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Posted Sep-06-08 11:24:47 PDT Updated Sep-17-08 11:44:49 PDTIf you were here last night you saw two posts that were specific to individuals. They won’t make a lot of sense. I’m writing a more general post about the last 24 hours. Until I post here, I hope that you will read the rest of 12 dogs. It’s kind of funny and there really is a theme.

It’s about finding a traveling companion for a porcupine.

I will say this.

Beauty is in the heart.

There is a fella who’d do well to remember that because without the beauty in his heart?

He’d be an ugly old fart no matter how good looking he was on the outside.

Just sayin’.

(just for the record. I’m not talking about Frisky (obs of life. sorry Frisky.)

We see what we want to see when it comes to beauty. I know that there are people with studies that will say different. But tell me, how else do you explain the relationships you see in the world? Take Jonathan Winters and his wife. Sixty years. That man would try the patience of angels and yet sixty years.

There are awhole lot of beautiful things that would eat you alive if they could. Just being beautiful isn’t all that great. It can get old quick.

Now I said that I’d be writing but…

Truthfully, I’m going to go get a new pair of walking shoes and a copy of a Warren Zevon song I heard last night on David Letterman. It’s entitled “Reconsider Me”. And I’m going to see an artist whose work I love. I’d do this even if no one else gave two cents for the selfish reason that it…

Oh and I guess I should tell you that I really do like you.

I just don’t know what to do about it.

I’ve already seen what shallow folks, who can’t look past the exterior, can do to a person. They don’t grow old gracefully. They’re always trading in for a newer model leaving behind jaded women and used cars. I’ve lived already in the world where folks weigh worth by the money they have or the way they look. There’s no talking to them. Some of the most insecure folks I’ve ever seen in my life live in that world.

I want to have fun during the remaining years of my life. I have this joy and laughter that I’ve found in my heart. I can laugh again. I’d like to share it with someone. I’m going to travel. I like it. Maybe on a sailboat, maybe not. That depends on my traveling companion. After years of literally being in one “place”, I’m ready to live a life flitting about and being happy. I can do that now.

My feet are “unbound”.

Look, what I’m looking for doesn’t have to do with money.

I asked this question pretty quick,

“If they didn’t have a cent would I still want to be with them?”

There are folks who I’ve said, “no” to because of this question.

I just want a traveling companion.

Someone who has their own ideas about life but can have respect for my ideas as well.

Someone who likes me and doesn’t just want me to be their tour director or their nurse maid (unless of course it is a naug…uh yeah, well that’s another thing entirely And yes the celibate thing is just soooo old. )

Someone who gets this next video even if it’s poking fun at them. A little.

But only just alittle. I hope that I’d like them too much to actually draw “blog” blood.

Someone who I can sit in what looks like the rubble of my life and say, “Yeah. Okay. I’m still one of the luckiest folks on the planet. I still have you.”

Someone who because of who they are, well I just can’t help but laugh. Not at them. With them. And cry with them too. I’ve seen the days of no laughter.

Someone who’s my best friend.

Someone who gets the phrase, “Home not house. Husband not spouse.

Someone who could have turned out wicked and mean but is gentle and kind instead.

This experience has taught me just how important that is.

I might have found someone who I can answer “yes” to these questions. I’m just kind of clueless about what to do about it. Not a big fan of rejection. But I’d really like to get to know this person. I really would.

Fate is gonna have to step in folks.

Either that or the fella is going to have to be like that man I met a while back. The one from Florida If you’ve read 12 dogs you already know the story.

He’s going to have to be fierce and gentle. And while I’m learning to trust him he’s going to have to have the patience of a saint. When old ghost start to haunt. That’s why the laughter is so important. To banish the old ghosts.

And like I already said he’s going to have to take the lead for real here,

because when it comes to male/female relations, I really am kind of clueless idiot.

But he’ll love me for it.

So What did I learn this afternoon?

Click it and see.

Taloolah, My reply to trust


Oh mercy.

Trust and risk looking the fool


Not trust and never know.

What would you do Hula?”

Could you post your answer in comments here?

Then back to Its the middle of the night

Thank you.

Swing batter. batter swwiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggg <clickhere

If you get lost in 12 dogs time? Come back here. And click the link above.

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34 commentsMy stupid mouth..
Posted Sep-05-08 20:32:44 PDTSorry Tallolah. I'm in good company! Do you know how many folks have covers of this song on YouTube. Must be alot of "foot n' mouth" disease out in the internet.

The song

John Mayer * My Stupid Mouth * Room For Squares cd

Uhmm and that part about never speaking up again. You do know that if I did that my eyes would bulge and I'd fart words because one way or the other words are just coming out. Most time the words flow like a river but some times,like tonight, they over flow like a toilet bowl.

I'm sorry. I really am. Please put back your blog.

and the vid of Mr. Ferguson in a kilt. Takes a bit…

I'm tellin ya Captain Ferguson, he was…..

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0 commentsI'm tellin ya Captain Ferguson, he was…
Posted Sep-05-08 18:20:47 PDT Updated Sep-06-08 21:27:49 PDTHoldin' his sporran and doin' pelvic thrusts…

Note this vid is for Ford Motor Co.

More fun with Captains…
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1 commentHow come Try and Peach get to have all the fun.
Posted Sep-05-08 17:48:48 PDT Updated Sep-08-08 10:10:24 PDTYou know this YouTube thing is pretty good. Got me to thinking that, gosh darn, I'd like to have fun with albums too. I started to do album covers but let's face it no one does bad album covers better than Try and Peach.

(Added: Please note. If you haven't seen some of the album covers that Tryork and Peach have found on the internet, you really should check out their blogs.Really funny album art. Ann)

But wait!


What about the songs inside the album covers.

Yeah. That's it.

For my first selection, I'd like to offer you a hit from the well known duet,

So What did I learn this afternoon.?

Well, I don't know about you, but doesn't the Captain look like he's about one Muskrat Love song away from going postal on Mrs. Captain.

Teeny tiny print: You know I wouldn't do this if I could have gone out too. I mean EVERYONE got to go out tonight. THAT IS NOT FAIR. They're out going to the movies and go to bars and well that's just not fair. They even got to go on a B double e double r u n. And now Hula is going to write a blog. but not until tonight. What am I doing? Watching political talk, eatting ice cream, and writing on my blog. In teeny tiny print.

Hmmph. Stupid hurricanes.

And dagnabit I'm celibate. This is getting reeeeeaaaaalllllly old.

Happy evening.

or you could go Here,,, I said you could go here…Good grief. Hey and good day
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2 commentsSo What did I learn this afternoon.
Posted Sep-05-08 11:21:44 PDT Updated Sep-06-08 21:39:30 PDT
You know with all this talk of traveling and traveling companions, I just happened to think of this song…

I hope you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying it right this moment…

And remember boys and girls—

A sense of humor is important in traveling companions. Especially when they have the same sense of time and scheduling…

or even more when they don't…

Sorry about the film quality, but you know how difficult it is to take a really good vacation film…

Mooooorrrreeee music.

To people watch by…

And for folks like Taloolah who need their Tv talkshow in a kilt fix :

I'm tellin ya Captain Ferguson, he was…..

In case anyone is wondering, the Captain Ferguson vid is from The Late Late Show with Tv's Craig Ferguson.

Actually funny. Hope there are more of them like last year.

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4 commentsTo people watch by…
Posted Sep-05-08 06:39:48 PDT Updated Sep-05-08 08:58:29 PDTAll these characters in life…

I have a friend who I met here. She loves to people watch. I thought that this might be an interesting song to watch the world with…

Joni Mitchell * Just Like This Train *Court and Spark cd

If you aren't familiar with Ms. Mitchell, there's an interview with Tavis Smiley in the video listing above. You have to play the music video (I think) Then a series of thumb nail photos appear. If you point your cursor on them you'll see a title for the vid. Ann

Nest stop? Dunno Click one and see:

Some funny at 12 dogs…

A ship in the harbor is safe…

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2 commentsSome funny before we here at 12 dogs get all artsy on ya'…
Posted Sep-05-08 04:37:23 PDT Updated Sep-05-08 08:59:23 PDTGood morning everyone…

And now "Storytime for Grown Ups"…

"Once upon a time ?

There were some fellas who were thirsty…"

Ya know I don't drink, smoke, or you know "smoke", but this video is just funny no matter what a person drinks or not, smokes or not. It's just funny.

Now on to todays 12 dogs.

A ship in the harbor is safe…

Think "magic realism"

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4 commentsA ship in the harbor is safe…
Posted Sep-05-08 02:59:33 PDT

But that's not what ships are for.

Fine print. I like this video version. Don't think literal. Think magic realism.

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3 commentsBut that's not what ships are for.
Posted Sep-05-08 02:23:32 PDT Updated Sep-05-08 02:36:11 PDT

Yeppers Taloolah,

“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien


Not are all those who wonder are lost.

I don't know why some folks need to sail the seas while others are content to never leave the shore.

Don't know if there's any use "Trying to Reason With Hurricane Season" either. Seems like we, as human beings, keep trying to reason with the unreasonable, "Time After Time".

Kind of like getting married or living on the Gulf during hurricane season or bringing another child into this world. It's just that eternal optimism or stupidity that keeps us going back despite the odds.

I think that there is a term for it?

"hurricane amnesia"

or is it just "human nature"?

You know something? Now? I'm afraid of this hurricane.

Okay, okay. A trip. Sure.

Stay safe. Take care of you parents. No heroics. You'll go great.

Then? Travel and all that optimism.


Take care,



Tim McGraw

When the Stars Turn Blue

Jimmy Buffet

Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season

Cyndi Lauper

Time After Time

Well guess it's time for the General Election.

LOL Mercy. Politics, you gotta love it.
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0 commentsLOL Mercy. Politics, you gotta love it.
Posted Sep-04-08 11:32:55 PDT Updated Sep-05-08 03:52:41 PDTLOL. Now while the other videos were about people, this one is definately about politics.

(Oh and for the record, regardless of politics, I think Governor Palin gave a great speech. I really did.)

So if this is a slam? It' certainly isn't against Jennie C. or a Governor from the the great state of Alaska.
Just looking for the issues in this big ole' ball of angst.

(Of course I'm Deep South and I "tawk" funny)
And at the moment, my mind's on traveling and traveling companions. I'm a bit distracted at the moment…

ROTFLMBO ya'll. Perhaps I'll go to Sara Bareilles version of Vegas. Or skip through the fields singing "Bottle it Up" as a lullaby.
Yeppers, I wrote, "ya'll". I say it in conversation all the time.

And for the record, a "chancer" is so, so far from a Red Neck. So very far.

Which brings me to another Sara tune


The rest of the day. Personal life.

So, I've been looking for a traveling companion. It's not easy. You have to fill up the days with stuff to do. Alot of it isn't in my control. It's the stuff that life requires.

It's not a crime, this life. That is true.

But finding someone you don't irritate the heck out of or who doesn't irritate the heck out of you isn't easy. It's not just what you want. It's the "they" part that's tricky. Add another person to consider. These days everyone is just so touchy. Must be the election.

I've seen people who I'd like to "they" with. One makes me laugh out loud for real. Life is so full of "tricksters" though. Angry and hurt people who smile and then treat you like crap. Nope it's not easy.

If you can find the acoustic version of Sara Bareille's song Many the Miles? It's kind of nice.

I like rock n roll big hair big speaker groups. Sammy Haggar. But I like the blues too. Not to have them but nothin better to sing or listen to.

This life is such a mixed up one. It's filled with "bootlegger" relative pasts and professional relatives. Poor folks and millionaires.

And then here I am.

If I leave? It's the same exile that's been my companion for so long. If I don't leave I'm invisible or an irritation that to them doesn't make a pearl.

Trying to find home amongst the bunch of them hasn't been working.

Especially when what you want is a hug and someone to whisper in your ear, "It's okay. I love you."

I'm really pulling for this.

One Sweet Love* Sara Bareilles. Playlist

And since there is all this big world out there.

A new way to sing an old song…Love…

LOL Taloolah. Now that you're backing towards the door…

I am a writer.

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0 commentsI'm Deep South and I "tawk" funny.
Posted Sep-04-08 10:37:05 PDT Updated Sep-05-08 18:56:30 PDTI'm from the Deep South. I was born and raised here. I eat turnips greens and sweet potatoes. I "tawk" funny. I also bait my own hook when I go fishing. I know folks, really nice folks, who live in trailers. I also know folks who own original museum quality art work and know their Chardonay from their Merlot. I've also known some of the "founding families" who have been put in jail for stealing from the public.

Which brings me to the video on this blog.

To understand this song, you have to understand the culture. Personally, I don't even think of it as southern. To me? It's just a part of human nature pure and simple.

Kind of like the "Dry Town" Miranda Lambert sings about,

When I was a teen, the town I lived in was supposed to be "dry". A "dry" county is a peculiar thing and makes interesting buddies. It seems most everyone in a "dry" county knew the boot legger. Quite a business person, our local bootlegger. Like a large multination with questionable activities, a part of everything a bootlegger sold went into the "risk fund" other wise known as the "get out of jail cause we aren't gonna change" jar. You might see the mayor and the "layabout" at the bootlegger. If you wanted alcohol for the Rum Punch or the Christmas EggNog? Well let's say you might know the bootlegger no matter what your station in life.

Which of course means I do know what this means even (though I don't drink) LOL I hear my mother having a fit, "Oh Ann. What will folks think?!?!?!

(insert agrivation or this video here)

Now, I'm actually related to southern bootleggers. The real kind who actually made the stuff in the 1920's.

And my lovely, gentle, church going mawmaw told me herself, before she died, that there might even be a horse thief on her side of the family.

So what does that have to do with this video and politics?

Well, this weekend, I heard that Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska is trailer park trash. Then they insulted the parenting of her daughter. Regardless of which side you vote, I would never insult Sen. Obama's mother not being married when Sen. Obama was born. And I'm not about to say the same of Governor Palin's daughter.

I don't think she gave a mean speech.

As a matter of fact, considering what was said about her family and her daughter this weekend, I thought she handled it in a pretty calm way.

She just defended herself and she talked about issues.

Nothing wrong with that.

Some of the Dem. Party have been acting like a bunch of stuck up, holier than thou types. The very folks they say that they hate. Hmmm.

I just think they ought to get a sense of humor and as they say here, "Get over themselves."

Sheesh. My family goes all the way back to the Revolutionary War here and I'm not upset about it.

So anyway, about Gov. Palin's family?

How about let's "tawk" some issues folks.

LOL Mercy. Politics, you gotta love it.

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1 commentA new way to sing an old song…Love…
Posted Sep-04-08 04:35:25 PDT Updated Sep-17-08 11:41:16 PDT"…..She was asleep again. He began to cry because he thought he'd lost her. Again. He couldn't bare to lose her again. Not after all this time waiting for her to wake up…
Then he relaxed because he suddenly knew…"

This is the beginning of a story. I'm too tired to write the all the words right now but I will soon.

I wanted to at least put this next part here…

"Then he relaxed because he suddenly knew…"

"…that she was only sleeping."

The quality of this sleep was deep and gentle.

A little like floating.

But no matter the sleep, there was something different here. She smiled.

And he knew she'd come back. home.

And she did.

So What Did I Learn Last Night?

I heard an old song sung a new way. And I learned that I would soon be very happy. Only I didn't understand how I knew. I saw a broken hearted woman, who's hope had been bruised by the past, sing a beautiful song of hope and potential new love in the future. I saw the first female ever on the Republican presidential ticket give a fantastic speech of practical hope. Finally, I saw something I never thought I'd see.

I saw a man who'd entered the room along time ago saying the word, "no", utter the most hopeful words I've ever seen.

He said the word "marriage" and he didn't flinch.

There are alot of women with designs on that man but there is only one woman who he will


I don't know when. I just know that he will…

I think, no I'm almost positive, she'll say yes.

That's the real "audacity of hope" isn't it, that we keep on trusting in the future even with our very, very bruised pasts.

Only this time, folks, no Lucy and Charlie Brown moments please.

There are so many people here.

If it were mid summer it would be a dream.

Now to sleep for a bit. I haven't bought a map yet, Taloolah, but I think it's okay.

This map is written in my heart.

"use your heart as your rudder

your faith as your compass


your" towel (tee hee) "as your sail"

As the great explorer

Harry Nielson

used to say

My good and kind heart!

"To love a person is to learn the song that is in their heart,
And to sing it to them…when they have forgotten." ~Anonymous~

Now then

…before we hear that old song sung new…

…the hopeful song by the "caged bird" who sings with bruised heart.."

…a little sumthin' sumthin' for a very old heart made kind and new…

…but first a bit of theater magic…

(…Because a long time ago…)

…there once really was a young Irishman and a young lady…

(That is the song "Moondance" by Van Morrison in the back ground in case you were wondering about it. It's from the movie August Rush)

But wait.

Look again.

Find the song "Someday [Lydia/Louise] in the playlist up above.

Play it too.

And then because…

…they did indeed do a bit of "Dancing in the Moonlight". In a tiny castle in a field by the light of a full moon…

Play this song too.

And when you've finished this…?

The question is?

What (else) Did I Learn Last Night?

88888888888888888888888888888888888may we all have many multiple infinities sideways. 😀 Love, Hannah

Story in draft. Author (me) reserves the right to edit at her choice…when ever I want to…sigh..

Now then, I'm going for a bit of a walk while I can and then come back to see…

What's next.

Swing batter. batter swwiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggg

back to the future of course

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0 commentsWhat Did I Learn Last Night?
Posted Sep-03-08 23:55:49 PDT Updated Sep-04-08 00:30:28 PDTA new way to sing an old song.

Shelby Lynn * How Can I Be Sure

This is a cover of a Dusty Springfield song but I like this one better. Ephemeral. Spare. These words hang in the air. Linger. I'm worried. Such sad, broken eyes.

The singer is from Alabama. I read about her last spring. How she was amazingly talented and yet for some reason not well known. I hope that she doesn't give up.

Maybe she is just tired out and needs to come back to Alabama for a bit.

Shelby Lynn * How Can I Be Sure

As for the rest of 12 dogs?

Fun with YouTube…Playlist
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8 commentsGov. Palin linked to late night talkshow host
Posted Sep-03-08 16:52:44 PDT Updated Sep-05-08 16:41:16 PDTVideo tape uncovered** Governor Palin linked to late night talkshow host, …

the first female Governor of the great state of Alaska…tonight to become the Republican's first female vice presidential nominee…

Governor Sarah Palin…

Governor Palin linked to late night talkshow host…

Rumors are buzzing through the internet about just who is this unknown VP candidate, Gov. Sara Palin. This mom of 5 and "hockey mom" has been subject of intense speculation. We here at 12 dogs are on the case. Auntie Slacker, our special correspondent to the RNC, has uncovered shocking not secret video tape linking Gov. Sarah, the barracuda, Palin to late night talk show host, tv's Craig Ferguson.

What do Craig Ferguson and Governor Sarah Palin have in common?

Was he really on vacation?

Or was Tv's Craig Ferguson, America's newest citizen and mind candy to millions of women world wide, up north above the Artic Circle in Gov. Palin's secret "fortress of solitude" trying like heck to get an interview??

Will she appear on The LateLateShow with Tv's Craig Ferguson?

Is it true that Mr. Ferguson called her a —

"naughty librarian"?????

12 dog's ace reporter, AuntieSlacker, did some checking and found this not secret video tape.

You decide.

I don't know about you, but if I were Craig Ferguson?

I'd be taking Gov.Palin up on her invitation to Alaska.


New video surfaces.

Well some more to the recent question about the links between Gov.Sarah Palin and Tv's Craig Ferguson surface. In this video obtained from YouTube, Craig Ferguson further fuels the fire of gossip.

On Tuesday, Sept 2, 2008:


Rumors have again flaired!!! Secret video. Seems that Tv'S Craig Ferguson is also Captain Craig Ferguson. Captain Craig is not only linked to Gov. Palin but he also has known family connections to the The Highlanderz, rough and tumble hi hop group from Scotland.

In this YouTube video:

This is it Taloolah:

End of humor. Now to the important stuff. (or if you just came here to see TV's Craig Ferguson in a kilt?

(ClickTo people watch by… )

Update: . Regardless of my political leanings I listen. I'm hoping to find a copy of all the speeches: Sen. Obama's, Sen. Biden's from the DNC and Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin from the RNC. If I can, I'll be glad to post a copy here so that you can listen to them once and again. I want to help folks to hear what these candidates have to say. I don't know about you, but now that the tickets are set? This is the first election that for some reason has really caught my eye.

Well folks, that's all that I'll say on the political subject.

Anyone want to listen to some music?

Fun with YouTube…Playlist

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0 commentsWell here's a thought.
Posted Sep-03-08 08:30:26 PDT Updated Sep-03-08 15:23:32 PDTWell this makes sense.

If stress and the cortisol it causes can actually make you sick?

Then choose the life style that makes you happy.

Wheither it's super active or eattin ice cream, if it makes you happy? You won't be stressed. And if you aren't stressed? You will lower your cortisol.

And that will help you live longer.

Well heck, I know my doctor will have a fit but since doctors stress me out too?

I thought I'd give it a try.

Until then you have two choices:

You can have Fun with YouTube…Playlist

or you can go directly to this morning's blog entry, Merry Christmas greetings Ya'll


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0 commentsFun with YouTube…Playlist
Posted Sep-03-08 08:24:03 PDT Updated Sep-04-08 09:17:29 PDTPlaylist:

Corrine Bailey Rae * Put Your Records On

Nice song, great sunny Saturday feel, and message.

Reminds me of an email from Taloolah. About riding her bike and coasting down a long hill. Yes, you were right. You know that's a feeling I haven't felt in a long time.

Joni Mitchell * BigYellowTaxi *

Going way back…

I love the artwork on this video!

Paul McCartney*Three Legs

I haven't heard this song in such a long time. Used to love to sing it. Paul McCartney** Three Legs

Little Feat * Dixie Chicken

Back long, long, loooong time ago, before even Saturday Night Live, there was The Midnight Special. This video of Little Feat includes Emmy Lou Harris and Bonnie Raitt backup. "I've seen the bright lights of Memphis…"

Bonnie Raitt * Something to Talk About

This is a heck of a song from a very good singer.

Crosby, Stills, and Nash (before Young?)

Marrakesh Express

Mad Dogs and Englishmen * The Letter

Way, way back,1970's, look for Leon Russell on the piano and Joe Cocker singing…

Doorway to 12 dogs?

Merry Christmas greetings Ya'll

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3 commentsMerry Christmas greetings Ya'll
Posted Sep-03-08 04:44:35 PDTNooooo. This isn't about politics. I just happen to like the song and well it feels alittle like Christmas here at 12 dogs.

For your listening pleasure?

A little Jimmy Buffet.

Good morning…

Hope you have a great day.

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3 commentsHope you've had a great day.
Posted Sep-01-08 16:53:21 PDT Updated Sep-03-08 01:17:34 PDT

I could try to recreate what I wrote here tonight. I'm still wondering why the words disappeared.

"I haven't done this in a long time," I wrote. "What did I learn last night?" Then I talked about how I'd learned a new song. That I hadn't had time to find the melody, but if the melody was half as beautiful as the lyrics?

A gift.

Then I said that I'd also laughed.


It might not seem like much to some, but to me it was the best of gifts.

Just to laugh

It Might As Well Rain Until September

by Carol King

sung by Barry Manilow

What shall I write?
What can I say?
How can I tell you how much I miss you?

The weather here has been as nice as it can be
Althought it doesn't really matter much to me
For all the fun I'll have while you're so far away
It might as well rain until September

I don't need sunny skies for thing I like to do
'Cause I stay home the whole day long and think of you
As far as I'm concerned each day's a rainy day
So It might as well rain until September

My friends look forward to their picnics on the beach
Yes everybody loves the summertime
But you know darling while your arms are out of reach
The summer isn't any friend of mine

It doesn't matter wheither skies are grey or blue
It's raining in my heart 'cause I can't be with you
I'm only living for the day you're home to stay
So It might as well rain until September
September, September, oh
It might as well rain until September

A Tender Mercy
Like love

Then I wrote about a man that I met. How his wife had dementia. I told the story again of how he loved her so. That she didn't feel the same at first but that he said that he would change her mind.

He did.

I think that Fate made it so hard for him to win her heart because she knew that life would be difficult for them later on.

If I could make it so that she could look at him one more time and tell him that she loved him? I would do it in an instant.

I think that she does.

Know him.

She might not be able to form the words or memories but he's in her heart.

Taloolah, the words just vanished into air.

I remember.


hugs that bring love and create miracles.


"Holding onto things and vanished
Them to the air
Left me in pieces
But now I'm rising from the ashes
Finding my wings
And all that I needed
Was there all along
Within my reach
As close as the beat of my heart

…out on the edge of forever…"

I would still know you

Memory is such a funny thing Taloolah. Ephemeral. That word should have been made just for the worlds of memory that we create in our life.

Castles of air.

I've been trying to remember.
Trying to put my memories into words in this journal.
Imperfect snap shots of barely tangible emotions
Graceful like the smoke from a candle
I watch the words bend and form
Gentle swirls
But when I try to hold them?


"To love a person is to learn the song that is in their heart,
And to sing it to them…when they have forgotten." ~Anonymous~

ehem. you've got mail

and I've got a new map to buy

until then


The snippet of poem is from Time of My Life/ sung by David Cook
Might As Well Rain Until September words by Carol King and Sung by Barry Manilow

The last part is mine.

This is a rough draft.
Like life and 12 dogs, it is constantly begin revised until it's final form.

I shoulda bought that automatic donut machine…

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0 commentsI shoulda bought that automatic donut machine…
Posted Sep-01-08 16:40:58 PDT Updated Sep-01-08 16:54:43 PDTIt's been a heck of a week . So many plot twists and life changes it reads like a soap opera.

I'm amazed at how kind folks can be during the worst of times. I'm amazed at how meanspirited other folks can be during those worst times too. Kind? Mean?

It can really make a person think about the choices they make in this life…


We've decided. Yes, it was agreed by all.

We're gonna buy it.

To celebrate WB's brothers life.

Cause not a one of us wanted to end this life thinking,

"Should have bought that automatic donut makin machine."

So that's what we're doin'.

We kind of think WB's brother would get the funny.

Again to celebrate his crazy, kind, and yes funny life.

We think WB's brother would approve.

That's the funny part of this week.

Wanted you to have a happy, because well, there's too many jerks in the world. Kindess gives balance.

"Having fun and returning kindess for meaness?

It's the best revenge."

Hannah Murphy

As for the bitter?

We got the news today. Oh boy.

I know why the caged bird sings

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