What’s in a name?

I haven’t worked out the log profile yet. 

 I’m Ann.

Middle aged and looking at retirement, I actually retired along time ago from the paying job. When my folks retired and sold their business, I retired and became a mom. It’s work too but a different kind. Anyway. As I said earlier, I’m a writer and as you might guess my dogs and the Catalina will be the main subject of this log book.

Currently the “to do” list is about bottom jobs and interior work.  LOL That sounds like plastic surgery and medical proceedure but its not.  I have to paint the bottom of the boat and work on the insides.  I might find myself staying on board my boat.  I’m looking to do interior work so that I’ll be ready stay on board this Spring. By then I should also have a name for my boat.

I’m calling the log book 12 dogs because of my writer’s journal. I might even call the boat,  12 dogs. Not sure. There’s no name yet.

I do have  a list of names already:   

Bonnie Nell (for the lady I bought if from and because the boat is happy),  

12 dogs (because of my pups and my writer’s blog),  

Wind dancer (because she seems to dance on the water.) 

Today I added a new name,  Someday.  I didn’t think of this name until I wrote the last journal post. I always used to say “Someday, I’ll have a boat.” Someday I’ll learn to sail.  Someday I’ll be back on the water. Someday did arrive when I bought this boat so  Someday seems like a good idea for a name.

Will see. Ann


This is a writer’s journal and I am working on a book.

I’m thinking of changing the last sentences of this passage.

“The boat doesn’t have a name. I should name it but well naming a boat is like naming a person. Changing that name isn’t easy. There’s this whole name changing ceremony. Naming a boat requires a kind of commitment that’s not in me at the moment. It’s all scary this. Bewildering. Do you know how many words there are just to indicate the front and back of the boat. Fore and aft and bow and stern, my head is spinning with trying to keep up with just the most basic of conversation. I knew less about my son’s father than I do about this boat. So no commitments or naming. Not yet. I’m still learning. The good news? My boat loves me and is very patient. There’s time. ”

“ from The Road Home 23 december, 2009 * written by Ann (me)


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