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Posted Sep-25-08 08:09:54 PDT Updated Sep-25-08 08:20:30 PDT

…Snapper turtles, fishin’ and the high cost of advertising “free milk” <click here

With love,
Auntie Slacker
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1 commentSnapper turtles, fishin' and the high cost of "free milk"
Posted Sep-25-08 07:57:44 PDT Updated Sep-25-08 08:04:31 PDTWhere I live they have these snapper turtles that live in the river. These snappers are the best river fishers you'd ever want to see. They have this pink tongue they dangle out for the fish to see. Dangle, dangle, dangle. And since the river water is murky all those fish see is that sweet, pink tongue.

Until the snap.

Them snapper turtles have a heck of a bite.

Reminded me of this song

And of snapper turtles, "fishin'", and the cost of advertising free milk.

Georgia Satellites

Watch out for them little pink tongues boys.

I hear you see 'em right before a heck of a bite.

Oh now you don't have to thank ole' Auntie. I've got a son myself. Have to keep a weather eye out for those snappers cause Auntie is mighty fond of her baby boy.

Only thing old Auntie is jeolous of?

Keeping her baby boy's bank account in one piece.

It's a jungle out there kiddies.

Wear protection.

Love and kisses,

Yer' dear ole' Auntie Slacker.


Now for the song…

"don't give me no lies and keep your hands to yourself…" tee hee

Auntie's word for the day is Prenup. The only known cure for a snapper turtle and the high cost of advertising "free milk"…


Well you;'ve got politics and money

Was anyone around during the Savings and Loan bailout?.

If you'd rather talk about something else? There's always Last Nights Fun

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8 commentsWas anyone around during the Savings and Loan bailout?.
Posted Sep-25-08 05:38:10 PDT Updated Sep-25-08 05:43:30 PDT

Or Why is that man on tv depressed daddy?

Do you think it's wise to bail out the investment banks?

What do you think will happen if they do? And if they don't. And does anyone get that sinking felling when they say they that they can manage the economy that is't possible, I remember how the S and L's were bailed out, for messing up and they were 'saved'. Then I remember that these are the guys that tried to manage Hurricane Katrina. Feels a bit like a 2000 debit card debacle.

If you'd rather talk about something else? There's always Last Nights Fun
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8 commentsLast Nights Fun
Posted Sep-25-08 05:16:16 PDT Updated Sep-25-08 18:02:09 PDT

"…It's just the mystery of guys in cars
at the drive in picture shows
wrassling with their honeys
with the lights turned way down low…"


A Work in Progress


Hannah Murphy

25 September, 2008

Next? Her daddy's girl

You know it's funny how folks have assumed what I'm talking about but haven't asked.

This is 12 dogs you have to ask people. It's a writer's journal. Fact and fiction live here.

fine print. edited to as the letter "s" at the end of show to make it shows

cbk if the comments are off I did answer your question.

it went something like this: "…well first, Tom Waits got a hair cut…

And his musical style changed?

How can you mix darkness and light like that. Now the samples that I've seen have been dark and light but not mixed and not streaked and not over whelming they just are there unique into themselves but a part of a whole. Dancing together in a choreographed dance but never holding hands.

As for the meanings of the lyrics.Not even the characters mix.

This fella is interesting. If this song is 1991. What happened to change his voice and style so?

Does that make sense?"

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12 commentsHer daddy's girl
Posted Sep-25-08 01:34:50 PDT Updated Sep-25-08 16:15:51 PDTMy father is a mess and a half.

He loves me for sure but oh boy he can be a trial.

Once when this fella came to ask me out, my father told the fella to take a hike. It was his opinion that the fella was a "chancer". I was so embarrased and angry with the way my father treated this man. Why would he do such a thing? I found out later when the object of my father's disrespect took a friend for 500 dollars he never repayed.

Later my father told me the story about the woman in Cuba. The story is where he got the phrase, "Business is business and love is bull shit." I can still hear my father tell the tale.

I'm not a cynic when it comes to affairs of the heart, but I am my father's daughter. I did learn the lessons of the "chancers" of the world. The fellas who'd take advantage of a girl with not a single thought very much like the lady took advantage of my father so long ago in Cuba. The thing is they could have told the same story about my father a long time ago. Folks could have said that my father wasn't good enough for my mother. They did. He was after all supposed to be a mess and a half too. With his history he was never good enough to be my mothers boy friend little lone be her husband of over 50 years. But my mother knew the same thing I do. She saw to his heart and took a chance on what she saw. She tells me even now that she never looked back nor regretted her decission.

So "What Did I Learn Tonight?"

Tonight I saw my father in another man's heart.

Boy is he a complicated character. He's a mess and a half just like my dad is. He's not a "chancer" and neither is my dad.

He's worth the effort just like my father is.


I keep thinking about the fate of the unicorn in Jamie Lidell's video for the song "Little Bit of Feel Good". I don't want to be a Unicorn.

And well, I wonder if I'm good enough to be in his world.

If this man were a "chancer"? He'd have handled life differently. He'd have not given anyone a chance to leave. Like my father, he seems to know very well how to "draw blood" with his sword but he didn't. A real "chancer" wouldn't give a person even half a breath to escape with their lives. It wouldn't have occured to him to be kind. And he is kind. That's why he's here.

My mother recognized this kindness and fundamental goodness in my father even though my grandfather had a fit. She stayed. She had my father's heart. Even though he'd not give others the time of day he would with my mother. He loves my mother with an inexplicable fairness. With others, my father would be a pragmatic nightmare who didn't suffer fools but with my mom? A gentle lion where she would find home and protection. That's why she loved him and why to this day she guards him with her life.

So the question is this, " Will I find my lion here or just another "chancer" trying to survive the world he's been given to?" Dunno. Guess Fate is trying to decide if I'm good enough and if he's good enough.

The song?

Jamie Lidell's song "Figured Me Out" is my response to the question, "What Did I learned tonight?"

The man isn't quite the cynic he likes to think he is. But then neither is my father. The fella I've seen has a heart and a conscious. He would love someone. He'd be a good friend and an excellent lover. A safe harbor in a very stormy sea. He would be an excellent traveling companion. So is my father. So would I.

But only if he or I or my father chose to be.

My time is as valuable as any. I'm not hanging around because of stupidity or ignorance or greed. I'm watching because there is value here. Not the money either but value of the heart. I'm hoping they will understand this.

And see it's selfish on my part. I want to go write stories and take photos and live my life. I need this strong person to help keep balance. A place to come back to so not to be alone. My traveling companion.

I hope folks would understand this.

I sure am praying that they do.

Next stop at 12 dogs?

More Jamie Lidell in Jamie waves back.

Taloolah, You have a wicked sense of humor this evening.

Yeppers. The Blues Are A Brewin. Like coffee in my cup. Strong and dark. Sigh. No more introspection fella Hussy. I've got that agrivated stirring like the stirring in the trees when new buds form. When spring is trying it's durndest to push past winter. To break free of the snow and get up in that sunshine.

I'd like a little sap, sticky and sweet, to come my way.

In other words?

But when the lord up above you
Sends someone to love you
The blues are something you loose
Youre so busy doing
The things that youre doing
That love aint got no time
For brewin the blues

Every where I go folks seem to be paired off. It's getting a bit old. No more introspection. What I need?


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0 commentsJamie waves back
Posted Sep-24-08 18:01:07 PDT Updated Sep-24-08 19:42:11 PDT

I was over on Hula's blog rocking out to the Katrina and the Waves song "Walking on Sunshine" when guess what?

I started thinking about the next song and it's video.

The song?

It's "Another Day" by Jamie Lidell. He's going to be on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight. If you miss seeing him?

Here's the video…

Meanwhile back at the ranch. Dilbert asked himself the question, "What would the Lone Ranger do in this situation?"

The answer?

A massive federal bailout?

No wait that's the prezes idea.

Note to self:

socialism An economic system in which the basic means of production are primarily owned and controlled collectively, usually by government under some system

democracy government by the people in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or their representatives

But if we're talking about 12 dogs?

Well the house really is quiet. We're all finally resting from our trips this weekend. Hopefully I'll be back in later tonight. I want to stay up and watch Mr. Lidel perform on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight.

But just incase I fall asleep and don't get to do either.

I hope that we all have a great evening, a good sleep, and then wake up to a terrific morning.

Till then? I'll dream of Paris … no actually,

I'll be dreaming of Dublin and New York and London and a man named …

Sweet dreams…

I'm going to try and sleep

but everytime I hear that these guys are competent to redesign our monitary system?

I think about those 2000 dollar debit cards they gave out to Katrina victims. And what a crup job they did bailing out the folks in the aftermath of Katrina.

And these are the folks who are going to bail us out of this crisis?

No. They need to do for our country what we did for our state. They need to sit down and stop spending and start really looking at where the money is going.

How many billions of dollars have been spent in Iraq?

We did it and are better for it.

Oh boy maybe it's time to email or call our representatives.


Phil Collins

Against the Odds

Pessimistic Optimists unite.

Oh and don't forget to send Clay that baby shower gift/"glad you finally figured it out" greeting card. I don't know about you but I was (not) shocked about Clay stepping out of his closet.

Very worried about those Claymates. How old are they now 12?

I'd suggest therapy but with the insurance companies next in line for corporate bailout? Well I'm not sure who'd do the doctoring.

Take care.


Parting shot. oooolala kissey kissey uh huh

I'm not a big fan of the Office but Youza. Now that is a screen kiss.

Back to the reality of fiction. 12 dogs

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4 commentsChess
Posted Sep-24-08 09:31:24 PDT Updated Sep-24-08 17:16:11 PDT

"High" a balloon's tale

song by Callie Ulners video by SomebodyIusedtoknow

It was midnight in the land of the 12 dogs. Everyone in the household was asleep.

Everyone except one lone voice telling the tale of …

a fanfare for the Common Man

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1 commentFanfare for the Common Man
Posted Sep-24-08 08:37:57 PDT Updated Sep-24-08 17:22:07 PDT

Once upon a time…

Back in the days of the concept album. A time where records were vinyl and a 22 minute drum solo was thought of as a badge of honor. A simpler time where musicians actually played their instruments and sang the songs.

And did covers of Aaron Copland music.

Asia played a cover of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer doing a cover of Aaron Copland's —-

Fanfare for the Common Man

Next stop Al Stewart

The Year of the Cat

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3 commentsThe Year of the Cat
Posted Sep-24-08 07:03:13 PDT Updated Sep-24-08 07:26:48 PDT

You must remember this —

Al Stewart * The Year of the Cat

A Sea change for fair weather and happy beginnings.

Notice this is definately not a political or sports blog entry. Just a response to a song I heard this morning.

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4 commentsSea change
Posted Sep-24-08 06:16:49 PDT Updated Sep-24-08 06:19:13 PDT
It's time to pull the winter clothes from the closet and put away the things of summer. I haven't used the hammock all summer. Think I might leave it outside as long as the weather's good. I've got to replace the top on the kennels. Put up the out door chairs.

I know that for a bit Taloolah and her father will be okay. And the other folks I've met here are busy getting ready for the holiday season.


I'm going to take a day or too off to get ready for the holiday season myself. Will still write everyday and visit here either early in the morning or late at night. Haven't decided. Either way, a bit of distance might be a good thing at the moment. This is the time of long letters filled with the mundane. What the dogs did. What the kids are doing. The getting ready for the holidays.

A change of season.

In another month or two I will have been here one year. It's amazing to think the time has passed like this.

I'm looking forward to the holidays this year. I didn't for a long time. My son died in the Fall. Wasn't the best time. Now I'm excited about all the preparations like the old days. This is good. I'm healing.

The trip this weekend reminded of how much I love to visit. How much I love company. I want to plan a trip for Thanksgiving. My folks will be busy again this year but I think that we'll muddle through. This Thanksgiving I'm bringing out the table wear and the napkins that I've collected for so long but didn't use. I'm carving a pumpkin. Carving a turkey. Wrapping presents for the mail lady and of course for WB and for Pup.

I'm going to be baking the pies while I watch David Letterman guess the pies that his mom is making. It's our version of a tradition. And I'm making a donation to the foodbank and the animal shelter too. I know that it will do good.

I'm going to actually Christmas shop for fun.

I love to shop for sweaters, Taxco, and books on eBay.

So you'll be seeing my nick alot. Thanks to last years shopping, I've been one sharp dressed female. This year I've bought serving trays and a watch. And I might be selling a few things too. Seems I've lost a little weight so I'll have clothes to sell if anyone is interested.

And football season is here. I might even actually go to a game.

I'm looking forward to sharing this with you, Gentle Reader. I hope that you will share your days with me too.

Comments on.

Play nice.

Taloolah and Cbk. Email if you get a chance and let me know what ya'll are up too. I'd love to get a chance to visit with you folks. Do you have a regular chat time? Could we set it up? Maybe we could take turns chatting in each other's blogs. Let me know.

Imagine come visit. I was delighted to see you. Same to you Richo. I haven't talked to Jules in ages. Bengal are you lurking? Perf? Prairie dog? Tryork? Hello.

So what's next?

First, I've got to get my writing samples up to write a weekly column and a biography of the older folks who live in the area. And after this weekend a travel blog to write. I really like that part. So there's a photobucket account to set up and a video camera and YouTube to sort out. And then a web page too. That's alot.


Well I've got to go feed the pups. I've started washing the sweaters. There's stuff with Pup. I've got a chicken coop to move and re build. A hydroponic system to install. There's flooring to put in. It's a long to do list.

Only this time I'm going to travel on the week ends too. I had so much fun. So energized from the experience. Who knows, maybe someone will actually pay me to write about my travels. Bengal and Detour do you have advice. I can sure use it.

I know this sounds like a lot but to tell you the truth I like a little busy. I'm glad to have had the quiet time. It's been healthy to "sit by the road and look for the meaning of life". Now? Well let's just say that I'm looking forward to a much more active and varied life.

Which includes a certain writing journal here at ebay.

So what's next at 12 dogs?

Well Gentle Reader, you've got a video (thanks to cbk) and a little Three Notch Road history to read.

The door way to 12 dogs begins here:

Because I swear there are some men.

(Note to Taloolah, You know Tal, that CF really is a fox. If I could construct the perfect traveling companion, he would be it. I think that this travel blog is going to include a visit to California to see how they tape the Late Late Show. Would you like to come too? All in the name of research of course. If that's too far maybe go to Nashville at the end of January or or or NYC the first of November? Cbk don't you live in New Jersey? Could you squire us girls around the Big Apple for a day? CF had a concert the first week in November at the Town Hall. Might be fun.

It's time for me to put on my traveling shoes Taloolah and I would just love to have the company. Weekend travel. Nothing long because of the kids and the dogs. I love to travel just not a fan of traveling alone. Pup and WB are busy. Think about it. )
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4 commentsI swear there are some ,men
Posted Sep-24-08 00:43:03 PDT Updated Sep-24-08 04:47:35 PDTWho could drive their guardian angels to drink…

Good thing that their guardian angels are stronger than that.

A video from cbkspa

Tom Waites meets Donald Duck.

For all of us between the Devil and the deep blue sea…

A lovely lullaby good night.

Thank you Cbkspa. May the road we travel be filled with guardian angels and friends to help us along life's journey.

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16 commentsThe road we travel
Posted Sep-23-08 23:25:36 PDT Updated Sep-23-08 23:44:41 PDTThree Notch Road

by Hannah Murphy 9/24/08

There a place I know down in south Alabam'

Call it the Three Notch Road

Where anyone knows woman or man

The way down south to go

Once a wilderness trail you could barely see

Call it the Three Notch Road

An indian trail for the Red Sticks you see

Call it the Three Notch Road.

Chocktaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Creek

And settlers don'cha know

All follow the stars and that trail you see

Down the Three Notch Road.

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0 commentsThree Notch Road
Posted Sep-23-08 21:43:07 PDT Updated Sep-24-08 09:37:05 PDT

Down in south Alabama, there is an old indian trail turned road. The trail was called Three Notch Trail, then later Three Notch Road, because the folks carved three Notches in the trees as a blaze to let other folks know the way to go. Kind of a street sign.

I don't imagine that the very first folks on Three Notch were able to really see the trail without that blaze. The sign that let them know how to get home when the trail was new.

The signs of the road to new friendships are important like those blazes. They help you to know which way to go when the friendship is first formed.

Good company as we travel along the road of life.

Hugs to you Talloolah. Hugs to Frisky and cbk and Muff and b 4 dementia.

Good sleep.

Someday things will be better.


What did I learn tonight? I learned that there really is a fella who fits the description in School Boy Heart. Does he have a school boy heart? Check. Novelist's eye? Check. Stout sailor's legs and a liceinse to fly? Check and check. He is fantastic and I'm smitten. Problem? I dont' know him personally. Fate will have to step in. But of mercy if fate does I'll do my best to remember.

Okay I couldn't find a farty kitty

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9 commentsOkay I couldn't find a farty kitty
Posted Sep-23-08 14:00:16 PDT Updated Sep-23-08 16:53:49 PDTBut I did find a Mighty Mouse (or mighty wind depending on how you look at it)

for talloolah to make her laugh.

The next photos are from Observations of Life. Thanks, Frisky.

ladylike farting kitty

And a gentle kitty to bring a smile

More photos to put a smile on Taloolah's face coming soon. Thanks Observations of Life. Hugs.

Hugs Talloolah!!!!

Babies always bring a smile

Happy news Taloolah. Hang in there.

Thank you Frisky.
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7 commentsSo I was trying to find out why the kitty farts on the LateLate Show..
Posted Sep-23-08 10:45:21 PDT Updated Sep-23-08 11:06:24 PDT

and I was bored. And we all know what happens when I get really bored…

OOps do to technical difficulties and the fact that intern Jack didn't see alllllll of the video after the photos, we are having to pull the last video. Personally I'm kind of releaved that he did NOT see the very last part. Hopefully not to many other folks did either.

Oh no.

Please don't report. It was an honest mistake.


This post will change throughout the day.

And this is why

Laughs for TaloolahComment|Report this post
2 commentsFor tree frogs .
Posted Sep-23-08 09:41:20 PDT Updated Sep-23-08 10:49:59 PDT
Note for those reading this post.

A friend needs some cheering up so I'm going to post funny things today to cheer them up. Some will be sweet funny and some wicked funny and some will be just gross…

Like farting cats!

Next? Good morning World * Janis Joplin

Now for frogdoggieUSB…


FrogdoggieUSB, You are of course welcome to post on my blog. And you are of course encouraged to express your opinion. BUT. I'm going to go easy on the cynical and I hope you will too. Kindness is the order of the day. A friend may have a difficult day. They don't need your or my foolishness.

Just positive thoughts.

If you will? I will.


So what ya got for taking a person's mind off their troubles? Stories welcome. Mercy knows I'll bet you can tell a heck of a good story. So can I.

So how about it tree frog. A story teller's swap?

I like you. You got the twisted nature of the paperclip story. And I look forward to reading your blog but if we could just keep it happy here that would be most excellent. Now you know why.

Thank you,

Comments on but hidden. You can post it. It will disappear. I'll see it on this side. Kind of like an ebay answering machine.

Will turn Comments back later today.


PS Anyone else have a joke or a funny story. My friend here could use the happy today. Whatever you've got folks that will make a person smile. She'll see it.

She has to get through today and hopefully have good news about her dad at the end of the day.

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2 commentsGood morning World * Janis Joplin for Hula
Posted Sep-23-08 07:30:42 PDTTrust Me * Janis Joplin

Oh and FrogdoggieUSB?

A video just for you…..

Fine print. I hear that stretchmarks, 60 pound weight gains, and 25 hours worth of labor pain is the real bitch

of being "the beautiful reflection" or your loves affection…

Oh the sacrifice of being a woman. LOL

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31 commentsEhem Frogdoggie…A video just for you…
Posted Sep-23-08 06:16:54 PDT Updated Sep-23-08 06:35:26 PDTLighten up dud-ette.

Now to answer your comments?

Look up and click Swan Lake. LOL

LOL Cbk…Is that what you were talking about?
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14 commentsFor Cbk…Is that what you were talking about?
Posted Sep-23-08 01:29:24 PDT Updated Sep-23-08 02:11:25 PDTThe moral?

"…solutions to problems are always found at an entirely different level; also, believe in yourself in the face of impossible odds…"

Tom Waites, from Interview of Tom Waites by Tom Waites Posted on Everybody's a Critic, May 20, 2008 by Eddie Shoebang .

Cause sometimes the strangest things actually are right for the situation. Especially in matters of the heart.

It's " What I learned last night."

A Tale as old as time….

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3 commentsTale as old as time….
Posted Sep-23-08 00:57:27 PDTI've come to expect life to be one long Lucy Principle. If someone can jerk away the football at the last minute they will. Pretending to care was the best a girl could hope for. It's not an easy existence. Lately I'd begun to think that maybe there was a possibility that would change.

What I'm about to say is a real exercise in saying something to just be the truth. I'm aware that it will be thought of as pathetic. I don't care because that will be their problem not mine. My problem is finding a "traveling companion". My saving grace.

To find a saving grace you have to risk saving face.

You won't understand that.

Just like you won't understand home not house husband not spouse.

But there is someone who will understand this concept. That person is my husband. The person who really does love me no matter what. Marriage is a funny thing. You promise to love, honor and trust someone for a future yet to be seen. You do it because of faith. You do it because of the invisible force called love.

I love you.

Tonight I fell asleep. I told Taloolah that to fall asleep is the ultimate trust. She asked me what that meant. I don't know that I ever told her. So how about I explain it now. For Taloolah and anyone else who wonders.

If you're on a sail boat one of the things you do is divide up the watch duties. Kind of like finding the designated driver. Everyone takes a turn so that everyone can sleep. You have to trust that each person will be watchful while the other one or others sleep. You have to trust the person on watch to take care. You trust that, while you sleep, they will make the best decisions for you. You can rest easy that they will take care of you and the boat. Trust that they won't run it aground.

That's important in a "traveling companion".

I've been disappointed by many a wanna be traveling companion. People who've said that they could be trusted and couldn't be left alone for one second. Then there is a time when you see something in a person's eye and while your sleep isn't easy, you somehow know that you can trust them. It takes a while for that trust to be fully realized. It takes time and work. Eventually if you're lucky you do get to that point. The trust part is in love and friendship too. Until then you don't get your hopes too high and you don't let yourself be demoralized when they don't. But then, one day you do. Then you can sleep through hurricaines because you know that they are there while you sleep.

Ah trust, it's that step that Indiana Jones takes over the chasim inorder to find the Holy Grail. The first step that only faith and trust can make. Stepping out into nothing with only faith telling you something will be there and you will fall up into the great unknown. I wrote a poem about that. It's somewhere in the blogs.

I love you too.

I hope it's not missplaced nor too late.

That's what I meant when I said that the ultimate trust you can place in someone is to sleep. To say I trust you to look after me while I am asleep.

That is the true difference between us Taloolah. I still understand that and can, even after all this time, still trust.

I haven't lost my ability to love gently and to believe in this trust. Just because you haven't found something doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

The thing is I really do believe that this time it does.

I love you.

I believe these words. I know that they are true.

So tonight? I slept.

Those who love me took care. Those who don't tried to take advantage. Me? I took the first step into the great unknown with nothing under my feet but faith.

I slept.

Tomorrow I'll know the results. Nothing bad will happen even though there will certainly be those who'll try.

On a completely related note.

This clip reminded me of family.

It's not the physical attributes that really impress although I must say,"Wow!"

Home not house. Husband not spouse, folks. I want to lay down next to my husband and sleep. I want to tell him that I love him before I go to sleep and when I wake up. I want to go out into the world and then come back home and tell him what happened while he was sleeping. Thank him for his trust. It's not missplaced.

So I slept.

Until then Auntie Slacker is on watch.

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