So here’s how it happened


A while back my parents introduced me to sailing. While I didn’t do much more than show up and do as told, the experience planted a seed. “Someday” I told myself, “I’m going to buy a boat.”

This past summer, “Someday” came along and I found myself the proud owner of a Catalina 22. While the folks that are round me now are river racers, I have a feeling that my way will be cruising. Already I love my boat.

You’d think that the hard part would be over.


How do I say this?

I have a boat and I don’t know a thing about it except that when I’m aboard that boat, even sitting at the dock, I am happy. I figure that I’ll learn the rest as I go along.

Oh and I’m a writer, take photographs, and currently have two very understanding members of my family. They’re pretty sure I’m just going to stay on the lake. I don’t correct this notion because hey, they’re happy. I figure that as long as they’re learning to sail, I shouldn’t bother them with future details.

Like that trip to Key West.



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