Big and Sparkly


Just to prove that being out in the middle of nowhere DOES NOT mean that I’m not “with it”.

Carrie Underwood is engaged.

I read Instyle. I know this stuff.

So there I was reading  Instyle.

The one telling about Carrie Underwood’s engagement.

Anyway it  showed a picture of Carrie Underwood who looks just like Carrie Bradshaw.  You know, Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jesica Parker’s character on Sex and the City 2.  Seriously, when you read the blog  (and you know you will no matter how much you say it’s rubbish)  well when you read it?  Look at the photo and see if you don’t think she looks just like Carrie   ( for more? click here > Instyle  )


Which is timely because there’s a new Sex and the City movie coming up in May 2010. They’re going to Morocco. Dunno but I just don’t see Carrie (any Carrie) riding a camel.

Then again the Internet’s huge. I’m sure that somewhere out there they’ve got a Carrie riding a camel.

See. What did I tell ya.

Carrie Underwood looks just like Carrie Bradshaw.


It looks like she got her Big and Sparkly.

So that’s what I’m gonna call them from now on.

Mark and Carrie = Big and Sparkly

It fits.

Now from time to time you’re gonna wonder were the heck the nice Ann who writes about boats, dogs, family, and nice goes to. I don’t have multiple personalities nor am I drunk on the schnapps.


I am a writer. Remember.

I write about all kinds of stuff.

Including Sex

Now if you’ll excuse me, my sparkly I phone just quacked.

Gotta go.



Dunno.  Maybe you should click here >Great photos…



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11 responses to “Big and Sparkly

  1. You know some folks have “fantasy football”? I have “fantasy” Sex and the City.

    Yes, I know that there’s alot of terrible things in the world but sometimes you’ve just got to take a rest from the weary world.


    More stuff

  2. The Sex and the City game.

    What are they saying?

  3. 12dogsblog

    on second thought

    Maybe they should leave off the last couple of minutes.

  4. 12dogsblog

    on second thought

    Maybe they should leave off the last couple of minutes.

    very Channel

  5. 12dogsblog

    back to reality.

  6. 12dogsblog

    Put here because I don’t want to log in and I need this for later…

    found it on a youtube entitled “Love, Life, and Relationships”

    I’ve been trying to get down to the heart of the matter…


  7. LOL … I separated Dennis’s Diary of Destruction from my author blog for this very reason. A lot of the people who enjoy Dennis’s adventures don’t really want to read an excerpt from my horror novel involving mucous-spitting were-crows or whatever.

  8. 12dogsblog

    Yup, the reality is beginning to sink in.

    (and good to see you!)

    Althought I don’t really have a problem with “…mucous-spitting were-crows …” inhabiting the same space as the ladies from Sex and the City. They might actually have a few things in common.

    Dating can be brutal. 😀

    I should probably make this the blog for Interactive Blog Stories.

    Hope ya’ll are doin good!


    (got to get some sleep)

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