The Garden Zen

So I dont’ just have dogs. Nope I’m also a writer. A writer with dogs. Dogs who need me to muck out their pens, therefore, I’m going to post something that I wrote for my writer’s journal. It’s for an Internet friend who lost a family member.

Something for you to read while I’m outside with the dogs.

A Garden Zen

Once upon a time there was a girl on a long road.

Two steps
Then one
A mountain in the Sun.
The winding path
Sometime straight
Led past my garden gate.
I said to her,
“Why so glum?”
The sky is blue.
There shines the Sun.”
She looked at me.
With quiet eyes.
And said these words,
Much to my surprise,
“I’ve lost my friend who loved me so.
And left me here with miles to go.”
So I opened up the garden gate.
And told this girl, “Your trip can wait.
Come rest a bit.
Put down your pack.
To your trip you can go back.
But til this journey you begin.
Come rest in here your garden Zen.”
for Earlene and her Dad.

February 8, 2010

This morning I passed my son’s bedroom door just as he woke up. From the other side of his door I could hear him say, “Mom, I had the strangest but funny dream. I dreamed about a farting orchestra.” The rest of the story was about a symphony orchestra and a classical work that wasn’t’ just for the violin or clarinet. It was also a work for farts.

Life isn’t always a gentle path. Sometimes it’s rocky and straight up hill. But if you are very lucky, you have those days in which you laugh. The sun shines and life is just a bizarre joy. That’s the thing that my son has taught me. No matter how dark the day can be, I hang on. The day after a hurricane is almost always sunny.

Hugs and prayers.


For Pup

How lucky we are.

Next up?



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8 responses to “The Garden Zen

  1. “The day after chili day is always farty.”


    son of Ann and very tallented writer, visual artist, and all around nice guy.

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  3. Update

    After a lot of discussion and a couple of Dr. Oz does Oprah Youtubes, here’s where we stand:

    My mother-in-law, after watching Dr. Oz on Oprah, thinks it’s my fault that I didn’t give him enough beano as a child.

    My mother’s not surprised. She didn’t thinks he inherited lactose intolerance from my ex. Which is more than the herpes she thought he’d give me.

    My husband on the other than thinks it’s great. He’s a musician and is currently recording farts for a Chili Symphony.

    I personally think that I gave him way to much corn when he was young.

  4. Putting this here temp. Easier to find.

  5. I take it that symphony is in the key of F?

  6. LOL ! Yeah I think it is. In this case? It’s F Major.

    Hope your day is going well.

  7. LOL ! Yeah I think it is. In this case? It’s F Major.

    Hope your day is great.

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