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Posted Nov-30-08 08:54:09 PST Updated Nov-30-08 17:12:56 PST

IronBowl 2008 Alabama36 Auburn 0
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6 commentsIronBowl 2008 Alabama36 Auburn Cried.
Posted Nov-29-08 16:07:13 PST Updated Nov-30-08 08:47:53 PSTRoll Tide. Roll Tide. Roll Tide Roll Tide Roll

Video from TexasTide.

“BAMADOG.COM VIDEO] This is the last 3 minutes of the 2008 Iron Bowl, commercial-free. Here you’ll see the TD pass from McElroy to Maze to extend the lead to 36-0… then you’ll hear the Rammer Jammer cheer which was chanted 4 times in the last minute of the game. Cap it off with the Saban interview by the CBS sideline reporter, Tracy Wolfson. Bama ends the Auburn winning streak and extended their undefeated season to 12-0. Now comes the matchup we’ve all been waiting for – #1 Alabama vs #2 Florida. Auburn can hold up 7 fingers for 7 losses this year! ROLL TIDE ROLL!! ”

For folks who don’t know or think this game is just about a National Championship.

LOL Oh no. You see for the last six years Bama football has been in a mess. From coaches who’ve quit the week before the biggest rivalry in the state to coaches who’ve never even gotten to the game because of “stripper gate”. For six years after the IronBowl, Auburn fans would count the years that the Tide once again lost the biggest foot ball game and one of the oldest rivalries in the state. The Tide legacy of Coach Paul “The Bear” Bryant seemed lost in the rip tides of college ball. Even last year when the SEC’s most expensive coach, the coach that Tide fans from all over the country brought their hopes for change, seemed not to measure up. Then this year. Tide fans all over the state and the country have been watching. Not hardly daring to breath as week after week the team that was a wash began to win. Week after week another win.

This IronBowl wasn’t just another game.

There is poetry in the numbers folks.

After years of struggle.

This year?

Undefeated season and after six years of loosing? To use a baseball term?

A shut out game against Auburn.

Number one in the Nation.

That fact will always be.

Next stop. The game for the National Championship.

Number one Alabama (sweet) goes up against Number two Florida

I won’t do the Rammer Jammer chant for next weeks game.

That would be bad luck.

But I will say this:

There are alot of Bama fans who’ve

waited a loooonnnng time for the heir apparent to

Coach Bryant to come along.

Waited to see the Crimson Tide rise again!

And I can tell you what they were chanting

when that last touchdown was scored.

It’s the chant when the game is sure won.

It goes something like this:

Hey Tigers! Hey Tigers!

We just beat the hell out of you!

Rammer Jammer, Yellowhammer, give ’em hell Alabama!

I know that it’s a controversial chant. Yes it has “hell” in it.

But well hell, it’s been six years,

they are undefeated,

and they are Number one.

I think they’re due


Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer

It is the name of this video.

LOL folks. Football in Alabama?

Even the old dudes here are tough.

Roll Tide.

Next stop?

A game even bigger than the IronBowl if that’s possible.

The game for the National Championship.

Holding my breath.


(Alabama since you had to declare a side when I was a kid. Roll Tide.)

BamaMom sorry I missed chatting with you this evening. Roll Tide. Still have the Florida Game.

Not breathing quite yet and still knocking on wood and saying my prayers …

They’re saying that Florida is tough.

Will see.

But it sure was good to see the University of Alabama come to play. Not since Bear Bryant, BamaMom. Not since Bear Bryant.

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15 commentsBamaMom
Posted Nov-29-08 14:53:55 PSTAre you breathing? I know that you’re somewhere in Alabama watching this game. You too Saenz. I’m holding my breathe. Knocking on Wood. Saying my prayers.

Come on Alabama.

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14 commentsIt’s the middle of the night
Posted Nov-29-08 00:46:11 PST Updated Nov-29-08 12:51:33 PSTBut when you read this it’ll be morning.

I’ve been writing. I like it and while I’m not going to be posting this story on my blog, I will tell you that it’s very nice and some how comforting. A good way for me to spending my time right now. Gentle Readers, I have enjoyed having your company during this experiment. Come January it will be a year since I wrote my first post on my very first blog. The time really has flown.

The month of December and the first couple of weeks of January will be busy ones for us at 12 dogs as it will be busy for you. I will be writing, celebrating the holidays with Pup and WB, trying to get a new run for the pups, and I want to finish the story. While I’ll still post everyday as promised, I don’t know that there will be another interactive story this year. Nor do I know if I will continue with the blog after the year is up. That’s what I’m going to be thinking about in December.

Whatever I do, I’ll be grateful for you Gentle Reader for reading this blog. I’ll be grateful to you who encouraged me to write. Thank you.

A long time ago, I was alone on New Years Eve. I was living with my parents in a very small town with nothing to do on that night. It was a dreary night. My parents were a sleep but I was up and complaining about being alone. I was very young. That night I decided to not moan. I decided to answer the question, ” If I could do anything I wanted to do what would I do?” I made this list of things that I would do and I set about to do them. It took longer than a year but I’ve done everything on that list but three: I’ve not celebrated New Years Eve in Times Square, I’ve yet to see the Macy’s Parade in person, and while I can figure out something written in French, I really am far from fluent in the language.

It’s time for a new list.

I’m at a turning point in my life and well it’s time to set a few new goals.

Here are the first 3:

1) Celebrate Thanksgiving in NewYork and watch the Macy’s Parade in person. Maybe even find a way to be in that parade. Stranger things have happened.

2) Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Times Square.

3) Learn French.

Those three goals could easily fill up the next year. But you know I don’t have to do it all in one year so I’m adding a few more. Things that I really couldn’t do before now.

You see, this Thanksgiving I gave thanks but I also made a few decisions. I gave a few folks back the baggage they’ve been trying to make me carry for them. I told the folks who’ve been whining about what a burden it has been to be around me that they could leave. I found out that I’m not nuts but there are a few people who are. I finally celebrated Thanksgiving without feeling it was my fault if folks weren’t happy. It wasn’t.


Plus I’ll be saving alot of money. The money I’d spend on them I can do other things with. Like give to the Food Bank. Which we did. Spend time with WB and Pup and the pups. Which I did. Going to get some comfortable walking shoes and do a bit of traveling. It wasn’t near as difficult as I thought it would be. Oh and all those years when they said I’d be alone if I didn’t change for them? I found out I wasn’t near as alone as they said I’d be. WB, Pup, and I had a great meal. Even though this isn’t home, my neighbors told me I was welcome anytime. I like them. This isn’t home for me but I won’t be alone while I’m looking.

I think that there is a 5th goal to add to the above list.

5) Find home.

I’ve been trying for years to find home. I kept being told that no one wanted me. Well that’s not entirely true. Pup wants me and so do my Pups and the finches and the cat Bess. WB says he wants to be part of my family too but alas he just thinks that now. He also wants to change me and well I’m going to try to get him to understand that if you say you want someone but only if they change who they are and what they do? Then you really want someone else. I used to think that there was someone for me but well all I get is folks telling me how I’d be great but only if I changed everything about myself. LOL I think they should keep on walking. LOL I don’t mind changing a few things but — And then there are the folks who tell me how beautiful I am on the inside and I’m just perfect. For someone else. A good reason for me to keep walking.

Those walking shoes are going to come in handy.

Anyway I know enough about myself now to be able to find home.

And I’m hoping to add two more folks to my list of “real world” friends.

LOL Speaking of “no place like home”.

I heard Kristen Chenoweth sing the song , I’ll Be Home For Christmas tonight. Mrs. Chenoweth, a broadway singer, released an album of Christmas songs this year. The song reminds me of number 6 on my list; see the David Letterman Show at the Ed Sullivan theater in person where Darleen Love sings “The snow’s fallin’ down…” I love when they do that. Especially when they have the snow falling from the eves of the theater. I’d love to see that in person. Have to start now to get tickets and a place to stay for next year. If you haven’t seen her perform on CBS’s Late Show here’s a recording from the 2000 show. For this show, the back up singers were the Singing Sargents (US Airforce) and the troops in this video were stationed in Bosnia.

“Christmas. The snow’s coming down. I’m watching fall…Christmas.

So next on my list?

6) Go see Darlene Love on the David Letterman Show at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City.

Next? Well there’s alot of other things to add to this list. I know this sounds like a shallow list. There should be something about world peace. I pray for that all the time. I try to do what I can to help. But it’s kind of important for me to do these other things too. So that I can remember who I am. You’ve got to admit that a person finding their home is pretty important too. Not to worry. This isn’t a complete list.

Will be adding more to it during the coming month.


A celebration for Black Friday

Oh and one more very important thing. I hope that no matter where all our loved ones are? That they celebrate Christmas and the New Year safe and sound.

And that they all come home.

Happy Holidays,


This isn’t a test. This is just life. The everyday part.

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2 commentsAnd a now a moment of silence
Posted Nov-28-08 09:29:06 PST Updated Nov-29-08 02:09:21 PSTIn honor of Black Friday…

A Gap commercial


Hmm. Recon Uncle Sid will like this?

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0 commentsHmm. Recon Uncle Sid will like this?
Posted Nov-28-08 07:48:42 PST Updated Nov-28-08 09:26:46 PSTWE DID IT!

We cooked and ate a Thanksgiving meal!

Let me rephrase this!

WB cooked the meal!

Pup played computer games!

I finished a short story and began another!

We didn’t eat turkey!

We did our own tradition!

Just us no grippy people!

And the turducken?

Still defrosting!

We even had left overs!

Food was good!

No one had to cook for days and no one had get up at 5am to cook the turkey!

Best of all so far no food poisoning!

Roll Tide! War Eagle! Go Iron Bowl!

Yeah team!

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

Hellloooooo Santa!

What do you mean I’ve got to actually cook????

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7 commentsWhat do you mean I’ve got to actually cook????
Posted Nov-26-08 23:52:00 PST Updated Nov-27-08 17:45:10 PSTBe it ever so humble
No matter where you roam
Even if these aren’t the lyrics
There’s no place like home!

Hope you all have a good holiday,

Ann, WB, Pup, the pups, the finches, all the characters here at 12 dogs,–

and yes, Bess the cat.


Hmm. Today’s meal? Welllll it was kind of traditional and kind of not. As Pup said we had the traditional 16 oz can of maize(corn). Although after research we find that maybe they didn’t have any 16 oz cans of Nibblets corn and Green Giant was yet to be seen. Pffst. We called it Neo Traditionalist and beside that eddible. As for who cooked? Well drum rooolllll. WB! You know he’s a good cook. Anyway he cooked and I wrote. And he complained and pretended to be ignorate and I pointed out that writing is what I do these days and that if I wrote today? I was working on a holiday. Besides, of the two of us he is the better cook. So I wrote outloud to entertain him and he griped outloud about having to cook. In the end? Well Gentle Reader it was really good. Only bummer? Well no pizza. We’re calling it the 4 days of Thanksgiving and having pizza tomorrow night. And no desert. Seems we didn’t have the traditional Crisco (don’t ask) until this afternoon. Hence no pie crust. Dont ask. We’re gonna save it to eat with the traditional pizza tomorrow. WB is off so we’re gonna brave the traditional nightmare of the traditional after Thanksgiving sales maybe.

Then eat pizza and pie. With the traditional Papa John’s special of a 2 liter coke.

As for the traditional Macy’s Parade? If anything weird happened please don’t tell me. I haven’t seen it yet.

Oh Bama mom if you are reading this. Finger’s crossed. IronBowl is a creature into itself. I’ll be holding my breath this Saturday afternoon.

After all. It’s a tradition.


Happy day!


Well it ain’t the Waltons but… the food was good.

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15 commentsWell it ain’t the Waltons but
Posted Nov-26-08 14:10:14 PST Updated Nov-29-08 02:25:12 PSTWB just made cornbread and is complaining how he has to do everything. LOL

Well folks it’s Thanksgiving Eve and guess what?

The timer just went off and the cornbread is done.

And the dreaded turducken is defrosting.

And we have stuff to make a pie.


My folks are going to go out to eat and etal is going to eat with the motherinlaw side of their family.

We? Are eating here.

Alot has happened and I’m thinking that maybe Auntie Slacker’s idea of going to Miami is a good idea. WB just asked about doing the same. Actually he is complaining that he had to cook the cornbread and we, Pup and I, are slackers doing nothing. You have to understand that WB says nothing about this stuff during the year. He’ll ask if I want to cook, he’ll say he wants us to go out to eat, and then like salmon going back home, on the weekend before Thanksgiving he buys stuff. Like cranberries and pecans and then says stuff like, ” You know I just thought we could make a pie.” Or he brings home some exotic thing like turducken. What hell is that anyway? He’s sitting right here across from me talking about cooking right this minute and he is “pit-ti-ful” because he had to make the cornbread and because, in his own words, ” I am a sorry, lazy, lowdown, slacker,” LOL Now Pup is chiming in from the other room, “Was that a lowlife slacker?”

I’ve been quiet about our own Thanksgiving for the last couple of days because well things were interesting. Let’s face it. We ain’t the Walton’s or their 21st century equivalent. And mercy knows, there isn’t a “Donna Reed” clone in any of us. But in about, oh, the time it take to finish this blog, we’ll start what has become a weird “family” tradition. No matter what we say or do. We’ll have turkey (in some form) and dressing and cranberries. I was pretty much in a tizzy for abit but watching WB clean clean my kitchen while he “bitched” about having to cook the cornbread and do everything by himself has filled me with holiday cheer. Working his tired “fangers” to the bone. His words. He is such a “whinney baby”. He’s now bragging that he single handedly found the Bermuda Triangle in my kitchen to which my reading glasses go. He found them while he was cleaning my kitchen? Prepping the kitchen for cooking!?!? LOL He used to complain that I was “anal retentive” this time of year. Pffffsss. I may be practicing one but he has a PHD in it.

Okay that didn’t at all sound nice or Thanksgivingy did it? Sorry. But he did start it. Plus his cornbread is just as “pit-ti-ful” as he is right now.

Anyway. Somehow it just makes sense for us to cook this meal together. That way no one gets to complain if it doesn’t work out. LOL Besides, as Pup pointed out the year he asked that pizza with turkey pepperoni be part of the meal, “What would those pilgrims do?” Well for one thing they’d been starvin’ so they’d eat what they could get and not complain about it. At least that’s what I told him. But I got Pups point. So now it’s a tradition even though not exactly traditional.

I like this version better. It’s real. No napkin rings and we’ll be all over ourselves cooking. Nothing, except for the butter knife I bought off of ebay, which is a really good one and the serving piece I bought (also very nice and bought on eBay) is so fussy as to make us uncomfortable. Besides we have a tablecloth. We’ll look good. How will it turn out? I have no idea. I don’t think that anyone will be taking my holiday cooking advice anyway. But tomorrow or the next day (depending on when that turducken thing thaws out) we’ll cook and have full stomachs and be okay. Only this year I’m getting them to record the Macy’s Parade. In years past, I’ve missed it because I was out in the kitchen trying to wrassle that turkey. This year I’m going to be on the couch gnashing chips and dip and seeing that Parade for the first time with the rest of em. A new tradition.

Oh and tonight is my very favorite Thanksgiving tradition.

I’ll make a mug of hot chocolate with a wee bit of Maker’sMark and homemade pecan pie on the side.

Then I’m gonna guess the pies on David Letterman.

I just love his mom.


I’m going to watch Tv’s Craig Ferguson and laugh.

Then snuggle in bed and go to sleep.

Be it ever so humble
No matter where you roam
Even if these aren’t the lyrics
There’s no place like home!

Hope you all have a good holiday,

Ann, WB, Pup, the pups, the finches, all the characters here at 12 dogs,–

and yes, Bess the cat.

Happy day!

Back later with updates.

Til then a letter from Auntie,

Dear all, Happy Thanksgiving.

For my “family”, the friends I’ve met here in Blogland and eBay, and especially for two friends who are always welcome at our Thanksgiving table. I know you won’t be here in person but there will be a place for you here with us. Especially my two “Sexy Fairygodmothers.” . Hugs and hugs again. Ann, WB, Pup, the pups, the finches and yes Bess. (She’s back. I’ve just missed seeing her) Hugs again. Ann

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0 commentsDear all, Happy Thanksgiving.
Posted Nov-26-08 10:58:09 PST Updated Nov-26-08 13:14:41 PSTHappy holidays to one and all,

What a great time of year. I love Thanksgiving.

If you work it right you get a lovely meal someone else cooks and the obligatory visit with our cranky Old Uncle Perv. “Once a year then outta here” should be the motto on our family crest. One can never celebrate too many holidays. I’m thinking af celebrating Banking Days and Boxing Day in addition to the ones I already celebrate.

Sorry haven’t written sooner, but I’ve been in a year long, funky, perimenopausal, snit and not exactly good company. This will change with the New Year. Seems I’ve pizzed off just about everyone I knew during this snit this year. When you and I meet next year, you’ll have avoided this time of my life and will get the benefit of lovely, sweet, not cranky me. I’ve actually done you a favor by ignoring.

Take care,

Auntie Slacker.

PS I got cousin Michael that life time membership to PETA like you asked me to but I got to wonder about it. Isn’t he also a life member in the NRA and a hunting club? Is this really a good idea?


Mockin’ Bird Hill

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3 commentsMockin’ Bird Hill
Posted Nov-25-08 19:09:36 PST Updated Nov-25-08 20:12:12 PSTRecorded in 1951, MockinBird Hill was written by two brothers, Les and George Horton. This recording is by The Pinetoppers. Words to follow.

Note: The Les Paul/ Mary Ford recording of this song was the first number on hit to use “over dubbing”. A mile stone in music.

The lyrics

When the sun in the morning peeps over the hill
And kisses the roses round my window sill
Then my heart fills with gladness when I hear the trill
Of the birds in the treetops on Mockin’ Bird Hill.

Tra la la, twitle dee dee dee, it gives me a thrill
To wake up in the morning to the mockin’ bird’s trill
Tra la la, twitle dee dee dee. there’s peace and good will
You’re welcome as the flowers on Mockin’ Bird Hill.

Got a three cornered plow and an acre to till
And a mule that I bought for a three dollar bill
There’s a tumbledown shack and a rusty ol’ mill
But it’s my home sweet home up on Mockin’ Bird Hill.

Tra la la, twitle dee dee dee, it gives me a thrill
To wake up in the morning to the mockin’ bird’s trill
Tra la la, twitle dee dee dee. there’s peace and good will
You’re welcome as the flowers on Mockin’ Bird Hill.

— Whistles —

When it’s late in the evening I climb up the hill
And survey all my kingdom while everything’s still
Only me and the sky and an ol’ whippoorwill
Singing songs in the twilight on Mockin’ Bird Hill.

Tra la la, twitle dee dee dee, it gives me a thrill
To wake up in the morning to the mockin’ bird’s trill
Tra la la, twitle dee dee dee. there’s peace and good will
You’re welcome as the flowers on Mockin’ Bird Hill.

You’re welcome as the flowers on Mockin’ Bird Hill…


PS Intern Jack gets a vacation from his vacation.

Auntie Slacker loved it but–well– AuthorAnn wasn’t exactly thrilled.

I little reality in the mix.

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1 commentI little reality in the mix.
Posted Nov-24-08 17:40:32 PST Updated Nov-24-08 17:41:01 PSTHey. This is the fact portion of the 12 dogs and a blog writer’s journal. As you know if you read this blog, we have dogs at our house. If you own a pet you know that it brings lots of questions. Having someone who can help with advice is a great thing.

One place to find that information is right here on the blogs

feedjakeauctions’s Blog is a blog with answers.

If they don’t have the answers? They know where to find them. The current post is about the dog days of winter and how to keep your pups warm when it’s cold outside.

I’m really happy to meet Feedjakeauction and well I hope you’ll give them a look as well. LOL I know this sounds like a commercial but it’s not. We’ve been trying to come up with the best way to keep our pups cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It’s not easy. Thanks to the folks at Feedjakeauctions we might just have the final touch to keep them dogs warm!!

So no commercial. Just happy person with an answer!

Now back to the further adventures of Intern Jack.

Intern Jack is running the blog while Author Ann and Auntie Slacker wrassle a turkey.

When we last saw Intern Jack, he’d posted his own version of a heartwarming Thanksgiving story.

I’m not sure this is exactly what Author Ann meant when she said heart warming…

But hey. Gotta love Intern Jack and his sense of humor.

(He’s a big fan of Tryork5ifp and Muffbro)

Let’s see I think he was telling the story of

The Adventures of Bob.

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0 commentsThe Adventures of Bob.
Posted Nov-23-08 19:27:12 PST Updated Nov-24-08 12:47:57 PSTOkay, AuthorAnn wants me to post a heartwarming holiday tale about Thanksgiving dinner here. Oh and she also wants a holiday song.


Have a happy,

Intern Jack.

—–first the heartwarming holiday tale——-

The Adventures of Bob.

A heart warming holiday tale just in time for Thanksgiving.

Chapter One: In which we meet Bob…

As the holidays approached, the family was a hubbub of happy activity. Late one night as I was surfing the net and making a snack, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I’d been reading Kafka…

That’s the night we added an unexpected new member to our wonderful family.

I named him.

His name was Bob.

Bob the cockroach.

He’s very low maintainance.

We have to be careful not to step him. And it’s really, really tough to explain when we have company that ,”Nooo.We don’t step on Bob. He’s a member of our “family”. We first noticed Bob late at night when we were on the internet. Apparently, poor Bob, had lost his way in the big, big country. We figure he was a stowaway in some cardboard box. Perhaps a cereal box. Poor Bob. Lost. Alone. Hungry. He was creeping into the sink to get some water.

At first we tried to kill Bob.

He was wiley. We tried everything. Laying in wait to pounce, pound or spray him into bug oblivion. But no such luck. He just would not go away.

Finally, we held a family meeting. Trying to find a way, united in our efforts to smush Bob.

During the ensuing brainstorm family meeting. The youngest of us, little Patrice, spoke up in her tiny, little voice, ” But I like Bob. Why do we have to kill him?”

The room got quiet. We were so intent on ridding ourself of Bob that we never asked why we were doing so.

It was little Patrice’s quiet logic that made us think. Then little James piped up,”Yeah, Why do we have to get rid of Bob. He keeps me company and I’ve even been feeding him little bits of my sammiches.” Mom protested and then fainted leaving Dad in charge of the family meeting. There was a Braves game on. He looked at the children and quickly made and executive decision. One that will live in imfamy

A vote.

And that is how Bob, the homeless cock roach, came to have a home with us.

The End.

Stop laughing. This isn;t funny. You are laughing at our “lil’ buddy Bob”.


Author Ann asked me to ( well okay she demanded that I) tell everyone that this is a fiction story and is in NO WAY true to life. Said there was 10 bucks in it for me if I did. Oh okay. True there was a cock roach but that ONE is in cock roach heaven. Then Auntie Slacker said she’d give me 20 to say it was true. I told Auntie, “No Way, I like Author Ann.” Auntie Slacker told me she’d give me a raise if she actually got to Miami by Wednesday night.

I told her for that I’d need a raise.

I’m gonna call it an epic fable and tell every one it’s a political metaphor in my Pop Lit paper based on Kafka.


Chapter two: Bob throws a holiday party.

Bad news people.

Bob tried to throw a rave in our kitchen. We are exercising tough love and have thrown Bob out. Then fumigated. Bye bye Bob.

Wha’ heck, Hang on I hear something out side.

Uh oh. There’s a film crew and PETA folks on the fromt lawn. Hang on I can lip read. Lemmie see, “This is Bob. A victim of evil insect hating people…”

Oh heck. Better go see what’s what.

Back later.


Intern Jack

Ps Ya’ll do know this is all made up don’t you?

Oh and Author Ann said I was supposed to wish a happy holiday.

So okay.

To be continued…

———-And now a holiday tune—————–

Before there was Miley

there wuz Hillary…

LOL Feel the love,


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2 commentsLOL Feel the love,
Posted Nov-23-08 18:28:38 PST Updated Nov-23-08 18:45:38 PSTOkay so I was bored.


Intern Jack

Auntie’s email…

Dear Ann,

How the heck are we going to ever have this Thanksgiving thing if not one of us is interested. I personally think it would be time better spent if we invite our relatives to meet us as Chuck E Cheese for a pizza and a playdate in the ball pit. Lord, if I’m going to get severe dysentary from some snot nosed kiddo I want to at least have fun while I’m doing it. Besides I heard that the person who actually plays Chuck E Cheese is a babe. Let’s go pay Snot Jr to get Chuck E, to hugs us. Maybe we can cop a feel.

Sure beats cookin’ and shleping for the ungrateful and the unwashed.

How about you? Four days in the Bahamas?

Love in kisses,

Auntie Slacker

PS I say we give it up and find a spa. For the money this meal is gonns cost us we could use it to have a great time on a beach somewhere else and give to our favorite charity too!
Oh and Ann. If I get sick this year? I’m blaming it on your cooking. 🙂


So look. Things aren’t going so good in the land of Norman Rockwell aka Author Ann’s Thanksgiving.

Snot Nose, The Elder, has put his foot in it. Author Ann’s jolly, holiday mood? Well now it sucks. She can be a right Azz when she’s upset and Auntie isn’t helping either. Auntie want’s to “Chuck” it. I hope that they both go to Miami. They’d be better off than messing with the Chuck E Cheese guy. He might be a “babe” but I went to high school with him and well he’s a “babe” with crabs. Dystentary might not be the only reason they’d have to go visit a doctor. I hear that crabs and salmonella don’t mix.

Intern Jack.

No place like home

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0 commentsIf you’re going to San Francisco?
Posted Nov-22-08 07:24:47 PST Updated Nov-22-08 07:26:43 PSTYouTube live 5pm/8pm EST

Now on to 12 dogs. Cause there’s no place like home

Intern Jack
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1 commentNo place like home
Posted Nov-21-08 07:11:53 PST Updated Nov-21-08 21:54:50 PSTHmmmm. It’s cold outside. But inside? Hmmmmmmmm.

Uhm Excuse me. I really am sorry I have to interupt AuthorAnn’s fantasy time but

I got to introduce myself.

So hey. I’m Intern Jack, Author Ann and Auntie Slacker are off having their pre Thanksgiving extravaganza (apparently it involves alot of “fantasy island” about Tv’s Craig Ferguson, hence the Sugarland video) and have left me, Intern Jack, incharge of 12 dogs.

Okay I know that I’m supposed to be doing something or writing something about Author Ann’s count down to Thanksgiving here.

But there is not because I don’t cook and I am goofing off. Instead of prepping for the big day I am watching internet soap operas on YouTube.

Yeah I know. I’t’s stupid and I am wasting my time.

But …

Good news. You can too!!!


episode one Roomates

LOL I Love YouTube.

Tomorrow? We do stuff. I have a list. Somewhere.


Welcome to my Thanksgiving vacation. And please DONT forget to click the blue links.

Check. (That’s one of the things on my list to do. Remind you about the blue links. That guy’s weird. I don’t know what AuthorAn is thinking.

But I know what I’m thinking!!!!

Who loves ya’ bayyybeee,

Intern Jack.

LOL I got a theme song by the way

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0 commentsEveryday
Posted Nov-21-08 01:03:28 PST Updated Nov-21-08 06:38:59 PSTThis guy is intense.

Some things to think about while you’re waiting for this video to load.

Pivot questions

1. What is your favorite word?
2. What is your least favorite word?
3. What turns you on?
4. What turns you off?
5. What sound do you love?
6. What sound do you hate?
7. What is your favorite curse word?
8. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?
9. What profession would you not like to do?
10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

I’ll post my answers later in the day.

Comments on but hidden for the moment.


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3 commentsHey
Posted Nov-20-08 00:33:25 PST Updated Nov-20-08 01:26:27 PST

Good morning.

Road trip.

When the going get’s tough?

The tough get going.

Walk about.

Leaving on a jet plane?

It’s 5 oclock somewhere.

Hey not to worry after all you’ve got options.

Why am I still celibate?

Is this really an option?


There really is a perfectly good explanation.

That’s what I’ve been told.

I don’t buy it either.

I’m sure that I don’t.


If I think about it long enough and hard enough.

I’ll think of something.

Or not.

Hey– I’ll look at the bright side.

Tomorrow is another day.

You are so beautiful on the inside and so smart.

Use this time to work on becoming the best me!

That’s what she told me.

Nice sentiment but really after all this time?

What do you think I’ve been doing?


Why no I don’t know where this is going.

Kind of like my life.

I’m just thinking about Pup.

I’m just thinking about Thanksgiving.

I’m just thinking about this morning.

I’m just thinking about tonight.

I’m just thinking that you’re fixing to leave now.

You just don’t know how to do it

With out hurting my feelings.

I know.

This is usually when I leave

Before I get dumped.

Only I don’t want to leave.

Do you?

I hope not.

I finally got used to you.

I’m writing a story for a friend.

It’s got me distracted but that doesn’t mean I’m not here

Or want to go.

Not paying attention to you?

I am paying attention to you.

Always I have one ear listening for the sound of your footsteps.

Some new opportunity to laugh and enjoy your company

But I have other things to do too.

Maybe though

It really is time for a road trip.

Only not alone.

With you.

To get to know you again.

You don’t mind if I sleep while you drive?

Just kiss me on the cheek and wake me up

When we get there.

I’ll smile and kiss you back.

Maybe laugh at the happiness of it all.

The look on your face so close to mine.

So traveling companion?


Good morning.


So I have 2 choices Then the next morning I have 3…

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2 commentsSo I have 2 choices Then the next morning I found I had 3
Posted Nov-18-08 22:50:48 PST Updated Nov-19-08 09:03:16 PSTI can write something OR I can hop into my warm bed under layers and layers of blankets and drift off to sleep.


Stay up with my feet freezing or dream in my warm and very cozy bed.


Try and defrost my brain enough to put two sentences together or dream…

Kind of like do I want to soldier on or do I want my shoulders rubbed by a really good looking guy (in my dreams anyway)


I am really sleepy.

See ya after my nap.

Hugs, Ann

Good morning. I slept. Opened my eyes to the sound of Janie about to throw up. Just in time for her to do so in my hand. Got her sorted out and then fed the birds. Made some grits and then fed the inside dogs. Janie is okay by the way. There was a hard freeze last night but the weatherman said it was going to warm up this afternoon.

I have a lot to do today. Alot of laundry, clean the fridge and look in the cabinets to see what’s there. Then I have to make the grocery list. Everyday stuff. This year is different though. This year there isn’t just the every day stuff. There is something different. My family is getting together at my mom and dad’s house for Thanksgiving. We haven’t done this in a very long time. Not all together. This year we are. I’m pretty happy about this. No that’s an understatement. I am very happy about this. Every year we all just did our own thing. WB, Pup and I have Thanksgiving together. Every year he says let’s go out it’s easier but somehow we manage to have left overs because I cooked too much. Some years have been big productions and others not. My parents are always somewhere else. But not this year. I don’t know if we’re cooking or what. I’m just happy to be in the same room. It’s been a really difficult year for my and WB’s family. I don’t know why my folks aren’t busy this year but I sure am glad that they aren’t and that we can be with them for Thanksgiving and maybe Christmas too. We haven’t done that in a very long time.

I just don’t know what this world is coming to.

Last night WB came in with two “chick flicks” and chocolate. Last night for some reason I cooked. Last night Pup and I sat down and just watched a movie. Last night I wrote a tandem story with someone who I like a whole lot. This will make a lot of sense to the people who know me well. Last night I laughed out loud.

Even my dreams were good.

And I slept.

This year when I give thanks there will be two people at my table who won’t actually be there. They have alot to do with why this year is different. I’ve never seen their faces. I’ve never heard their voices. But when I say thanks for my family and friends they will be first on my list. My “sexy fairy god mothers”.When I heard this song I thought about them and Pup and the pups and the finches. And my parents.

I thought about the friendships that have been important. How those relationships were built on the everyday.

This morning I woke up to the sounds of life. To the sounds of the “family” who’ve dragged me kicking and screaming from my “bed of affliction” and back into the world. And I read wonderful email from the two people who’ve done so much for me.

My sexy fairy god mothers.

Hugs and hugs and hugs again.

My warm bed and dreams are nice but life outside my bed is even better.

Everyday you save my life.

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0 commentsNo Words Today. Hugs. See you tomorrow.
Posted Nov-18-08 05:49:53 PST

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5 commentsCalm, Center
Posted Nov-17-08 21:40:55 PSTBreathe, breathe

And if that doesn’t work this might


In case this is your first visit \


Wanna see something cooooool in case you missed it this weekend?

Thanksgiving Countdown. Consumer Alert!

Happy Holidays.
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