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A copy of post I’d written on my old 12 dogs and a blog back in July of 2008.

A reminder of how precious life can be.

“Archive – July 2008  1 comment  Time for walkabout
Posted Jul-17-08 03:26:47 PDT Updated Jul-17-08 04:16:11 PDT

I haven’t mentioned Walking Buddy much lately. He’s okay I guess. His brother is on death watch. We’re told he could die at any moment. They’ve arranged a memorial service for him so that folks can come. It’s strange because he isn’t dead. They won’t go to Paris. No travel. I dread this for Walking Buddy. This is his brother. It reminds him of his own mortality.
I’ve turned comments off again. No, I don’t want to talk about it. A very nice man who got alot of crup handed to him in his life will disappear. Poof. I believe in God because of this. I can’t bear to think that this man will just go Poof. No more. So until proven different I’m gonna believe in heaven. It’s just so wrong that he should have met his wife and had so little time with her. Even 6 months would have been better than this. I just hoped. What could it hurt for him to live longer? Not in pain either. He’d have happy. She’d have happy. More happy in the world. What would be wrong with this?
Everyone doesn’t have to leave.
Poor WB. His brother was there even if he hasn’t been. If he dies it’s going to be so hard on WB. He’ll grieve in private same as when Pup’s brother died. I’ll try to get him to talk about it. He won’t. A part of him will die too.

WB is like the river. On the surface it looks still and quiet until something like this happens and you get to see that the river is running at a pretty fast clip. Even that doesn’t prepare you for what is hidden below the surface. I can’t help him. Best I can do is not antagonize the situation.

We just go to our separate corners of the world. Hold our breaths and try not to hurt each others feelings.

Note: I always talk about how this is a writer’s blog. Talk about how fact and fiction live here. How if you don’t know? Ask. You don’t have to ask this time. I’ll tell you. This is very real. Too real.

The time between night and day is here. Like the moment between life and what happens after life. A land somewhere between the Moon and the Sun.

Directions for telling someone that you love them.

Say their name first.

Say I love you.

That way there’s no confussion as to whom you’re talking about.

Otherwise, it’s a might dicey.

That’s what I learned from WB’s brother.

Only don’t wait so long as they did.

No Hula. Not WB. Fate screwed up then and now Fate is about to screw up again.


Incredibly Stupid.”

WB’s brother did die.

Some days are just good… 

And some days aren’t.

Life is precious. Thanks for the reminder.


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