10 things I like about you. (for Dennis the Vizsla and his family)

Over on Dennis’s blog (Dennis the Vizsla dennisthevizsla.wordpress.com/2009/12…) he challenged his readers to write 10 things that were true about them.  It sounded like fun and seeing how we all read Dennis’ blog

Here goes.


10 true things

By the dogs at 12 dogsblog.

1 (Domi) 

I don’t do wilderness. We live were there are bob cats and they are bigger than I am. I once heard one yowl when I was on a potty break.  Dennis, it was scary.

2) (from Domi)

I don’t do rain. Which this winter has been more than inconvient. Sometimes the rain puddles can be deep, so when it rains my human has been known to  give me the umbrella while she uses the rain coat.

3) (from Jack)

I walk in my sleep. Once when I was sleeping on the couch, my sister and cousin rolled over and so did I. Off the couch and on to the floor. Lucky for me there was something soft to land on or that’d hurt. Always a good idea to chase imaginary rabbits on a flat surface.

4) (from Domi)

Once my human took me to visit at her friends house and he fed me ice cream.  Yummy.

5)(from Jack)

Sometimes I like to sleep in the laundry basket because at our house that’s the warm spot. I’m especially happy when it’s filled up with warm towels.

For some reason my human doesn’t think that it’s a good idea.

6)(from Jack, Rosie, and Izzy. Domi too)

If I had life my way, I’d spend the rest of my life eatting pizza crust.  One of my humans thinks that is a great idea.

I love my human. We have a gentleman’s agreement. He get’s the pizza and we get the crust.

7(from Rosie, Izzy, and Domi)

When it’s cold I burrow under the covers with my human. This is great with her as she says I’m like her electric blanket.

8 ) (from Domi and  Izzy. )

Sometimes our human thinks #7 above is a great idea.

Sometimes, when I wake her up by putting my cold nose in her back she thinks that it’s a very bad idea.  I tried to tell her that my potty break was a great alarm clock. She disagreed. It was something about me not having a snooze button. I maybe a very tiny dog but I”ve got a really cold nose.

9)(from Rosie)

My sister does have a snooze button.  Since she hates cold weather, all my human has to do is tuck her under the covers. She’d sleep there all day if it snowed.

10) (from Izzy)

This summer we are going to become boat dogs!!!

At least I am.  My cousin and  the wonderdogs are going to stay here.  Domi said that if the fish are  bigger than that bobcat she’s never gonna get off dry land.  Hey she’s not stupid. She’s watched Shark Week.

Woof and hugs to you, Dennis.

the Pups



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2 responses to “10 things I like about you. (for Dennis the Vizsla and his family)

  1. hello dogs its dennis the vizsla dog hay number seven is my fayvrit tucker and i do it all the time!!! wich combined with my number ate can cauz problems sumtimes ha ha ok bye

  2. 12dogsblog

    Hey Dennis.
    Thanks for the visit. Rosie, Izzy, and Domi all some how end up in bed with me. Jack is the sensible one. He has his own bed next to the heater.
    I used to have a pup who would wake us up in the morning by going from one side of the bed to the other until he found someone who’d wake up. If he couldn’t reach us with his nose he used to bounce his chin on the bed until someone got up to let him out. Didn’t take long to do that as we were well trained by that pup. He rewarded our efforts with a good game of find the tennis ball.

    Thank you for visiting us Dennis. We love to read your blog. It’s great fun and Domi, our fashion diva, loves your hat and Trixie’s pantaloons.

    Good to read ya’

    Ann, Domi, Izzy, Jack, and Rosie

    PS Dennis, please tell your human thank you for us. You all have made us feel very much at home here. Ann

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