“Salon? Well I think that you take a left at Twitter….”

Understanding Twitter.

Dear Reader (I think that I have one),

I have given “tweeting” a lot of thought. All of three minutes and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a stupid idea. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for creative communication. Hand signals or pictographs or Shakespeare, getting an idea across to someone using symbols of any kind is a sign that we are somehow better than the apes in the zoo. Even that one gorrilla and the couple of orangatans that can use sign language  are still only functioning at the basic level of a human toddler.  Still, ape or human, there is an advancement of an idea between these two entities. Language implies comunication between two entities Even a diary exists with the idea that someone, in this case the diarist, will actual read what is written and communicate, even to his or her self, an evaluation or advancement of the words written on the page. But for most of us, it’s communication between two people. For instance, I might write, “Hello, Gentle Reader, how are you ?” Then you might reply, “Fine thank you. How are you?This interchange might go on for eons (or a minute here on  the Internet.Then we give the universal symbol or symbols for “Good bye.” and we are on our way.

Tweeting is different. By it’s very nature, someone posts what they are doing and someone else comments on it. They might hope for a reply but mostly they seem to just say what there reaction is and then are on their way to the next “happening”. Where communication might generally be thought to be done facing each other and with the hope that the person you face will reply? Tweeting is like vocalizing side by side about a common idea but without the expectation of advancing that idea within the group.  The idea is presented by the group facilitator and then like one of those inflated beach balls it’s batted around you twitter page sometimes by friends you know but mostly by people who you’ve never laid eyes on.  Kind of a lopsided free association between complete strangers with a heavy emphasis on the “…ass…” part.

To me, this is as unatural as breathing under water.

Why do I care if complete strangers comment on the fact that I am eatting a bagel?

“Hello? I am eating a bagel.”

“Well, actually I’m eating an avacado.”

” I’m not.”

Wait. That last part?  The “I’m not.”  comment. That might actually qualify as very basic form of communication. It’s on topic and it’s advancing a discussion of that topic. 

Maybe there is hope after all.

There’s an interesting post concerning regional and gender communications. It’s called “I Love You, Now Hush.” You can read abit from Chapter Six here.




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8 responses to ““Salon? Well I think that you take a left at Twitter….”

  1. This a wordy, unedited version of an essay. It is not a final draft.
    I’m going to leave it here and then go eat an avocado.
    Then I’m going to blog about it.
    Tweet about it.
    Email about it.
    And basically digest it.
    I’ll poop it out.
    Blog about it.
    Tweet about it.
    Email it to everyone I’ve ever come in contact with on the Internet.
    So that they can.
    Well you get the idea.

  2. It’s not that I’m bored. It’s that the things I have to do at the moment are not compatible with cold weather.

  3. And Tweeting is boring.

    So I’ve turned to the rest of the Internet for communication.


  4. I tried Twitter but it was too much of a pain to integrate it into Dennis’s adventures. Plus I kept forgetting about it. So now I just channel Dennis’s RSS feed to his Twitter account so his followers can tell when I posted something.

  5. Hey ya. Good to see you.

    I was thinking that it would be a good way to manage comments for multiple blogs.

    How do you “…channel Dennis’s RSS feed to his Twitter account…” ?

    Do I need to call a psychic?



    Love to read about Dennis and his adventures. If anyone is reading this, check out the adventures of Dennis it’s a hoot.

  6. For the further adventures of Dennis?

    Check here:


  7. Also note: Haven’t proof read the post. Yet. It’s best to let it sit for a day or two.

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