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Posted Sep-14-08 01:49:57 PDT Updated Sep-14-08 02:49:33 PDT

The sun is just starting to rise over the horizon.


But I’m not sure I’m seeing a “new day”.

My first thoughts are for the folks where things aren’t so good. The disasters along the Gulf Coast… The soldier in the Middle East… The survivors of California’s train crash… The homeless all over the country… Folk living in homes on the brink of forclosure… Folks who’ve lost their jobs due to down sizing or out sourcing… Folks who are watching their retirements ebb and flow along with the markets around the world…

The rest of the world.

What a world the next President of the United States is going to face.

Last night, as I watched that partisian political rally known as Saturday Night Live, I could only think one thing:

“Thank you God that neither Sen. Obama, Sen. McCain, Sen. Biden nor Gov. Palin did not appear on this show.”

Because if they did? General Electric would act like they owned these folks. Good on the candidates for just saying, “No thanks.”

I mean could the folks at SNL/NBCUniversal and their parent company General Electric be more obvious? Honestly, I think those folks really must have two heads because last night they were trying to put one head up a politician’s you know what, while they had their other head up their own.

Although the show did get me to thinking about feminism and Gov. Palin. And Sen. Clinton.

Actually it made me appreciate Gov Palin.

You see, I understand this woman.

So do alot of other women outside of the offices of Ms.Tina Fey.

Bless your heart Ms. Tina Fey, maybe you’re the one who should get out more. Maybe come for a visit. We won’t bite.


You see, Ms. Fey, I’m from a RedState were girls, no women, hunt.

“Uber elites” don’t get that type of feminism.

Where I live women actually have more of choice than the “uber elite wannabee” does. The women in Alaska, like here and in other parts of the country, can bait a hook, raise 5 kids, run a state or country. They can stand by their man or do it without. They truly are liberated because THEY choose their life and they enjoy it.. That really is feminism, Ms. Fey, not that devisive, uber elite stuff you folk spout. Here and in other parts of America feminism is being able to chose your path in life wheither that means work boots or Louis L’s.

Maybe the wanna be feminists should take another look.

What I saw last night wasn’t grown women making choices. Nope. It was “middle school mean girls” trying to drag the rest of the world down to their level.

There are so many issues to be argued. Yet they want to treat this election like a vote for middleschool prom queens.

I’m glad to see that the candidates for president and vice president decided to give Saturday Night Live and NBCUniversal’s offer to be the “power behind the man” a pass

Maybe they should give CBS another look (oh about 3:20 on this video) I know I am.

I’m just glad that while folks are suffering out there in the world that the candidates for president gave the stupidity on Saturday Night Live a “NO THANKS” .

There maybe hope for the politcal process yet.

Folks in the world are in a pickle. They need real help. Stop calling Gov. Palin “trailer park trash” and using the National Enquirer to do your dirty work for you. Talk the issues people. If you’d done that, I’d have respect for you. But this childish behavior? It won’t get my vote.

It really is the issues and the people.

Best regards,



Respect is a good thing 😉

Especially amongst traveling companions.

Next Storytime and 2008 RedNeck Politico…


Aretha Franklin


“You better think…” Mercy knows I am thinking about my vote and this 2008 Presidential election…

And I am not about to do a “Yes” dance for a one of them.

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0 commentsOnce upon a time ?
Posted Sep-13-08 02:54:10 PDT Updated Sep-13-08 04:02:57 PDT

Magic Realism… A form of literature that incorporates fantasy elements or supernatural occurrences into the narrative and accepts them as truth. …

See Multiple Infinities Sideways …

or the 2008 Presidential election…

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4 commentsIt’s back…Storytime for grownups
Posted Sep-12-08 17:42:41 PDT Updated Sep-13-08 03:38:21 PDTOkay.

There is a heck of Saturday Night Story here at 12 dogs. It is definately not the children’s hour though, so kiddies out of eye sight. But it’s not that bad either. You’ll just have to work really hard to find it. Remember all words in blue have a potential to be a link. Find the link find the story.

Talooolah, you’ve got mail.

The rest of yas’ here’s the doorway to 12 dogs and a blog.

Once upon a time…Storytime for grownups is back,
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0 commentsOnce upon a time….Story time is back…
Posted Sep-12-08 14:33:45 PDT Updated Sep-13-08 02:44:30 PDT

Magic Realism

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14 commentsDear Taloolah,
Posted Sep-12-08 14:22:04 PDT Updated Sep-14-08 17:18:12 PDTThere are two kinds of love.

There is agape.

Agape is the love of the angels. It is the gentle kiss of a mother. Or the kind hug of a stranger at the darkest point of life. It is the pure love that remains when we leave this earth and fly up to live in the heavens.

There is eros.

Eros is the love on this Earth. Eros is the love one lover feels for the other. Sexual. Where agape has wings that fly, Eros has feet that walk the earth. Eros is a hormonal condition that keeps the worlds populations in perpetual motion.

In a word? Sex.

Used in a sentence?

You can feel “agape” for your dear old granny. But “eros”, you save for your lover.

Together Agape and Eros love combine to form what we traditionally call the love of husband and wife.

We feel these two loves in varying degrees throughout the course of a relationship. First Eros in a mating dance that resembles Animal Planet. As the waves of hormones begin to find some balance, Agape comes. This is the love that survives after hormonal Eros has run it’s course or Cialas and Viagra no longer hold interest. Finally, when it is our time to go home, only Agape remains.

You should have both for a rich, true love.

Love of husband and wife is born in the heavens but it’s home is on this Earth. It’s is necessary. So that both can survive the “if’s” in life.

I wanted you to know this.

So many times we set Love up on a pedestal or we drag it across the ground, because we don’t nurture both the Agape and Eros of Love.

I guess that’s why date night is so important.

“Agape is for yer’ granny but, Eros is for yer’ lover.”

Hugs and good will,

Author Ann

And now for the rest of 12 dogs. This next section is a kind of Magic Realism. A playing of words and ideas. There is a theme.


So? Wanna’ dance?…

Hang On, back to the discussion Sept 14th, 2008

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8 commentsOnly one thing to do boys and girls…
Posted Sep-12-08 09:14:54 PDT Updated Sep-14-08 01:31:39 PDT

Is it a “… jump to the left…” or “…is it a step to the right” ?

Into the alternate universe known as 12 dogs and a blog?

Hey, Fine print here.

You do know that 12 dogs is a kind of living artwork. It morphs and changes as time progresses. You can not read it as a simple sequential diary. That– isn’t 12 dogs. It’s as interwoven as the neurons in your head. No telling where a random stimuli will take it.

Now For the very observant and the lucky. This path makes the song much more interesting. More than one time path in the middle of this Ephemeral forrest…Magic realism.

Its the middle of the night and dreamtime awaits…

ooh don’t mind me. I”m just sunsilly at the moments You can find the answer to “What did I learn last night?” AND Tonight’s story hour in this link. While this is definately on point it’s definately not G rated. Bring a grown up…

AND Plu-lease don’t make me drag out the 12 dogs disclaimer…You know…Writer’s journal…fact and fiction…don’t know ask…Think of this like a book. It is NOT my brain. It is an actual book. A virtual book that can only exist on interactive media. So stop worrying about my mental health and enjoy…ot you could just read about the 2008 Presidential election…

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2 commentsSeptember 11th post. You probably missed it.
Posted Sep-11-08 12:11:34 PDT Updated Sep-11-08 17:28:00 PDT
Hello. Just wanted to send prayers to the people in Texas. The election pales in comparison to hurricane force winds. Take care ya’ll and let folks at 12 dogs know how we can help. AuthorAnn.

Now the post.

This post is for my son most of all. Then it is for my family and a fella from Scotland who is now an American.

When I started the week and was writing 12 dogs, I didn’t intend to post again until next Monday. For today, I wrote the simple blog post:

There will be only one post today.

The rest of the day will be spent in quiet reflection of our country. It really is very beautiful.

America the Beautiful.

Oh beautiful

For spacious skies

For amber waves of grain

For purple mountain majesty

Above the fruited plain



God shed his grace on thee

And crown they good

With brotherhood

From sea to shining sea

I’m proud to be an American.

Now if you are new to 12 dogs you missed the link in blue that said this is the door to 12 dogs this week. You missed my simple post.

Yeppers—Lucky for me.

Some folks who don’t read 12 dogs regularly couldn’t find it. Lucky also that I didn’t go to bed early last night. Instead I heard a new American speak. He didn’t speak for one candidate or the other. Instead he spoke for the vote of us all.

He registered to vote too.

I’m not so brave as he. For 13 years he waited to become an American. I was born here. All I had to do was pop out of my momma and bingo, man or woman, I was free.

If I could, I’d hug this man. Whoever he marries will be the luckiest of women because of his big, big heart. And folks he very definately had a clue.

A traveling companion worth the effort.

I sat there and listened.

He was right.

So today, when I realized that there were folks who didn’t see my original post. I thought, I should write a new one. I tried several different versions. Then I deleted. I realized that honoring the victims of September 11th, 2001, at least for me, was not silence. It was to open my mouth and sing a song of thanks. Thanks to the people who work so hard to continue to be free.

We have a historic election.

The first African American to run for president. The first female to run for vice president in the history of the Republican Party. Why are we talking about lipstick on pigs? You were correct Mr. Ferguson. You were correct.

It’s about the vote people.

No matter who you think will best run this country what’s happening here is about the vote.

So I wrote a new post. And while I did have to go back on my word about only one post today.

I think it will be okay.

Please read till the end of the next post. It is a song sung by the group Alabama. It’s called Forty Hour Week.

Just a reminder that we all are Americans.

Fisherwomen as well as Ivy league lawyers, Vietman War veterans, and Senators for Delaware.

“…We hold these truths to be self evident. That ALL men (and women too) are created equal. They are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. Among those rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…”

That’s from the Declaration of Independence. Second paragraph.

I know it by heart because of my son.

So I’m giving it another try 🙂 .

Sometimes it’s good to be an old dawg. We know the reason why it’s good to learn new things. But really, if you see someone with their skirt tucked up in their panty hose? Who’d you rather call friend? The person who quietly goes and tells them of their mistake or the person who snarks and makes fun.

I’ll take the nice person and the new American from Scotland.


Now the post for today:

Thursday, September 11th, 2008, from my heart.

Updated because:

An open letter to Mr. Craig Ferguson, host of the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

Yeppers, I know I’m a fan, but this isn’t about the show it’s about the message.

Dear Mr. Ferguson and the folks at the Late Late Show,
Two things.
First, thank you for your opening remarks last night, September 10th, 2008.

I was so glad to hear someone on television say this. It’s as if we are voting for the homecoming king and not President of the United States. Will you please invite the candidates to appear on your show? I would love to hear Gov Palin interviewed by you folks. Love to see all of them interviewed by you. Could you start campaigning to get these folks on the show similar to the US citizenship series? Please.

I wanted to thank you for not pounding on Sen. Clinton in the last half of the Dem Primary. I don’t know why you did that. I like to think you folks understood how difficult the primary was. On the internet, you can still see the hard feelings between some of Sen. Clinton’s supporters and Sen. Obama’s supporters. And now there is this business about “lipstick on pigs”. I appreciate a turn of phrase and a sharp tongue, but this was just so wrong. I agree with you folks that the press should be talking about the two Senator’s plans for helping sort out the economy or the war in Iraq. I can’t help but wonder if it is because Gov. Palin is a woman. I wonder if it is the same way that Sen. Clinton was treated by some in the interest of winning an election. I, for one, felt that you were even handed in your humor. As one who supported the idea of a “Unity Ticket” so that both sexism and racism could be banished from the Oval Office, your show was like a balm to my soul. I don’t know if you intended that or not but that is certainly how we took it. I know, I know you folks have put some doozies out there in relation to sex but last night brought balance. Thank you.

I hope that this monologue gets such good press.

I watch your show regularly and while I don’t always see eye to eye with you on somethings, and maybe I’m not quite as sharp or eloquent as you folks are on your show, I can appreciate a beautifully spoken and written speech. I was just hoping it would come from someone actually running for president. Weren’t you?

So when are you going to run for office?

Best regards and kind thoughts to you all,

Author of 12 dogs and a blog
(we’re in the Google pages)

Oh one other thing. On my blog, I said that Mr. Ferguson wasn’t college educated. That was in no way a slur against Mr. Ferguson. Not even close. I was trying to illustate that it is the man not the sheepskin that speaks truth to power. My own family has had quite a interesting past when it comes to education. Every moment, if you are aware, is a “learning experience” of some kind. Especially to a “self learner”. I come from a family of “self learners”. One of the most important influences in my life was my own grandfather who had only an 8th grade education. Yet he went on to baker’s school and survived the Great Depression with family in tow. Everyday is a new day to learn. Same for my father who should have by rights been a mess. Instead he did good things. It is the man. Please do not be angry for my lack of writer’s skill if that wasn’t self evident in my blog posts. I admire the writer of that speech greatly.
Truth to power. I hear that it’s supposed to be fierce. Sometimes though the most powerful words are simply the quiet truth and common sense.
At least they were for me.
Hugs to you all.
Thank you.


I hear that Mr. Ferguson is the toast of political blogland. Everyone claiming that he was talking for their party. Huh. I’m getting this knot in the pit of my stomach that he might get what we call here in the South, “the big head”. LOL No not that head. “The big head” also call “too big for his britches”. Well heck, that’s not much better is it. I know. He might get “stuck on himself.” Hmm. Well that’s a little better but not too much. Okay. Lemmie try one more time. I worry that all of this media attention will turn his head in such a way that he will become as much a media player as the folks he is critical of.

I hope not.

The song of fame is fleeting. Ephemeral. Like fog it may look beautiful but hide the pits of life. Then the “comeuppance” oh boy. I hope that if this happens, that his comeuppance will be gentle and the stuff of future funny stories. I am praying that his past will keep him centered and will let him see his way through.

Oh and a song that is related to both this post and the next.

And to me too.

Forty Hour Week * Alabama

Note that the melody at the end changes into America the Beautiful. The original song for my post. But the lyrics are all about us.

“…Hello, America. I want to thank you for your time…”

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4 commentsThursday, September 11th, 2008, from my heart.
Posted Sep-11-08 08:11:46 PDT Updated Sep-11-08 17:11:01 PDT

“I pledge allegiance to the flag

of the United States of America

and to the republic for which it stands,

one nation under God,


with liberty

and justice for all.”

“Congress shall make no law repecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

First Ammendment US Constitution.

After all this is the internet. The place I keep hearing is supposed to be the last bastion of free speech.

Uh huh uh yeah right.

…from memory so I won’t put it in quotes incase I miss quote. It’s the 2nd paragraph of the Declaration of Independence– I added the “…(and women)… part

…We hold these truths to be selfevident. That all men (and women) are created equal. That they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. Among those rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…


Lord Have Mercy for the Working Man

Travis Tritt

Can I Trust You With My Heart

Travis Tritt

Love’s the Only House

Martina McBride

I’m Proud to be an American

Lee Greenwood.

And a movie too.

Swing vote

Interesting movie ya’ll. 😀

“When you have faith, even faith as small as a mustard seed? You can move mountains. Peacefully.”

We are all Americans and we can peacefully disagree.

It’s in the constitution.

We don’t have to fly airplanes into buildings to be heard.

We can all dance to our different drummers but guess what? When you do? You find that you don’t dance alone but that there are others in the world who hear that peaceful music too and they dance and sing.

We can whisper. We can sing. We can dance. We can shout. We can disagree out loud. Best of all, every four years?

We can vote.

I don’t know about ya’ll but I am very glad and proud to be an American.

It doesn’t hurt a person to be nice to someone else.


PS. I listen last night to one of the best political speeches I’ve heard this season. A tv talkshow host, without a college education, gave it.

And the fella wasn’t even running for office.

Oh and he had a clue.

Thank you Sir.

We’ve been saying the same thing but maybe folks will listen to you.

This country was started by men and women of all types. I’m no expert at history, but, from what I’ve read about Lexington and Concord, the colonists faced overwhelming odds. By the time this group of regular folks were finished? That collection of farmers and regular folks had sent those highly trained jerks packing.

I have to believe that most folks are in their heart good.

Even though some hide it behind a snark. That’s the thing about this election, people aren’t stupid and most of them have seen this snobbery before. What I’ve learned by being a part of the RedNeck Nation is just how big a heart a person can have. I’d rather be with a redneck in a storm than I had be with some snobs. Snobs I’ve met wouldn’t know how to run a winch or a chain saw. Heck, here even the 20 year old in the middle of a 100 mile an hour wind could clear a road. They also know how to build one or know someone that could.

I have been lucky to meet these folks.

Yes, there are snobs here. The make fun and pray for folks to mess up. But for everyone of them there is another who will help. A person who’ll help in time of need. They value the practical, look sideways at the politician, and don’t say much even when asked. But you can see their handiwork all over the world. I’m not talking about some secret terrorists either.

I’m just talking about regular folks.

Remind you of anyone? I sure did remind me.

They’re the people who actually run this country everyday.

There is a song by the musical group Alabama called

Forty Hour Week. I’m going to post the lyrics and hope it’s okay.

I understand this song because not only was I lucky enough to be born an American, I was also lucky enough to have worked in my parents business. I have been yelled at and had bottles thrown at me. I have worked when I sure didn’t feel like it. I was allowed to work with two people who do work hard even now. You should meet them.

Then I was allowed to be a mother.

I’m not always the best at that. I have failures for my successes. But nothing has prepared me or been more influential in my life. You understand.

Finally, even though I think that they think I’m a bit odd, I was lucky to live out in the country and on the coast. I’ve seen fisherman and farmers and teachers and all kinds of folks. Like me or not I got to see their best. I am better for it.

We have become a nation of specialists I’m told.

I don’t think so.

I’ve seen secretaries hang sheet rock. I’ve seen lawyers lay floor. Saw my own father build a boat and lay tile and brick. He taught me about how to layout a square corner. Before he went to college? He was a brick mason as was his father and my uncle. I heard my grandfather tell me why it was important to try and be honest even if no one else knew. I’m not as good as he was. He was a baker with an eighth grade education until he went to baker’s school. He had a fundamental sense of honest and integrity. Like my son.

These are my “Ivy league” teachers.

The kitchen table and working with my mother and father as they busted their butts to make a living was my Whorton School.

But the thing I didn’t tell these folks is the funny part.

My family. Our lineage goes back to the old kings of Scotland. Our lineage goes back to the Revolutionary War. Heck, I was asked to become a member of the Daughters of the Revolution. You know the organization that president’s wife have joined. I’ve met governors and some pretty well off folks. There have been folk in my life who’ve thought that was reason enough to be my friend. They’ve thought that this ancestory was my greatest posession.

But today, when I think back to the events on September 11th, 2001, the most important things I have are my American citizenship, my family, my friends and the ability to believe openly in God.

I am, as you, as we all, are blessed.

We are American and while sometimes it’s a bit tough?

We are free men and women.

And we vote.

That’s pretty good.

Oh and I found that song:

These people. The people in this song. They are the people I know. The people who I’ve grown up with. Worked with. I have been lucky to have money but I have been lucky to be without. I have been lucky to be with them.

And let me tell you something.

I sure was proud of those shoes.

“There are people in this country who work hard every day
Not for fame or fortune do they strive
But the fruits of their labor are worth more than their pay
And it’s time a few of them were recognized

Hello Detroit auto workers, let me thank you for your time
You work a forty hour week for a livin’, just to send it on down the line
Hello Pittsburgh steel mill workers, let me thank you for your time
You work a forty hour week for a livin’, just to send it on down the line

This is for the one who swings the hammer, driving home the nail
Or the one behind the counter, ringing up the sale
Or the one who fights the fires, the one who brings the mail
For everyone who works behind the scenes

You can see them every morning in the factories and the fields
In the city streets and the quiet country towns
Working together like spokes inside a wheel
They keep this country turning around

Hello Kansas wheat field farmer, let me thank you for your time
You work a forty hour week for a livin’, just to send it on down the line
Hello West Virginia coal miner, let me thank you for your time
You work a forty hour week for a livin’, just to send it on down the line

This is for the one who drives the big rig, up and down the road
Or the one out in the warehouse, bringing in the load
Or the waitress, the mechanic, the policeman on patrol
For everyone who works behind the scenes

With a spirit you can’t replace with no machine
Hello America let me thank you for your time

Thank you. These are the kinds of folks who tried to save the people on September 11th, 2001.

Regular folks.

Just like us.

Boy am I glad to be an American.

Ann and the folks at 12 dogs.

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1 commentWelcome to 12 dogs and a blog
Posted Sep-09-08 03:03:16 PDT Updated Sep-09-08 07:35:43 PDT

And that was the week that was… < the doorway to this weeks 12 dogs and a blog …

We're all dancing to a different drummer. Talooolah…..

but somehow, if we are lucky, we manage to do it together…

no matter who we are

or what language we speak

or where we are from…

Joy and love are universal.

Best shared.

I thought that I might give Trust and Hope and Fate another try. It will probably be another Lucy football moment but what the heck. It's good to know that nomatter where folks are and no matter the sadness, there are still folks willing to risk being silly and dancing for Joy.

Fine print: Hello Gentle Readers. I have lots to do this week. The rest of the week is all about my son so I have posted the blog entries for the entire week. Didn't want you to be without something to read. Will be in everyday and will answer your comments and emails. Please try not to read ahead. Instead you might want to take a couple of the extra pathways that will take you into 12 dog's past. This is a good time to go back and read the Hannah Blog or check out how the older posts lead up to the new. Then the next day see what blog entry is next.

I'm sorry for the somber nature of this weeks blogs. This is one of those important weeks in history. As an American, I wanted to take a moment and pay my respects to those folks who died on Sept 11th and who continue to die in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you know someone who has a loved one serving overseas. This would be a great day to give them a hug or treat them to dinner. Let them know that you care and that they aren't alone. I imagine it's tough.

Take care this week. I'll be lurking and saying hello. I also maybe adding to the posts we'll see.

Oh, Taloolah. Have added a comment to our discussion about traveling companions. If you have a moment…

You see its the middle of the night and I was thinkin'


Stream of Life

The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day
runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures.

It is the same life that shoots in joy through the dust of the earth
in numberless blades of grass
and breaks into tumultuous waves of leaves and flowers.

It is the same life that is rocked in the ocean-cradle of birth
and of death, in ebb and in flow.

I feel my limbs are made glorious by the touch of this world of life.
And my pride is from the life-throb of ages dancing in my blood this moment.

"The Stream of Life" a poem by Rabindranath Tagore

I just don't want to dance alone.

I think I've got one more Trust left in me.

I hope that you all do to


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3 commentsIts the middle of the night
Posted Sep-09-08 00:51:01 PDT Updated Sep-10-08 16:04:57 PDT

… and I was thinkin…

And that was the week that was…

Dear Talloolah,

Instant Karma. Instant friendships. Instant coffee.

The world sure does move fast.

I will miss you if you go.

In a world of all those instant and disposable things, I don't get too attached or too optimistic. No one stays Tallooolah. No one stays long enough to even know a name.

To become a friend of someone, one has to become vulnerable. To open up. In this respect, I'm like an old watch works with wooden gears that turn slowly. One of those clocks with a key wind. Hearts and emotions turn in synchroncity. A beautifully turned out recorder of time. Like the clock works in the British Museum. We went there once. Room after room of pocket watches and grandfather clocks.

I'm so sad at the moment.

If clocks and people are lucky, they find folks who will appreciate the intricate details of their bits and pieces. They'll take them home. Make sure to wind them once a week. Repair them when broken. And when they chime, reminding everyone within the household of the hour and half hour and the quarter hour, everyone smiles.

I lived in a house with a grandfather clock. My father made sure to move the weights at regular intervals so that it would keep time. When we would run through the house and jostle the clock. It would complain bitterly with a garbled clang.

The clock is in storage now. No one winds it. It doesn't chime. The works are all packaged up so that they don't break. A weird nursing home for a clock.

I find that I will miss you if you were gone.

There. I said it.


Gentle Readers, Comments off. Email off. I've gone ahead and written this weeks posts. Please don't read ahead. Just stick with the current day of the week.

I'm no longer in the process of being sad.

Yes it is true. WB's brother(cancer), my GreatAunt(kidney disease-officially Taloolah), Billy(AIDS), and Pup's brother (pneumonia) all dead.

My parents are older. They're death is the next loss. I'm bracing for it like I get ready for the big storms. You wait and then it comes and then you pick up the remnants of your life after it goes away.

Just like every other time before.

But that doesn't mean that Irish David has gone forever (despite my stupid mouth)

Girls just want to have fun. Oh. Girls just want to have fun… well, me too

Too much leaving. I'd like for once for someone to stay.

And Taloolah did stay. I got an email. Two of them to be exact.

12 dogs and a blog is the place where I go when "…the stars turn blue…" The quiet place in the middle of the night. Tonight I was sure glad that 12 dogs existed. For the first time, tonight, I really laugh with my heart.

I want to go home, Taloolah, there does seem to be a home to go to. Just like the memory in my heart.

So I write,

"Ever the Pesimistic Optimist, please, this time let somebody stay…"

And they did.

For once, I didn't have to say good bye to anyone. Instead, I got to say hello. I didn't lose WB or Pup. I didn't loose Taloolah. My family increased with Joy?


A great adventure.

Because true love never dies…

Well, I'll tell you, I didn't loose them and I even found home because of a little thing called faith.

I had faith.

And when you've got faith. Even faith the size of a little, tiny mustard seed?

You can move mountains.


So Talloolah, I've been having a discussion with a Hula girl at heart. I'd be interested in your thoughts.

We're talking about

How to find the perfect traveling companion


Tim McGraw

When the Stars Go Blue

Please note:

This video, the ending bothered me so much that I came back to see why. I watched it. Were the two in love? Yes, very much so. A joyous love. So what could be wrong?

It was the ending.

She wouldn't have left him to fend for himself.

Not after all they had been through. They both had way too much life in them not to survive.

The beginning and middle of the video is correct for the characters. The ending isn't.

Because true love of this kind doesn't die.

Like the fountain of youth.

It lives forever

Okay –now that– is an adventure….

Good night but not good bye.

Now back to the week that was and will be…

Remember this is 12 dogs and a blog right. It's a writer's journal. Fact and fiction live here and it is always subject to edit until I say so. I am after all AuthorAnn, author of 12 dogs and a blog. And this story doesn't end until I say it does…Cause arrrrgghhhhh and ho ho mateys Ah good tale of adventure is a beautiful thing…

A tale of

… multiple infinities sideways…

A tune in the distance…

"…the stars out tonight

twinkle hello as we walk by

walking hand and hand

underneath the harvest moon

walking hand and hand

underneath the harvest moon…"

Well I guess any place is a good place to begin.

When you're talking about forever.


Writer's note. People. There is writing and there is reality. LOL I was just thinking of something I heard on the LateLateShow with Craig Ferguson. Mr. Ferguson said, "This ain't no documentary.

I'm okay. The writing is a bit "argg matey" but well it's fun. And I love a good adventure (as long as it's fun and no body get's hurt and they all go to heaven and… )

It's just that I have this pirate story and it's a good time to tell the tale or at least part of it.

Did you ever read Robert Louis Stevenson as a kid?

For me the adventure story is a lovely thing. My family are in some ways better for adventure. My mother and father and their sailboats and huricanes. One grandfather rafted logs down the rivers in Alabama and the other hobo 'd across the US before he settled down with my grandmother. His sister, my great aunt, went salmon fishing in Alaska at 92.

My adventures have been in books. Well there was the hot air balloon ride. And I've got to tell you that being a parent is an adventure in itself. I just didn't realize how much till I did it.

Now the second half of my life is coming. I can jump out of that perfectly good airplane. Take the adventure. But to do so, I need to take great care that my traveling companion is one for a bit of adventure. What kind? I don't know. What would you do? To get out of your chair and comfort zone.

My word. This reminds me of a post that I wrote about drums.

Hang on. Let me go find it.


Then I have things to do. Remember. Hugs for tomorrow. Remember to hug a friend or family member who's family is in the armed forces. I'm hoping that a little joyful adventure can distract. I hope so Gentle Reader. I hope so.

Now.. to find the post.

Vampires Wanted Inquire Inside. (<<< And that was the week that was…

Or If you want to read the rest of 12 dogs?

Put one step in front of the other.
…and soon you’ll be walking ‘cross the floor, Put one step in front of the other…

and soon you’ll be walking out the dooooooooorrrrr.

Or in Oz. Depends.

Busy week full of the unexpected. Hmmmmm like that creeeepppyyyy old house .. or that pirate ship…..mmm pirate Jack. he is a mess and a half……Bwaaahhhhahahahahahha Just another day in the alternate universe of 12 dogs and a blog………………….

Update. So The week started out one way and now I’m hoping that it will end up another way. But then this way, has always been more fun than that way. But either way if the drought ends. Nope. If the drought ends it should end the right way. Correct way.

As for politics? After this week and a hurricane? Hmmm.

We’ll see.

Dang that Scot and his burr and his sister and his common sense….Arrrrggghhhhhhh.

Now. Is it a jump to the left or a step to the right.

I hear the pelvic thrust is quite insssssaaaaannnnnneneeeee….

Let’s do the time warp agaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnn.

Funny. 😀

Politics…dagnabit… what an agrivation.

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0 commentsA moment of silence. September 11th
Posted Sep-09-08 00:44:37 PDT Updated Sep-09-08 02:09:01 PDTThere will be only one post today.

The rest of the day will be spent in quiet reflection of our country. It really is very beautiful.

America the Beautiful.

Oh beautiful

For spacious skies

For amber waves of grain

For purple mountain majesty

Above the fruited plain



God shed his grace on thee

And crown they good

With brotherhood

From sea to shining sea

I’m proud to be an American.


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0 commentsHaving a bad day? .Humpday funnies.
Posted Sep-09-08 00:42:45 PDT Updated Sep-09-08 02:10:22 PDT

Lemmie tell ya’, it could be worse…

Next step?

If you are reading this weeks blog entries?

Click > And that was the week that was…

Or If you want to read the rest of 12 dogs?

Put one step in front of the other.
…and soon you’ll be walking ‘cross the floor, Put one step in front of the other…

and soon you’ll be walking out the dooooooooorrrrr.
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2 commentsMC Escher and the folk singer
Posted Sep-09-08 00:40:32 PDT Updated Sep-09-08 02:06:39 PDTWhen I was much younger, MC Escher’s work, Drawing Hands, was very popular. I was never sure if Escher was more interested in the technical, the “parlor trick”, or the philosophical when he drew this picture. It could have been all three.

Or maybe he was being given the “run around” on the particular day he drew it.


Urge for Going * Joni Mitchell

A circular game for MC Escher and the folksinger.

The more I see of life, The more I appreciate my son and my dogs.


Next step?

If you are reading this weeks blog entries?

Click > And that was the week that was…

Or If you want to read the rest of 12 dogs?

Put one step in front of the other.
…and soon you’ll be walking ‘cross the floor, Put one step in front of the other…

and soon you’ll be walking out the dooooooooorrrrr.
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0 commentsMultiple Infinities Sideways…
Posted Sep-09-08 00:37:54 PDT Updated Sep-09-08 02:05:54 PDTTaloolah asked me what, “Multiple Infinities Sideways” meant. I had to think about it.

It all started with a typo on the Hannah Blog entry. While I was creating Hannah Murphy, I wrote a poem. The title ended up being “Multiple Infinities Sideways”

Before I wrote it there was this typo.

I was trying to type a divider on the blog entry when instead of typing multiple stars, like this,


but instead typed in a row of eights like this,


Well, as you know the number “8” looks just like the symbol for infinity. And this was a whole line of them. On their side. There were alot of those “8”. So I looked at them and said,”gosh the would be a great name for a poem.

(From the post Hannah in Blogland. A dialog.)

It was then that Hannah discovered:

8888888888888888888888888[Multiple Infinities Sideways]

Also known as MIS. (Kind of like the “Coma Sutra” version of multiple orgasms mixed up with multiple infinities meets La Petite Mort. With Cyndi Lauper in the back ground singing “Time After Time” as elevator music.)

She wrote about her experience in ” MIS: revolving sideways.”

“…I was revolving.

Then evolving,

And again revolving

Through my life.

Then revolving simultaneous evolving.

Spiraling upward.

Such was life.

Then you left me

Spinning silent

as spinning in a vacume is.

Now still revolving

while evolving.

Still a spiral.

Only which way?


Hannah Murphy, 5/29/2008 “Hannah in Blogland”

Next step? Depends

If you are reading this weeks blog entries?

Click > And that was the week that was…

Or If you want to read the rest of 12 dogs?

Put one step in front of the other.
…and soon you’ll be walking ‘cross the floor, Put one step in front of the other…

and soon you’ll be walking out the dooooooooorrrrr.

or for an interesting side trip. Highly recommended!

hmmm… It’s the middle of the night and I was thinkin…

Or if you’d like to read the original Hannah Blog?

Read Hannah in Blogland. A dialog.

Happy reading!
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0 commentsAnd that was the week that was…
Posted Sep-08-08 14:19:12 PDT Updated Sep-09-08 07:30:42 PDTThose words remind me of Walter Cronkite.

CBS anchorman for their nightly news.

And this is the week at 12 dogs:

Monday The more I see of life,

Tuesday Multiple Infinities Sideways…

Wednesday MC Escher and the folk singer

Thursday A moment of silence. September 11th

Friday How was your week?

Saturday Had a rough week? It could be worse.

Sunday I don’t have to be me til Monday…

The door to 12dogs and a blog is the most current day visible on this post. I have family business to tend to out here in my world. I might not write anything new for the week so, please, try not to read ahead.

Thanks for reading.



Comments are ON but in Hidden mode

Works like an ebay answering machine. Type in your message in the comment box. It will disappear but I will still see it when I check my messages.


Next step?

If you want to read the rest of 12 dogs?

Put one step in front of the other.
…and soon you’ll be walking ‘cross the floor, Put one step in front of the other…

and soon you’ll be walking out the dooooooooorrrrr.

PSAnd something for Taloolah:

Its the middle of the night and I was thinkin’

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2 commentsThe more I see of life,
Posted Sep-08-08 08:08:23 PDT Updated Sep-09-08 02:03:05 PDTYou know? The older I get? The more I see of this “new and improved” world? The more I know two things: I love my son and I appreciate my dogs.

…and clasical music and jazz and the Impressionists and the transition from the Impressionists movement to the Cubists and well… Did I ever tell you about the head of the Art Department that thought that “real” art ended with the Dutch Masters. Seriously,
The day those old painters died was in his opinion the day that Elvis on velvet paintings were born. I thought that was a bit short sighted. Same as I do folks who believe that music didn’t exist until they were born.
I’m glad that muscians don’t. If they did we wouldn’t have had modern music. As much as we’d all love to think that we are the author of the “new”. The mother of invention. We are really the sum of the past. A slow progression or in some cases regression of time.


That’s the great thing about growing older–perspective. And being able to find that Cyndi Lauper Vid and the GoGos

The perfect vids to

“…say what I mean and mean what I say….”

Oh and you really can appreciate just what that phrase means.

And you appreciate the Hannah Murphy’s of the world.

And you definately, intuitively, appreciate the term,

“Multiple Infinities Sideways”

Which brings us back to Ms Lauper’s song “Time After Time”.

And “Multiple Infinities Sideways”

I could explain this with mathmatical terms. Geometry. About “rays” and “lines” and “line segments” and how they can be used to explain the concept of life. Or multiple infinities. Wait I think I already did. Here at 12 dogs. Must have been before your time.

I have things to do and really don’t have time to look it up.

Maybe later.

You’re welcome to read and see if you can find it.

Infinity by the way isn’t just a math term. It’s also the Universe or a single life and it’s cause and effects.

Like looking in the mirror at the reflection of you in the mirror, it goes on forever. Like the million different interactions we have in the day. The ripples from our toes in the water. The wave we walk in at the beach.. That really isn’t the same wave that you see in the distance, but is in fact the great great great great great grand child of that wave.

If your are lucky. When you find the right traveling companion you see that in their eyes. And if you are even luckier. They do to. And if you are indeed the luckiest person in the world, you both recognize it at the same time.

You see home.

This is a rough draft. Not a final edit. Just wanted to put it here while I was thinkin about the subject. After all, this is 12 dogs and a blog. A writer’s journal. Not only does fact and fiction co exist here? But like life, it’s always a rough draft of the future until that final draft is written.



Next step? Depends

If you are reading this weeks blog entries?

Click > And that was the week that was…

Or If you want to read the rest of 12 dogs?

Put one step in front of the other.
…and soon you’ll be walking ‘cross the floor, Put one step in front of the other…

and soon you’ll be walking out the dooooooooorrrrr. Cya

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1 commentPut one step in front of the other.
Posted Sep-07-08 23:02:30 PDT Updated Sep-08-08 16:56:15 PDT

Buy new walking shoes? check

Buy map of the world? check

I’ve read that all journeys begin with one step.

There’s two.

So, what’s the problem?

Traveling companion.

You see here’s the deal. WB hates to travel and Pup has other things to do with his time. Neither of them are great traveling companions at the moment. They frankly would rather not and as someone who’s traveled with them, I rather they not too. Billy is dead. Great aunt is dead. Irish David is nowhere to be found.


I don’t bake cookies.

I don’t want to spend my life doing this:

Don’t get me wrong. I am so glad that there are nice folks who make icey pops or bake cookies.

I am in awe of their culinary abilities. I am in awe that their house runs with precision. I am in awe that their houses are decorated so beautifully.

I am in awe.

For those folks who watch Martha, the cooking shows, etc. and can do it?

I’m in awe.

But when it comes to the domestic stuff?

I tried and I’m terrible at it.

It’s not how I want to spend my “golden years”

Unless it comes with grandkids.


I’d still be a domestic disaster.

However at life?

I am not so bad.

When I was in my 20’s, I hired a hot air balloon and a pilot. It was fantastic. I split the cost of the flight with someone else. We had a great time and then we went to eat hot dogs. It was one of the better birthdays. It really was. It’s my idea of a really good day.

(Pup if you read this, the “bestest days” were when you were born and when I knew that I did actually teach you to read independently…didn’t want you to missunderstand this post. I love you Pup. But you’re going to have your own world too. We won’t leave each other. We’ll just be increasing the family. )

That’s why I’m going to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

Yeppers, I heard about how anyone can learn to tandem jump. Heck if an 80 year old can do it? So can I. If I’m lucky? I will have a great time.

So I’m gonna give sky diving a go.

Like the Tim McGraw song, I guess that Rocky Mountain climbing might be next. And then there’s bull riding. Hmmm. Mr. McGraw’s bucket list sounds like a lot of work. So instead I think I’ll try something easy. Like go to a play or for a walk. Hey, maybe I’ll learn to tango. And I can certainly talk sweeter and love deeper.

It’s Talloolah’s fault. All that talking about traveling made me want to get up and dance.

Those things that I said I would do later.

I’m going to start doing them now.

For more about traveling companion see here:

Hey ya Blogland

Oh and Tryork, if you happen to wonder by?

My thank you note for you:

How come Try and Peach get to have all the fun…

Take care,

Author Ann

PS and Update: Since this was written, WB and Pup have improved their traveling skills. Can’t go anywhere without WB and Pup. They are family. I can’t leave family behind.


There is this other person…

and laughing…

Joy is a most excellent emotion…

and it’s not limited to the joyful

sometimes joy comes from the cranky as well.

Did I tell you that there was a study that said that if a person is joyfully attracted to another person. They turn their head to one side…


Maybe it’s cutting off the blood flow to the common sense side of the brain…

I hear that love can make you a little loopy…


It could be just your annual prostrate exam.

(I hear that can make you a little loopy too.)


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1 commentSo if anyone sees Talooolah…
Posted Sep-07-08 12:19:52 PDTWill you tell here that I answered both her comment and email. Thanks.

Will be back later. Hope you’re having a great day.

In the mean time–

here are two doorways to 12 dogs:

Hey ya Blogland
Hey and good day
and folks really, take the comments as good fun not the start of a Blogland food fight. Repeat after me. Author Ann likes Hula and is kidding with her because we are BOTH experiencing “sunsilly”.

At least I hope so.
If anyone would like to remind her that I’m a nice person. I did tell her I was sorry and that I actually meant it.
I would appreciate it.

Oh and Tallooolah. You’ve got mail.



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1 commentHey ya Blogland
Posted Sep-06-08 19:35:25 PDT Updated Sep-07-08 12:06:49 PDT

Hey ya Gentle Readers.

It’s time for another 12 dogs and a blog disclaimer. You know, about how 12 dogs and a blog is writer’s journal. Fact and fiction reside here. Think of this as a great, big, ole’ work in progress.

If you don’t know what is fact, what is fiction, or if you think I need some kind of intervention for multiple personalities? Well gosh, I’m a better writer than I thought.

In other words?

Ask first.

Just make sure to post it in the comment section so that I will see it. Do NOT email. My email is wonky.

Exception. Taloolah. Please email.

I might not see it.

This might make you angry at me.

I don’t need that and neither do you.

There are folks who already angry at me because they think that I am old, ugly, and stupid. This new anger induced extra cortisol isn’t going to help.

My comments are in ON but Hidden mode. When you comment, it will look as if they have disappeared.

I will see them.

Trust me.

Think of comments as a kind of eBay voice mail.

Only ebay voicemail has a better edit function AND I can leave my messages with a YouTube vid and in color

I like that.


How to find the perfect traveling companion
In this post, I list the attributes of the perfect traveling companion. Yes, there is someone who would be the perfect traveling companion. He is, in my humble opinion, a very nice person.

It’s a nice feeling this and I love to laugh. Now that I have this laughter, I thought maybe I could share.

Have asked for help in the matter.

No more Sphinix without a riddle.

No more “bound feet”.

Oh Auntie Slacker’s request? No musicians 😀

(but since when have I ever listened to Auntie? Hmmm)

Dallas Reject, If you are reading this you’re excluded in Auntie’s musician’s ban but you are also married to the love of your life. She likes you.

Hello to you both.

Or you could read
So What did I learn this afternoon.
First rule of traveling companions.

A sense of humor.

Plus I love to look back at the 1980’s clothing and hair and ask,

“What the heck were they thinking?”



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