a really good mom in law. My family increases? I’ll be all kinds of happy. I know whomever he chooses will be the best. He’s just that kind of kid.

Cause the best luck I ever had is you. Hang it there.

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0 commentsHappy Monday.
Posted Nov-09-08 19:32:48 PST Updated Nov-10-08 07:39:45 PSTSo I was very happy Friday night and Saturday morning, then I got yelled at by someone via email Saturday lunch, spent all Saturday afternoon wondering if they fell off the side of a mountain or not, and then I spent all day Sunday in dread of this week. Even though I’m actually writing this on Saturday afternoon? I’m pretty sure that this is the way the rest of the weekend is going to go. I’m also very sure that by this morning (Monday) I am going to be in need of a laugh.

So in an effort to try and find some kind of holiday spirit? I went to YouTube and found this video.

I am so in happy with Sara Rue right this minute. Honestly the next time Craig Ferguson needs a vacation? I think that they should get Sara Rue to fill in for him. This interview with Kristen Bell is just hysterical. LOL TWoP folks I really do watch The LateLate Show with Craig Ferguson for the interviews and the comedy/music acts. Har har. Oh and holiday joy! It’s got Christmas decorations.

I am so inspired! Holly, holly! Wheeeee.

Without futher adieu… Sara Rue

Next? I dunno.

Guess I’ll have to wait and see what happens

on Monday morning

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0 commentsMusic for Sunday brunch
Posted Nov-09-08 10:09:33 PST Updated Nov-09-08 12:48:07 PST

I’m trying to sort out some music.

Ya’ll might as well get the benefit ….

Or you can watch Holiday fun as

Martha and Russell Crowe stuff a Turkey …


First up? The Beatles

Next? Etta James, Chuck Berry, and friends…

More Etta James, Keith Richards, and Robert Cray

A cautionary tale for guidance counselors LOL Did I speel tht rite?

Chuck Berry ?

Willie and the HandJive? JohnnyOtis

Or since I’m fishing my great big speaker outta the closet? Maybe some George Thoroughgood Move it on Over MY VERSION OF HEAVY METAL

Back with the Beatles

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0 commentsMartha and Russell stuff a Turkey in my kitchen…
Posted Nov-08-08 21:15:46 PST Updated Nov-13-08 21:29:09 PSTIn my efforts to get the heck away from politics, NOT get yelled at, and find the “true meaning of the holidays” I went looking for cooking help. This video is perfect. It’s got Martha Stewart. It’s got Russell Crow. It’s got them stuffing a turkey and talking about how to check for “cow fertility”.

Cheesy comment alert!

Oh, Russell Crow, you can come stuff a turkey in my kitchen anytime. Swooon. Really.

Yee Haaww. It’s the holidays.

I have opened my mouth and said the words, “Let’s cook Thanksgiving dinner!” My son upon hearing this says sensibly, “Great let’s eat pizza. I like turkey sausage pizza! Wonder if PapaJohn’s has a special? After all pizza for Thanksgiving is a tradition.” WB, upon hearing this conversation and knowing my “big production” tendencies of Thanksgivings past says, ” Oh hey let’s go out to eat Thanksgiving. You can dress up. The food is great. It’s like eatting with relatives only they are actually happy to see you!” To which I replied, “No! Where is your Thanksgiving spirit! Thanksgiving is about family and community. We’ll cook here! There will be left overs and we can sit and watch the Macy’s parade. Go for a walk after dinner. Won’t that be fun???”

“NOOOOO!!!!” , they both shouted.

I reminded them of the happy families in the photos of this magazine I bought. WB reminded me that those people were paid models and that they were happy because they were getting paid more than scale. To which Pup said, AGAIN, “Do you think Papa John’s is running one of their specials with the soft drink. Oh and mom Thanksgiving drives you nuts. And you don’t follow directions. Which is interesting.

I have Papa Johns on speed dial. See…”

But I over ruled them.

I’ve got an actual roasting pan.

And this thing that looks like a metal bulb syringe.

From the looks of the directions and this video?

I’m going to be doing really rude things to this turkey. And that doesn’t include me eatting it.

Didn’t hear anymore about it until…

WB came bringing a tablecloth that he got on sale at the Big Lots. It has napkin rings.

And he says he’s cooking pecan pie.

I looked at the calendar this morning.

Thanksgiving will be here soon.

Now I am stuck.

I want this to be a special holiday treat.

Without calls to Poison control,

Without the doctor,

Without the turkey hot line.

Without the Poison Ivy center piece from years past.

What can I say. The leaves were colorful. The center piece was outstanding. Of course the rash wasn’t much fun.

I also don’t want to do the big production.

But… my Southern Roots are calling me…

There is Martha and Russell making it look so easy…

It is the holidays…

Stay tuned…


Side trip? Is there life on Mars?

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0 commentsThis day there is only happy.
Posted Nov-08-08 07:10:29 PST Updated Nov-08-08 07:13:02 PST
For the someones who bring joy to our hearts. And one in particular who is happy today.

Here is what I’m learning from these excellent “teachers”.

There is only one way to hold a moonbeam in your hand.
With an open palm and a joyful heart.
In the moment.
It’s not easy but it is worth it.

Climb every mountain.

Only good things and many prayers for you today.

Be happy,


🙂 Ann

Meanwhile, here at 12 dogs

Flocks of Seagulls and The Purple Slurpies


I just like this song this morning. For everyone who loves someone.

Aretha Franklin Say a Little Prayer

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7 comments”Everyday some worse thing came…”
Posted Nov-07-08 12:56:51 PST Updated Nov-07-08 23:50:57 PST

“Every day some worse thing comes….”

Momma told me it was why I was raised early to know that. The future she saw was dark and bleak. She needed us to know how to find the good in the day. In the moment. Otherwise we would have given up long ago.”

There’s yet another storm outside.

Lightening and thundering to follow.

It’s a beautiful yet fierce thing to behold. Awesome in it’s power a storm is. What mama said about it. It’s why the hurricane winds don’t scared me. Why I could go out walking in the wind gusts while the trees nearly bent over backwards. 100 mph wind isn’t so scarey in the day time. Neither is the storm surge. Dangerous sure. But the word “dangerous” doesn’t mean the same as the word “scary”. Like the free climbers. The life of a free climber is “dangerous” but not “scary”. They are giants. They learned long ago to leave the fear and embrace the awesome of life. The trick is to think and not think. Let your mind center. That’s what you learn to do when trying to find a hand hold on the side of a cliff or the “good” in the middle of a hurricane. Helps if you can appreciate the good in days filled with “biblical plagues”.

It’s the way of the giants she would say.

She’d laugh and look sideways at my brother. He was always tracking in mud from the fields. The ones that were next to the house. His feet were huge so he’d bring in lots of mud. Then we’d come in next. Seemed like every Spring all my mama did was clean mud off the floors. She tell him that he had feet the size of giants. Then tell us all that since we were smart we were bound to be giants too. Her job,she would say, was to teach us why it was important where and how we place our feet to the ground.

My Mawmaw told us the same story cause she told it to my Mama.

If we were lucky when we would go visit Mawmaw? After she put the buiscuits in the oven, she would wipe her hands on her apron, sit down and tell us the story of the tornados in the valley…

She told us they were giants too. Just like Mama.

“When the giants walk across this Earth one hopes their mothers taught them to be mindful of where they put their feet…”

Mawmaw would give a stern look to my brother.

Jonas would move his feet off the chair.

We’d all settle in.

Mawmaw would tell the story something like this.

“In the time of giants, tornados would battle in the valleys. We would sit on the front porch and watch them for entertainment. The doors to the cellar kept open should those fierce creatures notice us watchin and both start up the mountain after us. If they did? We’d all be ready to jump off the porch and mosey over to that cellar. Then we’d stand in the doorway and shout in mountain voices.” ( She say it the way they would. In mountain words and sound). “Yew cain’t skeer us yew fickle old things. Cum on up the mountain. Wheel shew yew wats wat.” Then she would raise her fist and shake it. And laugh. Made us laugh the way she’d do it and we’d all shake our fists in the air and howl. She said the laughin part was important. Take a deep breath and laugh. She’d tell us that just like hurricaines ate “warm Gulf soup” tornados loved to eat “fear”. If we’d laugh at the tornado and showed ’em we weren’t scared? They’d lose interest in us and keep on fighting it out down in the valley. They’d leave us be.”

About that time of the story my little brother who had a bottomless pit for a stomach would start complaining that he was hungry and ask for some cornbread and buttermilk to eat. We’d all groan and Mawmaw would say .”Let’s all be nice to your little brother.”

Then for no real reason she’d get up and look out the window and sit back down.

“Of course, them tornados are tricky.” she’d say. ” I was sittin at the kitchen table just like this one. When I was a little girl. I was drinkin’ a glass of buttermilk. I was drinkin it with some cornbread cause I was hungry. And some salt and some pepper to make it taste good. Well I just got one bite in my mouth before the whole world started howlin’. At least the world at my house. Tornado struck right outside my window. Out of the blue.” she’d say. ” I still remember my own mama grabbin me up. Watchin my buttermilk and corn bread fly everywhere. I was so afraid. Not good. That only encouraged that tornado to be bold. After that I knew better. No more interuptin my mama’s important storys with requests of buttermilk. Cause tornados they don’t like buttermilk. Or cornbread. Makes ’em maaaad.”

She’d look my little brother right in the eye when she said that last part.

Very serious like.

Then she’d get up and look out the window again.

So did we.

Especially my little brother.

Made him forget all about that buttermilk and his grumbling stomach.


To be continued

(story by Ann begun 7 November,2008)

Note: My real life great grandmothers on my mothers side lived in the mountains of Arkansas. They were supposed to have been strong, funny women. The story of the tornados getting stuck in the valley is a real story. So is the story about the buttermilk. That story comes from one of Pups paternal grandmothers. Natural born storytellers on all sides of the family. When you add the stories of my Pawpaw and my father. We’d make a book.

We are born with “storyteller brains” I guess.

The story above is a “gumbo” story. Three generations, four if you count Pup, make up the “ingredience” to this “gumbo” story.

I’m glad to tell it. Remind me and I’ll tell the stories about my Pawpaw hoboing or my great grand father, PawPaw and my great Aunt too. I was lucky to know them before they died. and lucky to have paid attention to their ways.



Flocks of Seagulls and The Purple Slurpies

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