Great photos…

Have been looking around wordpress and have already made two friends.  Looking forward to getting to know folks.  Will take a day or two to get the blog sorted but will hopefully have links to Cody and Dennis’s blog soon.

Back soon.


Oh. We had a pretty good day. Nothing fancy but the food was good and the company better.



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4 responses to “Great photos…

  1. Happy Boxing Day.

    Happy racing day. (Sydney to Hobart AU)

  2. You can’t ask for more than good food and better company!

  3. 12dogsblog

    Hey Dennis!

    I’m really enjoying the stories on your blog. Yep good food and company is the best. I’m getting to visit with WB and Pup both who love old movies and have quite a sense of humor.

    And they like my dogs.

    Not to worry about that lump of coal from Santa. What with the cold weather and the cost of fuel? It’s actually worth quite a bit.

    Just don’t try to eat it!

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