Before you read another word?

After you read the next post you’ll need to also read the comments. You see I’m new to this blog format and for some reason the original post of the two looked as if it had a missing section. So I re posted.  You can skip the original or not but if you’d like ?  The link so that you can skip the duplicate is at the very end of the next post.




My son and I are having a conversation about  Separation Anxiety.  I was telling him about a pediatrician who told a mom and dad that their child was suffering from Separation Anxiety.

It was the good doctor’s opinion that the child, upon seen his poop in the training potty, was worried that a part of his body had fallen off.  That’s why the little kid was worried. Part of him had fallen into the potty and since his mom and dad had told him a while back that things that fall into the potty stay there?  The idea that a possibly important body part was fixin’ to be flushed needed attention.

So my son, who’s along way past basic potty training,  was in the process of trying to get my attention. I was writing and he was trying to tell me about something he was reading about. Something to do with Chemistry. As I was mumbling, “Hang on. I’m just about to hit the “update button”,  he all of a sudden says to me, “You know that little kid wasn’t suffering from being separated from his poop. He was suffering separation from his folks.’  Then he starts laughing because of the bewildered look on my face and adds,

“That would be separation from his poops not his Pops. Pretty good joke ,  ‘eh.”

My kid. Sheesh.

He does know how to get me laughing  —

and get my attention.

T minus 2 days and counting before Christmas.

Hope you have a merry, happy holiday.



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