Okay. So here’s what happened.

After almost two years the internet site that hosted my blog/writer’s journal, 12 dogs and a blog, let it be known that they were closing up. Thus began the search for a new home for my blog and the moving of said blog. That’s over 1400 posts folks. Poetry, short stories, interactive blog stories.

If you’ve ever been in the middle of moving households? The sorting, packing, moving, unpacking, and the getting used to the new place?
Well that’s what you’re seeing here.
There’s more to come.

Things will be back to some thing normal come the first of November.

Until then just move the boxing crates til you find a couch or a dog or maybe a family member trying to find the cereal bowls, and have a seat.
Only if we don’t answer the comments just yet, please, understand.


Author and creator of 12 dogs and a blog.
If you’d like to see the remnants of my previous blog before it’s jettisoned into virtual space?

Check here.


Could someone tell me how the link between blog posts work?



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5 responses to “Okay. So here’s what happened.

  1. My condolences. You and your dogs might take some comfort from a joint effort a friend’s dog and I have started, justbillandthemister.com

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  3. Ouch, so much work to move an entire blog! I hope WordPress doesn’t shut down for a long, long time, I would hate to have to relocate Dennis’s Diary of Destruction. I guess this is an argument for running your own server …

  4. bknister,

    Thanks for the welcome. Looking forward to visiting you and yours. Love the pup!

    From my family to yours

    Glad to see you.


  5. Bknister and Dennis,

    Hey! I’m glad to blog here.

    It was time for a change but yup it wasn’t fun. I’m not the only person who’s had trouble with the change. There were alot of folks who had to change venue. It’s like moving to a new neighborhood. There are things you’ll miss about the old one. Friendships that still remain and those that don’t make the move.

    I’m looking forward to getting to know folks here.

    I love your blogs. Looking forward to visiting you.


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