Leave a message after the beeeeep

Hey and hello Gentle Reader,

You know if we are lucky, there’s a place that even if it’s only in our heart, we can go to be happy. I’m really lucky because no matter how crazy this world gets?  I have a place to be.

If anyone needs me? I’m on the river or at  the beach reading a really funny book.  You’ll know me because I’m the happy writer and mom on the sailboat.

The one with her son and a good friend or two.


And remember boys and girls.

“Having  fun  really is the best revenge.” – Hannah Murphy

Love and hugs,






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2 responses to “Leave a message after the beeeeep

  1. I did have fun.

    Had a great weekend. Spent it with WB Friday and Saturday. Spend Sunday with Sailing Buddy while WB and Pup spent time together. While there were some cranky time, Sunday evening I was happy. Tired but happy. Even my rant was at it’s heart happy.

    Real. Reality.

    A place to be.

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